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  2. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/media/0ka5sckv0o6bmr/source/00_FPS_TheGoodDoctor...
  3. Known to Physicist (not just "the government") - the speed and maneuvers, etc.... cannot be duplicated by any known technology and I am sure there would be rogue physicist saying that there has been some kind of breakthrough in materials / proportion / teleportation / etc..... that "could" make what we are seeing possible.......... but instead no physicist can say that what we are witnesses is even "possible" with the known laws of physics.... ....... however........ there are many objects that break the "known laws of physics" besides these "UFO's"........ like Black Holes as an example also violate many laws of physics (that are known). Physics isn't just about "known observables" - but also what is "theoretically possible"...... and not just 100+ years ago but over 1000+ (even more) years ago the Greeks did theorize that an Atom exists even though they couldn't observe them. What we are witnessing is beyond our ability to theorize through logic and mathematics........... and delves only in the realm of "imagination" which isn't valid theory for Theoretical Physicist (who also have to have some sort of supportable plausibly behind their theories)..... ===== So no ---- it isn't really possible ---- for this to be some kind of hidden "human" technology especially when they break so many laws besides just speed and maneuverability.... This is really where the truth can be found. Mathematics (and probability - with statistics) points to the Universe being "too big" for us to be the only advanced civilization..... and we have seen "evidence" like this about UFO's for as long as mankind has been around (as can be seen by depictions of "sky beings" in cave art and in legends)...... but they have always been assigned to something that "can't be explained" or to "gods"..... Now with Science Fiction and its permeance into popular culture........ the idea of either extraterrestrial or extra dimensional beings have brought them into plausible conscious thought rather than just "imagination" or a "dream"........ The problem has always been ------ is our Civilization mature enough to accept the truth....... or will it cause it to collapse into Cause with our belief systems...... and our instinctive reaction to protect ourselves from the unknown... ======== So now with the US government saying that these are indeed UFOs (unidentified.... and "not known" to exist by anything mankind has accomplished)......... and even with the Vatican admitting that humans and even life on Earth isn't likely the own evidence of "God's Creation" of life (even modern Religions are becoming more open to the possibility of ETs)....... perhaps society is mature enough to now accept the truth? I think so....
  4. Agreed and they haven't said Extra-Dimensional either........ but they have said it doesn't match any known technology or even known laws of physics........ so logically by process of elimination it can only be two options (unless they are lying about it again - which seems unlikely at this point) Only Two Options (unless you disagree - please make a case for it if you do): extraterrestrial extra-dimensional
  5. Finally the US government Confirms UFOs are REAL Agree with the assessment that this should be a much bigger news story than we have seen so far........ some outlets are reporting this but ALL of them should and it is really a Human Species changing event !!!!
  6. This guy did a phenomenal job with this aggregate research spreadsheet See spoiler or link below... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_BrcpQjSPGFvn51F46PibH8ccC30RWjyI62Fyiif2pA/edit#gid=0 r/starcitizen • u/IceBone aka Darjanator •2 hours ago SC Developer Segment Mega Index update - now includes the names of every developer featured docs.google.com/spread... CREATIVE
  7. See Link below......... and obviously this isn't finalized (and will vary at game launch) but if you plan on earning ships in game (as opposed to just focusing on outfitting the ships you have) -........ or want to make a profit on selling ships to players who start at launch (that didn't have an option to pledge for ships)......... Then pay attention to its value multiple (pledge value vs in-game price) - on Google Spreadsheet below...... see link.... r/starcitizen • u/StarCitizenJorunn •1 hour ago 3.6.2 Updated In Game Spaceship Prices, Pledge Values, and Multiples drive.google.com/file/d... DISCUSSION https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GQZX3GX3OYSaz1SxdJBhYnJNio4ipxYv/view
  8. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/65294/thread/the-actual-health-of-the-cutlass-and-others/2386834 STAFF JCrewe CIG@JCrewe_CIG The actual health of the Cutlass and others.. Discussion Today at 4:19 am Cutlass Seeing as its been a big debate topic recently I thought I'd chime in with some additional data. Originally I wasn't planning to do this as it just adds another set of data into the noise (which will almost certainly become outdated in a patch or twos time and then banded around for years to come) but given the amount of discourse that has happened I thought I would add this. The ingame maximum hp values of the Drake ships in 3.6.2 LIVE and as always, all stats are subject to change... Dragonfly - 2150 Buccaneer - 3400 Herald - 3380 Cutlass - 20600 Caterpillar - 30800 Vanguard - 25200 Freelancer - 19200 The reason I say maximum hp because of the way ships are setup they can die before they take that much damage as we do not have the concept of a global health pool per ship. The amount which the ship can "die" at varies per ship (and is generally driven by the art due to how parts can split) but generally its one or more critical parts of the ship and that behaviour is not unique to Drake ships. Comparing max HP against max HP does not give a fair comparison until you know the hp of the individual parts of the ships which cause these destruction states. As you can see just comparing these numbers flat shows the Cutlass is stronger than the Freelancer... From these numbers its clear the Herald is an outlier so we'd look to balance that in 3.7 and perhaps the Vanguard is a little too strong, but again it has a lot of hp on parts that detach (such as the tails) that aren't entirely critical to functionality. This health setup is also not the end game setup, physically based damage will replace this completely and the balance of these numbers is an interim measure until that point. The balance of these is fluid and changing every patch. In an upcoming patch we plan to do a fairly widescale change to the HP values to merge them together now we can make damage inherit up a skeleton better. For example, currently you could have a ship that splits in two on death and due to its setup you cant allow it to split before death. Each part has 500hp which would display as 1000hp total, but in reality you could focus fire on one half and kill it with 500dmg, or you could focus equally on both and it would take 501-1000dmg to kill. Clearly this isn't ideal for balance hence the changes we'll be making in the future and the big push towards physically based damage to remove this more arcade mechanic from the game.
  9. ....eh..... well the Polaris and Javelin are "Bombers" as well right (with massive Torpedoes)......... but that doesn't mean that it is their "primary mission" The way I see it is both the Gladiator and Harbinger are "Light Bombers"........ with the Harbinger being just as good as a Warden (perhaps better with the Heavy Armor) + a few extra Torpedoes to boot. The Eclipse is more of a Medium / Stealth Bomber...... and is more maneuverable than the Tali..... With the Tali being a Heavy Bomber. I do hope they give the Tali the rotating torpedo launcher options (with more torps) like the Eclipse). I ended up with Every Bomber they produced to date...... but ended up CCUing the crossed out Bombers below........ but it won't stop me from picking up a Volper Xian Bomber when they come out with that..... - but you can see I have "too many" bomber still (even with CCUing my Gladiator and Tali) Gladiator Harbinger Eclipse Volper Retaliator Polaris A-2 Starlifter Javelin
  10. Players are thinking they see the Manticore in this image - LOL - it would be cool but doubt it...
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