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  1. There would be no point outside of training situations, and CIG already stated that the private server systems would be far less capable than the PU. Go to the reddit thread or search “Elysium shutdown meeting”. The audio is epic, with one of the devs threatening the other with “you know I know where you live, right?” Stuff.
  2. So I have been jonesing for some good, old-fashioned WoW, so after shopping around the last two weeks, I settled on the Elysium Project. This is the "successor" to Nostalrius, and the server group that Nostalrius sent all of their source code to before they closed down. The community seemed pretty nice, they had PvP and PvE Servers that had decent population, and things were going well. Then I tried to check their forums today and found everything was closed. I checked the facebook group and found this post: http://Lightshope.org So, the TL;DR is that some crooked server admins had been absconding with server donations, while also generating in-game gold for gold-selling services, as well as running a "hush hush" character copying service where people could pay money to have any character someone else had copied and given to them. This was happening the most on the PvP server with top level Arena players. This is definitely a saddening thing, when people use the good will of others to abscond with funds for personal reasons and abuse their positions to make money. Makes me glad that I am here on SCB and with such a great group of people and leadership who are transparent. Cheers all, and be wary when getting too invested in private servers! Added info https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=10&v=bj9Eb1IdwdQ Additional info: Appears that there will be an "Elysium" and a "Lights Hope" now. The "clean" staff split off from the Elysium project and took all the server information with them in order to start up a clean environment server system. Elysium may come back up as originally done, but who knows what'll happen from there.
  3. You can download and access potentially a hangar, but all other aspects are not available. Also, if you had a package before, it just doesn't look like it unregisters the package when you send it elsewhere.
  4. This global LTI call has happened over and over and over in the last half-decade. It will never happen as a retroactive phenomenon. That said, anyone can have LTI on any ship so long as they get things during concept sales and CCU later on. The only non-LTI we see is on packages, and I think a good solution to that would be to have a $5 or $10 LTI purchasable token. That would cement the "low cost" of LTI. The problem, however, is that if all ships at launch have LTI, then the overall economies of ships for sale, purchase, replacement, etc... are going to be buggered until much further in the cycle of the game's life.
  5. Surviving Mars is coming soon! Shameless plug for my colonist code. :)


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  6. Happy Birthday, boss!

  7. Want to Sell

    @Skywarp if you wish to make a sale post, please create your own. @Ironman993 if your questions have been answered, please let us know so we can close this. Please refer to guidelines here for our marketplace rules.
  8. Want to Sell

    As stated, the only way to free up credit from ships that are account bound is to melt them for credit, then use additional cash to purchase cheap ships and then CCU to other ships. That said, the downside of this is that you will lose everything from the ships you've had on your account and most likely won't get nearly enough back to cover what you've spent. No one pays full price for ships without LTI, and LTI doesn't really have that much of a markup value anymore. One option would be to try to list the account as for sale on a place like reddit, but those sales are difficult to guarantee and are often avenues for fraud. The best option would be to send CIG a message via concierge, inform them of some kind of personal issue, and request a refund. If they refuse, demand they push the issue up the chain. That's the only way to guarantee you get back the value of the ships (as they are listed).
  9. That's the point! All PC wins when we have good hardware and choices!
  10. Generally that depends on what you want to do. The MR is a decent ship for starting, especially if you're into a bit of trading/hauling. The Mustang's more maneuverable, so a bit better for dogfights, but you can't really store much in it if you're wanting to haul.
  11. For the AMD fanboys. And a meme that describes how I feel about fanboys.
  12. Lern2spoiler @Painmiester
  13. I started off with my love of space sims with the original X-Wing on DOS. Tie Fighter was amazing, and while I didn't like X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter that much, X-Wing Alliance really pulled me in. I also had played WC2, 3, and 4, was a fan of the golden age of Star Trek games, and when Starlancer came out, I was amazed at how awesome that was. Descent Freespace and Freespace 2 were also amazing installments, but didn't really connect with me like X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Starlancer, and eventually Freelancer did. Then we hit the big dry-spell for PC gaming, where it seemed like all PC was good for was RTS games, the occasional button mash RPG, and some online MMOs. When I saw Star Citizen, I was so amazed that not only was there someone from the industry wanting to make the game I always wanted to play, but also that there were so many people who felt the same. Finding this game has literally been a life-changer for me. I got into this community, got to know a lot of good people, have made some friends that I expect to keep for the rest of my life, and have met some wonderful friends IRL here as well. If this is how it is in the pre-game, I can't wait for the real thing.
  14. Yes, the button is there for anything not bought with store credit, but the system blocks you from gifting anything over $1000 regardless of the button being there. We've dealt with this issue many times before on this platform. I know you're not planning on selling it, but I'm letting you know so you don't later on think it's able to be done without selling the whole acct.