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  1. My first REAL gaming pc

    Heh, I'm not really an expert on that and I think my system isn't set up optimally for airflow either. Especially because I am pulling my air in through my Corsair Hydro H115i radiator that may not have been meant for use in this case due to its bulk. I have 2 140 fans in the front as intake while I use only 1 120 fan as an exhaust in the back. So the main issue I may encounter is that my intake pulls cold air throught the radiator first and warmed up air gets in the case forcing my single 120 fan to work overtime in getting the hot air out. Might have been better to use the back fan as an intake and use the front as exhaust or extra 120 fans in the top or something but I figured that as long as my temperatures stay within normal operating ranges it should be fine with my current setup. That and the back doesn't have a dust filter while my front panel has one running along the whole length. And I don't like dust in my system. Personally I'm guessing that the best approach would be to have 3 120 fans in the front as an intake while your radiator sits in the top and with 2x 140 fans as exhaust with another 120 in the back as a regular casefan. But I think it also depends on the type of case you're using and the amount of air displacement of the fans used. As such I'd suggest checking up on your particular case for optimal airflow setups or maybe someone over in the Hardware section of these forums can help out. https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/forum/214-hardware/ Then again you normally use a fan controller so the system monitors itself and regulates airflow automatically. I actually made the mistake of hooking up my case fan to a watercooler header by accident and was almost driven insane by the noise until I found out that particular header would always be set to max rpm.
  2. My first REAL gaming pc

    No worries, most of it is basically plug-n-play these days so putting it together shouldn't be too much trouble. Just refer to the manual of the mainboard when needed and watch out for static discharges when assembling the components. I got a pretty big shock when unboxing my case due to all the styrofoam and friction. So unless you already bought it with assembly included a little static armband will take care of it while assembling the pieces yourself. In case you're wondering, this was my build
  3. My first REAL gaming pc

    Ah, alright. I actually had to look it up as I never even heard about the 8086K but I now see that it was a very recent release because of their 40th anniversary. Still looks like a pretty solid CPU when compared to the 8700K though Yeah, the 16GB should be fine though and RAM is easy enough to upgrade if needs be in the future.
  4. My first REAL gaming pc

    Looks pretty awesome and I hope you'll have a great time with it! Not overly familiar with the 8086K though and it seems a little light on RAM but that's just me. Personally I went with the 8700k and 32GB (2x16) RAM when I built my rig. Mine doesn't have as fancy looking a case as yours though.
  5. Drake Vulture

    Yeah, although it is ofcourse the entry-level ship for the salvaging mechanic and not some behemoth like the Reclaimer. The Vulture was supposed to have 24SCU right? I guess it all depends on the value of those scrap cubes then. I'm also betting that we'll get another salvage ship that will be around the size of the Constellation. That way CIG will have entry-level, mid-range and top-tier covered. Then they will likely do the same for mining. From what I've seen the Prospector has 32SCU at the moment but no mention if the 'saddlebags' are still removable or not. Personally I'm guessing CIG scrapped that idea and just gave it a flat 32SCU. As the Prospector can only store ore I guess that's fine for it to have more SCU compared to the Vulture which can use its cargospace for other things besides scrap. edit: Oh, the Vulture only has 12SCU? I thought it would have 24. 12SCU sounds rather minimal...
  6. Drake Vulture

    Alright everyone I'm not a moderator here but please knock it off. We have all said our piece about this whole Venture non-issue and this is getting a little ridiculous with you guys fighting now eachother over nothing. EvE devs already said they were perfectly fine with it so why not leave it at that? Some goons over on /EvE are probably laughing their asses off right now for having succeeded yet again in stirring up drama among the Star Citizen backers. This thread is about the Drake Vulture, not some generic block with prongs that doesn't even have an interior over on Grief Online. Even I, the ultimate 'Go Aegis or Go Home' guy, bought a DUR>Vulture CCU and I hate Drake! How is that for controversy?
  7. Drake Vulture

    True, and in my opinion they really nailed down that industrial equipment vibe. It's just a much more functional looking ship while the Venture is just a generic thing with prongs to me.
  8. Drake Vulture

    Meh, I still think the Vulture looks awesome while the Venture looks like ass
  9. Drake Vulture

    To me it's a pretty common shape in scifi and lots of them predate CCP's version. Goteki 45 (Wipeout 3) Covenant Spirit (HALO) Freij (Privateer 2) Faldari (Privateer 2) Veldor (Privateer 2) Salvage Corvette (Homeworld) etc. etc.
  10. Drake Vulture

    Apart from both ships having 2 'arms' (which is a pretty common scifi design) and the color being similar (again very common to use yellow for industrial stuff) I don't really see any 'ripoff' here though as the main body design of the ships are completely different. Besides; a lot of EvE players appear to be pretty toxic assholes who just want something to harrass. Some of them already tried to vandalize the old Star Citizen wiki and were plotting other childish sabotage over on their subreddit. It's like they don't even play their own game anymore, they just want to ruin things and cause drama for everybody else. Guess their game is dying and they feel threatened or something. On a more personal note, I think the Vulture looks awesome while the Venture looks like ass. Besides, CCP already said they were cool with it so why is this even an issue?
  11. Drake Vulture

    They look kinda similar and it's nice to see CCP being cool about it but to me it looks more like CIG took their main inspiration from a combine
  12. Drake Vulture

    https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link//16619-Your-Ship-Your-Sky-Early-Bird Not sure if this is Concierge only, but the link works for me. $140 regular price $120 warbond So regular price is the same as when the MISC Prospector was first sold.
  13. Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    The SQ42 demo last year showed the Gladius sneaking through canyons to avoid detection from defense turrets protecting the base.
  14. Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    Heh, when I saw the cockpit section (when viewed from the front) it immediately made me think of this
  15. Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    Looks pretty cool but I'm sticking to my Hammerhead.