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  1. Ben and Matt confirmed that it is the Pioneer. As for what it does - I agree with STL - see video (and we'll talk about it in the next Blood Moon meeting Monday at 6pm PST and anyone is welcome to join us in TS).
  2. Yes - Tony Z. has always called the "Exploration" Profession - the "Pioneer" Profession so I doubt it is the ship's name though it still could be possible.
  3. This is the Vanduul's version of the Polaris - and it'll be a good 1v1 fight
  4. When Harrison Ford describes a movie like be this you know that it will be awesome....
  5. I agree but the X1 Force ... probably has scanners and other things that will help the Explore but you could always equip your Dragonfly to have upgraded scanners probably as well as a component upgrade and you have a much better field of view with the dragonfly including carrying a second person and storing something small that you find. And surface exploration with a group, swarming an enemy ship, etc. I think the biggest thing that people forget about bikes is that they're easy to store in any ship and they could be used as an escape vehicle instead of jumping into a lifepod where you're helpless or even just transporting people back and forth between ships if you have a fleet of large ships
  6. Teaser on Sabre Raven - see 6m - Bored Gamer picked this up from Bugsmashers
  7. @Danakar Endeel here is something to think about.... We both agree that we prefer the Nox (and I also like the Dragonfly for its utility and 2 seater option)....... - but we both yet don't know about the usability of the X1. One thing that maybe enticing about the Explorer / Combat Variant of the X1 is that it may not only have just scanners set up for exploration - but it maybe more efficient in some cases than an Ursa Rover for ground exploration. I kept my 315p for a long time with this logic.... but ultimately melted it in favor of the Pisces as part of the Carrack. However the 315p (and also the Freelancer Dur and Mustang Beta + even the Reliant Sen and some other small ships) - is ideal for exploring systems through small jump points and even navigating / mapping those jump points. I see the Ursa Rover as ideal for exploring ancient ruins as an example (where you don't have to travel far and can haul a bunch of equipment and even some cargo around along with some more people to help in the exploration of the ruins)......... .......however...... I can think of many ground based exploration scenarios where the Ursa Rover wouldn't be ideal..... but the X1 Exploration / Combat variant might be better suited for. One example would be ruins scattered over many miles or km or small objects scattered over distances (but still needing more of a ground perspective due to subtle clues or close proximity of scans vs covering the area by flying over it with a ship). A fast bike would be more ideal for this type of ground exploration right? ------------------ What do you think??? ================== I love to theory-craft as you know - and I end up theory crafting reasons why to get a new ship / vehicle - where initially I think I didn't need it / didn't want it / or had it covered....... .............that's I guess how I ended up with pledging for almost every ship in the game Bored Gamer appears excited and is theory-crafting about the exploration variant as well (about 2m in and also at 3m)
  8. Ya I'm sticking with my Nox and Dragonfly but the Explorer X1 will also likely better scanning options as well
  9. Congratulations @GRIZZ on getting your Reclaimer question answered 9m into the video. ...
  10. Ya but it having more of a specific purpose will justify its increased cost and I think its a great fit with the 600i explorer module.... but it looks like you will need to buy this variant separately. ....
  11. MMmmm doesn't reveal much other than another racing bike.... which is a bit disappointing. Hoping that it has a variant.... maybe suited for fast ground based exploration to give people a reason to pick it up other than just a competitor to the Nox for racing. It doesn't have to be an exploration variant (though it would make sense with the 600i exploration module)..... but something different than just a racer. Though I suppose you can justify it being just a racer if open canopy racing will be as big in lore as the Murray Cup which has all kinds of competitor ships (M50, 350R, Razor, Khartu-al, etc....) What do you guys think and are hoping for - make a guess before the sale opens up tomorrow...