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    Tesla CyberTruck

    Might be time for another straddle/strangle play ahead of earnings July 22nd. https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/07/10/why-shares-of-tesla-jumped-friday-afternoon.aspx The stock is stupid high, and earnings are only a few business days away. If they blow things away in earnings the stock could go even higher, or I think there's an excellent chance people will take profits on the news. Things have been super volatile and that makes the option play expensive, but if the stock levels out next week that'll reduce the volatility enough to make it affordable. I'll be looking for a ho-hum day next week and see if I should do it.
  3. WHY SHOULD I JOIN VOLUND? IT IS ABOUT THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU NO DRAMA, JUST DAMAGE Come take that first step with us! Join us: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/VOLUND Talk to us: https://discord.gg/bWwYfMf Check us out: https://volund.org/
  4. Thanks buddy 😎 I'm also into drone stuff btw 😏
  5. Yesterday
  6. Great video, thanks. The lyrics for the song are: Clocked out 10 till 2 Beat the traffic on the way down Surfs up in Malibu Burning daylight on the 101 I've been jumping over fences Breaking my back just to get off the ground I think I’m running out of chances Speeding up time just to slow it down I need to get away I need a place clear my mind I need to get away I need a west coast sunset paradise I need to get away Bonfire here with you Crashing waves up on the shoreline From here the skyline views Haven’t seen ‘em in a long time I've been jumping over fences I think I’m running out of chances
  7. Hi Folks! Didn't find any lyrics clip about this great tune (and great drone clip btw): 0:42 my buddy (IMO misheard lyrics stuff) think its "I need a killer" - don't think so - correct lyrics?
  8. Last week
  9. Hi guys, I need and advice what to do in order to play the game. There are these two situations: 1) the game crash when I am in the cave (without visiting space station) - on the next load I am back in the starting city and cannot retrieve my ship. 2) the game crash when I am flying (without visiting space station) - the game does not load. It keeps getting me back in the main screen. The only "solution" I have for both situations is to reset the character. This make the game absolutely not playable. What could you suggest me to do in these situations?
  10. yeah! agree with comment above! unfortunately I had bad experience with a 3D printer :(
  11. yeah but CIGs balancing logic is pretty whack right now two cuz of people complaing that their $40 ships get beat by $150 ships... imo they should be beat just like I dont excpect an aurora to go toe to toe with a frigate... Showbox jiofi.local.html tplinklogin
  12. I personally will probably upgrade one to an exploration model and another to the combat model just so I can have variety.
  13. Welcome Arckon, I'm waiting for some larger fleet operations and orgs 2.0 patrol, escort, supply missions but for now my account is still down after the power outage they had (hope 3.10 fixes it)
  14. wow!!! looks amazing! 3d printers can make smth amazing
  15. Greetings, Now that I finally enjoying being in the cockpit with 3.9, I want to develop my skills with professionals. Few who fit the bill are as highly regarded as Imperium. I hope to specialize in Xenotech trading in the full PU, and I believe building good trade practices and relationships now will be invaluable when that time comes. My fleet is well rounded, though my primary exploration vessel (Drake Corsair) and Flagship (Banu Merchantman) are currently under commission beyond the Stanton system. A manifest of currently available ships will follow: Origin 325a (LTI) MISC Freelancer MIS (LTI) Banu Defender (Loaner) Drake Caterpillar (Loaner) MISC Prospector (3.9 in-game-purchase) Aegis Retaliator (3.9 in-game-purchase) I look forward to working with you all.
  16. If you go to the trade and supply terminal and put something in the ship it will reset.
  17. Hey all! New/returning member here. I’ve been a backer since 2013/14-ish and was a member of Imperium about then as well. I left because I thought you might be a bit too hardcore for me at the time. Now I’ve gotten the SCbug full on and spent too much money on this wonderful thing not to be hardcore about it. I mostly do trading, done quite a bit of mining and some pewpew now and then. I also really like big coordinated ops with logistics, escorts, ground troops and so on. I’m mostly looking forward to exploration and “fringe” trading as well as the whole industry thing. Drakes are Shitty-prrrretty!
  18. I'm sorry for posting here but where did you buy this PC? I want to buy it too and I don't know what to do
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