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  1. Small tidbit but CryTek (on behalf of both parties) has filed for a Motion for Stipulated Protective Order so that any confidential information during Discovery (like financial info, source code etc.) will not be made available to the public. PROTECTIVE ORDER PURSUANT TO STIPULATION
  2. Danakar Endeel

    RSI Mantis

    He also made the initial edit available without the Mantis when I asked him about it on Reddit
  3. Danakar Endeel

    RSI Mantis

    Heh, almost looks like it was made for the Polaris. I'm surprised that a "Will it fit in a Polaris?" question wasn't in the top-10 of the Q&A.
  4. Danakar Endeel

    RSI Mantis

    Heh heh, I can only imagine the outrage as it appears that the last wave of Pirate Swarm now has the player going up against a Hammerhead corvette which is almost impossible to kill due to its insane shield regeneration.
  5. Danakar Endeel

    RSI Mantis

    Yeah, the Cutlass Blue would have been a great example indeed which is why I had hoped this jamming device would have been a module that could be fitted to other ships and in doing so give people more choice in loadouts instead of locking it down to specific ships. I would have preferred it if my ships' loadout customization allowed for more options and choice instead of one-trick-pony ships that can never do anything else.
  6. Danakar Endeel

    RSI Mantis

    Personally I had hoped it would be a pylon mounted module that could be equipped on other ships as well. Kinda like how the pylon mounted EMP-generators from the Aegis Raven appear to be something that other ships with the proper size hardpoint should be able to equip as well. As such I would have liked the idea that this 'Mantis' might have been the first ship to come stock with some kind of 'Quantum Interdiction Generator' mounted to a hardpoint while other ships with the right size hardpoint would also be able to equip it. But after seeing the latest image it doesn't look like it will be a pylon mounted module at all. That's a real letdown in my opinion as a module (like the S4 MaxOx EMP Generator) would have allowed players to use it on other ships as well. Seems like this 'Mantis' is completely purpose-built around this one gimmick.   Looks like this will just be another (likely overpriced) singleseat fighter with a ship-locked one-trick-pony gimmick that can't be used by any other ship. A real missed opportunity if that will be the case in my opinion. 😒
  7. Yes they have. Art (Ships) The Retaliator is one of several ships currently receiving tweaks to suit SQ42’s needs. The ship plays an important role in certain missions, so requires some subtle amends to suit. The updated ship will eventually make its way to the Persistent Universe, too. Squadron 42 Monthly Report: February 2019 Also, Retaliators are being featured prominently in the latest SQ42 cinematic teaser. And here is another video from Around The Verse that shows a Retaliator being raised on a launch platform aboard a Bengal Carrier. So yeah, everything points to the Retaliator being flyable in SQ42 and the ship will even play an important role in certain missions.
  8. Well, I sincerely hope CIG will reconsider their stance and WILL give the Retaliator a rework including layout changes. I have an original 2014 Retaliator but melted it in 2016 because of CIG's actions and subsequent inaction. Giving it extra torpedoes is a must, but so is tackling the myriad of issues related to the layout of the ship imo.
  9. I'm not sure where this information comes from because John Crewe said on the latest "All Things" YT video that he thought the Retaliator interior "doesn't justify a full rework at this point". Even Jared seemed rather dismissive towards the backers in holding up a piece of paper with what I assume were suggestions from the community and just flat-out said "That's not really how this works". Not sure if that was in reference to this style of video conference specifically or that they in general don't listen to suggestions from the community though. John Crewe said he wanted to add some more torpedoes and preferably rotary launchers like the Eclipse (or modern-day B-52s) but doesn't have anyone with the time available to do it. Also, no larger caliber gun for the pilot to use and the AI-blades talk potentially giving pilot control over the turrets was just fluff to me because every ship with turrets would likely get that option as well once the whole computer blades thing is put into the game. So at the moment I get the feeling that they won't make changes to the interior layout because John doesn't mind it (although he can see why others do mind). Only thing that will happen is them eventually turning the torpedo bays into actual modules when they absolutely need to get around to do it. 😒 --- I wrote out a full transcript of the Retaliator section from "Star Citizen Live: All Things Flyable" here: Jared: Talk to me about the Retaliator. John: Great ship.. David: hehehe is that it? Jared: Are we happy with it? ...gibberish... It was one of the first ships with an interior for Star Citizen. We've learned a lot since then. There is a very long question here with a bunch of suggestions about what they want us to do but that's not really how this works. What are our thoughts on the Retaliator and where we want it to go? Are we happy with it? John: It ... fills its role. I personally would like to see it have a bit more of a torpedo loadout. When it was made 6 torpedoes was "wow that's a lot of torpedoes". These days it's not a lot of torpedoes but the mechanisms for launching those torpedoes are fairly fixed. In a nice world where I had time and the artistic skills and power to pull people off doing more important things to change I would probably swap them to be rotary launchers like the Eclipse has and like modern-day B-52's have for launching cruise missiles just so it can pack more torpedoes in there. I don't think it needs ... someone suggested whacking in a size 6 gun that the pilot controlled; that's not gonna happen. Again the turret question we talked about earlier; in the future you will be able to slave those turrets or automate them which shall make it be a very different experience to how it is now. The other question that people always ask is the interior layout... Jared: The interior layout ... the shields aren't particulary robust ... John: I think the shields are okay for what it is. It's pretty armored and tanky. It's Aegis. The interior layout I think is a love-or-hate thing. I don't particulary mind it; I could see why people don't like the interior in terms of efficiency of space but it's not like the Vanguard where there were some big problems that we had to solve with it. It doesn't justify a full rework at this point. Jared: You know, eventually there will need to be some work done when the modular system comes online so that it can use the Retaliator modules, the living module and stuff like that. Those are still planned in the future and stuff right? John: Yep, we built the art for those that the ship itself is ready to go for taking them and what I mentioned earlier with US vehicles doing itemports inside object containers also gets us one step closer to doing those because we can now load the wierd split ... well they are split already those two bays as object containers and we'll be able to have the items inside them be set up. Where it falls down still is we have to move those missile.. or torpedo launchers off the actual ship exterior into those object containers. So I could now go back to my desk and split that all out and put them back in and it will look identical to how it is; you would just lose control of those torpedoes cause it can't communicate between the two. And you could have modular swapping out of rooms but the Retaliator would be really useless without its torpedoes so that's why they're not there yet. But it is a step closer than the last time we talked about it.
  10. Joint STIPULATION to Continue Trial and Related Dates from March 24, 2020 to June 16, 2020 filed by Defendants Cloud Imperium Games Corp., Roberts Space Industries Corp. (Attachments: # 1 Proposed Order)(Goldman, Jeremy) (Entered: 09/11/2019) Main Document Attachment 1 Nothing much. It appears to be just a Joint Stipulation containing a request to adjust scheduling for the trial date from March 24 2020 to June 16 2020 and includes a chronological listing of past events as well as a Proposed Order. EDIT: ORDER GRANTING PARTIES' JOINT STIPULATION OF TRIAL AND RELATED DATES by Judge Dolly M. Gee: Upon Stipulation86 , IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the dates related to the trial date, as set in the Court's 3/7/2019 Schedule of Pretrial & Trial Dates are continued: Jury Trial is continued to 6/16/2020 08:30 AM before Judge Dolly M. Gee. Final Pretrial Conference is continued to 5/12/2020 02:00 PM before Judge Dolly M. Gee. See document for further details. (gk) https://www.pacermonitor.com/public/case/23222744/Crytek_GmbH_v_Cloud_Imperium_Games_Corp_et_al
  11. Aegis Nautilus Q&A How long is the lifespan of the different mine types and how long do they persist during logout? What happens if the parent ship is destroyed – can mines be retrieved afterwards in such occurrences? Once deployed and in use, a mine’s components start to degrade, though their lifespan is dependent on the environment and how they are used. For example, regularly engaged weapons platforms will likely wear out and proximity mines will likely detonate before they degrade. If live but untriggered, we envisage a mine’s lifespan to be measured in days rather than minutes. Mine lifespan is not influenced by the state of the parent ship, be it destroyed or not. Deployed mines ‘remember’ the original deployment ship, so can be retrieved afterwards. Are drone bays like the one in the Nautilus universal? For example, can they equip repair/refuel drones and likewise, can other drone-carrying ships like the Vulcan and Carrack equip NEMO drones? The Nautilus can equip and use drones from the Vulcan and Carrack but lacks the equipment to repair or refit them for their specified roles. Similarly, the Vulcan and Carrack can equip NEMO drones but don’t have the means to store mines, so they would have to disable them and leave them behind. What’s the rationale behind a near-capital size minelayer only having 24 mines to use in the infinite vastness of space? A single mine covers a significant area, so a huge number of mines aren’t necessary. This combined with not wanting players to have to deal with an unwieldy number of mines and the technical implications of keeping them around resulted in the capacity of the Nautilus. Will the mines communicate data back to the mothership, for example, where they’ve autonomously moved to, whether they’ve been activated, and what they’ve detected (hostile vs. friend)? Once deployed, mines enter a pseudo ‘read-only’ state where the deploying player can see limited information about them, such as the expected wear and degradation level and their status. Since the mines track and follow targets, can they operate within a planet’s atmosphere? The mine’s thrusters only work in Zero-G. If they’re deployed or end up in-atmosphere, they will be unable to maintain their position. The mines will abort tracking a target if it’s beyond their capability to intercept. Could a stealth ship (like an Eclipse, Raven, or Sabre) bypass mines with relative ease? Will other ships be able to scan their surroundings to detect mines or is the Nautilus the only ship capable of doing that? Any ship can detect (and be detected) by mines as it uses the game-wide signature and radar system. Stealth ships will naturally be harder to detect, so stand a better chance of safely bypassing mines. Ships with specialized radar/scanners will find themselves much better suited to detecting mines at distance. Can the cargo hold be used to store additional mines? If so, how many can it store? No, the cargo bay is purely for cargo storage and is not large enough to get mines in or out (mines are approximately 4×4×4m). Are mines set to friend or foe targeting? If a teammate lays a minefield, will it automatically only target enemy/unknown contacts? The player deploying mines can set a friend or foe status using the existing faction/hostility system. Providing a player’s teammate is in the same faction or has the same hostility level, they will not be targeted. However, players can deploy mines without any of these protections if they wish. Are more mine variations being considered? There are plans for more mine types in the future, but none have progressed to the point we’re happy to discuss their details yet. What is the detection range of the mines and sentries (how far away before the mines engage an enemy)? The maximum detection range is another tricky statistic to quantify as it completely depends on both the components of the mine (they use regular adjustable ship items) and the emissions of the target. That said, we expect each mine to have at least a minimum engagement radius of between 5 and 10km. They will pursue targets a fair distance beyond that too to allow relatively small quantities of mines to cover a moderately large area. Will we be able to create precise patterns for our mines, such as spheres or triangles, and have the mines go to their designated locations without having to fly the Nautilus in said pattern and guess when to release? The mine control room allows the operators to see the position of where the mines will end up, but we don’t currently plan to let the user pick from specific post-deployment patterns. Instead, the Nautilus crew must work together to place mines in what they deem to be the best pattern given the ship’s movement capabilities and the launcher’s tube position. Flying at a lower speed allows for much more accurate deployment. Will the laying of mines be considered a crime? As you might expect, it depends. The legality of minelaying is dependent on the laws and jurisdiction of the area, as well as the authority (or lack thereof) of the organization tasking you with laying mines. You can probably assume that laying mines in the vicinity of a heavily inhabited UEE planet would be a very criminal act. On the other hand, being tasked by a UEE mission giver to deploy mines around a Jump Point to a Vanduul-occupied system would likely be legal. There are all kinds of possible circumstances in between too, which inhabit various legal grey areas. Can mines be remotely hacked? Yes. The NEMO drone performs this task as the range that mines can be hacked from is short. The brochure says the Nautilus has two large quantum fuel tanks, but the stats page says it has one. Which is correct? The brochure is correct – the stats page will be updated. Also, the brochure doesn’t specifically list the missile turret as a separate item, instead it accounts for it in place of one of the listed S3 gun turrets. These differences were due to adjustments that took place after the brochure had gone to print, which was many weeks ahead of the release of the ship and before some of the internal review gates. Why do mines have a much smaller payload compared to their size? A S7 mine correlates with a S5 torpedo’s payload despite being more challenging to deploy and retrieve. Once all the internal components of the mines are accounted for, the remaining space is appropriate to the current payload. If in further testing we find that mines are under or overperforming, we’ll adjust their performance to suit.
  12. Taken from the latest JumpPoint Regarding the missing Captain's Quarters that's nowhere to be found on the floorplan image above:
  13. Ah, that's good to hear then that it at least has some up-down motion to it. I rechecked the info and images and now indeed notice they appear to be 'ball turrets' so I assume the canopy is sitting atop a ball-joint giving it a bit more movement as a whole.
  14. Well, the placement is actually perfect if you view the ship as an Isosceles triangle. You see, it has one turret on each side (and the big one at the tip). Now coverage, overlap, and effectiveness of the twin-S3 turrets against opponents is another matter entirely and I also don't believe these turrets have the degree of motion as the ones used on the Hammerhead (the turret pods on the Nautilus appear to be unable to rotate up-down; only side-to-side) but from a minimalistic point of view it has each side of its triangle shape covered by 1 turret and is able to fire in a forward cone with 4 S3 and 2 S7 weapons. Ofcourse it's a far cry from the Hammerhead which has much better placement, coverage, overlap, and effectiveness (due to the turret pod design and 4xS4 guns). But that's why I have both a Hammerhead and a Nautilus.
  15. Yeah, I bought back one of my old $495 UEE Explorer Packs with my credit token and then bought a Carrack-to-Nautilus CCU. That pack already gave me a discount compared to the total ship value of that pack ($400+$220+$40=$660 ship value). So technically I now have my Nautilus CCU at a $165 'discount'. I didn't apply the CCU yet though as the Nautilus wasn't flightready anyway; and a good thing too as then someone on Spectrum sent me a PM reminding me that the Carrack might see another price increase soon (probably during the Anniversary Sale in November) as it's supposed to be flightready this year. In that case I might even be able to squeeze an even bigger discount out of my Nautilus.
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