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Found 23 results

  1. The big concept ship announced yesterday at Citizencon was the Crusader Spirit Series. Intended to be a competitor to the Drake Cutlass lineup. The lineup consists of the following 3 ships. A1 = "Assault" 10 Size 5 bombs. $155 Warbond C1 = "Cargo" 48SCU of cargo and a ramp that will likely fit whatever vehicle a cutlass black can fit. $100 Warbond E1 = "Executive" 6 VIP seats with a glass roof for passenger transport and touring. $135 Warbond
  2. Please find hereunder the directions to get to the derelict outpost close to Shubin Mining Facility SCD-1 on Daymar. First, go to Daymar, moon of Crusader in Stanton system. Then, jump to Shubin Mining Facility SCD-1. From there, head to 353° for 1.8 km. The exact location is : OM 1 : 284km OM 2 : 680km OM 4 : 380km OM 5 : 406km BACK TO INDEX :
  3. Please find hereunder the direction to find the derelict outpost close to Kudre Ore outpost on Daymar. First go to Daymar, moon of Crusader in Stanton. Then jump to Kudre Ore. There aim for North for 27.8km. The exact location is : OM 1 : 641km OM 2 : 363km OM 4 : 330km OM5 : 370km BACK TO INDEX
  4. Please, find hereunder the direction to find Whistler's Crypt, the derelict town with wreck of 600i and Mercury staruner and a cave to explore. Be advised that the area is inhabited by hostile gangers. First get to Daymar, moon of Crusader in Stanton. Then look at the personnal mission and look for a "retrieval ops" located at Whistler's Crypt. if you get it you will have a beacon toward the site. If not : Go to Orbital Marker 3 (OM-3) and from there head toward 46° and pitch 3° down for 282km. The exact location of the settlement is : OM 1 : 464km OM 2 : 573km OM 3 : 283km OM5 : 339km BACK TO INDEX :
  5. Please find hereunder the direction to get to this derelict outpost : Get to Daymar, moon of Crusader in Stanton system. Jump to Brio's Breaker Yard. Head toward 55° for 1400 meters (1.4 Km) BACK TO INDEX
  6. Please find hereunder the direction to go to the Caterpillar wreck site on Daymar Go to Daymar, moon of Crusader in Stanton system. Jump to Brio's Breaker Yard. From there take a heading to North West (48°) for 8.5 km. From the point the direction to Brio's Breaker Yard are as follow : Be Carefull as the wreck is on a cliff, you might no be able to get there with a ground vehicle. BACK TO INDEX
  7. Please find hereunder the direction to find the abandonned outpost on Cellin Go to Cellin, moon of Crusader in Stanton system. Jump to Nuen Waste Management. From there take a heading to 255° for 95.3 km. The exact coordinates are the following : OM 1 : 520 km OM 3 : 161.6 km OM 5 : 457.3 km Alternatively you can jump on COM Array ST2-28 and take a heading 91° with an angle of 50° The outpost itself is setup on a flat area near a small hill : BACK TO INDEX
  8. Please find hereunder the direction to find the abandonned outpost on Cellin Go to Cellin, moon of Crusader in Stanton system. Jump to NT-999-XV outpost. From there take a heading to 139° for 64.2 km. The exact coordinates are the following : OM 1 : 337.2 km OM 3 : 268.7 km OM 5 : 337.5 km Alternatively you can jump on COM Array ST2-28 and take a heading South with an angle of 35° The Outpost is niched between two craters From a distance here are the differents views of the vicinity : BACK TO INDEX
  9. This vista can be found on Daymar at Arc Corp mining Area 141. It can spawn rovers for you to go on exploration. As Daymar is a sand planet, this place with mountain and snow is very unique.
  10. Please find hereunder 3 hidden spots of Grim Hex that can be worth showcasing to a new citizen : Pad 03 hidden Hab : An Habitation module is hidden under Pad 03 : Secondary Entrance : This entrance leads you to a coursive behind the bar Habitation quarter A : It has been quite a mess there, but, if you go on level 2 you will find what was probably the housing of the insane guy behind Benny's henge BACK TO INDEX
  11. Please find hereunder a list of propositions of racetrack on Daymar's canyons. They are sorted following their nearest outpost. Dunlow Ridge Shelter : Racetrack 1 : From Dunlow Ridge Shelter : Heading : 225 Distance : 21.2 km From this point the coordinates toward Dunlow ridge shelter are the following A closer look if you see other circuit opportunities BACK TO INDEX
  12. To find this Wreck site, you need to go on Daymar, moon of Crusader in Stanton System. First jump to OM-3 Then head toward the planet in heading toward North East (45°) Your are looking for this spot on the brighter yellow part between 3 hills : Please find Hereunder Farrister's location spotlight on the area : BACK TO INDEX
  13. The sleeping Volcano can be found on Cellin, moon of Crusader, in Stanton system. The volcano is located near Mogote Aid Shelter. This point is a possess a quantum beacon. Please find hereunder the Farrister's location spotlight about the area : BACK TO INDEX
  14. Please find hereunder direction to find Yela easily and efficiently : Go to Yela, moon of Crusader, in Stanton system. Jump to OM-5. From there align with the following coordinates : heading 245°, pitch down to -25° Once you go down, adjust until getting the following coordinates : OM 1 : 487.3 km OM 2 : 611.3 km OM 3 : 417.8 km OM 5 : 247.8 km The approach should gives you something like that : From the ground you should see this : BACK TO INDEX
  15. Please find hereunder the direction to find the abandonned outpost on Yela. Go to Yela, moon of Crusader in Stanton system. Jump to Talarine Divide Aid Shelter. From there take a heading to 95° for 24.2 km. From the ground, on location, you should see thoses coordinates BACK TO INDEX
  16. As of 3.17, please find hereunder the direction to Benny Henge, one of the most trickiest easter egg of Star Citizen. First of all be aware that location may change from patch to patch. Go to Yela, moon of Crusader in Stanton system. Jump to Orbital Marker 1 (OM1) (North Pole). From there look at OM6 . You want to align yourself between all those points or reference. Don't hesitate to help you with reference points on the moon. You aim to go inside the asteroid belt. Note that the belt is constituted of multiples rings, comming from the outter ring, look for the begining of the central plain ring (with the most bright color). Coming in closer you will have a better view of the rings When inside the belt itself, you will need to get to the exact coordinates with the following markers : OM 1 : 787.5 km OM 2 : 785.4 km OM 6 : 218.4 km OM 3 : 703.5 km Grim Hex : 254 km When within 1 kilometer of 1 reference point try to adjust the distance with another reference point. Use OM 1 and OM 2 to alignate you in the plan of the belt, while OM3 and OM6 will be the most helpfull. BACK TO INDEX
  17. Hercules C2 (Civilian spec) Hercules M2 (Mil spec) Hercules A2 (Gunship) Internal One piece of spec he gave us was it length (nearly) 100m x width 70m. I suspect a high price 400-500 for base :-/.
  18. Hey y'all, just a humble request (dirty self promo incoming) I noticed that my previous vids were not of great quality, have been hard at work to elevate my skills. It would help me a lot if you could check it out and let me know your thoughts. Cheers!
  19. LAST EDIT: 9/Oct/2021 Hi everyone / I have images/gifs of ships/vehicles that are either flyable or in concept, development, re-worked or from Star Citizen lore. There are also many other categories, including anything from Star Systems to Characters to Ship/FPS Equipment. I constantly add more to the albums so don't be afraid to come back here anytime for the latest images. Please Note: Because of certain, rather disappointing circumstances that are beyond my control, this page will no longer be updated. As I have a desire to preserve this archive and continue adding the latest images, a new website has been set up. Please click here and remember to bookmark the new site. VEHICLES: SHIPS LAND VEHICLES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ COMPONENTS: SHIP WEAPONS - GUNS SHIP WEAPONS - MISSILES / TORPEDOES / MINES OTHER SHIP COMPONENTS FIRST PERSON WEAPONS FIRST PERSON WEAPONS - ATTACHMENTS OTHER FIRST PERSON COMPONENTS -------------------------------------------- BONUS -------------------------------------------- CHARACTERS: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PLACES: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GAMEPLAY: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SQUADRON 42: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OTHER:
  20. Hello, A new timelapse about the awesome moons of Crusaders, with the great places to visit ! Enjoy and feel free to support me by voting, leaving a com, liking or subsrcibing ! Thx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yS4dMvdOhw
  21. Imperium hosted its monthly game night on Saturday the 22nd, and after the final Custom Scenario event we decided to assault Kareah. We were being egged on by four or five guys who described themselves as being a "scratch group of players from Operation Pitchfork from various orgs." We accepted their challenge and zerged them! Forgive my lackadaisical flying: I'd been flying off and on for the better part of 11 hours as part of the event. We don't know this for certain, but this may have been the largest dogfight in the Crusader module to date. Enjoy the chaos! Imperium members who took part in the assault: @CyberianK @Nazerath @Sir_Belial @Pagan_X2 @Cincinnatus @Donut @Parker @Korren @Furbsta @Vaderhexagon @Bloppo @Deadlife @Space-Moose @XLB @Deonaldi @ImLost Upvote on RSI, too: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/citizen-spotlight/6254-NSFW-16-Imperium-Members-Assault-Kareah-Epic-21-Man-Dogfight
  22. 2.0 introduces us to the first version of FPS in SC. However, the "FPS station", and its guns, are hidden -- it doesn't show up in QD Nav like every other station (the lore is that it hasn't opened yet). And just wandering around the nearest moon will take a long time to find it. Instead, follow these steps to find it every time: 1. Take off from Olisar, open QD Nav, and find Yela (to the left of Crusader) 2. Warp to Yela (one of Crusader's three moons) 3. Arrive at Yela 4. Reopen QD Nav and find Cellin (another Crusader moon) 5. Warp to Cellin 6. Arrive at Cellin and look to your left. In front of the huge crater will be Kareah (unlabeled and untargetable) Approach and enter Landing Mode to see the landing pads The assault rifles are on weapon racks under the stairs and in a security shed. Enjoy!
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