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  2. Pioneer LTI $1450 Large Land Claim (8x8) x 2 - $500 each Verified Paypal invoice ONLY! Fastest response via Discord
  3. my 890 will be Proctalgia Fugax, and then I will sell it for startup cash
  4. 5 here....just because I want free hangar space on multiple planets for trading purposes.
  5. Langjährig Erfahrung, stabile Struktur und ein sehr gut ausgeklügeltes System, sind drei Punkte die es ermöglichen Erfolge zu feiern. Wen du Erfolgreich sein möchtest dann komm zu uns. Weitere Infos findest du unter Thelyn-Ennor.eu
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  7. Hi people of the Verse, My latest vid (Touring Microtech - New Babbage) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFzgQnyi5j4&ab_channel=VistaVerse I am new to this platform but wanted to let you know (scandalous self promo I know) that i have recently started a Youtube channel about touring the Verse. Doing relaxing flight vids and trying to show you great vistas you will likely never visit yourself Feel free to check out my channel (: Cheers!
  8. You can find inexpensive 8-10" tablets. I have three up.
  9. Remember, it's just "Imperium" "The" Imperium were the Goons, last I knew
  10. https://www.theverge.com/2021/3/3/22310745/amd-ryzen-3000-smart-access-memory-resizable-bar
  11. I named my Carrack "The Bill Anders" after, umm, well, Bill Anders, Astronaut. Don't forget, twisted minds think alike.
  12. 2 great reservoir of ship name : Star citizen lore (to be trully immersive) Homeworld ship names, and especially Homeworld Cataclysm which provide a lot of ship names https://homeworld.fandom.com/wiki/Kushan https://homeworld.fandom.com/wiki/Homeworld:_Cataclysm
  13. Oh I'm definitely not going with pop culture references. I really like some RP elements in any game so I'll be naming my ships something unique that I'm at least confident won't be taken... but then you never know.
  14. Frankly, I'm giving my ships unique names based on my heritage and for people of History - why be like everybody else and name your ship the "HMS Bounty" or the "Dread Pirateship Roberts". You're unique - show it.
  15. This rare ship pack includes: 1x Anvil Terrapin 1x Anvil Carrack 1x MISC Freelancer DUR 1x Drake Dragonfly Black 1x TUMBRIL CYCLONE RN1x Squadron 42 Digital Download 1x Star Citizen Digital Download 1x VFG Industrial Hangar 1x Starting Money: 20,000 UEC It has Lifetime Insurance (on all ships) I only accept PayPal with invoice and buyer must pay 4.5% of invoice fees. The asking price is $799.
  16. I named nothing because I replaced my OC ships with a Completionist pack.... Even the 600i Executive doesn't have naming (Legatus reward) despite being impossible to get before April 27, 2020. Thank goodness I still kept my original WB 600i with name reservation so I've been squatting my executive name for years. How dare I give CIG more money 😕
  17. Gotta wait till the 8th for naming my Reclaimer and MSR. Honestly I'm still not on board with this whole exclusive naming thing... but I guess it is what it is.. I'm not quite sure what to call my Reclaimer though...
  18. Welcome to The Fleet! 👨‍✈️
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