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  1. Core problem with 6dof, what do you think?

    Because the ships also fly in atmosphere...Which they can do right now in the PU.
  2. Want to Sell WTS My Account

    @Nord sorry to see you wanting to offload the account. Could you please put a price on the account in order to comply with the rules?
  3. Core problem with 6dof, what do you think?

    @HardStyleFist I think the biggest thing you need to understand is that 6DOF was THE major selling point of this game during its original KS inception. Very few people will look at what you've posted and agree with you because virtually everyone who backed the game was aware of this dynamic. There are a huge number of titles out there, including Elite Dangerous, that follow the flight modeling you seem to want for SC....but that isn't what people wanted when they backed SC. They wanted a truly immersive, massive universe, with as close to realistic flight modeling as was possible. Originally the idea of coupled flight mode wasn't even a thing. Everything was going to be all 6DoF, but that turned out to not be very practical so it was abandoned very early on. As for cinematic experiences that approximate 6DoF, check out the BSG reboot from the early 2000s.
  4. Drake Vulture

    This thread has gone off the rails. Tack it back toward actual discussions of the SHIP and salvage dynamics, or it will be locked and hidden so a new thread can be placed up. Any further CoC or Forum Guidelines violations will be addressed strongly. @HR Officer @Human Resources are watching this thread. If you feel that CIG has "lost the plot" or is "copying" or whatever, make your own thread specifically for that debate...but know that it will be heavily moderated for CoC violations. My personal recommendation would be to spend more time thinking about how best to let CIG know your opinion, as opposed to arguing and insulting members of the community who don't agree with your viewpoint.
  5. Drake Vulture

    @Reavern there is no need to make blanket attacks on fellow backers simply because you have a particular opinion about CIG, especially in relation to this ship and its design. Your opinion is your opinion, and while some may share it on some level, you have positions on CIG and their motivations that are not necessarily going to be shared by others in the community, and that is their right. You do NOT have the right to be blatantly labeling people as "weak or sycophantic" simply because they don't agree with you. It seems to me that you may be a bit fatigued from the whole SC experience and may benefit from taking a bit of a breather. Lord knows I've needed that before, and I have taken steps back in the past to reflect on my involvement in the community and with the game itself. I truly recommend to anyone that is feeling that their actual lives or personal feelings are being negatively affected by ANYTHING (let alone a game) take a break from that for a bit to re-assess its overall impact on their lives.
  6. Drake Vulture

    I knew that was gonna happen... Makes you wonder if CIG concept artists even bothered to check other games to see if the design was too similar. TBH I almost hope CIG changes it...it's WAY too much of a clone, and while I got one, I hope they make some changes to the overall design so it's not such a clone.
  7. Drake Vulture

    Yeah, that one.
  8. Drake Vulture

    This looks like the starter miner from EvE...I forget the name, though.
  9. Warhammer 40000 Inquisitor Matyr Cabal

    Just checked. We have 649 members in the Steam group. About 40 online. Only 6 are in games at the moment, and none are playing that game. It MIGHT have something to do with the terrible reviews and scores it has received.
  10. Warhammer 40000 Inquisitor Matyr Cabal

    None has been registered with the forum and our HR folks. I honestly haven't seen ANY of our Steam guys in the IMP steam group playing this one.
  11. Organic matter found on Mars

    Stay on topic, folks.
  12. Blind Culling delayed - again

    I tend to agree with what @Caldon said. They shouldn't try to put something they know is so challenging on the roadmap if they are going to push it back over and over. I'd say they should put it in a REALISTIC part of the roadmap, while shooting for ASAP. That said, it doesn't frustrate me that much because I know it's one of the biggest challenges of the tech.
  13. Blind Culling delayed - again

    Pretty sure this is one of the toughest things about Lumberyard.
  14. Could be the Vulture, but they just recently had the Origin 100 series for a starter set. If they do the Vulture, I wonder if it'd stay a "starter" or if it'd end up being re-classified.
  15. What I am seeing is that a lot of their changes in packages and policies are designed to 1. Take into account the price increases in the store as ships roll out "live" and 2. Eliminate specific areas where they are losing money due to grey marketers siphoning off money from CIG.