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  1. There are actually multiple spin-off series not just the one on Boba Fett.
  2. VoA

    Tesla CyberTruck

    I am hoping the money managers are still going to need to purchase more Tesla stock with its inclusion in the s&p 500 that it will still continue over this week
  3. With this teaser video I'm now more inclined to think that it's probably going to be just pirates using UEE ships and that would actually make more sense to keep the Vanduul as a surprise for Squadron 42... But who knows...
  4. Look at the teaser at 16:30 in this video... I think we will see a Vanduul invasion into the Stanton system. Ben Lesnick always talked about operation Iron Hay Bale as a counter to the players desire to create Operation Pitchfork and invade Vanduul space during beta. I always knew that it wouldn't happen and that CIG wouldn't be ready for that... And instead would create an event like this just so we could have fun with a massive Battle of some kind without having to worry about the real cost of replacing ships... During alpha.. ... So what do you think?... Do you think I am right or
  5. The story continues (and it looks like there is more after this ) Intrepid smuggler Alex Dougan is in the midst of a messy job that sees her reunited with unpredictable former cohort Madi Zhen, pursued by bounty hunters and gangsters, and haunted by specters from her past. Can Dougan pilot her trusty Crusader Mercury, the 'Belligerent Duck', out of trouble yet again? Or will her luck - and her quantum fuel - finally run out?
  6. Very good video by Bored Gamer... but while he thinks it is complete and his research thorough ...he actually didn't cover the announced concept ships in various Jump Point magazines as an example all the different variants of The Crucible. There are other concept ships that have been talked about by developers but not put into a publication like the Manticore. However it is still a good video and worth watching.
  7. More theory crafting confusion regarding the 400i ....it seems per the leak specs that it should be a competitor to the Constellation... but this video reveals that it's not .....that it would be the 500i ....that would be the competitor to the Constellation..... and the 400i is intended to be a competitor to the Cutlass and Freelancer. And this video.... Just more speculation however
  8. Also we haven't seen "really" how armor works in the game but these higher end ships with better Armor (which is mentioned in their brochures) may make a difference. Not to mention higher end materials often have "both" greater "strength" and "lighter weight" (like Carbon Fiber does).... all this would also justify a higher price point (but you are right we haven't "yet" seen how this plays out in game) Which is why I think I am going to still prefer the Phoenix over the 400i (but we'll see... haha...)
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