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  2. I have the X34A and I've never looked back. It's a beautiful monitor with good res, vibrant colours, and perfectly fluent due to Gsync. You won't regret the purchase, and trust me, it's big enough that you won't miss another 4".
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  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. So, if this poll is right, it's a 60 meter ship for $350 and we get all new 300i designs along the lines of the Hornet MK2...? I think the 3rd aspect is the most exciting, because I don't know how CIG could fit "luxury" into 60 meters, given how cramped the Phoenix is. Luxury pack: 890 Jump, 600 Hop, Phoenix and 300i MK2 with improved cabin and integrated wine cellar. $ 1999,99
  8. With Vega out and the unfortunate price increase, it now makes more sense to either get a 1080ti or wait with what I have now and get Volta next year. So it now comes down to size, and Gsync is now thrown into the equation. For the longest time I wanted this monitor: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/8WTrxr/acer-xr382cqk-bmijqphuzx-375-3840x1600-75hz-monitor-xr382cqk-bmijqphuzx But now that it's almost going to be exclusively Nvidia for the build, I have to consider Gsync and with that a smaller size monitor, but a gain in refresh rate with this one: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/WDcMnQ/acer-monitor-umcx1aa002 As I have absolutely no experience with ultrawide monitors, will there be any regret downsizing 4" in height for the Gsync and higher refresh rate if going with an Nvidia card? (Both are the same price now, bare that in mind)
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  10. I think saving Jon Snow and acquiring Dany's help wasn't worth what the dead army gained and what Dany lost.
  11. 7 episodes left all together. Although, didn't they say the last one would be a twice as long episode, but anyway. The really pissy thing was the possible 2019 for the last series.
  12. Anyone think they will make a 600/890 combo like they have been doing in the past, or maybe a luxury bundle including the pheonix as well? I bet they will do something offering those ships back up in some crazy expensive package would net them some profit fur sure. But it would be around 2g's for it I think.
  13. Oh yeah. By the by, I had a question for you all. Big spoilers for episode 6 of season 7.
  14. No purely guess work on various sizes, the manuf, role type(s) and the pricing lately. Also 400 could be warbond price like the cyclone was, but not for the concepts before that. The Genesis is probably the closest outside of the manufacturer. Btn I keep mixing Genesis and Gemini up , but only in name though.
  15. Sounds very much like my nephew would say when he was 4 years old. It is actually in the forum rules.
  16. This is a game of thrones thread. If you want every single person to type in spoiler, good luck on that. This entire thread would be a giant spoiler for anyone not wanting something spoiled.
  17. thought wew already covered all spoilers under spoiler tag hense the reason why their is a spoiler tag?
  18. If you're subbed to this thread expect spoilers
  19. Eah.. you can't even read the spoiler button. not leaving it out plain for all to see dumb ass
  20. Spoiler Alert with Arya there is always the chance she is faking it to play LFs game... that would be the ultimate spygame inception if thats not it it was bad writing
  21. It was great! With regards to Arya, yeah I'm not sure where they are going with her character neither. But I'm more excited to see John Snow kick some ass.
  22. Do you use a crystal ball for this? Because honestly, who knows what CIG will say to justify 400 bucks. Could be size. Or speed. Or punching above its weight class. We shall see.
  23. For $400 value, look at other UEE ships like the Starliner Gemini. The 600i should have a much better interior than lets say the Endeavor Hope even if it's considered luxury transport. Granted the Gemini isn't a high class "airline" as it goes with the out world group, who made the Mustang just they don't seem to go in the same zip code let a lone manufacture, I am goinng off-topic there. Style and luxury are the main goals(aside from roles), Like Rolls Royce really. As I said it will be around the connie give or take 20 meters and it probably be wider. However, there will be "bed" rooms(not just a metal coffin) as well. Possible cargo rear bottom of the ship.
  24. I have some hypothetical situations for you: - A player kills my characters lifepod after he blows up my ship. I hunt him around the galaxy for a month with my next character and destroy every ship he flies --> Griefing or Revenge of the son for the death of his father? - I mine the exit of a space station so that everyone who launches from one of the bays runs into the mines. Griefing or Juvinile pranks of a youngster? - I snipe a players mining drones with a stealth ship with no intention to capture his Orion : Griefing or slowing down mining operations of a competitor? - I wait until someone has skillfully disabled a ship and then shoot the ship so it explodes and he cannot board it : Griefing or accident? - I fly my ship into the middle of a battle and start flying in front of friendlies ruining their aim and potentially making them shoot me down accidentally and ruining their reputation. Griefing or clueless noob? - I enter a race and when I am about to get lapped I ram the leader when he overtakes me --> Griefing or ooops? - Killing someones character because it is well known and/or that person has spent a lot of time building that character: Griefing or just a homicidal maniac? In my experience it is almost impossible to deal with griefers through in game mechanics as long as players don't care about their K/D, character, rep, bans, etc. and even if they do care about them it is still possible to grief while keeping your character looking clean. Only humans can distinguish between a griefer and a newb or an accident prone idiot I really doubt that CIG will have the manpower to investigate/monitor all their servers in order to catch griefers (even with reporting systems in place). Even if they catch them : what are they going to do? Put a contract out on them in game, give them a timeout, ban them? Some of these asshats don't mind paying $25 every now and then so they can annoy people
  25. No, if it was spoilers, then it would have been spoiler on the topic. Those "vague" weren't so vague at all. Unless it is spoiler, it is pretty much douche who is asking it.
  26. Did try my best to keep as vague as possible not mentioned the key events... but spoilers have been over the internet everywhere for days so if you are worried about that better not click on a link that is clearly titled "Game of Thrones"
  27. Please spoiler it. I haven't seen it yet and as most people who don't spoil it I don't even post it so quickly.
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