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  1. Thanks a lot for the CCU Irres; I really appreciate it!!
  2. No no, I'm asking for someone to sell me the ones that CAN be gifted; not the $0 ones as I know that those are non-giftable. Back then both the Gladiator and SH were the same price; but this is no longer the case (as shown in the image above). So I'm hoping that someone has a regular CCU or discounted Warbond CCU with the updated prices; and is willing to part with one of those.
  3. Hey there Is there anyone who has one of those CCU's lying around that they aren't using and willing to sell/trade me one? Originally these ships were both the same price so back then you only had $0 CCUs; however, at some point CIG increased the price of the Super Hornet to $180 while the Gladiator remained at $165. Now I'm not sure if CIG ever offered a discounted Warbond CCU for the Super Hornet afterwards but otherwise I'd also be happy enough if one of you has a regular "Gladiator to Super Hornet" CCU that you are willing to sell or trade. I'd be more than happy to pay you for your troubles through Paypal or if you prefer Store Credit I'd also have no problem sending you some ingame items that you can then melt for Store Credit instead if you prefer that. Thanks!
  4. CIG apparently re-enabled the code!! Get your lockbox while you can! EDIT1: Nevermind, seems it was either a bug that got me through to the checkout screen or the codes were gobbled up again. 😒 EDIT2: Turns out that CIG had added some more 'charges' to the code with the reveal of some Banu transmission but those were all gobbled up in mere minutes. What's even more disappointing is how they first tell you "Wow, look what we've unlocked for you!" only to then deny you the item afterwards. 😖
  5. Yeah, that's what I heard as well. Some people were apparently also running automated scripts to try combinations in order to force the sequence. CIG hadn't even revealed the 4th clue yet when the code was already being used up. It's a shame but it was to be expected as CIG still does not seem to understand how these things work. Hopefully CIG will learn from this and maybe next time they will hand these rewards out as Twitch Drops or something so that everyone has an equal chance to obtain these items.
  6. The full code was: YOBA-ROKE-CHIO-INYA Sadly the amount was limited to only 200 and they flew out the door very quickly. 😟
  7. Looks like the code is limited to the first 200 people that enter it. Kinda sucks, especially considering timezones, so I expect that the codes will be gobbled up very quickly once the fourth set of symbols is revealed (probably during SCL). Here's hoping that CIG will have more giveaways in the future...
  8. Fatcatgg over on Reddit was able to find the first two clues already. They were those highlighted Banu symbols in both an image on the event page and one was in ISC. Hopefully SCL will have the other symbols. CHIO (Meaning: Honor) INYA (Meaning: Fate/Luck) ROKE (Meaning: Cool/Alluring) ?
  9. There's nothing inside the lockbox apparently as it's just a replica. This replica Banu lockbox mimics the look and feel of these rare and highly sought-after collector's items. Usually owned by the heads of soulis to hold valuable items or documents, this version was produced as a purely decorative item for Humans and can't be opened.
  10. I noticed this entry in the "Celebrate Alien Week" post: So it looks like CIG will be hiding clues so that people can find their own code for a Banu lockbox. That sounds nice of CIG to offer an alternate means to obtain that flair item for those who can't make it to a Bar Citizen (and don't want to spend a fortune for a silly scratchcard on Ebay).
  11. Things are still working apparently. There was a person over on Reddit who allegedly managed to purchase an Optane drive last week which still came with the Raven promo-card and they were able to activate their code without any issues. Not sure where the person is from and I don't remember where they bought it, but apparently some stores still have the Optane SSD with the Raven promo.
  12. Danakar Endeel

    Drake MULE

    Well, I happened to have an Aurora LN with LTI lying around that I wasn't using so I figured I may as well use $5 in Store Credit to CCU it to a Drake Mule. Not sure how effective this thing will be compared to an Ursa rover or just lobbing boxes into a ship with either the MultiTool tractorbeam attachment or the upcoming rifle-sized tractorbeam from Argo but we'll see. The Mule definitely looks cute though. The paintjobs felt pretty minimal effort sadly and even that Chairman's Club 'exclusive' paint definitely didn't feel exclusive at all as it's just a minor change where the yellow is now grey. The military green paint didn't look too bad as the Drake logos are less pronounced (hopefully this is also the case ingame though) but I would have loved to have seen some camo paints instead of these basic hex-code 'paint' options that are effectively created with that ingame paint tool we were supposed to get for free ever since 2016. According to datamined info there was also supposed to be a "Silverback" paint option listed but this one does not appear to be available in the store. Very peculiar. "Silverback" Grey and white in colour with dark grey accents.
  13. I think we should wait and see what modules CIG has planned for the Carrack. For all we know one of them could be a quantum refinery module with a pair of mining drones in order for the Carrack to increase its range (as CIG claimed multiple times that the Carrack was a fully self-sufficient/self-sustaining ship). One of those modules would be more than large enough to hold some refinery vats upstairs as well as operator consoles and launch bays for a pair of drones downstairs.
  14. Here's a post from Yogiklatt_CIG by the way - Remote turret data: For 3.17 we won't be able to add radar screens or other data for remote turrets. We actually do have working prototypes for a thing we call a "turret angle map" which does not just show radar contacts but also angle limits of your turret so it's to easy to see whether or not a radar contact is in the movement range of a turret. We will likely add this once it is ready but it's still a while off. - MFDs: The Scorpius cockpit only has two MFDs. There are plans to have more contextual data again in the helmet, but we're not there yet. We're still working on the FM (see patch notes), thanks for shouting out the fuel consumption, we'll take a look. Shooting the guns while the wings are closed is definitely not intended. But it's not really a bug, it's missing tech which we'd also like to use on different ships. We'll see what we can do about it but also here we can't promise to have this fixed in 3.17. Source
  15. It definitely looks cool and I'm happy that CIG was able to make this X-Wing/Starfury Thunderbolt type ship. However there seem to be a few issues that we need to be wary of; especially for those who did not see this on Spectrum. The maneuverability of the Scorpius is currently too high and CIG has already stated that this will be toned down. By how much I don't know but just be aware that it will not remain as agile as it is now. Not sure if CIG will adjust the maneuverability before the patch goes to Live but I wouldn't be surprised if they won't change it until after the sale. It's not the first time they have done this and it won't be the last. Additionally, during the Q&A CIG stated that the Scorpius was supposed to be slower than the Hurricane yet at the moment it is faster; even faster than an Arrow light fighter. As such I suspect that it only gained these 'buffs' to boost sales and will then get nerfed 'adjusted' once the sale window is over. Also, it can currently shoot while its wings are in the folded-back position. However, once again during the Q&A CIG stated that you were not able to fire the wingmounted weapons while in that state. So while it would be nice to be able to use your weapons in both modes (as the Scorpius has a separate landing mode too) do not expect this to remain the case and CIG will likely disable the weapon controls when you fold your wings. Then there appears to be an issue where the wings are still relatively flimsy and can be shot off; leaving you with less weapons. Due to the weapons sitting so far out it also appears to cause issues with covergance; especially with fixed weapons at closer ranges. Lastly there's an 'issue' where the pilot only has two MFDs while the co-pilot/gunner has one; while the gunner also lacks a radar when activating the remote turret. In the Hurricane the gunner has its own radar but for a remote turret this is not the case. I sincerely hope that CIG will address this at some point and give remote turrets a radar display as well.
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