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  1. LIBERATOR TRANSPORT YOUR FLEET WITH THE LIBERATOR LIGHT CARRIER GO THE DISTANCE WITH THE LIBERATOR LIGHT CARRIER From the Navy’s most ubiquitous fighters to massive warships and large-scale troop and vehicular transport, Anvil is synonymous with space combat and military operations, due in no small part to a laser-focus on the mission at hand. Anvil continues its tradition of excellence with the Liberator, an open-air vehicle carrier that applies the tradition of long-range transport to a smaller scale. Designed with the same quantum drive and long-distance capabilities of military-spec carriers and pathfinders but tailored to the civilian market, the Liberator puts your fleet on the front lines of any operation. LANDING PADS The Liberator easily accommodates three ships on its open-air landing pads, from light and medium fighters to mining and freight craft. The distinct double-deck configuration makes exceptional use of a relatively compact space, rendering take-offs and landings effortless. Fighters can therefore launch and help repel any attackers, should the Liberator come under assault during its journey. The interior bay is further capable of housing two ground vehicles, such as tanks and mining vehicles. LONG RANGE Equipped with a massive Size 3 quantum drive, the Liberator is built specifically for extreme-range deployment. Its ability to expeditiously transport smaller, short-range ships and vehicles to objectives between star systems makes it an invaluable asset for all manner of industrial, commercial, or combat operations. CARGO CAPACITY A dedicated cargo hold sporting a generous 400 SCU capacity means you can haul traditional freight and tote supplies without sacrificing any vehicle space. This versatility makes the Liberator a favorite of UWC contractors, mining operators of every scale, and pilots and orgs looking to multi-task. WEAPONRY Should the Liberator be placed in jeopardy, it is capable of defending itself without needing to scramble any fighters on deck. A manually operated turret sporting potent Size 5 laser repeaters, along with dual automated point defense turrets and four bespoke missile launchers, keep the Liberator and its passengers well protected. PREVNEXT 2 / 4 PLAY / PAUSE AUTOMATED TURRETS Dual Size 2 Point Defense Turrets are fully automated, capable of taking out incoming projectiles and errant space debris while you stay focused on the mission. COCKPIT The Liberator’s cockpit provides a clear view of all three landing pads, making sure your crew can keep an eye on their passengers while staying on course to their objective. MISSILES Four bespoke missile launchers complete the Liberator’s defensive suite, and are ready to vaporize any potential threats that manage to evade the guns. DOCKING COLLAR Dock at stations and other ships with ease, reliability, and the peace of mind that comes with renowned Anvil tech. VEHICLE BAY The interior bay accommodates two ground vehicles of any size, including exploratory rovers, battle tanks, and Anvil’s own Atlas Platform chassis. MANUALLY OPERATED TURRET Equipped with twin Size 5 laser repeaters, the Liberator’s main point of self-defense will ensure interlopers think twice before tangling with it. LANDING PADS Open-air landing pads accommodate up to three ships simultaneously, while the double-deck configuration facilitates effortless take-offs and landings. CARGO HOLD 400 SCU of dedicated cargo space ensures you’ll never have to sacrifice vehicle space to pack adequate supplies or traditional freight. TECHNICAL BREAKDOWN LIBERATOR LIGHT CARRIER LENGTH122m WIDTH68m HEIGHT24m LANDING PADSExternal: 3Internal: 2 CARGO CAPACITY400 SCU CREW2 SHIELDSS3 QUANTUM DRIVES3 SPEED115 m/s LIBERATOR LIGHT CARRIER GO THE DISTANCE WITH THE STANDALONES The Anvil Liberator is being offered for the first time as a limited vehicle concept pledge. Warbond pledges include Lifetime Insurance. WARBOND CONCEPT LIBERATOR PLUS CONDOR PAINT - WARBOND Standalone Ship IN STOCK 500 USD.00 $ MORE INFO ADD TO CART WARBOND CONCEPT LIBERATOR - WARBOND Standalone Ship IN STOCK 500 USD.00 $ MORE INFO ADD TO CART CONCEPT LIBERATOR Standalone Ship IN STOCK 575 USD.00 $ MORE INFO ADD TO CART LIBERATOR - CONDOR PAINT Paints IN STOCK 19 USD.00 $ MORE INFO ADD TO CART SHIP PACKS The Anvil Liberator is being offered for the first time as a limited vehicle concept pledge. Warbond pledges include Lifetime Insurance. WARBOND LIBERATOR FIGHTER PACK Packs IN STOCK 720 USD.00 $ MORE INFO ADD TO CART LIBERATOR FIGHTER PACK Packs IN STOCK 820 USD.00 $ MORE INFO ADD TO CART WARBOND LIBERATOR STRIKE PACK Packs IN STOCK 1050 USD.00 $ MORE INFO ADD TO CART LIBERATOR STRIKE PACK Packs IN STOCK 1195 USD.00 $ MORE INFO ADD TO CART ANVIL LIBERATOR GO THE DISTANCE WITH THE UPGRADE NOW DISCLAIMER https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/18353-Anvil-Liberator Well - I've been telling myself I don't need anymore ships (since I have most of them already) but here goes CIG again..... I see this one as a Must Buy and highly utilized ship !!!
  2. Take it easy @radoorid and you are free to fly with us anytime!
  3. As it stands now I probably won't get the ship since I will not melt the Aopoa San'Tok.Yai and not my F8 Lighting + I like the Harbinger and Redeemer (though these are not heavy fighters).... however.... my track record of "trying" to talk myself out of throwing more money to CIG has been VERY .... very... poor in terms of holding onto my money .... when the concept comes out.... and I end up Theory Crafting a reason (or an Emotional - have to have it) - to get the ship 😜
  4. VoA

    Aegis Redeemer

    Also to mention that Jared said that the underside won't be as boxy as it shows in these images. Overall I'm extremely happy about this ship and it's going to be a powerhouse in terms of the firepower relative to its size.
  5. VoA

    Tesla CyberTruck

    After a likely poor amount of car deliveries this quarter (due to a chip shortage) - Tesla should be off to the races again - my guess soon after it takes another leg down (with this upcoming bad news - unless wall street shrugs it off since it is expected)
  6. VoA

    Tesla CyberTruck

    I've been trading the volatility - buying on the low dips and selling the highs. I do think it will get back on track though once everyone gets off of the Tech stocks being "so" affected by the rising rates (which is kind of ridiculous but they assume that Tech stocks need to have loans - Tesla doesn't since it is by far the biggest car company (tech) in the world)
  7. VoA

    Origin 400i

    Looks like CIG decided to play everyone with the Origin 404 - on April Fool 🤣
  8. Very nice @GRIZZ Reminds me of back in the day with Teller - https://www.youtube.com/user/hgfnbvytr/videos and Anything FPS (think he took down his YouTube)
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