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  1. Drone Racing League

    Saw this earlier this morning and was fascinated by it (for all those that love the Murray Cup Racing in SC )
  2. I agree - much of 2001: A Space Odyssey is in this but at the same time extremely original + as you said can't give away much without it being a spoiler
  3. He has many interviews at SXSW 2018 but this one is very interesting - Elon Musk - Artificial Intelligence If you like the subject I encourage you to see Ex Machina - had a thread on that as well... -->>>ExMachina | Official Trailer HD | A24
  4. Well you are wrong with both accounts (and it is not a matter of opinion - but what is actually achieved in both movies) - watch this interview to see how Ex Machina is not a retelling of any theme or trope (and if you think you are correct - identify who is the protagonist in the movie before you watch the video....) +++ Tell us if any of the movies you have listed above where made by a true "Collective" of individuals - I can pretty much guarantee to you that no Movie in History has been made by a Collective like Alex does with his collective. +++++++++++ The other Google interview also shows how you are wrong about Annihilation (but has some spoilers in it if you haven't seen it yet) ^^^^ Annihilation - is based on a truly original story and it is really just a personal interpretation of that truly original story (thus does not match any trope) - and again was done by a Collective (and again - I can guarantee that none of the movies you mention is created through a true collective).
  5. See Previous post but some other great vids to watch:
  6. While I don't think Annihilation is as good as Ex Machina.... it is still a superior film than the "popular" movies (even like Black Panther - which was a good movie but not at the same level of acting / writing / directing / though provoking / etc.... = as Annihilation) This review below nailed it in his review ------ Annihilation is the movie that you can talk about for hours with your friends after the movie........ the other movies this year is more like a 2 minute conversation after the movie. GO SEE it - I highly recommend it
  7. Anvil Aerospace Crucible

    Looks like the Crucible is getting bigger -- ANYONE SURPRISED ??? See 26m into RTV below...
  8. Aegis Vulcan - Multi Profession 'Starter' Ship

    Biased on this RTV - I would probably lower my speculative percentages more for the Vulcan vs Starfarer and Crucible (especially with their mention of the Crucible getting bigger - as to be expected). What the Dev's pointed out - where the Vulcan will shine is the "Low Need" Repairs - Rearm - Refuel (as we discussed more like a AAA truck) - and it will also excel in being a low cost of operation ship vs the Penultimate ships. I wouldn't say this at all - I think the Vulcan is limited in its professions (basically designed to operate on the low need range only of its specialty fields) where the Terrapin (while originally didn't have a focused purpose - is really now defined as a Exploration / Surveillance / Scanning ship) = and the Terrapin is specially designed to operate in hostile areas (so it doesn't operate on the low scale of its profession - thus not as limited.
  9. Aegis Idris Frigate

    Earlier CR said he felt the Idris needed 75 for its crew to feel lived in.... then they worked on it more getting the crew down to 30-50..... but CR initial assumption still held true and now the Idris is back up to 81 for the crew (including the player - at least for S42) - per ATV around 24m into vid
  10. Aegis Vulcan - Multi Profession 'Starter' Ship

    I agree with you word for word - that it isn't great at anything..... but my point is that it should be at least "good" at something..... you don't think they need to Buff the Vulcan per one or more of these suggestions: Maybe more cargo space (currently very small) Bigger fuel tank (currently very small) Maybe a garage to repair land vehicles - even the size of the Ursa Rover (and maybe even give it a ground repair snub vehicle - if Connies have snubs why not the Vulcan - but for ground vehicles) === this one is kind of major though and may warrant a Vulcan Variant for it focusing on repairing / re-arming / re-fueling land vehicles Give it a Tractor Beam Standard Give it Floodlights ^^^^ I just see some of these things as must haves for the Vulcan (as I said - rarely do I think a ship needs to be buffed right out of a concept sale like the Vulcan does) The Reclaimer used to have 6 Drones (and was even shown in Concept Art) but maybe they changed it to 3 larger ones like you mentioned. The Reclaimer also has the Cutter Snub (where the Vulcan has no Snub - like the Aquila has a snub vs the Carrack having a snub).
  11. Aegis Vulcan - Multi Profession 'Starter' Ship

    Yes - lol - fixed it above... = Just curious if you come the same conclusions I did on how useful the Vulcan is vs other starter professional ships - like I mentioned above... - Rarely do I think a ship needs a Buff right out of the gate in a concept sale - but I think they need to buff the usefulness of the Vulcan (maybe more cargo space, bigger fuel tank, maybe a garage to repair land vehicles - even the size of the Ursa, etc...) I think the Reclaimer, Orion, Crucible all have 6 drones each right?
  12. Aegis Vulcan - Multi Profession 'Starter' Ship

    Adding more thoughts relative to other ships.... (a continuation of above previous post) Note this is just speculation below: Cutlass Red is likely only about 35% as useful as a medical ship compared to Endeavor Hope (with the ability to respawn characters) - but the Cutlass Blue is more mobile (like an ambulance vs a hospital) and sometimes stabliazation of a patient is good enough - vs a repair patch that the Vulcan does - could be good enough but will likely need more repairs Terrapin is likely only about 25% as useful as an Exploration ship compared to Carrack (Carrack is a Mapping Ship while the Terrapin is not) - but the Terrapin is a more hardened ship which gives more options for exploration in hostile areas + it isn't as big of a target ---------------------------------------- So..... I would also Add the Cutlass Red or Terrapin (or 600i - Explorer Module or Aquila or Freelancer Dur - or even 315p) to my fleet (where I also have the Endeavor and Carrack) - before I would get the Vulcan
  13. Aegis Vulcan - Multi Profession 'Starter' Ship

    Ooops thought this would merge with my previous post... +++++ Addendum to above - the Vulcan does have better mutli-crew options and better living space options than the Prospector does - but I think I would still Add the Prospector to my fleet before the Vulcan - per the analysis above....
  14. Aegis Vulcan - Multi Profession 'Starter' Ship

    Agree this is a great ship that needed to be added to the line-up of ships for Star Citizen. I've been arguing for years now that SC needs more medium size ships (and starter ships for the penultimate ships) and this ship does so very nicely to address this concern. However..... Agree - but like you are speculating - I have decided not to get a Vulcan = mainly since I am sticking with having the penultimate ships that the Vulcan crosses over with = the Crucible, and Starfarer (I have Gemini). If I was waffling on either of this then the consideration to add the Vulcan would have increased. ========= Honestly I think the Vulcan is severely deficient relative to its Penultimate Counterparts per below..... Note this is just speculation below: Vulcan is likely only about 10% as useful as a refueling ship compared to Starfarer (with much larger tank compacity) + Starfarer has refining and collection of fuel options Vulcan is likely only about 15% as useful as a repair / re-arm ship compared to Crucible (this is harder to quantify especially knowing that the Crucible will also have variants that will affect its function) - but my understanding is that the Vulcan will only really "patch" a ship.... and not create permanent repairs (like you can with the Crucible = with even the possibility to Crit and get better than factory standard results with repairs for the Crucible since you will actually manufacture the repair on-board the crucible with various materials - obviously you have to have the good materials to get the great results) ---------------------------------------- In Comparison to .... Prospector is likely only about 30% as useful as a mining ship compared to the Orion (with a refining and large volume operation) + = The Prospector Benefits from having detachable bags that fill up and also option to land on a planet / moon / asteroid while the Orion is only really useful for mining Asteroids or having material shuttled to it. ====================== Since I have the Starfarer, Crucible and Orion = I would more likely add the Prospector to my fleet rather than the Vulcan - per analysis above.