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    Salutations @Imperium Member! Have you ever sat, staring out your window and thought to yourself “I wish I could help the Event Coordinators with Game Day, but I’m not sure how?” Then strap yourself in, because we’re looking for more volunteers! If you are interested, sign up for one or more of the tasks presented below and we'll be getting you involved for one of the upcoming Game Days. As long as you have time to give, we’ll do our damndest to schedule in times that work for you. Game Day Host A Game Day host is there to help and guide participants towards varying activities and answer any questions that might arise during Game Day. Help inform and guide participants to either an activity that is going on currently that need more participants and/or start gathering participants to gain enough to create a new activity. Information distributed to participants will include; Briefing participants on how they can enter their names into a raffle. Workshop Channel and how it works What game modes are currently being played or most likely to be played next. What each channel represents. The timeline for Custom Scenarios channel (when active); direct participants to respective TS channel, to wait for CS Host to show up Answer any question participants have about the event or anything that current hosts may have knowledge of (example: division specific information that host may be actively involved with) If this sounds interesting and you wish to volunteer as a Game Day host then please fill out this form. If you have no idea what some of those bullet points were, then we’ll be happy to provide all the information necessary. https://goo.gl/forms/0UvN9TX76Ms76PYK2 Game Day Caster If you haven’t seen the amazing job that @Sharpspoonful did during the first Imperium Game Day stream or you need a reminder, then take a look at this: Requirements: Facecam of decent quality. Game Day Stream Cameraman When we asked Imperiums own @Trophias what he thinks makes a good cameraman he said: “Yo, join us, imperium stream, yo” - Trophias 2k17... and I couldn’t have said it better myself. Your role as a cameraman will be to make sure that the most action packed and exciting shots that you can provide are available for the Caster to commentate over, and everyone watching to enjoy. Now there are two ways of helping out here, you can simply be streaming your point of view as you’re playing, or you could volunteer as a literal Lakitu camera man flying around carefree to the rest of the world. Now either way you wish to help out it means that you will be in game broadcasting your view for the stream to use, and for this to be enjoyable to watch there are some requirements on your end: An internet connection that handles streaming in at least 720p (prioritize 1080p) Software that allows you to stream STABLE 30+ FPS Apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/0UvN9TX76Ms76PYK2 If the case is that any or all of these have caught your attention then please do apply, and take this to your hearth; we’re doing these events because they are meant for Imperium to have fun together, and we hope and thrive for you as a volunteer to experience the same joy whilst helping out with the event, or taking part in them yourselves.
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    Hello @Imperium Member It's that time again, where we all gather together with those we love and compete for bragging rights! Now that February is coming to a close it's time to prepare yourselves for our monthly Game Day on the 25th (Saturday 1600 UTC - Sunday 04:00 UTC). This month we've decided to keep things simple but still slightly competitive with a series of smaller game modes and objectives for you all to participate in. This event won't be a hyper-competitive tournament like last month but expect some friendly competition due to the pickup game style. Depending on the levels of competition we have additional prizes may be awarded! We hope to see you all on Game Day and expect to have a great time!
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    - Idris is "pretty much done", working on Javelin now - Capital ships won't be reworked so much now - Vanduul ships and BMM are being worked on - Other ships in various stages e.g. whitebox, greybox etc and are close to be revealed - Paintjobs are on the way - No plans for custom org decals atm, but like everything this can change - He was impressed by planets the most - Modular bases can be placed with an "intelligent procedural system" on planets and space - He saw the O2 system - Confirms that mining is in 3.0 - Regarding environments, we'll be in for a lot of visual treats, especially in space - He talked to the coding/server guys, they plan to have more players in soon - His mind was blown by "organic sound" system - He spoke to Eron, repair would include rerouting power to other systems, other things require people to go and do the work physicially (players will have to do this, AI will do this later) - No denial/confirmation of a 2.7 patch - He's happy with the progress overall
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    Salutations @Imperium Member! We've finally managed to clean up after the last Game Day, and we're now ready to prepare for another one! If it was the case that you missed the last one, or somehow don't know what Game Day is; then don't worry, because we streamed most of it. @Rellim and @Pegasus truly did an amazing job setting up the stream with all the technicalities and what-not. @Sharpspoonful Did a great job shoutcasting during the stream and we look forward to many more streams with his beautiful voice and face at the forefront. We would also like to give a shoutout to our amazing camera crew @Weehamster, @GRIZZ and anyone who volunteered to stream their point of view for us to use, this wouldn't be possible without ya'll. Should there be any interest in helping out during the stream with shoutcasting, streaming or on a more technical level; then don't be afraid to contact any of us event coordinators. (Bloppo or Killroy) You can also take a look at this link and fill out the stream form and we'll be sure to contact you. http://imperium-studios.tk/ On to the new stuff! On the 25th of March, between 16:00 - 04:00 UTC, we will be hosting our 6th Game Day! This time we’ll be offering, as always; fun gameplay including custom game modes within Arena commander and Star Marine. These activities will also be streamed so you can show all your loved ones that you're having fun! We're sad to say that this Game Day is once again BYOB, but if you wish to change that for future events simply give money to Bloppo, he's trustworthy with your money. And as always; Joining Game Night For those of you that want to make a return visit, or show up for the first time, you only need to enter the Landing Channel on TeamSpeak (ts.starcitizenbase.com) , and one of our Hosts will direct you to the action! If you decide to take part in on the fun, please consider recording any events you take part in, as we will be turning all footage we get into some excellent content, as you saw above! Raffles and Prizes As every other Game Day, we’ll be offering raffle prizes based on individual participation levels! Raffles will be based on individual activities during Game Day, so here is the list of raffles you can enter: Participation Raffle - by checking in with a host in the Landing Channel, you can be entered Arena Commander Raffle - by attempting any mode within Arena Commander, completing it, and providing a screenshot, you will be entered Host Created event Raffle - by taking part in a Host Created event, completing it, and providing a screenshot, you will be entered Custom Events Raffle - by taking part in a Custom Event run, you will be entered into this final raffle All the raffle prizes will be $10 RSI gift cards (Additional prizes may be provided, and will be announced at the start of Game Day) Newbie Info If you’re brand new to Star Citizen, we recommend checking this link out: Thanks to everyone for reading all of this, we hope to see as many of you as possible for the upcoming Game Day!
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    I may be captain by rank; but I never wanted to be anything else but an engineer. -Scotty TNG6.4 Forward The below is from the design doc: Ship Repair and Maintenance Field Repairs PERSONAL MULTITOOL The Multitool is a personal item that is equipped with the capabilities of a small-scale version of a workshop’s Repair Arm. It is capable of stripping and patching, allowing it to achieve a wide variety of ship repairs short of full part reconstruction. Although the Multitool’s repair abilities are the same as that of the Repair Arm, the size of the laser and low quantity of repair material it can store means that it is only suitable for quick fixes and patch jobs to get a ship back to a proper repair facility. One known multitool model is the Greycat PAW (Personal Arc Welder) by Greycat Industries. Source:Sandy's Facebook COMPONENT DAMAGE When your ship takes damage, some of that damage will be transferred from the point of impact on the hull to the nearest system and weapon components. Those components then distribute that damage between itself and whatever Subcomponents are attached inside. Subcomponents are the various consumables that are used to run or improve a component or system’s behaviour. In general, component field repairs consist of turning off whichever component is having problems, replacing the broken subcomponents, and turning the component back on. In very large components, like those found on capital ships, there may be multiple actions involved in turning a component on or off, including rerouting power or coolant to other parts of the ship. These actions may also involve the use of on-board ship computers. SUBCOMPONENTS Subcomponents provide additional benefits to the component they are attached to, allowing for further customization of a player’s ship. They are divided into three categories, each providing specific areas of improvement. MODULE RACKS Module Racks are panels that house the various components used to keep their associative subcomponents running. These can be found on the hull under maintenance hatches in closed-cockpit ships, or internally in the engineering section of larger multi-crew ships. Depending on the component installed, different types and numbers of subcomponents are required. Each subcomponent is built for quick removal and replacement allowing for field repairs to be carried out as quickly as possible. If a player attempts to remove a subcomponent from a powered component they risk being electrocuted and receiving damage. Replacing a damaged subcomponent is a simple case of interacting with the item in question. The player will then remove it, freeing up the slot. If the player has a replacement in their possession, they can then interact with the empty slot to place it. Subcomponent types are universal across ships and components of the same size class, a coolant rod from a Gladius’ laser cannon can replace a Hornet’s coolant rod housed in the shield generator. This provides a great deal of flexibility, allowing players to juggle elements between various systems as needed, as well as opening up opportunities to patch their ship using scavenged parts. Components on larger ships, such as the Idris or Retaliator can require a large number of subcomponents to function and/or larger sizes of subcomponents. When damaged, these more complicated systems can take significantly longer to diagnose and physically swap out any compromised subcomponents. To maintain full operation, these ships can contain alternative backup systems. In the case of an emergency, engineers can use their ship terminal to redirect power to the backup, allowing for full ship functionality whilst the engineer repairs the primary system. This can also be achieved manually, should an engineering terminal become inoperable, by physically swapping the whole module rack out, placing the backup system in the primary’s slot. let’s say you’re on an Idris, being the engineer I think is probably the most interesting job and it’s their job to balance the entire ship and keep everything running. Erin Roberts The below is from 10FTC075Q7 (Jan2016) The below is from 10DEV-006Q5 (Feb 2016) The below is from 10FTC-083Q1 (April 2016) The below is from Subscribers Town Hall - Persistent Universe (Jan 2017) I'm not done adding to it, the above is just my current notes on Ships Engineer content. This post is a work in progress and will probably continue to be for over a year as new features roll out. - GRIZZ 🛠️
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    The long awaited return of the "10 for the Chairmen" series is over with a new format and guest Tony Zurovec!
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    I love how it's all cutscene to get to and fro. This won't be competition, just another game to play. Perfect game for a console.
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    My jaw dropped when the closing credit started. The best part has got to be they showed a full side basketball course inside a Javelin... Also they have begun work on the Hull D, and I am assuming they have nearly finished 3D art work on the Reclaimer. Huuuuuuugggghhhhhhl. UK generally nearly always have great stuff to tell other than the REAL spacestations. Crusade in a truckstop afaik.
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    Some bug fixes and patch updates in the new production schedule. - https://robertsspaceindustries.com/schedule-report 2.6.2 Overview 3.0 The Stanton System
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    Hi guys! We felt like our members might appreciate a look behind the scenes of the stream setup, so I was asked to write a bit about this. This post of me will explain a bit how we’ve setup our last game day’s multistream, and what we’re going to be building our streams on in the future. Overview If you were watching last game day’s stream, you might have noticed it wasn’t just a regular single player streaming the game. The stream involved several people helping us get coverage. The intent of this is to get as many as possible perspectives from inside the event that we can easily switch between. To get all this centralized required us to build some systems beforehand, and also designate some roles for the multiple people helping us out with the production. Below a schematic overview of the setup. Producer: Receives incoming rtmp streams (spectators), and webcam from host Video mixing: switches scenes between the different “camera’s” Audio mixing: manages audio levels / host voice / game sound / music Stream output: sends output to restream.io (twitch+beam+youtube) Software used: Xsplit / OBS + Voip software (skype / ts) + voicemeeter (for audio mixing) Host(s): Will be able to see ‘live’ video from producer (ie via skype), and will use that to provide the viewers with fitting commentary and entertainment. Software used: Voip software (skype / ts) Spectators: Will stream solely their game perspective to custom rtmp sources. Spectators will join the game and try to find a good angle from which we can see what's happening in the game. Use the new camera systems to their potential. Spectators receive credentials to stream to, which the producer can then capture. Software used: Xsplit / OBS + Voip software (mainly for coordination) What is RTMP? Rtmp is a multimedia streaming protocol, developed by Adobe, and widely used in many streaming services. For instance, twitch uses rtmp ingest servers in various worldwide locations when you connect to twitch. Because the protocol is openly available, we can setup this protocol on our own servers too. These ingest servers simply capture the stream and pass it on to clients. Because of that it barely uses system resources (cpu/ram) of the server, apart from the data transfer. Compared to twitch, which has a significant delay (30+ secs) we can setup our own rtmp sources with a very minimal delay (between 3-6 seconds). Because all spectators stream to the same server, the difference between the delay is minimal as long as all clients involved have a decent net connection. The only thing that can make a only a slight difference is their geological distance from our server. In the vod from the last game day you can clearly see how well this worked. Take note of the match timer on the top and how little the difference is between the spectators. As media creators we are very happy with the new implementations of the camera and spectator systems in Star Citizen, and we can see the potential increasing for great coverage in the future, tournaments and in universe. Screenshot from wait scene Screenshot of the producers desktop. On the left, chats, the live xsplit scene, scene control, audio control and voip. On the right, a grid overview of the several spectator sources (rtmp) we are capturing. Also thanks to our excellent spectator 'camera-men' mentioned in the OP above for their good work.
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    And I am already so hyped and ready for lots of gaming
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    Red Bull published this infographic about Star Citizen on their website. I am not sure how new this is, but I haven't seen it on our forums yet so I thought I'd share. Here: http://www.redbull.com/en/games/stories/1331846115570/star-citizen-infographic-red-bull-games
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    A quick news bulletin as Development Director for Foundry 42 Frankfurt, Brian Chambers, has just confirmed that mining will be in Star Citizen 3.0.
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    I've put a quick video together about (CIG System Designer) Will Maiden's recent comments about how cargo will work/be effected, after he spoke to backers on Spectrum. https://www.youtube.com/watch/qJ9sJh236lY
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    The Anvil hurricane will be sold with LTI on 24 Feb 2017 at 175 usd. Source: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/1/thread/spaceship-prices
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    So you might know we don't usually put our shows up on an archive, because of licensing limits and such. But the demand for it has become so high we decided to just try it. The live show recording was edited by @moggimus to remove all the music blocks, in order to make sure we don't get flagged for copyright. See here the result With special guest: Cameron Wilkie; CIG Event & Marketing Manager! ----This show contains mild strong language. Viewer discretion advised. ---- Participants of this week Rellim: http://twitter.com/jonrellim Juntau: http://twitter.com/TheBasePirate TheOnly: http://twitter.com/TheOnly2u Edenstar: http://twitter.com/eden5tar Bristolboy88: http://twitter.com/thebristolboy88 Video was shortened by cutting out music blocks. This show was broadcasted live on twitch.tv on 2017-03-05. Find The Base Radio: Website: http://thebase.sc Twitch: http://twitch.tv/thebaseradio Twitter: http://twitter.com/starcitizenbase Facebook: http://facebook.com/thebaseradio Discord: http://discord.thebase.sc RSI Org: http://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/THEBASE
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    Today is @Buckaroo's B-Day. Everyone wish him a happy one! Nobody has made more signatures for Imperium members over the years than Buck and we are happy to have him on our side! Happy B-Day bud!
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    A quick news bulletin as Will Maiden has been talking on Spectrum about how cargo with work with pirates, smuggling and more in the Star Citizen verse. Will also briefly spoke about about how we might see the first iteration of cargo in Star Citizen 3.0. Reddit Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/5zz795/will_maiden_on_spectrum_unplanned_qa_about_cargo/
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    Welcome guys & girls to a short video looking at the wonderful mini hauler, the Reliant Kore!
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    Inspired by @Painmiester Enjoy!
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    Yes. This is an AtV the community needed. The level design discussion laid it all out and showed us just what it took to get to this point. Most of the backers understand the process of developing the tools, laying the foundation, get the measurements right, then provide the content. The first two steps take the longest, the last almost minimal. After releasing this much information in one AtV, I have a feeling we will be seeing a LOT more content being shown to us. It is becoming obvious that overall progress in what is included in the game is starting to ramp up. Still an exciting time for us all!
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    SHE CAN LAND! SHE CAN LAAAAANNNNNDD!!! My god, she looks awesome. Im so stoked right now!
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    For those of us that were at Foundry 42 most of those things were stuff we weren't allowed to talk about. It's nice that he is now. Glad progress has been made and that mining will be in 3.0
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    Found this guy, Mr. Hasgaha, on Youtube. He uses Pedro's music a bit.
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    http://flickr.com/photos/hasgaha https://twitter.com/Mr_Hasgaha
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    I've done some research on the latest keyboard tech, thought I'd share it with you all. Kickstarter projects like Wooting and Aimpad use infrared LEDs to optically detect how close a key is to bottoming out. These analog switches provide major benefits when considering WASD movement, as they negate the need to constantly tap several keys to effectively control movement. They're good for first person when you want to slowly peek out from behind a corner, creep up on somebody, walk in a civil manner with a velocity of 11.4 degrees north at 4.3 km/h, etc. Depending on the device and firmware, you could map a function for a key when it reaches its actuation point, and another function on the same key when it bottoms out (spell charge and cast for example). Check out this prototype of an Aimpad (9:20 for gameplay demo). That was one of a few models they're designing, including an Orbweaver-type single-hander. The analog switches of Aimpad and Wooting will afford keyboard users six degrees of freedom when piloting ships in Star Citizen. Best of luck to them in pioneering this peripheral frontier. Hall effect switches have magnets on their sliders and sensors that detect their proximity to them. As the magnet gets closer to the hall effect sensor, the voltage changes and the sensor relays the readings to the controller, making for a precise and durable keyboard switch. They've been around since the 70s, and were very common in military and nuclear applications for their reliability. Keyboards like the Space Cadet and many Honeywells used hall effect switches, and those that still survive hold their own on eBay. Hall effect technology lost traction in the last few decades because other consumer products were cheaper to produce. Advances in plastics and even magnetics have given hall effect keyboards the chance to be even more functional and durable than in the past. The XMIT Hall Effect Keyboard is one of the first of its kind to be produced for consumers in decades. The one in this next video has a bamboo case, but they also have a black acrylic model available, as well as 61 - 87 - 104 key versions of each. The keys are similar to Cherry Blacks, but eventually they'll produce ones with tactile switches and sell different sets of springs. Unfortunately these switches do not provide analog input; when the magnets reach the actuation point they send a static signal to the controller. Check out Massdrop for more specs and to buy one when they go on sale again. I'm an Orbweaver and mouse player, and I'm currently trying to make all my flight movement controls analog. I'm going to remove the 8-way hat from the Orb thumb assembly and replace it with a 360 degree mini analog joystick, and put a 5-way stick above it for random controls in place of the button above the joystick. With the mini joystick I'll have a full analog range of strafing. Yaw and Pitch are controlled by my mouse, so that leaves Roll, which I hate to tap several times on digital keys to achieve trajectory (it just feels dirty and detracts from my immersion). Enter two analog switches: I'll mod a few Cherrys to have magnets on their sliders, paired with hall effect sensors on the other side of the Orb's PCB. The sensor will detect the magnet's proximity to it and send an analog signal to the controller. Some may ask why I don't just get floor pedals, dual Warthogs, HOTAS, use a regular keyboard, etc . . . but it's all about ergonomics, customization, and minimal hand movement for me, and the Orbweaver will fit that bill perfectly when I'm done customizing it for analog flight movement. I'll post a tutorial for everything I did when it's done, as well as how to swap Cherry switch components and LEDs, and tips to determine your nominal Flight, EVA, and FPS keymaps for SC as that can be pretty overwhelming for newcomers. It may take awhile for the Teensy programming, as I don't have much experience in controller coding, but the good people at Geekhacks will help get me started. EDIT: updated technical information, thanks Aimpad!
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    Hello Everyone, I recently became an Imperium Member and I'm very excited to become a part of your organization. I found your organization by searching through the list of organizations on the RSI site. I am new to SC though I am learning fast and have acquired much knowledge. I have enjoyed meeting a lot of you already and I hope to get to know more of you. You can also find me on PS4 mainly and sometimes on XboxOne. Yes I'm a console girl but I have taken the leap of faith onto PC. I am always up for gaming so if you want to play any other game or SC with me, please do not hesitate to add me to your contact list on the RSI website. I will do the same for you in return if you inform me of your handle name. My handle name is CocoaSip. My time zone is EST but I'm sure we can compromise on a good time and day to meet up as I'm flexible. Feel free to connect to me via Twitter and YouTube as I do record my gameplay of various games. I hope you all enjoy your time in SC.
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    I think I'm done with new small or medium sized ships until they get more of the game mechanics in. I'm just too reminded of WoW adding new classes and races when the current ones are horribly out of balance.
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    Very exciting news and the best likelihood of life found outside of our solar system - 7 Earth sized planets with 3 in the Goldilocks zone See Video
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    Love this new GIF that Google is now displaying on their main search page....
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    Just posted a new Alien Covenent trailer but also Ghost In The Shell just came out with two new trailers today. I am looking forward to it but perhaps not as much as Alien Covenant or Blade Runner 2...... but I did enjoy Lucy (however still not the caliber of the other two movies nor that of my favorite movie = Ex Machina). What do you guys think - are you looking forward to Ghost In The Shell? +++ Here is the original trailer
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    Right. But it eats Connies. so I'm content. Omnomnomnom.
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    Well well well, I can humbly admit I was wrong when I said they probably will remove the main thrustors pistons to save polygons. (like in the vanguard) I am very happy to see them retained. Stills: http://imgur.com/a/ChAu0 Gifs: http://i.imgur.com/KCws7jS.gifv http://i.imgur.com/Hj4NT38.gifv More high quality animations:
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    Bored Gamer and this Video contains a good bit of good news from Ben Lesnick (CIG) - and both where taken from this Spectrum Post - see link and Video.... Saturday afternoon (EST) unplanned Spectrum Q&A with Ben Lesnick
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    Let the mining and salvaging grind begin!
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    Latest SCB Round table is on youtube!
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    I agree theorycrafting can be a bit of a rabbit-hole, and there are those who watch vids like this and take them to be steadfast truth, but theorycrafting helps people decide which ships they may want to pledge for. When I decide to theorycraft based on videos like this, I research on forums the points relevant to the theory I want to explore. Knowing what to search for allows me to find stuff faster rather than watching every episode of 10FTC or ATV, then I determine the likelihood of the concept being in the game depending on the tone of speech, or any 'maybe' or 'definitely' or other words from CR or CIG employees. Then once I know it's a good chance a certain ship will help me accomplish my starting goals in the Verse, I can plan for IRL finances ahead of time so I have money on standby for when that ship goes on sale again, lest I miss it and pay the hangar or flight ready price.
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    God I hate you. but I did say it. Kill me for the wordage.
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    It just means that when I do join game day, I will be in a great mood and worth a hundred laughs....
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    See, that's the kind of community that SC really has - Upstanding blokes one and all that are glad for MOAR space-themed games. Unlike the Goons who, like monkeys, try to crap on anything non-EVE or whatever they don't understand or like. Have you "seen" them over on the E:D forums talking terri-bad about SC? They even let DS play in the cesspool there.
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    Anybody that says or suggests that ME:A will be a Star Citizen killer doesn't know what they're talking about. Of course, that person will be Derek Smart and all his Goon meat puppets. Because they HATE Star Citizen for reasons unfathomable. ME:A will have it's own player base, some of whom will be playing SC and vice versa. Frankly, it's healthy to have so many space games.
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    See Vid.... (think the flight balance change is one of the bigger things we have seen in recent updates) - what do you think?
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    Why not get the RX 480 / 470? same price range and far more GPU power. Also the 1050TI is closer to the lower end of the market, with the 470, 480, 1060 & 1070 considered more mid range if thats any help.
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    deleted the duplicate thread @VoA On topic some peoples might know that I have pretty strong opinions on this. I try to keep it mostly out of SCB and TS and calm myself with breathing exercises else I would ramble about it all day long. Basically my opinion is that the current space combat gameplay is total shit and has been since AC came to be and I think it needs a major rework from the grounds up which is unfortunately not happening. Also the game has moved away from its original promise to reinvigorate the SpaceSim genre it is currently an Arcade Shooter in the tradition of Freelancer instead of a game in WC tradition. More explanations and details and sophisticated explanations can be found here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/interactive-mode-gimbal-control-issue (upvoting the spectrum thread is hugely appreciated) That said my love for the game is still strong else I would have left here and tried a refund long ago but I am not going to. Even if combat ends up being shitty which I hope it won't there is still so many amazing features, concepts, great tech and insane assets in this game. And I hope the rich noncombat mechanics give additional incentive of enjoying and playing the game.
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    When scaled to the dimensions specified on the RSI site, the Hurricane fits in the Polaris. Credit to Voon
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    @Nighthawk_Zale noticed this common sibling.
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    Looking forward to this one! They've all been really nice so far, keep up the good work!
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    Saturdays game day will be streamed! If during the event, you feel up to sharing your gameplay perspective by joining the stream, hit me up! It would involve you streaming to one of our 'camera' sources, which we can then use to show multiple perspectives of the events in the game.