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  1. I just hope it will be similar in price as the Dragonfly and not have some ridiculous +$100 'alien tax' slapped on for no reason.
  2. I wonder if this Xi'an speeder will also be $35 like the Dragonfly or if CIG will also slap a ridiculous 'alien tax' on it for no reason.
  3. CCU one to a Merchantman? A Gemini-to-Merchantman would only cost you $10 atm.
  4. Same! So far the only recent image of the interior we have was this concept of a hallway.
  5. The 890Jump already jumped from $600 to $900 the last time it was on sale. So it's already too rich for my blood if you ask me. I'd rather stick with my Polaris which only cost me $630 including VAT thanks to the UK conversion rates at the time. Still looking forward to seeing this Origin 600. Maybe it's like a Constellation Phoenix but one that is actually designed properly (that Phoenix interior made no sense at all)
  6. I definitely have to check what I still need as I already got the Carrack, Reclaimer and Orion when CIG sold those UEE Explorer packs and I still have an extra Redeemer available in one of them if needs be. Guess I'll just have to wait and see if CIG will sell the other $350+ ships at their original prices again. If so I may need to stock up on some $0 BMM-to-... CCU's.
  7. She sure looks to have grown to the size of a frigate now. And with the +$100 price increase I guess it's a good thing I held onto all these $0 Redeemer-to-BMM CCU's.
  8. I'm still waiting for STAR PUG!!
  9. Not sure if this was mentioned, but don't get your hopes up about mounting any S3 fixed weapons. Taken from JumpPoint: Apparently it's a forced gimbal ship as the 4xS2 guns are on gimbal mounts that are part of the ship and cannot be swapped out for larger S3 fixed guns. If so, this makes the ship completely useless to me as a HOTAS user. So a ship with only 4xS2 guns and 4 S2 missiles which forces you to fly it with 2 people (or a mouse) to use effectively? No thanks, I'll just stick with my Sabre or get a Cutlass Blue+Dragonfly for the same amount of money.
  10. Reminds me of the Eldar Jetbike
  11. Would be pretty cool if CIG makes more Star Wars style speeder/swoop bikes.
  12. Something else to consider regarding the Singe Tachyon Cannon. It might be possible that you can't equip it on a non-Banu ship. Now personally I wouldn't mind decking out my Sabre with alien tachyon cannons and be some kind of sniping ninja, but I wonder if the technology is even interchangeable. After all, the few other alien ships were the Vanduul Scythe, Glaive and Blade which I don't believe can swap out their weapons at all and the Xi'an Scout was an export model made specifically for the human market yet did not come with Xi'an weapons. So I wonder if the Singe is restricted/locked to the Banu Defender.
  13. Related to the Banu Defender.
  14. Yeah, I just checked and this is the extra stuff you get from the Deluxe Edition: I'm guessing the 'Pathfinder casual outfit' consisted of the leather jacket and the hoodie. And then there was the preorder bonus which apparently came with the Deep Space Explorer armor, the Gold Nomad skin and some booster packs for multiplayer
  15. Ah, that makes sense as I have the deluxe edition. Guess the hoodie and jacket were the 'Pathfinder Casual Outfit' item.