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  1. Carrack variant released with flaming Crytek livery?
  2. This is how I would interpret that message: "...Such activities once they have been identified can result in the permanent closure of all accounts involved (in the purchase)" Thus, if you had 5 legitimate accounts and were to buy one of the grey market, only the one bought on the grey market would be banned, not all 6. Of course, having bought all my ships/accounts via the RSI website, I could be wrong. But I believe your main account should not be banned.
  3. I've had that missing space port bug a few times in the past usually when updating to a new game version. Try verifying files and making sure you're running the correct version of the game (currently 3.8.0-LIVE 3917223) and launcher (v.1.3.0), if all else fails, try reinstalling it on your fastest HD.
  4. I was really hoping that there would be more of a reveal/event for SQ42 this Xmas than a 3 minute video. Oh well, it's better than nothing, I guess. Let's hope that this time next year we'll be probing the Coil with The Old Man...or something.
  5. I would have thought the Executive 600i would have been in 3.8. Just wanted to see if they would do anything to the interior or if it was just the external skin.
  6. LowZone

    Agro Mole

    Had a fun evening testing out the Mole, it was recommended to upgrade to Impact S2 Mining Heads (from Levski?) as soon as possible.
  7. Surely, wouldn't that make it Eggnog?
  8. LowZone

    Agro Mole

    Not to mention new subs! I always wondered how Devs could find streamers so easily - Brian's Quantum tool in action? Really wish we could get our hands on that thing! Oh, and the Mole looked pretty good too, I guess.
  9. So, a Crusader Starfighter, huh? There seems to be a consensus that everyone likes the look of the ship so far. One wonders if CIG do these little social media teases to gauge public opinion before setting a final price point. Now if only we could convince the SC community to say how much they hate it to drive the price as low as possible...
  10. For those Brits among us (and anyone who has access), Click - a BBC Tech show will have an edition investigating the perceived delay in Star Citizen's release this weekend . For a little background info, one of the presenters was a long time fan of the project, lending her voice to a voice pack and even getting into a DS slanging match over it. Despite the misleading description of the show's content, I'm hoping that we will at least see a more informed media piece than in recent articles. A little more media exposure at this time couldn't hurt, could it?
  11. LowZone

    Origin 890 JUMP

    From the Pisces Q&A it has been confirmed that ships can be refuelled from other ships with hangar bays. Suddenly the 890J is looking a whole lot more useful, hmm?
  12. If they had posted this on day 1 of the kickstarter campaign in spectrum, they would have hit their target in hours.
  13. Find out how much of a Carrack it takes to fill a Reclaimer?
  14. Taking ol' StormBreaker and her new paint job for a spin. It was a great venue for the expo this year, not as many new ships as I'd have liked but hopefully, Whether it's Area 18, New Babbage, Orison or even outside Stanton, IAE 2950 Will be even better!
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