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  1. I love Dune, I am glad out of all the garbage they are digging up to regurgitate old movies someone is actually going to re-make something decent.
  2. The specifications can change at any notice but it looks like the Freelancer MIS will have a sufficient amount of cargo for a *fighter/gunship* geared ship at 28 for the cargo capacity and to be able to handle any cargo missions as far as the capacity required to hold the cargo for the mission or contract.
  3. I am hoping they have the MIS as an option in the anniversary sale. I want a ship to do missions that may need cargo runs, most of my ships are either large or fighters with no cargo space. It was a toss-up between the cutlass and the freelancer.
  4. Ultimately as is stated to many naysayers, you don't have to make the purchase. CIG is doing what they can to monetize as effectively as they can, get that money CIG.
  5. I was always under the impression any ship over $1000 has LTI automatically.
  6. I was about to buy an Idris-P but with the amount we already have in the fleet and the manpower it takes to run one effectively I think I will end up just sticking with the Kraken.
  7. I am a ghost most of the time as well lurking about, don't worry about it. I honestly haven't been doing much in the way of gaming but I did decide to grab a Kraken and I think with the release of 3.3 I will start spending some time on SC.
  8. CloudyDaze

    RSI Orion

    I am going to primarily combat but wanted a couple of ships to generate income if needed, I ended up picking up an Orion. I agree with @JediKel on the greater danger that will be present mining with the Orion in space versus Prospector mining planetside.
  9. I was in wave 7, woke up to take a piss and ended up $1400 poorer lol My friend Copy passed away and I am purchasing this ship in commemoration of his memory and am going to tag it USS (UEE or whatever prefix suits upon release) Copy to carry on his memory as he was an avid fan of the Drake line of ships. I really didn't plan on buying it but I feel in some way this will carry on his name, he was a trooper.
  10. Paypal Verified... PM if interested. $700 + Buyer pays fees https://imgur.com/a/gG2Lj
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