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  1. Think a bigger question for the Mercury is if it will always be the larger (thus Penultimate) Data Runner with the Herald being the small entry level Data Runner. Does it make sense to have a capital size Data Runner ---- probably not....... thus there is even more future value for the Mercury + it has other options (like smuggling etc....).
  2. That's why I like my other Heavy Fighters in my fleet..... the Harbinger / Warden / Sentinel + San'tok Yai + F8C Lightning..... are more versatile than the Ares.... but they won't hit as hard as the Ares vs Capital Ship Shields / Armor........... however........... which would you rather have a Heavy Bomber that can fire a torpedo at a great distance .......... or the Ares that will have to close into closer quarters and will likely get shredded by ASA Turrets like on the Hammerhead / Javelin / etc.... This doesn't apply though vs hardened targets on the ground.... where the Ares will shine.... but again rather use my Hercules Starlifter A2 vs these hardened targets but the Hercules itself will be vulnerable vs an Ares attack. Agree and I am more of a gimbal player but that type of combat is more for dogfighting / turrets vs boom and zoom which the Ares should perform (but per above - think it will get shredded by ASA turrets on capital ships - thus I think Heavy Bombers (and even a Polaris which is a Heavy Bomber itself) with longer range are better vs Capital Ships.......... unless you are attacking something that has a large blind spot like the Hercules or something that can't defend itself that well) +++++++ @Buckaroo adding your great size comparison photo to the thread - ->> Updated Ship Size Comparison Chart
  3. VoA

    Tesla CyberTruck

    We know the CyberTruck will be used by a number of Police Departments (some have already ordered them) - so you can see what they might look like in this video + some other rendered options of potentially how this futuristic / Blade-Runner inspired design will permeate our roads in a couple of years...
  4. GREAT IDEA and deals often push me over the edge when I am on the fence...... but this is all I have (that is under the $220 price for a CCU) also not listing the ones at same current price.... M50 at $80 Khartu'Al (which I still have a current one) but a stand alone at $150 Gladius at $80 Gladiator at $150 So the best deal is the Khartu'Al which only saves me $20.... not enough to surpass the Warbond Sale of $25. I do have big ships like the Banu MM / Starfarer and even the Idris-P (all of which I still have - just have these as melted stand alones).... that could provide great savings for large concept CCUs but won't work for the Ares. Ya - per above....... I am having a real hard time with this one for some reason.......... do I need it (since I have bombers instead)........ do I like the Ion (since it fits my fleet better) or do I like the the Inferno (love the look better + other reasons)....... I don't really want to get rid of my fleet permanent Khartu'Al entirely because it is my favorite light fighter / scout.... I've never been so on the fence but I have flat out knew at times I didn't need a ship like the Corsair I knew I didn't need or want...... Ah well....... thanks guys for the input!!!
  5. ... and New Babbage looks awesome
  6. ....eh.... its more like 16x Concierge - LOL.... and I have been a sucker for the newer concept sales..... but have had discipline still (and so far I still haven't even pulled the trigger on getting the CCU)...... which is very odd (maybe my brain is still focused too much on the Tesla CyberTruck IRL 😎) I actually only have the Harbinger as my base Vanguard (so I can have the extra armor) and the others are BattleField Upgrade Kits (but as you know right now CIG is having them currently in game as individual variants) - so melting the Harbinger means losing all the Vanguard variants for me (and the Battlefield Upgrade Kits are cheap). Also see this video on Harbinger vs Ares.... Unfortunately many of my ships Like the Eclipse (but not all of my ships) are already CCUd within a larger ship package so I don't really have an option to melt my Eclipse - I only have the option to CCU over its value if I wanted to get rid of it (or melt the entire ship package) This is the big question as well Ion (which perhaps fits my fleet better) vs the better aesthetics of the Inferno. Ya and the MIS is my only Freelancer now (I had the Dur for awhile)...... and I like the platform / size / versidity and in the case of the MIS is rarity and as you point out power vs price point...... thus......... still haven't pulled the trigger....... but if you know know I can't really CCU my Harbinger (or any Vanguard) or the Eclipse - what other ship should I CCU (since again my fleet is getting bloated and redundant)....... or maybe I should pass on the Ares?
  7. Most of the ships these days have been Warbond instead of CCU's but as you can tell my fleet is getting too bloated and redundant in some areas. I like the size of the Freelancer and the guns and missiles with the Freelancer MIS (and even the small cargo)....... but the rear turret sucks and it doesn't maneuver very well..... it's basically a point and shoot type of ship like the Ares will be........ but I think the Ares will have more sustained power........ especially the Ion as you mentioned (which does make sense relative to the other bomber ships that may need more hits against the capital shields to help torpedo penetration from the likes of my Harbinger / Eclipse / Polaris / etc....). I do like the look of the Inferno and it is ALWAYS better to have a grey / black ship in space for harder to see visual spotting from opponents vs a white ship...... but you maybe right the Ion is more helpful relative to the other ships. Maybe someone else will have another take on this?
  8. I am stumped - normally I know for sure I want a concept.... like the recent Privateer........ or I'll be on the fence...... with the usual Theorycrafting indicating I should have something.... like the Mantis to go with the Nautilus..... But this one I don't know. I am leaning towards CCUing one of my ships for the Ares.......... but can't figure out which one to choose and which Ares would best compliment my fleet - image below..... Which ship would you CCU to get the Ares (or maybe forgot this concept for my fleet)??? Thanks for the help EDIT - Leaning towards CCUing the Freelancer MIS (but not sure - what would you do) - and if so which Ares ship for this fleet above?
  9. VoA

    Tesla CyberTruck

    Those that thought they should short Tesla's stock (where I just bought more) after the CyberTruck Unveiling are getting their pants handed to them.... +++ See this video
  10. VoA

    Tesla CyberTruck

    Good news for some (bad unfortunately for the entry level model). Since the pre-orders were about 40% Tri-Motor / 40% Dual-Motor / 20% Single-Motor - Tesla decided to Move the Tri-Motor up from "a year later"..... to the late 2021 release while the Single-Motor got pushed back a year instead. This allowed me to cancel our Dual-Motor CyberTruck reservation (since we were going to use it until the Tri-Motor was produced then trade it in).
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