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  2. Decide to Sell one more of These. WTS: 1x Banu Merchant Man: Melt Value $215: Price $200 Selling because I just have too many large ships and would rather put the money towards other projects. Selling it for less than it's melt value it's a really great deal, I am not really willing to go lower on price but I am eating the paypal fees on my end. Additionally I can upgrade it to a reclaimer or carrack for an extra $50. Paypal Only Preference will be given to buyers with a decent trade history If you can find a cheaper BBM... buy it :-)
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  4. Bitte bedenkt bei eurer Bewerbung, dass wir eine leistungsorientierte Gilde sind. Natürlich ist auch für uns der Spaß am Spiel wichtig, allerdings haben wir am meisten Spaß, wenn wir im Team gewinnen.
  5. usually can take 2-5 days really unless you are a concierge (USD 1000+).
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  7. A friend of mine lost his account and was resolved in a few days. Most probably rather than reaching to the members of the community you just have to open a ticket on this link https://robertsspaceindustries.com/contact-us BTW you don't need an account to use thw above link and open a support ticket.
  8. You'll just have to provide them some personal ID information once they get back to you.
  9. Problem with going to CIG is you need an active account to use the helpdesk service! And I don't have access to my account! So, I created a temporary account and went into all of the chat rooms to see if there's any help, there seems to be staff registered there but none active (out of about 50 staff members across the three or four chatrooms), some of the helpdesk volunteers tried to help but telling me stuff that I've already tried.....One of them said this could take weeks or months to sort out. Not having a good experience with this at all... Thanks Gremlich for your input - going through the website to recover is popping up the two factor auth but I don't think I have set this up as I don't have the RSI app and I have never used the google app or QR Scanners for this (QR is massively flawed in security btw :P) I've trawled through every correspondence and email I have ever had, right back to my receipts from the purchase and it looks like I have never setup Two-Factor auth....So, I'm a bit worried now.
  10. Still we will not be able to get it back, CIG will though (but I am not sure if their HD is 24/7, highly doubt it) FYI the 2fA FAQ https://robertsspaceindustries.com/faq/two-step-authentication
  11. Have already contacted the CIG but not hearing anything back.....that's why I'm widening my search for help. Bought a game I don't have access to at the mo!
  12. Ongoing Discussion Zen Graphics and X470 mobos

    So 7nm Vega with HBM or another, new 7 nm architecture with maybe GDDR6 in 2019 as expected, nothing new. AMD's picking up the slack nicely these days after Zen's success.
  13. Computerbase shows 2700x edging out 8700k (both at stock freq.) here and there with a nice RAM overclock and thightened secondary timings @1080p using a 1080Ti. https://i.imgur.com/EjFllPb.png https://i.imgur.com/MogzVU7.png Ryzen+ is OK, 3rd gen should be better. If they release a 2800x, it'd be 8c/16t, best binned Ryzen+ chips pretty much. Don't expect much, maybe 4.4-4.45 1-2 core turbo at stock.
  14. You don't need the app for the 2FA just the google authenticator in your phone. You should probably contact the CIG help you out.
  15. Having Tenure doesn't guarantee your job if you step on your dick.

  16. okay, here's what I've had to endure with the same issue. The two-point authentication requires that you download the app and scan the square box code that presents on the RSI website - which is useless unless you can get into your account to do this. My two-point authentication failed so I selected account recovery option - iI think there are two options to this - contact customer service and password recovery with two-part codes which you've stashed (which you have yet to be able to do). I punched in my password twice on the left side, then input one of my codes on the right. that works. I also have had to contact cig and they changed my two-part from the codes using the authenticator to the email method. So, I recommend that you use the account recovery operation and wait. Which you have by all accounts. I STILL have issues, but I can always eventually get into my account. Once they contact you, and they will, it can take several days, you will have a sort of satisfaction. They will ask for proof of ID which, frankly, doesn't bother me - I want to keep what's mine mine. Just be patient. If it doesn't get resolved, there may be another route to take. keep us apprised.
  17. Worlds 1st Rollable TV screen

    I see this going off big in the business offices, both for presentation and just info graphic purposes. I like how they are designing/creating so that it can be lowered and use only partial screen, lots of potential here!
  18. Ok thanks, well went through my full email history and looks like emails stopped around February 15th (this was shortly after I had last played).... I'm not sure I had actually setup two-factor auth on the account - I do not use an app for this but I think I may have set this up with my email address, but have not received any backup codes or auth codes so I cannot be really sure if I did it or not..... Thanks for the reply, if Tisi can help it'd be appreciated. Regards, - Drago
  19. If you aren't receiving any emails then I would guess worst case scenario is that your account has been compromised and they also changed your email. @Tisi Might be able to help with the Two Step Authentication as I haven't messed with it yet.
  20. Hi guys, Not sure where to turn to next as I am not hearing back from Star Citizen themselves..... I haven't played Star Citizen for months (I work away for some months at a time with no access to my gaming PC) and now when I try to login, the password doesn't work (which is cached on my own private local gaming PC).... I try to do the account recovery link on the RSI login page - I do not receive any emails from RSI. I look at their website and they say "Check your junk folders" - which I do and they are empty. So their website says I must have setup with a different email address - I have not - I have been receiving emails to my current address since I bought the game. So, another pointer on their site says I must login via the Two-Factor authentication on my smartphone - I have never used this or set this up yet.....So, I download and try it - setup adding an account manually and it's asking for a "key" <---- Anyone know what this "key" is? I have the emails and my original billing ID but not sure what this "key" refers to. There doesn't seem to be any other help available - their website constantly states we can use live chat but you need to login to use it - I can't login..... I have logged with request with their community helpdesk, but just not hearing anything back.....Where else can I turn to? Thanks in advance, Citizens..... - Drago
  21. Worlds 1st Rollable TV screen

    That problem has mostly been solved in recent years. I recently was gifted a new projector for my living room that is maybe $600 at most, and it works both outside and in side just as well. You can't see shit on a cloudless evening when it's outside, but the same is true of most flat screens when they're out too.
  22. pm with offers. ty
  23. Imperium: AC Leader Boards

    I stole nothing XP
  24. Imperium: AC Leader Boards

    I should push myself harder so you don't steal all that glory. Baddie
  25. Worlds 1st Rollable TV screen

    And while you can get a 4k projector, laser projectors are still really pricey so you still need a relatively dark room. If they get this into the 100" range and below $3-4k this will have a pretty decent adoption.
  26. Origin 890 JUMP

    "Sneak peak" would be the picture not the frigging "what is coming" thanks CIG and for the pass 3 weeks of subscriber pics.
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