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  1. Just watched the latest release from CIG and am already excited to see this tech applied especially in damage states. Anything from deformation of ship hulls to actual bullet holes in layers of clothing! These guys really are taking things to the next level!
  2. LowZone

    Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    Please CIG, do not nerf this beast!
  3. LowZone

    Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    Did I see that right? Did that Hammerhead just bulldoze through a Cutlass dumb enough not to evade? If so, our next Game Night could be very interesting indeed.
  4. LowZone

    After the 12 pillars

    A heavily disguised "When?" question is still a "When?" question and will probably be treated as such. We probably won't be able to infer much without context: "Once all the tools are in place, how long will it take to create a solar system?" (Exaggerated) Answer: 5 minutes. "How long will it take to make such tools?" (Hypothetical) Answer: 5 years. Whatever happens, once all the tools are in place and SC is released in all its full glory, if (a very big "if") CIG decides to sell off parts of the Star Engine tech (because, lets face it, what games company wouldn't be interested by then?) it would be nice for backers to see some return on their initial investments. At the very least, development of the game and server running costs would be funded for years to come without the need to monetarize certain aspects of it or rely on attracting new players.
  5. LowZone

    MISC Endeavor

    Taking into account keynotes from the Road To Release, only 3 major hurdles remain: Organisation system, Full persistence and Server Meshing. OCS took a long time to develop (18 months so far) but I don't think that these last 3 goals are as complicated to achieve and the 4 year target that you've set should be more than enough time to overcome them and have some sort of (limited) release.
  6. If you get the chance, I highly recommend Tony Z's design talk at CitCon where he goes into detail of the breakdown of the cost of a ship based on it's constituent components. Good info indeed. https://youtu.be/-dNoUjzTVaY?t=262
  7. LowZone

    Drake Kraken

    I find it funny that some people think it matters what you write to submit your interest in the Kraken when they didn't even specify a language, let alone consider the time and resources it would take to read and compare hundred's of thousands of entries in such a short time frame. I think VoA is right in that it is just a way of gauging interest and adjusting the availability and price accordingly.
  8. LowZone

    Characters (FPS) - 3.x

    I shall miss my Helmet-proof Mohican!
  9. ~30 minutes for the mission seems quite generous when you consider the unknown amount of time needed to find the satellite crash site by scanning (Glenn knew exactly where to go, skipping this part of the mission), and the time to find the pirate base. 4000 UEC seems like such a low amount for a mission that risks death and the possible loss of your ship, especially when you consider using a combat assistance beacon (unless a Valkyrie crew are willing to work for free). I think 4K would be an adequate amount if the mission ended shortly after finding the prototype at the satellite (i.e. no other player involved) but if things took a turn for the worse, as they did in the demo, then I'm hoping the mission system will be dynamic enough to give higher rewards depending on the resources spent. Who knows, maybe this was the case and the original reward was only 500 UEC, either way, it would be good to get some acknowledgement of the mission's reward reflecting the path taken.
  10. LowZone

    Squadron 42 (S42) - 1.0

    I've been following the IMDB listing for a while now, someone always updates it to the following year around this time of year. While not conclusive proof, I agree that once the OCS hurdle is cleared, SQ42 can't be more than a year away.
  11. LowZone

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    I had a bet that the Idris would be in 3.3 - I guess this counts...sorta.
  12. LowZone

    Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    I think you may have missed the Captain's ejection system - it's activated by opening both doors on the forward airlock and taking a running jump!
  13. LowZone

    Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    Gotta say, I'm loving the interior design of the ship, everything from the tube-like doors to the cramped-but-spacious engineering area. Although I'll admit getting a little lost when I first boarded and didn't manage to take off before the despawn timer kicked in! I'll have more to say on this beauty of a Corvette later, after taking a little break from testing numerous builds of 3.3.
  14. LowZone

    Any 3.3 associated Imperium events?

    Bear in mind the release of 3.3 at Citizencon is expected to be a buggy, feature incomplete release of the 3.3 PTU to all. Not everyone likes playing the game in this state, so it might be wiser to plan something once it gets a Live release with a much more stable PU. Whatever happens, my HH and I will be ready and waiting!
  15. LowZone

    Daymar Rally

    Unusual Video, especially the shot of the guy that seemed to have had explosive diarrhoea in his sleep...but I must have missed the connection to the Daymar Rally?