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  1. It should be on Medium settings in most environments. You'll probably get frame drops in places that eat video cards for lunch (Orison, New Babbage) but in space and on moons and such you should be ok. You can use Star Citizen's telemetry dashboard to get an idea of what your laptop will get performance-wise. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/telemetry
  2. I would go for the 3060 laptop, but be aware that you'll have a hard time playing Star Citizen on any laptop, let alone one that doesn't at least have a XX70 series (i.e. 3070) and you'll want to make sure to upgrade the RAM to 32 gig.
  3. So you understand, the original prices of the packages and etc... (i.e. the 2012 pricings for example) have inflated over time and some packages no longer exist for purchase. If you're concerned about the in-game value of a ship and upgrade then you should hold onto the package and then upgrade the Red to something like a Blue during the IAE sale in a couple of weeks. Your "inherent value" of the Red will count toward the Blue or whatever ship you would want to add to the package. CIG always has the CURRENT MSRP of the ships as the baseline for upgrades, not your original paid price. For example: I have a Banu Merchantman that I originally got for $250 at its concept price. It now is worth $600 MSRP and if I want to upgrade to a Perseus, all I need to do is buy a $25 USD upgrade even though I only paid $250 to start.
  4. What SHOULD happen is if you melt the package, it will give you back all the money you put in and you should be able to buy back the ship package at the ORIGINAL price that you bought it, so you would get it for the original pricing. However, to make sure of this, I would recommend reaching out to the CS people to ensure that this is still the case for your specific package.
  5. As we have now determined the OP of this thread is incorrect, this thread will be archived to ensure there is no confusion for prospective buyers and sellers. CIG has confirmed several times that old Idris-M are not giftable anymore.
  6. @IceManZaroth™from what I understand, CIG shows the gift icon on some Idris-M ships, specifically ones that were purchased and NOT melted before a certain date. However, ones unmelted past a certain date (I can't remember which) no longer show as having the icon available. Additionally, some people report that the Idris-M will show as giftable and go all the way to trying to gift the ship, only to see an error page stating the ship is ungiftable. https://support.robertsspaceindustries.com/hc/en-us/articles/115013325608-Gifting-FAQs states on the page: Obviously, due to the high value of the Idris-M, people haven't been willing to try to test and see if they can gift an older Idris-M. Just because the gift icon and screens pop up doesn't mean the gift will go through properly. If you're really interested in trying to gift it, I would recommend checking with CIG Customer Service, show them the video you've made, and find out if the situation is that yours is old enough of a pledge that it can still be gifted... or if it's the situation where the system will let you get to the point of gifting, but then give an error "This ship is not giftable".
  7. Updated prices and changed title
  8. Cutlass Black could work. Some people have said they can make the Nomad work for the ROC, but I haven't done it. Freelancer MAX is the best one overall. (Don't get a standard Freelancer, the door isn't wide enough yet - will be reworked). The Freelancer MAX is great because it has a massive cargo hold, can fit a lot of missiles, and has four forward facing size 3s + a turret. Just my 2 cents. Edit: Cyclone dimensions are a bit bigger width-wise and length wise than the ROC, so it might have issues in the Cutlass Black. Just a FYI.
  9. Hey all, I have a new kid on the way and the wife is wanting to buy some super pricey stuff. To fund this, I am selling two very RARE or UNIQUE items. 8x8 Land Claim UEE Estate Parcel Beacon 1 - $550 HOLD 8x8 Land Claim UEE Estate Parcel Beacon 2 - $550 Available (Current prices on Star Hangar/Ebay are above $1000) Might go lower if someone wants to buy both. Original Concept LTI Pioneer (includes land claim beacons) - $1750 (Current pricing on Star Hangar and Ebay are above $1800) I might take lower if offered. SOLD Custom Pack - LTI Torpedo Bomber Pack (CCU'd 600i ExpPack) with a Polaris and Eclipse (includes BIS skins for Eclipse and Cutlass Black) - $1250 (Current pricing for LTI Eclipse with BIS Skin is averaging around $600 and this pack includes a Cutty Black skin because of CCU Chains) Picture included at request of potential buyer. Price is negotiable. SOLD Paypal invoice only sales to protect both buyer and seller.
  10. Yes, you can lose powerplants, shield generators, weapons, etc... Usually you will have a visual (red colored part) on your ship that shows structural damage or a lost weapon on the MFD that shows your ship status and shields. Different ships also have warnings that either pop up in the HUD or on a MFD that say if something is damaged. Additionally, you can go to the MFD menu that lists off power distribution and see if something is showing as no power or gone.
  11. @BasardAre you saying you already have DDR5 RAM? If you're wanting to upgrade to a DDR5 board, you will need DDR5 RAM as well. If you're not used to the idiosyncrasies of AMD chipsets, I'd say stick with what you know and stay Intel. I know a lot of folks who have had a ton of problems figuring out AMD issues if they've been Intel-only. If you're familiar with AMD, then I'd say go for the best bang for the buck. I'd also check for the number of NVME slots on both, those are essential for modern gaming. If only 1, it's not enough. If 2 it's adequate. 4 is preferred.
  12. Glad you got it figured out. Just as an FYI, this isn't the Cloud Imperium Star Citizen forum, that's "Spectrum" on the RSI website. However, we've been around a long time and a lot of us have dealt with issues with the game. Regarding your specific issue, was it mouse related?
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