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  1. @Sensivitix Those wishing to post on our site must list out the details and include a price IN THE POST. Please follow our guidelines here:
  2. We do not allow bidding on our site, only prices. As you're only listing a price with BTC or ETH, we have to flag this as a probable fraud situation. Please read our forum rules for posting sales and modify your sale accordingly.
  3. You were my favorite...til you LEFT HR!!! (Jk, love you bud!)
  4. Imperium members and members of the Star Citizen community in general! It is with great pride that I hereby award @Callum127 @Adoulin @Sir_Belial @Kemalis @Triggerminus @Deonaldi and @Switch exemplary member tags for their amazing contribution to the SC community and Imperium. Their submission to the Invictus Week contest won accolades and showcased what Imperium members from various units are capable of doing. Not only as friends and org mates, but as a team of Star Citizen players. Effective immediately, these gentlemen will be given the Exemplary Member tag on our forum and will receive the Exemplary Member ribbon on our portal once the bugs get worked out...again.. In addition, while these great Star Citizens are set to receive Aegis Sabres as their award for their submission, Imperium is no slouch when it comes to also awarding our members for carrying the Imperium Flag forward! Imperium FC will be giving out ship awards via raffle/name draw to these amazing guys! Results will be posted after the giveaway is complete. Awesome job @Imperium Member! Keep up the amazing work all! FC UPDATE: The drawing for ship awards has been done and the winners are: Ranger CV LTI @Sir_Belial P72 Emerald LTI @Triggerminus 135C Starter Pack LTI (Aurora LTI CCUd) @Switch Rover Fortuna LTI @Kemalis Avenger Stalker LTI @Deonaldi Anvil Pisces Expedition package LTI @Adoulin Aegis Gladius Valiant LTI @Callum127 Congrats guys and be checking your emails for your ships!
  5. There are any number of potential issues with the PU. Do you have these same issues when going into the hangar, free fly, or Arena Commander? If not, then it's probably just a server stability issue.
  6. generally "selling credits" means you purchase some cheap ships with cash that are giftable, then melt the ungiftable ships and use the credit to buy upgrades you can apply to the giftable ships. Then you sell the credit for the rate that you want. Example: Buy $25 Aurora, use $100 in credit to buy the upgrade to a Hornet Ghost. Then you list that you have $125 in credit you want to sell for however much you want to sell it for.
  7. Replied to PM! Sorry it took me awhile.
  8. This is an ORIGINAL CONCEPT Carrack - LTI. Original pricing $350. I'm looking to get $425+paypal fees out of it, but may go lower for people I like Forget Warbond for $500, get the Original Recipe, always the Best Recipe! Paypal only, etc...
  9. @SnowStorm please add prices in order to comply with our forum rules.
  10. A few things could be affecting you. 1. Sudden login after dormancy. 2. Password that doesn't take with the launcher for some reason. 3. Keyboard specific issues (i.e. capslock, regional keyboard issues with ones like Chinese characters, sometimes Windows randomly changes my keyboard to the EU one where Shift+2 changes the @ symbol to something else) 4. Potential block on your account due to suspicious activity. 5. Incorrect use of username vs tag name. You're unable to have your username MATCH your gamer tag, so if you're putting in the incorrect one, it could be wrong. (e.g. you can't have JohnBigsby as your userID AND as robertsspaceindustries.com/JohnBigsby.) So far, you appear to be following the correct steps, so either you can try changing the password AGAIN to something that uses different special characters and see if that fixes the issue, or you can wait on the support ticket from CIG.
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