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  1. VoA


    @Buckaroo also see -->> https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/17281-Ominous-Tides OMINOUS TIDES Hoist the Colors 'All Hands on Deck!' HOIST THE COLORS To be the pirate you have to BEAT the pirate. Exciting updates have come to Arena Commander's Pirate Swarm game mode in Alpha 3.7, including a monstrous new boss battle and an all-new reward for those hardy enough to defeat the attacking horde - a fully customized Pirate Gladius. Strap in, ready the guns, and prepare to face off against multiple waves of piratical assailants who want nothing more than to ravage your ship and send you to a starry grave. INTRODUCING THE PIRATE GLADIUS Want to know more? Visit the Pirate Gladius page. GETTING THE AGGRESSION OUT Battle the new Pirate Swarm in Alpha 3.7 Should you be a stout enough fighter to best the scurvy scourge, you'll find yourself staring down the abundant guns of a formidable new boss - a deadly pirate Hammerhead with a cadre of Buccaneers watching its back. Fear not though. Taking out the dastardly gunship’s supporting minions will bring friendly AI pilots to fight by your side, helping to turn the tide of battle in your favor. A victory will earn you the Pirate Aggressor badge and give you access to acquire not only the Pirate Caterpillar, but the all-new Pirate Gladius too. With an intimidating custom livery and a specially curated loadout, the Pirate Gladius is perfectly suited to pilots with a proclivity for scraps and skirmishes. A bountiful reward indeed. BETWEEN YOU AND VICTORY... Once you've completed the Pirate Swarm and defeated all who oppose you... You can take their spoils as your own. Want to know more? Visit the Pirate Swarm and Arena Commander FAQ.
  2. VoA

    RSI Mantis

    I would hope so..... this will give us more missions to stop the Pirates
  3. VoA

    New Arrival

    Hi @Chivashon - I just approved your membership into Blood Moon and sent you an invitation to the Portal (see that message). Also see you this evening around 6:30pm PST Thanks - VoA
  4. Love these update comparisons - keep them up !!
  5. VoA

    Banu Defender

    Didn't get the Tevarin drop ship but still retain my Khartu-al (and have the Santok yi (sic)) - since it is still one of my favorite ships in the game. Here is another cool shot from Reddit... Come dance with me under the sea. and this one...
  6. VoA

    New Arrival

    Had a great time last evening playing 3.7 with you and @PowerWagonKevinand @Cherubum Next time when we fight those pirates instead of trying to Multi-crew the Freelancer MIS...... we should bring the Hammerhead and all of us just park it in one spot (where they spawn) and we all man a turret........ would love to see if that works out Look forward to you joining Imperium and we have a spot open in Blood Moon Unit (a sub-set of Imperium)
  7. Thanks @CaptainSomar added it to OP
  8. VoA

    Banu Defender

    Below is a player merge art piece....
  9. Easter Egg: Deep Within a Cave In Daymar
  10. Looks like other's picked up on this as well
  11. VoA

    RSI Mantis

    I didn't have a "discount Aurora"..... that's what I wanted to point out to people.... I had a Dragonfly (but others may have other low value LTI tokens they can CCU to an Aurora with).... then you can use Store Credit...... (and get the CCU then from the Aurora - which you may have not had before...... to the Mantis)......... ........... to get the same value of a New Credit only Warbond version of the Mantis at $135 instead of $150
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