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    Hey guys! So about two days ago, Patch 2.6.2 has gone live. Which means the next patch to be released will be 3.0. (hopefully CIG won't release another 2.6.X patch) I know there a couple of you out there that are psyched up for Procedural Planets, New Missions, New Ships and New Places to Explore!!! I'm sure pumped for it. So lately I been getting some messages from some buddy's of mine that have asked me to get them at a level of flying to where they will survive in combat much longer. I've already trained one of them and found it pretty enjoyable in helping them to get better at ship combat. So I've decided to set up some training lessons for any of you that are willing to learn how to get better at the game and be prepared for any bad pirates out there that are willing to pick a fight with you in 3.0. I will be teaching you on: What kind of weapon load outs you should use and what they are effective against. If you still prefer to use your own version of weapons, that is fine too and will as well teach you on how to best use it. Learning what the different icons/words on your ship/helmet HUD means. How to properly maneuver against enemy's and obstacles(if you tend to hit asteroids alot) Determine what pips fit best for you and how to accurately shoot at your targets. How to properly communicate with you teammates in combat(reason why Renegade have such high stats. They know how to back one another up and prevent themselves from getting killed.) Recognizing the weakest part of that certain ship and use different strategy's to beat AI's in Vanduul/Pirate Swarm. And much more! In Star Citizen I say about ~80%(IMO) of the user player base uses only keyboard and mouse.... which is a big ratio compared to those with joystick/pedals. If you take a look at the top players in Arena Commander, most of them are joystick and pedal users.... which is kind of intimidating because it kind of makes you feel like in order to be good at the game you need to own a joystick. Although it does to a certain extent make things a bit easier, it does not make you a better player. What makes you a better player is willing to put time and effort into learning the game. As someone that is a keyboard and mouse user, I will be able to teach you the in and outs of Star Citizen. It maybe frustrating at first, but have patience and continue to put time into it and soon you will feel a difference in your game play. I can also teach joystick and pedal users but to only a certain extent... If you are joystick/pedal user, I highly recommend going to @Cincinnatus for that. He is amazing at training people. To Schedule a Flight Lesson with @Deonaldi or @Cincinnatus: Send us a private message of a time and date you prefer and we will get back to you as soon as possible. That's all you got to do! Lessons will be between half an hour to an hour.... or maybe longer... depending on how things go. Although I'am not the best in the game, I do have a good amount of experience in Arena Commander. From PvP combat to PvE combat. Pretty much been playing this game since 2.1 and I'm a very friendly and patient person ^.^
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    Greetings @Imperium Member So now that your beloved Event coordinators have recovered from a whole night of being friendly and helpful, we're putting together the pieces for your next Game Day! For anyone unfortunate enough to have missed last game day, be sure to check out the recap Credit for the stream goes to all of you who took the time to make the stream a possibility, from Producers to our movie stars! For anyone interested in helping out with the stream be sure to check out http://imperium-studios.tk/ And Now, For April's Game Day! Starting April 22nd, at 16:00 pm onwards, we will be launching our 7th monthly game day! As 3.0 is still not with us, we will be continuing the trend of hosting Game Day events centered around Arena Commander & Star Marine game modes, with a little competitive flair thrown in, as usual, to keep things interesting. We are always taking suggestions for additional custom Gamemodes so if you think you have an idea that would be fun for the members, be sure to message it to us so we can steal most of the credit MAKE IT A REALITY! On to the usual chatter. Joining Game Night For those of you that want to make a return visit, or show up for the first time, you only need to enter the Landing Channel on TeamSpeak (ts.starcitizenbase.com), and one of our Hosts will direct you to the action! If you decide to take part in on the fun, please consider recording any events you take part in, as we will be turning all footage we get into some excellent content, as you saw above! Raffles and Prizes First of all, Congratulations to last month's winners. @ElwoodGrim for Participating, @J. Coren for Vanduul Swarm and @Scally & @Tisi for taking part in the Custom / hosted events! Your prizes should be with you shortly. As every other Game Day, we’ll be offering raffle prizes based on individual participation levels! Raffles will be based on individual activities during Game Day, so here is the list of raffles you can enter: Participation Raffle - by checking in with a host in the Landing Channel, you can be entered Arena Commander Raffle - by attempting any mode within Arena Commander, completing it, and providing a screenshot, you will be entered Host Created event Raffle - by taking part in a Host Created event, completing it, and providing a screenshot, you will be entered Custom Events Raffle - by taking part in an official Custom Event run, you will be entered into this final raffle All the raffle prizes will be $10 RSI gift cards (Additional prizes may be provided, and will be announced at the start of Game Day) Newbie InfoIf you’re brand new to Star Citizen, we recommend getting in touch with us on Teamspeak or, checking this link out: Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this and be sure to turn up to Game Day or risk my displeasure! See you on the 22nd!
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    Soo.. we are top 3 in org list. <3 @Sir_Belial @Juntau @Core @Chimaera @Edenstar (edit for Eden. Top for pilots. Get it on.)
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    Hi everyone / I think it's about time that I share my collection of ship albums that I use for The Base chat that I've had for a while now I only have ships that are either from lore, concept, development or being re-worked, not for ships that are flyable and I do add more to the albums. Enjoy. Aopoa (Xi'An) | "Capital" | Nox | "Oracle" | "Transport" | Volper | Aegis | Idris | Javelin | Reclaimer | Retaliator (Modules) | Vanguard (Variants) | Anvil | A4A Hurricane | Carrack | Crucible | F7A Hornet Mk II | F8 Lightning | Terrapin | BIRC (Banu) | Defender | Merchantman | Crusader | Genesis Starliner | Drake | Cutlass Black (Re-Work) (Variants) | Dragonfly | Esperia | "Blade" | Prowler | Kruger | P-72 Archimedes | MISC | Endeavor | Freelancer (Variants) | Hull - A B C D E | Prospector | Razor | Reliant (Variants) | Origin | 600 | 890 Jump | RSI | Aurora (Re-Work) | Bengal | Constellation Aquila Mk IV (Variants) | Orion | Pegasus | Polaris | (Ursa) | RSI/Aegis | Retribution | Vanduul | "Cleaver" | "Driller" | "Harvester" | "Hunter" | "Kingship" | "Mauler" | "Stinger" | "Void" | -------------------------------------------- BONUS -------------------------------------------- Characters | Banu | Human | Tevarin | Vanduul | Xi'An | Armor & Uniforms | Other | Sataball | Shubin | Stanton I II III IV (Delamar) | Star Systems | Other Vanduul Art | UI |
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    It's very generous of you and Cinnci to spend your time training others! Thanks! I'll send you a PM, I've wanted to get better in AC for a while and it looks like now is the time.
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    On april 14 the forum at the SC website will close. Many dislike the new chat-like Spectrum as a replacement, but will go there anyway. Others, like me, can't get the hang of this Spectrum chat soup and will migrate to other forums or get their info from the weekly YT videos. This forum was recommended as a good substitute, and probably there will be an increase in members to this forum. Hope we can have the good time we had there on this forum.
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    See spoiler Banu Defender - Ben talks a bit about it in this video below at 18:30m (revealing it concept is basically ready but they want to flush out the Banu Race more). He also mentions that it will be out in the next couple weeks. "It is a smaller ship".... but.... "there is no such thing as a single seat Banu ship".... but it is "as low as a Banu ship goes"... We also know it is a combat ship and one of the last three remaining WAVE 5 ships (its obviously a combat ship with its name but Ben also mentioned with the upcoming WAVE 6 for people to pick up additional fighting concept ships before WAVE 6 because they will be dedicated Civilian ships (per OP). Also in this Video at 16:18m Ben talks about his list of WAVE 6 ships being in flux (he has a "PITCH DOCUMENT"). --------------------------I am looking forward to the Banu Defender and I am interested in seeing how radically different it may handle. I love how different the Vanduul ships and Xi'an Khartu-Al (though I still feel that CIG needs to do more work on the Khartu-Al).What "defending" role do you think the Banu Defender will play........ my guess is that it will be a "tanky" .... "screening" ship...... designed to protect trade ships (since the Banu are all about trade). ++++++ Also see and vote on Banu Defender - Concept Sale Price - [POLL] &&&& Banu Weaponry - Singe This tachyon cannon, called the Singe, is a long range, high damage weapon used by the Banu Defender. Like much of the Banu technology, its real origin is unknown, but based on the fact that it differs from other Banu engineering choices, UEE historians suspect they assimilated it from some other culture. Banu Defender 185$ Disco Lando | CIG@discolando Spaceship Prices! 2017.04.15 - The Banu Defender will have a credit price of $185.
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    Hey guys, thought I would share my low-budget dual-joystick and pedal mount I made over this past weekend. Enjoy!
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    I think CIG plans to generate missions for ALL the player-owned ships in Star Citizen, including cap ships, like the Idris. I don't think CIG is going ignore the cap ships and make players and orgs solely responsible for finding things for cap ships to do. That would be poor game design and unsatisfactory customer service by CIG, and I don't think they'll make that mistake. CIG is developing a "Capture the Idris" game mode, which they say will involve two opposing frigates engaging in a pitched space battle, along with smaller ships, like fighters and bombers. And ship boarding will be involved in capturing the enemy's Idris to win the match. This means that CIG clearly has plans for the Idris. It's understandable that they're starting with the smaller fish bowl of Arena Commander. Later, they'll make the Idris flyable in the mini PU. My prediction for the mini PU is that, initially, Idris owners won't be flying their own frigates. (It would be a logistical nightmare having multiple frigates spawning around Olisar or GrimHex.) I think that a "public" Idris Frigate will spawn near Port Olisar, there will be NPC Argo shuttles (or possibly Argo shuttle missions for players to perform) to ferry players to the frigate, and players will have to accept a mission to crew the Idris in order to be permitted aboard the cap ship. If anyone tries to board the Idris without permission, they'll be flagged as a criminal and the Idris crew will be tasked with eliminating the intruders. When the Idris has a sufficient crew, it can proceed to a unique Idris mission chain, which will probably involve taking on larger scale NPC Pirate threats and possibly conclude with fending off a Vanduul incursion. In the full-scale PU, CIG has said that the UEE military will be conducting combat missions along the Vanduul border. My prediction is that players with sufficient UEE faction points will be able to travel to the front lines and accept missions from UEE Military quest-givers to perform combat operations in contested systems, like Caliban, Virgil, Tiber, and Orion. Some of those UEE missions will be tailored for cap ships. I believe that CIG will ensure there are sufficient game-generated missions to support player-owned cap ships. Of course, players and orgs will be free to use cap ships how they see fit, and will have to finance them themselves. Regardless, I don't agree with the widely held assumption that cap ships are money pits, which will require a committee's approval just to leave port, or that an org will spend a small fortune from their treasury to operate a cap ship every day. I believe there will be ways for cap ships to pay for themselves. But I do agree that it would be foolish to operate an Idris Frigate without sufficient crew or without support ships.
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    You guys are awesome. After my home improvement project is done, near the 2nd week of May, I would like for you guys to teach me how to fly. Because what I do now technically isn't really flying.
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    This is a good video to show people who are thinking about playing Star Citizen....... but there was potentially a major slip up at 30:20m into the video....... which could possibly mean that the Kr'Thak ......... could have Gravity Weapons?? The Kr-Thak are an Alien Race not in the game yet - but we know are part of the lore = they are at war with the Xi'An and the Xi'An at the start of the game want to keep human contact with the Kr'Thak at a minimum). Sometimes tech designers come up with some cool technical experiment (grabby hands is an example of this)... and will create new game play / lore around the new mechanic. Is this possibly an example of that. What do you think? ++++++ If indeed the Kr'Thak have some advanced Gravity Technology - how should CIG design their ships to reflect this technology??? Here is my take on that below.... Kr'Thak could be an insectoid or avian race from a Low-G Planet and are use to living in the sky or near orbit - and over time could be a race that easily adapted to Zero-G. Kr'Thak Ships should be Platonic Solids (like a Sphere or Ellipsoid - or even spin or rotate forming a spiral like shape) = where the Ship itself has no floors but is instead one large open space with equipment or stations scattered throughout the hollow shape..... = which would make for interesting FPS combats (different from fighting in corridors). Kr'Thak ships (if they are masters of Gravity and Inertia)..... might be extremely maneuverable - which would explain the Xi'An (being at war with the Kr-Thak) developing maneuverable ships with articulating thruster rigs to counter the Kr'Thak. Kr'Thak weapons could be gravity weapons that act like a rail gun or tractor beam which would make them very distinct. There is one mistake CIG made in the questions part of the video...... and that involves "Agent Smithing" in SC which allows you to use your Package NPC as an NPC which allows another player to "teleport" (which this one developer mentioned isn't a thing in SC - but it is - just in a limited form) to your friend's ship taking over their NPC == as a way to play with your friend that maybe many star systems away from your current player location.
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    The Banu "Singe" tachyon cannon popped up on a subreddit yesterday. Very interesting. A long range, high damage weapon. It seems like a "sniper cannon". Considering that tachyons are a hypothetical type of particles that can travel faster than light, a tachyon cannon would be a precision long range weapon, because in theory there'd be no projectile flight time -- the instant the cannon's muzzle flash is visible the tachyon particles should impact the target -- and therefore no need to lead a moving target, like with the current weapons. As long as the weapon is on target, it should have 100% accuracy. Of course, that's just speculation. In terms of game mechanics, CIG probably won't give the tachyon cannon FTL muzzle velocity; just extremely high muzzle velocity (perhaps 10,000 m/s). As for the Banu Defender, I'm hoping it's comparable to a Vanguard, but has a more spacious interior with more amenities. I think it will be, based on what is known about the Banu and the Merchantman. My prediction is that the Defender will be similar in design to the Merchantman, with wide (probably retractable) wings and fins, around a tapered fuselage. (Notice that the Singe tachyon cannon resembles the MM.) I think the internal size of the Defender will be somewhere in-between a Freelancer and a Constellation. And I wouldn't be surprised if the Defender was designed to dock with the Merchantman like a parasite craft, similar to how the P-52 docks with the Constellation. The question is: How much will the Banu Defender cost? We all know that the Banu Merchantman is really under-priced. It was originally $250 and during the 2016 Anniversary Sale it increased to $295. But when it's flyable, I think the price is going to jump to at least $400. The reason I bring up the presumptive price increase of the Merchantman is because I predict the Banu Defender is going to be priced around $250, same as the Vanguard (which was criticized as over-priced). Although, CIG will probably put an "alien" premium price on the Defender, so it'll be $275. I don't know if CIG will provide a discounted warbond cash-only price for the Banu Defender -- it wouldn't really make sense from an in-universe perspective, since it's a Banu import ship. But the warbond trick seems to be effective at bringing in new money to Star Citizen, so they might do it anyway.
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    SpaceX has achieved the first ever re-flight and recovery of a stage 1 orbital class rocket. This process vastly decreases the cost of resupply missions to the Solar frontier, which makes the colonization of Luna, Mars, and other Solar bodies much more economically feasible. If you understand the concept that Earth is not an eternal safe space amidst the void, and that our continued existence as a species is dependent on the condition of our planet and its biome, don't be surprised if you find yourself cheering out loud during this video in light of what this achievement means for our mission of existential redundancy. The reason why many of us are supporting Star Citizen is because its envisioned immersion would allow us escapists to experience a simulated extra-solar life, since we most probably will not live to see that day. Cheers to IRL organizations that are pushing the envelope of the cosmic frontier, and to game developers like CIG that are bringing a beautifully rendered simulation of that for us to play! Science fiction breeds many members of the next generation of scientists; therefore, CIG may be a significant cog in the machine of human space exploration.
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    With special guest BoredGamer! https://twitter.com/BoredGamerUK Block 1: 0:01:08 Block 2: 0:30:57 Block 3: 0:53:27 Block 4: 1:17:10 ----This show contains mild strong language. Viewer discretion advised. ---- Participants of this week Rellim: http://twitter.com/jonrellim Juntau: http://twitter.com/TheBasePirate TheOnly: http://twitter.com/TheOnly2u Edenstar: http://twitter.com/eden5tar BoredGamer: https://twitter.com/BoredGamerUK Video was shortened by cutting out music blocks. Edited by Moggimus. This show was broadcasted live on twitch.tv on 2017-03-26. Find The Base Radio: Website: http://thebase.sc Twitch: http://twitch.tv/thebaseradio Twitter: http://twitter.com/starcitizenbase Facebook: http://facebook.com/thebaseradio Discord: http://discord.thebase.sc RSI Org: http://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/THEBASE
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    Hello there I'm a french guy from Montpellier, France, aged 39 when writing this. I am very fond of everything that concerns space, from close or from afar : be it reading magazines, observing the skies, or playing space-oriented games (from TIE Fighter to SC, though Freelancer and all the like). I'm an able pilot, not an ace for sure, but not a beginner either : in combats i can quite defend myself, sometimes taking upto 3 ships at the same time if i'm on form, and in maneuvers i'm perfectly at ease with, well, anyting really. So why Imperium? Because of the structure, because of the freedom it offers (so many different mission types!), because it feels comforting, and last but not least, because of the great feeling of security it offers. After all, unity means strength. I also really like the idea of an Academy, since i'm a guy who's always aiming to learn new things. Apart from all this, i've spent over 8 years in Indian Himalayas, learning languages and calligraphy, as well as philosophy and other fields of knowledge. I speak fluently tibetan, and i can manage in Hindi as well. Very fond of Scuba Diving, i like the beauty and the quiet. Sa as a result of all this, i'm quite a peaceful guy, the one you rarely hear complaining (no wonder I guess, after such a long time in the Himalayas...) I'm looking forward to meet you guys up there, or to simply chat with you in order to know you better. Thanks for reading !
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    I expected the BMM to increase in size, but not to this degree. Based on the art pics, I eyeballed it at 200 metres long. If the ship scale analysis is accurate at 230 metres long and 297 metres wide, it rivals the Idris Frigate in size. Although, that scale analysis is based on art pics, not 3D models, because the Banu Merchantman hasn't even entered the ship production phase of development, and won't until late in the year. All we know for certain is that CIG has repeatedly said it's "much bigger" than originally concepted at 100 metres long. The artwork suggests that it's at least doubled in size. And based on past ships, CIG tends to make ships larger in production, because they realize the ship needs extra rooms that they didn't think about years ago, and they try to optimize the layout for FPS combat. Assuming that the BMM will be comparable in size to an Idris Frigate, that could mean it exceeds the Hull D in cargo capacity. Unfortunately, that's difficult to determine because the Ship Specs are practically useless, especially regarding cargo. The BMM's current cargo stats are ~5,000 SCU and the Hull D's is ~20,000 SCU. If you double the dimensions of a 3D object, the internal volume increases by 8 times. Here's the math: Volume = length * width * height Current BMM dimensions: 100m L x 135m W x 70m H (Note: The BMM is an irregularly shaped 3D object, NOT a rectangular prism, so the volume isn't accurate. It's just for illustrating my point.) V=lwh=100*135*70 = 9.45×105 or 945,000 cubic metres Speculated BMM 2X size increase = 200m L x 270m W x 140m H V=lwh=200*270*0 = 7.56×106 or 7,560,000 cubic metres As expected, that's 8 times the volume! The irregular shape of the ship doesn't matter, nor does the actual internal volume. The point is that the cargo capacity would increase by 8 times. That means the upsized BMM would have 40,000 SCU of cargo, which is more than double the Hull D! Bear in mind though that the BMM's interior isn't all for cargo. It's supposed to have a conference room, reception hall, and store front, plus the usual command, habitation, and engineering rooms. If half of the BMM's interior volume was dedicated to cargo, it would roughly equal the capacity of the Hull D. If the BMM has equal the cargo capacity of the Hull D, then I'm definitely going to melt my Hull D, because I don't need two massive cargo haulers with comparable capacity. The only reason I was considering keeping the Hull D was because, at the time, it had 4X the cargo capacity of the BMM. If they're equal, the BMM is the obvious choice because it has other features and amenities that the Hull D doesn't. And it looks cooler and it will be more rare, prestigious, and valuable. If it's true that the BMM is comparable to an Idris in size, I agree that the price is going to increase substantially in the future. It's not going to jump to $1000+ just because it's Idris-size. It'll probably increase to $600, comparable to the Hull E. (Basically making it a Hull D + the alien tax!) I think the BMM's size increase makes a lot of sense, because that's the size and scale of a legacy mercantile ship that's been passed down generation after generation. A 100 metre ship isn't that special. There are many ships in that 100 metre range. Whereas a 200 metre ship, which has 8 times the volume, it's understandable that the Banu would cherish that ship and treat it as their home, and be extremely protective of it. And I'm extremely pleased that I own a Banu Merchantman!
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    Well from a SCB grey marketers perspective...and im just really saying from my own point of view here, the buying and selling of ships is; A - my own meta game as a trader in SC B - make a few bucks back to help mitigate my extensive investment in SC, $15+k. C - with only 62 sales 90% of which where to new members who missed out on past sales and therefore couldnt just pick up a token to ccu...nor wanted to wait till november. D - provide answers and knowledge to those with questions regarding the market place...being the face people can trust. Rep over money every day! So in short, not all sellers have the same motivations and many actually provide am essential function. Sent from my LG-H812 using Tapatalk
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    Hey everyone I recently pledged and I'm still learning about the game and the community. I bought a Herald for what will probably be my main activity: spy / explorer. I also have a Bucc for when I need to fight and I'm waiting for a good opportunity to buy a third one maybe a bit bigger (Carrack?) What I expect from this game? A deep and rich gameplay where a small spy (me) can change the outcome of a big battle xD. Plus everything else this game is promising - the list is long. See you in the verse!
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    Voon 4/22/17- Added Banu Defender Player Images... Banu Defender - CIG already has Potential Cockpit Visibility - SOLVED Add your input to this Spectrum Thread so CIG sees it --->> LINK We know the Banu will adapt their ships to fit its marketing base (humans in this case) - as mentioned in the Concept Sale. Right now the concept is - that the Defender has a landing mode and a flight mode (this is how the Banu have developed the ship for themselves) Humans would not only modify the controls in the cockpit but would ALSO allow the Banu Defender to FLY and FIGHT in its Landing Configuration which would solve the Visibility Issue (see images) Humans would adapt the Banu Defender to 3 Modes (not confined to 2 Modes as designed by the Banu) Landing Mode - Same as top image as the Banu intended Dog-Fighting Mode - Same as = Landing Mode - Configuration would be adapted by the Banu for Humans with the ability to dog-fight with the Inclination of the Arms downward (like in the top image) - and the gimble weapons on the ends of the arms could compensate to still fire forward as needed. Sniping / Ramming Mode - Same as the Banu's normal flight mode which would be fine for fixed weapons (or gimble) on the arms and the Banu (learning from the Vanduul) would potentially use the arms as rams like the Vanduul use their wing-blades for ramming (and ramming would actually be an escort / sacrifice function to defend merchant ships). ----------------------- Yes we have other threads reducing the arms, modifying the location of the mid-section, etc.... but those are radical departures from the Banu Design - already revealed in the concept sale. Allowing a 3 mode option (allowing you to fly with inclined arms) is an easy solution for CIG. What do you think? The next image shows the Banu fighting the Vanduul - and thus they would pick up on Ramming as a viable - sacrifice / defending tactic - to use for the arms (maybe they have more armor) The last two images are from the holoviewer - which the community is complaining about - luckily CIG has an easily solution per above.
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    According to Ray, the BMM is now 21:9 courtesy of u/~~Sal~~ over at r/WidescreenWallpapers Rest of the images at full quality from the brochure: https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/topic/21397-banu-defender/?do=findComment&comment=351325
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    Xi'an Nox - WAVE 5 - Concept Ship I'll add more details as we get them (or post news on this thread if you can) on the Xi'an Nox ship as seen in the production schedule below..... +++ Also See WAVE 6 - Concept Ships - Dedicated Civilian Ships [POLL]
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    I don't think CIG got super detailed in the "why" of the design (most ships are concepted for look / appearance) - but occasionally CIG does value engineering reasons. As an architect / aerospace-engineer myself.... I can think of a number of reasons for the long arms.... one I mentioned above (and here is a list below).... To protect vs. Vanduul Blade / Ramming attacks The Singe Sniper weapons (2 of them are gimble'd - the ones on the struts) may need bigger housing to gimble Heat Dissapation area Componet Hull locations (Since the hatiable body is so compact) The Arms give more surface area to "protect" or block incoming enemy fire to a convoy ship The arms are more likely to get hit first (not just from ramming attacks but from incoming fire) The arms may actually be useful for ramming (learning from Vanduul Tactics) - and to protect a trade ship - a Defender may opt or need to ram The Aspect of the ship makes it easier to target a Snipe shot (its easier to snipe with a rifle than a pistol) etc.... ========== I agree the design isn't great for Dog-Fighting....... but again its an Escort Ship Same can be said for the Khartu-al - it is more of a Scout Ship (and may have better scanning options - we don't know yet) - but its protrusions don't help it dog-fight but will obviously have other functions for it being a Scout.
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    Can somebody grab the Merchantman images from the Defender sales pages and brochure? New images for us! It looks huge!
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    First of all, I'm not easy to please, I just look at these ships within context of the universe. From a visual design standpoint the ships look realistic, that doesn't mean they ARE. In that regard, CIG's designers haven't let me down. The ships look the part. It's a GAME. Sure, call it a spacesim all you want, it's still a computergame. It's not based on reality, it just approaches some aspects realisticly to immerse you into the world. Where it needs to, gameplay and the "cool factor" take precedence over what is realistic. I know "WWII planes in space" isn't realistic, but it's what Chris Roberts wants it to be and this is his baby. His magnum opus. His crown achievement. Do you also complain about Star Wars not being realistic? That the Millenium Falcon doesn't make sense, design wise? Even if you do, does that ruin Star wars for you? My point is, to me it's not an issue if the ships, from a pure realistic viewpoint, don't make sense. There are some points where any designer (which I am, professionally) would logically say "That would never work" or "no designer in their right mind would make something so impractical" but I'm looking past that because of the context that it's in. It's a fantasy universe where people have spaceships sitting in the driveway in the same way we have cars today. A universe where you can fly to another solarsystem to get some icecream and mercilessly blast some pirate scum along the way. A universe we share with turtle people and bird people. And it that universe, the ships make sense and they look phenomenal.
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    Yapp. Now father of two!

    Yapp. Now father of two!
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    We need more gameplay that involves less combat, and more exploration. Granted that it is coming eventually, we need a lot more of it. With the death system the way they see it, combat should be only 1/50th of the game for example. What game mechanics do you guys feel we need in the game for a more atmospheric experience in the game?
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    I posted this on the "sister" Spectrum thread for those that may not be familiar with this mechanic.... Kr'Thak with Gravity Weapons? -->> https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/kr-thak-with-gravity-weapons Also the Agent Smith Mechanic has been discussed beyond the Sept 27th 2013 post below by CR himself in more recent (maybe even 2016) 10FTC's (but don't have a link to those) - and it is technically still a game mechanic until this CIG post is removed or updated.... https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/13288-Multiple-Package-Clarification Multiple Package Clarification
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    One of the things I'm most excited for is just exploring. I would hate to constantly be in the middle of combat, to enjoy the planets and moons.
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    The original concept sale stated that it was a 2 man . VR cockpit , light fighter with 4 and maybe up to 6 guns. The difference between it and the Karthu-al was supposed to be that the scout did not have missiles. It was supposed to have multiple flight modes that were supposed to apply automatically. None of that actually made it into the ship.
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    Enjoy the Javelin and other 3.0 goodies in all its sweet glory!
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    Chris Roberts working his magic Published on Apr 14, 2017 With the release of the 3.0 Planetary Tech production schedule, we’re sharing an inside look at the complicated process behind creating a schedule for a game of Star Citizen's scope. See the 3.0 schedule details here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com Below is the end of year timeline.....
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    New Trailer Just release (looks impressive) + from IMBD Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) Action, Adventure, Fantasy | 15 December 2017 (USA) Having taken her first steps into a larger world in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), Rey continues her epic journey with Finn, Poe and Luke Skywalker in the next chapter of the saga. Director: Rian Johnson Writers: Rian Johnson (screenplay), George Lucas (characters) Stars: Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Mark Hamill | See full cast & crew »
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    Rockclimbing is life, With the Fiance in Florida, On the mountains.
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    Well we know so little about the ship but based on the info we have, im envisioning a banu version of the Vanguard... Heavy armor, med speed and agility, long distance traveler, all designed to defend larger slower moving ships, allowing them time to spool up and jump free of any incursion. Thoughts? AstroJak
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    We're a bit closer to reaching 3.0, fingers crossed it is released in good time. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/15807-Star-Citizen-Alpha-262-Is-LIVE Also, the entire Drake lineup is also on sale: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/15805-Drake-Sale-The-2947-Lineup
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    I bought the Cutlass way back when it was called "The Pirate Pack" and it included a retractable docking collar and cutting rig for boarding actions. It's unclear if CIG has abandoned those items and ship docking/boarding mechanics, or if they won't be included in the default Cutlass Black model, but there will be a limited "Pirate Pack" version. I suspect that CIG has rethought the ship boarding mechanics and decided EVA boarding is more practical, and probably less technically challenging. Originally, CR said that a target ship would have to be completely disabled (all engines and thrusters), which seemed like it would be very difficult without seriously damaging the whole ship. Next, the boarding ship would have to arrest the disabled ship in a tractor beam to stabilize it, then precisely maneuvered to dock with it, and finally board the ship. After the boarders subdued the crew, they have to offload the stolen cargo through the docking port, which could only accommodate cargo containers of a certain size. I think CIG determined there were too many steps in-between defeating a target ship and making a clean getaway with its cargo, so they decided to streamline how Piracy will work in Star Citizen's PU. CIG seems to be simplifying it by enabling cargo haulers to dump their cargo into space, thereby surrendering the prize, instead of making Pirates go through motions of taking it by force. Because if a lone Freelancer is cruising through a Lawless star system and is attacked by three Buccaneers and a Cutlass Black, the odds of the Lancer escaping are slim. Rather than put up a fight, the Lancer crew would be better off dumping some of their cargo (which should be insured) in exchange for the Pirates letting them go. At that point, the Cutlass would move in and use its tractor beams to bring the dropped cargo containers aboard. If the Lancer tried to escape or fight back, the Buccs would probably be able to disable its engines without destroying the ship. If the Lancer managed to destroy some of the Buccs, the Pirates would retaliate by killing the Lancer crew and destroying or capturing their ship. It just wouldn't be worthwhile to resist in that scenario. CIG seems to be re-designing the Cutlass Black based on that scenario, which is smart. In doing so, the re-designed Cutlass Black has a more clearly defined role, which is basically the evil counterpart of the Freelancer -- instead of trying to be both a Pirate Hornet and Pirate Freelancer, which we know didn't work. I think CIG made the right choices and I look forward to test flying the new Cutlass Black. And I'm especially interested in what CIG does to the Cutlass Blue!
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    I don't even know how to take a screenshot nor where to find said screenshots once taken. However, mine looks like this as I used the settings found in this Reddit thread in order to make my character.
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    There's a YouTube video of someone using it for SC now. Devil, source for the Hoplite in an Idris? As for the view...look, I think the outside looking in view of the defender is lovely. But then the same goes for most of the ships. Unfortunately it seems all too often that the view from the inside looking out isn't a consideration, and instead we get this ass-tactic rationalization of balanced gameplay through functionally handicapped views. No car, truck, etc does this but somehow you still know you're in a car or a truck. That's conveyed through other means such as speed, acceleration, turning rate, grip, noise, etc. I drive an econobox but I don't think it's Ferrari just because I can see unimpeded. And even if you allow for balancing the gameplay via a restricted view, we have a great in game example of that in the helmets. The tank sees less to the sides and in the corners. No one, not even the outlaw with the individual eye holes in the helmet, has anything impeding the central field of view. It's asinine, and we should stop trying to bend our minds around accepting it. With enough pushback we could get this fixed, just like we got the Freelancer much improved. /rant
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    Better image of above: ...it definitely increased in size.
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    All links available: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Add-Ons/Banu-Combo-Pack-Warbond-Edition https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Add-Ons/Banu-Combo-Pack https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Standalone-Ships/Banu-Merchantman-Warbond-Edition https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Standalone-Ships/Banu-Defender-Warbond-Edition https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Standalone-Ships/Banu-Defender https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Standalone-Ships/Banu-Merchantman-Banu-Sale Comm Link: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/15862-Banu-Defender
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    Man, what a beautiful ship. Again CIG blows me away. Very tempted (once again) to get a new ship.. might just wait untill it's ingame tho. on a side note, if CIG ever releases a coffee-table artbook with all their ship art/concept art, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Heck, they could release multiple volumes of artbooks and I'd buy each and every one of them. The artwork is absolutely stunning.
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    We need something appealing to humans
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    Considering that most of the dates on the ship spreadsheet have already come and gone, and the Sabre Raven is the last ship on the list and has no dates, I think it's more likely that it hasn't been scheduled yet. It's only on the list because they know it's next. Even if the Sabre Raven was a simple re-skin, I think it would've been scheduled and had production work done on it. So I disagree that the Raven not having schedule dates means it's already done and it's a re-skin. This pic certainly looks like a Sabre with a modified hull, which would definitely require production time. It's highly probable that this is the Raven. Whether the Raven is a combat ship or a civilian ship, we can only speculate. It seems to still have 4 weapon hardpoints, but the engine intakes are different than the distinctive Vanguard glowing circle intakes that has become Aegis' characteristic feature. It also seems like the modified Sabre's tail has a single engine. That could mean it's a stripped down civilian model... Or, more likely, the Sabre Raven is a dedicated stealth model. That's probably why the wings have been modified, the vertical stabilizer fins are gone, the engine intakes are narrower, and the tail is smaller (possibly for a single low-sig engine). That all indicates stealth to me. The only thing I'm surprised by is that the supposed Raven is equipped with the same Badger and Panther laser repeaters as the base Sabre. The Hornet Ghost had smaller Bulldog repeaters than the other Civilian Hornet models, and ballistic weapons produce the lowest energy signature. Also, it would've been cool if the Raven's weapons could retract into the hull for a more streamlined sensor silhouette. The Sabre was originally described as a stealth fighter -- or, at least, a "stealthy" fighter. I think that was nerfed in Arena Commander because it would've been too dominant and totally eclipsed the Hornet Ghost. I suspect that CIG needs a true stealth fighter for stealth missions in Squadron 42, so they've created the Sabre Raven. Consequently, it's possible that the Raven will be a military-only starfighter, like the F7A Military Hornet and F8 Lightning, and it won't have a concept sale.
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    From the lines I added to this, it looks like it could be over 500 bloody meters lol. And yet in that gif it looks much smaller...perspective is a bitch. I thought that maybe the Idris is just further below than first thought, but their bridge sizes are about the same. Idris shot for reference length for the area shrounded in darkness (rough guess). UPDATE: Using GIMP's measuring tool, it puts the Javelin at roughly 2.25x the length, which is ~540m +/- 20-40m to allow for error.
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    I think the "patrol" role for the Idris Frigate is akin to how RL destroyers and frigates are used today when deployed to the Gulf of Aden and South American coast, for pirate and drug smuggler interdiction. The frigate obviously isn't going to chase down outlaw starfighters and raiders. Instead, it will deploy its complement of 3 starfighters as scouts and interdiction craft, projecting its strength over a greater area of influence. If a civilian transport comes under attack by pirates and sends a distress call, the Idris will respond by scrambling its fighters to intervene, similar to how a RL destroyer deploys its helicopters or an aircraft carrier deploys its CAP. The fighters will be the first responders and, if necessary, the frigate will jump in to support them. The fighters will keep the pirates occupied until the frigate arrives. Once the frigate is on station, the pirates won't be able to raid the civilian transport, so they'll probably bug out. Mission accomplished. It's possible there will be NPC-generated Patrol missions like that scenario in High- and/or LowSec UEE systems, wherein the local defense or militia forces will hire mercs (players) to help defend their territory. Perhaps the rewards will scale based on the ships involved, so a team of players with an Idris Frigate and 3 fighter complement will earn higher rewards than a solo player with a Hornet. Naturally, the threat level would scale accordingly. Instead of a couple of pirates in Auroras or 325a's, the Idris team would have to deal with multiple Buccs, Cutlasses, and possibly a Caterpillar. And there could be mission progression, so that the pirate threat gradually ramps up over the course of a patrol "tour of duty". Perhaps after 12 game hours, the Idris team's score will be tallied up and they'll receive a large reward payout.
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