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  1. A number of cool info about the Banu Defender on - https://relay.sc/transcript/subscriber-town-hall-april-2017-summary Including possibly EMP missiles on the Defender
  2. subscriber-town-hall-april-2017-summary <<-- Has a bunch of good info about the Banu
  3. DiscoLando suggests Merchantmen will end up around the Polaris in Size <<-- See Link to Subscriber's Townhall
  4. What I mentioned in a previous post is that they can attach the weapons on the arms to the inside face of the arms (this allows them to gimble up or to be mounted at that inclined angle - to either fire straight - and to not get broken off if the pilot has a bad landing - as would happen with the current design). I am actually an Architect + not practicing Aerospace Engineer and Pilot. Having the inclined arms does look cool (yes that is obviously a consideration) but as to function per above - (it doesn't' impact function - especially in space). The larger consideration however is not to create more work for CIG with yet another extra animation - but look at a resolution that works just fine with their current concept sale model and planned landing animation mode.
  5. Here are some other images on SC from who Jan Ursche Designed the Banu Defender
  6. Its actually quite simple - move the guns to the inside face of each arm - having them on the tips of the arms would have them break off easy on a semi-bad landing If you look at the configuration of the arms in landing position - you'll see that it solves the cockpit visibility issues - see images
  7. What is "rare" is people selling on the Grey Market though .... without making a profit. Sellers like you give really the only good justification for grey market selling..... but unfortunately most sellers will not first explain the ease of CCUing ships.......... NOR do they explain how negligible LTI really is in the game. Really - then things have changed dramatically - ships use to sell for twice their real value. The problem though is $10 over the real price + Pay Pal Fee's is still detrimental to CIG raising more pledge funds (just to a lesser degree)..... and it is still enough $ going down the drain for a buyer that is new to the game...... to get buyer's remorse...... ......once they realize how easy CCUing to get LTI is or how negligible LTI is really going to be in the game (which CIG has said over and over again).
  8. I think people are blowing the cockpit visibility issue WAY out of proportion since CIG has an easy fix with the existing design per this POST and per @Reavern post above. What needs to happen is for people to post on Spectrum (when CIG creates the thread) to point out the easy fix for the Q/A thread when questions are asked.
  9. I am confused though..... If a seller buys a Banu Merchantman off of the gray market and the Seller asks for $450 for profit and pay pal fees........... Didn't CIG only make $250 off of the sale (since the seller probably bought it for the earlier concept price and CIG wouldn't make any profit from the seller's profit or the pay pal fees)??? As oppose to the seller explaining to the buyer that all they have to do is to buy a Banu Defender and CCU it to a Banu MM to get it with LTI for a total of $350? This would allow the Buyer to save $100 which they might also spend on another ship to increase their pledge and allow CIG to make the profit they should have instead of the Grey Market Seller..... profiting off of a Buyer that doesn't know better (likely leaving them with buyers remorse once someone explains CCUs to them)..... and CIG loosing out??
  10. https://images-gw.robertsspaceindustries.com/ZgbAXP488xIrQetY3PJYxgxHWi4=/fit-in/1680x1050/https://images-gw.robertsspaceindustries.com/8nd6wrYyPFhwDPqrXw3b1BrdGNs%3D/fit-in/1680x1050/https%3A/i.gyazo.com/e30f3739908234c838d9feb3993c9444.png ---------------- How many people are voting for F42 to develop it (so it grows even more )
  11. Well..... if the ship isn't flyable then it does't really matter if you have to wait until November (and sometimes CCU options are available before November) ++++ Remember - its better to give the $ to CIG (unless someone has to sell for an emergency reason).......... because Pledging is primarily about supporting the development of the game.
  12. Here is an updated version of this chart...
  13. Depends on what size comparison chart you are looking at (see OP - you'll find many by many different players). All charts will be off as things expand. We know the Javelin and Banu MM just got bigger........ as did the Caterpillar a bit ago..... the Idris also just increased from 234m to 239m (so even small changes like that affect things).
  14. I have gotten a couple ships on the grey market (when I didn't know better).... Now it never really makes sense to use the grey market since it is so easy to buy a Concept Ship with LTI and just CCU it to the ship you want (so you can get LTI that way) Every November on CIG's anniversary sale almost every ship is available to CCU (with a few rare exceptions)
  15. Actually they should be fairly accurate to the stats and holo models produced by CIG. The players that produce these often use a 1 or 2 meter grid pattern set out over the whole sheet to scale one ship vs the others and some are literally holo models in engine placed next to each other. It doesn't mean that there aren't mistakes though and as we know CIG does tend to make things bigger over time especially if F42 works on the ship