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  2. I think that the subtle nerf of Idris P may be a preparation for the launch of another cap ship for a price 300-400 higher than Idris P to get some fresh money from CCUs from disgrunted P owners
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  4. Recruitment Open - We have Regular Operations and training for new and old Citizens alike
  5. Everything Fizzlefuse said. Plus, the Origin 325a is a pretty nice ship too! I have one myself and use it as a courier ship transporting boxes from one location to the next. It's not the fastest in quantum jump, but it'll get you from point A to B, and has some nice firepower if you need to turn around and shoot down a few pirates. If you were to upgrade to something else, the Drake Cutlass Black isn't a bad choice, but as Fizzlefuse mentioned wait for this year's CitizenCon!
  6. First of all, you might want to follow CIG's Getting Started videos. I don't know how much these have been updated to the latest patches, but they give you a pretty good idea of how things work so you can take off and fly around without worries. Second, don't worry about losing your ship... because you wont. If your ship gets destroyed you can just respawn it in the game via the console. Again, you will NOT lose the ships you paid real money for, don't be afraid. Third; right now the game has a (limited) amount of ships you can rent or purchase for ingame alpha currency, which you can earn doing missions. You can find a ship rental service console at Teasa Spaceport in Lorville, on the planet Hurston, and ship purchasing kiosks at Lorville and ArcCorp. I strongly suggest you just poke around in the game a bit, do some missions and don't be afraid of goofing off. Also, feel free to ask people if you can try out flying another ship. You'll find most people are happy to show off their ships:D This way you can get a bit more comfortable and also figure out what you want out of a ship. The RSI website does have all the ships in their store where you can see the stats, but comparing them is a bit tricky, especially since not all the ships are available for purchase. I'm not aware of any 3rd party site where this is easier, but I'm sure there's one out there. One last thing, if I were you I'd wait with getting any new ships untill CitizenCon on the 23rd of November. The event will likely have some ships on sale, perhaps some discounts.. with some new ships to boot. What they're doing exactly is still a mystery but we'll see relatively soon.
  7. Hi all i am a backer since 2012 but never done anything with the game since then. now i wanted to see how it is but it is very overwhelming. i wanted to see if the ship i originally bought is a good ship and what other ships there are at the moment you can buy. Now here is the problem i looked at mant websites for a ships overview with tsch. spec and prizes, i know they excisted in 2012-2013 but the RSI sites don't work properly or hav almost no ships in there and when there are ships they are only for backers no ships you can buy extra. So could anyone please tell where to look?? i heard something about you must look in the game but i rather don't wanna look there. the game dazzels me already i sat today for the first time i my 325A lol and i not took off because i have no clue how and also i am afraid to get killed and lood 85 euro or so :( but i rather would like to have a trader or mining ship as i suck in pvp. regards Rowddy
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  9. Yeah @IceManZaroth™ I think they are definitely holding off so it’s a “new” experience for everyone during the Squadron 42 gameplay.
  10. Bitte bedenkt bei eurer Bewerbung, dass wir eine leistungsorientierte Gilde sind. Natürlich ist auch für uns der Spaß am Spiel wichtig, allerdings haben wir am meisten Spaß, wenn wir im Team gewinnen.
  11. They just added alternative pledges: A slightly lower-cost ($985) option that excludes the mounting clamp, for people who already have a compatible clamp A digital download of a 3D-printable joystick handle CAD file ($5), with fixed finger inputs, for anyone with access to a 3D printer and who wants to feel the ergonomics of the current grip A Sublight Dynamics T-shirt ($30), with our logo Prepayment ($145) on half of a joystick for our future larger-quantity campaign, shipping in 2021, at a discounted price (total price would then be $145 + 50% of the regular price of the joystick in the future campaign) The pre-payment one seems particularly interesting. It basically sets a lower-bound for the price of the larger quantity campaign at 2x $145 = $290, and you get a discount if you pledge now on however much more expensive than that it might get. Of course the risk is that you have sunk money, so if it ends up being too expensive even with the discount to the point that you don't want it any more, you can't recover your $145. But I think the risk is minimal, and I want to see this funded. So I'm going to pledge the 50% pre-payment thing. Edit: They didn't mention in the email that the Pre-Payment pledge was limited quantity. They're only selling 65 of them, 50, now 49 left, after I pledged for it.
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  13. At this point i would take a cardboard box ship, if it worked properly. LOL
  14. Hello nerds. I’m starting streaming on YouTube and attempting to put out more content there. I would appreciate if you can come check out what I have created so far and if you like it hit that sub button. Get the time hit the bell and you can come check out the stream. Much appreciated. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZazVZaqf62UJc37G7dgZew
  15. We are The Tyr Genesis Brigade. Our Goal is to establish an HQ on an Asteroid and Grow a fleet of the Brigade We are doing freelancing of every thing be it Security, Infiltration or even Cargo transfer as long the price is right we will do it. We Require every Asset, If you interest Apply! The spoken language is english. We use an accurate UEE ranking system for our soldiers. There's a ton of roles you can get in this organization such as engineer, security, bridge crew, fighter pilot,... You can choose between two branches the Marine Corps or the Navy. If you want more information join our discord and ask for Shin Valdra. *REQUIRED* Discord Link: https://discord.gg/szP6zSY *REQUIRED* Organization Link: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/TGBRIGADE Have a nice day, Vice Admiral Cambridge, Officer Tyr Genesis Brigade Navy.
  16. Hi All, I WTB one CCU Aquila to Hull E. Please send me your offer. Thanks.
  17. Team based events! Mandatories every Sunday! approachable non-toxic clan members! What more would you want ?! Come and join in if you want some fun! Join us at our Discord server: https://discord.gg/XWcYacB Or if you are very interested, join us on: https://taw.net I'll see you in the verse!!
  18. LowZone

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    Still waiting. Probably won't be hangar ready until after the release of SQ42. Although latest ISC featuring 3.8 gameplay mentioned the Idris as a placeholder for a mercenary mission...so, who knows?
  19. If anyone ever has one one spare.... Please message me, chances are you'll not regret it 😏
  20. Hi Guys, I am still around and still a Avid Idris-M owner, have they even allowed you to spawn the idris in a hangar or other setting in the game yet or still waiting ?? I'm also now using a watermarked image since idiots have been using my images for there stupid plans on reddit
  21. If successful, I'll undoubtedly will be getting one of these at some point as it is exactly what I imagined a purpose-built SC joystick was supposed to be. But launching its first kickstarter campaign in the same month as biggest SC sale of the year is just bad timing IMHO.
  22. Mining With A Beautiful Night's Skyline

    08 - Night Mining Planet Side.png

  23. New Hand Held Mining Tool Mining for 3.7.1

    04 - Keeping the meter in the green on the left.png

  24. Bumping this post as we are now up and running in-game doing courtesy flights to players daily! We are still delaying any official launch until the game includes passenger transport mechanics- however; now is a great time to make friends and RP! If you are playing the game in its current state and would like to serve as a commercial pilot, flight attendant or on-board security, contact us via the website to be added to the team!
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