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    Well... dont misunderstand the title. BUT WHAT THE !%¤#!"¤ THIS IS AWESOME!!! Thank you all of you on imperium for the help I got from time to time through the 1½ year... Thanks to that, I just passed all the test today and can now call my self "Ships Masters Limited" basicly it actuelly gives me permission to command a ship on the sieze of an idris
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    Howdy ho @Imperium Member! As this will probably be the last Game Day we have before 3.0 comes out, we figured it would be good idea to get some flight preparations going! But we'll of course keep the usual Star Marine Banter we all enjoy oh so much. We're also green this month! Firstly, let’s congratulate last months gift card winners; @Federal, @moggimus and @Weehamster! three well deserving victors! Also, some applauds are in order for @Switch's amazing compilation of what transpired last Game Day. This is also a good reminder for everyone who has the capability, and interest to record to do so, the more footage the more amazing videos by people like Switch. If you have footage you wish to submit then go here: http://seafile.celeris.io:8000/u/d/66d5dde2f2/ As we quickly mentioned at the beginning this next Game Day we’re going to offer flight instructions for the willing. We’ve asked some of the best pilots in Imperium to come in and give some tips and tricks to anyone who wants to improve or learn, now these pilots are of course @Cincinnatus and @Space-Moose. For those of you who have missed it, these pilots are already offering something similar outside of Game Day as well, so if you can’t make it for the one on Game Day, or simply want to be at your peek come Game day, read more here! Raffles and Prizes As every other Game Day, we’ll be offering raffle prizes based on individual participation levels! Raffles will be based on individual activities during Game Day, so here is the list of raffles you can enter: Participation Raffle - by checking in with a host in the Landing Channel, you can be entered Arena Commander Raffle - by attempting any mode within Arena Commander, completing it, and providing a screenshot, you will be entered Host Created event Raffle - by taking part in a Host Created event, completing it, and providing a screenshot, you will be entered Custom Events Raffle - by taking part in an official Custom Event run, you will be entered into this final raffle All the raffle prizes will be $10 RSI gift cards (Additional prizes may be provided, and will be announced at the start of Game Day) Newbie Info If you’re brand new to Star Citizen, we recommend getting in touch with us on Teamspeak or, checking this link out: See you on the 24th!
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    I have watched Around the Verse since before it was officially called ATV, and I have to say that the change that took place a few months ago (getting into specifics with a single sutdio instead of a broad idea of what every studio is doing), is the best thing they could have possibly done. Seriously, I dont know if they meant for it to appear as it has or they just go lucky but the last month I have watched with utter amazement as every studio has gone into detail what they are working on and my anxiousness to get them to release Star Citizen has actually decreased seeing how much stuff is not only amazing but revolutionary. It has made me go from an impatient backer of nearly 5 years to a reformed citizen amazed by the work done and willing to give them as much time as needed to make a space sim that will pave the way for nearly every game in the future.
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    Greetings from Oregon, I've been PC games since about 2004 (CoD2, AA). Even earlier than that, in elementary school I used to collect cans with my friends so we can play CS 1.6 at the LAN center. I was in the Marine Corps from 2010-2015 as a V-22 Mechanic, and was a Sergeant when I EAS'd. Now I'm finishing up a degree in Computer Networking. Most weekends you can find me on steam playing CSGO or ARMA 3, but I'm starting to play SC more regularly. My drink of choice is Kraken Steam Profile - SC Profile
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    This is awesome, great how this company calls out all companies at E3 for their bullshit.
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    Made a video about my "Mobiglass" https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/mobiglass-the-awakening
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    For those of us who go back far enough, we remember when CIG and CR promoted this game on the SC website back when the game was still in the kickstarter phase. Those people who backed the game also got a SC-based reward (eventually). Well, they've released their reveal trailer and release date, and it's using the same engine as SC. That said, the game's animations and graphics look nothing like what we have from SC, but definitely what we could've seen if CIG had decided to release SQ42 or SC before now. Check it out and feel free to discuss below.
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    From Spectrum - Link to Thread or hidden below...
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    So I had a conversation with my wallet when the new Eclipse dropped..... Me~"hey wallet have you seen the new Eclipse?" Wallet~"yes Nathan, no you can't afford it." Me~"Fuck you don't tell me how to live my life!" ..... I showed my wallet who's boss!!! I'm now the proud owner of a brand spanking new Warbond Eclipse Also, awesome news! buying this ship just put me over Concierge so yaaayyyy !!! the struggle is real when you actually go... hmmm down payment on a house or completionist pack........
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    I would like to like the OP more than once!!!!
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    Yeah but do they have something like the Blue Marlin, a ship shipping ship shipping shipping ships? That's the question;)
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    Will there be an autopilot in ships traveling from Point A to Z that will allow me to get up and move around? Chris Roberts: The answer is yes, we're already talking if you're in quantum drive you'll eventually have to move around your ship to fix whatever, a fuel rod that goes bad or there's a leak somewhere or a fuse breaks. So, we were talking about this before, we were discussing you pry should be able to set an autopilot like singular point distance. So not just for quantum drive but maybe even just traveling in normal like SCM or cruise speeds and then you can sort of leave the helm and walk around. Then of course if your ship is going to hit something whether it's in quantum drive or regular space mode, it would pull you out, it would basically stop sort of like one of those auto sensing brake systems.Tony Zurovec: This kinda segues into the whole crew functionalities where not only can you go off and do something but you actually have a navigator, you can turn over control of the ship to him and basically give him some basic high level commands. In other words, I'm in convention travel I say go over there, it's five minutes of flight, I'm going to check on my cargo or I'm going to affect repairs in engineering because I just took some damage and I can give him some basic instructions. What do you do if we come under fire? Do you stop, do you basically try to quickly escape, do you take evasive maneuvers. This kind of goes back to what we were talking about on one of the previous segments to where you'll be able to control your crew but at a very high, very macro level. We're not going to turn it into this micromanagement game, but if you've actually made the investment, you've got another pilot, you've actually paid for somebody who's got a significant level of experience… then you're all the way back in engineering, it's going to take you 60 seconds to get to the bridge, he needs to do something to not make you a sitting duck for the pirates you just ran across.CR: So the bottom line is, if it's just you solo, you do the autopilot. It's simple point A to point B, will stop you so you don't hit anything but if you have crew and you have some… tell him to take the helm and you go to the back to fix the engine, that crew can operate at a higher level like they can stop but evade fire or try to escape the area or do something while you're heading back to take the helm.TZ: Which is interesting too cause that doesn't really involve any new coding on our side because we already got NPCs that know how to pilot spacecraft. So all we're really doing is giving you an interface to this technology that we've already set up for other things.
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    From Sandi's Facebook: "Byungjin Hyun working on UV mapping for the Terrapin"
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    I have, and it's getting a bit ridiculous... Fidget spinners along with rompers and vapes... Ugh. Funny gag pic that was sent to me, but still not an advocate for what should have remained tools for children with ADHD.
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    Hi guys, The Noobifier put up this video on the 6th and I think it warrants some discussion. What are your ideas on traveltime across the verse and what would you do when you have "downtime" ? I couldn't find a topic about this, feel free to link to it/merge it if there is one. I personally don't mind downtime while traveling. it gives a chance to plan things out, time for social interaction with the crew, maintenance on the ship and components., prepare for the next mission... that sort of thing. I imagine things like playing holo-chess like Chewie and the droids did.
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    I like the look of it but I can't keep wondering about the safety of these racers. Death has bad consequences in SC and, just like in real life, crashing one these racers against an unmovable object should kill you. I wonder if CIG is taking creative liberties again by allowing these racers to survive insane crashes. Ramming your Hornet into an asteroid at full boost should kill you, same as hitting a canyon wall straight on in your Nox Old joke adapted to the Nox: What is the last thing that goes through your brain when you hit a wall with the Nox?
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    They have a tendency to make ships a little bigger along the way. Probably because they need to fit all the different rooms in and such. If you look at that alien-inspired video closely you can see how minuscule people are at the base. She's a monster. the new specs should be on the website relatively soon. I can't wait;)
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    I want an Endeavor w/ bio domes loaded up like a forest with some exotic game and offer guided hunting tours
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    Sneak Peak at new stats screen. From Happy Hour. - I think it is much clearer and I am glad they broke down everything including Jump Drives, Fuel, etc... There are some important Stats still missing - like Armor.... hello.... that should be on here...
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    *SQUEEELS like a little school girl!* 18 core and 64GB minimum . The gfx are fantastic.
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    Ah yes, I was worried about that. Seemed to be something lodged in the back of my mind about it ;-) Much thanks for info and details As for the forum backlash, I'd say "rightfully so". While I understand CIG's problem with creating an opportunity for gray market profits, it was CIG who chose: - not to shut down the gray market with one of the many options to do so (like a 24/48/72 hour giftable window after purchase) - to use endless artificial scarcity shenanigans to hoodwink backers into spending more than they otherwise would - to promise early backers they'd have a price advantage - which is worthless if it can't be carried forward to more recently released ships CIG made its own bed, so now they should lay in it, instead of calling backers "absusers". They merely used CIG's artificial scarcity system within the limits set by CIG. (by "lay in the bed you made", I mean fix your issues without damaging backer's options, as current proposals would) I get offended when CIG calls the use of $0 CCUs an abuse - I'm merely trying to avoid ending up with one of the many ships where CIG fell way short of its promises.
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    I find it ironic that you said don't worry about balance while posting something from the person pushing a good balance on the vanguard the hardest. The current ship is a mess. It can be fixed pre items 2.0, but CIG just leaves it even though most of the changes are 5 minutes worth of xml inputs. I find that I can't let CIG off with existing ships being completely away from their sold role after years in the game
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    So I had some money to spare, and my old Iiyama 24" monitor just didn't cut it anymore. So I got this : All for the low price of one kidney. Here's how it looks on my desk : And of course, since a 970 can't spit out 3440x1440 at a good enough pace, I got myself one of these too : It looks amazing. Totally worth half my blood filtration organs!
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    In this most recent update they showed us the creation of their Automated Gunner/Crew position robot more or less. It raises a lot of interesting aspects to the gameplay. From the looks and description it is literally a computer module you will bring to the desired seat (in this case they showed it in a gunner seat/turret), hook it into the system and turn it on. The video showed this thing utterly destroying a gladius. It didn't miss and kept at it. It is supposed to work for crew systems as well. He explained it as running logic systems for whatever role that seat was designated to do if I understood him fully. So what are the thoughts on this piece of equipment? I have a feeling these are going to be expensive, but it looks like it can be taken and swapped to whatever ship you want at the time. A high upfront cost could save you TONS of money in paying crew members. And honestly the level of accuracy it had, especially with the current gunnery system makes them waaaay better than any person. I have a hard time hitting anything in turrets while a pilot is maneuvering, this system would cut down on crew and improve lethality making things like the Retaliator fully operational with 2 people if not the pilot alone. Being as they are actively working on this, I home that they sell them to us as they do ship sales. I would dish out for a few with LTI in a heartbeat as the price of replacing them will be a major downfall I am thinking. What do you guys think all in all?
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    As Star Citizen Develops we will see Flora + Fauna + Pets and the image below is the first known concept image of Fauna Also see Sister Threads..... Pets in Star Citizen - Letter from the Chairman - Nov. 26th, 2014 Persistent Universe (PU) - Star Citizen - 3.x + Characters (FPS) - 3.x Aliens (FPS) - 3.x Squadron 42 (S42) - 1.0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++ I had to add this real life GIF again since it is so cute
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    Before people go out and melt their Dragonfly. ...... Nox is probably the better racer Dragonfly is a two-seater Dragonfly has better pilot view Dragonfly might carry a bit more cargo (yes it has two small biker like carrying bags) Dragonfly is probably cheaper to fix and maintain Nox will be the cheaper pledge vs its UEC price in the Verse (like all Alien ships - it will be more rare)
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    Sorry, but those are S1 M3A's from what I can see. EDIT: Video/commecrial of the NOX. Feels very TRON-like to me.
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    Yeah, sounds like the Lynx might be nothing more than a regular Ursa but with a custom white&chrome paintjob and 'leather' seats. But the part about other Rovers sounds pretty interesting as I'd love to see more variety. Personally I'd love to see my Anvil Carrack getting a special Anvil Rover... ... WITH A MASSIVE CANNON because you can never be too careful when exploring uncharted alien worlds!
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    $40 on Friday June 23rd. LTI tokens
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    Looks to me like it was made to carry 4 of these in a vertical stack
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    Bet you a $20 Gift Card that they release 3.0 in some fashion before Gamescom.
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    You may have missed it, but it's quite an important news for the verse : I would love that the base radio try to make an interview of a "security officer" to get some news on that ^^ https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/spectrum-dispatch/15941-Empire-Report-HuXa-Protests BECK: I’m sorry, Emily. I have to stop you right there for this breaking news. The Empire Report has just received word from Earth that there has been an attempt on Imperator Costigan’s life. Facts are still coming in as comm-drones arrive, but early reports say that the assassin was not successful and that Imperator Costigan has been taken to an undisclosed secure location until the threat is fully neutralized. The Imperator was scheduled to speak at the Banking Federation Summit going on in New York City this week, when the assailant opened fire at the stage. At least two members of the 1st Marine Combat Battalion were injured in the initial attack as well as — VICTORIA: We have a quick update, there’s been confirmation that one of the Marines guarding the Imperator has died from their injuries sustained in the line of duty. The other Marine is in critical condition, along with several civilians who were attending the summit and got caught in the crossfire. BECK: New York City has been placed on complete lock-down with all incoming and outgoing traffic stopped. It is not clear yet what motivated the attack or who was behind it, but a joint effort by local authorities, the Advocacy, and the 1st Combat Battalion is being made to apprehend those — Wait … I am being told that at least one of the assailants has been shot dead near the scene of the attack after a confrontation with Marines. No word yet on their identity. VICTORIA: To re-highlight what we know so far, a failed assassination attempt was made on Imperator Costigan at the Banking Federation Summit in Sol. One believed assailant has been killed on site. We still do not know if they were working alone or what their motivations were. Our thoughts are with the victims and their friends and family during this tragic time. BECK: Advocacy Director Thomas Carmody is scheduled to give an official statement in the next few minutes, and we will have further updates once that comm-drone arrives. Until then, we need to take a quick break, but please stay tuned as we bring you more details on this shocking turn of events.
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    Heresy! There is only one true Imperator and his name is Gallitin!
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    It's in this pic. It is hard to find and image from the bottom structure. The latest promo showed it with out any off the turrets and and extra pieces. also it was the old concept claw head. This one has the new claw head, but none of the turrets.
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    not to mention man-buns
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    A lot of people tend to forget the original design behind the Reclaimer, and this only solidifies the description. "Dedicated salvage AND exploration". In a way the ship is more valuable than the Carrack because it can also make money.
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    awesome day! see you all next game day!
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    Starfarer vs Starfarer was fun, thanks for letting me fly with you guys.
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    Yeah had the same problem when I looked at the total bought after I got an eclipse, I about shit myself when I saw that my current total is over 3,500. I mean thats a cheap car, or vacation, or badass gun.
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    Yeah, this is likely going to be a thing for a little while longer, and then it will die out. Like Pokemon Go. Also my friend sent me this:
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    Unless you're a person who super-duper wants to have massive space battles between multiple capital ships and fighter squadrons.
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