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    Trailer #3: Trailer #2: Trialer #1:
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    New Imperium member

    Hey there, New Imperium member here. Been a Star Citizen follower since 2013, and a backer since early 2015. Hit wing commander a couple months ago. Super Passionate about the project and the community. Looking forward to whats to come. Current Location is Alberta Canada. Mountain standard time.
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    Aegis Nautilus

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    Hey all, New applicant to Imperium here, backer since 2013-ish. Bounty Hunter, Trader, Transport. Running in 325A currently and the loaner freelancer everyone has. Not exactly sure about the specialty to choose yet, but currently learning some combat maneuvers, flying a HOSAS + Rudders. See ya all in the verse, Dohn_Dhat
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    Hi everybody, I would like to share with you a crewed interstellar spacecraft which I have designed and called Solar One. It employs a combination of 3 propulsion methods: nuclear fusion, beam-powered propulsion , and photon propulsion. Basically, several compact fusion reactors power a laser system that propels a huge light sail. Physicist Robert Forward already proposed in 1983 to use a 26-TW laser system to propel a 100-km light sail, a fresnel lens to focus the beam of the laser, and decelerate the spacecraft with a secondary light sail. I propose something a bit different, which is to use to use for example a 60 TW-laser to propel a 5-km light sail that would deploy from the spacecraft after the acceleration stage, use parabolic mirrors that gradually change their orientation in order to focus the laser beam, and finally use a photon rocket to decelerate the spacecraft. In theory, it could be possible to achieve 25% the speed of light, reaching the closest potentially habitable exoplanet in less than 20 years. There are of course many challenges, like building high-energy continuous-wave lasers, reducing the weight of the nuclear fusion reactors (and of course achieving effective nuclear fusion first), and minimizing the effects of zero gravity during such a long trip. What do you guys suggest to overcome these challenges? This is my paper and a short video that summarizes all.
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    Thanks for watching!
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    Hi Folks, did this clip the other day - have fun...
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    My name is AstroAstanis and I have the aegis avenger Titan package. I would like to become more active in the Star Citizen community and am very interested in joining the Imperium.
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    New Recruit

    Hey Imperium! Name is Nylos, my org application was sent just prior to writing this. Looking for a solid group of people to run with and you guys seem to be right up my alley. I first made a SC account in 2015 but only backed two years ago, now that the game is more fleshed out I filled out my hangar a bit and am ready to engage in fleet ops and general mayhem. Currently flying a Constellation Andromeda, Cutlass Red (will eventually be an Apollo), Sabre, and a 300 series as my personal runabout. I've fallen in love with space trucking with the Andromeda and am looking forward to living out my best Millennium Falcon dreams with that. As far as eventual fleet role I'm a firefighter/paramedic by profession and will probably focus myself to search/rescue and medical gameplay. Looking forward to forming up! Nylos
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    Gladius was mentioned in 3 different times this week. Looks like its getting the first treatment in 2 new features, probably due to its large role in SQ42. The flight model was detailed with improvements again The whole article is really cool and worth reading if you sat out the 3.x patches because you didn't like the flight model changes. Weapon Racks are being added. The cockpit is updated with a dash makeover with working toggles and lights.
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    New recruit here, this is great!

    What's up everyone! New recruit here as of early last month and finally finding my way around. I went with the starter Mustang but have since purchased a Cutlass Black and loving it. Have been able to get a few of my friends into this as well and we're finding out some things that work and others that don't...like your crew mates can fall out the ramp door while quantum traveling (wtf was he doing back there anyway?). Flew the Blade tonight and it was cool. Want to take the Glaive out before the expo ends. Taking the Caterpillar into space from Lorville was interesting. On daily and ready to rock and roll Glad to be here, eager to play and can't wait to get into a Reclaimer or a Hammerhead VKGT
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    Great video, thanks. The lyrics for the song are: Clocked out 10 till 2 Beat the traffic on the way down Surfs up in Malibu Burning daylight on the 101 I've been jumping over fences Breaking my back just to get off the ground I think I’m running out of chances Speeding up time just to slow it down I need to get away I need a place clear my mind I need to get away I need a west coast sunset paradise I need to get away Bonfire here with you Crashing waves up on the shoreline From here the skyline views Haven’t seen ‘em in a long time I've been jumping over fences I think I’m running out of chances
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    New member

    Hey all! New/returning member here. I’ve been a backer since 2013/14-ish and was a member of Imperium about then as well. I left because I thought you might be a bit too hardcore for me at the time. Now I’ve gotten the SCbug full on and spent too much money on this wonderful thing not to be hardcore about it. I mostly do trading, done quite a bit of mining and some pewpew now and then. I also really like big coordinated ops with logistics, escorts, ground troops and so on. I’m mostly looking forward to exploration and “fringe” trading as well as the whole industry thing. Drakes are Shitty-prrrretty!
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    Arckon, Reporting In

    Greetings, Now that I finally enjoying being in the cockpit with 3.9, I want to develop my skills with professionals. Few who fit the bill are as highly regarded as Imperium. I hope to specialize in Xenotech trading in the full PU, and I believe building good trade practices and relationships now will be invaluable when that time comes. My fleet is well rounded, though my primary exploration vessel (Drake Corsair) and Flagship (Banu Merchantman) are currently under commission beyond the Stanton system. A manifest of currently available ships will follow: Origin 325a (LTI) MISC Freelancer MIS (LTI) Banu Defender (Loaner) Drake Caterpillar (Loaner) MISC Prospector (3.9 in-game-purchase) Aegis Retaliator (3.9 in-game-purchase) I look forward to working with you all.
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    LOLs thread

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    Star Citizen Nudity

    I'm not immersed enough if I get to choose my own body. We should be randomly assigned a gender, chest size, height, skin color, eye color, etc, just like in real life.
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    Greycat ROC mining vehicle

    I re watched the Citizencon panel where this was discussed and thought up a great use for the wheeled miner. Large caves. If the cave is large enough for a vehicle, then you will need this. Walking into caves is already a risk with limited suit power and air, having a vehicle (for where ships can't fit) to replenish and empty your pockets would be really helpful.
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    Greycat ROC mining vehicle

    Do you think when mining in a vehicle like this, could the mined rocks be stored in a nearby owned ship? This would be cool to get with possibly a larger cargo ship (Constellation, Mercury, etc) where you could go mine everything and store it in another ship...
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    Devil Khan

    Greycat ROC mining vehicle

    Question, since there is no refining (not even the sorta one the prospector had) it kinda means that only 1, maybe 2 SCU. Can the "saddle bag" be taken of and stick on an empty one while out mining? Anyway, The prospector has 64 SCU without changing and I am hoping that this will make real (in game)
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    Greycat ROC mining vehicle

    For one, it will probably reach areas that the prospector can't, and another advantage is that you don't have to be flying a specific mining ship to take advantage of any large valuable deposits that you come across in the 'Verse. Especially useful once we lose the ability to call up any ship from any terminal. Having one of these in a corner of my cargo hold actually makes exploration a much more lucrative activity with the larger ships when a prospector isn't readily available.
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    Star Citizen Nudity

    i agree there. i mean and i know this will probably be taken the wrong way but even eve online has ways to change body looks. and hell you can't even see your character in that because well you are always in a ship. at one point they had a captains quarters but they did away with that.. in my opinion that was a mistake on ccp's part but ehh im no game dev lol.. but yeah i soo agree with you if they did different body presets that would be something at least
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    Danakar Endeel

    Star Citizen Nudity

    Yeah, everybody looking exactly the same is something that would indeed be unfortunate. Already the face-gen appears rather limited and everybody already looks way too similar in my opinion with the splicing and sliders having minor effects at most on the small set of available heads. For bodies CIG could have certain different body presets but this may cause issues with clothing/armor atm. That might also be why we currently only have 1 male and 1 female body. Even there we've already seen tons of issues with clothing not fitting properly or being misaligned when putting a coat on. I recall seeing certain nightmare creatures at one point with elongated arms and the like just for donning an outfit. Ofcourse clothing/armors can be more dynamic and there should be tech to make it work up to a certain point. I do hope there will be some more variety at some point though as everybody having the exact same bodytype will be pretty bland. I doubt it will be to the level of detail as Cyberpunk but that game apparently threw everything out the window and went all the way with triple mouthed sexbots and everything. That said, if CIG manages to create some different body presets that might be a good middle-road; especially because we have already seen skinny as well as obese bodies for some male NPCs. Makes sense that we'd also get some additional male and female body types to choose from instead of just the "generic trained military body". Would be nice to have skinny-normal-muscular-obese with female character model also having some variety in breastsize (from A to D perhaps). Just no sliders where people get to make J-cup behemoths as that would just be too much.
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    Star Citizen Nudity

    none taken. and as i said i can see why people would say that. at the very least what the could do is allow us to at least change the size of breast sizes even if they are covered which its highly likely they would be. but at least that way not everyone would look the same in terms of physique.
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    Danakar Endeel

    Star Citizen Nudity

    Now I could be wrong but as far as I know this game has no rating at all as of yet. From what I've seen though is that there won't be much (if any) nudity as everyone will still be wearing underwear. Implementing nude bodies just for the sake of nude bodies is also not something I personally see the appeal of. But that's just me. Cyberpunk2077 appears to be an entirely different beast where you can apparently customize your junk and everything. I doubt Star Citizen will have anything remotely resembling that and personally I'm fine with it. I'd rather they spend their time on building more star systems instead of breastsize-sliders and whatnot. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how things will go but so far it seems that 'nudity' in Star Citizen will be limited to wearing underwear. Please do not interpret my opinion as an attack or anything as that is not my intent. It's just my opinion on the matter.
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    Star Citizen Nudity

    personally while i understand that it could be a hard decision to implement such a feature, as some have stated cr stated that this game would be the most realistic space mmo persistent living game around and available, now i can understand from a pr stand point that it could end up a nightmare, i won't disagree with that, however it is also an adult rated game i.e mature game. many many games as have been stated allow nudity conan exiles being one of just many that allow it. now i like games specially mmo games to be as real as they can be. as lets face it the more real they are the more immersed we the players get into the game. that's what games are about immersion and enthralling to help us forget about real life stress and frustration etc. now i myself am 32 yrs of age. and yes i will admit. as some have stated in the comments it could diminish/cheapen the game. but there is another side of the coin as the saying goes there are always two sides of a coin. so what if let's suppose it did get added. what if it was actually well received and in fact improved the game more. now your probably asking yourself''s how could nudity possibly improve a game more then what it already is?. again it boils down to realism and it also makes the character creation even more better that what that also is currently which i understand is still not fully completed yet maybe im wrong on that. i just think that it should be in the game. i mean heck look at cyberpunk 2077 yes it will be primarily a single player game. but they have gone full out on nudity in their game and that is a single player game. if they can do it. then why not star citizen ?? oh and as you can very well see. i'm a girl. so before anyone goes and says oh its just about sex an bla bla bla. it has absolutely zero to do with that as i have no interest in sex being in the game. as stated i just think nudity could/should be added for the realism.
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    Danakar Endeel

    Greycat ROC mining vehicle

    For us Starfarer/Gemini owners this Greycat ROC may be the best option now in order to mine quantanium on our own atm. Would have preferred something that could also operate in space though like a mining skiff but I guess landing my Gemini on low-gravity moons will have to do. As for price it's a complete unknown at this time. Personally I'm hoping that it will be relatively cheap but we all know CIG doesn't know that word. So I'm guessing $75 while hoping it will be less.
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    Devil Khan

    RSI Odin

    Very nice looking, even if it is from the leaked images. Still no specs it though.
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    Danakar Endeel


    Figured I'd share as I really appreciate Morphologis's review rant on the Starfarer.
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    you can also "mark" your interested on the portal under your profile > settings
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    Tesla CyberTruck

    https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1274902689533444097 Battery Day put off until September... tentatively at that.
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    Hi all

    Hello everyone, I am an "old" French man and have just started in star citizen. I come to this forum to learn about the game and to be able to "take advantage" of the knowledge of the most experienced.
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    Help - HOTAS Axis Mapping

    Not a problem, glad it worked! =]
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    Help - HOTAS Axis Mapping

    @Switch Worked like a charm. Thank you!
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    Stud Duficious


    I have recently sent my application to Imperium and I choose this way to notifyHuman Resources .
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    Aegis Nautilus

    I was right, the videos were taken down, it was released too early. https://streamable.com/cul7ox
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    How to increase FPS, reduce load times and stuttering
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    Xi'an Scout - Khartu-al (export model)

    Sounds like the khartul-al is getting up gunned, with two gimbaled size 3s now.
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    Stud Duficious

    Role of the Nautilus

    can't the nautilus also do ECM and shut off enemy weapons? That's a huge offensive advantage in my opinion.
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    Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    Saw this on Spectrum a few moments ago too... Looking pretty well fleshed out up here, which is awesome! With all the work that's being done to the Hercules ship, I'm thinking this mayl drop into the 'Verse by the end of the year. Something I saw in this picture I thought was interesting... If you look past the middle "hump" of components, there's a section of wall protruding from the rest of the hull with glass walls and a grated door it looks like. I really wonder what that's for and what's behind it?
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    Danakar Endeel

    Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    New image of the component bay on the Starlifter Taken from this week's newsletter
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    Hey! Don't know if it was posted here, but we just won a video contest for the Invictus Launch week! <###(3) The sun never sets! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/invictus-launch-week-video-contest Thank you Sir_Belial, Switchd, Callum_127, Deonaldi, Kemalis and Triggerminus for your great inputs and help. Video contest Submission: We also made a Directors cut: And a bloopers video:
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    For those interested in the videos, here is the link to the post with all versions and bloopers included!
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    Destroyer, Javelin-class

    Don't make the mistake of thinking that whatever happens with the AI controlled capital ship "husks" during the Invictus event has any bearing on how they will perform when players start flying them in the 'verse. How these ships currently operate is vastly simplified compared to how they will be later on; just assume the devs have only temporarily turned on "God mode" to stop players interrupting the fleet's flight path. Rest assured, 50 tallys against a Javelin won't seem as ineffective as it is now.
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    Aegis Reclaimer

    This dude repainted a Reclaimer and I love how its Imperium colors.
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    LAST EDIT: 11/Jun/2020 Hi everyone / I have images/gifs of ships/vehicles that are either flyable or in concept, development, re-worked or from Star Citizen lore. There are also many other categories, including anything from Star Systems to Characters to Ship/FPS Equipment. I constantly add more to the albums so don't be afraid to come back here anytime for the latest images. Please Enjoy. VEHICLES: SHIPS LAND VEHICLES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ COMPONENTS: SHIP WEAPONS - GUNS SHIP WEAPONS - MISSILES / TORPEDOES / MINES OTHER SHIP COMPONENTS FIRST PERSON WEAPONS FIRST PERSON WEAPONS - ATTACHMENTS OTHER FIRST PERSON COMPONENTS -------------------------------------------- BONUS -------------------------------------------- CHARACTERS: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PLACES: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GAMEPLAY: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SQUADRON 42: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OTHER:
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    Aegis Nautilus

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    Danakar Endeel

    Aegis Nautilus

    Aegis Nautilus Q&A How long is the lifespan of the different mine types and how long do they persist during logout? What happens if the parent ship is destroyed – can mines be retrieved afterwards in such occurrences? Once deployed and in use, a mine’s components start to degrade, though their lifespan is dependent on the environment and how they are used. For example, regularly engaged weapons platforms will likely wear out and proximity mines will likely detonate before they degrade. If live but untriggered, we envisage a mine’s lifespan to be measured in days rather than minutes. Mine lifespan is not influenced by the state of the parent ship, be it destroyed or not. Deployed mines ‘remember’ the original deployment ship, so can be retrieved afterwards. Are drone bays like the one in the Nautilus universal? For example, can they equip repair/refuel drones and likewise, can other drone-carrying ships like the Vulcan and Carrack equip NEMO drones? The Nautilus can equip and use drones from the Vulcan and Carrack but lacks the equipment to repair or refit them for their specified roles. Similarly, the Vulcan and Carrack can equip NEMO drones but don’t have the means to store mines, so they would have to disable them and leave them behind. What’s the rationale behind a near-capital size minelayer only having 24 mines to use in the infinite vastness of space? A single mine covers a significant area, so a huge number of mines aren’t necessary. This combined with not wanting players to have to deal with an unwieldy number of mines and the technical implications of keeping them around resulted in the capacity of the Nautilus. Will the mines communicate data back to the mothership, for example, where they’ve autonomously moved to, whether they’ve been activated, and what they’ve detected (hostile vs. friend)? Once deployed, mines enter a pseudo ‘read-only’ state where the deploying player can see limited information about them, such as the expected wear and degradation level and their status. Since the mines track and follow targets, can they operate within a planet’s atmosphere? The mine’s thrusters only work in Zero-G. If they’re deployed or end up in-atmosphere, they will be unable to maintain their position. The mines will abort tracking a target if it’s beyond their capability to intercept. Could a stealth ship (like an Eclipse, Raven, or Sabre) bypass mines with relative ease? Will other ships be able to scan their surroundings to detect mines or is the Nautilus the only ship capable of doing that? Any ship can detect (and be detected) by mines as it uses the game-wide signature and radar system. Stealth ships will naturally be harder to detect, so stand a better chance of safely bypassing mines. Ships with specialized radar/scanners will find themselves much better suited to detecting mines at distance. Can the cargo hold be used to store additional mines? If so, how many can it store? No, the cargo bay is purely for cargo storage and is not large enough to get mines in or out (mines are approximately 4×4×4m). Are mines set to friend or foe targeting? If a teammate lays a minefield, will it automatically only target enemy/unknown contacts? The player deploying mines can set a friend or foe status using the existing faction/hostility system. Providing a player’s teammate is in the same faction or has the same hostility level, they will not be targeted. However, players can deploy mines without any of these protections if they wish. Are more mine variations being considered? There are plans for more mine types in the future, but none have progressed to the point we’re happy to discuss their details yet. What is the detection range of the mines and sentries (how far away before the mines engage an enemy)? The maximum detection range is another tricky statistic to quantify as it completely depends on both the components of the mine (they use regular adjustable ship items) and the emissions of the target. That said, we expect each mine to have at least a minimum engagement radius of between 5 and 10km. They will pursue targets a fair distance beyond that too to allow relatively small quantities of mines to cover a moderately large area. Will we be able to create precise patterns for our mines, such as spheres or triangles, and have the mines go to their designated locations without having to fly the Nautilus in said pattern and guess when to release? The mine control room allows the operators to see the position of where the mines will end up, but we don’t currently plan to let the user pick from specific post-deployment patterns. Instead, the Nautilus crew must work together to place mines in what they deem to be the best pattern given the ship’s movement capabilities and the launcher’s tube position. Flying at a lower speed allows for much more accurate deployment. Will the laying of mines be considered a crime? As you might expect, it depends. The legality of minelaying is dependent on the laws and jurisdiction of the area, as well as the authority (or lack thereof) of the organization tasking you with laying mines. You can probably assume that laying mines in the vicinity of a heavily inhabited UEE planet would be a very criminal act. On the other hand, being tasked by a UEE mission giver to deploy mines around a Jump Point to a Vanduul-occupied system would likely be legal. There are all kinds of possible circumstances in between too, which inhabit various legal grey areas. Can mines be remotely hacked? Yes. The NEMO drone performs this task as the range that mines can be hacked from is short. The brochure says the Nautilus has two large quantum fuel tanks, but the stats page says it has one. Which is correct? The brochure is correct – the stats page will be updated. Also, the brochure doesn’t specifically list the missile turret as a separate item, instead it accounts for it in place of one of the listed S3 gun turrets. These differences were due to adjustments that took place after the brochure had gone to print, which was many weeks ahead of the release of the ship and before some of the internal review gates. Why do mines have a much smaller payload compared to their size? A S7 mine correlates with a S5 torpedo’s payload despite being more challenging to deploy and retrieve. Once all the internal components of the mines are accounted for, the remaining space is appropriate to the current payload. If in further testing we find that mines are under or overperforming, we’ll adjust their performance to suit.
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    LOLs thread

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    Hey @GRIZZ o/ Just checked the link. It seems fine. Here it is: https://imgur.com/a/5zKYi5s
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    Welcome to the Fleet Stromglade, Glad to hear you're interested about the exploration side of things, the best way to express your interest especially towards one division or another would be to make sure you fill out your portal Profile's Divisional interest https://portal.starcitizenbase.com/user/view/4115 take mine for example at 90% exploration. Following that if you join in on discord & teamspeak to start up exploration discussions with other members so we all get to know who you are and what you want to do in a more specialized way. After that is all said and done after 3 months you can do the following, depending on what kinda of dedication you want to put forward. Ether get your signature done up so it's Exploration theme'd which anyone can do or apply to become an exploration specialist which will require you to go above and beyond a fleet members commitments. In the end what every you desire will not limit your participation in anything one division is doing as all fleet members can be equally involved in all divisions.
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