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  1. New trailer just released Looks like a lot of solid character building (so the audience feels more connected with them - when they die ) It's a prologue and may actually be content "not in" the movie itself - which would be cool (content before when the movie begins)
  2. Love this new GIF that Google is now displaying on their main search page....
  3. Very exciting news and the best likelihood of life found outside of our solar system - 7 Earth sized planets with 3 in the Goldilocks zone See Video
  4. Unlikely since it is an older fighter - but that being said it will likely have something unique about it that the other fighters don't have
  5. About 3m in - Ben Confirms that the Anvil Hurricane will be the next concept ship
  6. At 18:30 - Ben talks about Hangar updates
  7. Couple of cool things this Ben's Day - 3m - Confirmed Anvil Huriccane is the next Concept Ship 14:40m - No answer from Ben yet but @GRIZZ gets his question asked about the Reclaimer being able to land 18:30m - Haven't heard about Hangar updates from awhile but the Modular Hangar rooms are still on the table - like a personal living quarters, map room, etc...
  8. Great ATV on Alien Languages
  9. I'll update the OP later but here is another image as well...
  10. You can Google the various articles about it (as you should) - but Ridley Scott is coming back with a Vengeance...... with Alien Convenant and now the sequel to Blade Runner (with apparently another Blade Runner Planned after this one). Of course....... Harrison Ford is in it as well Looks Awesome!!!
  11. Nicely done player background on this image...
  12. @Brightmist and @Booster Terrik - I am not the creator of the charts or videos (see links on OP). Sometimes these are a little off but usually they are right on (*even catching changes that are made by CIG along the way as they change things)
  13. 12/18/16- Added Misc Razr- Updated Drake Herald- Updated Drake Caterpillar- Updated Freelancer size and front silhouette (Thanks to XenthorX)
  14. The Caterpillar is one of the ships early on that I really didn't like..... and thought I would never get one. We'll I pulled the trigger when CIG first introduced it in it's White Box on ATV..... and for awhile I thought it would be one of my ships I would for sure do a CCU on. Over time however and seeing it now - it has really grown on me and I can't wait to run some missions with it and eventually get more modules for it. I also eventually got the Transport Pack last year that had the Hull A-E ships....... and I eventually CCU'd all of them except my Hull E........ and I think the Caterpillar and my Banu MM will fill the need perfectly for that need for a mid-size (to a bit bigger) cargo ship + I can see how STL has theory crafted it option to function as a trading ship (which actually CIG hinted at for some time - more like a pirate / black market ship = though obviously we'll be using it for legitimate purposes)