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  1. German Star Citizen Base?

    They've been around for a long time, and I think @Draegaror @Coreactually met them before. Due to the linguistic differential, I don't think we have had any need to worry, as they don't pretend to be us, and we don't pretend to be them.
  2. Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    I have to disagree with you @FoxChard. The guy went after CR's family, including his kids, and has gone after Sandi to a level that makes me wonder if he has some kind of sick obsession. People like that belong in an institution, not getting sympathy from people imho.
  3. Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    youtube video on this
  4. Ongoing Discussion AMD abandons GPU efforts in 2018?

    I was just speculating, but they aren't doing well.
  5. Build help New GPU

    I always go Nvidia over AMD, but I know other people who do opposite. There is an interesting thread just up about AMD's woes related to hardware, though.
  6. Ongoing Discussion AMD abandons GPU efforts in 2018?

    They expected Ryzen to be a big producer for them, but it didn't. Led to a major stock drop in October. If you check the numbers on their stock for the last year, it's been a rough one for them.
  7. World of Warships Clan

    I thought we had an IMP clan already in WoWS US. Did that change? @radoorid
  8. Tumbril - Nova "Tonk" Tank

    Didn't excite me either, til I realized I could melt 2 of the combo packs of vehicles that I have and grab the $320 pack, and basically have enough credit left over to do a CCU to something interesting.
  9. That SQ42 Advocacy Avenger in the Newsletter

    Luke's so salty these days.
  10. CIG Being Sued by Crytek

    There hasn't been a case brought to court surrounding engine use that has actually led to a precedent. It's highly unlikely this would lead to a major court case unless Crytek decides to try to set a precedent. At most I see a potential for a settlement or an attempt to exact a fine for not including the Cryengine icon. That said, CIG have a pretty bang-on set of lawyers who are not only working for CIG, but also tied directly to the start up of the company. I'd be surprised if it gets very far at all.
  11. CIG Being Sued by Crytek

    All that this seems to be is a desperate attempt to get money. Crytek failed as a company due to bad business practices and failure to manage its funds. This seems like an attempt to threaten lawsuits, then get a settlement under the table in order to "go away". Companies change and modify engines all the time, and CIG isn't stupid in how it handles the contracts for stuff like this. What would be interesting is if CIG countersued. I don't know what grounds, but it'd be interesting.
  12. That isn't what they sold. They sold the actual claim beacons, which you have to actually go, explore, scan, and scout out the land area, and THEN place a claim. There was no land selling. We don't know that they will put these in the Alpha, but we do know they will wipe the Alpha as needed, so this argument is irrelevant. Yes.
  13. Is it okay to use YouTube Videos to learn to use PTU better? I have been watching STLYoungblood's Videos and they helped me get around a major problem I ran into concerning the use of the Inner Thought System. If I run into a bug I can't get by do I send a report to Roberts Space Industries and explain what happened or wait for their Development Team to respond?

    1. Chimaera


      Send the report to the bug people :)

    2. NunyaBusiness3750


      LOL I will go look for it on the Launcher or Webpage. I should have Book Marked it. :P

    3. Chimaera


      Be sure to use the PM function. :)

  14. Happy Hour - Drake Vulture, Drake Corsair, Drake Kraken

    Warnings have been issued on this thread. Continued breech of CoC will be met with consequences.