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  1. Antimatter Propulsion

    Its about using positrons (positive electrons - or anti-mater emissions) - for propulsion. We are due for a major breakout in technology in a number of areas including Anti-Matter, Quantum Computing, Nano-Bots, AI, etc.... Exciting times
  2. We’re Close to a Universal Quantum Computer
  3. Drake Vulture

  4. New Medical Ship

    Not a big deal - we can just have your thread combined with the other (an officer or HR person should be able to do it) - >> Medical Ship - Concept Sale Price [POLL] - 7/20/18
  5. Ben has confirmed that he is still busy at CIG. It is easy for him to work remotely (not in office) with new duties like being in charge of Jump Point Magazine
  6. I was thinking along this lines as well - almost 100%.......... then I thought - we also have the Carrack with a Medical Bay (yes it is bigger than a Connie).......... but what would the Connie size medical ship do / have that a Cutlass Red doesn't have? More beds? That's it? Then I started thinking about a fast ship....... or a long range ship....... ..... then I thought about what I voted for....... A land-based medical vehicle (maybe like an Ursa) Even if they do it as a space ship I think it would be awesome if they did do the land based ambulance as well
  7. CIG just dropped a teaser in today's Calling All Devs (9m into vid) - that we will see a new ship for the Medical Profession to compliment the other Medical Ships like Argo (upcoming variant - discussed in JP and by Jared before) and the Cutlass Red and the Endeavor Hope Class (Hospital Ship). Please respond to the Poll as well
  8. Vanduul - Blade - Light Fighter

    I actually really like flying the Glave and Scythe in AC (when they were available to others to fly) - but I haven't flown the Blade yet. Overall I am very happy with the Vanduul Ships and look forward to capturing a few for Blood Moon (and Imperium) since that is one of our Unit's primary objectives. I agree with that the Esperia version will be easy to spot for the Vanduul - but that doesn't mean that they aren't still valuable (even training yourself to fly one) - vs a captured one. This is why I also don't have any Esperia ships...... but I do have Banu and Xi'an ships since they are made by the race that originally created them I agree with you also that the Blade will make a great Racer !
  9. The Best ATV SNEAK PEAK - ever !!!
  10. Aegis Eclispe

    Love the animation bug
  11. Interesting Post on Reddit Overview of Ship Firepower - 3.2 A while back I posted a general mathematical breakdown of firepower for various ships in Star Citizen. I wanted to do the same, taking account more-recent updates to ships, especially hardpoint sizes. This list is not exhaustive, but I'll be happy to update if people have any specific requests. Firepower is broken down into Gun Firepower and Missile Firepower. Because missiles work very differently from guns, you can't directly add them together in order to get a "total firepower" rating. Trust me, you don't want me to do this - some ships have huge numbers of missiles that would throw things off. Gun Firepower In Star Citizen, guns roughly double in firepower every +2 size increases. This means that a Size 3 gun is approximately as strong as 2x Size 1 guns. A "total gun firepower" can be calculated from this - basically, it is equivalent to what would happen if you converted all of a ship's guns to Size 1. For example, 2x Size 3 guns = 2x(2x Size 1) = 4. For the sake of argument, I've also included a column called "Super Hornet Equivalent (SHE)" that just divides the total firepower by the firepower for a Super Hornet. A Super Hornet has 3x S3 guns (nose + wings) and 2x S2 guns (turret). It's also worth noting that the calculation works out the same if you use a turret in the nose (2x S1), or if you use a flashfire mount in place of the turret (1x S4). Note that these values are all assuming that you use the largest guns possible - many hardpoints allow usage of gimbals, which will decrease the size of the guns. From lowest to highest (of those in my list): Ship Total Gun Firepower Super Hornet Equivalents Aopoa Khartu'al 4 0.453081839321973 RSI Aurora LN 4.82842712474619 0.546918160678027 CNOU Mustang Delta 4.82842712474619 0.546918160678027 Aegis Gladius 6 0.679622758982959 Anvil Hornet F7C 6 0.679622758982959 Aegis Avenger Titan 6.82842712474619 0.773459080339014 Origin 325a 6.82842712474619 0.773459080339014 Aegis Sabre 8 0.906163678643946 Anvil Hornet F7CM 8.82842712474619 1 Drake Buccaneer 10 1.13270459830493 Drake Cutlass Black 12 1.35924551796592 Origin 600i 12 1.35924551796592 Anvil Hurricane 13.6568542494924 1.54691816067803 RSI Constellation Andromeda 24 2.71849103593184 Missile Firepower In Star Citizen, missiles roughly double in firepower every +1 size increases. This is taken directly from the missile racks: a Size 2 rack can hold 2x S1 missiles, while a Size 3 rack can hold 4x S1 missiles, and so on. When viewing these numbers, keep in mind: You usually can't launch all your missiles at once Overkill is bad From lowest to highest (of those in my list): Ship Total Missile Firepower Aopoa Khartu'al 0 RSI Aurora LN 8 Aegis Avenger Titan 8 Origin 325a 8 Drake Buccaneer 8 Anvil Hurricane 8 Anvil Hornet F7C 12 Anvil Hornet F7CM 12 Aegis Gladius 16 Aegis Sabre 16 CNOU Mustang Delta 16 Drake Cutlass Black 48 Origin 600i 64 RSI Constellation Andromeda 76 Conclusions In general, I think that the numbers mostly speak for themselves. However, I would like to add that the Cutlass is a real beast.