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  1. PACKAGE - UEE EXPLORATION 2948 PACK LTI $ 700USD ......... PM me if interested. I have a couple in my Buyback. I make a whooping $5 profit DISCLAIMER: you cover PP fees or PM for chat session
  2. Thanks @VoA !!!! I check regularly for YT-O to update the large comparison chart, but he hasn't touched it in AWHILE.
  3. Yeah... CS just told me the same. I went ahead with a refund instead. People get rightfully paranoid when making a large purchase like this, so it's not worth the hassle. Trying to be helpful often backfires. 😊 Everything I put on the marketplace is at cost to help folks out.
  4. Big career change. These 3 ships won’t be in the game for quite some time. IMHO if you can wait longer, hold off on the upgrade. The BMM will undoubtedly go up in value and you’ll be able to take advantage of that price bump down the road. You get 3 loaners to play with, with the the BMM. HH and Polaris will sell again....and again....and....you know.
  5. Hi

    How much for the HH-Polaris upgrade?

    1. ChiefWarrant


      I was surprised they made it limited and stopped CCUs to it. Make me an offer so I am not off base or sound greedy. I kept one of those CCU, sold another, and this last one is yours. 

    2. GodZe


      I have few )) and asking to get more, you know, cheap.

      I sold few for $150 each

      Nice profit

    3. ChiefWarrant
  6. Thank you fellas... I'll take it down.
  7. Yeah... if I try and gift it to another email address, even mine.... it may not be giftable anymore. I'll write Support and include interested party with CIG's answer. /// recently got the M, so definitely still giftable. /// Thanks for the info. I'll follow up when I get a reply.
  8. No, not account ... just the standlalone......Unless I am missing something.... when I press the Gift button it allows me this far. I'll confirm with CS, but does it say somewhere that $1k + ships are not giftable? That's how I got my Idris-M
  9. I got one... are you still interested?
  10. Want to sell standalone ship - WTS AEGIS JAVELIN - WARBOND - ILW2950 LTI $2700 plus Paypal fees At COST !!!!... Just trying to help out those that missed the F5 war
  11. I seriously doubt they’ll sell it Devil..... Just saying if they did, itwouldn’t be surprised. 😊
  12. I jest, BUT...... if they did sell it: CIG would absolutely clear $200,000+ in the first day of the F8 sale. They read the threads. They know the hype. If the Esperia Glaive can sell for 350, they can get away with selling this “unobtainium ship” for substantial more. 1. To limit the amount purchased for exclusivity 2. Enhance its rarity 3. I could go on but you get it. I can also make a longer list of things that CIG has done to annoy backer at all levels and date backed. We are not special. If I spent $60 or $15,000 .... I am not more entitled than the other person. If CIG sells t
  13. Bump..... Have 5 of these left AT COST. Great $695 package now valued on RSI for $1100.
  14. Man oh man. If they sell the F8, that will fund CIG for the rest of the year. 😂😂
  15. SOLDIER OF FORTUNA PACK - LTI $415 USD (does not include PayPal fees) No profit... just trying to offload.
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