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  2. I know that, but It was 50% of dream fight against it and see my lady's exterior ^^ I'll wait july
  3. Salve a voi, Cittadini del 'verse! [RDE] Rising Dradis Echoes, organizzazione italiana presente nel panorama di Star Citizen fin fal 2013, cerca proprio te! La nostra è una organizzazione legale principalmente aperta a commercio ed esplorazione, ma non disdegnamo menar le mani quando occorre. Il nostro roster annovera praticamente ogni nave attualmente in circolazione, dai piccoli snub fighter alle imponenti capital ship di classe Idris-K, Kraken Priveteer e Endeavour. Quello che cerchiamo è gente sveglia, che voglia crescere insieme e noi e con noi godersi quest'avventura, senza stress o ritrmi forsennati, ma puntando comunque ai risultati prefissati, dando priorità al giocatore e poi al personaggio, ma nel rispetto del gruppo e degli altri membri dell'Organizzazione perchè nessuno resta indietro, mai! Ambiente sereno e base solida di un gruppo di giocatori che vogliono staccare dai consueti impegni di tutti i giorni per volare tra le stelle in serenità, voglia di fare e, soprattutto, divertirsi crescendo insieme! Poinchè il tempo da dedicare non è infinito, RDE è una org "exclusive" e che cioè non prevede affiliazione presso altre org dei propri membri. Requisiti: Età: 18+ Flotta minima: non rilevante Ligua: Italiano Telegram: richiesto Discord: richiesto
  4. eheheh sure! But obviusly debends by price! However I'll stay tuned for new about this king of merchandise. ty! And I'm not alone: I know other people so interested to painted models. I'll wait
  5. Vagrant Queen caught my eye because the ship looks like a worked over freelancer variant. Maybe just projection on my part, but I did rewind to examine, and yeah, it is there. Vagrant Queen is a new series derived from the comic by the same name (2018). Dialogue and action is a bit campy, but remember, comic book. Somewhere between Star Wars and Space Balls. Fun to watch. Here are the best shots I could grab of the ship. You decide. - DRUM out
  6. Long time planetside player here. Used to lead one of the biggest factions on Cobalt (regularly fielding multiple platoons) and have always loved the MMOFPS aspect of the game which I've yet to see any other game come close to. If I'm honest, it's what intrigues me as a concept for Star Citizen: Large groups of people playing together in an engaging way (Not just right-click, set orbit, press f1, watch netflix till something happens). I re-entered the world of Auraxis (the fictional planet that PS2 is set on) late last year, and if I'm honest not much has changed except slightly lower numbers although still surprisingly healthy after an absence of about 5 years. I joined another Outfit (the org/guild/clan name in ps2) and have been having a grand time in their nightly "Operations". I was surprised and overjoyed when SOE announced that they were giving the support of PS2 to another development team, and what they've done since coming online has been a step in the right direction. The Bastion Carriers came alongside some other polish and fixing, along with some new game modes, but they were by far the most noticeable part of the update. It added a new dimension to the gameplay where a new factor had been introduced. The Bastion carrier allowed rapid deployment of ESF (fighter aircraft) to the front line from a mobile base. The loadout for these fighters is a preset setup, and honestly not how I would have set them up, that can be drawn for free. This created some swarm clouds that I haven't seen in PS2 for a long time. The Bastion is brought down by targeting some glowing orange areas which make assault from the air essential, fighting through its defensive craft, along with manned AA turrets. The Bastion also has the ability to automatically "shell" an area, providing a devastating (to both allies and enemies) barrage of constant explosive hell to anyone unlucky enough to be in the wrong place. And yes, I've had a few words to say to some allies who used this facility in a way that was less than helpful lol. And finally Outfit mates can spawn into the craft. Allowing them to man Ground fire turrets, AA turrets or spawn the ESF I mentioned previously. The person who spawns the carrier is now the captain of the ship, and his experience is very different to everyone elses; he controls the craft in a fashion more like an RTS than an FPS. If you haven't played PS2 before, or in a long time then this is an excellent time to pick it up as a free to play game. But I don't really need to tell you that. It looks like most of you have already come back.
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  9. Way back when, we looked at doing painted model versions but the amount of time it would take us to get them put together and painted would make them rather expensive, so we went down the kit model route. We are working on a list of modellers who can put together kits and paint them for you as an after sale service though, if that would be of interest?
  10. Devil Khan

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    There never was a real idris in 3.9. even the fake ass "attacking" one is juat too hard to even beat and this is the insane part. They have to figure out where to nerf it (alot)
  11. No idris in 3.9 ;___(
  12. I'm so afraid that this time we'll be only a streaming show... Hoping this coronavirus time will end fast... What do you thing about it? We'll see CC20 as usual or not?
  13. Nothing painted? There are simple amazing, but unortunatly for me, my painting skill is close to zero ^^
  14. I like mining. So I'll explore new, far caves in the 'verse, mining some asteroids omw ^^
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  16. Ihr seid dem Emperators treu ergeben? Dann seid ihr hier genau richtig bewerbt euch bei uns und zieht mit uns in den Kampf!
  17. Looking for $180, melt value is $140. Pretty rare package! PM if interested.
  18. Is this still for sale? And does this still incluse the Argo Molo and Prospector as loaners since its upgraded?
  19. Thanks a lot for this update !
  20. Hello, thanks a lot for sharing this with us 😃
  21. About us The Art of Warfare (TAW) is a gaming community with members who share the same goal of COOPERATIVE TEAMPLAY in over 40 different gaming titles. Our core values are honor, friendship, loyalty and fair play. Our Code of Ethics embodies what we stand for. We play videogames for fun. Requirements to apply: Be able to understand and speak English Be able to use Teamspeak 3 Have a mic At least 16 years old Be active TAW Practices: SCZ holds 3 events every week on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 19:30 UTC (2:30PM EST) JOIN OUR EMPIRE - Strength through people. ''If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.'' We will play Star Citizen at a high level, not through individual skill, but through dedication to each other and the team. EXPAND OUR EMPIRE - Strength through preparation ''He who controls the spice controls the universe'' Mine, trade, or construct logistical supply chains to expand the TAW empire. As the gameplay systems come online TAW will make its mark on the universe through economic power. SECURE OUR EMPIRE - Strength through action ''Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor'' TAW has a strong mil-sim and competitive pedigree, and we will transfer all our skills and hard-won knowledge to fighting for victory, on land and in space. ** JOIN OUR DISCORD - https://ift.tt/2MjGBsV ** JOIN THE RSI ORG https://ift.tt/1NeoE8B ** JOIN THE CLAN https://ift.tt/1xcttGD ** RECRUITMENT POSTER - https://ift.tt/2rhqXH5 Contact one of us [Pander] https://ift.tt/35MEqFT Pander@taw.net [Panzer] https://ift.tt/2PMxQd8 Panzphal@taw.net [EdibleCrab] https://ift.tt/2PMxQd8 ediblecrab@taw.net ★ Honor ★ Friendship ★ Fair Play ★ Loyalty ★
  22. Primer programa de la nova era del CATCOM News, que s'emetrà cada 1r dimarts de cada mes al Twitch de CATCOM i posteriorment publicat en aquest canal. (Star Citizen) En aquesta ocasió es fa un repàs a tota la informació de l'univers d' Star Citizen i de l'organització del mes de Març. (Roadmap i novetats). CATCOM-NEWS
  23. beautiful photos I find it very impressive
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  25. Hello all! My name in Peter and my battlename is "Sceiren". I follow this project since 2013 and this make us part of the same 'verse! I'm leader of ita org Rising Dradis Echoes and I hope we'll see soon... here.. in the verse!
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