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  1. So, a Crusader Starfighter, huh? There seems to be a consensus that everyone likes the look of the ship so far. One wonders if CIG do these little social media teases to gauge public opinion before setting a final price point. Now if only we could convince the SC community to say how much they hate it to drive the price as low as possible...
  2. For those Brits among us (and anyone who has access), Click - a BBC Tech show will have an edition investigating the perceived delay in Star Citizen's release this weekend . For a little background info, one of the presenters was a long time fan of the project, lending her voice to a voice pack and even getting into a DS slanging match over it. Despite the misleading description of the show's content, I'm hoping that we will at least see a more informed media piece than in recent articles. A little more media exposure at this time couldn't hurt, could it?
  3. LowZone

    Origin 890 JUMP

    From the Pisces Q&A it has been confirmed that ships can be refuelled from other ships with hangar bays. Suddenly the 890J is looking a whole lot more useful, hmm?
  4. If they had posted this on day 1 of the kickstarter campaign in spectrum, they would have hit their target in hours.
  5. Find out how much of a Carrack it takes to fill a Reclaimer?
  6. Taking ol' StormBreaker and her new paint job for a spin. It was a great venue for the expo this year, not as many new ships as I'd have liked but hopefully, Whether it's Area 18, New Babbage, Orison or even outside Stanton, IAE 2950 Will be even better!
  7. Pretty in Pink...I guess.
  8. From the graph above looks like they made a little over an average of a $1M a day. Not bad considering November 2019 raised the most funds for SC ever.
  9. Personally, I'm a big fan of the Spa... I'm amazed they even managed to squeeze this one in!
  10. "Back when the game released"? Can I borrow your time machine? I wanna see if it was worth the wait! 😁
  11. The Privateer no longer has dragonfly bays. More info on the Kraken variant is available on the Ship Talk panel from CitCon now on Youtube.
  12. Trying to imagine the view from the bridge of my new Privateer...
  13. Ok, so somebody somewhere thought this would look more menacing with pink highlights? We'll know soon enough.
  14. e ka’xy.oa ka’uōng? (Ok, I asked the same thing last year - I'll keep asking until I get an answer!)
  15. LowZone

    Agro Mole

    CitizenCon, Expo/anniversary sale and now an Evo release - all in less than a week. CitizenHype could not be any higher atm and it's a struggle to understand the marketing strategy of not putting the Mole up for sale. It's almost as if they don't want to take our money!
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