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  2. Not really interested in that Syulen myself tbh. For a startership that thing just feels way too big and feels more like an appartment than a ship. Really wondering why they needed to create such a long transit area from the seat to the cockpit instead of simply rotating the seat and then just moving it up a few feet. Not it feels as if you're moving up 15 feet; as if it's a carnival ride. Also not really a fan of that interior stone texture. Really makes it look like you're living in a cave. It's also kinda unfortunate that for all that size it still feels very cramped yet only carries a mere 6 SCU of cargo (which sits straight in the thruster exhaust) and apparently can only equip 6 individual 1SCU boxes; even though the magnetic clamps are positioned in a way that should have allowed for them to lock down the bigger 2SCU crates. I believe some people even tried attaching those larger boxes but they simply wouldn't lock down. I really hope CIG fixes this so that people can also choose to fly with 3 2SCU crates (so that you can store longer objects) instead of 6 1SCU crates. I also fear that people will have a lot of trouble getting in and out of hangar bays; especially the horizontal ones. The Syulen doesn't appear to have proper landing lights either (although this is a problem with most ships atm) and as such it may be pretty tricky to land this ship. As for the rest I just think that the devs went way overboard with all those sliding panels and floaty bits. Now I'm fine with them adding some panels sliding away but to me they really went too far and the buttons controlling the panels are also all over the place. Heck, even the toilet paper consists of multiple floaty bits while the cockpit entry also has lots of pointless little greeblies floating around with no real purpose. Just makes no sense imo and has me wondering if all those loose items are just going to fall to the floor should this ship lose power when hit by an EMP. But yeah, I've never really been a fan of these 'alien' ships and fear that the devs just have no idea how to make a proper alien ship. So instead they go for "form over function" where nothing makes sense. Then I also dislike that CIG Marketing then slaps on a ridiculous 'alien tax' where an alien light fighter (replica) costs the same as a heavy fighter. Like they can't tell me that the Blade (which is just a replica) isw more valuable as a Vanguard or Mercury. Anyways, for those of you that did get a Syulen I sincerely hope that you will enjoy it very much. It's just not for me and I will just keep my Avenger Titan.
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  4. Love your Avatar Pic and Great Name!!
  5. c4artist

    Want to Sell LTI Ships: Big & Small

    Standalone Ships (CCU'd) 600i Explorer $345 LTI A1 Spirit $191 LTI Ballista $175 LTI C1 Spirit $160 LTI C2 Hercules $330 LTI Carrack $403 LTI Constellation Taurus $191 LTI Corsair $198 LTI Cutlass Red $170 LTI Cutlass Steel $227 LTI Eclipse $273 LTI Freelancer Dur $170 LTI Hammerhead $432 LTI Hull D $355 LTI Hurricane $201 LTI Liberator $381 LTI M2 Hercules $391 LTI M50 $150 LTI Merchantman $378 LTI Mercury $232 LTI Orion $381 LTI Perseus $407 LTI Polaris $403 LTI Prospector $180 LTI Prowler $340 LTI Railen $222 LTI Razor LX $175 LTI Redeemer $283 LTI Sabre $186 LTI Scorpius $182 LTI Starfarer Gemini $294 LTI Valkyrie $304 LTI Vulture $180 LTI ----------‐------------------------------- Standalone Ships (NOT CCU'd) Avenger Titan $80 LTI P-72 Merlin $80 LTI ------------------------------------------- Game Packs 350R $160 10yr SC and Squadron 42 Mustang Alpha (2018) 6yr Just SC Syulen $102 LTI Just SC
  6. Thanks, Chimera. I finally got out of the bed by holding the "Y" key for 5-6 seconds; not just a tap. Take care and thanks again.
  7. Try shift + W or spacebar. It also could be that the server you're on has poor stability and has a bed-stuck bug going on. We're a fan forum for SC, the official forums are https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC and they also have troubleshooting there, too. FYI, if you don't have SC on a SSD, then you will have an almost impossible experience.
  8. Ok, the game takes a while to load but that's expected with the data coming from a HDD. But then there I am on the bed at the start of the tutorial and it says to get out of bed with the "Y" key. Ha! All it does is get me to a crouching position on the bed. And that's where I'm stuck. No key will move me off the bed. All the rest works; F1 for the MobiGlas, F4 for the camera view change, etc. But getting up and moving around the room? Nope. Rather frustrating that. Anyway, it's probably something really, really simple that I haven't done but any help will be appreciated. Take care and thanks in advance.
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  10. All in all, another good year for IAE. Really liked the articles in the IAE brochure on the main site despite the lack of fan-favourite Jax McCleary videos this year. They went with interesting theme and colour scheme this year and I liked what they did with the displays showcasing cargo and mining, I hope more of these show up in the future to make use of all that space. More straight-to-flyable ships released than ever before and now that SQ42 is "feature complete", progress can finally be made on the backlog of concept ships that have only made an appearance ingame as holodisplays at IAE. Having been fortunate enough to take my first tentative steps in Pyro, I can't wait to see what's in store for the year ahead!
  11. Any info on how many SRVs it takes to haul larger ships into orbit? (Still trying to form my SAS from 4 years ago!)
  12. Langjährig Erfahrung, stabile Struktur und ein sehr gut ausgeklügeltes System, sind drei Punkte die es ermöglichen Erfolge zu feiern. Wen du Erfolgreich sein möchtest dann komm zu uns. Weitere Infos findest du unter Thelyn-Ennor.eu
  13. Hi I would like to buy a prowler for hull D at this price if one is Still available, thank you :)
  14. Three fearless furies in formation form a formidable fighting force against any foe.
  15. The F-8ful day has arrived when I was finally awe-struck by lightning.
  16. Reintroducing SRV and Double Trouble...
  17. A drake starter ship that's a Cutter above the rest...
  18. Nothing new from Origin, so decided to check out the new activity displays instead.
  19. Wonder if that drake fatapillar will actually be sold
  20. Hail Storms! Long may they rain...
  21. A Universe of Possibilities and yet nothing new from Aegis this year.
  22. Over 14 Ships in the fleet Including: Zeus MK ES Kraken Odessey Reclaimer F8 Lightning Sabre Raven (Rare Ship) All LTI!!! Everything melts for $4,500 - HUGE DISCOUNT!!!!! SELLING FOR $3500 USD
  23. Droolin' over the Syulen....and at last, a question I've asked of all the alien ships since the first expo has finally been answered!
  24. After the best CitizenCon in years, I have high hopes for this year's expo...
  25. Hello, you should go to spectrum on the RSI site. We're just a fan forum.
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