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  1. LowZone

    I Got the Job!

    I wonder if Necroposting pays well...? Seriously though, I wish you good luck. Not a good time to be looking for work for anyone.
  2. Without knowing the specs of the machine that you are trying to play the game on there is very little useful help that we can offer. Just remember, the game is in a very early alpha state and unless you are playing on a monster rig, you will encounter issues when first getting the game to run. You might have more luck posting more information in the RSI Tech forums.
  3. For one, it will probably reach areas that the prospector can't, and another advantage is that you don't have to be flying a specific mining ship to take advantage of any large valuable deposits that you come across in the 'Verse. Especially useful once we lose the ability to call up any ship from any terminal. Having one of these in a corner of my cargo hold actually makes exploration a much more lucrative activity with the larger ships when a prospector isn't readily available.
  4. At the time, I don't think the Kraken existed - besides, overkill much?
  5. Don't make the mistake of thinking that whatever happens with the AI controlled capital ship "husks" during the Invictus event has any bearing on how they will perform when players start flying them in the 'verse. How these ships currently operate is vastly simplified compared to how they will be later on; just assume the devs have only temporarily turned on "God mode" to stop players interrupting the fleet's flight path. Rest assured, 50 tallys against a Javelin won't seem as ineffective as it is now.
  6. LowZone

    F8 Lightning

    I know you're probably joking but I've seen this repeated elsewhere. Why would they sell a reward for SQ42 completion (and a concierge perk)? Wouldn't that undermine the incentive to play SQ42 (and annoy certain concierge members)?
  7. I hear next patch, they'll add voice recognition mics and retinal scanners to cockpit doors, delaying unauthorised entry by oh, about 10 seconds...
  8. Fair enough. Welcome back!
  9. Just curious, if you still have access to your old account, why make a new one?
  10. Officially cancelled for this year. At least we will get an "online birthday celebration"...
  11. Having seen the cockpit of the Prowler in action for the first time, I couldn't help but think of this joystick being what the devs had in mind. Is a commercial tie-in with SD on the cards in the future? Looking forward to flying the Prowler as intended next year hopefully.
  12. TBH I was expecting a more dramatic season finale! Too bad they probably won't go public with details of the settlement (if it does go ahead) but at least the end of this is in sight and it will be one less obstruction preventing info on Faceware, SQ42 and everything else affected by the case.
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