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  1. Chimaera

    PSA - Scammer ALERT!

    User @Speenker and @Eugeene were both banned as scammers. Recent checks of Speenker's email address brought up red flags from other sites. @HR Officer @Human Resources
  2. Chimaera

    Star Trek Captain Picard Returns

    The fact he keeps saying it won't be the same JLP as we've known, and the fact that "he has been changed by his experiences" makes me wonder if it's gonna be a TLJ - style transformation... i.e. He's now a bitter, old man with no idealism.
  3. Chimaera

    Shown't Private be private?

    Basically, people posting on a person's "wall" without using the PM system aren't using the site properly.
  4. Chimaera

    The Best ATV SNEAK PEAK - ever !!!

    Erin's lookin a little flushed/sunburned...
  5. Chimaera

    Random SC Humor

    I legit guffawed at work...
  6. Chimaera

    Fleet View Tool

    I've seen a lot of orgs creating these tools specifically to track metadata on individuals. Unfortunately, what is done with that metadata is unknown, but it doesn't take much to imagine that some groups may use this as a way of scoping out accounts to try to hack.
  7. Chimaera

    Drake Vulture

    I'd like to see this discussed more in the Prospector thread if it isn't already being done.
  8. Chimaera

    Fake GlassDoor Review for CIG exposed

    Your picture (btw) is from a different post on GlassDoor. Did you know that or were you just sharing the old one?
  9. Chimaera

    Fake GlassDoor Review for CIG exposed

    The more I re-read the post (immortalized in Boredgamer's youtube video) the more I think it's someone who is tied to the subgroup of the community who really, REALLY hates the flight model changes that happened over the last year or so. They could be a part of the troll brigade, sure, but honestly it seems like someone who's heavily invested in the debate around the physics and flight models of the game. The thing that makes me think this "cons" section where there is a huge focus on the flight model, how awesome it was in the first three years of development, but now it's suddenly "soured". That's the core narrative of the group that has been getting their panties in a twist about changes to the flight model being "existential threats" to the quality of the game in the long run.
  10. Chimaera

    Fake GlassDoor Review for CIG exposed

    See I wouldn't say it was from DS directly. Maybe a troll from his entourage, but the overall tone of the review was too overall positive/constructive to have come from DS himself.
  11. So I came across this nugget from BoredGamer today, and it got me thinking about the review and who may have written/been motivated to write the review. The only group I could come up with who would put down something like this is either a current/former employee at CIG who didn't want to write a GlassDoor of their own OR a current backer who is a part of the group who really hates some of the directions that the flight model has taken. Thoughts folks?
  12. Chimaera

    Anvil - Hurricane

    Talk about a 2-second Charlie....
  13. *Cue all the crying about the Blade CCU* >.>
  14. So the long and short of it is that Bethesda contracted Behaviour to help them develop Fallout Shelter and is now suing Behaviour and Warner Brothers over the Westworld Mobile game being an apparent clone of Fallout Shelter. How does this matter for Star Citizen? Well Behaviour Interactive are one of the few partner groups that CIG has kept. They have helped develop PU environments, especially those planetside. Will this potentially cause problems with Star Citizen's development? Could Bethesda be going after Behaviour as a back-door way to try to sucker-punch Star Citizen's development as they ramp up their Starfield production? Rumor mills abound! This also brings into question whether Behaviour may have been keeping illicit copies of data/code from CIG in order to capitalize on their knowledge and access to the code later on. Anyway, here's our favourite copyright attorney on the whole deal.
  15. Chimaera

    Core problem with 6dof, what do you think?

    Because the ships also fly in atmosphere...Which they can do right now in the PU.