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  1. One potential issue is that there was a problem with the initial download and install. Another could be related to drivers and driver updates. SC in alpha is not very optimized and is very unforgiving of things like driver discrepancies and such. Also, if you CPU is an older one/lower end model it'll have a rough time as well. As development goes on, it'll get better. It's much more optimized than before, but still nowhere near where it is supposed to be at launch. For perspective, I run it on a 2080ti rig with a i7-9700k and I still get some performance issues because of optimization if
  2. Happy birthday! Hope you're doing well. 

  3. Is this an account sale or are you able to gift all of these?
  4. @pablosky101 You need to read our rules for posting. Please put prices on each of your items.
  5. Please check this post for updated info.
  6. Anything you melted at a specific price is able to be bought back at the price you melted it unless CIG changes something or otherwise has specified. Example: I bought back a Carrack for $350 that I had melted. The "savings" for the Warbond CCU will increase if the value of the ship is increased, but things like the appliable LTI (Which some WB CCUs had as a feature) may no longer be attached, but I have yet to see anyone comment on trying to do something of that nature. As for "stealth" price increases on specific ships, I think it's telling that the Avenger and the Auroras appear
  7. If the past is any indicator, the only issue for increases would be if the BASE ship would increase in cost, not the ship you'd be CCUing to. Example: I have a $0 CCU from a Vanguard to a BanuMM still chilling in my hangar. The only way I would be "hurt" is if the VANGUARD increases in price, as the BanuMM is already amped up pretty high in price. As for the ships already out there, CIG has said they won't increase prices of ships already released.
  8. Greetings Azzuzu. I'll have someone followup with you when we have time. Thanks.
  9. Endeavour was CCUable. Almost all ships were. The caveat is that specific Endeavour packages cannot be CCU'd and you cannot use a CCU to buy the modules (so you can get LTI on the modules).
  10. Thus far the only "building" related side to the game has been bases and base modules, with the Pioneer being the only "base builder" that they have announced. While there are repair ships, things like replacement part manufacturing have always been maintained to be game/AI controlled, and will not be in the realm of player building/control due to the in-game economy largely being AI-driven. Players will able to make SOME impact on the economy, but not in ways like you'd think from games like EvE or Star Wars Galaxies.
  11. @Insolint if you manually type in the portal address, as opposed to clicking on the SCB hotlink there is no warning. We're currently trying to figure out why the portal link on the forum is causing this flag issue.
  12. @vahadarfeedback function top right corner of the webpage
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