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  1. Chimaera

    Star Citizen Alpha 3.3

    It hit the PTU, not the live servers. It probably will be live before the anniversary special next month.
  2. The only issue I can see from these projected prices are that we don't have actual numbers on average mission payouts at the low, mid, and high level as they will progress into the future. It could be that you have missions that could be so risky/high profile that they net you 100k aUEC. Unless I missed a part were they commented on the average mission payout being low, this is much ado about nothing.
  3. Chimaera

    Drake Kraken

    I would love it if they made it $1005. Just to fuck with the Grey Market gougers.
  4. Chimaera

    Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    Wait, so Crytek is trying to force a jury trial?
  5. Chimaera

    citizencon austin

    At the request of the leadership, I'm making a post to remind all of you about our CoC in relation to going to events like CitCon and Bar Citizen. Make sure to check out rules 4, 5, and 6 of the CoC found here: That said, we're not trying to put a damper on the fun and festivities, but we also have to make sure people are aware that there are groups and individuals out there who thrive on creating drama between orgs, even if it means trapping, filming, quoting, or recording IRL conversations at places like CitCon or Bar Citizen. Every year, we (the leadership) have had to deal with SOME form of a fallout from the events. We've had to deal with our members saying/claiming things about what Imperium is, plans, or will do in-game or with other orgs. We've had to deal with our members claiming to be leadership while not actually being leadership. We've had to deal with members or leaders from other orgs claiming that our members behaved in very negative ways toward them and/or their orgs. We've even had organization members FABRICATE claims of our members behaving in ways that are against our values and standards. After investigation, we were able to determine those claims were false, and nothing happened to the accused members, but seriously, there are some fucked up people who go to these things and do shitty stuff. So, we encourage our members to go, have fun, cut loose, enjoy yourselves, but also be aware that there are people out there, very often with thin skin, sometimes with nefarious purposes, who may try to use the event as an opportunity to create drama, extort information, or even try to "turn" people into spies. I shit you not, this stuff happens at these events, and it detracts from the fun of the celebration...but it's a thing to be cognizant of, so please be aware, be kind, be professional, and don't hesitate to separate yourselves from people if you get the wrong vibe from them. If you have questions, feel free to ping me direct, OR send a PM. Have fun while you're there guys!
  6. Hey folks! As I'm gonna be a daddy soon, I've decided to offload some of my hangar in order to get some $$ to help offset the costs of welcoming a little human into the world. (Kids be expensive!) Now, I'm not going below-cost because I'm not terribly desperate to offload, but if a good offer (i.e. multi-ship offer) came in, I may be willing to knock the price down a bit. The following ships are available at the following prices. Please make sure to account for 4.5% paypal fee cost AND read the descriptions carefully! Verified paypal buyers only, and I reserve the right to not accept offered purchases if the buyer doesn't check out. All prices are USD. All transactions will be invoiced. Banu Merchantman - LTI CCU'd from Vanguard LTI Melt Value - $250 CCU Value - $350 Price: $275 + Paypal Fee No longer available Aegis Avenger Stalker - LTI Melt Value - $60 Price: $70 + Paypal Fee Origin 100i LTI PACKAGE Melt Value- $55 Price: $60 + Paypal Fee Origin 600i LTI Explorer Melt Value - $400 Price: $420 + Paypal Fee Drake Dragonfly Ride Together 2-pack LTI Melt Value - $65 Price: $75 + Paypal Fee RSI Polaris LTI Melt Value: $625 Price: $650 + Paypal Fee Thanks for looking, and make sure to follow our market guidelines before posting!
  7. "As a hole"...I wish people would learn to speak and write properly before they post up things for public consumption...
  8. Verification check completed. Good luck.
  9. Chimaera

    Want to Sell WTS - OB account with many ships incl Idris M LTI

    Seller has provided requested verification information. As always we recommend sellers and buyers be very careful when making purchases, and in cases of high dollar amounts, be sure you won't run afoul of your tax laws.
  10. Chimaera

    Netflix' Ciri will be cast by an ethnic minority

    Not really, the reported casting call was for a 15-16 year old BAME female. BAME = Black, Asian, Non-White Ethinic Minority. https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/bame The reported casting call, following the photo they took, found here, got people up in arms about virtue signalling, SJW, etc... It also broke open the wider conversation about how people/fans who want entertainment to remain closer to SOURCE MATERIAL are being called sexist, racists, etc... simply because of that. The latest rumors of Michael B. Jordan being tapped to play Superman, and the SEVERE reaction from a lot of fans, is yet another example. The wider conversation that should be being had is this: "Why does Hollywood, et al feel the need to take source material that has (specifically) white/caucasian roots, and transpose actors/actresses that aren't true to the source material?" If you do that to ANYTHING that's considered "minority-based" then people freak out... but whites/caucasians are just supposed to shut up and think it's all good? The excuses for past white-washing aren't really valid since the practice was standard for the TIME. We can look at the past, decry it as tasteless (John Wayne as Genghis Khan comes to mind), and say we'll do better, but doing better isn't achieved by "washing out" white actors/actresses for roles where the source material says they were a specific way. Additionally, instead of helping create more organic and diverse stories and characters, you're literally "rewriting" things to fit a particular narrative. That was wrong in the past, and it's wrong now...unless it happens to whites (it seems). That's the broader conversation, and why so many people are beginning to get sick of Hollywood and other media rewriting narratives based off of current-day socio-political ideologies that aren't shared by a large number of people.
  11. Chimaera

    CitizenCon Streaming

    Not anymore. The way CR put it to me when I asked him about it was something along the lines of, "I used to spend a lot of time reading and answering things on the forums, but it ended up taking a lot of my focus away from things that were far more important, so now I only REALLY check posts if the community team forwards one my way that they think I would like to make a response to." As for CR backtracking, given the universal condemnation he received, and the fact that very few people were actually purchasing the tickets/packages, I think there was no way for him NOT to decide to pull back on the tickets. Regarding the rest of what you've said, you seem to misconstrue us having a lot of access to seeing the development process with also having a lot of input and insight into how CIG leadership hears about/learns about what the community is saying. The two are not connected. We have lots of access that CIG decides to give to us. The leadership of CIG has perceptions of the community based off of the filter presented to them by the CM team. There's a huge difference in that, and that itself is evident in the apparent disconnect that quite a few decisions by leadership and marketing have recently made and then had to backtrack on. Constructive criticism helps make things better. There's a difference between constructive criticism and pointless bitching. Sadly, with so much pointless bitching, constructive criticism often gets lumped in as a pointless gripe and the CM team chooses to shelter the bosses from it, using the excuse (I got this from Lando, Witkin, and Nolin) 'only a small percentage of the community is actually actively engaged, so we can't really know for certain if complaints are really valid to the whole community'. This is a dangerous attitude to have, especially if "happy players" aren't also using their voices so the CM team is able to identify when an issue is problematic to BOTH the happy and unhappy backers. Myself, I'm content to wait, and I'm enjoying other games as I wait. But when something as catastrophically tone-deaf as the "pay to access" CitizenCon was pushed out, then you can tell that CR is not at all aware of the real attitudes and feelings of the community.
  12. Chimaera

    Netflix' Ciri will be cast by an ethnic minority

    @Gremlichi know. The point I was making was that the controversy tanked the movie’s prospects because of identity politics. Reread what I wrote.
  13. Chimaera

    CitizenCon Streaming

    @VoA I had a list of things. The things that surprised them were related to issues with community unhappiness with some feature creep, control issues, worries about netcode, issues with the organization system, problems with the store, and a plethora of others. I can't remember the exact list or everything, but what stood out to me was how completely clueless as to the levels of concern within the community. I later confirmed with both current and former CIG staff I have come to know since 2012 that CIG's current community management leadership have decided to insulate the bosses from community worries and gripes to the point that CR and other people seem to have the idea that the enthusiasm for the game is greater now than it was even back at the beginning of crowdfunding. The biggest one I remember was when I brought up how disheartening the SQ42 delay was, and CR asked me to detail what I meant by that. When I described it and even showed him some of our posts on the forums from that time, his eyes got super-wide and he said he was completely clueless that it had been that negative of an impact on the community. I get the feeling they only really are getting ideas of community unhappiness by how poorly a sale or sales will be. They don't get accurate updates anymore from the CM team.