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  2. Happ birthday! :-D

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  4. wuuuu
  5. Happy B-day and thanks for the time you gift us;)

  6. Happy Buck-Birthday!

  7. And I am already so hyped and ready for lots of gaming
  8. hello fellow space monkeys, been gone for a lil while but oil season is wrappin up, SOOO more SC time!!! and i guess just in time, see you fine space apes in the verse 

  9. Originally, yes, the F8 Lightning was replacing the F7A Military Hornet, but that's been changed. The F8 is classified as a Heavy Fighter, whereas the F7A is a Medium Fighter. Supposedly, according to the lore, the UEE commissioned the F8 heavy fighter to counter the Vanduul Stinger heavy fighter, which looks like it can eat Hornets for breakfast. Furthermore, CIG has developed the F7A Hornet Mk. II. It doesn't make sense to update the F7A if, according to the lore, it's being phased out of front-line service in favour of the F8, which was the lore backstory. If the Hurricane is both a heavy fighter and an older starfighter, as rumoured, I believe the lore explanation is that the Hurricane used to be the UEE military's heavy fighter, which was retired from service decades ago because the military didn't need a heavy fighter, but now with the Vanduul resurgence the UEE military desperately needs heavy fighters, so they're introducing the F8 and the retired Hurricanes are being released to the civilian market in hopes that militia forces will adopt them and be better equipped at dealing with Vanduul attacks. I guess we'll see tomorrow...
  10. Sounds good! Yeah the Cutlass rework looks awesome and I am excited to see the finished product in game. Feel free to pm if you need any help with TS when you get ready.
  11. Happy B-Day! Thanks for all your work and dedication!

  12. Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the time you volunteer for us, you do fantastic work!

  13. Today is @Buckaroo's B-Day. Everyone wish him a happy one! Nobody has made more signatures for Imperium members over the years than Buck and we are happy to have him on our side! Happy B-Day bud!

    1. Switch


      Your dedication and dependability is extremely appreciated @Buckaroo!

  14. I'm just saying last game day I had a higher score than @Core in our matches, that's what really matters in life.
  15. Looking forward to this one! They've all been really nice so far, keep up the good work!
  16. GR8 WRITE M8 I R8 8/8
  17. cool
  18. Hello @Imperium Member It's that time again, where we all gather together with those we love and compete for bragging rights! Now that February is coming to a close it's time to prepare yourselves for our monthly Game Day on the 25th (Saturday 1600 UTC - Sunday 04:00 UTC). This month we've decided to keep things simple but still slightly competitive with a series of smaller game modes and objectives for you all to participate in. This event won't be a hyper-competitive tournament like last month but expect some friendly competition due to the pickup game style. Depending on the levels of competition we have additional prizes may be awarded! We hope to see you all on Game Day and expect to have a great time!
  19.    Headed home  4.5 weeks off shore...7more hrs driving to Houston then big bed.... so 

  20. I was under the impression from my talks with some guys at CitizenCon that the Hurricane would be something an attack craft, straddling the line between a carrier-based bomber and a fighter. Nothing that would give the Sabre or Super Hornet a run for their money, but a solid platform for attacking larger ships like the Starfarer or Caterpillar. That concept could have been changed from then though.
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  22. Dat top quad turret... If we could put that in the SH then we're all done for xD But really, this looks like a solid competitor for the Buccaneer (and I daresay the Sabre minus the stealth features)... maybe its better armor(?) and lower maintenance costs would give it the edge?
  23. New trailer just released Looks like a lot of solid character building (so the audience feels more connected with them - when they die ) It's a prologue and may actually be content "not in" the movie itself - which would be cool (content before when the movie begins)
  24. And here is the first image of it!
  25. Not what I was expecting, but very nice. Also it is a two seater and 4x instead of 2x weapons on the turret. It looks very smexy Of course now, The extra seat means 2 seater. I am now kinda deciding If I should upgrade the gladus and add an extra seat for each one or not. yeah I have noticed the wing tips from the Hornet. Hate them of the Hornet, hate them on the Hurricane.
  26. I would recommend a new build. Your system has to be around 5 years old by the looks of it and could hit the pit sooner than later. AMD Ryzen is releasing in just over a week and the price to performance is incredible. I would suggest you pair a AM4 1700, with a RX 480 8gig. Price drop now at $170-200 range which is a even bigger steal and beats the GTX1060, (and makes the 1050TI look like a clown car), in overall performance in DX11 & 12. 8gigs of Vram is going to be the norm for ultra settings for games soon as even Halo wars 2 suggest a 8gig video card. So keep that in mind for start citizen which will hopefully be out in 2 years time.
  27. Love this new GIF that Google is now displaying on their main search page....
  28. Maybe its the fighter that the UEE had ages ago!
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