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  1. a3.15 is definitely not really something to concern yourself about; at least not regarding Imperium as a whole. We are still a ways away from having that discussion and first we would need at least a dozen or so systems before we can get a grasp on choosing a location where we would set up out main official headquarters as it were. Ofcourse this could be on an existing planet with access to merchants and hangars and all the other good stuff; or it could be that several Imperium members would bring their Pioneers to a planet where one of our leaders sets up a 16x16km Land Claim and then starts to map out an actual base with an architect to create something really unique. Now I don't know the extent of what Pioneers can construct and if they can even work together in order to connect those structures. Personally I think it would be very cool to have our own personalized base of operations with landing pads (or preferably hangar bays with underground storage) and sleeping quarters and a large Wing Commander style room for briefings and maybe even having areas where NPC merchants would be able to sell armor, weapons, ship components and the like. I personally would love having our own base with large defense batteries on the corners and big walls with garages for military vehicles etc. etc. The possibilities for ideas are endless. We'll just have to wait and see what will actually BE possible. But yeah, as to starting world I would still vote to be in an area under UEE control and not set ourselves up in a neutral free-for-all gankfest in the middle of nowhere. After all, we have to consider logistics and it's easy to get cut off from resources if a gang of pirates blocks off our main route. Hence why I would vote to remain in an area where there is a UEE Navy presence for support. That way we can offer extended support to the UEE and it's military. That's a thing for the future though. For a3.15 the main choice will be based on where our corpse will spawn should we die. Personally I was very fond of Orison but I was not fond of having to fly 100km up before I can quantum. Orison also seems to have an issue with stores and the lack of purchasing ship components. New Babbage on Microtech however has most of the A-grade stuff as well as a large selection of ship weapons available. For a lot of my ships it's a one-stop-shop to get a lot of my ships geared up. I believe the only thing I can't get from New Babbage are CIV-A Atlas, CIV-A Hemera, and CIV-A Erebos Quantum Drives (those are my favorites due to range versus fuel consumption). Those are only available at Port Olisar or some random reststop like CRU-L1 or so. But yeah, I will likely choose New Babbage for a3.15 due to its ease of access to the multitude of stores for ship component and ship weapons. As I recall they also had a decent selection of personal firearms but for my actual ones I'll have to hunt around a little because Iike the "Midnight" range of the K&W energy weapons; most notably the Gallant Rifle "Midnight" edition which is sold at HUR-L5 I believe. So New Babbage will likely be the place for me during a3.15. Once we finally get closer to actual launch of the game with a dozen systems is when I think our command should sit down and discuss the plans for an actual base of operations. I hope one of them bought a 16x16 Land Claim and that they will decide on a system that is still at the ende within UEE space with a proper logistical route to a hub so that we can easily buy and sell supplies as well as materials. After all, we'd also want a place for our miners, salvagers, traders, and we will need NPC mission givers too. So don't put me in a PvP Only system as you won't see me there often due to me getting bored if mindless combat 24/7 is all I can do Which reminds me that I should ask someone to change my tag from Combat to something else. Well, you will always have Port Tressler in synchronous orbit with New Babbage. So I don't think it will be much of an issue for any planetary location as they all have an orbital station where you can call up larger ships that need the docking collars.
  2. Ah I see. Well, in that case I hope you will be able to find one at a reasonable price. I linked the one I was able to find in my previous post but $4500 is a pretty massive chunk of cash for a frigate that was originally sold for $1000. Still, I figured I'd add it to my post just in case you had not seen it yet. Best of luck in your quest at obtaining an Idris-M.
  3. Oof, good luck with that buddy! 😟 You're probably going to need all the luck in the world to get one of those. I believe that last time I saw one being offered was several years ago for $3000 or something I believe. You might be able to get one through that StarCitizenTrades subreddit perhaps but they will likely be extremely expensive. Here's one at Star Hangar for $4500 Best of luck to you. Personally I think you might be better off trying to get a Javelin from CIG as CIG sometimes makes those available in their pledge store; usually a few during the Anniversary in November and maybe Fleetweek (although I'm not sure about that one)? The Javelin is still sold in very limited numbers at times for $3000 or something and can apparently wipe the floor with several Idris frigates simultaneously. Heck, you might even be able to convince Customer Support to sell you a Javelin if you ask real nicely. But yeah, the Idris-M is kinda a unicorn in Star Citizen; together with those 300 Vanduul Scythes. The only other option at getting an Idris-M is by getting tons of people using your referral code as apparently CIG will give you one for free by getting 2017 referral points. EDIT: Oh, my bad. You don't get an Idris-M with 2017 referrals but a Javelin. Sorry about that. EDIT2: Not sure how much you've spent on Star Citizen so far but there is a pack out there that includes the Idris-M. It's the Praetorian Pack (but that pack is $15.000). There's also the Dominus Pack at $6400 but that one only contains an Idris-P. However, I think that pack also comes with a token allowing you to buy the Idris-K Upgrade Kit for $250-$300 or something. As I recall that kit comes with a S10 beamlaser, a missile turret and 4 automatic point defense turrets. Ah well, sorry I couldn't be of much help here. Hope you will get what you're looking for someday!
  4. Yeah, CIG likely changed quite a few ships when they changed them from skins to paint. Then there was also some new shader system or somesuch I believe. As a result a number of ships might look somewhat different than they used to; sometimes better, sometimes worse (like the Carrack Expedition). I also noticed the issue with the screens showing before the cockpit closes on the other Hornet model so whatever is causing it; it's across all models. Here's hoping that it's easy to fix. Maybe CIG can just delay the screens by a few seconds so that the canopy can close properly first before the screens turn on.
  5. No, from what I've heard a Character Reset retains all your money and ingame purchases. A friend of mine did it but he reported that the only things he was missing were weapon magazines and medpens (ie. consumables); but those also disappear frequently after a regular patch. So you should be safe as all your aUEC and ingame ship purchases should still be there; even after using a drastic measure like the Character Reset option.
  6. In your case I would try a few things of varying levels of intensity. Change the server selection from BEST to USA or EUROPE and see if that loads you into the game. When at the menu screen click on Persistent Universe and then Character Customization at the bottom. Change your character's gender, accept, and then try to load in. Activate a Character Reset. Once you do this; leave it for about an hour (just in case) before logging back in and see if that works. That's the only suggestions I can think of that may help you get out of your predicament. Hope this helps!
  7. No problem, always happy to help out where I can. And that little Greycat buggy can be great fun to play around with. Heck, I believe some people even host races with them and such. So personally I would never get rid of mine as they are just too much fun. I also found the Comm-Link regarding the Greycat buggy as a bonus referral reward. Apparently that was in celebration of 3.9. So who knows; they might have another bonus referral event at some point during another patch release this year as we've had a number of them over time. In that case, always make sure that your Referral Code is still in the Referral Code Randomizer. Although it seems that these days there are several randomizers. So if you want to increase your chances I guess it wouldn't hurt to add your code to all of them and see if that helps in getting more points. GoRefer.me-StarCitizen Transversetheverse-randomizer SCReferral.Space Not sure how large/effective those other ones will be or if they only pretend to be randomizers. I've mostly used the GoReferMe randomizer myself and usually received 1 referral a year. So it's not much but every little bit helps. And if needs be and you see a bonus event with an item you desperately want you could technically make a secondary account and then have it use your own referral code before buying something worth $40. That way you are guaranteed a referral point on your main account and then you simply send that item you bought from your secondary account to your main account after a month and melt it for Store Credit. So you get both the bonus item, the referral point, and $40 worth of store credit to use on whatever upgrade you want. Hope this helps!
  8. Get both and with a bit of luck and patience you might be able to save a ton of cash! Ever since CIG started offering discounted Warbond CCUs during last year's Anniversary Sale and continuing this during other events as well I now have the ability to give myself a lot of discounts by making CCU-chains. The idea is very simple. Wait for CIG to launch an event and then check if they are offering any discounted Warbond CCUs. If they do get a few inexpensive CCUs for $5-$10 cash. Wait for the next event and repeat. Also keep an eye out for times when CIG releases a small cheap ship/vehicle for the first time. Like when they offered that Cyclone-MT Warbond with LTI for $65. Those are great items as they usually have a $10 discount compared to their CCU-value and they also come with LTI. In the meantime start rummaging through your account and start writing out your CCU-chain. Make note of ships in the Ship Upgrades section that are potentially "safe" (always available and unlikely to increase in price) so you can always fill gaps with some store credit if needs be. Thanks to CIG's discounted Warbond CCUs I was able to get me a $290 Vanguard Harbinger with LTI for only $145! Below is how I created my CCU-chain with items that I had collected over time As you can see, with a bit of patience, luck, and planning you too can give yourself some pretty nice discounts. And it's completely legal because you are merely purchasing discounted Warbond CCUs from CIG and then combining those as intended.
  9. Yes, originally the PTV buggy was sold for 15000 UEC. So you had to go to the Voyager Direct store and buy 15000 worth of UEC with $15. Then you could purchase the PTV Greycat buggy with 15000 UEC. Note though that there was no insurance listed at all as it was specified as hangar flair instead of a vehicle. Later they had a 50% off deal where they suddenly offered the Greycat buggy for 7500 UEC (so $7,50). As such everyone (if they were smart) melted their overpriced buggies and went with the one that was 50% off. It still had no insurance listed due to it being classified as hangar flair. After that the Voyager DIrect store ceased to be and the buggies could eventually be purchased ingame. We also saw some vehicle packs in 2016-2017 where the Greycat buggy was put in as a bonus item. This time however the vehicle pack had LTI. Somewhere inbetween CIG also had a referral bonus reward event where they offered the Greycat buggy to people using someone else's referral code. So both the person using a referral code and the person whose referral code was used each received a Greycat Buggy with LTI for free. However, I checked around for you but according to my findings the Greycat was never available as an option in the Ship Upgrades section. So it is best to forget about it having potential as an LTI token because that is not the case. It won't be an LTI token because it's a legacy hangar flair item. Instead you'd be better off waiting for some other inexpensive vehicle and buying those during their concept sale as a Warbond option. Or perhaps check your buyback section and see if perhaps you already have some LTI tokens available to serve you. The Greycat was never an option for upgrade; only the Gladius can be used as such. Hope this helps!
  10. Sorry, I don't recall the PTV ever being listed as an upgrade option. As far as I know the Aurora ES was always the cheapest on the list for CCU purposes. The buggy wouldn't be worth much either. Back during the old Voyager Direct store they initially sold them at 15000 UEC but later they suddenly sold them at 50% off for 7500 UEC (back then you had to convert $ to UEC first). Both of those versions did not have any insurance at all as they were considered hangar flair. Now CIG just gives them out for free if you manage to get 5 referrals and I believe it is also included in several 'big spender' packs as filler content. CIG also sold a "Ground Vehicle Pack" in 2016 which contained the Ursa and PTV for $55 and then also sold another "Offroad Vehicle Pack" later on in 2017 containing an Ursa, a Cyclone, and a PTV for $110.
  11. I have both of those rewards. The Greycat PTV and Gladius both come with LTI. However, only the Gladius can be upgraded to another ship as there is no entry for the PTV anywhere in the CCU options. It's simply not listed anywhere in the Ship Upgrades sections (most likely because it is still considered hangar flair). The Gladius on the other hand can be upgraded without any issue. However I must warn you as these free referral items do not have a melt option. So if you upgrade your Gladius to something else you will be stuck with that decision as you won't be able to melt it afterwards. Hope this helps!
  12. Awesome! Definitely shows how the Polaris 'Corvette' is really in a completely different league compared to the other Corvette type ships (Hammerhead, Nautilus, and even ships like the Carrack and Perseus imo). I definitely believe that CIG will change the ship classification to something like "Light Frigate" once the Polaris is flightready. That way they could also bump up the Perseus from Gunship to Corvette; just like how they changed the Hammerhead from Gunship to Corvette.
  13. Well, you can always give it a try and hope that the server won't get hit by a random 30k. However, it is best not to put your entire savings into a shipment as there is the chance you might lose it suddenly due to a random server crash.
  14. Cargo running is pretty dead atm due to the random 30k which causes you to lose everything if you encounter it while in transit. It looks like bountyhunting missions are currently the go-to in terms of making money. Here's hoping that CIG can find out why these 30k's are happening and how to prevent them. Also nice to see that Salvage v0 is back on the roadmap and scheduled for a3.16 now. Here's hoping it won't get pushed off again.
  15. Yeah, I personally would keep that Mercury Star Runner. It's one of my favorite ships and I wouldn't melt it for the world (although I hope CIG will give it that second entry as well as some escape pods). It may carry less regular cargo but it does offer other opportunities (data running) that the Railen can't offer. Alternatively the Mercury can carry several mining vehicles in its cargohold so if you want to go on a mining expedition that's also an option for the Mercury but not the Railen as you're limited to always having those triangular containers locked to the hull. So the Railen is just a fancy alien ship that won't ever be anything else than a cargo ship with inconveniently shaped containers and awkward means of transferring that cargo. However, I would suggest getting a $5 Terrapin-to-Railen CCU and keeping it in your account if you have some leftover store credit. $5 won't break the bank and if you at some point decide that you still want one the option will remain available to you in getting a Railen at the original price. Heck, once the Railen is released and gets its flightready price increase you may even be able to give yourself a discount to some other ship if you suddenly decide to go that route. For me I'm always looking for ways to give myself discounts so I'm always collecting inexpensive CCUs of concept ships as well as discounted Warbond CCUs. That way I can chain them together for massive discounts. As stated above this got me a Harbinger for just $145 and other ships that I could get at way below their original price. As to the Vulture I wouldn't say it's a bad decision to get one now as you still get a loaner in the meantime. Sure; Salvage v0 was pushed off the roadmap again but one day it will be here. I also have a Vulture (I CCUd one of my other ships to one right away during the concept sale) and am eagerly anticipating its release. It's the perfect little career starter just like the Prospector was for mining in my opinion. Similar premise and similar interior accomodations. Perfect to get your feet wet once CIG gets everything ready for salvage and seeds the universe with stuff for you to find and take apart.
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