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  2. I am interested in the bomber LTI OC and my friend is looking for the eclipse Warbond or the caterpillar pirate edition LTI non ccu'd Anyone care to make a quick sale for melt price?
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  4. I'm going to hold off on this for now I apologize, with the defender being pushed back to 3.7 I wanted to try it first and see if I liked it but that will be a while =[
  5. CIG's legal team has responded to CryTek's rambling 'opposition' and it looks like they are wiping the floor with CryTek's new legal team. document: DEFENDANTS ’ REPLY TO CRYTEK GMBH ’ S RESPONSE TO DEFENDANTS ’ MOTION FOR BOND NO SHOWING THAT CRYTEK IS GOOD FOR THE MONEY NO SHOWING THAT CIG’S ESTIMATE IS UNREASONABLE NO SHOWING AGAINST “REASONABLE POSSIBILITY” Opposition Argument on Newly-Deflated Objectives is Inconsistent With Crytek’s Numerous Pleadings Crytek Makes No Showing on the Merits Crytek ignores the two big wins CIG already achieved. Crytek does not even try to back up its Faceware claim. Crytek concedes that it cannot prove the essential element of damages on the Bugsmashers claim. Crytek provides no proof or legal support for its bug fixes claim. Crytek fails to show why it should get credited for Amazon’s code or how Crytek was damaged by the loss of credit. Crytek fails to show how the development of Squadron 42 breached the GLA or was impermissible under the Amazon license agreement. re: Faceware: re: Bugsmashers: re: Amazon: ... TL;DR; In conclusion: Imgur album containing images of all the pages from the pdf
  6. why we do this!!!??? being (deep voice) Lewd never harmed anyone,,,, physically,,,, maybe
  7. Elkanah

    Origin 890 JUMP

    The cargo bay is in the back of the ship in between the engines. The 890 Jump is now officially 199 m. It has room for both a cargo bay and a hangar.
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  9. Devil Khan

    Origin 890 JUMP

    Ok, l the 890 got a hell of a lot bigger when and they have just added a huge bay door on top. I'm aware that this should be the same place for the cargohold on the ship. There is no reason for having a cargobay door, unless it's a hangar door.
  10. For the people interested: https://www.gog.com/game/evil_genius 75% off till the end of the GOG summer sale (June 17th i believe). For me it was €2,29 when i bought it a few days back out of nostalgia. Running it right now with the reworked 1.1 patch by the community back then, since the official one had a few bugs that was never fixed.
  11. All's good, until you realise that for the sake of balance they will have to nerf it in some other way...
  12. Certainly on my Watchlist, especially as it takes place on home turf!
  13. This one does look pretty neat, although I'm still upset with them killing off that hacker chick in the first one.
  14. I know its easier when you have 550 employees but... Star Citizen is doing an excellent job lately of knowing when to listen to its fans/backers and when to ignore them. This time they listened.
  15. Looks like somebody is getting cargo! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/1/thread/anvil-valkyrie-cargo-update
  16. You are silly, we already know that weeks ago
  17. Vanguard is getting its tank treads back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It feels silly, but thats the feature I missed the most from the concept.
  18. The Org ran a industrial event in order to raise funds since the 3.5.1 wipe. The event was a huge success and has allowed the Org to understand some of the changes to Mining and Trading since the new patch. If you are a budding industrialist then you should consider checking us out at https://taw.net to learn more.
  19. Hey @Weehamster, I noticed the link to the salvage album is broken, is this intentional? I can never thank you enough for these albums, they are always a one stop shop when looking for official artwork.
  20. New Star Runner album posted to Art Station by its concept artist Sarah MCculloch https://imgur.com/a/EX9p7iJ
  21. I'm going to say this right now... If air gets sucked out of the Valkyrie in a prominent way in squadron 42, then your ship was handicapped for Cinematic purposes.
  22. Star Citizen posted an album of the Valc to Art Station, I don't remember these 2 photos. Apparently making the entire space one open air room was a later development, because I don't see railings next to the beds. https://imgur.com/a/lCX7aIY
  23. GRIZZ

    Drake Vulture

    A new vulture album was posted to Art Station, I yet again preserved the art because they seem to take things down on occasion. https://imgur.com/a/ZhgMPbN
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