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  1. The remote turret of the 600i on the Vanguard https://imgur.com/pPOXCYo
  2. GRIZZ

    Esperia Prowler

    This weeks sneak peek is the prowler, bad news is some people cant seem to download it depending on your ISP. So I re-uploaded it for you. CloudImperiumGames_StarCitizen_ProwlerInterior.mp4
  3. Looks like somebody is getting cargo! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/1/thread/anvil-valkyrie-cargo-update
  4. Vanguard is getting its tank treads back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It feels silly, but thats the feature I missed the most from the concept.
  5. Hey @Weehamster, I noticed the link to the salvage album is broken, is this intentional? I can never thank you enough for these albums, they are always a one stop shop when looking for official artwork.
  6. New Star Runner album posted to Art Station by its concept artist Sarah MCculloch https://imgur.com/a/EX9p7iJ
  7. I'm going to say this right now... If air gets sucked out of the Valkyrie in a prominent way in squadron 42, then your ship was handicapped for Cinematic purposes.
  8. Star Citizen posted an album of the Valc to Art Station, I don't remember these 2 photos. Apparently making the entire space one open air room was a later development, because I don't see railings next to the beds. https://imgur.com/a/lCX7aIY
  9. GRIZZ

    Drake Vulture

    A new vulture album was posted to Art Station, I yet again preserved the art because they seem to take things down on occasion. https://imgur.com/a/ZhgMPbN
  10. So beautiful. I wouldent be surprised if the marketing department wanted to have a word with you.
  11. GRIZZ

    Racing - 350r

    Now in slow motion,
  12. GRIZZ

    Racing - 350r

    From unverified source, but it looks too real to me.
  13. https://streamable.com/r6zj2
  14. Q&A request thread is up! Get those questions in, upvote your favorites, and link to your questions if you want me to shamelessly upvote them. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/origin-300-series-customization-q-a/2160618
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