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Found 16 results

  1. After the best CitizenCon in years, I have high hopes for this year's expo...
  2. It's that time again! And if the expo can't come to Orison, maybe some of Orison can come to the Expo!
  3. The Intergalactic Aerospace Expo is here! Ship sales and free flights are available for one and all. For those interested: The Anniversary Sale main page: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/promotions/IAE_Free_Fly The Anniversary Sale gameplay guide for new players: https://support.robertsspaceindustries.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012238394
  4. Is there any information on when these are going to be this year? Of course, I am assuming they are having a livestream for each as they have in the past. I have vacation days to schedule before the end of the year and was looking to taking the days off aligned with these just to enjoy them live instead of on YouTube after.
  5. While Gamescon and Citizencon have impressive presentations....... the big sale (where almost every ship goes on sale - though sometimes limited ships do not - but every year they seem to release a small allotment of Idris P and Javalin ships). Thought this also deserved its own thread and maybe post on what ships you hope to get to fill out your pledge? This image below looks like a new Anvil Ship?? *** Note it is called "Anniversary Special" this year instead of "Anniversary Sale"...... I guess they are trying out a new marketing pitch...
  6. The Stream: CIG is having a Star Marine LAN party tomorrow morning before the Anniversary Stream. Check it out at 1700 UTC https://www.twitch.tv/starcitizen
  7. Side info links regarding the update: http://www.ghacks.net/2016/07/28/microsoft-removes-policies-windows-10-pro/ http://mspoweruser.com/windows-10-anniversary-update-will-come-with-more-promoted-apps-on-the-start-menu/ Windows 10 Anniversary Update ISO's will be available from MS on August 2nd. With this update Windows 10 Pro is no longer the choice for home-consumers and power users (of windows versions). All Windows 10 Fully featured versions will be: Windows 10 Enterprise, Education and Server SKU's. Windows home is the essential working package, pro will be will that plus Bitlocker and hyper-v. Note: These changes effect Window 10 Pro and Home. Can't say how much this changes for Window 7 users, though. Most of us already know that Windows 10 Home is basically a virtual ("federal" (?)) prison and Windows 10 Pro having an open jail door, custom options for features... Well soon with the Anniversary update that door will be closed! The Group Policy editor, or simply policies editor will have more restrictions imposed on Windows 10 Pro users (this editor is not available on W10 Home). Containing Group Policy restrictions such as (and probably not limited to): Microsoft consumer experiences policy: By turning this policy off you would prevent and block Window 10 (pro) from installing third party applications(mainly from the app store) and links. Well now that will not be possible. After the update, more promotions, ads and forced installed third party apps from the windows store will be pushed onto the user. Granted you can uninstall the apps afterwards, but still imposing that it's forcibly installed without your permission and consent. Lock screen policy: Most people, like myself, don't really care about this. When you go into lock screen you can customize that screen anymore. As well as you can't turn off this feature anymore where previously when you did, that your screen would go directly to the logon screen (if you used a password either from using email as account or a default account). Ads on your lock screen, right? The windows store policy: Yes, the Windows store could be turned. Now? Not anymore. This comes hand in hand with the "Microsoft consumer experiences policy" which forces ads and apps from the store. In Windows 10 Pro after the update you just can't disable the store for those exact reasons. For those that used windows 8, remember that horrible start screen with tiles and app store ads and apps? With random xbox tiles? It's coming back alright, well in the form notifications. Endless notifications! Nooooooo~ If you use Microsoft edge as your browser(can't imagine), it will now support extensions at the cost of eating up your ram twice as fast as Opera does, or 3-4 as much as either Firefox or Chrome. Cortana gets more core access to windows, your lock screen(automatically listening in), programs like skype, your email and agenda. Cortana is designed to 'listen' into your conversations and look up information that might be useful for the user... ... Upside might be that automatic agenda and appointment management? Well after reading and an email at least. And for the developers Windows 10 will come with integrated Linux Bash. Never used linux so i can't say much about it... More probably coming up, but this is all i know so far.. Pick your poison guys! ================================================= 21:26 UTC: In the Anniversary update, Cortana now has official support/feature to be turned off (for it's privacy features) and hidden from taskbar! http://www.windowscentral.com/you-can-disable-cortana-windows-10
  8. www.thebase.sc twitch.tv/thebaseradio Monkeys! For people that have been around longer, they probably know what I’m talking about. Because It’s time. It’s time for that yearly Anniversary serverfire-show… say whut? To celebrate our station’s continuing growth and because we’ve been a proud part of the Star Citizen community since January 2014, we want to host a very special anniversary show, where we will give away lots of stuff, have special guests, and basically have fun! But of course there is no show without you, so tell your friends, parents, children, monkeys, dogs, banu-friends and any other living entities to come over, because we at The Base Radio need to hold to our motto and at least break something during the show (preferably set a server on fire)! Come break The Base Radio with us! When? Sunday, June 19th 23 Central Europe 21 UTC 17 Eastern 14 Pacific Different timezone? Click here Where? That depends. There are several ways to tune into The Base Radio: Through twitch at twitch.tv/thebaseradio Through shoutcast radio devices or players. Links for that available in our Popup player On your phone / tablet through either the twitch.tv app, or shoutcast apps like TuneInRadio
  9. Anniversary sale! The time where your wallet and wife cry in agony as you give away the money you saved up for food and presents away to the all mighty Chris Overlord. I know you all are guilty of having bought or CCUd something. Tell me. I melted my Redeemer to purchase an LTI Crucible - 100$ I CCUd my LTI Sabre to a LTI Carrack - Around 80$ and last but not least I CCUd my Vanguard Warden to a Merchantman - 0$ The only 2 things left in my hangar that haven't changed are my Super Hornet and my Conni Pheonix.
  10. Anyone pick up some new ships during the sale? I just spent waaaay too much on ships. But I think I have about 80% of the ships I'd want on launch day now. Picked up a: Carrack Starfarrer Reclaimer Redeemer F7C-M Super Hornet P-72 Merchantman x2 Constellation Phoenix (hoping to trade one for a Jump 890 at some point) I updated my hanger on my profile to reflect to new goodies. Excitted to see (in my in-game hangar) and fly (hopefully soon) these ships.
  11. Info on the sale, times etc. provided by a nice fellow on Reddit. Anniversary Sale info link
  12. Just wanted to point out that the patcher for Star Citizen has been updated right before the upcoming livestream and hopeful release of 2.0 afterwards. Post your favourite hype .gifs, .webms and videos!
  13. bOcy

    Complete Anniversary starter

    1) Standalone - Anvil Carrack - LTI melt value = USD350 wts USD380 *SOLD* 2) Standalone - Anvil F7C-M Super Hornet - Anniversary 2014 (ccu'd and upgraded from Aurora MR, 2 years insurance) melt value = USD165 wts USD185 fleet members USD165 *SOLD* Available end of January 2015... due to gift lock 3) Package - Aurora MR - Anniversary Starter - 6 months insurance x 3 melt value = USD20 *sold* 4) Add ons - Model II Arclight Sidearm melt value = USD5 *Sold* Verified PayPal only fees included, fleet member will get discount. Thank you. and... /r/starcitizen_trade Safe trading information /r/staricitizen_trade Official CIG stance on trading /r/starcitizen_trade Best of PSA
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