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    Radar altitude reading

    DColson-CIG@DColson-CIG Discussion Radar altitude reading Yesterday at 2:29 pm You've been heard loud and clear. We'll look into adding a radar altimeter. FatherSarge@FatherSarge Yesterday at 2:33 pm Adding right? Not just replacing the Sea Level altitude... I think we'd like both +133 DColson-CIG@DColson-CIGL Yesterday at 2:48 pm Yes, adding, we'll have both. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/radar-altitude-reading/1958065
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    Board Updates

    Updated the forums to IP.Board 4.x and some of the other plugins that had new releases. All appears to be working correctly, if you notice anything let me know. They have giphy integration now, so just turned it on as well for fun.
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    Greetings, citizens! Recently, one guy suggest the idea of this video, and to break a long silence (while I was doing other big projects), I decided to realize this idea. The UEES Razor’s Edge patrol ship was ambushed during a patrol and was badly damaged. The surviving team must do something, or they all gonna die - this is the starting point for this video. I hope you will enjoy it! P.S. if you like it, support me in: Citizen Spotlight Spectrum Reddit
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    Drake Corsair

    I also posted this since it is a great package - and deserves its own thread so people don't pass it up.... DRAKE 2949 Complete Pack << - Worth $2,915 and for sale for $2,630 Agreed - have Carrack ....... and I would also prefer the Aquila over the Corsair (especially since I like RSI ships better than Drake) - but again...... the Complete Pack may change the equation for some.)
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    Pssst, the Hawks
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    Hurston Timelapse

    Hello, this is my last Timelpase / Hyperlapse form this awesome universe, and I choose Hurston ! Hope you like it !
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    Danakar Endeel

    Drake Corsair

    Hmmm, reminds me a little bit like the BT-7 from SWToR due to the positioning of the wings. Warbond price of $195 doesn't appear too bad either and is a lot 'cheaper' than the Aquila but the Corsair probably won't come stock with a $50 rover; just room to put one in. So that's probably where the price difference went. Although most Drake enthusiasts will want to fill it up with Dragonflies anyway. Now I already have a Carrack so I don't need this one but it's nice to see another multicrew exploration ship to add some more variation.
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    Hello! New player maybe coming from elite dangerous! I am vr player so hows this? Is it possible? Tell me all pros and cons from this game?
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    Division 2? Anyone playing?

    Not since Ubisoft sided with the Chinese Communist Party - I mean Tencent - I mean Epic Store.
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    J. Coren

    Radar altitude reading

    Having BALT both and RALT readings on the HUD symbology is going to be tremendously important for navigation, especially in low light or low visibility conditions. It's also one step closer toward making a truly comprehensive and functioning navigation. All we'd need then is a ground and space coordinate system.
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    Aegis Reclaimer

    This caused a bit of a stir but CIG has cleared up that the reclaimer can still land on planets, you just need to pivot your VTOL thrusters down. Well... DUH. As the new flightmodel removes PRE and SCM modes, you will nolonger be restricted to 50m/s while landing... so I think all's good. Damn you David Colson, you almost gave me a heartattack 😛
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    New Build

    My old build was passed down and time for a new one, parts get here Thursday to start assembling. CPU: Intel Core i9-9900K Coffee Lake 8-Core, 16-Thread, 3.6 GHz CPU Cooler: Corsair Hydro Series, H150i PRO RGB, 360mm Motherboard: ASRock Z390 Taichi Ultimate LGA 1151 Memory: CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 32GB (4 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3000 (PC4 24000) Video Card: GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 2070 GAMING OC 8G Graphics Card, 3 x WINDFORCE Fans, 8GB 256-Bit GDDR6 Hard Drive: SAMSUNG 970 PRO M.2 2280 512GB Power Supply: CORSAIR RMx Series RM850x CP-9020180-NA 850W Tower: Thermaltake View 71 RGB 4-Sided Tempered Glass Vertical GPU Modular E-ATX Gaming Full Tower Extra Fans: Corsair HD Series, HD120 RGB LED, 120mm I'd like to get more in depth with overclocking this one. Assuming it will stay more than cool enough to push it some. Anyone have experience with this type of mobo's settings to give some suggestions?
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    Board Updates

    FYI, you can set the header image on your profile to an animated gif for a while now. https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/profile/9378-grizz/
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    Argo SRV

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    Argo SRV

    done and done. It will be a more versatile ship to use then the Vulture and it just makes more sense for me with industrial salvage in mind, Maybe... but I think we'll always have people messing around, or just being terrible pilots. Also, they'll add misfires to various systems and item degradation, so I expect we'll see more crashed/disabled ships in the future that need... erm... "helping".
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    Argo SRV

    Something occurred to me while watching the latest RTV on the SRV concerning the timing of the release of the SRV concept. A lot of comment was made about using the SRV to re-orientate ships that have landed upside down on planets, already a problem in the current iteration of the PU, I was hoping that it would not be such an issue with the upcoming changes to the flight model. It may be just pure speculation but maybe the number of larger/non-aerodynamic ships unable to maintain correct orientation near the planet surface or leave the atmosphere under their own power will be a such problem in 3.5 that it necessitates the need for the SRV. I was hoping that they could address this issue with the use of temporary jet boosters/fuel, but that may well be harder to implement than creating a new ship with strong enough tractor beams. Either way, I'm still looking forward to setting up a Spaceside Assistance Service!
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    Stromglade incoming detected

    I see a consumer with taste. A endeavor Pray tell. . .I see a convert
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    New guy incoming

    The negativity has come from its long development time. While the game still promises a lot and looks like it will continue to build to something great. It has taken its time getting to where it is now. As whether the game will be as good as it's supposed to be is all dependent on time. While you can play the game now and have fun with it, it's nowhere near to how good it is supposed to be. That all due to the fact the game is still in heavy development due to Chris Roberts Epic scope for the game. I still believe the game will be as good as it's supposed to be but it will just take its time to get there.
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    Danakar Endeel

    Drake Corsair

    Can't take credit for that one I'm afraid as I merely confiscated the image from Omega@Supreme when he made his post. I just wanted to share it so we could all see how he got to the 48m length estimate. So all credit for that one goes to Omega@Supreme.
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    Danakar Endeel

    Drake Corsair

    Looks like it will be approximately 48m in length. At least according to some rough estimates made by Omega@Supreme over on Spectrum based on the concept art Ursa = 8m in length Corsair = 6 Ursas long
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    Drake Corsair

    Details on the Corsair in this ATV
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    I have now downloaded the game and am ready to fly the verse but I know nothing of the verse and am interested in joining the sub group mainly for exploration. If possible can someone help me out.
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    Alpha 3.5 will be a big game changer for many since the flight model is changing (and many are holding off playing a lot until this comes out) = hopefully (and I think we will) see a surge of players for 3.5. Saw this on Spectrum: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/could-we-get-clarification-on-several-features-com/1987916 Discussion Yesterday at 9:01 am @Zyloh-CIG @discolando @DColson-CIG @cjohnson There are some features/additions to 3.5 coming online that the description on roadmap has caused confusion(at least to me) 1) Vehicle Tech Updates V1 - Adding a variety of vehicle implementation improvements, such as vehicle states for modal behavior, and updating the vehicle paint system. - Could you clarify what MODAL behavior means? Is it describing the switching between swept wings and non swept mode? Switching to VTOL without landing gear coming out? 2) System: heat - Improving the current heat system to support systemic gameplay and customization - What can we customize? Does this allow damage to happen if you walk thru fire? 3) Ship system: Degradation improvements - Ship component degradation improvements and persistence - are we going to be able to repair these ourselves or do we need to take to a repair bay? Thank you in advance. DColson-CIG@DColson-CIG Yesterday at 9:37 am The vehicle states for VTOL/landing mode etc will not come in 3.5. We decided to revisit this and do a better job, but it will only come in a future patch now. Heat is currently being worked on, but is not currently in the 3.5 branch. I believe the plan is for the changes to get in, but I do not know for sure. Degradation is already in, you need to take it to a repair bay to repair it.
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    XIIIth Expeditionary Corps

    The XIIIth Expeditionary Corps is a Private Military Company active on the STAR CITIZEN game. We propose daily activities to our members and recruits: Training and instructions, scripted and free roaming missions, irl activities, tournaments, pvp, pve, leaderboards. Our team of instructors offer regular training so that recruits quickly reach the required level in the XIIIth and to maintain the overall level of our members. Please visit XIIIth Corps WEBSITE for a full review of the XIIIth Corps. Our values: Efficiency - Flexibility - Esprit de Corps - Real life first ----------------------------------------------- What can the XIIIth offer you? A strong structure: If you have not done it yet, simply visit our website to find out. Teamplay - We try to create an Esprit de corps between our members by different means, to be more efficients in combat and have a more enjoyable experience in the multiplayer part of the game. Daily activities - which range from Instructions to training through scripted missions on the PU. Instructions - We will train you to quickly reach the XIII standards. Trainings - We practice what the instructions teach us. Efficiency - We are looking to reach maximum efficiency, our job requires it. Ships - We have all the ships we need already. Social interactions Rank system Presence System (participation points) to promote attendance Skilled members in Marines branch and Fleet able to share their knowledge Good mentality - No drama We got a new fresh Facebook page, where you can find screens or vids of our missions: XIIIth Corps FACEBOOK And as always, you got a question? we'll be glad to answer on our Discord server
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    Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/16999-Star-Citizen-Monthly-Report-February-2019 The Carrack is heading towards a greybox-complete state and select areas are being polished for review.
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    Welcome! Some of the pros: Fully crowdfunded, it's not beholden to large publishers who push things out before they're ready. The graphics (I won't lie, im a sucker for pretty games and it looks amazing) Open game development. Every week they release multiple videos on the development of the game and frequently answer backer questions. Multi-crew gameplay. You can play together with friends on large, even massive ships. Seamless transition from space to planetside. If you'll allow a slight jab at Elite: Dangerous, you don't need to pay extra to be able to land on planets... FPS gameplay. You can leave your spaceship and/or pilot's seat and walk around, grab a gun and shoot some poor sob in the face. Good times. A multitude of (eventual) gameplay options like: cargo hauling, mining, salvage, repair, refuel, exploration, research, piracy, bountyhunting, data collection, FPS combat specialist, medical specialist, search and rescue.. even farming. A starting package is only $54,40 USD. The pledge store can be misleading, and the many game packages/ships can seem very daunting and perhaps overpriced, but you do not need to get any more then a starter package. Also it's a one-time purchase, it doesn't require a subscription. The cons: Long development time The project has gotten it's share of critisism for it's long development time and concept ship sales. I feel the most important thing for new backers to understand is that the game is currently in a alpha state and as such is buggy at times, and many of the gameplay mechanics I previously mentioned aren't implemented yet... which can make the current game rather boring. Backing now means you're investing money into a game that still has years of development time ahead of it. Currently unknown release date It has been in development for about 7 years now, and a exact release date for the Persistent Universe isn't know yet. Squadron 42, the stand-alone solo campaign, is currently set to go into beta in 2020. As both games share many mechanics and assets, development on one affects the other. I reckon we'll see more progress in the Persistent Universe as Squadron 42 gets closer to release. Something that new potential backers should understand is this: Because this game is crowd funded and Cloud Imperium gets most of it's funding from ship/concept sales, it has received a lot of criticism on being a "Pay to Win" game at best or a "scam" at worst. To clear things up, it's not a scam. There is a game. You can play it, even if it's alpha. It is being worked on and constantly updated. Every yearly quarter they release another patch. You can find their roadmap on the website. The Pay To Win model can be argued, I guess, though just having a large ship doesn't mean you win the game. You will need to put time and effort into playing the game to earn enough credits to keep flying, repair and rearm the ships. As for VR, right now there is no native VR support. Some people managed to get it working in older builds, I don't know if this is still possible. Cloud Imperium has said they'd like to support VR in some way, but right now it is not a priority. This is just some of the information I feel you need to know before backing. If you have any other questions, feel free to post them here on the forum or on RobertsSpaceIndustries.com/Spectrum. Again, welcome and hopefully see you in the 'verse.
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    Knowing my luck, I'll probably end up disturbing an ancient alien race that has been dormant for a thousand years...
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    J. Coren


    Here is to hoping there is a tethering/spelunking/rope system included. Aside from making great gameplay opportunities, it'd be a nice addition to the movement in general.
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    CIG - Official Star Citizen Tutorials

    Oh great, now I have no excuse for having no clue what I'm doing!
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    J. Coren

    DCS F-14B Tomcat - March 13th EA

    For those of you who haven't been keeping up with Digital Combat Simulator as of late, there is the possibility you've missed out on one of the biggest announcements in the last few years for the flight sim community. Heatblur Simulations, the team responsible for the absolutely gorgeous Saab AJS-39 Viggen supersonic attack aircraft and the MIG-21bis supersonic interceptor modules are set to release the a new module of the world famous Grumman F-14 Tomcat. The DCS community has been eagerly awaiting the module since its announcement several years ago, and its upcoming release on March 13th sets a new bar of quality for the title with the first true cooperative multicrew aircraft (trolling the pilot from the backseat of an Albatross doesn't count). First adopted by the 1974, the F-14A Tomcat was US Navy's all-weather carrier-based interceptor and air superiority fighter. The B variant expanded its role into a general purpose fighter capable of both air and ground attack in equal measure. The Tomcat made a name for itself during the Iran-Iraq War flying with the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force, where it earned an excellent victory rate despite its deployment in limited numbers. It continues to serve the IRIAF as an air superiority fighter and escort, and has been seen running missions against the Islamic State in the Levant. The Tomcat became world famous in the film Top Gun where it was featured prominently. Many experts and veteran pilots consider it to the best interceptor of the 20th century. The DCS Tomcat is set to release in a near complete state with a long list of features including but not limited to: A beautifully rendered and fully clickable 3D cockpit Access to the Pilot and RIO seat in both single and multiplayer, allowing for the first true multi-crew aircraft in DCS Accurate simulation of the F-14's flight model and systems such as the AN/AWG-9 Radar, AIM-54, and other avionics Jester AI - A dynamic fully voiced AI RIO that can operate all rear-seat functions including radar intercept, navigation, and weapons control, with a massive library of phrases and callouts Two full campaigns included Fully voiced and interactive tutorials covering everything you'll need to know to operate as both Pilot and RIO Near feature complete F-14B variant with the F-14A variant expected in the future Original OST by Meteor inspired by the Top Gun soundtrack, free for use by the community You can pre-order on the Heatblur Store for yourself, or package of you and a friend. You can also get it from the Eagle Dynamics store. DCS World BETA will be required. I've already pre-ordered the module for myself, and am hoping someone from the Imperium community wants to join me. I'm eager to jump in the back seat and fly RIO for someone.
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    Game of Thrones

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    It is so nice to join your events! i love it!
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    Stromglade incoming detected

    Welcome to the boards!
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    Freelancer MAX

    You can just barely fit 3 Cyclones inside a Freelancer MAX!
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    Returning on 3.5

    I been here off and on and was a bit more active on 3.0. Even build a new PC for 3.0, but then life get in the way and 3.0 was not really playable for me. I was planning on comming back last week. Then they have the HS on sale. So needless to say I trade up for it. I guess I am better off waiting for 3.5 since the new control update.
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    New Build

    I'd drop the i9 to an Intel i7 Coffee Lake and take RTX 2080 regular over the 2070. You really won't notice the difference in the CPU but will notice in the next year for the GPU. Just my thoughts. 😃
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    Howdy ALL Hope you enjoy the white stuff. wish i was there NOT. too cheer ya up. warm greetings from the tropic mon.
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    Nvidia RTX 2080 8G

    GPU utilization doesn't mean much except when it's not pegged at 100%, it might point to a bottleneck on a different side of things. So 100% utilization is good, but not all 100% utilization are equal etiher. Same GPU pegged at 100% will spit out different number of frames each second dependant on CPU etc.
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    Argo SRV

    You just do what I do ------ keep your Vulture ..... and keep the CCU to the SRV in your hanger without applying it........ use the Vulture for awhile ...... then when the SRV is playable - apply the CCU
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    Argo SRV

    @GRIZZ - remember I thought you would want a ship to Tow since you are a Salvage Specialist - we'll here's your chance
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    Sacrilege. Blasphemer!
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    6 words: Patience, wait for new flight model.
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    Booster Terrik

    Virpil Controls

    By the time the PU launches we will all be using neural interfaces and not bother with joysticks. I have attached a picture of my prototype SC control setup, I still need to tweak it a bit so there are less cables.
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    Xi'An - Cargo Ship

    https://imgur.com/a/MFdnDk6#l4JylrA Xian Cargo Ship (2017/2018) Uploaded Aug 13
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    Mason Satchmo

    Long Range Hauler

    anyone find it very INTERESTING that the actual ship created in STAR CITIZEN looks almost EXACTLY like my sketch from YEARS ago? coincidence??
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