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  1. Spoiler this video shows the first five minutes of the movie.... but is cool.....
  2. People know that have read this thread of what I think of EX Machina.... but this video which I recently found ......while still old gives a perfect example of how perfect this movie is..... enjoy. .....
  3. Fan Vid --- I would be down with another prequel trilogy
  4. I am looking forward to the support ships Here's Bored Gamer's video on the subject (Same content)
  5. Bored Gamer and this Video contains a good bit of good news from Ben Lesnick (CIG) - and both where taken from this Spectrum Post - see link and Video.... Saturday afternoon (EST) unplanned Spectrum Q&A with Ben Lesnick
  6. Another new trailer just released
  7. Just posted a new Alien Covenent trailer but also Ghost In The Shell just came out with two new trailers today. I am looking forward to it but perhaps not as much as Alien Covenant or Blade Runner 2...... but I did enjoy Lucy (however still not the caliber of the other two movies nor that of my favorite movie = Ex Machina). What do you guys think - are you looking forward to Ghost In The Shell? +++ Here is the original trailer
  8. Another new trailer released - I am really looking forward to this film and Blade Runner 2
  9. See Vid.... (think the flight balance change is one of the bigger things we have seen in recent updates) - what do you think?
  10. Drake group: And a bunch of Midsizers: images from Voon on RSI forums
  11. ^^^ From Teller
  12. New trailer just released Looks like a lot of solid character building (so the audience feels more connected with them - when they die ) It's a prologue and may actually be content "not in" the movie itself - which would be cool (content before when the movie begins)