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  2. Hello. I am new here. Yes, I may not be trusted as I may or may not be a scammer in the eyes of non-new (I guess that's a word?) people here. Anyway, im looking to sell the Constellation Aquila package I have. Im not interested in the game anymore, and instead of just letting this package sit there. I might as well try and get some money back. I am not able to gift it as I have upgraded to it and I guess that makes it so you cant gift? So, I am offering my account. Im assuming I can change details etc, so it can be used by someone else. I am willing to use a middle man, or whatever that will add as much trust as possible. I also forgot to mention the package comes with the Merlin and a hornet. From what I think I know, this package is worth around $220 but I am willing to go a lot lower. Offers wouldn't be a bad idea as well.$275
  3. Hello. I am new here. I also dont say much. Goodbye.
  4. Bring on the Argos?
  5. hrm. thats a shame though i imagine it won't really cause that much difficulty. Small and Medium sized ships can land and many larger vessels either have options for shuttles to land inside or have their cargo easily accessible on the outside. I imagine this will create more jobs for shuttle pilots:D
  6. Oh I see... I just remember he never came back after sepsis forced him to spend time in the hospital... Hard for me to think of Ben as stressed out - he looked like the most relaxed guy around, enjoying himself at his dream job. Someone should ask Batgirl - to ask him what ship he'll do his first planet side landing in!
  7. Best of luck with the sale. As an admin, @Inferniken I would recommend putting a screenshot to your Defender in your post so people can see it is giftable. Cheers!
  8. Ben intentionally took himself off AtV because it was adding too much stress to his life. I don't know why he has chosen to continue with Bensday, but he does and it's been a useful conduit of information (and yes, the occasional inaccuracy) for a couple of years.
  9. Ben is on record with more inaccurate or wrong statements than CR, I think. And how come the ONLY place you ever hear from Ben now is an obscure, unofficial 3rd party channel, that's kinda hard to sit through? I guess I'm lax on this, since I plan to play on private servers, where I can give myself some NPCs, regardless of what CIG does ^^ Hope there will be no memory lapse on private servers...
  10. Matt Sherman via Spectrum: So it would appear that we should not expect to dock Connies to Idris, etc for a bit. That does mean that resupply will be a bit more clumsy for a bit. Regardless, something to consider.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Hello, is this pack still for sale? If so please PM me. Because I am extremely inerested.
  13. If they wanted to make extra money quick though that would be an easy way. I will have the max allowed characters for NPCs. At $10 each or so that's another $70 they can have from me as soon as it's open.
  14. I feel like CR gets bombarded with so many questions that they all eventually start running together. The game is so complex for what they have planned, I doubt anyone will memorize every little detail including him. For now let's just assume that the letter is still valid and to only buy back the ships you actually want. Worst case scenario is that they renege but then give us $15 vouchers for each extra package we have to use for extra character slots in the store.
  15. Best to wait. They have said on multiple occasions they'll sell character slots. Perhaps we could all email Batgirl and ask her to get Ben to clarify... starcitizenaa@gmail.com
  16. Same here, I have 3 packages to get extra NPC crew (that PCs can jump into when needed)... oh well, if it turns out that isn't the case anymore then I'll melt them.
  17. Right there with you. Have three ships that I want to buy back, but they won't be getting my money if they turn around and renege their statement of multiple packages within the same account.
  18. I have a melted Constellation Aquilla to Carrack CCU that you could use to upgrade your LTI Banu Defender to a LTI Carrack. If you're interested, I can send you the PayPal link for you to pay to get it unmelted and I'll Gift it to you afterwards. In order for this to work, I will need to know what country your PayPal account is registered to, so I select it when I choose PayPal payment and I'll need an email I can send the payment link to. PM them to me if you're interested. I can also talk to you on voice chat. I don't have a trade history here, but I do on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/keybaud If it helps, my EBay feedback is here, but most of it is as a buyer, so only 18 of the 363 are seller feedbacks. http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/keybaud /Edit I just saw that you are in the UK, as am I, so either of us would get billed VAT for unmelting and upgrades. Rather than delete the post, I've left it up for posterity..
  19. WTF?? I specifically bought additional game packages because CIG said I could turn them into custom npcs. I want my Firefly crew!! As a result I already have 3 game packages specifically for that purpose and was intending to buy those 'game character slots' as well to add even more custom npcs. I really hope CIG won't suddenly drop that idea after specifically stating how it would work in the Multiple Package Clarification post. I don't mind just getting 1 starting hangar, but I do mind if they only give me 1 character.
  20. I miss your random stories and singing dude. Maybe see you in the verse someday. 

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