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    Build help Cooling solutions

    I only use EKWB for all my cooling products. I currently have EKWB fittings, radiators, pumps, CPU blocks and GPU blocks on both of my desktops. I have been using EKWB since 2013 and their product line is amazing and top quality. I recently picked up an EVGA 3080 TI FTW3 and it is being kept cool via two separate EKWB front and rear cooling blocks, running in tandem. https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ MB
  2. I found one in Aaron Halo that was 48% Quantanium, yesterday. I just couldn't crack it with my Prospector. I felt sad leaving it, but there will always be another. MB
  3. I picked up an Ares Ion to Xi'an Railen CCU for $5.00. If I apply it to one of my CCU chains from the last few sales the total price should come out to $160. That puts it in direct competition with the RSI Connie Taurus. I totally agree with you @Danakar Endeel with regard to the alien tax, but I think I will hold on to the CCU and see how it pans out. MB
  4. Oh snap! The Banu Merchantman just rose again from $450 to $500 during Alien Week. That is a nice upgrade from the original price of (Edit) $250. MB
  5. The Xi’an industrial shipbuilder, Gatac Manufacture, unveils its new interspecies commercial cargo hauler, the Railen. This alien hauler has been adapted to suit mixed-species crews and, along with a huge cargo capacity and formidable weapons package, features a unique mix of Human and Xi’an facilities that make it unlike anything else in the ‘verse. Crew 4 Length 53m, Width 52m, Height 67m Turrets: 2x manned with 2x S4 weapons Missiles: 2x Bespoke S4 racks (8xS1 per rack) , 2x Bespoke S3 racks (2xS2 per rack) Cargo capacity: 320 SCU Currently $200 warbond (LTI) or $225 store credit (6mo.) insurance. Concierge also has the option of purchasing a Railen - Hyaotan paint for $11 separately or it is included with the warbond version. The paint looks to be black/blue versus the standard paint of black/magenta. Hopefully, more will be released tomorrow. MB Xian_cargo_brochure.pdf
  6. I picked up a few small $ CCUs with store credit, just in case it turns out to be a sleeper. The Concierge skin was a nice perk that I jumped on because I have store credit laying around. Hopefully, with the addition of the blade system, I can get all weapons at the pilot controls based on the Q&A noted above. I have some low level CCU chained LTI ships that would be perfect especially since it would put the overall price well below the $200 mark. Wait and see, I guess. MB
  7. Oh, come on VoA! I know you can really get things done when you set your mind to it. 1. Open wallet, 2. Grab money and 3. Throw at screen. It is that simple. MB
  8. Thank you for the vid, VoA! It is a nice looking heavy fighter, that I feel will take a ton of flack from the Star Wars fans. We will have to wait and see. MB
  9. Morgen Black

    Aegis Redeemer

    New images for gawking..Enjoy. MB
  10. That looks pretty nice but could you imagine sitting in the turret firing the 20mm cannon when the driver launches a missile and your face is melted from the exhaust plume? I picked up the $10 upgrade from the TR to the MT to have on hand just in case. *Wink* MB
  11. Happy New Year! May we all fly fast, shoot straight and rake in the aUEC. MB
  12. Actually, I think on the Spec sheet it says that the hopper is powered by an AMD GPU with no fan unit. Extremely efficient in cooking any type of food that will fit in the hopper. MB
  13. The operating instructions note that the cooling fan is lackluster, so it says to place chicken in the hopper then play for an hour to get crispy chicken that is "Finger licking good!" MB
  14. That would be amazing, but the torches and pitchforks would block out the sun. "One large popcorn please!" MB
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