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  2. AstroJak

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    I think i'm going to ccu my harbinger to this ship. I cant wait for those epic ground invasions with a few Valkyrie accompanying an A2 or M2... what movie moments are made of... Aj
  3. maxxratt

    Freelancer DUR?

    Wow, sifting through the email and saw a notification about this thread......as I was redownloading the game. Bought this ship 4 years ago and ready to go.
  4. Gremlich

    Hello I'm Wizold! :)

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  6. Gremlich


  7. Gremlich

    Hi I'm Apollo!

  8. VoA

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    Anvil design rings true with this ship
  9. Hack Rackham

    Want to Sell LTI Ships and packages for sale (UPDATED prices)

    Hi, im interested. Pm,d
  10. FoxChard

    The Nyxgate Controversy #puddlegate

    Because I'm trying to be edgy and refer to the Spiderman puddlegate controversy without saying anything more. Like those kids on the twitter.
  11. GRIZZ

    The Nyxgate Controversy #puddlegate

    But why #puddlegate?
  12. @Ainz Ooal Gown Thank you so much for the trade, I hope see you soon again in my store, and will be glad to offer you my services ones again. Take care and have a Great Day!
  13. Brightmist

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    Yea so I've tested it with Cutlass. Ramp is a solid object but dragging it on the ground doesn't really do any damage to it but you can also bounce off the ground too. So basically just set throttle while going in a straight line, uncouple, pitch up and strafe down so your ramp should make contact with ground and your friend following you driving a vehicle should theoretically boost to get in at the same time. I don't think it's practical and I don't think you'd do it in a combat situation tho, you'd rather just land somewhere safe I think.
  14. Since we don't have a source of CIG created controversy (for the week), I will recommend that we start up the Nyxgate Controversy. REEEEEEEEEEE! This is not what we have in game. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Where is my dark star system, space clouds, and giant asteroids? Grab your pitchforks and your hashtags and lets go burn down reddit.
  15. FoxChard

    After the 12 pillars

    Timestamped for the part I want, of course! I think their pace will increase over time as they get their tools in place and build up a larger library of city assets that they can use, reuse, kitbash, or reshape. Lets go back. Just listen to Papa Chard as he takes you back. Anyway. Way, way back they were going to build out a few architecture styles and then replicate them across the verse to more rapidly construct cityscapes and landing zones. With a handful of modifications and altered color palettes they could use the same assets for multiple locations in a single system: Of course, this ain't gonna fly these days, but I still think something extremely similar is possible. Once they get a good library of assets, they should be able to kitbash new city scapes together (which now that I think of it was always their plan anyway). I'm having problems hunting down all of the exact posts and I'm not sure what was post and what was video and being that I'm extremely lazy, I'm not going to dig into the videos for supporting evidence. The Hurston and ArcCorp of today are good models of what can be done (somewhat) rapidly (I'm sure it took years of effort to get Hurston to where it is now, but probably only months of effort to build the assets we saw during the recent demo. I get the feeling that the old Hurston from last year got scrapped in its entirety since everything was at a different scale than what we saw this year). Much of each city is being cleverly hidden underground in the large art blocks. There aren't many apparent surface roadways. The people of the future apparently have discarded the idea of single family homes sprawling across the landscape and mass private automobile ownership. Additionally, they've shown early versions of their rapid cityscape, architecture, and building interior prototyping and procedural systems. We don't know how far those have gone. With Hurston though, we're still getting told that a lot of the central facets of cities are being curated. I'm not sure how they're going to speed their creation up or how they can make that procedural. The larger spaces though should be somewhat easier to build. They can probably automate that the way they're doing plants and rocks-just replace the nature assets with city assets. The hard parts are always going to be hero zones like the Spider, or Terra Prime, or Earth or those crazy alien ruins on Hades (etc.) where things are described as so unique and iconic that assets cannot be readily used form elsewhere.
  16. Brightmist

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    Ramp should be a physical object but I wouldn't expect clipping it to cause substantial damage. I can't comment on them since I have't tried this in the past, yet, I might just try it with my cutlass and see what's up. Equalizing speed of the vehicle and the ship should be easy enough.
  17. CyberianK

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    Is the back ramp a physical object or does it clip into the ground? As I know CIG its probably the former one and also procedurally created ground is seldom perfectly flat. So what happens when the ramp touches the ground does it cause damage? Also does it influence your ships course so you might crash? Because you probably have to get extremely low where the ramp is touching the ground else the vehicle can't cross that distance. No idea because I don't have that ship just asking. Maybe you can do it on some kind of road like surface and with the finer ship thrust control we get in 3.4? When its possible someone will do it and we see a video on reddit.
  18. Brightmist

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    You probably can if the terrain is straight enough. Just open the back ramp while flying super low in a straight line at constant speed, uncouple and pitch up just a little so Cyclone can drive in.
  19. CyberianK

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    I would guess you need some kind of ramp for the vehicle to make a small jump to do that
  20. Fizzlefuse

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    We had a big Imperium group going a few times and thoroughly tested the Valkyrie... and would actually been able to get some where.. if @FoxChard didnt blow us all up and kill the server In any case, this makes me think., could you do a moving pick-up? keep the valkyrie moving and drive a cyclone in and then quickly take off?
  21. Devil Khan

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    slightly wrong The standard power down is 38m x 26.5m x 9.5m Vanguard They match width and height for the Javelin. everything apart from the actual fuel tanks is basically the same. anyway read back @VoA posted the ship fits inside the Javelin.
  22. AHomelessWalrus

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    The deciding factor for me on whether this ship gets melted back into a Redeemer or not is whether it fits into a Javelin. Thankfully, after comparing the stats of the Vanguard, which is the Javelin away-craft poster child, and the Valkyrie, I am optimistic. The Valkyrie comes in at: Height: 9.5 meters Length: 38 meters Width: 28 meters The fully folded Vanguard comes in at: Height: 8.5 meters Length: 37 meters Width: 25 meters Assuming the Vanguard isn’t absolutely jam-packed into the Javelin to start with, I’d say there is fair chance the Valkyrie will be a staple shuttlecraft for Javelin away teams across the ‘Verse.
  23. Narktor

    Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    Ah thanks! :D
  24. [≡☠≡] Ĵǿƹ ĞɨŁŁɨąɲ

    Want to Sell AEGIS HammerHead LTI and 4 items

    OK I understand. see you soon in 3.3 PU
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