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  2. You got it the other way round he wants to trade the ships he has for an account with a kraken on it.
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  4. ahhh pirates in every corner- those puppys are expensive. and discontinued-=as too code.
  5. Leaivathon : you said quote : you dont want to buy one straight out. but in you 3rd part : you say you have a account that has a kraken on the account. are you actually looking for a second kraken- on the cheep.. use gray market-
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  7. Wouldn’t happen to still have this would you?
  8. Definitely interested in picking this up, if you’d still have it for sale.
  9. @Leviathanoyou said you don't want to buy it, but this might be the safest route for you. If the ships you wanted to trade have enough melt value if you melt them instead, you should go that way, like Chimaera said. You can also try and sell your ships, to get enough cash to buy store credit on the grey (usually around 60% its value). So you'll just need in cash the value equivalent to 60% of a kraken, in order to have enough store credit for a kraken Then you wait for ILW or IAE to get one with those credits.
  10. Welcome to the Imperium Newsletter for Jan, 2023! As it's the start of 2023, this means the Year in Review is released for 2022! You can find that here: Year in Review 2022 Prax1s VoyagerYote DOOPY Freedie1947 MochiMoshii Bloodthirsty23 Swirlz89 Redrum64 Executioner583 Xexorian MyParadox Joko-dono Naroku Bababooeyy wtfcooldown ReckerOnline Mattage Hezekah Shazzylazzy Tobias32 Human Resources @PowerWagon has been promoted to HR Officer, specifically Recruitment Officer! Academy Academy Division is seeking dedicated active members who enjoy developing training course materials and instructing courses to fellow fleet members. If you are interested in joining our staff by becoming an Academy Specialist, please submit an application here: https://portal.starcitizenbase.com/divisions/overview Contact Academy Officer @PowerWagon to let him know you submitted an application or if you have any questions about Academy. Interested in joining a Division and becoming a Specialist? All divisions are currently recruiting and want to hear from you! Please follow this link to the Division recruitment section where you may browse our Divisions and their sections to find the right place for you! Have questions? Go to Discord #help-desk and submit a ticket! A note from our Event Coordinators: “If you would like your event posted to #Event-announcements channel in Discord, or the Imperium Facebook page, or the Imperium Twitter account, please PM someone with the @Event Coordinator tag and we will be happy to assist you in making your event a success. Don't forget to add your event to the Imperium Calendar as it automatically converts start times for members around the globe." - @GRIZZ https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/calendar/
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  12. Wenn du lust hast, auch in anderen Spielen progress orientierte Raids zu haben, dan schreib dich bei uns ein. Thelyn Ennor
  13. @LeviathanI've never seen someone actually do the kind of transaction you're talking about, usually it's either purchase an account for money or sell ships off, not try to do a "I have these ships in my account I'd swap for a Kraken account". It might be better to do a melt of ships on your account and then buy a credit-based Kraken.
  14. Brokers for account transaction ? Just buy from reputable places/sellers As for selling your own ships, just sell it various marketplaces
  15. Im looking to get a kraken. I dont want to buy it straight out, but im wondering if its possible to make trades of the ships I currently have for an account that has a kraken on it. Curious if there are any experienced brokers out there that think they can make it happen?
  16. Thelyn Ennor baut weiter aus. Egal ob Fighter- oder Freighter-Pilot, wir haben noch freie Kojen für ambitionierte Spieler die Wert auf ein entschlossenes Team legen. Bewerbt euch unter Thelyn-Ennor.eu.
  17. Hello and welcome to Imperium, you might enjoy our mining operations : mining along an org is a complete different experience : you have scouts, escort, additional mining ships to help you breaks though rocks.... Nobody walks away disapointed ^^
  18. Welcome aboard. Things are slow and seem to be aligned with the slow pace of updates, but many are still playing religiously. Prospector is a great money maker in the current build.
  19. Recker | ReckerOnline - Roberts Space Industries | Follow the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42 I pledged back in 2021. I started with the mustang Alpha, moved to 100i then the avenger titan and now the Misc prospector. I fell in love with the game but always craved more and that was to join a fleet I'm looking forward to doing mundane task to piloting the ship all in efforts to be a part of the team o7.
  20. the Raven is not giftable and not meltable. You can look for a Raven Code those sell for around 1.3k USD
  21. Joppie_0

    Want to Buy Sabre Raven Code

    Hello, I know I am very late with replying, and I hope you receive this message, but do you happen to have some of these codes left? Thanks in advance!
  22. Star Citizen Base is a website for the entire Star Citizen Community. Imperium is a Org. that was formed by individuals that created Star Citizen Base. If this site was for Imperium only, we wouldn't have a Fleets & Recruitment section.
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