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  1. Worlds 1st Rollable TV screen

    You assume a Western market demand. This kind of thing is PERFECT for the Asian market where homes/apartments are much smaller than those in the West. This would be perfect for my flat! (Which can't fit a projector/screen)
  2. Origin 100 Series

    Had two Nox Kue's, so I CCU'd to a 125A. Happy with that.
  3. Origin 100 Series

    But...my poor 325A... I want it fiiiixed! Those Starter Packages, though...About fkin time they brought out one under 60!
  4. Question about sale of ship on SCB marketplace

    Sounds good m8, best of luck!
  5. Question about sale of ship on SCB marketplace

    @Tom Villder At the moment, if you purchase a base ship (i.e. buyback with cash a LTI P72), then apply a Store Credit upgrade, you will still be able to gift the ship. That said, there aren't any ships that are really making "profit" for sales at the moment, especially with the EU/UK VAT. The only ships that really re-sell well are ones that are severely limited in number like the Phoenix, Javelin, or Vanduul ships. None of them have CCUs, and the Phoenix upgrades from the original sale are few and far between. If you're looking for a ship to offload quickly and potentially take a "loss" on the overall list value versus sale value, generally ships around the $100-$250 mark that were limited sales (i.e. Freelancer MIS, Superhornet) tend to sell decently. As for the whole "LTI=premium price", that doesn't really hold true anymore because of the 5 year + insurance thing, so if you were expecting to be able to pull out LTI and get an extra top-up on the price, that COULD happen, but isn't guaranteed. Best of luck!
  6. Nothing but problems with the entire game

    Many people have problems, you seem to take a personal offense/have a personal reaction to it that makes you dislike the game. If you knew anything about game development, you'd know that asset creation (i.e. ship concept and designing) has nothing to do with the actual gameplay/stability aspects of the game. So take a break and play something else, or just don't play the game. Alpha game dynamic that they have already said isn't working the way it was meant to, so they're working on fixing it. It's not a game yet. It's an alpha test stage for a game. If you don't like the concept of pre-purchasing into an alpha, then you shouldn't have pledge for SC. They will fix it on their timetable, not yours. If you want updates on what's going on, then go on the RSI website, check out threads on problems with 3.1 on the Spectrum, or watch the videos to see what they say about these issues and the ETA for fixing them. I do agree that playing a game should be fun, not frustrating, which is why a LOT of people are simply waiting for the game to be in a more playable state than it is right now. If you seriously have this many personal problems with Star Citizen in its alpha state, then I would again suggest going onto the RSI page and putting in threads about your particular issues. You're not going to get any real support here for your gripes and complaints, and making flippant comments about the length of development time doesn't really hold water here. We've been a community since the first weeks of the Kickstarter, and we're well aware of the development's processes, issues, and etc... Just because you personally hate where it's at doesn't mean you'll be getting much support for your kicking and screaming. If you want to continue to repeat your complaints, do so on a forum that actually can effect a difference. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC
  7. Nothing but problems with the entire game

    @dirty harry if you truly have such issues with the game being in its Alpha state the way it is, then I will concur with others who have said you should sit back and wait awhile. Continuous venting of your personal issues with the game isn't really all that constructive unless you're doing so on the CIG issue council. The game is NOT in a finished or polished state and 99% of your personal issues with the game seem to come from your desire for things like balancing and polish that happen much later in game development than the game is thus far. Personally, I have backed past the Wing Commander level, but haven't logged into the game in over a year because I know it's not in a state where I want to try to play it yet. That doesn't mean I am unhappy with the game or its development, simply that I know what my likes and dislikes are for taking part in Alpha/beta aspects of the game's development. If the game's state bothers you so terribly, take a break and just enjoy the community. Try playing again when it's in a state you'll more enjoy. Additionally, this forum is a fan-site and forum for the game itself, not an official website for the game. I only mention this because, as an administrator, I can see that you've put in a support request related to game crashing, which we have NO ability to change. We aren't in any way affiliated with CIG. You need to go to the RSI website/spectrum for this.
  8. Org Wars? The verse against TEST

    Absolutely nothing will be done without first being approved by Fleet Command. As it is, we have diplomatic relations with a large number of organizations, including TEST, and if our members were take up this bounty, they'd be actively violating our CoC. That said, yes there will be wars in the future, when the game dynamics kick in, but that won't be happening for a long time.
  9. Vive versus Rift. I'm leaning Rift. Thoughts?

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    2. rimmer59


      If you want to get into VR; RIFT has the better controllers and a cheaper price but the VIVE has better out-of-box tracking and a better software experience (Oculus Home can be annoying to deal with).  After having the RIFT I would trade to a VIVE only for the better leg trackers.  For a game other than VRChat (the trackers) I would stay RIFT.  Buy a 3rd sensor for the RIFT though if you want good tracking.

    3. Scotterius


      Vive, has a second generation one now and being able to walk around in your room in VR was hard to beat...but it was a a very brief fling. A brief expensive fling. I fear that the gen one vive and rift will disappoint you. I found wide resolution gaming a more pleasurable experience. I gave my vive away... and would say away from all generation 1 VR.

    4. GeraldEvans


      I have a Rift with four tracking cameras. I can walk around a space ten feet by ten feet in comfort with accurate tracking.  It's cheaper, and the controllers keep hands in a comfortable neutral position, while the capacitive buttons / rests identify finger position.

      While I would like something with trackers like the Vive, and with a higher res like the Vive pro, I can't see spending the $900 lowest level price of entry for them.  For this generation (the Vive Pro being part of Gen 1) I think the Rift kills it.

      Gen 2 should have a wider FoV, higher res, foveated rendering (which means internal eye tracking and focusing), and pass through / AR support for navigating the room or allowing typing.

      They're both working on things like this, but no one has them all out yet in one device.  So, in the meantime, I'd say enjoy the Rift.

  10. Hello from Black Widow Company!

    Hey Garro! It's been a long time since we've heard from you guys. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to catch up. If you guys want us to have a diplo sent that way, I'll see which of my guys has availability and get him sent over. Cheers!
  11. Nothing but problems with the entire game

    As much as I can understand being frustrated, the reality is that you bought into a game at an alpha level and CIG has made absolutely ZERO claims that the game is fully in beta, stable, etc... It is in development and has been for years. Buying into this is an investment in future entertainment. If you are expecting something polished now, then by all means request a refund. If you're willing to accept that you've bought into an alpha and are willing to wait for things to become more stable, then keep your purchase and be patient. You paid $75 for an alpha access to the game that will be yours for the entirety of the existence of SC. You did NOT pay $75 for a finished, smooth product. Again, be patient and welcome to the ride. That said, 99% of the time, if a person sees that other people have fewer issues with the game than I do, I assume the issue is with my machine/install/drivers/settings/etc... versus blaming the game itself. A bit of time troubleshooting or searching for fixes and tweaks to help with frame-rates is often worth it. That said, if you're trying to run this on a 970 on anything higher than medium settings, then that's a reason for the problems you're facing. I am in Hong Kong and run a i5-6600K, 32 gig RAM, 1070, and have SC installed on a SSD, and I have lag issues if I try to go above medium. It's the nature of being in a game that's still in development and not at all optimized.
  12. Cutlass Black Cinematic

    Love the camerawork and synchronization, just not a huge fan of the music.
  13. So I had a rare form of lipoma (fatty tumor) removed from my leg on the 23rd of last month, called an angiolipoma. I am now fighting an infection because the doctor didn't know it was an angiolipoma and didn't catch that she was cutting out a tumor with an active blood supply and capillary system. Yay for rare tumors! Oh and leg infections. Yummy.

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    2. Sidhe Drac Mac Gillean

      Sidhe Drac Mac Gillean

      In later news, a recent rash of knocked down buildings seems to be related to advancements in bionic prosthetics. More at 11.

    3. Gallitin


      Damn dude that sucks, get better!

    4. GeraldEvans


      Sorry to hear about it @Chimaera!  I hope you recover speedily, or at least get your awesome building-destroying replacement leg.

  14. Congrats to Admiral Bishop for winning an Oscar!

    1. Arcanus


      Have you noticed the close parallels between the speech that Winston Churchill famously gave before British Parliament (and given by Gary Oldman in the movie), and the speech that Gary Oldman gave as Admiral Bishop before the UEE Senate?

  15. German Star Citizen Base?

    They've been around for a long time, and I think @Draegaror @Coreactually met them before. Due to the linguistic differential, I don't think we have had any need to worry, as they don't pretend to be us, and we don't pretend to be them.