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  2. a3.15 is definitely not really something to concern yourself about; at least not regarding Imperium as a whole. We are still a ways away from having that discussion and first we would need at least a dozen or so systems before we can get a grasp on choosing a location where we would set up out main official headquarters as it were. Ofcourse this could be on an existing planet with access to merchants and hangars and all the other good stuff; or it could be that several Imperium members would bring their Pioneers to a planet where one of our leaders sets up a 16x16km Land Claim and then starts to map out an actual base with an architect to create something really unique. Now I don't know the extent of what Pioneers can construct and if they can even work together in order to connect those structures. Personally I think it would be very cool to have our own personalized base of operations with landing pads (or preferably hangar bays with underground storage) and sleeping quarters and a large Wing Commander style room for briefings and maybe even having areas where NPC merchants would be able to sell armor, weapons, ship components and the like. I personally would love having our own base with large defense batteries on the corners and big walls with garages for military vehicles etc. etc. The possibilities for ideas are endless. We'll just have to wait and see what will actually BE possible. But yeah, as to starting world I would still vote to be in an area under UEE control and not set ourselves up in a neutral free-for-all gankfest in the middle of nowhere. After all, we have to consider logistics and it's easy to get cut off from resources if a gang of pirates blocks off our main route. Hence why I would vote to remain in an area where there is a UEE Navy presence for support. That way we can offer extended support to the UEE and it's military. That's a thing for the future though. For a3.15 the main choice will be based on where our corpse will spawn should we die. Personally I was very fond of Orison but I was not fond of having to fly 100km up before I can quantum. Orison also seems to have an issue with stores and the lack of purchasing ship components. New Babbage on Microtech however has most of the A-grade stuff as well as a large selection of ship weapons available. For a lot of my ships it's a one-stop-shop to get a lot of my ships geared up. I believe the only thing I can't get from New Babbage are CIV-A Atlas, CIV-A Hemera, and CIV-A Erebos Quantum Drives (those are my favorites due to range versus fuel consumption). Those are only available at Port Olisar or some random reststop like CRU-L1 or so. But yeah, I will likely choose New Babbage for a3.15 due to its ease of access to the multitude of stores for ship component and ship weapons. As I recall they also had a decent selection of personal firearms but for my actual ones I'll have to hunt around a little because Iike the "Midnight" range of the K&W energy weapons; most notably the Gallant Rifle "Midnight" edition which is sold at HUR-L5 I believe. So New Babbage will likely be the place for me during a3.15. Once we finally get closer to actual launch of the game with a dozen systems is when I think our command should sit down and discuss the plans for an actual base of operations. I hope one of them bought a 16x16 Land Claim and that they will decide on a system that is still at the ende within UEE space with a proper logistical route to a hub so that we can easily buy and sell supplies as well as materials. After all, we'd also want a place for our miners, salvagers, traders, and we will need NPC mission givers too. So don't put me in a PvP Only system as you won't see me there often due to me getting bored if mindless combat 24/7 is all I can do Which reminds me that I should ask someone to change my tag from Combat to something else. Well, you will always have Port Tressler in synchronous orbit with New Babbage. So I don't think it will be much of an issue for any planetary location as they all have an orbital station where you can call up larger ships that need the docking collars.
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  4. Willkommen im 4ten neuen Thelyn Ennor Forum welches hiermit online ist! JUHU wir haben ein neues Forum. Schaut doch mal vorbei.
  5. Selling Game Package (Star Citizen only) with Banu Merchantman LTI (upgrade price $500) Price is $270 All fees included
  6. I would love to pick New Babbage because it is my fav, but half the ships I have can't even jump out of there. So probs will have to be Lorville out of pure practicality right now.
  7. For now, I think starting off in the latest landing area on Orison (assuming your computer can handle all the effects that are going on there) or the space station above might be best. It's in the middle of the Stanton system so your travel time to other locations around the system will hopefully be minimal. Long term, this is one of the reasons I pledged for a Polaris so I could have a roaming home that I could hold all my stuff and a smaller ship or few with me.
  8. I see a multitude of subject there : You can divide your possessions in two categories : 1) Artifacts, to show off, they can be located in a remote, sanctuarized, location (hangar flair, trophies, your favorite outfit, ...) 2) Your assets (Ships, armor, weapons, supplies, cargo ... ) I think that your starting location will be your sanctuary, where you retire to rest between 2 working shifts Regarding your assets I would break them down in 2 subcategories : 2a) Having your assets near you (Ammunitition, workhorse ship, ...) 2b)Prepositionning assets for specific activities (preparing spare retaliators at Microtech for Xenothreat, prospectors at CRU-L1 for mining ... ) To keep your assets near your main area of operation, I would suggest to get a big ship and use it as a mobile storage unit : you land your C2 Hercules loaded with a hundred of thousand of ammo clips, food, water ... maybee a spare ship ... So that would only left the home location as a prepositionning point for all your spare ships. As of now, I think that all landing zones have specialties (Crusader for mining, Hurston for Bounty Hunting, Micro tech for Touring, and Arcorp to melt your GPU). So under this light, for 3.15, I would rather choose Hurston as I am more focused on Bounty Hunting at the moment. But in the long term, If i was given the choice to choose a location to setup my hangar, I would choose an High Sec area with a nice vista (like Microtech, or Arccorp) knowing that I will be able to invest in other real estate (aka colonial outpost) in our main area of operation
  9. I don't really think the starting location currently is a big deal when it drops in 3.15. Eventually, when we have larger server capacity and proper org integration in the game, there might be a benefit for a specific location depending on what the Org will do at that time. As for myself, until that time comes, I'll just pick one I personally like best.
  10. We've always erred on the side of personal choice, and if CIG does what they did with Orison where - if you're not careful - they'll make you default spawn to Orison, it can be problematic. We also need to see how CIG will actually implement the inventory limitations in practice as opposed to their "planned" systems that haven't even made it the Evocati for testing. After watching the latest ISC where they've given more information on the localized inventory and such, I still don't see us trying to suggest that people have the same starting point, especially given how buggy the planets are. What we could potentially consider is a common place that we would have as a staging area for events, and then encourage members to stock things at those locations that would be beneficial for doing events. This definitely will make coordinating starting points for operations a lot more important, as well as spawn points at medical facilities in case of death.
  11. The thing is, as of 3.15 your starting location will have much more significance. It will be where all your armour, guns, vehicles etc will be accessible from (no more magical bag of holding via the mobiglass). It will also where you respawn after death (no more respawning at your last port of call). I just figured it would be good to have a common starting/respawn point for future events rather than requiring each participant to return to their "home base" to prepare beforehand?
  12. Having spent the last two months playing in the PU, starting locations only matter for the minutes that it takes to go from the hab areas to the spaceport, and then the 10k climb out of atmosphere. Additionally, operating out of the planet habitats tends to be a bit problematic for people with lower end machines because the environments are harder to get through than being on stations. While I can recommend Lorville or Microtech as good start spots because of less performance hit than Orison or Arccorp, there are a variety of issues in all "spawn" locales and most people only go to the planets for the purposes of selling or shopping before returning to the black and to named/lagrange point stations. Also, given the fact that you can traverse the system in less than 10 minutes, it won't take much time for people to bounce around to wherever the action happens to be. Now, once we are in a multi-system situation, where we have Nyx and Pyro also as potential areas of operation, we might want to consider having IMP people agree on main areas of operating, but for now, the single system doesn't really necessitate that kind of coordination.
  13. A similar question was asked a few years ago about where Imperium should base its operations in the wider PU; with the upcoming changes in 3.15 (physicalised Inventory and hospital respawn points specifically) it might be a good time to revisit and get a consensus on which starting location Imperium members should choose when starting 3.15, if only to avoid those of us with larger fleets having additional logistical challenges when preparing for future fleet events. I would like to propose choosing Loreville as a good start point. It's relatively close to the current main areas of gameplay (especially the popular Aberdeen mining locale), we will have access to our ground vehicles, QT altitude isn't too high and frankly it seems to be the most stable of all the LZs. Any thoughts?
  14. yeah but that's kind of an understatement there, Andromeda is a permanent ship the likelyhood that anybody would put a non WB CCU of that into buy back is most unlikely. And at a previous price of $225 it was positioned in one of the best spots in terms of pricing, a lot of people trying to complete their fleet would have bought WB CCUs and then put to buy back all the CCUs in between going down to the nearest permanent ship, and had stopped there thinking it was safe to stop since it is always around and the price had never gone up on any flight ready ship before, until 3.14 that is. Sorry I'm salty, but as you said it is very promising as there are still a lot of future flyable ships in that area, so most likely this will just become a mild hickup in the long run. Following your vast experience with CCUs I'll follow on your advice here, but I had already successfully collected not less than 12 CCUs of all future flyable ships last ILW, Alien Week, and 3.14 sale, except of course for the Orion, Endeavor, and any of the hull series, which I think only comes out every IAE. Unlike most of the people in this site, I just recently started, Nov 2020 Free Fly for Star Citizen and just this Feb in collecting and learning all about CCUs, so I am so behind. But at least, since I started, I only missed the opportunity in getting the Nova and the Merchantman before their price increase. But at least I got WB CCUs from them which I think were at their previous prices. And of course there had been a lot more price bumps on other ships especially the Carrack before I started but I cannot help that, I actually had a chance to buy the Carrack WB CCU last IAE 2950, but I wasn't aware of all thses CCUs back then, so too bad for me, but hopefully some of my merchantman CCUs would help me in that price range. That's why I don't use to buy CCUs of future flyable FROM ships, coz I don't really know where it would be priced at on release. But now I will consider collecting CCUs of all the FROM ships (of any WB CCUs) going all the way down to the starter ship ever since 3.14, ever since Andromeda. I think San'tok yai might also fit below $240 since it is a fighter ship, but mostly it might be priced at $240. so you might still be right. I got bunch of Taurus, I actually got way more than I wanted to, that when I reallized I got more than 25 I used up 2 of my Buy Back tokens just to make sure I am at 25, hoping to be under CIG's radar, I just don't want to have any CCU to be more than 25 instances in buy back just in case. Yeah I missed them both. But I got the Nomad game package, good thing I decided to take the Nomad with its LTI rather than the MR 120Mos, but I missed all that Nomad WB CCUs with LTI.......dang. I thats okay I should have stayed more vigilant, and put to buy back those Andromeda CCUs but thats okay the future is still bright That's okay knew that anyway, we are all speculating here, making educated guesses of how CIG thinks. But we all know that CIG shanges the way they think a lot so eventually everything goes outdated anyway. But still continue updating your guidelines its a big help and will help others. I wouldn't had probably thought I would have a chance of buying something like a Polaris if not for the CCU and for your guidelines, so big thanks to you
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  16. This was a mistake from my part, corrected in the messages posted in May yesterday, as I have not updated them when I have updated my guide since. Unfortunately, if the Andromeda went above MSR (215 to 240, and since old Warbond CCU Andro (215) to MSR is 5$) it is now invalid, and will stay forever invalid. Since it was warbond, you can try and ask support to let you buy back them at the original price. My assumption with cash is a theory, as others (for my exemple with the Hull-E) explained to me that the price difference did not go from 150 to 50 when repurchased because the CCU is very old and the system was then different than today mechanism. This is anyway not related to your issue here.
  17. Actually this might turn to be a very profitable misfortune because : The Andromeda went from 215 to 240. Ok it screwed a few CCU and made others less interesting. But you still have the Vulcan which is not released, which is the cheapest ship between the Hurricane and the Andromeda. Considering the MSR price jump during production and release, I "bet" that the Vulcan will be released at 235$ maximum. This means, if the bet is correct that a Hurricane to Vulcan would be 5$ when stored in buyback for repurchase. Stock a few of those CCUs, wait for the Vulcan release, and then buy some Vulcan (235) to Andromeda (240) CCUs (5$ if the bet comes true). This means an Andromeda would cost 10$ from a Hurricane (so 205$). Like this you have saved even more than compared to when the Andromeda was at 215, because all the ships under the Andromeda that are actually not released ( Corsair, Ares, San'tok yai, Scorpuis Railen), exept Vulcan here with my bet, will most certainly jump over 240$ when released, so any CCU TO Andromeda from those ships will be invalid if stored in buyback. I took that bet here and already stocked a ton of CCUs Goal is Vulcan at 235$ ^^ If you have Taurus CCUs from before the price jump, this is even more interesting obviously As Taurus to Hurricane is 5$, and you save 40$ with any Taurus CCU you stocked before the price jump, so the Andromeda would cost only 165$. Cheaper if you have even more warbond CCU lower than Taurus, or betting on future release (G12, Hull-A/B... if you missed CCUs like Talon, Nomad and so on in 2020).
  18. BTW, I bought all of those MSR WB CCUs with cash of course, do you think they are still going to be forever invalidated? if in case some miracle the MSR gets another price bump a little bit higher than the Andromeda, because you mentioned in your rules that if it was bought with cash, it could possible be bought back if the price of the TO ship eventually goes a bit higher than the FROM ship
  19. Hey @vahadar, I'm really glad to hear from you again. I can see that you are holding true to keeping your set of rules as updated as possible. Now about the Andromedea, Yeah, I got really burned there, it was a big surprise to me, everybody that I asked told me that CIG had not raise prices after releasing a ship, even though I had several videos proving that CIG had raised prices but at that time were all just starter ships which wouldn't hurt anyone's CCU chain. So got so convinced that I melted 9 of the 12 WB CCUs of my Andromeda to MSR, for ILW, which really sucked, and to add insult to injury, I refrained myself from putting to buy back any permanent / always available ship like the Andromeda, so now I only have 3 Andromeda to MSR WB CCUs left and only now have I put some Andromeda CCUs into buy back with it's new price which means the $30 savings from each of those WB CCUs are now down to just $15. But i did not let that pull me down, I quickly re-planned my CCU strategy and now also considers putting always available ships to buy back if it is a FROM ship of any WB CCU or CCU that grants me savings, as I'm no longer taking any chances. My recent WB CCU loses may seem sad but, the Taurus price was much higher than I expected so I am still very happy about that. And I still have a lot to hope for, much too many future flyable ships that, once increases in price would conflict with those invalidated MSR WB CCUs anyway. As an example, I had bought 5 Ion WB CCUs in ILW that gives me a saving of $20 now, and on release would i hope rise a bit more (but hopefully not equal or more than the $260 MSR). Those 5 Ion WB CCUs could most likely replace 5 of my recently invalidated MSR WB CCUs, since those $30 savings from those MSR WB CCUs could potentially be exceeded by the Ion WB CCUs (now $20 saving + potential future price). And to think that there are still so much future flyable ships in that price range, so I am not so down for losing all those MSR WB CCUs. But you are right, regardless of how CIG seems to be handling pricing and bumps in the past, and how many are telling me CIG will not do this or do that, I will instead consider all possibilities, from now on, if I could manage it. And of course that set of rules that you had been maintaining had been very useful, even though I just said I will try to consider all possibilities, situations would still limit what I could put to buy back so your guide helps me determine the least riskiest approach to take, and the best way to maximize using just store credits rather than buying with cash, whenever it is not necessary.
  20. @tismoj Made a few edits because many mistakes in my previous posts in my explanations. So some of your quotes are not up to date anymore. In short I modified what I wrote above about price jumps and buybacks : When the FROM ship new value after price bump or release (or after a bump post release like Andromeda recently) is equal or superior to the TO ship old value (value at the time of CCU purchase), then the CCU is forever invalid for repurchase in buyback, whatever if the TO value will jump higher in the future. This is the state of CCU mechanism for now (it has been different in the past, it might be different in the future).
  21. Hello, I would like to get my hands on one F7A Military Hornet Upgrade (kit). They were sold for 20$ in 2013 and are now insanely high priced. I am looking to buy it at a "decent" price if you sell one. Name your price and I will let you know if it is "decent enough" for me I do not like to fuel price gouging resellers of the likes of StarHangar or Reddit... Cheers ! PS : if you are a fresh seller without any feedback from sale in Imperium (like too many sellers here), I will not buy from you.
  22. Hey man! I'm so sorry for getting back to you so late. I never got an email that I had a response back so I had no idea that you actually got back to me. I already managed to buy one, so I'm sorry about that
  23. Wir, die das Banner des Löwen tragen, suchen Verstärkung. Jene die noch unentschlossen sind und jene die für die Freiheit des Verse sind. Jede Tonne Frachtraum, jede Rakete, jeder Schuß Munition zählt, genauso wie jede Waffe in den Händen eines entschlossenen Freiheitskämpfers. Wir, die PMC „Thelyn Ennor“ sind entschlossen alles zu tun um das Verse frei und vielfältig zu halten. Aber wir alleine können die Vanduulhorden, Piratenketzer und zerstörerischen Verbrechersyndikate nicht aufhalten. Wir brauchen jeden Mann, jede Waffe, alles was das freie Verse hat, um diese unendliche Aufgabe zu meistern.
  24. Selling LTI G12 (£55) and LTI G12A (£65) let me know if interested thanks
  25. Step one is to delete your User folder to get rid of any trash left over from a previous patch (as per CIG). Myself, I only had that happening a lot when I was running many other programs in the back ground. If you watch your memory you will see if this is your issue as well. The game wants a clean 8g and if it is hunting for scraps it tends to boggle. I have 16g and one solution is to double my memory, but just closing the other stuff works for now. - DRUM out edit: Remembered this also occurred when I had that bed log out bug. That happened when I bed logged and the game refused to fully load. One fix mentioned was a reset on account page but that resets way too much in my opinion, so I just kept retrying and it finally pushed into the game. - DRUM
  26. Would anyone know why my game keeps crashing right after I get into the universe? My computer is more than capable to run this game but I am not sure as to why it keeps crashing right after loading in. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it.
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