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  1. From what I've read people in general are very happy with those T16000 sticks; especially because they are pretty easy on the wallet. Definitely don't go with the T.Flight Hotax-X though. It may look cool and compact (and from the same manufacturer) but I've used that one on the past and it had really poor precision. Currently I have 2 Constellation Alpha sticks from Virpil (one left and one right). I really wanted something high-end and scifi looking. Initially I was looking for the Constellation Delta but then while I was still saving up money they announced the u
  2. Yeah, CIG gave us a lot of ways and tricks to get lower prices as their "$0 Removal Script" didn't work properly (and even removed CCUs that people paid money for) so they never bothered running it again. Now with those reduced Warbond CCUs you can make some nice chains to reduce the total money spent; especially if you can chain several steps. So yeah, I'm definitely going to have onto my $165 Merchantman for now and see how high it will go. Originally I was planning to use a "Carrack-to-Nautilus" CCU and "Carrack-to-Perseus" CCU but then I'd have to buy back my last two UEE Exploration
  3. Yeah, regarding mugs you're much better off just finding a printshop in your own country and get them to make custom mugs for you. I also doubt those official CIG mugs are of any high quality either as sadly most of their stuff is often ordered from the cheapest manufacturers they can find in China. I ordered these from Vistaprint in the Netherlands years ago and they are still in perfect condition even though I've been using them for quite some time. On topic for the Merchantman I'm glad Customer Support wanted to help out and removed the "Merchantman-to-Hercules M2" C
  4. Hmmm... Decisions, decisions... Seriously though, if anyone here wants to buy the Railen because they like the look of it go right ahead and I really hope you will get a lot of enjoyment out of it. For me, I just don't feel anything for these alien ships. Perhaps this has something to do with CIG slapping this wierd +$50 to +$100 'Alien Tax' on most of them but yeah. The Railen is basically a cheaper C2 with higher crew requirements with a lower (external) cargo carrying capacity, a mix of M and L size components, and lower defensive capabilities. Personally
  5. Hmmm, in that case if they do indeed plan to have it ready by the end of the year I might as well have a look. Initially I had upgraded a BMM to an M2 but found that to be a massive disappointment so I asked Support to undo that CCU for now but place it back unapplied in my hangar. As it was still in PTU testing at the time and CIG was still gathering feedback for it they granted my request as a one-time courtesy. So now I have a BMM, a CCU to an M2 as well as an old CCU to a C2 from back when the BMM was still $350. Let's see which one will be worth it for me.
  6. Well, at the moment I have a C2 loaner because Customer Support was willing to separate the M2 CCU that I had applied prematurely so it turned my ship back into a BMM. After seeing that it had no kitchen (which they did show in the Subscriber Area to make people assume it was standard on all models) I'd rather get the C2 now. I also noticed something wierd with the M2. First the front gun felt tacked on, as if they had run out of time. Then I also noticed that it only had 8 escape pods even though there is 3 crew and 12 jumpseats (15 people total). Lastly I saw that the armory only has 8
  7. Initially I was completely sold on the Hercules M2. It was supposed to have the same amenities as the C2 but with additional armor and an extra turret at the cost of 25% cargo capacity. During a monthly report they even stated that it had "gained a room for jumpseats for the vehicle crew" and I assumed that this was a room in the upper area where the C2 would have its extra cargo space. What I did NOT factor in was that the only way the M2 'gained' a room was by ripping out the crew rec rooms and kitchen completely! That was really some crappy word twisting. I mean, if I rip the kitchen o
  8. Thanks for the video but unfortunately that only talks about how the single entry was an oversight that should not have happened and that they might go back to it someday and use that dead space in the starboard section near the cockpit for one. I did not hear anything about any escape pods getting added for the crew; even though it's a standard safety feature onboard the C2 and M2. The C2 has 2 escape pods while the M2 has a whopping 8 for some reason. I suspect they gave the M2 8 escape pods because the A2 also has a crew of 8 and they didn't want to bother changing it again for that variant
  9. That's true but why didn't CIG just lead with that? Advertise it as a Medium Fighter and then show some art of it getting launched out of a Polaris? Instead they are now trying to pull the same stunt as they did with the Hurricane concept sale where they were pretending it was a Heavy Fighter during the sale but once ingame it's just a Medium Fighter with small components. In addition to that they charged the same amount of cash for the Scorpius ($220) as they did with the Ares Starfighter; an actual Heavy Fighter with a full set of Medium components. I still remember that tal
  10. After reading the Q&A I have come to the conclusion that CIG did indeed design the Scorpius after the Hurricane and brings it up in comparisons constantly. So yeah, it's not a Heavy Fighter at all, it's just an RSI version of the Hurricane Medium Fighter with similar durability, lower SCM speeds, and relatively short range. Might be a good fit for using it as your fighter of choice in the Polaris but it's definitely not comparable to actual Heavy Fighters like the Vanguard, Ares Starfighter, or F8 Lighting. Kinda sucks though as I really wanted to see something that could compete
  11. Apparently CIG no longer waits for questions from the community and has now just posted their own Q&A without community input. Can the turret be controlled by the pilot? If so, does it fire in conjunction with the forward-facing weapons or is it controlled separately? Not by default. However, as it’s a remote turret, it will be able to be ‘slaved’ by a computer blade in the future, where it will be locked facing forward in the upper position. Is the turret fixed to one of two positions (upper, forward-facing/lower, rear-facing), or is it
  12. Found the timestamp where John Crewe mentioned that the Scorpius will fit in the Polaris hangar bay now. 22m 30s
  13. I haven't been able to confirm this myself just yet but according to someone on Reddit the devs confirmed that the Scorpius will fit inside the hangar bay of the Polaris (with its wings folded). Allegedly this was stated in the Q&A Livestream earlier today.
  14. RSI Scorpius looks cool, but it's definitely not a Heavy Fighter. To me it's effectively just an RSI version of the Hurricane (Medium Fighter). Personally if CIG really wanted it to be a Heavy Fighter to compete against actual Heavy Fighters like the Vanguard series and Ares Starfighter I think you should swap those Small components out for Medium sized components. With just Small components it's just an overpriced Medium Fighter in my opinion. So yeah, I'd definitely suggest CIG take another look at it while it's moving through production and swap those Small components out for M
  15. Also saw this image over on Reddit and thought I'd share. Looks quite similar to a certain trench run in another galaxy far far away doesn't it? Seems CIG is being a bit on-the-nose with this ship. Luckily it only looks like an X-Wing from this angle so they should be safe from Disney lawyers. If you zoom in you can also see the 2-seats in the cockpit (credits to @TheGameBoi over on Spectrum for spotting it first).
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