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  2. I have a Freelancer Max, I can try fitting my Razer LX in there, if that fits all of your ground vehicles will fit. Even if it doesn't fit I should be able to gauge how big of a vehicle will fit.
  3. constellation? beautiful big ship. Can the freelancer have enough space for small vehicule?
  4. Hello, I have been playing SC since 3.0. I find space relaxing, and enjoy piloting and earning credits through industry and pve content. I would like to spend my time before full release working with others and forming bonds through skillful interactions. o7
  5. Devil Khan

    Aegis Redeemer

    Still haven't even left the white box, how sad. I've always had a soft spot for that ship.
  6. Taken from this week's newsletter email: interior sneakpeek of the Redeemer.
  7. Yesterday
  8. thanks! I was thinking of the cyclone or the G12. for the ship i was thinking of a medium freight. its more for exploration than combat
  9. Hi folks! I would like to buy a "Read Admiral Package". So one of the earlier "phyisical game packages". An account purchase is out of the question for me, because I want to have this package in my account. I would be very happy if someone who owns such a package and can give it as a rsi-gift could contact me via PN. Payment can be made by PayPal. Please name the price in the PN as well. Thank you and many greetings! An example picture of what this package looks like is attached below.
  10. If anyone is currently trying to snag a 30 series, here's a Twitch stream that scans retailers for availability:
  11. Honestly no way to know without trying to fit one in. But the g12 is close in size to the Ursa Rovers, the g12 is wider (.3 meters) and taller (.5m) by a little bit. I would think if you can comfortably get a Ursa Rover in there, the g12 should fit. Which ship were you specifically thinking about? also this guy did a bunch of episodes on "will it fit" he may have covered it, I did not watch more than one video
  12. Devil Khan

    RSI Perseus

    they were shot weeks ago 😆
  13. VoA

    RSI Perseus

    You could be right however - they were from yesterday's video.... Maybe because you can stack cargo in there around the catwalk (from down below - multiple stacks high) + maybe you want to see your cargo down below.... like in the Carrack?
  14. Hi, how can i know that the cargo of a ship is big enough for a ground vehicule? I may want the origin small ground vehicule but nothing tell in wich ship it can go
  15. Welcome to Imperium Stumme! I joined recently for similar reasons, and have definitely enjoyed my time in Imperium so far.
  16. Hi all ! Looking to buy the F7A military upgrade (for my Super Hornet !). PM me if you have one your looking to sell ( at a reasonable price). Thank you for taking a look. Thib.
  17. Konnten wir dein Interesse wecken? Dann schicke uns noch heute deine Bewerbung! Weitere Fragen? Kein Problem! Für weitere Informationen besuche unseren Organisationsthread: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/50177/thread/blra-horizont Oder stelle deine Fragen direkt an uns: TS-Server: horizont-sc.org
  18. I do like the layout of the Perseus, but I would have to say that it really needs a bit more revision to be efficient. I think the catwalk between the front and rear sections above the cargo area is a complete waste of space. If you are going to give us a catwalk, then why don't you just make that entire area more rooms with a hallway. The cargo will not stack up past the catwalk on the left and right, so they might as well give us an infirmary, small brig, storage, etc. They also could put the walkway to one side so that cargo could be stacked higher into the cargo lift. That is my l
  19. Welcome to Imperium Bullhead. Sorry that it took a while to get your tag in Discord. That bot likes to take days off from time to time.
  20. @VoA Hmmm, it looks like those images are of different variations of the interior. The top and bottom are what we've seen during release but those middle images with the Ursa moving down a ramp looks like an earlier discarded version. Still; it's nice to see how they went through different iterations for the interior before they finally settled on the one where the Ursa now simply gets deployed via elevator instead of a long ramp. That interior is now nice and easy to navigate. I like nice and easy to navigate.
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