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  1. Yeah I definitely hope we will see something like that from CIG. Then our Org leader can set up an official tag for ships representing IMPERIUM. 😍 INS might be taken already though as I've seen that tag being used on the INS-Jericho space station. Unless ofcourse we just pretend that this was actually our space station that we graciously loaned out to the UEE Navy for use in restocking their warships. But yeah, I do recall discussions we've had many years ago regarding official tags. I believe [IMP] was also a contender at one point. Here's hoping that CIG will implement a sys
  2. Yeah, originally the "Endeavor Master Set" was sold for $900 but only had 1 pair of biodomes. A great number of people complained about that and the following time CIG sold it again they added an additional biodome (but also raised the price by $100). Ofcourse the other benefit was now that it automatically received LTI due to it being $1000+. Every ship sold at $1000 or more automatically gets LTI as an added benefit. So yeah, if you were planning on having several Endeavors then having one Master Set would allow you to make a lot of configurations.
  3. Also, forgot to post it here but there was this little tidbit a while back https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/17975-Star-Citizen-Monthly-Report-January-2021 So that might be what MGibson meant.
  4. From the looks of it, the guns on the turret have been increased to S4 instead of S3; which is nice as S3s on a ship this size felt a bit small. Stock turret guns are all Behring M6A Laser Cannons while pilot guns are S5 with gimbal S4 Revenants. No additional weapons/missiles (at least on the C2/M2). The A2 appears to have all S4 guns as well as those additional S5 single remote turret guns. The Hercules appears to have 2 Large Coolers, 2 Large Shield Generators, 2 Large Fuel Tanks and 2 Large Quantum Fuel Tanks. Components for the C2 are all IND-C grade while for the M2 &
  5. Sneakpeek from this week's Newsletter email. Looks like it's just a cool screenshot of the Andromeda cargohold but when I posted it on Spectrum another user (Driftwoodbadger) mentioned that this may actually be the Taurus as he saw 3 elevator pylons on each side while the regular Andromeda/Aquila have only 2 pylons. The original Taurus however was always shown to have 3 elevator pylons per side due to the increased length of the cargobay. (this is a very old picture of the Taurus cargo bay for comparison and showing the 3 elevator pylons on each side) Now what makes
  6. I'm sorry Blaulicht but it may be almost impossible to get this skin. The only way people could get it was by participating in a mini-game and the skin was an account-locked item that can't be gifted. So the only way to get it is to basically buy someone's account that has this item in it. That might be looking for a needle in a haystack however people did not need to have bought an actual Mercury ship as anyone who entered the coordinates during the minigame received the skin. So who knows, someone might have an account with only an Aurora but might still own this skin. Now I do no
  7. EDIT: Managed to get another Slate Camo paint off-site so I'm all good now. Hey again 🙂 I already made a similar post earlier but now I'm looking for a second "Slate Camo" ship paint that can be used on the Origin 100-series. As I recall CIG offered 3 different paints a while back when they released the 100-series. CIG sold them separately at $5 each or in a pack with all 3 for $12,50. So the paint I'm interested in was called "Slate Camo" (see image below) and was a kinda dark grey camo pattern. Please send me a reply/PM if you happen to have this paint available and wan
  8. Thanks to Danredda this WTB is now COMPLETE; although if someone out there happens to have another "Slate Camo" paint I'd also be interested as then I would have two paints which I could use to paint both my 125a and my 135c.
  9. Hey there Danredda, awesome! I'll shoot you a PM. EDIT: Thanks a lot Danredda for the paint, I appreciate it very much!!
  10. Hey there 🙂 I'm looking for ship paint that can be used on the Origin 100-series. As I recall CIG offered these a while back when they released the 100-series. As I recall CIG sold them separately at $5 each or a pack with all 3 for $12,50. The paint I'm interested in was called "Slate Camo" (see image below) and was a kinda dark grey camo pattern. Please send me a reply/PM if you happen to have this paint available and want to sell it to me for a reasonable price. Thanks!! 😃
  11. Hmmm, you could be right. At first I thought it was tucked away further back but maybe that's not a turret? It's hard to see what that is. It that's not the turret here's hoping it will return and that it was merely removed temporarily as they didn't have a proper model for it yet or something. It would kinda make those remote turret seats pointless if there are no remote turrets to control anymore. 😕 John Crewe did specifically mention that tail turret on a post in Spectrum. Then later he also talked about how it may or may not be a 5-man ship anymore during a CAD. Maybe they
  12. Yeah, those two extra seats do appear to be for taking control of the remote turrets. I also hope the seats provide additional functionality so that they might also allow for a co-pilot/engineer to manage the shields and such. The wierd umbelical ride to get into the lower turret is gone as well. The original creator Paul Dalessi already mentioned he would redesign the entry mechanics to be more like the Retaliator turrets where the seat comes up from the bottom and then lowers you in. Unfortunately Paul went to work over at CDPR before he could do the rework of the Redeemer but it's goo
  13. Some more recent images from this week's ISC. Definitely looks like the Redeemer is getting some of its jumpseats back as well now!
  14. Hmmm, that is very interesting! Thank you for sharing. I always found it very peculiar why the price difference between the C2 and M2 was so ridiculously high. Originally people had to pay +$140 just for 1 extra 2xS3 turret and medium armor but at the cost of 25% cargo capacity (you wouldn't have access to the separate cargo hold that's on the C2). Compare that to the Starfarer and Gemini where the Gemini was only +$40 but received larger guns on all manned turrets, more powerful thrusters (the Gemini is faster than the Starfarer), extra armor, and a missile launcher with 9 S3 missiles;
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