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  1. Destroyer, Javelin-class

    Well, I hope they used protection. The last thing we need are hundreds of Javerheads flying around!
  2. Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    I thought we had up to 90 days to wait for the Judge's ruling unless I missed an episode of my favourite courtroom drama... ...I'll just wait until the end of the season and binge watch it on Netflix.
  3. Role of Hammerhead?

    Latest RTV mentions turrets with beam weapons might make an appearance someday. If it's possible to equip a hammerhead with 4 independent beam lasers it would be a very formidable ship indeed!
  4. Since 3.0 I'm unable to zoom

    It's just a workaround at the moment, I'm sure normal zoom controls will return. Holding down the F4 key basically enables "director mode" for those making SC videos. You can do more than just zoom with F4; while holding it down you can move the camera off centre with the arrow keys for example.
  5. Since 3.0 I'm unable to zoom

    If I recall correctly, 3rd person zoom works a little differently than 1st person. Try holding down the F4 button together with + or - on the numpad keys.
  6. 3.0 CTD. Lost ship & half my auec

    As Porcupine said, on arrival at your destination moon and finding your target outpost on the opposite side, you will need to use the Orbital Markers (QT way points labelled OM 1-6) to circumnavigate the moon. No need to use mobiGlas or Navscreen to target these way points - just point your ship at one and engage your quantum drive. Remember, these Orbital Markers are situated at roughly equal distances apart around the moon, so a few may not be accessible due to the path from your ship clipping the planet/atmosphere. You may have to QT to more than one OM before you arrive at the one closest to your destination - don't worry, it doesn't use up much fuel doing this. This method may not get you all the way to your final destination but it will shorten your travel time considerably.
  7. Since 3.0 I'm unable to zoom

    Was about to post the same thing. The F key is the new hotness people! First thing to do when checking something doesn't work as it did before 3.0 is to check the patch notes. I'm sure the updated zoom function is mentioned in there somewhere.
  8. 3.0 CTD. Lost ship & half my auec

    Yep. The "null" message that you get when making a claim is just a bug. Close down the terminal (by backing away) and reopen it. The correct amount of time until retrieval should then be displayed. The good thing about the retrieval timer is that it continues offline. I spend the last few minutes of every play session making claims on any ships that I have scattered around the 'verse so that they will be ready to go when I start a new session.
  9. 3.0 CTD. Lost ship & half my auec

    Not sure if you are already aware but you can reclaim lost ships for free from any terminal. As long as you don't take the option to pay the fee to reduce the wait time (anything from 15 mins for a dragonfly to 6 hours for a Starfarer) it shouldn't cost any credits. Even if your ship status is at Levski you can just put in an insurance claim at Port Olisar and it will be retrievable a little while later.
  10. Ship in Orbit - Yela Orbit

    I was watching that stream and tried to join a bunch of guys trying to hunt him down. His Herald was moving too fast to intercept unfortunately. Just reading a forum post about the physics involved and the fact that this is even possible far exceeds my expectations and bodes well for the future of Star Citizen as a whole.
  11. Star Citizen Ship Ships?

    Thanks. Now I know that Thunderbird 2 must have been in the back of my mind when buying ships! F.A.B.
  12. Star Citizen Ship Ships?

    Yep. It's even more likely when you consider the initial game engine bug that had the devs stumped until they realized that all the available ships at the time were moving as if submeged in water!
  13. Star Citizen Ship Ships?

    At this stage, I would be very surprised if they *didn't* reveal a purely water-based vehicle at some point. The 890J is already half way there...
  14. ptu PTU Patch 3.0 notes

    It might be worth noting that the latest patch came with a request to gain more feedback specifically on new StarMarine features. Anyone up for some SM action?
  15. CIG Being Sued by Crytek

    WW3 breaking out by Christmas? Seriously though, it will depend on what CryTek wants out of the situation: if it is money/recognition then it will be settled out of court or maybe a fine. If it is just vindictive spite, then worse case scenario would be to seek an injunction to halt further game development - very unlikely outcome imho.