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  1. At least now we know that the cockpit has seating for at least 2 people.
  2. I'm still wondering how the Aurora fits in with the Polaris. We know CIG said that the hangar bay of a Polaris could service a small fighter but if a Sabre will fit in there then I would assume that 2 Aurora LN's could fit side-by-side no problem. As such I'm still waiting to see if CIG just uses the same type of connector balls like we currently have in our hangar and just give the Polaris a single S1-2 'ball' in the center of the pad or if there's an exception where the Polaris could fit 2 Auroras (as they are made by the same company). I'm guessing it's going to be the single S1-2 anchor point though. I mean the Aurora isn't the best looking ship, but if I'm able to launch 2 LN's out of my Polaris versus 1 Sabre I might opt for the 2 LN's as they can still engage/harrass potential threats while also being able to ferry cargo when I need to transport some goods planetside. But as always CIG never provides a solid answer. (My preferred option would still be a Cutlass though but I guess CIG will never allow that one to fit inside a Polaris)
  3. The main people 'feeding' him are some goons over on the Something Awful forums though. Derek's 'attention boner' has long since shifted to an unhealthy obsession in trying to cause damage to CIG by any means. His latest schtick is trying to get Ray Roocroft fired (again) by spreading fake rumors that he's a source for Derek.
  4. That looks very impressive guys, very nicely done! But do I have to apply for membership again or how does this work? Can't seem to find a login button or anything.
  5. Is it strange for me to say that I actually found the facehuggers way more scary than the xenomorph?
  6. Looks like the Idris to me
  7. I'm betting that Earth will be destroyed by some Vanduul superweapon in SQ42 (as you'd need a motivator to really hate them). Wasn't the timeline of SQ42 set to take place a couple years before the PU? But I agree that I would have liked to see at least the other main hubs available. 5 systems would be extremely low and 10 systems would be considered the bare minimum imo.
  8. Personally I prefer to have 5-10 systems with fully explorable planets and moons compared to the original idea of 100 systems where each planet was basically nothing more than a few landing zones with limited exploration (like the 'planets' in SWTOR). Besides, the 5-10 systems would only be at launch and more systems will be added. Personally I think this is best otherwise we'd be looking at another 5+ years before the game is released. Have to draw a line somewhere.
  9. First time the Lynx Rover is sold separately (but in a pretty expensive pack). (I stole Voa's picture from the other thread to post it here)
  10. I think you meant to post this is the Ursa thread as you marked the Ursa Lynx (which is also the first time I've seen it available though). If people want an LTI Greycat (and Ursa), there's also the cheaper option here
  11. The TR version is also $5 more expensive compared to an Ursa which has 2xS1 on a remote controlled turret in addition to having the ability to either carry cargo or up to 4 additional people. If CIG ever decides to retroactively add LTI to the Ursa standalone packages they sold in the past then I'm considering to get this one out of BuyBack for $55
  12. I'm just wondering if CIG is now going to change the Greycat from 'hangar flair' to 'vehicle'. As I have 2 Greycats I wouldn't mind upgrading one into a Cyclone or Ursa. Ofcourse only if they also get LTI added to them retroactively. Otherwise I'll just keep them in my hangar as hangar flair.
  13. Enraged Grizzly is what you get when you don't pay your Repair Bear for its services.
  14. Ah well, at least the image is nice enough for me should I ever decide to get another canvas print for in my living room.
  15. Sure it looks cool but I doubt those Sabres will be impressed by a buggy lobbing a few S1 missiles at them. I think the Cyclone will be more intimidated by the S3 guns on those Sabres when they do a strafing run.