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  1. Disable > Board > Clear > Add new ship to shipjacker fleet?
  2. Reddit posters are claiming its the Shipjacker ships. Cutlass fuselage without the front wings and a Valkry engines.
  3. did you go to manchaster this citcon, 


    1. Painmiester


      CitizenCon 2949 Event Photos

      103 0f 202

    2. GRIZZ


      My doppleganger it seems.

    3. Painmiester


      but it did look like ya from the back the sweater sealed the deal....


  4. I'm not one for buying skins. So the $20 gets you 2 extra guns. Does the base model have 4 weapon slots but two of them are empty? Or are the weapon slots just not there?
  5. THe history of the starlifter is highlighted in the current issue of Jump Point. Keep an eye open for a video about it from TheAstroPub. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/media/i2gtpjaggpg1ir/source/JP07-10_OCS-Boot-Camp.pdf
  6. GRIZZ

    Banu Defender

    I'm not sure it will be that only because the Defenders have beds which weakens the parasite ship theory as well as the remote control theory. It is designed to be long term fighter support (notice I did not say long distance). My money is still on some kind of contact-less connection. Sensor linking, regenerating hull when in range, fuel replenishing, or shield boosting Like beaming energy to the Defender so when its in range it's shields recover faster/stronger (A.K.A. AoE defense boost from the BMM). The Banu seem to favor shields over armor so the last one is my top theory.
  7. GRIZZ

    RSI Mantis

    Color me surprised.
  8. GRIZZ

    Aegis Reclaimer

    Yesterdays ATV they blacked out the Reclaimer on the ship list. A streamer enhanced the image to see what ship was edited out. My hope is they carved out some space for the cutter.
  9. Hull-C went from "tasks completed" to "Scheduled" on the SQ42 roadmap today. Sorry for the setback.
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