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  1. Essential viewing for anyone wanting info on 3.0 and beyond. Just got a grip on my expectations for 3.0 and now we get hints on a so-called game changer in an upcoming concept sale. I don't think I (or my wallet) can take much more of this...
  2. My only concern about the network code changes coming in 3.0 is that CIG takes this huge influx of players into account. It amazes me every time I hear someone say "I'm not playing until 3.0", because it means they fail to realise the main reason we have access to any gameplay at the moment is not necessarily to report bugs (they have highly competent QA testers/evocati for that) but to provide server data needed to improve the netcode. I fully intend to spend as much time as possible in-game between now and when 3.0 finally goes live, playing the same maps/missions that I have played countless times before, if only to give CIG a more accurate estimate of the current number of actual players. I only hope others can find the time to do the same.
  3. Glad to see this work being appreciated, showing how expansive Star Citizen will eventually become. Hopefully, new people will see this isn't just about levelling up a character as in other MMO's but actually expanding the skill set of the player to suit a particular role: e.g. A communications officer with an understanding of the most commonly used phrases in various alien languages may be more useful on a mission than someone with fast reactions/good aim. I look forward to seeing more videos on the work being done on non-combat roles throughout this year.
  4. Ah, so that explains why I kept running into CIG-George and Kraiklyn on that map just now. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.
  5. As someone that was once falsely accused of cheating and had to go through a lengthy process to prove my innocence, I only hope it isn't too easy for hackers to spoof their username in any such recorded "proof". I'm sure no-one here would appreciate the possibility of having their account banned by someone else using their name (or similar) in a cheat video...
  6. Sorry about that guys, I think it's an american reality show called "Cast Me" (Sandi's friend is a co-host). You may be able to find a station/site showing it in your country (or just use a proxy). A quick search on google gives some brief info about the episode in question: http://www.pcinvasion.com/watch-star-citizen-reality-tv-show
  7. Stumbled across some reality show casting for MoCap actors for Squadron 42 (minor spoiler for Squadron 42 dialogue) http://myxtv.com/shows/videos/cast-me-ep2 I guess any publicity is good publicity, right?
  8. Chimera summed it up perfectly. I got the feeling that what we saw was plan B and that the original presentation was going to be centred around a SQ42 demo that was going to blow our minds. Overall I wasn't disappointed with what they did show, just let down by what they didn't show. At the very least I would have expected a little game play footage from the next patch (2.6 currently being evocatii-tested). This doesn't bode well for it being released anytime soon. I backed in 2012 and knew back then that a project this ambitious was going to take longer than predicted. It's good to finally see the road map going forward and I doubt we will see 4.0 before 2019 but if everything released up until that point is worthy of CR's vision it will be totally worth waiting for.
  9. I had a similar experience playing "Capture the Starfarer" with some random guys at GrIm HEx (quicker respawns). With the addition of grenades and personal shields, Star Marine can not come soon enough!
  10. The Polaris was supposed to fill the gap left by the Idris "upgrade". Rumoured to be the one of the next ships to have a concept sale, any further details of which are yet to be released.
  11. A couple of days ago I teamed up with a couple of guys in a connie to take on a glaive, one of which posted a video of the encounter showing new targeting system and the improved motion of the turrets. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_7i0qfMHzs
  12. https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/topic/17527-where-is-home-part-1/
  13. Still too early to say. Without doing a roll call in local chat there is no way to tell if the server is approaching population capacity, but the various battles I have been involved in have seemed pretty stable so far. It is found at the back of the last room in the mission. Usually the first person on the server gets the rifle and then just camps the area making it impossible for anyone else to even attempt the mission. Obviously it's a way of getting more people to try out the mission but this could be achieved in better ways in my opinion.