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  2. Wir wissen das viele Leute noch nicht wissen ob sie einsteigen wollen oder nicht. Für uns ist es jedoch wichtig interessierte so früh als möglich kennen zu lernen.
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  4. At the end of the day the way you craft your fleet. depends on your own personal strategy. No right way or wrong way- just personal preference.
  5. Ive played quite a few hours on the PTU now and I must say MicroTech is amazing. The weather effects are so immersive, it's great. a couple of times I ended up flying directly into a heavy snowstorm at night and i could'nt see anything. I did some fps mining (there's a lot of it down there btw) and could hardly make out the mining display through my snow covered helmet. If there were space-yeti in the game i would definitely not have left my ship. I do have to point out that only a few ships actually have the condensation/snow effects on the cockpit window, which include the Ares and the Gladius.. none of which I own. I'm sure they'll add the effect to other ships relatively soon in the coming year. I'm still exploring a bunch, I have yet to come across the more temperate areas with the flowers and stuff.. for a proper sound of music experience;) This patch is looking to be a great one
  6. I chuckled when the guy said there are rumours that some backers spent thousands. heh.. "rumours" In any case, this report wasn't trying to reach a conclusion at the end, to the project either being a gif from god or a terrible scam from hell. It's just reporting on what it is and lets viewers come to their own conclusion... which is more then we can say from some articles we've seen on the web lately.
  7. @VoA 🤔🤔 how about the Khartu-al? You already have it’s big brother. The two pewpew on it are lacking. // Good luck with decision though. I admire your restraint with as big as a whale as you are. congrats @Danakar Endeel
  8. Check your BuyBack list and see if you might have some old $175 Hurricane or original Superhornet with LTI on it. If you do, then just get an Ares CCU. The Hurricane is now valued at $195 and as I recall the Superhornet also went up in value. That gets you a nice discount and you'd have the option to get an Ares if you later on decide you still want one. That's what I did initially as I still had a Hurricane LTI in my BuyBack. But then I found out that I still had enough 'for fun stuff money' in my bank account so I just bought the Ares Inferno Warbond outright afterwards.
  9. ....eh.... its more like 16x Concierge - LOL.... and I have been a sucker for the newer concept sales..... but have had discipline still (and so far I still haven't even pulled the trigger on getting the CCU)...... which is very odd (maybe my brain is still focused too much on the Tesla CyberTruck IRL 😎) I actually only have the Harbinger as my base Vanguard (so I can have the extra armor) and the others are BattleField Upgrade Kits (but as you know right now CIG is having them currently in game as individual variants) - so melting the Harbinger means losing all the Vanguard variants for me (and the Battlefield Upgrade Kits are cheap). Also see this video on Harbinger vs Ares.... Unfortunately many of my ships Like the Eclipse (but not all of my ships) are already CCUd within a larger ship package so I don't really have an option to melt my Eclipse - I only have the option to CCU over its value if I wanted to get rid of it (or melt the entire ship package) This is the big question as well Ion (which perhaps fits my fleet better) vs the better aesthetics of the Inferno. Ya and the MIS is my only Freelancer now (I had the Dur for awhile)...... and I like the platform / size / versidity and in the case of the MIS is rarity and as you point out power vs price point...... thus......... still haven't pulled the trigger....... but if you know know I can't really CCU my Harbinger (or any Vanguard) or the Eclipse - what other ship should I CCU (since again my fleet is getting bloated and redundant)....... or maybe I should pass on the Ares?
  10. Hi. I have a Drake Caterpillar (upgraded from Drake Dragonfly). Are you able to offer any kind of trade to a Mercury Starunner? Thank you.
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  12. Personally, I'm extremely fond of the Ares, especially the Inferno (gatling gun) variant. I can see doing some naughty, naughty things with it. 😎 I've been wanting a fighter similar to this for a long time.
  13. @VoA damn you man! You’re concierge. We don’t melt or CCU, WE ADD!!! LOLOLOLOL. But if you’re taking opinions; I’d say one of the VG. Since you have all 3, I’d recommend keeping the base for actual anti fighter anti med to large ships. Keep the Sentinel for its wild weasel role. Melt the Harbinger as the Inferno will punch more than the Harb, and you can keep the Eclipse for Alpha strike. Or.... dump the Eclipse. It’s a stealth, strategic alpha strike platform. 3 size 9 torpedos and then go back to base to restock. With the Ion, you can stay at bay with unlimited ammo and you have a better chance to defend with the INCREDIBLE amount of missiles and shields to bug out. Or the Inferno, for amazing Dakkkkka and brrrrrrrrrtt, all the missiles CaptainNero, and get this.... same MED shields and components as a MIS. KEEP THE MIS for its great value as it was sold pre-CIG bS mark up. $165/175 whenever you got it, gets you a great high value cargo transport gunship. Plus ...... “fire everything” CaptainNero missiles load out WITH dakka!!!
  14. Reavern

    Agro Mole

    The Mole is clearly intended for cooperative gameplay, particularly Orgs. While the Prospector does have collapsible storage pods that can be detached and hauled separately, the Prospector is intended for solo players who will fly the ship back to port to unload and sell the extracted ore. Whereas the Mole is intended to remain at the mining location and rely on hauler ships to transport the ore pods and sell them. If players setup an organized logistics operation, the Mole's relatively smaller storage capacity should be a non-issue, ideally. The simplest, smallest, and most efficient mining operation I envision is a Mole operated by a crew of 4, paired with a 1-2 seater hauler ship, like a Freelancer. I think it's possible to equip the Freelancer's rear turret with a tractor beam (if it's not, it should be), which will allow the Lancer to load the ore pods into its cargo hold. The Lancer will load up all 4 pods and then fly to the market to sell them. By the time the Lancer returns, there could be 4 more ore pods ready to haul. It might even be possible to reduce the player requirement down to 4 total: 3 miners and the 4th player can load and fly the Lancer. The only question is WHEN will tractor beams become functional? Because without tractor beams, there doesn't seem to be any way to unload a Prospector or Mole on-site, and transfer the ore pods to another ship.
  15. @Buckaroo Weapons are not just random S7 weapons, they're prototype weapons that are fused into the ships. If you look at this picture, weapon is highlighted in red so you can see that it's not just a standard S7 mount. It's the barrel&firing mechanism + 2 boxes for ammo and other necessary systems to fire the weapon. So to replace the weapon, you'd need to change the whole ship. You can also see the difference between Ares and Ion if you compare their red parts one-to-one. Ion's port side box is smaller than Inferno's. If CIG somehow decides that we can change these weapons in the future, they'd need to design new weapon models just for this ship just like Vanguard nose guns since barrel + firing mechanism looks drastically smaller than a standard S7 weapon to me.
  16. Reavern

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    Ignore him. No one takes him seriously or has any respect for him here. Attention is like food for trolls, so let him starve.
  17. never mind just saw it--- balanced 50/50
  18. Pretty basic stuff there and doesn't really provide any evidence for Star Citizen's critics or its defenders.
  19. Q&A: Drake Kraken Privateer portions of Q&A Can the Privateer conversion kit be removed once applied, restoring the Kraken to its original state? Can you swap back and forth? No, the kit is a full conversion from one variant to another. To convert between the two in-game, you will need to take the Kraken to a capable shipyard, pay a significant fee, and wait for the work to be completed. This is the same mechanic we will have in place for other capital-tier ship upgrades and customization. Do I need the Privateer to sell fuel, ammo, weapons, and gear, or can I do that with my normal Kraken (space permitting of course)? The regular Kraken can only refuel, rearm, and resupply ships landed on its pads or in its hangars. These supplies come from the Kraken’s own stock or cargo grid, so in a very rudimentary sense it can, but it doesn’t have any means of safely charging customers. Will the Privateer have a medical bay, and can one of the shops be a medical clinic to provide medical services? While not originally specked to have a med bay, we are considering adding a very low-level facility when we start active production of the interior. Does the conversion add any extra security to the internal and external areas of the Kraken due to the added population on board? Aside from the shielded and security patrolled private market, there are no other security features added to the Privateer. Will this kit be available to earn in-game? The Privateer isn’t just a kit but an entire hull variant. Like all variants, we plan to make everything obtainable in-game with the exception of a few limited-edition ships and variants. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The question on my mind is the kraken P a exception and limited- just the here and now..... and getting payment on a reg kraken -for fuel ,ammo, and repair. and can you block some one from getting services...... or landing and logging off thus blocking the landing pad from others to use -and if they log off can they relog on and re spawn the carrier. this seams like it could be exploited. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When owners log off, will the Kraken remain online? How will other people take advantage of purchasing, selling, renting, etc. when owners aren’t online? The ship will follow the same rules as others for remaining online: if players are on or nearby, it won’t be removed from play until various conditions are satisfied.
  20. This pic above is posted in the news letter: ether a ammo bin for the Gatling gun or torpedoes/ shield ? but no indication .. at all. Slayer of Giants December 13th, 2019 Dear Citizen, Crusader Industries has partnered with Behring to create the Ares, a heavy fighter capable of taking down much larger ships thanks to its massive size 7 weapon. It’s available in both laser and ballistic variants t
  21. Not the best quality but here's the segment for those who want to watch it https://streamable.com/b4tww Seemed pretty reasonable and fair; just like their segment from 2016.
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