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  1. fingers crossed for 400i .... chat with you fellas tomorrow
  2. Sorry @Scat_happens This was marked complete back in 2019. But if you want some real cost savings, I have several 2948 Exploration Packs for sale listed here. Selling for $700, they were originally $695. Comes with several ships that have since increased in price like the Carrack.
  3. ChiefWarrant

    Aegis Sabre

    But its “stealthy” (smh). 😬 Yeah. All these changes are going to ripple a lot of personal fleets. Let’s see how it pans out. I am hearing a lot of Ion owners also scratching their heads because they chose it over the Inferno for the extra shield they just lost.
  4. It was on one of those Friday pod cast with Jared and the designers... let me go look for it and I'll post it here for reference. Around 11:35 into this video.
  5. @Danakar Endeel Agree with a lot of what you said. Before I yap on... the MSR will be getting escape pods in the future on the starboard side in the corridor to the bridge. I DEFINITELY agree that the mark up was WAY overpriced compared to the C2. The added armor, loss of cargo SCU (for no reason other than balance), and the weak chin turret doesn't seem to make that +$120 worth it. MAYBE a HOT LZ scenario, but I am guessing most tactical commanders would clear the area first and have the C2 come in and drop the tanks in a neutral area. Hurry and put in a ticket and see if they will remove the CCU upgrade. OR... wait to see that the price hike will be and use it as an awesome CCU platform. At $480 on concept, I am sure it will go up on release and you can then use to get to another bigger ship.
  6. PACKAGE - UEE EXPLORATION 2948 PACK LTI $ 700USD ......... PM me if interested. I have a couple in my Buyback. I make a whooping $5 profit You cover PP fees or PM for chat session
  7. Thanks @VoA !!!! I check regularly for YT-O to update the large comparison chart, but he hasn't touched it in AWHILE.
  8. Yeah... CS just told me the same. I went ahead with a refund instead. People get rightfully paranoid when making a large purchase like this, so it's not worth the hassle. Trying to be helpful often backfires. 😊 Everything I put on the marketplace is at cost to help folks out.
  9. Big career change. These 3 ships won’t be in the game for quite some time. IMHO if you can wait longer, hold off on the upgrade. The BMM will undoubtedly go up in value and you’ll be able to take advantage of that price bump down the road. You get 3 loaners to play with, with the the BMM. HH and Polaris will sell again....and again....and....you know.
  10. Hi

    How much for the HH-Polaris upgrade?

    1. ChiefWarrant


      I was surprised they made it limited and stopped CCUs to it. Make me an offer so I am not off base or sound greedy. I kept one of those CCU, sold another, and this last one is yours. 

    2. GodZe


      I have few )) and asking to get more, you know, cheap.

      I sold few for $150 each

      Nice profit

    3. ChiefWarrant
  11. Thank you fellas... I'll take it down.
  12. Yeah... if I try and gift it to another email address, even mine.... it may not be giftable anymore. I'll write Support and include interested party with CIG's answer. /// recently got the M, so definitely still giftable. /// Thanks for the info. I'll follow up when I get a reply.
  13. No, not account ... just the standlalone......Unless I am missing something.... when I press the Gift button it allows me this far. I'll confirm with CS, but does it say somewhere that $1k + ships are not giftable? That's how I got my Idris-M
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