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    RSI Galaxy

    I definitely like the shape as well as the location of the bridge. Wasn't too enthusiastic about the price of the ship and more notably the modules though. The modules are more expensive than the ones for the Endeavor yet the Galaxy modules appear to offer much less. $380 Galaxy Base + $90 Medical module = $470 $350 Endeavor + $75 Hangar + $75 Hospital = $500 So for only $30 more you instead get a much larger and better equipped Medical Frigate with multiple levels and dozens of medical beds. Both ship's modules also have the same 120 months IAE insurance atm. So with the Galaxy you're almost spending more for less. Also a bit weird why the individual modules don't have a Warbond option with LTI; as modules in the past were always offered as both cash+LTI or credit+regular insurance. I guess this is a new marketing tactic from CIG to get people to buy the combo-pack? Lastly the XS hangar was an error and Zyloh stated that it actually has only an XXS hangar (so only mini ships like Pisces/MPUV). For some reason it only has a single S3 shield and zero anti-fighter turrets for defense; just 3 anti-ship turrets with 2xS5 guns and a massive blindspot in the rear. A pretty peculiar setup as it can't defend itself against fighters and also doesn't have the shielding to stand up to larger ships. 😕 Now I did get a cheap $5 Valkyrie-to-Galaxy Base CCU with Store Credit and got me the Cargo module for Store Credit too (no use buying it with cash as you get the same 120 months insurance regardless) but if this ship doesn't improve I don't really see any use for owning one. For cargo I'd rather use my C2 Hercules and for Medical I'd rather use an Endeavor HOPE or Apollo. Refinery would likely be better with an Expanse as you don't have the massive overhead costs and can just run it solo with some friends in Prospectors or a Mole. Here's hoping for more interesting Galaxy modules (hopefully with LTI).
  2. Ships that appear to be making an appearance during this year's IAE: Drake Corsair Drake Cutter - Starter Ship C8R Pisces Rescue - Medical Shuttle Additionally we may see the RSI Galaxy, a supposedly modular platform that looks somewhat similar to the Perseus in design but possible larger in size (inbetween Perseus and Polaris). DRAKE CORSAIR - The Drake Corsair is a multi-crew explorer that gives up defenses for a focus on versatility and firepower. With asymmetric, convertible wings and a large cargo hold, the Corsair adapts to harsh environments, combat situations, and hot landing zones with equal ease. Up to four crew can be accommodated in the Corsair's functional quarters, and a full complement of scanning suites along with a pair of quantum fuel tanks provide the means and method of exploring distant, dangerous stars. DRAKE CUTTER - Designed for hard-working folks of all stripes, the Cutter packs 4 SCU of cargo room and plenty of wallop into a rough and tumble, compact frame. It's a ship that truly embodies the spirit of Drake: that no matter who you are or what you do, you can reach the stars. PISCES C8R RESCUE - With the addition of an onboard Tier 3 Medical Bed, the C8R Pisces can treat minor injuries and keep a patient stable while transporting them to the safety of a larger ship, station, or nearby medical facility, making it an invaluable asset for short-range search and rescue. RSI GALAXY - Featuring a fully modular design and an onboard hangar capable of deploying small ships, the cutting-edge Galaxy has versatility built into its DNA with a highly configurable main cabin that can be outfitted with comprehensive facilities to support cargo, medical, or refining operations.
  3. A new variant of the Pisces has been spotted. It's the C8R Pisces Rescue.   So it's a C8 in terms of weaponry (2xS1 guns plus 2 S1 missiles) but with a T3 medical bed instead of cargo plus a medical themed paintjob and flashing lights. No clue as to the pricetag as of yet but I suspect that it will be more expensive than the C8X due to the medical bed (even though it has only half the guns of a C8X which was $20 more expensive than the base C8 shuttle) 
  4. Picked up a $10 "Cutlass-to-C1" CCU, a $5 "Sabre-to-A1" CCU; and I might pick up a cheap CCU to the R1 just to have it as I still don't like the concept of being a "fetch me my drink slave" peon that has to serve NPCs with some 'mixmaster'. Kinda odd for the A1 and R1 to have a defensive turret while the C1 does not. Instead the C1 has a tractor-beam but that one sits all the way in the back and is nowhere near the turret. So it's a little odd calling it a competitor when both competitors (Cutlass Black and Freelancer) have a defense turret and more/larger weapons overall... As I recall the Cutlass Black was also going to get a tractor-beam in addition to the turret. As such it's a bit odd why the Spirit suddenly has to lose its turret in favor of a tractor-beam that's in a completely different area of the ship. Another thing that has me worried is the very low shielding on these ships. Only 1 S2 shield is just way too low imo. It should be at least 2xS2 just like the Freelancer. I've also seen several complaints regarding the low shielding on the Cutlass series and the Spirit already has less firepower as well. Crusader also seems to be pretty light on durability so unless this thing is crazy and agile fast it may turn out to be a deathtrap. Speaking of deathtraps, I'm also worried about there being no escape pods onboard. CIG completely forgot this basic safety feature on the Mercury and left it with an empty tunnel behind the cockpit; yet the Hercules with an identical tunnel behind the cockpit has escape pods. So I'd be very interested to see if this one actually has a means for the crew to escape; either via escape pods or ejection seats. This brings up another issue though that's prevalent on all these 'VIP' transports. Except for the 890Jump none of them seem to care about their passengers' safety. Both the Phoenix and the 600i Touring have zero escape pods for their guests; and I fear that the same will hold true for the E1 variant where it only has cabins but no additional escape pods when things go south. Here's hoping the Q&A will actually answer questions this time instead of just leaving us with more questions (as often is the case). Now I made an earlier comment regarding the minimal effort paint options on the Greycat STV, but at least for the Spirit it seems that CIG has finally made some actually unique (concierge) skins; each with their own special decals and the likes. Each of them apparently is also able to be used on any of the variants. I personally like that grey-black version with gold accents and special pattern on the wings a lot. It also seems to be the only one with a different color glass. I really hope CIG will continue offering us those types of actual paintjobs because every time they push out those minimal effort color-swaps it takes color options away from that basic paint-tool that we are supposed to get access to. Ever since they originally announced it in 2016 the only recent word we've gotten was from John Crewe stating that "the player UI wasn't ready yet" and they "had to figure out how to handle things with all the basic 'paint' that had been sold previously". 😒
  5. Color options are pretty minimal effort as they seemingly just use the basic paint-tool for these paints. There also seems to be some Marketing BS in there when they talk about it being "best in class" when it comes to speed. Someone tested it against a Cyclone RC and the STV looked like it was being driven by an old lady while the RC vanished over the horizon. So this STV is only "best in class" when compared to the Greycat PTV and ROC maybe But yeah, I'm going to pass on this one as I already have enough LTI tokens as well as enough ground vehicles (still waiting on that Ranger). Now if CIG ever releases an Anvil Rover that's the same size as the RSI Ursa then I'd definitely be a lot more interested. As for fitting in a 400i? Yes, people were able to put two STVs on the pad with a little bit of space to spare.
  6. A new event just started where you can get "Ultimate Deathknight" for free by logging in over the course of 7 days and you will get him as a free Legendary champion together with a set of artifact gear. There's also a few new promo codes: DKRISES This code will give you: 50 Force Brews 500K Silver 15 Superior Force Potions 5 Greater Arcane Potions 10 Superior Arcane Potions DKSKELETONCREW This code will give you: 1x Deathknight 3x 3* Chickens 2x 2* Chickens 40x Magic Brews 300k Silver So if you don't have an account yet and want to give the game a try plus get a free Legendary champion at the same time just use my REFERRAL LINK and have fun! And for those who already have an account; now may be a good time to log in for 7 days and get yourself that free Legendary Ultimate Deathknight.
  7. Yeah, that's what I figured as they only had a limited number of people in those tournaments. Still; considering that I only played the game for a limited amount of time with just a handful of characters (Deliana being my only free Legendary) it was nice to win that skin the first time around. As I said, I'm just having fun at the moment while waiting for Star Citizen to improve (or Squadron 42 finally getting a proper release date). So for that it seems like "Raid: Shadow Legends" seems to be a nice enough game to enjoy. I'm also playing "Genshin Impact" at the moment which also feels very fun to play. The scenery and art-style of that one kinda reminds me of "Legend of Zelda".
  8. Heh, sounds like a familiar trait with many F2P games. Ah well, I'm still enjoying myself a lot right now. Heck, even in my F2P state I was able to get up in the Top-3 of some of those tournaments; even got to first place for a new Kael skin; so for me that was nice. Now he was only a Rare so I guess a lot of end-game players didn't bother but for beginning players it was a nice thing. I'm just taking it at a gradual pace. For that it seems like a fun game to play. Not sure if I could also install it on a mobilephone so that I would be able to play it both on my PC as well as log into my account from a mobile device should I be away for a while. I might need to look into that.
  9. Wow! That sounds like quite the valuable account. Who knows, it might fetch a very nice price so you can recoup some of the money you spent on it if you ever decide that you want to part with it. I'm sure there are trading sites out there as I've seen them talk about them on Reddit. 💰 My only Legendary is Deliana atm as I only started playing about a month and a half ago and haven't had much luck with shards as of yet. 😅
  10. By the way, if you still have that account you might be able to sell it. Apparently there's a market for old accounts if they have good Champions in them; especially ones that people can't obtain anymore like Saito, Ninja, and Aleksandr. Those were apparently never added to the shards afterwards and as such the only way to get them is by buying an account that has them. So there might still be a way for you to recoup some money if you have any good Champions. Now I don't know the specifics as to where you can sell your account and if that's against the TOS or not but I'd figure I'd mention it. Then, should you ever get the urge to play Raid Shadow Legends again, you're more than welcome to use my referral link and then keep it F2P without spending any money on it.
  11. That's unfortunate to hear but ofcourse it's your decision to spend money or not. Heck, I spent some money on it which would have otherwise gone to other hobbies. A month later a good friend of mine started playing Raid, did not spend a single cent, and he already is ahead of me compared to tournaments and dealing damage to the Clan Boss etc even though he spends less time playing the game. That's understandable. I actually looked at Epic Seven myself but eventually settled on "Raid Shadow Legends" instead. It's nice however to have options. Heck, I've also started playing a completely different game recently called "Genshin Impact" while previously playing Black Desert Online while also playing Guild Wars 2 and Crossout. Lots of games and lots of variety as it will likely be a while before Star Citizen and Squadron 42 ever see the light of day. So in the meantime I just find other fun stuff to play. So I just thought that if people would be interested in playing "Raid: Shadow Legends"; they could maybe use my referral link.
  12. Hey there guys! I'm having a lot of fun with this game called "Raid: Shadow Legends". Originally it started as a mobile game but it's now also available on PC. It's an awesome little game and can be played completely F2P as they hand out promo codes on a regular basis as well as free "Shards" with which you can summon more Champions to fight for you. Here's my referral link for "Raid: Shadow Legends" if you want to give it a try: https://link.plrm.zone/app/j95gs Get the game through this link and both of us can get some free stuff to boost us along! The also added a couple promo codes just a few days ago that you can enter ingame for a lot of free goodies: RAIDSUMMERGIFT DREAMTEAM At first I didn't think much of the game but when I started playing I found out that there's a lot of things to do and they have constant events and tournaments where even casual players who just log in once of twice a day can get a lot of free stuff to boost their Champions. Currently there are events going on where you can get fragments for Epic Champions that you can fuse together for a free Legendary Champion; the High Elf Lonatharil who appears to be an awesome support character for your team. Also be sure to join a guild (even if it's just a random one) so you can accept weekly guild quest to complete for guild coins which you can use to buy items from the guild store. Arena duels are also very casual as you won't be waiting on players to make choices. The developers just made it so that players just set up their defensive party and then the AI takes it from there; so everything is a smooth experience. So if you want to give it a try, just use this link and I hope you will have a great time in "Raid: Shadow Legends"! By the way, if after the tutorial mission you're having issues deciding which character to choose don't worry as you can get all of them eventually through "Shards". However, it seems that the High Elf Elhain as well as the Dark Elf Kael are the most preferred choices. I chose Elhain and she's a solid nuker who just blasts away enemies with her arrows. Similar with Kael but he's a spellcaster who also has a lot of AoE attacks with poison and can deal a lot of damage. Athel and Galek seem to be the least favorite choices but they still hold their own and have very decent abilites. So just choose the one you like the look of and just have fun!
  13. So the shortrange version of the Ballista but with the added benefit that this one has a full set of evergy weapons and as such doesn't need to reload constantly. I kinda like it but am unsure as to the effectiveness as S4 weapons only have limited effective range. Although could you imagine equipping this thing with 4 S4 distortion weapons? No need to destroy a target, just disable it and watch it plummet to the ground. Dis you also notice the new turret design on the roof with the singe S3? The other versions all have a remote turret with 2xS2 but this one has a remote turret with 1xS3. That said, this "verstatile Atlas chassis" now has 3 vehicles to its name; the Ballista, the Spartan, and now the Centurion. I wonder what they're going to make next? Maybe one with a giant radar dish? Military forces around the world have those mobile command posts with giant radars; so I guess it would make sense to have something like that here. It wouldn't have a lot of defensive measures except a remote defense turret on the roof but that radar dish could work as an early warning system. Personally I also hope we will see a smaller rover on a shortened Atlas chassis someday; so that we could have an Anvil rover that will be the same length as the RSI Ursa. So far we have very few vehicles in that size category. All these Ballista/Spartans/Centurions are great and all, but they require very specific transports to carry them around. So far only the Hercules and Liberator can carry these large vehicles afaik. Every other large ship with a vehicle bay can only carry up to an Ursa in terms of size. So I think it would be awesome to have an Anvil rover with the same metrics as the Ursa. Maybe something like this? (apologies for the crude attempt, I can only use MSPaint) That way we would finally get to see some more Ursa sized vehicles as presently we have the RSI Ursa and that's it. Now the G12 rovers are still supposed to be coming at some point but as of yet they are all MIA. Same for the X1-series speeders which are also missing; which was strange as the 400i release would have been the perfect time for their release imo. At any rate I would love to see a smaller Anvil rover that wouldn't be able to carry as much cargo or people as the Ursa; but instead would have more armor perhaps? The twin-S1 turret on the Ursa would deal about the same dps as that single S3 turret anyways. I think it would be a pretty cool addition to the Anvil family; and I would definitely buy me one so I could replace the Ursa in my Carrack so that I'd have a full set of Anvil support craft in my Anvil exploration ship. 🥰
  14. Awesome! But ... that's a 600i. Still looks cool though. I hope this VMXEO will also make a new one once we get the reworked version of the 600i. Here's the 400i cutaway by the way:
  15. Yeah, I really hate those sellers who don't even bother keeping their site up to date and then simply upcharge the potential buyer for a few more bucks. That's just lame and would cause me to tag them with a blacklist mark. Either sell it at the asking price or don't be a trader on the grey market if you can't even honor your deals. Thankfully this guy honored the original agreement (after his team-mate wouldn't) and likely sold me the CCUs pretty much at cost as the melt value of both CCUs combined was $25 whereas I only paid €30 (which included PayPal fees). At least I now have the ability to convert a Hurricane to a Scorpius so that I will have both. I was thinking about putting a Scorpius in my Polaris as I like to have ships fitting the same theme. It's also why I hope that CIG will one day make an Anvil Rover so that I can swap out that Ursa in my Carrack. Reason I actually became interested in the Scorpius again was because CIG changed the Chairman's Club paint and removed those hideous white RSI logos. So now that paint actually looks more like the original concept image again without ugly RSI logos detracting from the scorpion decal. Wish they would also do the same with the Mercury Nightrunner and Carrack Expedition paints instead of giving us these minimal effort basic hexcodes but I doubt that will ever happen. 😒
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