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  1. What SC does right on control customization: Tabs What Elite does right on control customization: Everything but tabs
  2. I don't have trouble getting SC to recognize my CH HOTAS, SC just gives me a lot of trouble when trying to do a custom function assignment.
  3. I had less trouble getting HOTAS support running on GTAV than on SC 2.0. CIG needs to get their input support shit together. Their prebuilt Saitek profiles aren't even that good and have to be remapped. Something has to change soon.
  4. @Boildown the framerate example doesn't work though, since there is actually a noticeable difference with 24 vs 60 fps while there is none with an 8 vs 16 bit dxinput. There is no way for you to know without having actually compared the sticks side by side. @Turo and I have both done this personally. I found the input sensitivity to be negligible and it looks like Turo feels the same. Obviously it's just anecdotal, but we at least compared them for ourselves and formed an opinion off of personal experience. Also, to be clear, my HD screen contrast example was an attempt to demonstrate how PC hardware manufacturers will sometimes attract your attention to meaningless distinctions to sell unneeded upgrades or distract from performance shortcomings in important areas.
  5. "Here's why it doesn't really matter. Take your stick or pedals or whatever and measure the range of motion. Then divide that into 256 sections, and look at how big each section is. I seriously doubt you have the stick control to position it exactly at the same point every time - if you can do that then you might want the extra granularity of a higher resolution sensor, but I've never met or heard of anyone who can." - Via Reddit From someone who owns/has owned the X52, X55, Saitek Flight Pedals, Logitech 3, Logitech 3D, T-Flight HOTAS, CH Pro Throttle, CH CombatStick, and CH Pro Pedals, I have never noticed a difference, despite being aware of one. The SC 64-bit comparison is a fallacy of false equivalence due to a virtually cosmic separation of scale. A better comparison would be how, during the period 2007-2010, HD monitor manufacturers were stagnant on significant innovation. To encourage more sales, they would tout contrast ratios that were as much as 8 times what could be perceived by the human eye. People would buy monitors with 20,000:1 contrast ratio and tell me how cool their new monitor was, and how much better their contrast ratio was from mine at the time (a "mere" 5,000:1). I would have to agree, yes, my contrast ratio is 1/4 of yours. However, 5,000 levels of contrast is more than enough for the eyes I have. In the case of monitors, unless I can upgrade my eyes, such a contrast ratio is unnecessary. In the case of HOTAS, I might need to wait a few decades for bionic hands and limbs to surpass humans in precision. tl;dr no need to reinvent the wheel. Great contribution to the discussion! Flight Stick is ambidextrous. So to answer your question, "kinda."
  6. It seems like this thread has been focused more on Imperium as a group issuing orders to a force, not individual vigilantes. But yeah I agree, vigilantes are a bad idea and will bring us way off message. EDIT: Also, message received on FG.
  7. Yeah, as others said earlier, HR and stuff will do internal policing. But we can still enforce rules on players in areas we control. I'd assume FG would be responsible for that.
  8. Yeah, roll or spin. A lot of people incorrectly call it "barrel roll" which is why I use an entirely different word. I guess it doesn't really matter that much though. Everyone should be aware about that, though. It is super inadvisable to have yaw mapped to the horizontal axis on CH sticks. If you do want yaw on the same stick used for pitch, I would suggest an XBOX controller.
  9. Wow. Something went wrong when I posted that. Fixed it now.
  10. Those of you who have played the Original Void Destroyer will understand why I am so excited for the sequel. Void Destroyer, which was a sort of an homage to Homeworld 1 & 2, had some extremely engaging and challenging missions. Taking control of individual ships in your fleet seems like a gimmick, but it often needed to reduce casualties and outflank enemies. Void Destroyer 2 takes a bit of a different approach. Instead of being satisfied with producing another "Homeworld, but different" sequel, he has added an entirely new spin to gameplay. Instead of just being a military commander leading your forces, you are a freelancer who is trying to build an empire. Huge gameplay change, imho. Interesting facts about the Void Destroyer 2 Kickstarter: Paul Zakrzewski only wants $10,000 to reduce his stress, he has fronted $30,000 of his profits from the first game to fund the development of this sequel. Unlike most Kickstarters, the game will be released in just a few months' time. He is a one-man show. The $10 tier will get you a copy of the game in January.
  11. I really should have provided samples from the article, @NewzyOne. Thanks for covering that. Further literature from Ryan Holiday on the subject of media manipulation can be found here and here. If you want to talk to me at length about this topic, hit me up on TS or send me a PM. I don't want to derail this excellent thread any further or detract from Chimaera's message.
  12. My gut says to clear your schedule if you want to see the whole thing.
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