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  1. I won't be needing it anymore, you can permanently remove it.
  2. As long as they don't make an Aegis French Poodle............ That ship looks hidious, I really hope the Bulldog looks nothing like that grotesk deformed pile of scrap metal.
  3. Welcome to the base, love the name hahaha.
  4. Happy Birthday Mate

  5. You don't like the game?
  6. No idea, I have seen websites who still sell them though, I got mine as a promotion gift from Logitech for using it at a historic flight event in our military flight museum. In all honesty I really like the G940, especially the force feedback, it gives you more precision control because it is working against you, it may sound silly but it really helps a lot.
  7. Welcome to the base @Kokoro
  8. Welcome to the base @DouglasATS The Connie is a great ship to start the game with in the PU!
  9. Nubarus


    Welcome to the base @Droom
  10. Nubarus


    Welcome to the base @Itsme Enjoy your stay.
  11. Welcome to the Imperium Base @kabirgph
  12. Asim A. Ahmad ... producer Jay Montalvo ... producer Patrick O'Brien ... executive producer Chris Roberts ... executive producer Robert Rusler ... producer He is listed as executive producer on IMDB
  13. Welcome to the Imperium Fleet!!!
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