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  1. LowZone

    Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    Correct. That very option was used when they premiered the vertical slice, even CR commented on how much the Devs were fans of Terminator IIRC.
  2. LowZone

    Chris Roberts on UEC

    VD item melting without a UEC cap has been around since the beginning of July, why is it suddenly an issue now?
  3. Never mind 50 player groups, CR just mentioned that OCS could lead to 200 man servers by 3.4! (But 3.3 live will be delayed due to Citizencon)
  4. LowZone

    I watched The Expanse now I'm here downloading 3.2

    I strongly suspected that The Expanse was just an elaborate advert for Star Citizen...and now I have proof! Welcome, Welawala!
  5. LowZone

    300i rework

    Hard to tell from that statement whether you like the rework or not. Personally, I quite like it. The 300i was the first ship I bought during the kickstarter and I'm pleased with how it has been shaping up over the years.
  6. LowZone

    The Orville Season 2 Trailer

    The Orville was a nice counterpoint to "Dark Trek Disco". Reminded me of all the optimism of early TNG episodes. December 30th for season 2 premier? I hope to be tuning in from the lounge on my Phoenix orbiting ArcCorp by then...
  7. LowZone

    Aegis Reclaimer

    For a second there, I thought someone had figured out how to equip multiple mining lasers to a Reclaimer!
  8. LowZone

    Alpha 3.2 is LIVE

    Awesome fleet battle vid. The Merlin docking with the Caterpillar at the end was the icing on the cake. I'm adding this to my collection of essential viewing material showing SC's true potential for Org play.
  9. LowZone

    Daymar Rally

    Well, the latest build gives you the option to recover from a crash and respawn in the same area as if it never happened. So while the game may not be perfectly stable by then, maybe recovery options will have advanced to the point where the inevitable crash will be just a minor inconvenience. We can only hope. Speaking of "crashes", my last attempt of the first stage of the rally back in 3.1 resulted in flipping my cyclone 30km into the trip and having to wait for rescue before my oxygen supply gave out. You really do appreciate just how big the moons really are (and how fast our ships fly) just going the small distance from Shubin mining to Eager flats by ground vehicle.
  10. LowZone

    Daymar Rally

    I've been following this for a while now. Do we have any teams representing Imperium?
  11. LowZone

    Alpha 3.2 is LIVE

    As i mentioned in the patch notes of the last PTU build before 3.2 went live, CIG are providing a base amount of 5k UEC plus an additional amount related to the UEC you have in your wallet that you get when you pledge. I've never purchased anything from Voyager Direct but it seems to be the case for me.
  12. LowZone

    3.2 PTU released

    Latest PTU update (3.2.0o) seems to suggest that they are experimenting with account UEC being in conjunction with aUEC in the PU. Since purchasing UEC will be the means of keeping the game funded post release, this could be seen as a precursor to that system. Who knows, purchasing ships in game may be closer than we think...
  13. LowZone

    Aegis Eclispe

    I agree. Up until now, reading too much into anything to do with stealth may be a bit premature as half the components needed to detect/avoid detection aren't in the game yet. I doubt there was a lot of collaboration on the EM/IR signatures in the early designs of the different ships and a lot of the values given were just arbitrary indicators of how "stealthy" a ship should be. Hopefully the next update (3.3?) will give us some of the features we need to finally be able to truly compare the stealth ships, and even then, there may yet be other factors to consider in the future, such as background radiation in local star systems affecting ships differently. It remains to be seen just how far CIG will go into exploring the stealth mechanic before we can say stealth ship A is better than stealth ship B.
  14. LowZone

    3.2 PTU released

    Not in 3.2, no. Possibly in 3.3?
  15. You do realise that does mean changing the lightbulb... (I'd be surprised if anyone gets that reference. )