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  1. Todays sneak peek, likely the HULL C. Animated -> https://gfycat.com/corruptsoggyeuropeanpolecat
  2. VMXEO returns with a sweet cutaway of the 400i, a must-have wallpaper for any fan.
  3. Seems like Mustang owners can finally move box mission boxes.
  4. GRIZZ

    Anvil Legionnaire

    3d Model https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/anvil-legionnare-9f9fb5acddf449e6933e887348563151
  5. GRIZZ

    Anvil Legionnaire

    https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/18632-Anvil-Legionnaire?tg_rhash=2c3e65d37e7a46 Well that was unexpected. The Anvil Legionnaire is designed to hack, breach, and infiltrate enemy ships. HACK IN, LOCK ON, TAKE OVER When the operation calls for the rapid recovery of an enemy-occupied vehicle or station, the Legionnaire is ready for duty. With eight drop seats, versatile docking options, and an advanced security infiltration system, even the most difficult boarding's are viable with the Legionnaire in your fleet.
  6. GRIZZ

    Drake MULE

    Advertising at Defence Con
  7. GRIZZ

    Drake MULE

    "Its basically a forklift." Fits in a cutlass I am told. Possibly fill a niche that the cargo refactor created. It can do tank turns like a skid-steer loader IRL. Anyone was to race me in one?
  8. GRIZZ

    Drake Vulture

    A little tease. ...and Hull Stripping demo!
  9. GRIZZ

    Bengal Carrier

    Apparently the giant turret on the Bengals underbelly is working now.
  10. Significant progress was then made on ship salvage, with an improved HUD being created for the Drake Vulture’s salvage mode. They also added additional aiming functionality tailored to the unique setup of the ship’s arms. The Reclaimer’s salvage turrets were also properly setup and can now scrape hulls.
  11. This article was really hard to Google. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/18635-Q-A-MISC-Expanse Key takeaways. Expanse is faster than station Refining is not an afk process and requires user input and consumables to complete. Expanse can refine all minerals, gasses, fuels, and scrap. (I'd love clarification on what the Starfarer can refine.)
  12. I've been goofing off with the Hull-A on PTU quite a bit and this video still pointed out things I missed.
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