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  1. VoA

    Drake Kraken

    Now this would be interesting in terms of firepower 😜
  2. VoA

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/1/thread/idris-update STAFF Zyloh-CIG@Zyloh-CIG Idris Update Today at 12:04 pm Hi everyone, We’ve received a lot of feedback surrounding the Idris Upgrade Kit that was made available in December, 2018, and wanted to take the time to offer a few clarifications. Insurance In the past, insurance was only made available to ship hulls. As we’ve progressed in the development of Star Citizen, we’re getting closer to having a need for a system to insure items as well. This is something that we’re still actively working on, so we don’t have full details to how this system will work just yet, but we’re eager to lock it all down and share that information with you in the future. I do however have an update on the Idris Upgrade Kit. As it currently stands, the kit shows that it has 72 months of insurance, which will be changing and retroactively updated to LTI in the very near future. Upgrading your Idris-P We received a lot of feedback surrounding the upgradeability of the Idris-P, and a desire for more information about if the Idris-P will be able to fully match an Idris-M via upgrading in-game. We can now confirm that we are planning to eventually add manufacturer shipyards (capital ship dealers) in-game which will help facilitate this conversion. For example, there will be an opportunity to take your Idris-P into a major authorized Aegis shipyard, where they can perform a conversion to an Idris-M for a substantial in-game fee. Idris Upgrade Kit Usability on Idris-M In the same way that the Idris-P can use the railgun that is present on the Idris-M, the Idris-M can also make full use of the items included in the Upgrade Kit, should you desire to do so. This means that you’ll be able to attach the beam weapon and the missile turret to your Idris-M should you choose to do so. We encountered a few limitations to utilizing the full Upgrade Kit on the Idris-M, such as missing hardpoints for the 4x PDS turrets, but to facilitate these fitting, we will be adding those hardpoints to the Idris-M to make this functionality work.
  3. VoA

    Aegis Avenger Titan

  4. VoA

    Banu Defender

    Sandi Twitter: "Josh Coons working on the Banu Defender"
  5. VoA

    Sandi's Star Citizen Pictures

    Sandi Twitter: "Josh Coons working on the Banu Defender"
  6. VoA

    Vanguards: And Then There Were Three

    Do you have to balance an Aurora vs a Javelin - obviously not - so per Noobifier....... why do you need to balance a much more expensive / larger / long range Heavy Fighter with a cheap short range Light Fighter? You don't....... and you shouldn't have to. It is rock-paper-scissors balance including "needing" more of the smaller cheaper ships to take on the larger more expensive ships. CIG has said that 100+ Aurora's should be able to take out an Idris This is the way it is already balanced - Light and Medium Fighters (even the Hornets) can outmaneuver the Vanguards
  7. VoA

    Vanguards: And Then There Were Three

    I agree with Noobifier on his issue of Balance. The Harbinger and Sentinel (even after all this time and not having them flyable yet - but soon TM) are some of my favorite ships
  8. VoA

    Anvil Arrow

  9. VoA

    Anvil Hawk

    What do people think about the visibility with the lower - ground focus cockpit?
  10. VoA

    F8 Lightning

    Was worried that my favorite SC You-Tuber lost interest........ but he's back (Teller)