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  1. Chimaera

    Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    Any reason this is in the Carrack page?
  2. I know the name of my Connie.  I hope they let us upload stuff for nose-art, because this would be mine:

  3. Arrow, San'Tok'Yai, CCU'd my Bucc to a Banu Defender, K upgrade, and melted some stuff to get an Endeavour Master set. I think that's all I did...?
  4. Chimaera

    xi an New Xi An Ship?

    Looks to me more like it could be a Xi'an space station or showroom.
  5. Chimaera

    The next great Starship - Finale

    Death to the crab cracker!
  6. Chimaera

    NPC crew -what do we pretend to know?

    CIG has always known that the way to make their vision of the universe work is to have a massive ratio of NPCs to players, and have many of those NPCs be hireable for crewing missions, escorts, etc... I've always expected that a majority of my non-pvp interactions in the game will be NPC dominated, whether it be cargo runs, exploration missions, mining ops, etc...
  7. Chimaera

    Anvil Arrow

    100i packages were the last time.
  8. Chimaera

    2948 Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE)

    Guessing cap ships limited sale.
  9. Chimaera

    Want to Trade where to report scammers ?

    Received your message and the report, we have banned the user. Sadly it looks like he was a sell and run, he hasn't been back on the site since you closed the sale.
  10. Chimaera

    Arrow reday To fly

    This topic is about a ship ready-to-fly before actually being available for sale, not about the sale.
  11. Chimaera

    What would you do?

    Blow it the fk up, post the video to youtube, prepare for all the salt and war! (My personal viewpoint)
  12. Good luck to all my fellow Americans of all stripes tomorrow. Don't forget to vote!

    1. danredda


      The fuckery going on in Florida, Arizona, and Montana is disgusting. And I'm not even an American.

    2. Chimaera


      Yep. Makes you wonder about parties that claim total transparency for their platform while magically coming up with enough votes (in districts run by known party hacks) to "win".

  13. Thing about MMOs these days is that many companies fudge what "MMO" actually means. Whether it's through zone phasing like WoW, where each zone rarely has more than 40 players in it at a time, to server player caps from games like Life is Feudal. They claim to be able to support (and technically do support) thousands of players playing at the same time, but the way the servers handle the players shows the limitations on how many players can be handled by a single server or server instance simultaneously. That said, Star Citizen's actual playable numbers in PU servers is way below what it will need to be in order to create the feeling of being in a MMO universe. In that way I would more call the current form of Star Citizen as a something akin to Minecraft or Empyrion where you may have thousands of players playing at once, but in individual servers with hard caps of people. Looking forward to when it's MMO, but right now I would say it's more Server MO.
  14. Chimaera

    Complete Anyone selling an Idris-M

    Only the M is able to be traded, so the P isn't an issue for you.