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  3. Times fly by. How is Imperium now days?

    1. PowerWagon


      We are doing fine. Discord is where all the activity is.

  4. Vego

    Want to Buy WTB Sabre raven

    i got one, more details in PM
  5. https://support.robertsspaceindustries.com/hc/en-us/articles/360042417374-Star-Citizen-Minimum-System-Requirements Is a good page to bookmark and check to see if they will update to be supportive of MAC OS or machines that run on MAC hardware. Star Citizen is a very demanding game performance-wise, especially with GPU/RAM requirements, so assume that unless there is a "gaming MAC" released that would have equivalent types of AMD/NVidia cards that would be in the "high end gaming" range, you wouldn't be able to run it even if you're running a parallel OS. Best of luck!
  6. D'accord je vois ... Tant pis dans ce cas Merci de votre réponse
  7. From what I understand, you won't be able to play Star Citizen on an M2. The initial problem is the anti cheat software won't work with your processor. If this is eventually fixed, the second issue is likely to be low performance when trying to run through parallels.
  8. Bonjour, J'ai cherché un peu partout sur google et dans plusieurs forum, mais pas moyen de trouver d'infos qui sont à jour. Je voudrais savoir si Star Citizen pouvait fonctionner sur un Mac qui a une puce M2 ? Si oui, est ce qu'une machine virtuel est indispensable ( Parallels Desktop )
  9. Looking for any variant just need to include the Celebration sale paint customization. Paypal invoice only
  10. Hey, I realize this post is quite old, do you still have this?
  11. PowerWagon

    Hello All

    Welcome to the forums!
  12. Hola ! If you have any question or ideas feel free to ask ^^
  13. Welcome! Glad to have you with us!
  14. I was able to get a Idris on Friday when they went on sale. I used store credit. Also got the K upgrade kit for it as well.
  15. Greetings citizens, my nick is Ju Xin and I came a long way from far away until i finally found this place. By smuggling and honest trading I was able to buy myself one or two rusty ships and I hope to be able contribute some fun and help to this cummunity. I am not the youngest but I still do learn new things. So thank you for the warm welcome and hope to see you soon .... saludos from Germany
  16. hawx

    Hello All

    hello my fellow commanders o7
  17. Turtle : Area 18, near dumper's depot in open top crates Sand bug : Found in Sand cave (found at Hurston, Ita, Madga and Daymar) https://verseguide.com/location/STANTON/1D#map Ita : Cave 40R : go to HDMS Woodruff, point toward bearing 213, flight for 73,9km then adjust with the following coordinates : OM-1 : 423.52 km OM-2 : 691.64 km OM-3 : 333.17 km OM-5 : 415.13km HDMS-Woodruff : 73.7 km BACK TO INDEX
  18. Sadly, this game will not perform well without forking out a fair bit for a good card. It's not just the VRam amount, but the entirety of the card that can make a difference. I don't know much about the AMD side, but for the Nvidia side, the LOWEST I've seen people play with is usually a 3060ti/4060ti, but that's for getting medium settings. Usually a XX70/ti or XX80/ti tend to be the cards people get. Sorry if that's disheartening, but it's better to fork out for something that WILL work for a bit more money than to put money into a card that won't work to a level worth trying.
  19. Hi Guys I have built my desktop for my work but also with the idea of playing SC! I'm nearly there. Spec: I9 10th gen 64gb ram Ssd samsung 990 pro Nvme Now I need to invest into a GPU. I would like your advice as I don't have unlimited budget, I'm a belters after all 😉. Is 8gb Vram really too low to run the game? I have read somewhere that I would need at least 16gb vram to play decently in 2024 and spending £1000 on a GPU is out of my reach! What experienced pilots like you would recommend? Thank you on advance
  20. Hi everyone I'm belters. I'm from the belt. Because my kind have been exploited by the earther, I didn't had enough money to be able to invest into a good desktop until now and I never played star citizen before. This day is approaching and I can't wait!🤩 for years I had to watch YouTube videos of other people playing the game. I'm following the developpement since the very very start. Yes I was a child when it started and I'm now a happy grandad! I have been raised by my dad playing wing commander (all of them), strike commander and privateer (the old star citizen without internet).
  21. Auch wenn wir uns als Hardcore Corp eingestuft haben, traut euch ruhig euch zu bewerben. Wir sind eine tolle große Familie in der der Spaß nicht zu kurz kommt. Bewerbt euch! Wir freuen uns auf euch.
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