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  2. A Palisade and NN-13 cannon will help with the once in a blue moon NPC attack while space mining. I love the reactions from the NPC pilots when you start to smack holes into them with a well shielded mining ship. - DRUM out
  3. From what I've read people in general are very happy with those T16000 sticks; especially because they are pretty easy on the wallet. Definitely don't go with the T.Flight Hotax-X though. It may look cool and compact (and from the same manufacturer) but I've used that one on the past and it had really poor precision. Currently I have 2 Constellation Alpha sticks from Virpil (one left and one right). I really wanted something high-end and scifi looking. Initially I was looking for the Constellation Delta but then while I was still saving up money they announced the u
  4. Answer is yes, you can stack the same modules :
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  6. I think I got a pretty good deal on dual Thrustmasters T16000Ms, Amazon has them on for $166 (CDN) for a set. I know not nearly as nice as some of these others, but man that price was right. I'll report back on how they are once they come in. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B076XKZML8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. Think it's 23% for me. They're many overpriced ships anyway. However it really urks me when they killed the LTI before the ship was released. Anyway, CIG really want to charge big whales and forget the rest of us and yeah. I'm one of them 😑. MerchantMan should make an interesting ship whether it will have huge cargo or just plenty of "shop fronts" I like it. It's a shame that they had to make it planetside landable.
  8. Yeah, CIG gave us a lot of ways and tricks to get lower prices as their "$0 Removal Script" didn't work properly (and even removed CCUs that people paid money for) so they never bothered running it again. Now with those reduced Warbond CCUs you can make some nice chains to reduce the total money spent; especially if you can chain several steps. So yeah, I'm definitely going to have onto my $165 Merchantman for now and see how high it will go. Originally I was planning to use a "Carrack-to-Nautilus" CCU and "Carrack-to-Perseus" CCU but then I'd have to buy back my last two UEE Exploration
  9. It was possible to get it from ccu 225 😁
  10. Yeah, regarding mugs you're much better off just finding a printshop in your own country and get them to make custom mugs for you. I also doubt those official CIG mugs are of any high quality either as sadly most of their stuff is often ordered from the cheapest manufacturers they can find in China. I ordered these from Vistaprint in the Netherlands years ago and they are still in perfect condition even though I've been using them for quite some time. On topic for the Merchantman I'm glad Customer Support wanted to help out and removed the "Merchantman-to-Hercules M2" C
  11. The pricing is insane. For everything even mugs a plain white with a brand logo cost around 30! The ships are priced way too high. 40-60 for just the bare bones starter ship. Of course there is no practical design eg the simple exiting from the ship carrack, starlifter, reclaimer etc etc. Yes, I am guilty for buying so many ships. I remember back in the kickstarter days I said "only the one ship will do me fine". Yeah that didn't last long. Anyway I have my MM, I mean I have the right to play with it but not truly own it. <end rant>
  12. It should probably be even more expensive but then CIG wouldn't make any money from selling CCUs to ships like the Polaris, Nautilus, Hammerhead, etc. Always make sure there is a lot of $ room between successful ships so you make more money on CCU's 😋 I have 1 BMM with LTI and CCU's and buybacks for a few others. I love this ship but I cringe in hesitant fear when I think what CIG might do to it in the next few months. I always thought that I would never melt my Phoenix but I can't say I am very happy with what CIG did with the Connie. I hope the BMM doesn't suffer the same fate ... 😪
  13. I got one. There`s LTI on it so no harm is done If I want to upgrade on it later. Only problem I see: I want an Scratching Wall on every ship of mine now...:)
  14. Auch wenn wir uns als Hardcore Corp eingestuft haben, traut euch ruhig euch zu bewerben. Wir sind eine tolle große Familie in der der Spaß nicht zu kurz kommt. Bewerbt euch! Wir freuen uns auf euch.
  15. @Gallitin I approve of this makes me reminded back when it all started for You as also for me. https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/topic/74-interview-with-chris-roberts/?do=findComment&comment=357
  16. I picked up an Ares Ion to Xi'an Railen CCU for $5.00. If I apply it to one of my CCU chains from the last few sales the total price should come out to $160. That puts it in direct competition with the RSI Connie Taurus. I totally agree with you @Danakar Endeel with regard to the alien tax, but I think I will hold on to the CCU and see how it pans out. MB
  17. I'm not an alien-ship design lover either. I'll stick to the normal ships that I'm used to. That said, the concept is really cool, and I'm glad that they (CIG) is expanding the norms in the 'Verse! Now if they could take some of those cool affects and features and apply them to all the other ships, that would greeeeeaaaat...
  18. Hmmm... Decisions, decisions... Seriously though, if anyone here wants to buy the Railen because they like the look of it go right ahead and I really hope you will get a lot of enjoyment out of it. For me, I just don't feel anything for these alien ships. Perhaps this has something to do with CIG slapping this wierd +$50 to +$100 'Alien Tax' on most of them but yeah. The Railen is basically a cheaper C2 with higher crew requirements with a lower (external) cargo carrying capacity, a mix of M and L size components, and lower defensive capabilities. Personally
  19. Hello everyone. I'm new here. Trying to spread word about something some of you might already be a part of. My friend Matthew Lanclos from Twitter began the process of forming a group to go after Anovos. We have a lawyer and quite a few people who have either never received their items ordered (like myself) or received poor quality products. We still have time to gather more troops for the cause, so here's the information if you would like to be part of this. From twitter: -------------------- Matthew Lanclos @MILEHIGHMAHOO · Jun 3 Hey #Twitterverse. If yo
  20. It was originally 250. It’s gotten quite the price hike edit: Warbond sale has it at 450 still.
  21. Oh snap! The Banu Merchantman just rose again from $450 to $500 during Alien Week. That is a nice upgrade from the original price of (Edit) $250. MB
  22. Stupid CIG with their RSI X-Wing and Blockade runners...
  23. Tldr: Selling AMD 5800x for $380. A $50 discount from the current price. No fees or shipping cost. Never used. Reason for selling: As many others, I have decided to quit my new PC build due to the chip shortage and looking to get rid of the processor I purchased. Product: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Current value: $423 My asking Price: $380 Condition: Never used, taken out of box but not the plastic containing the chip. Transaction details: Buyer must have a Verified Paypal account I pay Paypal fee's Free shipping
  24. I use dual Gladiator from VKB, it's 150$ plus tax per stick. I'm very hapy with them. Dual sticks are more relevant if you do dogfight, for non combat activities they aren't as important.
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