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  1. Our sources in Jata have heard rumblings of a possible "big announcement" forthcoming from Aegis Dynamics.
  2. Our sources in Jata have heard rumblings of a possible "big announcement" forthcoming from Aegis Dynamics.
  3. VoA

    Drake Corsair

    Official DRAKE Corsair Detail Page robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge...
  4. And the "good names" are probably going fast.... (not that we in Imperium are missing out on Pirate Names) - so keep this in mind when other ships have options to be named.... (this isn't my ship - but I am sure this Naming thing has help spur on early Corsair concept sales)
  5. Sneak Peak at the Hull C (without its Cargo Extension arms - folded in) by DirkHardSlab31 min +
  6. VoA

    Drake Corsair

    However..... like the Constellations - the Cosair won't fit through Small Jump Points + the DUR is likely to have the longest range of any ship (even longer than the Carrack) - from what CIG has mentioned before. The Cosair however has the Rover and probably a better scanning suite. Agreed - I generally prefer RSI over Drake so the Aquila will be more reliable and higher end components (Drake ships have the risk of parts breaking or wearing out on you - and that's not good in a long duration missions - but they are easier to repair and cheaper to operate) Agreed - the Carrack is the Penultimate Mapping ship (not necessarily Penultimate Explorer ship --- like the Endeavor with Telescope Module - they are two different things)....... and all player ships can only be "Penultimate" ships......... with "Ultimate" ships being ONLY reserved for NPC corporations (like Shubin) or the UEEN.
  7. Unlikely (and if so it would likely be a trivial amount - administrative - record keeping fee.... like 200 UEC or something like that)......... but that's why we need to ask more questions - but their Q/A in the OP covers quite a bit of questions people will have.
  8. VoA

    Drake Corsair

    Details on the Corsair in this ATV
  9. With the Drake Corsair now on Sale CIG has introduced the concept of "Naming Your Ship"......... which I don't see as "trivial" but really "profound". Those that have followed MMO's know that the big thing now isn't just "stats" on an item or in this case.... a ship........ but really "Names".... "Colors" .... "Custom Appearances"....... etc.... So when the Q/A comes out for the Corsair please ask....... or UPVOTE a question that revolves around these questions posted by a player on the RSI web-page for the Corsair Cloud Imperium Games Knowledge Base Game Support Pledges, Packages and Ships SHIP NAME RESERVATION FAQ Created by: RSI PLAYER RELATIONS 1 hour ago Updated Please note that not all ships currently offer this feature, however the feature to reserve a ship name may be added to many more ship models in upcoming promotions. In the future, all ships will be able to be given a name. This particular pledge perk is for reserving a name for your ship ahead of time. CAN I RESERVE A SHIP NAME IF I’M NOT READY TO PLEDGE FOR A SHIP? No, the acquisition of the ship is required to reserve a name at this time. While, eventually, everyone will be able to name their ship(s), early access to the name reservation system is limited to those making pledges that specifically mention they grant access to this feature. CAN SOMEONE ELSE NAME THEIR SHIP THE SAME NAME AS MINE? Ship names are unique to the specific model and configuration. A name does not get reserved for any other ship series that may allow unique names. For example, a 600i named the Phloston Paradise will be unique and no other 600i could have the same name, but a different ship of a different model could. HOW DO I NAME MY SHIP? In the My Hangar portion of the website, locate your ship with the ability to be named and click on the arrow on the right side of the pledge listing. This will reveal the option to rename your ship. Follow the instructions and pay attention to the warnings and you will be able to name your ship. WHAT HAPPENS IF I RECLAIM MY SHIP? You will gain the standard store credit associated with the value of your ship, however the name will be removed and can be taken by someone else. WHAT HAPPENS IF I TRADE MY SHIP? The name will stay on the ship as the ability to name it is considered to be part of the ship. WHAT HAPPENS IF I UPGRADE MY SHIP? The name will be removed and it will become available for use on any ship in that series once again. CAN I RENAME MY SHIP AFTER I’VE ALREADY PICKED A NAME? Yes, you can rename your ship anytime, if the new name is not already taken or inappropriate. Note: you will place the previous name back in the ‘pool’ so it is possible if you wish to change back, that it may not be available. HOW LONG CAN MY SHIP NAME BE? There is a 32-ascii character limit on the name, with the additional restriction of no consecutive spaces or dashes. WHAT LIMITS DO I HAVE ON MY SHIP NAME? You are free to name your ship any appropriate name within the character limitations. Names that contain things such as profanity, racial slurs, and sexually explicit words or phrases will be filtered out or removed. CAN I HAVE A FAMOUS SHIP NAME? You are free to have whatever ship name you would like, so long as it does not exceed the character limit or contain anything deemed inappropriate. IF MY SHIP’S NAME IS FOUND TO BE INAPPROPRIATE, WHAT WILL HAPPEN? CIG reserves the right to remove any ship name found to be inappropriate. HOW DO I GET A SHIP NAME THAT IS ALREADY USED? DOES CIG PLAN TO RECYCLE INACTIVE NAMES? Once a ship name has been reserved or taken, it will be "locked out" and no one else will be able to use it for that specific series of ship. There are no current plans to recycle claimed names that go unused, be it from ships sitting in a hangar or ships sitting on inactive RSI accounts. IF I CHANGE MY SHIP’S NAME, WILL THE OLD NAME BE AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY? Yes, the older ship name should be available immediately. CAN I NAME MY SHIP AFTER MY FAVORITE CIG EMPLOYEE? While we're honored, no you cannot. To find out more about the name reservation visit our KB article here. Maverick SkywalkerMaverickSkywalker85 QUESTION 1: When can we expect to name our ships we already own? QUESTION 2: Will our ship names be marked as "confirmed" when CIG has checked them or want CIG to keep the possibility to postpone the naming confirmation till PU release?
  10. Not quite as special as the Drake Complete pack (since you get the Kraken) but still a good deal.... ADD-ONS - SCOURGE PACK WARBOND VIEW ALL EXTRAS Support your expeditions with a company of Drake’s most popular and versatile vessels. $520.00 USD In stock ADD TO CART Star Citizen Alpha 3.4 is currently available to download and play. Additional features and updates will be released as they are developed. Show PC requirements CONTAINS Drake Corsair Cutlass Black Drake Buccaneer Drake Vulture Drake Dragonfly Black Drake Corsair Name Reservation Lifetime Insurance VFG Industrial Hangar Warbond version ships CANNOT be obtained with store credit This is not a GAME PACKAGE. Please note a GAME PACKAGE is required to play the game and fly or access your ships.
  11. VoA

    Drake Corsair

    I also posted this since it is a great package - and deserves its own thread so people don't pass it up.... DRAKE 2949 Complete Pack << - Worth $2,915 and for sale for $2,630 Agreed - have Carrack ....... and I would also prefer the Aquila over the Corsair (especially since I like RSI ships better than Drake) - but again...... the Complete Pack may change the equation for some.)
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