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  1. That isn't what they sold. They sold the actual claim beacons, which you have to actually go, explore, scan, and scout out the land area, and THEN place a claim. There was no land selling. We don't know that they will put these in the Alpha, but we do know they will wipe the Alpha as needed, so this argument is irrelevant. Yes.
  2. Is it okay to use YouTube Videos to learn to use PTU better? I have been watching STLYoungblood's Videos and they helped me get around a major problem I ran into concerning the use of the Inner Thought System. If I run into a bug I can't get by do I send a report to Roberts Space Industries and explain what happened or wait for their Development Team to respond?

    1. Chimaera


      Send the report to the bug people :)

    2. NunyaBusiness3750


      LOL I will go look for it on the Launcher or Webpage. I should have Book Marked it. :P

    3. Chimaera


      Be sure to use the PM function. :)

  3. Happy Hour - Drake Vulture, Drake Corsair, Drake Kraken

    Warnings have been issued on this thread. Continued breech of CoC will be met with consequences.
  4. Armada Pack Optimization: Help!

    This is my Armada Pack and it's probably going to stay that way. The logic I had behind it is putting all of my major players in one consolidated package, plus have a couple of light-fighters that I may swap out if other concepts came forward. As you can see, I put the refueling ship and the repair ship in it. I stuck the BMM in there to replace the Tali.
  5. Hangars - 3.x

    I'm sure there could be the eventuality for this. That said, do you really want to have a lot of your stuff sitting in hangars that are able to be destroyed by other players whilst you are offline?
  6. {POLL} WoW Classic Make You Resub?

    There have been several interviews and in one of them they said they wouldnt have LFG. In that same one they said they may reevaluate some content, and used UBRS as an example. “Should it really be a 10 man? Or 5?”
  7. Star Citizen Anniversary Special

    Warbond cash was $2500, while using credit was $3000 during the last anniversary sale. Link? They were available in the Anniversary sale, but not for Christmas if memory serves.
  8. I play in the Lights Hope server sets on the Darrowshire PvE server right now. I chose PvE for a number of reasons especially related to my absolute lack of time to devote to gaming at this moment. Don't feel like spending half of my game-time corpse running while people gank.
  9. {POLL} WoW Classic Make You Resub?

    I know, but then what people “think” was Vanilla has been skewed by experiences on private servers, as well as the debate on what is “True Vanilla”. For me, the key aspects I will look for are: return to the difficulty/challenge that the original had, none of the LFG/LFR crap from before, and a return to the systems of talents and skills that made it necessary for people to actually know their class and what to do as their role in each raid.
  10. Star Citizen Anniversary Special

    Since this will be the first Anniversary where the Prowler may or may not be there, we don’t know. What we DO know is that Espera doesn’t have any package sets during past sales. So probably not unless it’s a part of a larger package.
  11. Star Citizen Anniversary Special

    That was CitizenCon. Last year's anniversary sale featured the Prowler. The Polaris wasn't even a part of the anniversary sale as a feature. Civilian ships don't mean lack of combat ability. They can be a cilivian-specific ship that's specifically for Civil Defense. Since the UEE is supposed to be needing all combat troops and patrols at the front, it would make sense for a civilian law-enforcement type vessel to exist for the purposes of responding to threats to civil security posed by piratical elements. It could also be the size of a Sabre. We honestly have nothing to scale it by. Totally agree, the post you reference was atrocious to read, but given that person's history on this forum, it's not unexpected, so no need to be totally snarky. All of that said, this looks like one ugly ship. Not "Terrapin functional" ugly, just plain ugly.
  12. Star Citizen Anniversary Special

    Can't wait to unmelt my Hope LTI
  13. One thing to note: The design was originally made to have two options for building. Option A: Land on the ground and manufacture base (the one they're talking about the most) Option B: Hover above the groundspace, manufacture a building, and lower it into position. The second option hasn't been discussed much by CIG, probably because they have realized that they will have huge problems transferring the asset from Ship to Ground in that manner. That said, this option was on the drawing board when the ship was designed and most likely accounts for a lot of the weird idiosyncrasies of the design. If they keep it a "build on the ground" system, then they will probably modify the design. If they end up keeping to the original design plan, then they won't change the ship that much.
  14. Some Fan Art I recently did!

    I love the CONTACT one. Others are great, but CONTACT was awesome for me
  15. What the Hell is the State of the Game

    Sadly that isn't the case, and there's a great example going on right now outside of Star Citizen. For at least the last seven years, people have been busting at Blizzard to release a Legacy or Classic version of World of Warcraft. Saturday they announced they will be doing just that and the entire "Legacy" community pretty much flipped their collective shit because they were so psyched...Then they began to nitpick and postulate and talk about what they REALLY wanted. Everything from "True Vanilla" to "Vanilla Content, but current graphics" to "True Vanilla + progression" and then some. Now the once "united" group in their simple demand are literally destroying each other on forums, discords, reddit, and etc... because now that they are getting "what they want", instead of being grateful, they're now trying to demand even more. This isn't a unique trait of the gaming world, but gamers are the most visible offenders.