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  2. Did you know Teamspeak has a user created dark theme? It can be found here.
  3. They'd be cold once they get there. the point of them is that the filling has to be decently hot.
  4. Today
  5. @AdmiralBoom
  6. A lot. Getting perishable food through agriculture and keeping it cold until it got to you would make that the most expensive sandwich of your life. And meat at that.
  7. How much would it cost for you to package a few of those up and send them here?
  8. Get back on and try again.
  9. some peeps are selling their wares/SHIPS on the SBC market place if you need or want something. please do read the PSA - scammer alert // the helpful link // and the MARKETPLACE RULES GOOD LUCK
  10. Yeah I usually eat the standard cylindric ones with french fries or frikandeln. In my Part of Germany they are common in every normal fast food restaurant just like Schnitzel. Super markets have the frozen ones for frying them at home, too. 50km more to the east and you can't find em or rarely. During my abroad studies in Venlo I ate Frikandeln in flaky pastry almost every day
  11. I thought it was a chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-a. I'd give it a try
  12. When you want a Mans drink and a Rum wont do ........... ITS good to be Da king.
  13. Looks good to me, I'll try anything.
  14. YUM THOSE ARE GOOD IF PREPAIRED BY HAND , FRESH used to get those on the ships if the camp boss was Dutch (camp boss- head of kitchen) was that the cat version or the gopher one you ate,,,
  15. Kroket is usually shaped like a cylinder and they put them on sandwiches too. That's called 'broodje kroket' (broodje meaning sandwich), yours is just the variant in a disk shape. the mac restaurant acts like it's something new but it's just the same in a burger shape. Everywhere there's a fast food stand they have these
  16. Congratulations, the plainest looking sandwich in history has been found.
  17. Yeah it is a meat Ragout. In this case it is meat from a moooh. Coated and deep fried with a tartar sauce on top. Very basic but I like it. Sadly only in the Netherlands.
  18. So, uh, what is it exactly? From a 5-second google search it sounds like a Kroket is some kind of fried meat (which meat exactly seems to vary depending on recipe), but I'm curious as to what McDonald's actually choose to make it out of.
  19. Just ate one of these when I recently crossed the border to dutchieland. Since I love Frikandeln and Bitterballen this thing is awesome, too. Anyone familiar? McKroket!
  20. Welcome to Imperium!
  21. Hi Voices. Welcome to SCB! Wie gehts? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  22. Nope. Single fire, it's like a huge pistol with 30 rounds magazine. Handles awesome though. In germany (except with permit from the DOD or our FBI - but almost no one gets something like this) you are not allowed to own/buy automatic/burst fire weapons.
  23. Half auto is burst mode?
  24. Holy schmoly... and I just wanted to open a new topic on how proud I'm because I just ordered a 7700k and a new z270 board... my 1070 is crying right now :| Very nice rig! One question - why SLI? Cheers
  25. Sadly just a MP5SD in half auto.... But is fun nevertheless
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