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  1. Never got my issue resolved with unit administration so there's nothing to convert.
  2. Style protects from the fashion police. Keeps that crimestat from getting too high. DasDeimos.
  3. Are you sure this is something that we'll be able to see on Game Day?
  4. Love the new X1 scarlet skin. Fantastic. Just great.


  5. Post your model specifications so that we can help you out better. I remember experiencing a similar issue. Turned out to be a faulty capacitor. Ordered part, soldered, done. DasDeimos.
  6. This is looking damn fine! Exploration division better step up their game. DasDeimos.

    1. GRIZZ


      The original artist is "Slightly Left of Center", I wish they did more stuff.  If you like that animated story you might like 


    2. DasDeimos


      I did see the original — I felt like the Rasputin version was a better fit. I like the animations, fun stuff!


  8. DasDeimos

    N7 Day

    Happy N7 day! DasDeimos.
  9. Digging this one. DasDeimos.
  10. Although Pedro's work is commendable, I still think Bear McCreary should have been brought on-board. The things that man can do with music... DasDeimos.
  11. Tank's a badass. Several prototypes have already been manufactured and will be featured at the victory day parade. Not to start a political argument, but anyone claiming to know something about Russian government finances is way out of their league. And anyone thinking that tanks won't be utilized in the next worldwide conflict shouldn't be in Combat Ops. DasDeimos.
  12. Truly Russian superior technology is better than capitalist pig rubbish, yes. DasDeimos.
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