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  1. The thing is, as of 3.15 your starting location will have much more significance. It will be where all your armour, guns, vehicles etc will be accessible from (no more magical bag of holding via the mobiglass). It will also where you respawn after death (no more respawning at your last port of call). I just figured it would be good to have a common starting/respawn point for future events rather than requiring each participant to return to their "home base" to prepare beforehand?
  2. A similar question was asked a few years ago about where Imperium should base its operations in the wider PU; with the upcoming changes in 3.15 (physicalised Inventory and hospital respawn points specifically) it might be a good time to revisit and get a consensus on which starting location Imperium members should choose when starting 3.15, if only to avoid those of us with larger fleets having additional logistical challenges when preparing for future fleet events. I would like to propose choosing Loreville as a good start point. It's relatively close to the current main areas of gameplay (especially the popular Aberdeen mining locale), we will have access to our ground vehicles, QT altitude isn't too high and frankly it seems to be the most stable of all the LZs. Any thoughts?
  3. This almost makes me never want to leave the Stanton system. Well done!
  4. First impressions so far: If you enjoyed the complexity of the original, this feels a little too dumbed down. The global map is especially disappointing as minions you send on missions never return and has a distinctly mobile time management game theme to it. Graphical improvements here and there are as expected but I can't shake the feeling that I'd rather be playing the original.
  5. lol 5 years later... With so many people in this thread no longer around, I now know how those survivors at the beginning of Endgame felt! Anyways, so glad all my ships were bought during the concept phase (finally some benefit to us early backers!), just wish I could remember all the cool names I came up with over the years...
  6. So sorry to hear that, mate. Hopefully you can still stick around, if not, it's always a shame to see potential players leave (especially a fellow Brit) Good luck in all your future endeavours!
  7. Surely the kitchen would be better? How many chicken bites Terabytes does it store?
  8. Part of me hopes that the "400i" won't be for sale and is actually an exclusive concierge reward - imagine the uproar!
  9. Final verdict on the event: Huge improvement on layout of the Expo compared to last year's but often felt like there was a lot of wasted space for some manufacturers that had little to show. We know they like to tie the event with daily sales, but maybe next year they could combine more manufacturers, or showcase vehicles that share a common theme, to make use of the space. It's also a shame they didn't make more use of showing the ship commercials until halfway through the event, where it looks like someone hastily erected a screen at the entrance. Perhaps they could have had the tv screens on some of the ships show some of these ads instead or have some interactivity where hitting a button next to a display could activate a small excerpt of commentary from the dev behind that particular model - anything to give people a little more to do than just run around renting ships. With New Babbage being one of the most open landing zones in the system, I would have thought they would have made more of the location, perhaps including a small temporary race/site-seeing track incorporating an easily accessible alternative entrance to the event. At least then it wouldn't feel like the whole event takes place below the surface of one the most picturesque vistas in the game. At least the entrance to the Bevic Convention centre, with its dedicated transit line, seemed like it was part of the surrounding area. Overall, the IAE did it's job, capping another record year for funding for CIG. I'm looking forward to the next one on Orison(?) (Sidenote: I never thought I'd be ending the event with a brand new G9 Ultrawide, but the black Friday sale discount was just too much to resist! Time to update the screenshot scrapbook...)
  10. Pico and I pondering the practicality of purchasing a "Percy" or "Polly"...
  11. With 100i's and no abstentions, are we in agreement on the best looking starter ship this side of Stanton?
  12. Misc: Always at the cutting edge of technology...
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