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    3.2 LIVE Pictures

    Thought to take some screen saves for new desktop background. Got one I liked and called it SUNRISE. It is Yela, right at the terminator.
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    Game Day, June 30th

    Hello Once More @Imperium Members! This month we’ll be continuing the format from last time! In case you missed it, here is the explanation of the changes and some new information related to how Game Days will operate in the near future: We wanted to improve the experience of Game Day overall and felt that with Star Citizen in its current state just doesn’t warrant the amount of effort that we had once been able to put into it. IE. Custom Scenarios, Hype Trailers, Streaming, Competitions. Eventually that will change again and we can get back to the game that we are so anxiously awaiting. Until that time we would like to keep Game Day’s focus as a team building event that gives us a regular time each month that we can set aside to play games as an org. You’ll notice at the top of this post there is a poll with several games as options. If you plan on taking part in this Game Day, please vote for your favorite choice from this list, and those that play in the chosen game will be added into a raffle! The poll will close on this next Friday, the 25th of May. You’ll still be free to join in with anyone else that would be playing Star Citizen, so don’t worry if you don’t have any of the games in the list. In fact you will probably find lots of us getting into the new mining mechanics by next weekend. It would be a thrill to see some of the trade and industry folks show up and mine some space rocks for the first time. If you would like to suggest game to play together as an org on future Game Day’s please leave us suggestions in this thread and we will add them to the poll for the next event. We’ll also be shortening the duration of Game Day for this month. Instead of 1600 UTC through 0400 UTC, we’ll be starting at 1800 UTC and run to 0400 UTC. Joining Game Day For those of you that want to make a return visit, or show up for the first time, you only need to enter the Landing Channel on Teamspeak (ts.starcitizenbase.com), and one of our Hosts will direct you to the action! Raffles As for most other Game Day’s, we will be providing raffles for participants that play games in Star Citizen. However, this month we will be only conducting a participation raffle, so if you join any Star Citizen games created by other Imperium members, you’ll be entered into the raffle! As mentioned above, we will also be conducting a participation raffle for the winning game from the poll. Said game will have several TS channels created for players to meet up and play together, and doing so will enter you into this second raffle as well! Since we are hosting two games at once, be sure to check in with an officer or specialist that your name was added to the raffle of the game you played in! (As much as we may pretend otherwise, our Game Day hosts are still human, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on your chance to win free stuff) The prizes for both raffles will be $10 Star Citizen gift cards, and the winners of the raffles will be PM’d in the following week to confirm their prizes. New to Star Citizen? Read this post for information on the game and our Game Days:
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    Made an Oni Mask... Thoughts

    So ive been messing around with my 3D printer and decided to work on a little project making an Oni mask! Here it is, its almost finished just have to do a few touchups with paint and put a clearcoat over the top attach some straps and it should be good to go! Also, i recently got an airbrush and trying to learn the art of using it... still have a lot to learn but i feel im slowly getting there What are your thoughts/criticisms..... would like to hear what you guys have to say
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    Fleet View Tool

    We are aware that you can manually load your ships. However one of the cookies associated with this tool is XPLOR. So it is possible that the fleet you build there can be associated with your IP, and as sites have pass through data, if you navigate to RSI they may find out who you are and what you have. Again, use it at your own risk. - GE
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    F8 Lightning

    lolololol @Devil Khan, you make me laugh sometimes. I feel like every post you make is to counter everyone else's post. I've been following the development since 2012. I know The F8 is a fighter. I know the lore that it won the "bid" for the next gen fighter to replace the Hornet. I know that the Saber lost the contract to the F8 because the navy wanted more of a tanky ship. I will preface future post with a "wouldn't it be cool, nice, novel idea." /// The physical central dimensions are larger than or equal to the Avenger, Vanguard, Terrapin, Prospector, Vulture, list goes on of ships with an internal bed. I was MERELY saying, wouldn't it be cool.... if they filled the internal volume with something on par with the Avenger's simple bed mechanic for logging out. Doesn't have to be a long range fighter. Just a fighter with the added logging out mechanic. PLEASE note I am not trying to sound condescending or argumentative.
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    Fuck that, crew two Idris and fight!
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    Drake Vulture

    This thread has gone off the rails. Tack it back toward actual discussions of the SHIP and salvage dynamics, or it will be locked and hidden so a new thread can be placed up. Any further CoC or Forum Guidelines violations will be addressed strongly. @HR Officer @Human Resources are watching this thread. If you feel that CIG has "lost the plot" or is "copying" or whatever, make your own thread specifically for that debate...but know that it will be heavily moderated for CoC violations. My personal recommendation would be to spend more time thinking about how best to let CIG know your opinion, as opposed to arguing and insulting members of the community who don't agree with your viewpoint.
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    Danakar Endeel

    Drake Vulture

    Meh, I still think the Vulture looks awesome while the Venture looks like ass
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    Alpha 3.2 is LIVE

    Post your experience. ... Star Citizen Alpha 3.2 Available! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/16639-Star-Citizen-Alpha-32-Available STAR CITIZEN ALPHA 3.2 AVAILABLE! Alpha 3.2 Today, we release our quarterly update to the Star Citizen Alpha Persistent universe, Alpha 3.2. In the new patch, Star Citizen players can use the Prospector ship’s mining arm to gather and sell resources harvested from the three moons, adding new gameplay and a huge resource to the game’s burgeoning economy. This economy comes into play in an entirely new way: 3.2 dramatically expands the number of items players can purchase at in-game kiosks with their hard earned in-game currency. On the technical side, Alpha 3.2 dramatically improves upon the grouping system, delivering on the Star Citizen community’s most requested feature stemming from a vote in March of 2018. This new feature enables up to fifty players to travel the universe together as they enjoy the game’s more than thirty varying, procedurally-generated, mission types. NPC ship AI has also been improved with new behaviors that give in-game enemies a lot more teeth. Star Citizen Alpha 3.2 also adds several new flyable ships and playable weapons and armor, adding to its impressive stable of more than 60 ships and 300 in-game weapons, armor and character items. New playable items include: One new ship weapon and three new personal weapons for players to unleash mayhem upon their enemies Six updated “Legacy” armor suits created by various in-game entities that hearken back to years gone by Kiosk systems – enabling players to purchase numerous in-game items using in-game currency, from remote locations across the Universe In addition to the new flyable ships added in 3.2, the MISC Prospector has now been added as a permanent addition to the pledge store And more! And of course, you can read the comprehensive Alpha 3.2 Patch Notes here. 3.2 FLYABLE SHIPS With the release of Alpha 3.2, we're introducing newly flyable ships, as well as updating some older favorites. The list of new & updated ships includes: Anvil Hurricane Origin 600i Explorer Aegis Eclipse Vanduul Blade Aegis Avenger (and variants) Please enjoy the trailers below and find even more information on our 3.2 Flyable Ships page here. BUG REPORTING Remember, while there’s a lot to explore in Alpha 3.2, the game is still just a portion of the Star Citizen experience! You can help the team improve future releases by reporting bugs and other issues using the Star Citizen Issue Council. The amazing feedback from Star Citizen backers is what has allowed us to interate on the PTU so quickly, and we’re eager for feedback about the Live release as well. You can access the Issue Council here. Finally, we would be remiss if we did not thank our incredible community of PTUtesters for helping make this patch the best it can be! Your dedication is exemplary of the UEE’s finest defenders!
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    We’re Close to a Universal Quantum Computer
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    The Best ATV SNEAK PEAK - ever !!!

    The Best ATV SNEAK PEAK - ever !!!
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    Avenger - New WIP Pics

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    Taken from the Monthly Studio Report SHIPS The Ship Art Team finished the remaining tasks needed to get the 3.2 ships ready for release. They also created trailers for the Esperia Blade, Aegis Avenger, and Eclipse, along with promotional shots for the Origin 600i. Other work included whiteboxing the Origin 890 Jump to establish the final room layout and proportions, and R&D work on future Banu ships, with a focus on the Defender. Finally, the Hammerhead is getting a damage pass for the exterior and LOD pass across the interior.
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    I sure as shit wouldn't want my turret gunners doing anything that might potentially put the ship at risk. If the ship takes a hit from a missile a turret could have intercepted had they not burned out seconds before because the operator overclocked trying to shoot down a fighter, that doesn't do anyone any good. Overclocking the shields or engines would be smarter, as it directly contributes to the ship's survivability. The decision to overclock a system shouldn't be a decision non-engineering or command crew should be making, as it's not their place to make that determination. Besides, the strength of the Hammerhead is the coverage it offers and its ability to lay down enough fire to make anyone think twice about approaching it, or something it may be escorting. It's greatest asset is not its guns as much as its intimidation factor, knowing that anyone who goes near it is going to be limping away with a few less kilograms of armor.
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    Hey everyone, thought I'd post it here as we are so international and many UK peoples. Have a little trip planned from Frankfurt, Germany by car to Aberdeen north of Edinburgh in Scotland. Inspiration was my work contract says I can only drive my company car inside EU borders so I thought why not drive around UK. This is my currently planned route: google maps route Frankfurt, Germany Aachen, Germany Antwerp, Belgium Bruges, Belgium Dunkirk, France Calais, France Dover, UK (by ferry) Canterbury, UK Cambridge, UK York, UK Whitby, UK Durham, UK Newcastle upon Tyne, UK Alnwick, UK Edinburgh, UK Aberdeen, UK Have 14-17 days available first two weeks of August and will have lots of camping and hiking equipment with me. Will try to use mostly cheap lodging so I can spend the money on other stuff will not book stuff in advance so I am flexible where I can go each day. When in Scotland I want to do lots of half day hiking in different places. As theres many UK peoples here and I will also travel through parts of Belgium and a little bit of France I thought I'd ask if anyone has any MUST see places they know along the way or other important advice. Have already used other sites more suitable for planning this so the route is not that random but has many nice places along the way and I also know most of the basics that said go for it if you can think of anything.
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    See below PDF file for the full tutorial...
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    Alpha 3.2 is LIVE

    No reply from Concierge yet, but Law posted this informative video about the VDS closure and how to get your VDS purchases refunded: I've refunded most of my VDS purchases, but I'm having trouble with two Combine cannons because the Exchange button is missing for them. I wonder if the VDS items could be exchanged since the weekend, or if CIG turned on the Exchange button today? Because I checked on the weekend, but since the Combine cannons were at the top of my Weapon-filter list, the Exchange button was missing. The Exchange button could've been there for the other weapons, but I didn't check them all. Regardless, I've submitted a ticket to Concierge about exchanging the two Combine cannons -- I never liked them anyway! After exchanging my VDS weapons, I'm rolling in UECs now. I didn't realize how much I spent on weapons over the past 3+ years. I didn't hesitate to exchange most of them because the weapons were redundant (i.e. 2 Panthers, 2 Omnisky VI's, missile racks) or the weapons sucked (i.e. Spark missiles, GT-870s, and those 2 Combines). But there were some weapons I'm holding on to for now: 2 Mantis gatling guns and Tempest missiles. Those are my faves and I'm hesitant to exchange them, just in case CIG changes their mind about VDS purchases. I'm wondering what this means for Alpha UECs? Does my UEC Wallet increase my starting aUEC amount? Or do only the Starting UECs from my game packages affect my base aUEC after each Alpha reset?
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    Pictures from your daily life.

    My new wing-man, my daughter hired him... i'm thinking he's a little young to man an Idris but we'll see!
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    Pictures from your daily life.

    I've been offline for most of June because I was on a 16-day 7,000 mile cross country motorcycle trip. My next big trip is riding from Boston to Citizencon in Austin, TX.
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    It has to do with LOD's and performance enhancements as well. Everyone gets excited for ships but doesn't appreciate all the optimization CIG has been working on
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    Origin 600i Cinematic

    Greetings, citizens! I decided for a long time ago that I would make a video with Origin 600i - and now, at last, the opportunity appeared! In comparison with my last video this video is pure rest - if infinite waiting for a free platform we can call a rest The choice of music for not everyone, but it seems to me that this music perfectly suits the contemplation of this ship. I hope you will enjoy it! P.S. please, support me in Citizen Spotlight Spectrum Reddit
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    Ship Preferences POLL - June 2018

    I always find Polls fun and we have seen these many times before but this one is interesting (found it on Spectrum) MT359@MT359 Ship Preferences POLL Discussion Today at 10:43 am Fill out the poll below. This poll is mainly to gauge what types of ships are most popular with players and may help CIG decide on which ships to focus on for concept sales. https://goo.gl/forms/KGScHORg5I6QEWPC2 Link to the current results: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1g1z1AHzHc6Si-U6K42IfvprTk49t_PS_kgYabF0oCjY/edit?usp=sharing
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    Imma be a dick to everyone else that has replied to this thread. Until I see them actually fly. OP, please DM me directly if you need help with flight and combat. I ranked 11th in BR 2.6.2 season on leader boards and have several videos showing what I do. Link provided. Space-moose who is also rank 8 in 2.6.2 is my wingman and will back me up anything I say. Now everyone in this form that thinks they know probably does not. There is a lot of bad information out there that I am trying to kill off. I am not here to boost my ego, I am here to help teach people, and put it into practice not theory or what they think they know. I have won fights against the very best pilots in the game, and space-moose and I did a 2v2 tournament over a year ago with the best pilots in the game and placed 3rd out of 19 teams. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/160768048 Sorry to anyone else I might have offended, but OP or anyone else. lets talk privately and meet up for some actual flight training.
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    Where to start... 3). Side boost parallel to your opponent and hit them in the side 4). Side boost around them in a circle, as they will likely be doing with you There are 3 major points about 6dof combat once it's once a furball has started. 1- Always be aiming at your enemy 2 - Always be moving 3- Vary up your direction of travel, because travelling in a predictable path is just as bad as standing still. The jury has been in on this with games going all the way back to games like Descent. Star Trek animates it that way because how ships move in a fight is not as important to each episode as the conflict presented to the characters aboard the ships getting thrown around in chairs with sparking instrument panels. Star Wars is like that because George Lucas wanted to make a WWII movie that paid homage to Flash Gordon, and filming models moving in 6dof would have been too difficult in the mid 1970s. In both universes, the physics of space combat does not matter because there is the intention to tell a story with action rather than have the action color how the story is told. There are universes which incorporate realistic physics in combat such as The Expanse, but the difference there is they they establish up front that the manipulation of energy is primary to space combat rather than being just a storytelling device. This is an arbitrary limitation designed to keep players from breaking the game. Almost every space game has this with a few notable physics-based titles like Kerbal Space Program. Someone could potentially move too quickly for the server to handle and cause a bunch of problems, especially in multicrew ships. As people have confirmed and demonstrated, yes. You would need to power down your thrusters to see your ship get pulled around by gravity. There is even a gif floating around on this site of that exactly. They are comparable. They just don't have the same acceleration rate the main engines have. Thrusters have to move the entire ship in any direction, and given time they will move the ship in any direction at its full speed. To justify a completely different flight model from what was advertised by explaining that there is suddenly enough mass within the vacuum of SPACE to make an atmospheric flight model viable means they'd have to tack something on that would sound utterly and completely nonsensical. Space is space is goddamn SPACE! It is vast, empty, and characterized by the lack of matter which objects can move through, thus why our species has come to call this vast expanse of nothing "space". It's just easier to convince people that thrusters have become so powerful nearly a millennium from now that gravity from even the largest of planets is counteracted, allowing for 6dof movement. More importantly though, Chris Roberts wants this to be a 6dof game, so that means it will be. It's his game, and that's how he likes it, and that's how it will be. If he wanted a model more like Wing Commander or the Elite games he would have made it that way, but he didn't. And if that irks you, I suggest you reconcile with your predicament, because CR and the majority of players do not see any of this as a "core problem".
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    Drake Vulture

    hey guys <3 lets remember to be nice and respectful to one another. It seems that this is a heated topic, just remember that the game is still in "Alpha" so we need to remember that anything can change still. Bashing other members on the forums is against the forum rules and the CoC of Imperium, specifically, Don't be a dick.. If things get heated, please just walk away from the computer for a few minutes and come back with a good sense of mind
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    CIG just dropped a teaser in today's Calling All Devs (9m into vid) - that we will see a new ship for the Medical Profession to compliment the other Medical Ships like Argo (upcoming variant - discussed in JP and by Jared before) and the Cutlass Red and the Endeavor Hope Class (Hospital Ship). Please respond to the Poll as well
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    VKB Space Combat Grip

    UIV, VKB owner and chief engineer, has dropped a little sneak peek on another forum, and since it's out in the open now, here's a couple of teaser images of the VKB Kosmosima SCG (Space Combat Grip). Of course, it's also very much usable in DCS. Please be aware that this is not an announcement, but a little something to see for those that have been waiting for the Kosmosima design to be revealed: A few key points of info I was given so far: - Comes in both left- and right-handed versions (SCG-L and SCG-R) - Both have a contactless twist adapter built-in by default (can be hard-locked via screw) - Compatible with Gunfighter and Gladiator Pro bases - Both have two LED indicators; one single-color, the second RGB (operation of the LED indicators can be customized via software) - Both have dual-stage triggers - All hat switches on both grips have push functionality, and one can toggle between analog/digital mode via long push - Both come with a detachable palm rest - Planned retail price is less than $99 (per grip) Please be aware that I don't have any further info and details at this time (and no ETA). Once I get more updates down the line, I will try and keep everyone informed. Source: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=3539012#post3539012
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    Mobi-Glass - Updates

    Improved navigation through mobiglass.
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    Fleet View Tool

    I've seen a lot of orgs creating these tools specifically to track metadata on individuals. Unfortunately, what is done with that metadata is unknown, but it doesn't take much to imagine that some groups may use this as a way of scoping out accounts to try to hack.
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    Devil Khan

    F8 Lightning

    Zero room for a bed it is a fighter, not a long range fighter.
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    This has happened before and could be traced back to someone not overly Smart and his little cult of haters. As such I suspect them pulling the same shit again because that's all they have left at this point. https://imgur.com/3JeqJuf
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    "UNRELATED TO THE SUBJECT" But gad damm I am in love with your avatar xD Its freaking awesome And I love that signature as well
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    3.2 vs. 3.1 comparison

    Greetings, citizens! By tradition, I make a comparing video with the old and the new Star Citizen patch - and now we compare 3.1 and 3.2. This time there are not so many changes, how it was in the previous patch, but they are there - something is obvious, but something is added by me because I seen it in the game. For convenience, the first comment on YouTube is a timer with a schedule, so that you can switch to interesting fragments for you. Go to YouTube and enjoy watching! P.S. as usual, a request to all those, who liked this video, to support me in Citizen Spotlight Spectrum Reddit
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    Flying Fortress The Aegis Retaliator

    The Retaliator has sorta fallen off the radar, but it will certainly get some re-design love at some point. The reason the Tali has kinda been forgotten is that there's no urgent need for a heavy bomber in AC or the PU, manned turrets haven't been fixed yet, and it's not easy to get 6 players together in the PU to fully crew a Retaliator. Whereas smaller bombers, like the Eclipse and Harbinger, are much easier to make flight-ready. However, it's just a matter of time before the Retaliator is reworked, like all of the early ships have been. To be fair, Caterpillar and Starfarer owners had to wait a long time before CIG made them flight-ready, and Banu Merchantman owners are still waiting. There's also very little demand for a Retaliator rework, which is probably why it's not even on the Roadmap -- not even as something CIG is even considering doing in 2019. Regardless, I sincerely hope that the Retaliator is re-designed at some point. I believe the top priority should be re-designing the interior because the Tali's interior layout is arguably the worst in Star Citizen. I don't need to beat a dead horse; everyone knows what the problems are. The question is: Can CIG fix the Retaliator's interior without rendering the existing modules obsolete? Because I think most people agree that they hate the way the main corridor snakes around the forward bomb bay on the port side, and starboard side is blocked. People would prefer if the main corridor ran down the centreline of the ship, like in virtually every other ship. But the main corridor can't cut through the forward bomb bay, because it would make it impossible to move fore to aft and vice-versa when the ship was in space and the bomb bay doors were open (which TBF would be a very small percentage of the time, but still an issue). That's why the main corridor is asymmetrical and detours around the forward bomb bay. The simple solution is to divide the forward bomb bay into two, port and starboard, bomb bays, which was how the Retaliator's interior was laid out in the early concept art. But if the forward bomb bay was separated into two, it would render the Habitation and Drop Ship modules unusable -- unless, instead, the forward module was expanded in size to basically fill the forward half of the fuselage. The cockpit and upper deck would remain unchanged, but the space between the cockpit and the elevator room in the middle would become a large module. In heavy bomber configuration, the main corridor would run through the centreline of the module, with possibly bombardier and/or ordinance specialist station(s) also located there, and there'd be two sealed bomb bay compartments on the port and starboard sides. In cargo configuration, the whole section would be a cargo hold, with doors fore and aft, and a narrow path either down the centreline or along the wall of the cargo, similar to how you can reach the Cutlass' aft door when it's fully loaded with cargo. There would also be a ladder in the elevator room to the upper deck, which should be added to re-designed Relatiator not matter what, so it's possible for the crew in the aft section to access the living quarters and escape pods. In living configuration, it would basically be the same: doors fore and aft, with the living space occupying the whole space, and it would be easy to walk through the room. In dropship configuration, same idea more or less: doors fore and aft, the main corridor running through it, and the seats for the marines on the sides, as well as weapon racks, armour lockers, and perhaps even enough space for a mech suit or a Dragonfly or Cue. I believe that's the ideal solution for re-designing the Retaliator's interior. Then you move on to secondary improvements, like doubling the Tali's torpedo capacity to 12 x S9 torpedoes, up-sizing the turrets, adding escape pods in the aft section, improving the way the VTOL thrusters work, and perhaps adding more module options. Perhaps specialty mission modules for: e-warfare, reconnaissance, mine deployment, info running, a rear dropship module for vehicles and/or mech suits, prisoner cell module for bounty hunting, or payload deployment bays for probes, sensor/comm buoys, or jump/quantum interdictors. Regarding the Tali's turrets, I believe the forward dorsal turret should up-sized to dual S3 or S4, so it can be used defensively by a gunner or offensively by the pilot using a remote control blade. At least one of the ventral turrets should be converted to a ball turret that can extend downward from the hull -- not to the extreme of the Hammerhead's turrets -- far enough that it won't be obstructed by anything so it can cover the bomber's entire ventral hemisphere. The ventral ball turret(s) should also be up-gunned to either dual S3/S4s or quad S2/S3s. The rest of the turrets should be up-sized to dual S2s or S3s. I know that it seems like I'm suggesting turning the Retaliator into a gunship, which could rival the A2 Hercules, but I think the Tali needs to be radically re-designed to become relevant again. The Retalatior should be re-designed to the degree that it could be justified increasing its price to $400-500 (which would still be less than an A2 Hercules). That would place it in a distinct "heavy bomber" class between the Eclipse-&-Harbinger and the Polaris-&-Hercules. I think that's entirely justifiable and would make the Retaliator relevant and popular again.
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    Aegis Eclispe

    +++ Thought @Reavern would like this Eclipse within an Eclipse image below (you can barely see it but it is there ) +++ More in spoiler...
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    Remember the discussions about interaction within instances bordering each other. I am sure they are working towards an updated and working version of that concept.
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    Gotta enjoy those nightwatches in the middle of the North Atlantic.... with no waves and no winds.... just... chilling =)
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    Origin 600 Thread

    ++++ more images in spoiler
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    So would Brown alert be reserved for those "Oh sh*t!" moments like when your ship is trapped within the event horizon of a black hole? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Oh my... Reminds me to not use it as a ringtone for my phone. Would be bad if it would go "BLACK ALERT! BLACK ALERT!" just when some black people walk by.
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    My first REAL gaming pc

    Man! I've read so much about the 1180 and honestly most of it reads as misdirection. My previous pc died about four months ago and I need my fix LoL. Either way, I still plan on getting an 1180. I'll just hand the 1080ti over to my son. I keep him one gen behind me anyway. Can't let him get a leg up on the ol man. 😂😂
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    The Epic Story of Babylon 5

    The Epic Story of Babylon 5 - great history / timeline / summary of the series - only watch the first 1/3rd if you haven't seen the series. Babylon 5 is my favorite Sci-Fi Genre (nothing comes even close to it - not even Star Trek or Star Wars which I also love) If you haven't seen it - you can now pick it up easliy on Amazon or other outlets. Keep in mind it has 5 TV seasons (minimum of 22 episodes each) + 5 TV Movies (that tie into the series) + a follow-up Series (an Epilogue series) - Crusade. This (Below) looks like a great deal from Amazon Babylon 5: The Complete Collection Series - Includes Bonus 5 Movie Set and Crusade Collection PG-13 $93.65$ 93 65 DVD
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    3.2 PTU released

    Ayup but no need. I get at least a 30 minute playtime before it stops updating things and shuts everybody down. So the reclaimed ship is always there waiting and if not yeah - pay the remaining time uec. Agree to smoothness, but it is binary. Either awesome sauce or relog. I am seeing it as time related. In non-peak hours (USA related) it seems to hold together better, so maybe just the servers being pushed, which is a good thing since they can see this and react to it before LIVE.
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    So, one of the benefits that 6dof brings is that you can be pointing at the target the whole time. Set decoupled mode on, and point at the target. You won't be able to maneuver directly at the target without redirecting a lot of inertia, but you can be pointing at it and moving closer simultaneously without losing speed. To do that you need to plan ahead and actually allow an arc to the intercept for where the ship will be. It does work, but it's a challenge. And that's where the skill comes in.
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    J. Coren

    3.2 PTU released

    Buy a $10 gift card.
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    Drake Vulture

    @Reavern there is no need to make blanket attacks on fellow backers simply because you have a particular opinion about CIG, especially in relation to this ship and its design. Your opinion is your opinion, and while some may share it on some level, you have positions on CIG and their motivations that are not necessarily going to be shared by others in the community, and that is their right. You do NOT have the right to be blatantly labeling people as "weak or sycophantic" simply because they don't agree with you. It seems to me that you may be a bit fatigued from the whole SC experience and may benefit from taking a bit of a breather. Lord knows I've needed that before, and I have taken steps back in the past to reflect on my involvement in the community and with the game itself. I truly recommend to anyone that is feeling that their actual lives or personal feelings are being negatively affected by ANYTHING (let alone a game) take a break from that for a bit to re-assess its overall impact on their lives.
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    Drake Vulture

    CIG has the last laugh with the fact that this isn't true at all - and they've proven their case with the progress concept art from RTV..... not to mention huge size difference....... overall function difference....... specific detail differences (on what the arms do)........... previous in-game (same manufacturer) admitted inspiration (Dragonfly)...... etc..... It's like Derek Smart ..... did a magic "screen saver hypnosis" (from Incredibles 2) on everyone........ and people jumped on the bandwagon
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    Danakar Endeel

    Drake Vulture

    Apart from both ships having 2 'arms' (which is a pretty common scifi design) and the color being similar (again very common to use yellow for industrial stuff) I don't really see any 'ripoff' here though as the main body design of the ships are completely different. Besides; a lot of EvE players appear to be pretty toxic assholes who just want something to harrass. Some of them already tried to vandalize the old Star Citizen wiki and were plotting other childish sabotage over on their subreddit. It's like they don't even play their own game anymore, they just want to ruin things and cause drama for everybody else. Guess their game is dying and they feel threatened or something. On a more personal note, I think the Vulture looks awesome while the Venture looks like ass. Besides, CCP already said they were cool with it so why is this even an issue?