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  1. Please specify what items are buybacks versus currently in the hangar, thank you.
  2. Just to parrot the others, with your rig, that FPS is about right, especially given it's a 1080ti and the lack of full optimization. I run a 2080ti on a single 1440p monitor and I'm mostly in 50-60 unless I am in a city, then it drops a bit. For your rig, the main thing would be to potentially upgrade to 64g RAM and up your card if/when prices drop.
  3. @Morgenroeteif Switch doesn't get it, let me know. I want that pack.
  4. Imperium and SCB members, As I am sure many of you have noticed, the Base Radio and Imperium/SCB no longer have a shared partnership with each other. We've waited to comment on this departure as it occurred near CitizenCon and we wanted to focus on our community and CitizenCon and having a great event. Now that we've had time to process CitizenCon and we've also had some followup chats with some people who left, here is what we at Imperium and SCB have to say on this situation. We have had a link between our organizations in one way or another since the beginning of SCB/Imperium, with many of the Base Radio’s “Staff/Commentators” coming from within Imperium itself. However, the end of this connection is not something we are terribly surprised about, as the direction of the Base Radio has long been going differently than that of Imperium and SCB. While we are saddened to see this partnership end, it has become clear over the past months that the Base Radio and SCB/Imperium have reached a point of dissolution; a fact made clear by the recent abrupt resignation by some Imperium members who also shared roles as staff for the Base Radio. We in Fleet Command and Imperium as a whole wish the members of the Base Radio the best of luck in their future endeavours and hope that they can maintain a healthy listenership/viewership as the game gets closer to completion. For those Imperium members who may have left alongside the Base Radio members, please know you were missed at our recent awesome CitizenCon watch party, and we wish you Godspeed as you find organizations that fit you better. Good luck to you all, and see you in the ‘verse!
  5. You cannot sell the 400i if it was gifted to you by someone else. That ability has been removed by the gifting process. Additionally, it's not something you'd get much profit on, regardless of its LTI/warbond status as it's a straight to flyable.
  6. Chimaera

    closed by staff Idris m standalone

    As of today, CIG has removed Idris-M Giftability. Closing this thread.
  7. @Brosionas of today, CIG has removed the ability for Idris M to be gifted. As such, I am closing this thread.
  8. As of today, CIG has declared the Idris-M stand alone as no longer giftable. Any and all threads advertising for this will hereby be closed.
  9. I've been spending time watching The Expanse recently and I realized a lot of the ships in that show share similar characteristics to that of the Terran ships from Sins of a Solar Empire. Rocinante Kol Battleship from SIns of a Solar Empire We can even go as far back as Halo's Pillar of Autumn to see this kind of design. Personally, I'd love to see CIG take a crack at this kind of ship design. Are there any designs you'd like to see CIG incorporate into the Verse?
  10. @Fleischwolfapply the CCU, it's a huge value, especially when the Banu gets a price jump. I already messaged you about it on discord, but I'm putting it down here as a matter of record.
  11. Good day, Imperium and SCB members! We had an amazing CitizenCon this year, with a very large turnout for the first CitizenCon since 2019. Our activities began about an hour before the event started, with people showing up and chatting about what we expect for CitizenCon. We had a major turnout of ~40 people for pretty much the entire show, chatting together, voicing thoughts and “oooohs” and “ahhhhhs” over everything from the Pyro art, to the 400i/Liberator. Surprisingly, we didn’t have many instances of drinking too heavily…until the Tony Z presentation. My deepest apologies for the drinking rule related to Tony’s “you know…” speaking mannerism. I hope everyone survived that one! Additionally, we had some fun giveaways with our members Lowzone, 1Triton, and Federal winning a P52, P72 LTI, and Original Backer Arbiter pack respectively. Congrats to the winners! Finally, once we had enough folks copied to the PTU and/or interested in live-server shenanigans, we had a number of members and officers working together to get the Jumptown reward and/or experience the Wave 1 PTU together. This was a great CitizenCon comeback for our members and I'm grateful to everyone who showed up and made the day/afternoon/evening/early-fucking-morning awesome! See you all at the anniversary next month!
  12. @Boildownthat's literally what I told folks when I heard about this, haha. This does make me wonder if CIG is going to start making more of these kinds of ships, though. Especially with how things are going to be with the new inventory systems and likely ship movement systems in the game.
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