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  1. Replied to PM! Sorry it took me awhile.
  2. This is an ORIGINAL CONCEPT Carrack - LTI. Original pricing $350. I'm looking to get $425+paypal fees out of it, but may go lower for people I like Forget Warbond for $500, get the Original Recipe, always the Best Recipe! Paypal only, etc...
  3. @SnowStorm please add prices in order to comply with our forum rules.
  4. A few things could be affecting you. 1. Sudden login after dormancy. 2. Password that doesn't take with the launcher for some reason. 3. Keyboard specific issues (i.e. capslock, regional keyboard issues with ones like Chinese characters, sometimes Windows randomly changes my keyboard to the EU one where Shift+2 changes the @ symbol to something else) 4. Potential block on your account due to suspicious activity. 5. Incorrect use of username vs tag name. You're unable to have your username MATCH your gamer tag, so if you're putting in the incorrect one, it could be wrong. (e.g. you can't have JohnBigsby as your userID AND as robertsspaceindustries.com/JohnBigsby.) So far, you appear to be following the correct steps, so either you can try changing the password AGAIN to something that uses different special characters and see if that fixes the issue, or you can wait on the support ticket from CIG.
  5. So, having a lot of other heavy lifters, I'm looking to offload my Hammerhead. This is a WARBOND LTI ORIGINAL CONCEPT Hammerhead. Current Hammerhead prices are $725. 😨 This one is going for the low-low price of $575. 😎 Disclaimer: This was bought with the discount coupon so Melt value is $476. Carrack is Original Concept LTI, originally $350. Given the price jump, I won't be a COMPLETE bastard, but I still am aiming for $450 Verified paypal only. May discount for good customers/repeat customers/IMP members. Remember to add around 4% for Paypal fees. Merry Christmas!
  6. I didn't get a chance to grab one of the Mustang Alpha Vindicators when they were up, so I'm looking for one at or near the cost it was when it was on sale. PM me if you got what I am lookin' for.
  7. Please provide a description of this video. We don't like blind linking.
  8. This user has provided some information to verify their account ownership. As always, be aware of account sales and their inherent risk.
  9. All kinds of "sales", but if by "sale" you mean "discounts", no. CIG rarely does discounts, although the warbond versions of the Pisces packs are $5 off the regular price.
  10. If they're bringing persistence and eliminating problem areas like needing to spend a bunch of time re-binding your keys/setting up a HOSAS, then I can definitely see a lot of people returning to SC and sticking around.
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