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  1. What is the ship at the 2:00 minute mark? It looks similar to a Drake Cutlass but I know it is not a Cutlass. I am really excited about all the progress I have seen this last year in development and appreciate all the hard work that is going into S42 and the PU. Thank you and happy holidays. MB
  2. I have been enjoying the Mole, I realize it is a multi-crew ship but I have been running it solo at the moment. The Mole will be a good money maker if you have a few crew that know how to mine effectively and use good communication together. MB
  3. The size comparison is interesting in that the Ares is only $5 less than the Mercury. I realize that the cost of a ship is not directly related to size but it does make me wonder how much ship we get for $225 with the Mercury. Plus, at what point will the price for the Mercury go up when it is finally released to the Verse? MB
  4. It is $5 cheaper than the Mercury, go figure. I am probably going to CCU one of my original Super Hornets and get it for $205. Maybe it might fit inside the hangar of the Polaris, I doubt it but one can hope. MB *Edit* After using an original backer Gladiator, then a free Gladiator to Super Hornet CCU, plus a $40 CCU to the Ares Inferno the total came to $190 with LTI. Woot!
  5. It is a powerful weapon that will be used for griefing. Someone will park one just outside the no fire zone at a outlying base and grief all the merchant traders that are inbound to make a few credits. This game is going to be amazing, but the amount of caution that will be needed to do normal activities will discourage the casual player. This will also be difficult once people start using aimbots and wall hacks to see players from 120k km out. I only hope that the universe will be large enough that we wont have to resort to all out nuke on sight, just to play the game. MB
  6. Chaos, I have the front and rear living modules and the front and rear cargo modules for $200 total for all four if you are interested. MB
  7. I was online at 5 mintues till and they were already available. The Warbond versions were sold out before I could get it in the cart. Good luck to all those chasing the dream.
  8. Gustav.Henrik, I really think you are spending way too many hours thinking about the amount of ships that have been purchased, the rarity of these ships and what that means toward the life of the game. I am recommending you go out, grab your drink of choice and just let it go. The game will be "the game" no matter how much you try to analyze or worry about it. This should be a fun hobby and one that we all can enjoy together. MB
  9. I was wondering if anyone knows what time in UTC is the daily change from one manufacturer to another for the IAE 2949?
  10. I ran around today and yesterday during the Expo and I would have to say that the FPS is up quite a bit and everything looks much smoother than it did last year at this time. The Expo last year was nice, but all the AI would jump up when entering a room, stutter all over the place and elevator animations/transitions were horrible. This year it is smooth as butter on my PC with the video setting on High with a few tweaks. I have the same machine as I did last year, so hardware is a constant between the two years. I am currently running a i7 6700k, 32Gb DRAM, M2. SSDs, Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti and everything is water cooled via EKWB. Hopefully, everyone is having fun at the Expo and I may see you around browsing the ships at the Expo.
  11. I am not a big fan and the reveal felt like I was watching an early 80's movie on VHS. Remember, just because people pre-ordered does not mean they are going to pull the trigger when it is made available to them at time of purchase. It may be innovative and a new step forward in the truck community but in my book it looks like a futuristic Pontiac Aztek. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I hope that all the owners will be happy with their purchase.
  12. Reavern, I totally agree. He is arguing just to hear himself ramble on about nothing. There is nothing to see here, move along. ZNC
  13. I did the same exact thing with my old UEE Explorer Pack. If you have the opportunity to save a few $$, then you might as well take advantage when the offer is good. ZNC
  14. That is one nice piece of gear. Hopefully, before the Kickstarter launch they can iron out all the bugs and fine tune it so as to show a new video with the current SC build. ZNC
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