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  1. All ships are still in the process of being worked, balanced, and reworked. The SuperH itself has a dedicated group of folks who are pushing for it to actually BE a SuperH. I wouldn't give up on it yet. In Alpha meta =/= what will be the final end product. It's cheap to buy other ships in the alpha anyway, so I'd just hold onto it if you like it, and get some in-game ships to try out.
  2. @Danakar Endeelare you asking if someone has the old $0 CCU to sell you? If yes, those were made ungiftable.
  3. Bed logging has been quite buggy for the last several patches, and can actually lead to an infinite loading screen bug that requires some funky troubleshooting to fix. I will echo what @Sir_Belialhas said and recommend that you don't try bed-logging. Instead it's best to land at a station, store your ship, and then log. Usually that logs you back in at the station you landed on. However, if you're really worried about being transported back to your spawn location, add in an extra step of transferring your imprint to the med bay on the station you will log off on before you log off. Additionally, logging off inside of a ship that is on a landing pad doesn't keep the ship spawned, it will always despawn off of the pad after you log off and you'll spawn in inside a hab in the station. If you're on a station and want to log off, just simply log off. The only "persistent" way to log off and log into a ship is with bed-logging while in space, but as I said before, that's very buggy and can lead to some bad results.
  4. Good to hear! I have two T16000Ms for dual sticks, but I live in a small apartment in HK so my desk space isn't good enough to practically use them. Eventually I hope to fly with something other than KB/M. Haha
  5. @SpaceMuffin1337 given it's a laptop, not much you can do regarding the card, but if you can spring for 32 gig of RAM as an upgrade, it will markedly improve your experience. There are also a lot of things to remember about SC, especially on first load in. Other than DO NOT choose Orison as your start point. Recommend Area 18, personally. 1. Turn off Film Grain 2. Turn of Motion Blur 3. Turn off Vsync 4. Make sure you start at MEDIUM settings and then go up from there if you think your machine is handling things alright. 5. Wait awhile for the game to "load" the textures and graphics. A lot of first time players get turned off immediately because they see purple blobs or have a lot of chugging at first. Just exit the Hab and stand for awhile, then slowly make your way through the starting city. Hope this helps!
  6. Video card would be the single biggest area 3080+ can generally max graphics fine. 3060 is adequate only.
  7. That rig will be fine, just make sure you turn off motion blur, film grain, vsync as a way to bump up your frames, and don't mess with sharpening either. Don't expect to be able to max out your graphics, though. Start off at medium/high. Also remember that your first load-in will take a bit to stop chugging because the game is loading textures. All of that being said, 3.17.1 is a bit of a broken mess right now, so if you have some issues as you get into the game, know it's not the normal experience and should get improved after the next patch.
  8. There are a lot of bugs in the current build, especially related to ships. Likely due to the new ASOP terminal system. I've not heard of ships despawning, but it wouldn't surprise me if there is something of that nature. This problem was not common in earlier builds of the game, and it's likely to be patched eventually. Also, to answer the question about ship inventory, when your ship blows up or needs to be reclaimed, everything in that ship's inventory is gone.
  9. No problem. I'm honestly not doing much other than maybe a couple cargo runs and checking out the expo until June 1.
  10. This is a known bug/issue that's been around since the 17.1 patch that brought in the event. It was also buggy in 17.0 for the ROC. It is likely part of the hotfix that will be coming in later this week (I believe).
  11. @lordlobster unfortunately there aren't any consistent resources that can estimate the "Grey Market" value because the value constantly fluctuates and is dependent upon a number of factors. Short name handles are not considered a value add because people can pay $5 and change the name and there are still a lot of options available. If you're wanting a "valuation" on the account you could PM the details to myself or any number of "big sellers" you see on our forum (I'm one of the admins here) or on Reddit SC trades. Additionally, you could contact a third party helper who would act as a middleman, but it would likely cost you some money for their services. If you're looking for the "current prices on RSI" all you need to do is go to the upgrades page on the RSI store, select "all ships" on the left side, scroll down and check the prices on each ship you own.
  12. @Vuldwiin CCUs only work on ships that you have purchased IRL. If you have an in-game Prospector (purchased in game only) but buy Prospector to Scorpius CCU either from someone on the grey market or when the Scorpius is active in game later this week, you CANNOT use that CCU on the in-game ship. In-game ships are in game only purchases and will be removed with each major inventory wipe / removed before the game goes live. If you buy a CCU from someone and don't have the ship that is the baseline (such as the Prospector from the above example), you will need to first have a Prospector purchased from RSI as a pledge purchase before you can apply the CCU.
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