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  1. Yeah, no guns on it during the commercial but during AtV it looked like they simply sit onto a flat surface at a 45 degree angle on the underside so no retracting guns either. Still, I like how the guns actually flow with the ship compared to sitting out in the open and feeling more tacked on like on the Dragonfly. Also less chance of getting shot off as they are not as exposed as the ones on the DF.
  2. Sorry, but those are S1 M3A's from what I can see. EDIT: Video/commecrial of the NOX. Feels very TRON-like to me.
  3. Quick size comparison to the Dragonfly. The NOX is much more compact and smaller. Also, when looking at the NOX somehow I get this feeling of Remnant technology from Mass Effect Andromeda (which isn't a bad thing at all imo)
  4. Don't you mean CCU for a ship you want for later? Unless you meant 'melt for later' as in put several in the BuyBack list.
  5. Picture time!
  6. Thouht I'd share. This was a post made by The-Nightrider over on the Star Citizen subreddit
  7. Could be that it's closing up once you're in so you're actually more protected from the top compared to the Dragonfly. The seating area in general looks like you might actually be lying down on your belly when operating it. That would be pretty cool imo.
  8. Looks pretty slick. Still not seeing it carrying any weapons though unless they're hidden or something.
  9. I had to look it up on Google but I take it you are now allowed to command a frigate in the Royal Danish Navy? If so congratulations!
  10. Yeah, sounds like the Lynx might be nothing more than a regular Ursa but with a custom white&chrome paintjob and 'leather' seats. But the part about other Rovers sounds pretty interesting as I'd love to see more variety. Personally I'd love to see my Anvil Carrack getting a special Anvil Rover... ... WITH A MASSIVE CANNON because you can never be too careful when exploring uncharted alien worlds!
  11. You're not missing anything. If you upgrade a ship with a CCU the old ship is simply replaced with the new ship. So nothing gets put into BuyBack as you upgraded it instead of melting it for store credit. If you actually melt a ship (for store credit) it will be put in your BuyBack list and allows you to buy it back at a later date. Melt = simply get store credit for your purchase (and melted item is placed in BuyBack) CCU = upgrade a ship to another ship (nothing was melted so nothing is placed in BuyBack) Hope this helps
  12. Why is it too cheap? The Dragonfly has a CCU value of $35. So with the NOX at $40 you should be able to CCU to it for $5. CIG only disabled the $0 CCUs on new concept sales, but others should work fine as I was able to get a $25 Redeemer-to-Eclipse CCU.
  13. Yeah, $40 was actually less than I expected and would even allow Dragonfly owners to CCU their speeder to a NOX for $5. So that was pretty reasonable as I was half expecting CIG to pull another 'alien tax' card and try to sell it for $60 or something. Now I just need to know if the NOX will have any weapons as the first picture we saw makes it look completely unarmed.
  14. Yeah, keeping a couple in your hangar would allow you to use them directly for LTI CCU tokens while melting them would put them in your BuyBack list so you can buy them back when needed.
  15. Not sure I understand your 'retrograde' question. Do you also want a Freelancer DUR with LTI? In that case you could just buy a Xi'an NOX on the 23rd (which has LTI) and CCU it to a Freelancer DUR. Then the DUR will get the LTI. As the Xi'an NOX is only $40, it opens up all sorts of possibilities for upgrading them into other ships. But in the case of the Misc Razor which is not always available you sometimes have to take a small step inbetween to get to your desired ship. That's where the temporary DUR-to-Razor CCU comes in. In your case your upgrade path would be: NOX (with LTI) > DUR (with LTI from NOX) > Razor (with LTI from NOX/DUR)