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  2. Fizzlefuse

    Drake Vulture

    It also looks like they're going for different scraping modules, going from the UI. Oh boy, I cant wait
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  4. Org Name: The Galactic Order [RP][Exploration] Org Vision/Mission: The Galactic Order seeks to expand throughout the known universe, ensuring peace and prosperity for all humanity by defending against the growing threat of the Vanduul and forming a unified Empire. Who is the Org intended for: The Galactic Order is a role playing Org, intended for all individuals (regardless of experience) interested in roleplaying in an organization with a warm and welcoming community of players from all backgrounds. We are highly dedicated, well organized and strongly motivated, having spent countless hours developing lore, ranks, roles, policies, events, gameplay and content for our organization and overall vision. This also incorporates an extensive, but simple, hierarchy through which members may further venture into and grow. We base our roles & ranks closely on various sci-fi inspirations such as The Empire from Star Wars, Starfleet from Star Trek and Warhammer 40k, among many others. We are still growing and constantly developing ourselves further so we welcome all interested Star Citizen players to come join us and be part of The Galactic Order as we step further toward our goals of the future! How to get involved: 1. https://www.thegalacticorder.info/ 2. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/0RDER 3. https://www.instagram.com/cig_galactic_order/?utm_medium=copy_link 4. https://discord.gg/8s37YmN99G Add Finli as a referral on you application
  5. Argo SRV appeared in todays sneak peek.
  6. Closing by staff due to inactivity, if the OP wants it reinstated, please contact HR.
  7. I'm definitely going to be playing medic/mobile hospital..
  8. Navy oder Industrial ob Marine oder Händer, oder sogar ein Bounty Hunter das alles benötigen wir und noch einiges mehr. Wen du dich angesprochen füllst dann komm zu uns. Weitere Infos findest du unter www.Thelyn-Ennor.eu
  9. Want to focus on ground combat, but will give everything else a try and see how it goes.
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  11. Trying to sell these quickly (understanding that there is a $1,000 daily RSI gift limit), so I'll accept best offers. PayPal invoice only please! Original Concept LTI Pioneer (includes land claim beacons) - $1250 F7A Military Hornet Upgrade - $455 SOLD Endeavor Hope-Class LTI - $525 SOLD
  12. We have to diferentiate celerity and speed : Celerity is the movement per unit of time of an object without weight in the vacuum Speed is the movement per unit of time of an object with a definite weight (and does not take the hypothesis to be in the vacuum) The light itself cannot damage a ship, you need to carry a lot of energy or better : particles with a definite weight that carry energy following the famous E=mc2 (energy = mass * celerity of the object upped to square). Thus the amount of energy sufficient to melt a ship structure need to be carried by some weight / particules ... thus requiring in turn energy to be emitted from your blaster / lasers ... That is why the speed of your pellets is not infinite nor the same as celerity of light : you need energy to accelerate your small mass to the speed able to melt the ship structure : That means that the more mass you sent the lower speed you need. As the canon is supposed to send more mass, it require a smaller speed to send the same amount of energy. Also don't forget the Archimedes theoreme : if a mass exit your ship, your ship will suffer an opposite acceleration equal to the energy (mass*celerity²) that just left your ship : so the more energy you send out the more you decelerate your ship That is an IRL / In game explaination to stay with the role play and immersion. A more down to earth is the gameplay experience : if all ships would be equiped with raigun with infinite speed) may be not as fun as expected by the designers ... and thus balanced in terms of gameplay. (if some things don't makes sense don't hesitate to ask for further details, I'm writing this with 2g of alcohol in the blood ^^)
  13. Light speed being 299,792,458 m / s, why are laser repeater rounds (1500 m/s) faster than laser cannon rounds (700 m/s) and at our relative combat speeds why isn't their travel time more or less instant? It's kind of ridiculous that a space ship moving less than light speed can out run laser rounds.
  14. Hello. I am a part of a brand-new Organization called "Opetueor Security Corporation". We are a Casual, semi-RP org. We are currently 2 members, but we are looking for new members to join us. What we offer: Currently we offer 2 sectors to join in. Combative, where you will fend off enemies in either ship to ship or man to man combat. Fulfilling contracts which require escort and protection. You will make some money working in contracts and missions. Second is the industrial citizens. Those of you who want to make money in legit ways like mining, medical, search and rescue, and trading will make money working with other members to fulfill missions and contracts. Currently we only offer these two as we are brand new, however as we gain more members we will expand and offer new sectors such as, "Science and Exploration" for example. What we expect: We are looking for players who a committed to the cause. People who are looking to make limitless amounts of money should not join as we are more in it for the fun of RPing slightly while making decent money in the process. Players who are loyal and want a good community to play SC with should feel free to join us. Feel free to join our discord server. You can choose to apply to our org or remain as a visitor. Other org members are welcome to join as allies. https://discord.gg/DpNSqPY4u9 (Many updates being made. You may be pinged quite a bit) I know this post doesn't look very professional however we are starting from the ground up as 2 people and are working as best we can to improve.
  15. nagash33

    Want to Sell OC ships for sell

    Hi all I'm selling some of my original concept ships all with lti if not differently specified. Pm if interested Super hornet 250$ Hornet 210$ Hornet wildfire 240$ Hull B 235$ Genesis starliner 580$ Merchantman 680$ Banu Combo (merchantman+defender) 850$ Vanguard hoplite 290$ Andromeda 325$ Vulcan 260$ Freelancer 165$ Avenger stalker 150$ Crucible 480$ Hawk 135$ Hammerhead 800$ Nox 85$ Nox kue 85$ X1 force edition 100$ Prowler 550$ Odissey with paint 800$ Carrack 640$ Freelancer MIS not lti 24 months with uee coat 290$ Pioneer VIP 2500$ Entrepreneur pack 750$
  16. Yeah I'll have to purchase new Ram mate If I go AMD. I still have 2x 2-Terabyte FireCuda SSHD Drives (lol) and 3 Older SSD's currently. So I'm guessing 2 NVME slots would be the sweet spot for me if i get hold of 2 new Drives. 😁 Roll on the 27th mate
  17. Du suchst eine Gilde die Wert auf Zusammenhalt und Teamplay legt ? Spielst gerne in einem gut eingespielten Team ? Dann bewirb dich bei uns und lerne unser Erfolgsgeheimnis kennen. Weitere Infos findest du unter Thelyn-Ennor.eu
  18. Here is a view of the projected size of Star Citizen universe : Stanton is on the right side, between Terra Nexus and Sol Nexus
  19. First view of the compacter interface, and reclaimer scraping UI.
  20. GRIZZ

    Drake Vulture

    Interface appears to go from 0.0010 to 0.0012 during the short demo so the rate of extraction is likely dependent on the place your aiming at.
  21. Our first video of a reclaimer hull scraping and the compacter in the rear in action. youtube.com/watch?v=DFSvBqSlt9k
  22. Looking at the star map its got a lot of stars. Of course we can only start on Stanton. So being this is alpha, how many of these stars exist and have content in them?
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