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  1. Danakar Endeel

    MISC - Prospector (Mining Ship)

    New animations looks neat. Now if only CIG would finally allow the Prospector to filter out inert waste material as stated that it would during the concept sale. Nobody likes being forced to carry 90% of worthless crap around after mining just 1 rock.
  2. Danakar Endeel

    Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    Now this isn't a complete victory yet as there are still some bits that survived the original MtD. CryTek claiming that RSI is part of the full agreement because they signed an Autodesk license (not sure why this even matters) Alleged unauthorized use of CryEngine for Squadron 42 (although it specifically said "and its related space fighter game Squadron 42" in the GLA) Some alleged claim of super-sekrit code being shown on Bugsmashers (but CryTek has not provided any actual evidence of that yet) CryTek claiming 'conflict of interest' for Ortwin Freyermuth (even though he had a signed waiver) <= CryTek may have dropped this already CryTek claiming they never got the bugfixes and optimizations (CIG delivered them to a tender which CryTek never even bothered to collect) CryTek's claim for statutory damages (but the Judge already stated that it was unlikely that Crytek ultimately will recover statutory damages) I believe that's all they currently have left. Looks very poorly so I'm betting CryTek will move to settle the matter out of court now. I suspect that any settlement made will be more favorable to CIG than it will be to CryTek though. CryTek threw a lot of shit at the wall while demanding all the monies and tech as well as wanting to stop development entirely but they fell completely flat as most of their 'big-ticket' items didn't even survive the pleading stage.
  3. Danakar Endeel

    Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    Judge grants CIG's Motion To Dismiss the Second Amended Complaint regarding section 2.4. 1. Star Engine Promoting - Defendants’ motion is therefore GRANTED as to Plaintiffs allegations of improper promotion with respect to Star Engine. Designing, Developing, or Creating - The Court GRANTS Defendants’ motion in this respect as well. 2. Lumberyard Promoting - The Court therefore GRANTS MTD as to their promotion of Lumberyard for the same reasons it granted the motion with respect to Plaintiff’s allegations that Defendants improperly promoted Star Engine. Licensing - The Court therefore determines that “licensing” in section 2.4 prohibited Defendants from licensing a competing game engine to a third-party licensee, but did not preclude Defendants from licensing Lumberyard from Amazon. The Court GRANTS in the MTD in that respect. Trademark-Related Arguments - To the extent the trademark display was a part of Defendants’ December 23, 2016 announcement, it would still only establish a single promotional event insufficient to show Defendants engaged in the business of promoting Lunberyard. Defendants’ motion is therefore GRANTED with respect to these issues. IV. CONCLUSION In light of the foregoing, the Court GRANTS with leave to amend Defendants’ MTD. Within 21 days from the date of this Order, Plaintiff shall file a Third Amended Complaint addressing the deficiencies discussed in this Order or notify Defendants and the Court that it does not intend to amend. Thereafter, Defendants shall file their response within 21 days. IT IS SO ORDERED. https://www.docdroid.net/Jv5BRif/031129522308.pdf So after denying CryTek's twisted interpretation of section 2.1 the Judge has now completely blown CryTek's bullshit claims regarding 2.4 out of the water as well. Let's see if CryTek now wants to try and twist things around again in a Third Amended Complaint or if they just give it up. So far it looks like the entire lawsuit has already gone down the drain for CryTek with most of the issues having already been denied during the pleading stage. Quick summary from u/Bribase over on Reddit: CIG weren't "engaging in the business" of selling StarEngine, so Crytek have no grounds to say that they were "designing, developing, creating or promoting" an engine which competes with Cryengine. Their GLA permits adapting Cryengine to suit CIG's needs. The GLA only prohibits CIG from licensing to a third party. Not licensing from another party i.e: Lumberyard CIG aren't obliged to promote Cryengine. The promotion of Lumberyard is not sufficiently evidenced. Crytek can file a third and final ammended complaint addressing these issues, but until then the MTD is granted.
  4. Bought an Arrow Game Package but probably going to CCU it to a Hull-B. While it's a fun little fighter I prefer my Sabre and I mainly bought it for the LTI + character slot (extra custom NPC).
  5. Danakar Endeel

    xi an New Xi An Ship?

    It was mentioned in the picture Enemy Contact Class: Carrier
  6. Danakar Endeel

    xi an New Xi An Ship?

    Not really. The Scythe only has 1 wing and looks nowhere near as bulky. The thing in the picture was also identified as a carrier. That said, it was a very old image from way before they set up style-guides for each race. As such CIG has likely changed the design for the Xi'an capital ships.
  7. Danakar Endeel

    xi an New Xi An Ship?

    Makes sense that the Xi'an would have their own carrier. We were also shown a very interesting image back in 2013 of a Xi'an Carrier designated 'Oracle'
  8. Danakar Endeel

    Crusader Mercury Starrunner

    That is indeed very interesting as it may give us a hint as to the maximum number of blade slots each type of computer may have. So it is possible that Small computers will only have up to 2 blade slots or something while Medium computers could have up to 4.
  9. Danakar Endeel

    Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    If the new ship is going to be only 133m they might as well keep the original thrusters intact as that bullshit about not fitting on a pad would be a lame excuse when the Reclaimer is 155m long and fits just fine. But cutting it back down to ~133m after the previous team needed to increase it to 150m just to have everything fit and flow properly would be very strange in my opinion. Especially when they then also cut off ~10m from the thrusters for no apparent reason as a 155m ship (Reclaimer) fits perfectly fine on a landing pad. Unless the 150m version that they already had from the latest iteration kept growing up to 170m and then they cut 10m off the thrusters in order to make it fit on a pad at 160m... Guess we'll just have to wait and see which version they actually meant: the ancient pre-pipeline 123m concept art or the recent post-pipeline 150m greybox model.
  10. Danakar Endeel

    Aopoa San'Tok.Yai

    Yeah, and during that time your opponent will just regenerate their shields. So it's marketing bs where they try to turn a negative into a positive. Overheating weapons is bad, weapons that overheat even faster by design is worse.
  11. Danakar Endeel

    Aopoa San'Tok.Yai

    Well I wouldn't say undergunned as it has the same number and size of gun hardpoints as the Aegis Sabre. According to the brochure it has 4x 322 racks so that would mean it has 8 S2 missiles total (or 4 S3 missiles max) 3 = hardpoint size 2 = number of missiles mounted on the rack 2 = size of the missiles mounted of the rack So yeah, it seems the stats page is wrong again (as usual) and it just has 8 S2 missiles (2x S2 per rack). 32 S3 missiles would be pretty insane and impossible due to the size (the Hammerhead has 32 S3 missiles divided across 4 large missile bays). Effectively it's like a Sabre with higher strafing potential but no stealth and a +$50 alien tax. So I'll just keep my Sabre
  12. Danakar Endeel


    Nope, it was just a non-issue that certain haters and detractors used for their 'drama of the month' slot. The next month they immediately moved on to create new 'drama' about the Vulture-Venture non-issue. etc. etc.
  13. Danakar Endeel

    RSI - Polaris - Corvette

    Well, I am happy to report that a Hammerhead-to-Polaris CCU is available now and only $25 because the Polaris did not get a price increase (yet). So anyone who doesn't know if they prefer a Hammerhead or would rather have a Polaris instead can just get a relatively cheap CCU and decide later once the Polaris is ingame.