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  1. Endeavour was CCUable. Almost all ships were. The caveat is that specific Endeavour packages cannot be CCU'd and you cannot use a CCU to buy the modules (so you can get LTI on the modules).
  2. Thus far the only "building" related side to the game has been bases and base modules, with the Pioneer being the only "base builder" that they have announced. While there are repair ships, things like replacement part manufacturing have always been maintained to be game/AI controlled, and will not be in the realm of player building/control due to the in-game economy largely being AI-driven. Players will able to make SOME impact on the economy, but not in ways like you'd think from games like EvE or Star Wars Galaxies.
  3. @Insolint if you manually type in the portal address, as opposed to clicking on the SCB hotlink there is no warning. We're currently trying to figure out why the portal link on the forum is causing this flag issue.
  4. @vahadarfeedback function top right corner of the webpage
  5. Make sure you've got it on a good SSD, too. I'm running a 2080ti, i7-9700k rig and had no issues aside from some frame drops.
  6. Sold some items, updated prices on others
  7. Hey @Boildown sorry I missed this one... Yes, shit's been crazy and getting worse and worse, especially with what's happened with the National Security law and Beijing taking direct control over much of HK. My family and I are currently working with immigration attorneys to get my wife her green card, and we'll be relocating by next summer.
  8. You can always get onto the RSI page that has videos and guides. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/playstarcitizen
  9. Good day everyone! I've been going through the old Freelancer game recently and realized that one of my major loves in that game was having to work toward getting a new ship and tricking it out. While I love giving CIG IRL money toward the development of the game, I don't actually want to have every ship in the game before the game comes out. So I'll be listing MOST of my ships at RSI Cost + ~5% to cover the international paypal fees and transfer fees that I have to do. The ones that ARE NOT RSI Cost are generally Original/Veteran versions of the ships or packages that have not been released s
  10. We have taken steps to verify that this person has access to the account and appears able to sell. However, @DarkPrometheus please put your payment method in the post so users are aware of how you wish to have the account sold. As always we remind users that account sales are expressly against the EULA of CIG except in circumstances where the EULA is superseded by laws governing a country or territory.
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