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  2. hello citizen, the redeemer is not sold anymore. i hope it won t hurt too much your upgrade chains. i see it as a direct reaction to the $0 ccus redeemer -> merchantman that many people are sitting on.
  3. All you need to do right before you'd hit a rock cliff - jump to hyperspace hmm, shit these lack jump drives..
  4. LTI Starfarer is available in the new Nox pack if it suits anyone https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Add-Ons/Starfarer-Nox-2-Pack-LTI
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  6. I like the look of it but I can't keep wondering about the safety of these racers. Death has bad consequences in SC and, just like in real life, crashing one these racers against an unmovable object should kill you. I wonder if CIG is taking creative liberties again by allowing these racers to survive insane crashes. Ramming your Hornet into an asteroid at full boost should kill you, same as hitting a canyon wall straight on in your Nox Old joke adapted to the Nox: What is the last thing that goes through your brain when you hit a wall with the Nox?
  7. I was looking forward to being there tomorrow, but looks like I won't be back home and online until later in the day. If I maths correctly, 1600 UTC is 0800 PST.. and I will most likely be gone from 7am to 6pm. I hope there are still people playing then.
  8. Great analysis @Danakar Endeel The oddest thing with the Redeemer is how small and compact it is vs other ships ..... making very efficient use of space. It will likely get larger and have the extra two unmanned turrets CR wanted to see added onto it. Those that picked up a Redeemer for $250 will be glad they did
  9. Hah not what I expected.
  10. I may be a little late to the party this time. Have to go in for an emergency root canal tomorrow, broke my tooth. ill try to join later in the day.
  11. I am unfamiliar with this issue. Personally I have CCU'd the ships inside one of my UEE Explorer Packs several times. Example UEE Explorer Pack upgrade log (warning, it's a mess) My other UEE Explorer Pack was a bit less messy but I could still upgrade my Terrapin to a Redeemer and then the Redeemer to a Merchantman UEE Explorer Pack #2 upgrade log So as far as I am aware there should be no issue; unless CIG changed something very recently.
  12. I'm aiming to do the same! As a T&I-centric player, the Dragonfly would be my choice for any salvage runs due to the 2nd player/NPC seat and cargo space... however, I used some store credits to get a Nox so I could try it out alongside the Dragonfly in 3.0 to satisfy my curiosity. Even if I don't like the Nox I could still CCU it to an Ursa to get the most out of my planetside operations.
  13. Happy Birthday!

  14. Happy Birthday!

  15. Thank you both! I just was not sure about stacking ccus and whether or not I could unmelt my only game package. Your advice has been noted. Wait, the tana increased from $65?
  16. The Redeemer has just been removed from the store. CIG claims it's because of an 'eventual rework'. However, this sudden removal completely contradicts their original statement that it would be a permanent addition to the store. Personally I suspect that its removal has less to do with the 'eventual rework' and more to do with all those $0 Redeemer-to-Merchantman CCUs that people were holding onto in anticipation of getting a potential $100 discount on the upcoming Origin 600 Either that or maybe they think they can squeeze even more money out of backers by raising the price after the 'eventual rework' of their Fighting Freelancer (somewhere in 2018)...
  17. Yesterday
  18. Sorry I have to work.
  19. But its a gas guzzler! They had to give it a Starfarer...
  20. The Nox turned out to be pretty cool! Thumbs up for a space bike!
  21. See, i had to read it again but apparently its not white but brushed metal. I reckon that will look amazing.
  22. So, confirmed: No cargo, 2x S1
  23. Damn it..... for pure nostalgia since it reminds me of my 2015 YZFR6, I may just have to pick one up for no reason other than to park it as hangar flair.
  24. If "HuXa" is the name of a human-Xi'an deal, I'm going to venture the conclusion that "TEXA" is something like "Terra Xi'an (vehicle user's)" Racing Club, ie. Nox owners... PS. You know, if it wouldn't say it right on the first page / cover, now that I've seen the brochure...
  25. Sale is open https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/15982-Terminal-Velocity And what exactly is TEXA RC? From the brochure
  26. missed the mail, but saw them buying it on twitch so looked and bought 2 white 1 will be good for ice planets ;o looks awesome
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