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  1. Taken from this week's newsletter email: interior sneakpeek of the Redeemer.
  2. @VoA Hmmm, it looks like those images are of different variations of the interior. The top and bottom are what we've seen during release but those middle images with the Ursa moving down a ramp looks like an earlier discarded version. Still; it's nice to see how they went through different iterations for the interior before they finally settled on the one where the Ursa now simply gets deployed via elevator instead of a long ramp. That interior is now nice and easy to navigate. I like nice and easy to navigate.
  3. Yeah, you never know with CIG. And while people were awaiting a CNOU refinery ship and/or Xi'an small cargo ship we got a CNOU Nomad cargo ship instead. At any rate I always enjoy seeing more ships in the 2-4 crew bracket. I'm not really a fan of Origin with that "style over substance luxury tax" approach but they do make sleek looking ships. Would be cool to finally see an actual Constellation competitor from Origin though; especially when the 600i was originally supposed to be that Aquila/Phoenix competitor but grew way beyond proportion.
  4. Found on Reddit References and some files regarding the Origin Jumpworks 400i have been found. In production since at least late last year The 400i is expected to be a medium, connie-to-tali length vessel. Closer to tali. It will have a similar shape as the 100i - somewhat similar to Padme's ship from SW Episode 1 Flat at the back with engine pods/nacelles. Then, tapers to a point at the front. Like many Origin ships, its role will likely be touring or light cargo. There are rumors that the 400i will be in 3.12 as a straight to flyable, however thi
  5. Not the C8X but every Carrack comes stock with the C8 Pisces. The C8X Pisces is the one with the white paintjob and red glass. The C8X also has 2 extra S1 guns but is otherwise identical to the C8. The C8 can't be purchased separately at all though but the C8X can be purchased as a standalone ship. Owners of a Carrack could also purchase a C8X-upgrade for their Carrack at one point when it was first released. But every Carrack does have the base C8 Pisces by default. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ships/anvil-pisces/C8-Pisces
  6. Today is the Best in Show where the winners from the Ship Showdown are on display. If you already own one (or more) of the winners you should receive the respective IAE paint for free. 😍 NOV 29 - DEC 2 BEST IN SHOW
  7. As suspected, the Perseus was indeed smaller than the Hammerhead. And while some people over on YT/Reddit were speculating on S9 torpedoes I figured that S5 torpedoes would be more feasible. Nice to see it does indeed have S5 torpedoes but apparently those slits that I originally suspected to be the launch tubes were just greeblies. Still, 20 S5 torpedoes is a nice thing to have while not stepping on the toes of the Polaris. It's also lighter on the crew compared to the Hammerhead (6 vs 8 ) so that's nice if you're short on people. Then I also noticed that those smaller 2xS3 turrets are
  8. Nothing new as of yet. Just wanted to share another image I found. It's not as detailed as the action shot posted earlier but I like the angle. There has been a lot of speculation as to the size and what those strange door-like contraptions are on the sides. Personally I believe the Perseus will be slightly smaller than a Hammerhead but not by much. As for those doors, LeadnapGaming over on Youtube had an interesting thought when he noticed some items floating among the debris that looked like barrels. So perhaps the Perseus has the space equivalent of depth-charges that it can lau
  9. Here are the reward skins for the winners of the Ship Showdown. Compared to last year CIG will apparently do something different and these will be actual paint instead of skin upgrades. So you won't lose the original paintscheme and can just add/remove the paint whenever you want. You will get the special livery paint for each ship you own in your hangar at the end of the event. Note that having a ship in buyback or CCU won't be enough to get the paint; you need to have the actual ship in your hangar for it to get the respective IAE-paint attributed. Who will get the Best in Show l
  10. Now I've had a chance to check it out at the convention center and the freefly version I'm starting to reconsider. The wierd always-on hover mode is still strange and unlike any other CNOU ship but for some wierd reason it's starting to grow on me. The open-air cargo is also wierd but I guess you can still get those enclosed Stor-All cargo containers too. So having 4 6SCU Stor-All containers and fill those with cargo you could have a decently secure way to carry 24SCU worth of cargo in 4 big cargo containers. I also noticed that for some reason you can select the Warbond version of the N
  11. I've been scrounging around on Reddit as well as Spectrum for any and all information regarding the Perseus; especially stuff that is not readily available. The top screenshot was allegedly from an email only a select number of backers received. The person claimed it was in an email that was only sent out to Legatus Navium level backers ($25k+). Not sure if there's any truth to that though as it doesn't really make sense that CIG would contact just the handful of mega-backers over a $600-$675 ship. Instead you'd think CIG would send the email to all Concierge backers instead of the top1% of Co
  12. Looks like the Nomad originally had conventional landing gear but CIG apparently decided on that wierd always-on hover mode at the last minute for some reason. Trailer still shows conventional landing gear at 2m19s I personally prefer to have had the conventional landing gear over that hover-mode.
  13. The ship design itself reminds me of the Asp Explorer from Elite:Dangerous. While the interior of the Nomad is nice (it even has a toilet!!) and the cargo capacity is massive I just can't understand the idea of hovers instead of landing gear. What if you turn the power off or the powerplant malfunctions (EMP anyone?). Feels more like a gimmick that will turn out to be a liability. Not going to get one myself. I'd rather spend a bit more and get a Cutlass for even more cargospace and firepower. Also, people who were datamining the ship noticed that while it had 3 small shield generat
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