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  1. it seems to work on me, this is the first time of my life I'm scared to live in france, I'm still very shocked by the brutality of those attacks. I would like to help like any others french people in time of needs and harsh situations. Thanks for all the support around the world. Love.
  2. Yaseen

    Complete F7A Military Upgrade

    Last price drop on upgrade
  3. Yaseen

    Complete F7A Military Upgrade

    Sales is still up to date!
  4. I've got one to sell, you can take a look here : https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/topic/17509-weekend-warrior-lti-f7a-upgrade/
  5. Yaseen

    Complete F7A Military Upgrade

    Added Weekend Warrior Package
  6. Yaseen

    Complete F7A Military Upgrade

    Lowered upgrade price from $100 to $85.
  7. Yaseen

    Complete F7A Military Upgrade

    Hi, I'm looking to sell a Weekend Warrior Package - LTI and a F7A Military Upgrade. Payer covers paypal fees and a middleman if he wants one. I'm actually a trusted trader on SCB, you'll get a smooth and fast transaction. https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/profile/4926-yaseen/?tab=node_feedback_Feedback As a package: Weekend Warrior Package - LTI + F7A Military Upgrade : 320$ as separate items: Weekend Warrior Package - LTI : 250$ : SOLD F7A Military Upgrade : 75$ : SOLD to Scorption-of-asy Cheers!
  8. I'm looking to sell a ship upgrade - Mustang Alpha to Delta Upgrade and many perks: - Mr. Refinement’s Cabinet of Rare & Exquisite Spirits- Takuetsu Mustang Delta Model-Space Globes - Good Health-Space Globes - plentiful Salvage I will sell to verified Paypal only. Asking $50 for the ship upgrade and $5 for each perk PM if interested and let me know what email to make the invoice out to. Once purchased, I'll gift the upgrade or the perk to the email specified or the paypal email given to me.
  9. Be sure to have those both actions configured in your layout <actionmap name="spaceship_targeting"> <action name="v_target_missile_lock_focused"> <rebind device="joystick" input="js1_button2" /> </action> </actionmap> <actionmap name="spaceship_missiles"> <action name="v_weapon_launch_missile"> <rebind device="joystick" input="js1_button2" /> </action> </actionmap> On mine, I've got one push to load a missile on the target, we can now add severals missiles on the same target, I tried 4 missiles perso
  10. do you also have only one missile launcher on your super hornet guys?
  11. Yaseen

    Want to Sell Subscriber Flare shop

    I still got these items, come claim them.
  12. it seems the revel & york hangar is now given with this ship
  13. Yaseen

    Want to Sell Subscriber Flare shop

    Hey guys, I'm selling subscriber flare for $5 SC credits. - Mr. Refinement’s Cabinet of Rare & Exquisite Spirits - Takuetsu Mustang Delta Model
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