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  1. I dunno. I've always preferred Rock-Paper-Scissors-Nuke myself.
  2. More marketing fluff and buzzwords?
  3. No clue. There was a time when I could simply swap it out for a S3 Panther. Looked pretty ridiculous but it worked like a charm.
  4. Yeah, if anything I think the T-21 should have had 1400. At least then you could have combined it with the T-19P or GT-215. Now it can't be combined with anything because it has the lowest projectile velocity on the list.
  5. Good thing I already have a couple Cutlass Black and Blue CCUs in my hangar then
  6. I also noticed that the Super Hornet price was raised from $165 to $180.
  7. To me that would be rather strange as something (trying to avoid spoilers here) happened to Sheperd Book and Wash during the movie Serenity making it unlikely for those characters to return. So while it is understandable if they feel uncomfortable because Ron Glass is no longer among us (he died recently at age 71) the events of the series would likely take place years after the movie. And while I would love a continuation, I fear that it might end up as a disaster. Firefly -to me- had an awesome season and a cool movie which brought a lot of closure. Maybe it's best to cherish the memories (and blu ray discs of Firefly and Serenity on my shelf) instead of wanting for something they may not be able to achieve. Firefly did go before its time though and I hate that Fox cancelled it after just one season. It should have deserved to go through 4 seasons at least in my opinion.
  8. The seller would retain full rights to the account and could recover it at any time. So if they wanted to they can just send a message to Support claiming their account was 'hacked' and get their account back while also being able to keep your money. So my advice is to never buy an account on places like Ebay and instead buy a separate Rear Admiral Pack that can be gifted to your own account from a seller with good feedback on this forum. EDIT: You may also wish to verify if the Rear Admiral Package has LTI or not; unless you don't care about lifetime insurance.
  9. I'm guessing in 3.1 together with the Red and Blue. Although I wouldn't mind seeing it sooner; especially since the Caterpillar and 85X also came out sooner than expected.
  10. For reference here's the Caterpillar cockpit (same screens and setup)
  11. Oh no, mine wasn't hand painted or anything; it was just printed on canvas at a shop in my country called Webprint.nl. They had a 50% off deal on their canvas stuff and just happened to have a 100cmx50cm frame as an option at the time. So in the end I got it for just around €40 including shipping which seemed like a pretty sweet deal to me. 1080p might end up a bit too rough around the edges and/or blurry. I also was considering some other images at first but decided against it as they were just too low-res. The Polaris image on the other hand was 5240x2614, fit the 100x50 frame perfectly and turned out great.
  12. How to deal with a ship that's not going to be flyable for some time? Have it printed on canvas so you can look at it every day until it is! I had it printed on a 100cmx50cm frame and it's currently hanging in my little 'game room'. Eventually this particular piece will be displayed in my living room once the new wallpaper, laminate flooring and new furniture has gone in. Source image that I used (5240x2614)
  13. That's a pretty impressive rig there! As for the name, you should call it "Gief 2 Quicksilver"
  14. Feedback Wanted

    You could mount a small ring on the ceiling and clip the cord to it with a musketonhook when you want to use it. That way they wouldn't be lying on the ground.