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  1. Star Citizen Anniversary Special

    My guess is that the other concept ship sold is the one that gets the public vote for the Drake ship on Friday.
  2. Star Citizen Anniversary Special

    After having been invited to PTU wave 1 this morning, today will be the longest day at work ever... (actually I feel a slight cough coming on...)
  3. Star Citizen Anniversary Special

    A carefully worded email is quite different from something said in the heat of the moment (as in a presentation, for example). If they were *hoping* for a PTU release, they could and should have said so. The email quite clearly states that they *expect* to have released it by the time of the next email. The connotations are quite different. Todd Papy even inferred as much in the last ATV in pushing for the Minimum Viable Product I referred to. I'm not sure what "code name" you are referring to, the name of the concept fighter is given as the Hawk in the email is it not?
  4. Star Citizen Anniversary Special

    So, Anvil Hawk, eh? Pity. I much preferred the name Bastion. Maybe it is still yet to make an appearance... Very bold of CIG to give a deadline for PTU. Let's hope the Minimum Viable Product will appease the masses!
  5. Aegis Idris Frigate

    I'll admit that my knowledge of simultaneous game development may be somewhat limited but I had assumed that it would make sense to design the gameplay mechanics onboard an Idris (in either CTI or IvI mode) with an NPC crew in mind (as will be the case in SQ42 and 90% of the PU) before recreating the experience for multiplayer gameplay. Whatever the case, whether we get to practice with the Idris before or after SQ42 I'm sure it will be well worth the wait!
  6. Aegis Idris Frigate

    I think we need to clarify the Idris game modes being discussed. One is the "Capture the Idris" mode that was touted long ago and was basically a Star Marine mode on an Idris map. The other is the Idris vs Idris mode that some say is imminent because of Gamescom. As I said before, I think it is unlikely for CIG to release either mode before SQ42 which features the Idris gameplay tutorial.
  7. Aegis Idris Frigate

    I know the mode is coming, but I didn't expect it so soon. What we saw at Gamescom was just proof of concept. There must be a lot more to an Idris battle than a handful of people interactiing on the bridge. A lot of features were not shown for good reason. There's damage control to various systems around the ship, shield management systems, ammo replenishment procedures, flight deck management etc, the list goes on. A decent battle between such ships should last anything from 10 minutes to half an hour at least. As a good portion of SQ42 takes place on an Idris I would think that we will see some sort of Squadron 42 release before a "Capture the Idris" mode. A lot of what we have seen of SQ42 seems to be an introduction to the functions of the Idris. This would be largely redundant if we had been playing with the Idris some months beforehand.
  8. Aegis Idris Frigate

    Is Idris Commander officially confirmed or is that just speculation?
  9. Star Citizen Anniversary Special

    If my source is correct, it's the Anvil Bastion that was mentioned in August.
  10. All part of the fun. I wouldn't mind if I lose half my fleet on day 1, just to be able to say those naysayers that will eventually see SC's true potential, that I was there at the beginning. I was part of history!
  11. Exactly how I imagined day 1 of release will look!
  12. Major news indeed. Really wish they could announce things like this on the official website but good news is good news! 3.0 can not come soon enough, time to go kiss my social life goodbye!
  13. Starquest Online

    Just wondering if anyone around remembers the game StarQuest Online from about 10 years ago? It had horrible graphics, atrocious UI and hardly anyone played it, but for those wanting a true Star Trek-like experience (even better than the official STO that came out years later), the game play was second to none. Ahead of its time, the game had a lot of the current features being discussed in Star Citizen like multi-crew game play; colony building; and even learning alien languages were handled in interesting ways. Article on StarQuest Online The game is no longer available but I'm interested if anyone knows of anything similar that could pass the time.
  14. Memories

    The first game I played online that I can remember was probably Delta Force 2 (where I was immediately stabbed in the back after wandering into a DM lobby - fun times). But the first real love for online gaming came from SWAT 3 back in 2000 where I met a group of guys who formed one of the most well know 'clans of the game back then and some of whom are still around today and are indeed backers of the BDSSE.
  15. What the Hell is the State of the Game

    I would say there is a better chance of CIG releasing a half hour of playable demo of SQ42 than seeing 3.0 this year. Six weeks to squash 200+ bugs and add the remaining features before a PTU release phase leaves me feeling doubtful we will see 3.0 go live in 2017. But at least it will be worth the wait!