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  1. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/1/thread/q-a-aopoa-nox Post your Questions STAFF ⚡ Disco Lando | CIG ⚡@discolando Q&A: Aopoa Nox Pinned Discussion Yesterday at 12:11 pm Store Update It's time to gather ye questions for the recently revealed Aopoa Nox. So post your questions here, and don't forget to vote for the ones you want to see answered most, then look for a Q&A post with the answers later next week. Rules for Questions: Post only ONE question at a time. Replies with more than one question skewer the voting and will be removed. You may post as many questions as you like, as long as they are in individual replies to the OP. Only post replies to the OP. This is for easy voting and sorting of your questions. THIS THREAD IS NOT FOR CONVERSATION, NESTED OR OTHERWISE. Replies to submitted questions will be removed and thus not considered. You may (and should) vote on as many questions you want to see answered as you can. Player wallpaper version... IMAGE GALLERY
  2. At 22 to 23 m Ben talks about Stealth and launching torpedoes with the Eclipse
  3. At 20m Ben talks about using the Polaris as a Drop Ship
  4. At 16m Ben talks about possible surprises from new Alien Races or the Kr'Thak
  5. At 16m Ben talks about possible surprises from new Alien Races or the Kr'Thak
  6. Updated with Nox
  7. Ben confirms Flack Cats in SC per lore - at 8.33m
  8. Interior of an Outpost
  9. Great analysis @Danakar Endeel The oddest thing with the Redeemer is how small and compact it is vs other ships ..... making very efficient use of space. It will likely get larger and have the extra two unmanned turrets CR wanted to see added onto it. Those that picked up a Redeemer for $250 will be glad they did
  10. Got a Nox Kue as well.... but we both may have a problem now.... Like Toys that you want to keep in a box and not open.... you may want to do this with the Nox Kue - so you might not really be ready for planetary game play - LOL - j/k Seriously though..... CIG has already stated that the Nox will be $45 when flight ready and I am betting that the rarity of an Aopoa ship..... and the Kue - may make it as a good "investment" ship. It's likely that the player population will double / triple (like most games) at "official" game launch..... and there will be a broad market for rare ships. You might be able to trade your Nox Kue in for 2 or 3+ Dragonflies (even though you purchased the Kue for the same price as a Dragonfly) - or sell it for a high price getting a lot of UEC from another player. Same thing applies for ships like the Khartu-Al, Phoenix, 890 Jump, Esperia ships, etc..... and one reason to get the Origin 600 when its concept sale comes out.... = all of these are good "investment" ships.
  11. ....sigh.... I just picked up the Nox Kue.... (what ultimately broke me down on this decision was Aopoa as a manufacturer - being that my Khartu-Al is my second favorite ship - after the Phoenix). ...and still have my Dragonfly... and I don't buy Drake ships based on their looks (only utility and cheap operation) - so I don't care if it looks like a "lawn-mower" - which it does ---------- Figured why not (and can probably fit both into a decent size ship easily) FYI - Dragonfly is a new ship - but I know you know this.... but per above I just caved and got a Nox Kue as well... (but kept the Dragonfly for its utility and 2 seater)
  12. Ya but same thing can be said for the "sexy" Eclipse.... but then the AI Modules came around with Item 2.0 and made all the "manned" turrets on the Tali - as a game changer (from an almost definite CCU / Melt..... to a Wow.... the Tali might turn out to be pretty awesome after all..... and have more uses with its modularity). The Eclipse is more of a wingman's ship due to the expense of "death of a spaceman"..... and the fact that the Eclipse is really a "surprise - launch torpedoes - run" ship = which maybe fine for an NPC - but may only be exciting as an ambush ship for a player... (but will still not much follow through options).... Same with Dragonfly vs Nox - you need to think it through... if you need to decide one vs the other. Honestly the Eclipse / Tali and the Nox / Dragonfly ---- one vs. the other --- are the biggest ship dilemma's that I have encountered to date (if I had to pick one vs the other).... .... and perhaps the best solution is per @GeraldEvans suggestion = Just get one of Each