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  1. Wu Jen

    RSI - Polaris - Corvette

    I believe the subject came up for that reason. The Polaris did not get an STS, all it has to rely on is its torps to attack Capital ships, thus limiting its effectiveness against Capital ships that have fighter screens/PDS's.
  2. Wu Jen

    RSI - Polaris - Corvette

    J.Dadley CIG "Time for some clarification. The current design is that ALL of the turrets on the Javelin DO elevate with the exception of the two large anti-capital ship turrets. This means that the ship is highly defensible against fighters but means lining up powerful shots against other capital ships requires more finesse. Before anyone panics it is worth iterating that this is currently just an 'on paper' design. When the ship is fully operational in-engine we will be testing how effective this is - if it proves to not work as designed then it will be trivial to allow elevation on these two turrets. We won't be releasing anything that hasn't been play-tested and balanced properly." ATM - as far as CIG is concerned STS = Anti-Cap ship weapons.
  3. Wu Jen

    RSI - Polaris - Corvette

    STS are Capital weapon turrets. Capital-Class Turrets In particular, the Behring Applied Technology laboratory has been given credit for two types of high yield capital ship weaponry: Anti-Ship Artillery (ASA) weapons and Ship to Ship (STS) turret weapons. ASA turret mounts are designed, simply, to protect large ships from smaller ones. With lightning-quick hydraulics and integrated targeting interfaces, ASA turrets are generally sited in a ring around a capital ship’s hull to offer as full an arc of protection as possible. ASA turrets mount smaller yield laser weapons similar to those found on civilian spacecraft. The stock military Idris-M frigate, for instance, carries six ASA turrets that each mount a Behring M3C laser system. Ship to Ship turrets are a much more powerful affair, designed to punch through the shields and hull of other large starships. Although they lack the quick reaction time of ASA turrets and so are generally unsuitable for flak coverage, their higher caliber weaponry will ensure that any hit against a fighter or bomber is likely deadly. Like their smaller cousins, STS turrets are modular and can be outfitted with a variety of individual guns. For example, the Idris-M corvette mounts a centerline STS ‘stinger’ turret featuring a Behring M5C laser cannon. The workhorse of the Navy, the Javelin destroyer, mounts a pair of Behring M6A laser cannons on STS turrets standard. While the concern is responsible for manufacturing, antimatter yield coring, and other important processes in turret development, likely the most significant advancement they have been credited with is the development of the shield interphase kits that are now standard on all turrets. Prior to the 28th century, it was believed impossible to design a shield system that could operate with a rotating turret; where early shields were designed with ‘blind spots’ that could allow fixed cannons to fire out of a designated hardpoint, they lacked the ability to do the same with a gun whose position was impossible to predict before firing. Capital ships of an earlier era would need to drop their shields entirely before firing, which made arming with anti-spacecraft weaponry impractical. With BAT’s interphase kits, almost anything can be shot out from within a standard shield.
  4. Wu Jen

    RSI - Polaris - Corvette

    Not new info, CR has stated this in the past that the Idris could be flown solo. Not optimized but it could be done. They revised that in the Endeavour Q&A to "if it fits, it sits in local space" Once we actually get to Beta, that's where the real game balance and balance passes will start to really unfold.
  5. Wu Jen

    Subscriber Free Fly Announced

    Weren't the Green and Silver Collectors boxes supposed to ship out in June and July also? Allie and Sandi mentioned it on a couple of RtV's.
  6. Had a few other Imperium members trying to shoot me out of the air around Kareah. Good fun!
  7. Only issue with that is that have deleted $0 CCU's from accounts before. They don't mind deleting the $0 CCU cost ones because you didn't actually pay for it. Get them but be aware they can be taken away if CIG decides you should not have them.
  8. Paging @AstroJak we are both out this round lol. @VoA the Phoenix was able to upgrade.
  9. Wu Jen

    Get your "free" Weapon X per CIG

    I will see your all in sir and raise you.
  10. Wu Jen

    Donation System Update

    I miss all of my badges of clutter, sob. I do not like the 'rainbow badge' Can I get one like Astro Jak? But with my Icon / Color Scheme? Danke'
  11. Wu Jen

    What happens to hangars after live?

    Old info but Rob Iriving said that your starting hangar would be free. That Free Hangar fees would apply to a 2nd starting planet. Otherwise people with 150+ ships would be bankrupt soon as the game launched if their hangars were charged storage fees.
  12. Wu Jen

    Get your "free" Weapon X per CIG

    The way I read it was that all Weapon X's will be removed next monday, and everyone with a CCU or a standalone buccaneer will have 'x' number of the weapons added to your account just like you bought the weapon from VD store. What I'm wondering is, if I melt my standalone ships now. Will the script affect buy backs or will it only affect purchased and active ships on our accounts? I would much rather have the weapon as part of the ship, thus being covered under its insurance blanket.
  13. Wu Jen

    Get your "free" Weapon X per CIG

    I was actually hoping for a new weapon to be premiered and shown.
  14. So far, I don't think the payout is worth it. 500 AUEC to hunt down someone and kill them. ICC probe mission I can go do in the same amount of time and get 5,000 AUEC by completing it and getting salvage from the wrecks in the field.