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  1. Concerning basic FPS training, i can teach you the basics (keybinds, basic tactics to clear rooms and so on). When you see me on discord during this week, don't hesitate to ask me and i will gladly take you on a basic FPS course
  2. I'm not a dedicated miner but the best quantanium rock that i was able to find was 48/49%
  3. Hello there ! If you are like me and you want a Cutlass rework (mainly in size) then you can upvote this question for next "SCL IAE All ships Q&A" : https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/looking-for-questions-scl-iae-all-ships-q-amp-a/4629281 Hopefully it will have a lot of upvote because right now, the Cutlass is more like a freelancer but with comparable or even worst dogfighting capabilities. This thread on spectrum does a good job at explaining what are the main issues with the current design : https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/65294/thread/shrinking-the-cutlass-reconciling-the-original-rol/4320856
  4. @Chimaera We can also say that the Rocci kinda look like the USS Sulaco in Alien 2 😅 I really like the ships' design in The Expanse, especially those of the MCRN like the Donnager and the Scirocco. They are really cool !
  5. Yeah, the Q&A kinda confirm that this ship is not a light carrier at all. Can't hold a fight alone, not a capital ship, can't refueld, rearm and repair as a carrier would... And as expected, it is basically an M2 that will require an escort. That's probably why there are 2 XS pads, so that it can carry 2 dedicated escort fighters. Even if the Liberator is said to have a crew of 2, it will probably require a crew of 4 (2 for the Liberator and 2 pilots for the fighters). So the M2 should be a better cargo hauler for everyday trading with a crew requirement of 3 and no need of escort fighters. However I think that it might be worth to take the Liberator over the M2 due to the fact that it can carry 400 SCU + vehicles at the same time compared to the M2 where you can't carry both at the same time. All you need is just one more crew member to pilot a fighter I guess or rent an NPC to man the top turret
  6. Personnally i don't see this ship as a light carrier at all. A light carrier should be able to defend itself and carry at least a fighter squadron (let's say 4 or 5 full size fighters ships). The Liberator is absolutely not a ship carrier IMO. Even if the devs said that it will be the entry ship for ship-transport carreer, that doesn't mean that the Liberator can be considered as a light carrier. Sure it will be able to carry some ships but we can also state the same thing for the Hercules or the Idris. Can we consider those ships light carrier ? Not really sure 🙂 (and it is worth mentionning that the idris is more suitable to be called "light carrier" since it can defend itself and carry 3 full size fighters versus only 2 for Liberator 🤣) The ANVIL Liberator is mainly a futuristic landing craft, just like the US currently have : Small defensive armament (TOP focused), can transport a large number of vehicles and is used primarly to deploy quicly a huge landing force. This ship will require a fighter escort to achieve the mission as it lack defensive capabilities. You might say that it is also the purpose of the Hercules M2 but the M2 is actually a bit different. It is almost like a C5 galaxy which role is to deploy stuff on the rearlines but not directly in combat. The Hercules M2 will probably have a more strategic role because it will be able to travel long distances and defend itself a bit where as the Liberator will probably have a more tactical role because it will need to be part of a larger group. I can easily see a landing force made of some Liberators and Valkyries to deploy troops and vehicles on planet, with some M2 deploying Ballista and cargo on the rear to fortify things and resupply. The liberator have the ability to carry 2 full size fighters but I assume that it is mainly in order to escort it down the planet, which will prove to be really important with large systems like Pyro where fuel autonomy will actually be a thing for small ships. But yeah, long story short, we will be able to use the Lib as a small ferry for ships even if it is not our dreams' light carrier I guess 😅 As a dropship pilot, I already love the Liberator but I am still waiting for a true dedicated light carrier. The only carrier that we have in the pipes so far are the Kraken, the Pegasus and the Bengal and those are really big
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