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  1. Unfortunately server stability will happen much later on in development because there is still so many gameplay features yet to be added. What you're suggesting: to make the servers stable and then add features - wouldn't make sense if those same features then destabilize the server. Hopefully, with SSOCS just around the corner, the servers will be stable enough to bring players back in their droves.
  2. I'll reserve judgement on the executive 600i until it's in game and we can compare the interior of the variants, but given that most Legati will most likely have a least one 600i (or even an 890J) already isn't this reward kind of like offering a gold trimmed speedboat to a superyacht owner?
  3. LowZone

    Banu Defender

    I miss the old days when they would just come out and say what they have planned instead of being such "pledge" teasers!
  4. Wait, are you saying that you're to blame for the delay?
  5. This makes the idea of using the 890J as a "Quantum ferry" even more viable. It shouldn't be too hard to set up a service beacon (visible to 890J pilots only) to get faster transport for your fighter to a destination on the other side of Stanton?
  6. You do realise you are replying to a post from 2013, before we could even leave our hangars and had much less info than we do now, right?
  7. My guess is it's for the same amount of time as the Mission to Hadrian minigame event - 11 more days from the time of this post.
  8. Aren't air mines already in the game? The objects marking the upper edge of the no-fly zone over Lorville look remarkably similar to deactivated sentry mines. Perhaps when they get rid of the NFZ all they would need to do is reactivate the mines?
  9. LowZone

    Origin 890 JUMP

    Agreed. Just to clarify: I was saying that a ship with a hangar should only have the facilities to repair/refuel (not rearm) a visiting ship just enough so that it can clear the hangar bay under it's own power - not fully refuel/repair back to full tanks/health. For example, repairing a ship that has damaged its main thruster in the process of landing and you just need to clear the bay for other ships (and no SRV available), maybe transferring just enough fuel from the main ship so that it can make it to a proper refuel station/Starfarer. Nothing major, even a crewman with the SC equivalent of a Jerry-can and a spanner would do.
  10. LowZone

    Origin 890 JUMP

    So what happens if a visiting ship runs out of fuel just as it lands in your hangar and there are no other ships around? Rudimentary refuelling/repairing must be needed in any ship that has a hangar for this very reason.
  11. Welcome! Always good to see a fellow Brit!
  12. LowZone

    Origin 890 JUMP

    Coming soon to an Orbital Marker near you: Space Station Torag: An orbiting 890J with 2 Hammerheads "docked". Would make a nice place for Org refuelling/repairing when those mechanics come into play, hmm?
  13. LowZone

    Origin 890 JUMP

    I've been running around the 890J all week and even I saw areas that I didn't know were there! Very impressive indeed, they certainly learnt their lessons from the 600 series.
  14. It's Official, Hollywood's memory span is only 20 years long. Personally, I'm looking forward to the reboots of or sequels to The Green mile, Fight Club and Sixth Sense.
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