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  1. VoA

    CitizenCon Streaming

    False statements like this is how Rumors start - I am sure you'll agree. Having a small fee (not much different than what Blizzard does) for ONE streaming even in ONE year isn't exactly a big "REVENUE" driver. I am sure you will see how things are getting BLOWN way out of proportion....... even with the fact it has been reversed. False again - there is NO evidence that Star Citizen NEEDS more $. It is a business and wants to improve its revenue but a little know fact (that if you have followed the project from the start) is that CR has to FEND off investors (besides regular backers). CR did take a couple of investors (including his partner that is CIGs main lawyer) - but if he "needed" $ there would be MANY many private Angle investors waiting to jump on board. The Metrics for CIG completely refute your assumption - including revenue growth, player population growth, hiring, investing in more locations, moving towards completion of S42, having a PROVABLE workable PU that functions better and is more expansive than most game that have had "official Launches" - vs SC only being in Alpha, etc.... Stop perpetuating the rumors please.... Look at the Star Lifter thread. It took me until the end of the Concept Sale to finally pull the trigger and get one on Warbond - but I did because it was a great bargain. It is called brilliant marketing ........ not a "trick" or "scam" because they supposedly "need money" ===== see how ridiculous the rumors are? If you were going to buy it with previous in-game credit then you would pay $700 and not get the Nova Tank (and its up to you specifically if you want one or not). I don't think you can make the case though for the Penultimate Ground Bomber - installation infiltration ship....... as being "expensive" vs the other ships in its price range including the Hammerhead. The A2 will inflict far more damage (with MOABs) or wide spread damage (with Cluster Bombs)----- than any other ship...... including having all its turrets covering the ground side. Not to mention it is designed for Atmospheric flight while ships like the Hammerhead are not (per RTV) Again - False Narrative - I guess you don't understand their "funding model" = Pledging = voluntary = everything obtainable in game = more $ for increase scope (YES INCREASED SCOPE even with delays = GREAT thing for the best space sim ever = next gen MMO). Notice how their hiring is continuing but platuing - that is because S42 is nearing completion (with evidence of the vast majority of its tech now completed) - then these devs will move onto the PU and all this Rumor Nonsense will be forgotten. S42 will keep people enthralled for at least a year as the PU then blossoms with all the Devs focusing on it until launch then another chapter in S42 - then live development after PU launch I think the issues that you think are out there - are WAY OVERBLOWN...... and that's why there isn't much "attention" being made to many of it - from a very VERY small vocal minority. CR knows the gaming industry very well and how the vocal few think they have the power to metastasize very minor issues that are either inconsequential or something that later development is tackling. An example of something being flat out wrong is your analysis of CIG "needing" more $ Another is your example of the A2 being "too expensive" Setting the facts straight - I am obviously not a "blind fanatic" and you are not a "blind hater" - but when one evaluates issues like this you need to approach them with Logic and Research - not latching onto a Rumor to see if it has any validity when it clearly doesn't That's how Derek Smart got destroyed.... as you know....... and Alpha 2.0 debunked his whole premise +++++++++++ Another way of looking at Star Citizen is to see the Positives (which there are many) vs the Negatives (very few). I posted this thread thinking that it was a problem since it broke precedence of SC information and presentations always being free......... but then I debunked my own argument against CIG after thinking about it further with JP and Subscriber Vault always being "pay to access" information. I have also have had a number of other issues (my biggest one so far is the lack of a female Avatar all these years)....... but again the Positives far out-way the negatives
  2. VoA

    Crusader Mercury Starrunner

    Player created skins...
  3. VoA

    Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    Images in Spoiler or link - https://imgur.com/a/NmzliGu#cleDu2k
  4. VoA

    Cyclone Rover by Tumbril

    I've been thinking about getting the exploration RN Cyclone - mainly for Land Claims but also searching - but a little concerned about the wheel - fall - off issue (hopefully its just a bug and not intended)
  5. VoA

    Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    It looks like the "before" X-Ray shot they took the cue from the Tali and designed symmetrical corridors down both sides of the ship = BAD design = WASTE of Space HOWEVER - the "after" X-Ray shot looks like they got smart and did an asymmetrical interior design with the corridor on the Starboard side for the front half then crossing over to the Port side for the back half. The lower deck looks better designed as well. Sorry but as an Architect good design makes a big difference if I'll keep this ship or not........ my Tali's been on the copping (CCU) block for some time now......... but for some reason I still have it (but if something comes along - its probably going to be CCU'd because of the corridors.
  6. VoA

    Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    From RTV - Ship Shape - Looks awesome - the only thing I have a problem with is the amount of corridors - but it doesn't look as excessive as the Tali (but not sure)
  7. VoA

    Weehamster's Ship Album Collection

    @Weehamster - I love how you are dedicated to keep your OP as a resource for others up-to-date = NICE JOB Feel Free to pillage any of these threads and more (just do a search under my name and you'll find more) + ship threads etc... Persistent Universe (PU) - Star Citizen - 3.x + Characters (FPS) - 3.x Sandi's Star Citizen Pictures Aliens (FPS) - 3.x Hangars - 3.x etc....
  8. Another - Related video.... and article = but Click-bait Title GameStar Is Star Citizen technically feasible? | https://www.gamestar.de/artikel/star-citizen-die-technik-die-das-mammut-projekt-moeglich-machen-soll,3333603.html Is Star Citizen Technically Feasible?
  9. VoA

    Mobi-Glass - Updates

    New Navigation AP from ATV
  10. Microtech at Night, 20 Days
  11. VoA

    Anvil Aerospace Crucible

    I just forwarded it from another post but it is a bit clearer on the video