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  1. LowZone

    Origin 890 JUMP

    Coming soon to an Orbital Marker near you: Space Station Torag: An orbiting 890J with 2 Hammerheads "docked". Would make a nice place for Org refuelling/repairing when those mechanics come into play, hmm?
  2. LowZone

    Origin 890 JUMP

    I've been running around the 890J all week and even I saw areas that I didn't know were there! Very impressive indeed, they certainly learnt their lessons from the 600 series.
  3. It's Official, Hollywood's memory span is only 20 years long. Personally, I'm looking forward to the reboots of or sequels to The Green mile, Fight Club and Sixth Sense.
  4. LowZone

    Origin 890 JUMP

    You could say that the 890 JUMPED in price... (I'll show myself out...)
  5. LowZone

    Origin 890 JUMP

    Actually, it was already 210m long. They just got their metrics wrong...again! Basic geometry - not CIG's strong point.
  6. hi thanks vor vote up.

  7. All's good, until you realise that for the sake of balance they will have to nerf it in some other way...
  8. Certainly on my Watchlist, especially as it takes place on home turf!
  9. I just hope it doesn't go Epic store exclusive days before release...
  10. I've been waiting years for a sequel to an absolute classic! Instabuy here!
  11. As much of a fan of Cyberpunk2077 as I am, the title of the video trailer was misleading. It was more a cinematic (an amazing one at that) than a gameplay trailer - at no point was the player in control of any that? At least in SQ42, such lengthy cut scenes are short in supply (hopefully) and you still have full control during important briefings. Nevertheless, I expect the record for pre-order sales is about to be broken. Who knew that the final ingredient in a successful videogame launch was: add a tablespoon of Keanu?
  12. I'm not sure about specific ships, but I am liking the whole customisation idea. I know everyone will want to their own thing, but a fleet of 300 series craft decked out in official Imperium colours would look very impressive indeed.
  13. Wasn't he a member of Imperium once? I seem to remember Imperium being one of the first Orgs to get a mention from him in the early days.
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