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Found 8 results

  1. c4artist

    Want to Sell LTI Ships: Big & Small

    Standalone Ships (CCU'd) 600i Explorer $345 LTI A1 Spirit $191 LTI Ballista $175 LTI C1 Spirit $160 LTI C2 Hercules $330 LTI Carrack $403 LTI Constellation Taurus $191 LTI Corsair $198 LTI Cutlass Red $170 LTI Cutlass Steel $227 LTI Eclipse $273 LTI Freelancer Dur $170 LTI Hammerhead $432 LTI Hull D $355 LTI Hurricane $201 LTI Liberator $381 LTI M2 Hercules $391 LTI M50 $150 LTI Merchantman $378 LTI Mercury $232 LTI Orion $381 LTI Perseus $407 LTI Polaris $403 LTI Prospector $180 LTI Prowler $340 LTI Railen $222 LTI Razor LX $175 LTI Redeemer $283 LTI Sabre $186 LTI Scorpius $182 LTI Starfarer Gemini $294 LTI Valkyrie $304 LTI Vulture $180 LTI ----------‐------------------------------- Standalone Ships (NOT CCU'd) Avenger Titan $80 LTI P-72 Merlin $80 LTI ------------------------------------------- Game Packs 350R $160 10yr SC and Squadron 42 Mustang Alpha (2018) 6yr Just SC Syulen $102 LTI Just SC
  2. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/16995-Drake-Corsair-Sail-The-Stars Heed the call of uncharted space and harness the spirit of exploration with the Drake Corsair, a worthy companion, supporting you in battle, discovery, and delivery, wherever the winds of adventure may steer you. $195USD WARBOND $215USD CREDIT The romance. The danger. The mystery of charting a course into the unknown. It sings to you. The spirit of exploration is inescapable. It's who you are. You hear the song of far-off galaxies, of systems uncharted and frontiers untamed. You feel the magnetic pull of adventure and long to chase virgin horizons into the unfathomably silent depths of the unknown. This is the spirit of the Drake Corsair - the bold, indomitable will of Humankind, dauntless in its relentless pursuit of fortune, expansion, and knowledge. You never know what you may discover out there, but the Corsair is a worthy companion, supporting you in battle, discovery, and delivery, wherever the winds of adventure may steer you.
  3. VoA

    Drake Corsair

    I am not at Citizencon .... but it looks like since this Con is big on Drake that we will not only see the Drake Kraken and Anvil Valkyrie ...... but possibly the Drake Corsair? See image below...
  4. Gremlich

    Want to Trade Free DDR3 RAM Corsair Vengence

    I just want to give it away for the cost of shipping. 8GB as 2 x 4GB sticks CMZ8GX3M2A1866C9 timing: 9-10-9-27 ver 8.16 1.50V 1866MHz
  5. During Happy Hour the devs were mainly just brainstorming ideas for a new Drake ship to add to the lineup. Viewers were allowed to vote on the 'name' of 2 potential ships as well as a Viewer's Choice third entry (and name). The viewer's choice from today's live stream was the Drake Kraken 'Scout Carrier'. Final vote is up on the RSI forums and can be found here: >> YOU Pick the Next Drake Ship << A. ENTRY-LEVEL DRAKE SALVAGE SHIP (CODE NAME: VULTURE) A one man salvage starter ship, no drones but plenty of on-board storage to help with EVA salvage operations (space for cutters, charges etc) and space in a separate area to store/process the recovered salvage. Mostly designed for the player to EVA out and do the salvage, rather than sit inside and do it with tractor beams/lasers. Small enough to sneak into hostile areas unnoticed to recover fresh salvage. B. MULTI-CREW DRAKE EXPLORER (CODE NAME: CORSAIR) Drake’s competitor to the Constellation, the rough and ready multi-crew explorer. Differs from the 600i by its crude basic construction and from the Constellation by its lower missile count, but with a third turret to make up for it. Able to transport a vehicle and cargo (think extended/up-scaled Cutlass rear area) faster and more nimble than the others, but like all Drake ships pretty paper thin. C. DRAKE SCOUT CARRIER (CODE NAME: KRAKEN) Drake’s capital ship entry, space to park and store a few medium ships (up to Freelancer-sized) and transport them around the verse. Serves as a mobile truck stop in function with a small hub of stores (some less than legit) to help restock.
  6. Switch

    Ongoing Discussion Corsair Lapdog

    I finally got the email that the Lapdog released, price is a little high ($120 - $250) but it does come with a optional mouse and keyboard. I looked at Razers answer to the lap keyboard mouse (Razer Turret) and didn't like it too much and was holding off for this as it seemed wider and more thought was put into "gaming" rather than a "slick profile" like its competitors. For anyone confused this is for couch/bed gaming that you put in your lap. Corsair Lapdog
  7. Hey guys, I'm looking to sell some of my PC hardware. I was planning on a build and now I'm a broke student and won't see this build through for a pretty long while at this point so the parts are actually all 100% unused and brand-new. 2 are still fully sealed, and the other 2 I opened the box to have a look and then never opened them again lol. I'm not shipping the parts, so the furthest I'll go is Ontario, Canada to sell these as I'll be meeting personally and exchanging cash for the items. Doing it old-school. Obviously this means the prices are free of shipping costs too, which is a bigger saving for you. If you also happen to know someone who may be interested in this hardware who is in Ontario, Canada I'm asking you to please let them know and have them contact me, PM me for my phone number if you need it. I'm serious about the broke student thing, I need to sell these. I have: Corsair Obsidian 900D case: $350CAD Corsair AX1200i PSU: $400CAD 2.0TB WD Caviar Black (WD2002FAEX) HDD (this drive is an OEM drive): $150CAD 256GB Samsung 840 Pro: $200CAD The Hard Drives are both still fully sealed from when I bought them. The PSU I opened the box to have a look but didn't even remove it from the packaging. The 900D was opened and sat empty for a while, it is now back in its original packaging box. Pictures are below, to show that the items are still in-fact boxed up/packaged. I took these pictures today.
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