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  1. Good to keep up with the Lore as well... Crusader Industries Lore
  2. Per this thread - I've been pushing for shops in SC for awhile..... and today's ATV has shopping Kiosks further detailed at 6:09m into the video. Hopefully we'll have player run shops one day to go along with our traveling bazaars' the Banu MM
  3. Vanduul - Blade - Light Fighter

    Vanduul Blade in today's ATV - Ship Shape..... I am seriously thinking of CCUing my Super Hornet to a Blade now (I enjoy flying the Glaive and Scythe in Arena Commander +..... I have a F8 Lightning with the Concierge perks so why keep an F7 when you have an F8?)
  4. Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    Last evening we were just discussing the Tali and its effectiveness planet-side in our Blood Moon Unit meeting last evening. The Tali is one of the ships that I have vowed to CCU for a long time (really don't like the corridors).... and came really close when the Eclipse came out. It could happen where the Tali gets its own gravity bombs (which should be more powerful than torpedoes) - but not too sure about that since it is meant to be a long range space bomber. I actually had the drop ship module with my Tali for awhile (ended up melting it -but I can un-melt it) which does make it effective in planetary assaults but the biggest problem it has vs the Hercules is that many of the Turrets are on the top of the ship - making them unless in planetary fights other than defending vs sky-bound attackers (in atmosphere you can't really flight it effectively upside down with the VTOLs and bomb bays on the Bottom - a huge plus for the A2 over the Tali vs planet-side targets). While I think a Caterpillar can hold Titan Armor - it is unlikely the Tali will have the head room. Dedicated in-atmosphere fighters aren't necessarily completely restricted from not going into orbit or even flying a short hop to a moon from a planet (why not?). It just means that they will be far more maneuverable in atmosphere (and even under-water combat since fluid dynamics apply under water as well as in atmosphere)........ so ships designed to fly in atmosphere's will have great advantages to space based ships (for planet-side game-play). This is a huge thing people are missing as an advantage for the Hercules.
  5. 600i vs Caterpillar for CCU to Herc

    600i can also be an explorer as well +++ a person that has many ships in their fleet doesn't have to worry as much about one ship having multiple functions (at a lower performance rating)..... verse having multiple specialized ships that perform that specialized task at a higher performance rating than a Jack of All Trades (master of none) ship.
  6. 600i vs Caterpillar for CCU to Herc

    The Caterpillar is one of my ships I have vowed to CCU for a long time now (but still have it - and who knows the modules - once out may force me to keep it long term). I have the 600i (Touring Module) - but I also have the 890j, Phoenix, and Carrack. I think it is fine to have more than one exploration ship.... just like it is fine to have more than one fighter.... or multiple freighters for different needs. Remember that the 600i is also modular and you can get a Touring Module to go along with your Exploration module either later or in-game. I've always maintained that VIP missions will be the most profitable missions in the verse (since they have the highest barrier to entry with expensive ships, they are fraught with danger since VIPs often have kidnap or kill bounties on their head = they are valuable, it requires skill to maintain a good VIP reputation, etc...) ========================== But.... the biggest reason to keep the 600i over the Caterpillar is that the Caterpillar is a common ship........ and will be common and very easy to get in the verse (and at launch will only be worth one Caterpillar). The 600i will be in EXTREME high demand (like the Phoenix and 890j) since it is a very rare ship and when the game starts the population of players will likely triple or quadruple ..... making the 600i worth at least two to three times its current value at game launch (so you can keep it and profit more off its sale if you find you aren't going to use it).
  7. Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    Another Important thread most haven't thought about.... LINK Hercules Titan Transporter With the Hercules being able to transport 10 cyclones i started tinking of that other vehicle that was in R&D. The Titan Combat suit. The Hercules Heavy Infantry Transport is born. The Titans could be a vehicle like the Tonk with Guns that cant be changed. Titans can then be made in diffrent category: Civilian/utility Combat Explorer/Dangerous atmospheres. The Herc cargo space is high enough and it has 2 ramps to easely deploy the Titan suits.
  8. Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    Arghh.... if I am not careful.... I am going to end up talking myself into getting a Hercules (this has happened many times before with other ships - lol) Good thread from RSI - Spectrum... Hercules A2/C2, More About What It Can Carry
  9. Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    Like you I am passing on the sale - really for the same reasons you cite - however - I just want to call attention to others that our strategy to use our Hornets, Tali's (of which I also have), etc.... to "participate" won't likely be that effective on ground based assaults as you think. The Heavy space based Bombers will likely be able to level a building..... with the Polaris leveling an Outpost....... whereas.... the A2 will likely be able to level a mountain (and penetrate into underground bases) with the MOABs or create wide swaths of destruction with the Cluster Bomb option... (not just taking out one outpost - but multiple outposts that maybe in a village all at once). Having all guns on the bottom of the ship will be huge as well for ground based assaults vs something like a Tali where most of the turrets are on top and will be useless vs ground units. Not to mention the Hercules ships are made for atmosphere flight and will hover and maneuver much more efficiently compared to other ships its size or even many smaller ships. I think this is a dangerous general statement that needs to be reevaluated..... "If I don't want to fly a Hercules"........ I said this about many ships I still have in my Hangar (that I virtually promised myself that these would be CCU'd / melted / or whatever)..... but I still have them for various reasons I didn't think of before. Don't you think that CIG will have a lot more ground based game-play / content ..... available.... far earlier in SC development than inter-stellar game-play / content.....? Also - don't you think that spaced based bombers and fighters will be far less effective in planetary assaults than what most people currently think? I see CIG coming out with planetary fighters now.... (that will be far superior than Hornets, Sabers, etc....) when fighting in atmosphere and vs ground targets. =============== Just something to think about is all. Based on this @Buckaroo I think you made the right choice. It maybe that the people that are negative on the Hercules will cause it to be "under-sold"........ giving you even greater profit / use potential with your C2 than you realize.
  10. The Expanse cancelled!

    But the last season of B5 and even the Excalibur spin off are still superior in story telling, etc... than most Sci-Fi genres. The big thing as you know with B5 is the Shadow War and no Sci-Fi genre to date has done anything even close to that epic story line (with god-like alien races).... tied together from Seasons 1-4....... not even the Borg with Star Trek compares in my mind (though I am still a big Trekie). One other thing that you may not be aware of is that Star Trek Deep Space Nine is a DIRECT rip off of Babylon 5 - see video....
  11. Exactly @Sky Captain I've been saying for the past couple weeks now that I think Planet-side Game-Play will dominate SC far earlier than Inter-Stellar game-play will........ and VTOL's will be a big thing in efficient Planet-Side play..... including ships specifically designed for "in-atmosphere" game-play..... like the Hercules (which many seem down on - but I think many simply just don't understand) === See my latest post <<<--- Link
  12. Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    I am with you on this but not 100%. I also picked up a Caterpillar early on and will not CCU it to get the C2.... nor will I CCU my Hammerhead to get the A2....... however..... I am not as down on the versatility / value of the C2, M2 and A2 like most. I think the Hercules will dominate planetary "hostile" game-play. Why "hostile"..... we'll simply because other ships that can land will still do the job just fine for non-hostile planetary exploration / cargo / etc.... Like the Aquila, Carrack, Caterpillar and even Banu MM, etc... The big thing that people that want to be negative on the Hercules are missing is their maneuverability and focus fire in atmosphere and under-belly coverage - they will basically be the Penultimate ships for "Hostile" planetary Game-play at the large scale (with the Redeemer, Hoplite, Prowler, Retaliator (with Dropship module), etc... doing just fine for smaller scale "hostile" drop-ship needs) Big Advatages of the Hercules besides is Under-Belly Focus and Atmosphere Maneuverability: C2 = Carrying 2 Nova Tanks will be a big deal as an option will be a big deal even for a Civlian ship (of which other cargo ships won't have the option to carry the Nova Tanks) M2 = Is like the Gemini vs Starfarer..... just more armor and weapons and will perform that much better than the C2 if the primary function is needed in Hostile Zones A2 = Yes it is expensive but it will empower massive devastation planet-side - much more than a Hammerhead or even Polaris. I am betting the MOABs will be able to flatten a mountain where Torpedoes won't have this massive explosive power planet-side. Carpet bombing massive areas with its optional cluster bombs will also be valuable attacking planet-side targets in large areas. ------------------------ So where I am also agreeing with most and not getting one of these ships (and not CCUing any ships to get one)......... these will be ships that will find extreme Penultimate use in Hostile Planet-side Scenarios...... and as I mentioned before....... we are likely to see more Planet Side Content with Procedural Planets (not to mention with the Pioneer setting up outposts and land-rights)......... much earlier than we will see Inter-Stellar game play (that will likely come later in SC development).