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  1. I'm just hoping I can use this with my Starfarer Gemini so I can gather some quantanium ore and use it in my Gemini for making quantum fuel
  2. Yeah, everybody looking exactly the same is something that would indeed be unfortunate. Already the face-gen appears rather limited and everybody already looks way too similar in my opinion with the splicing and sliders having minor effects at most on the small set of available heads. For bodies CIG could have certain different body presets but this may cause issues with clothing/armor atm. That might also be why we currently only have 1 male and 1 female body. Even there we've already seen tons of issues with clothing not fitting properly or being misaligned when putting a coat on. I recall seeing certain nightmare creatures at one point with elongated arms and the like just for donning an outfit. Ofcourse clothing/armors can be more dynamic and there should be tech to make it work up to a certain point. I do hope there will be some more variety at some point though as everybody having the exact same bodytype will be pretty bland. I doubt it will be to the level of detail as Cyberpunk but that game apparently threw everything out the window and went all the way with triple mouthed sexbots and everything. That said, if CIG manages to create some different body presets that might be a good middle-road; especially because we have already seen skinny as well as obese bodies for some male NPCs. Makes sense that we'd also get some additional male and female body types to choose from instead of just the "generic trained military body". Would be nice to have skinny-normal-muscular-obese with female character model also having some variety in breastsize (from A to D perhaps). Just no sliders where people get to make J-cup behemoths as that would just be too much.
  3. Now I could be wrong but as far as I know this game has no rating at all as of yet. From what I've seen though is that there won't be much (if any) nudity as everyone will still be wearing underwear. Implementing nude bodies just for the sake of nude bodies is also not something I personally see the appeal of. But that's just me. Cyberpunk2077 appears to be an entirely different beast where you can apparently customize your junk and everything. I doubt Star Citizen will have anything remotely resembling that and personally I'm fine with it. I'd rather they spend their time on building more star systems instead of breastsize-sliders and whatnot. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how things will go but so far it seems that 'nudity' in Star Citizen will be limited to wearing underwear. Please do not interpret my opinion as an attack or anything as that is not my intent. It's just my opinion on the matter.
  4. For us Starfarer/Gemini owners this Greycat ROC may be the best option now in order to mine quantanium on our own atm. Would have preferred something that could also operate in space though like a mining skiff but I guess landing my Gemini on low-gravity moons will have to do. As for price it's a complete unknown at this time. Personally I'm hoping that it will be relatively cheap but we all know CIG doesn't know that word. So I'm guessing $75 while hoping it will be less.
  5. Found these images over on Reddit. Looks like this will be the upcoming small mining vehicle from Greycat which is currently in PTU testing.
  6. Danakar Endeel

    RSI Odin

    I think there will still be a Citizencon to some degree but this year it will probably all be done digitally via Twitch with talk panels and stuff instead of also having people at a venue. At least that's what I recall.
  7. Danakar Endeel

    RSI Odin

    Very interesting. Apparently it's supposed to be around the size of the Hammerhead but with larger caliber guns instead of anti-fighter turrets. Maybe we'll see the full ship reveal and sale during this year's Citizencon?
  8. Danakar Endeel


    Figured I'd share as I really appreciate Morphologis's review rant on the Starfarer.
  9. New image of the component bay on the Starlifter Taken from this week's newsletter
  10. Congratulations! Very nicely done. I enjoyed the blooper reel as well. Always nice to look 'behind the curtain' and see what went wrong during production. Now I also want to get my Eclipse out of buyback.
  11. If I remember correctly you just needed to contact CS if you wanted to gift something over $1000. Then CS would be the one manually transferring it from one account to another. I think it had something to do with governments and value transfers or somesuch.
  12. Danakar Endeel

    Origin Rover

    Concierge pre-sale for the new Origin rover went up. Here's some info ORIGIN G12 Touring: $55 Warbond (LTI, light armor, gun turret 2xS1, 2 SCU cargo) ORIGIN G12R Racing: $55 Warbond (LTI, no armor, no weapons, NO cargo) ORIGIN G12a Combat: $60 Warbond (LTI, medium armor, 8 S2 missiles, NO cargo) G12 TRIPLE THREAT PACK: $155 Warbond (LTI, all 3 rovers) BROCHURE
  13. Cool 3D model of the current Mercury over on Sketchfab. https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/cru-star-runner-a8ec8e352af04a459150635ee852024d
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