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  1. That looks pretty nice but could you imagine sitting in the turret firing the 20mm cannon when the driver launches a missile and your face is melted from the exhaust plume? I picked up the $10 upgrade from the TR to the MT to have on hand just in case. *Wink* MB
  2. Happy New Year! May we all fly fast, shoot straight and rake in the aUEC. MB
  3. Actually, I think on the Spec sheet it says that the hopper is powered by an AMD GPU with no fan unit. Extremely efficient in cooking any type of food that will fit in the hopper. MB
  4. The operating instructions note that the cooling fan is lackluster, so it says to place chicken in the hopper then play for an hour to get crispy chicken that is "Finger licking good!" MB
  5. That would be amazing, but the torches and pitchforks would block out the sun. "One large popcorn please!" MB
  6. That is the first Origin ship that I actually may want to purchase, out of the entire Origin line. I would assume that a Warbond version would come with a complimentary G12, which would allow them to start at a $230 price tag and $260-$275 credit price. We will have to wait and see, especially since they already said that the Talon/Shrike are supposed to be flight-ready in late December, 2020. Who knows? MB
  7. I do like the layout of the Perseus, but I would have to say that it really needs a bit more revision to be efficient. I think the catwalk between the front and rear sections above the cargo area is a complete waste of space. If you are going to give us a catwalk, then why don't you just make that entire area more rooms with a hallway. The cargo will not stack up past the catwalk on the left and right, so they might as well give us an infirmary, small brig, storage, etc. They also could put the walkway to one side so that cargo could be stacked higher into the cargo lift. That is my l
  8. Complaining about your sentence after you go to prison is pretty hilarious. The punishment should be harsh and the attempted escape should take some time with good coordination. If the penalty system was easy, then it would not being doing its job to deter repeat offenders. I understand that there are bugs and I have actually spent many hours mastering the escape, but it was a fun puzzle and I felt a sense of accomplishment after I succeeded. I have no sympathy for the "I want it now, with little to no effort" generation. Bah, get off my lawn. P.S. I see that Grizz is a repeat off
  9. I think that the Perseus will work well with other friendly ships in a wolf pack, concentrating fire and bringing large amounts of damage to an unsuspecting target. I know that most people always assume that each ship needs to be flown solo, but really this game will shine when people bring combined firepower to minimize what the enemy has for options. This ultimately leads to the target having to choose between the lesser of two evils and in the end it will lose. MB
  10. I picked one up to compliment my Polaris, since she needs someone to hold the door for her when she enters a room and launches those Capital Ship Killers (S10 Torps). It looks like a fine ship and will definitely be valuable hunting Vanduul in the outer rim. Blood Moon is going to have so much fun, hunting those lizards. MB
  11. Are you saying you want more bloom? I am pretty sure that is way too much for my taste and I wish it was reduced by more than 75%, so that I could actually fly it successfully in 3rd person on the dark side of the planet. MB
  12. Good to see you back there, VoA! Thank you for the link, it was full of good theory till Saturday. MB
  13. I am hoping for a nice brochure like they Polaris had during the initial sale. I do like that the bottom turret is the same exact size as the top turret and that they both can fire directly to the starboard and port to cover broadside attacks without interference from the hull, according to the pics noted above. We will have to wait and see, but I most definitely will be snagging this one. MB
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