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  1. LowZone

    Argo SRV

    Forgive my ignorance, (Only been here for 5 years!) I'm not sure if it has been brought up before, but with the release of the SARgo is there a need for another Division? Separate from Trade and Industry or Exploration that focuses on Search and Rescue: Incorporating professions such as Medicine, Salvage and Repair/Refuel? As I'm getting older and reflexes aren't as fast as they once were, Non-combat roles such as these appeal more and more each day.
  2. LowZone

    Argo SRV

    Thanks, That second image explains the need for more than one SRV! I've always liked the Argo and if the previous variants had QD drives I would probably be flying one a lot more; adding the SRV to my fleet feels like a necessity for any future S&R Ops.
  3. LowZone

    Leasing out Luxury ships!

    Good luck with that, i strongly expect the competition will be fierce!
  4. LowZone

    Babylon 5 - 25th Anniversary

    Just in case anyone is thinking of watching an episode of B5 or one of the spin offs, it might be worth checking out The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 episode list which gives a detailed analysis of each episode as well as notes from JMS (who was very active with fans online during the show).
  5. LowZone

    Babylon 5 - 25th Anniversary

    Before I was as much a fan of B5 as VoA, I was pretty into DS9 at the time and while I admit that both shows are great, it should be acknowledged that some plotlines for DS9 were at least influenced by B5. Fans are well aware that JMS (creator of B5) didn't just pitch the basic premise of B5 to Paramount(?) Execs, but also much of the 5 year story arc. The studio then rejected his ideas only to produce DS9 a few months later with not just a similar setting but also character and plot development as well (Minor spoiler for anyone who can't see the Emissary/Valen connection amongst many such spoiler-laden examples) It's because of this that some changes had to then be made to B5 a year after DS9 premiered to differentiate the two. In fact, even though B5 is a great show it could have been so much better if it hadn't been for rewrites to the original plot (by one person as opposed to a team of writers) due to 3 main factors: 1) Supposed "plagerism" by DS9. 2) The late Michel O'Hare (Commander Sinclair) having to leave the show after one season due to Mental Illness. 3) Studio Execs being non-committal to renewing the series at the end of every season. Despite these hurdles, it's a true testament to the writing skills of JMS that he was able to produce such a great show that was so far ahead in its time.
  6. LowZone

    Ghost Busters 3 "teaser"

    A new movie would only be worth it if they include a seance for Egon...
  7. LowZone

    Found Chris Roberts in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    Kinda old news but congrats on your find!
  8. LowZone

    Squadron 42 Roadmap Released

    I was a little surprised at the state of progress in AI development. Weren't Kythera supposed to be working hard at it for years now?
  9. LowZone

    Anvil Hawk

    ArcCorp No Fly Zone deactivated for marketing purposes only?
  10. LowZone

    Hammerhead - Corvette Anti-fighter

    It's been a while since I last checked, but isn't the room that leads off the HH mess hall one that can/will be used as an armory?
  11. LowZone

    Aopoa San'Tok.Yai

    Just imagining what that poor rabbit had to go through to produce one of those..
  12. LowZone

    Constellation Phoenix Cinematic

    Nice work as always. Thanks for giving us some ideas on what to do during QT jumps!
  13. LowZone

    Debris field in Ariel's orbit

  14. LowZone

    2948 Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE)

    Gotta say, I really enjoyed this year's Expo and am looking forward to what will be on offer next year. Just enough time for one last selfie: