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  1. I don't need a whole new theme, the current dark one is great. Just a black background in the background picker, or vote to replace one of the lesser used ones with black if adding an additional choice is not easy.
  2. I don't know who made them, or what a reasonable offer would be. But I want to buy an Imperium patch.
  3. Now with more 600i
  4. Atmospheric flight will make the Gladius great again. At 2:16:30 a guest asks about the flight model on planets and Myre does a nice job summarizing how it felt to fly a gladius vs prospector in atmo.
  5. While you're in there poking around, can you consider a solid black background theme? Thanks for keeping the site up.
  6. From: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/citizen-spotlight/9084-Astora-Wide-News-Magazine-Issue-3
  7. You can set your mouse over text on your flair to anything you like, just saying.
  8. Idris Death Mask An enormous explosion rips apart an Idris in this week’s sneak peek, highlighting the incredible work being done by the VFX team.
  9. Screenshot from late last night. On the CIG forums @Tsumiki-Akami referred to reclaiming people as "non-descript high protein liquefied foodstuffs". Thought I'd save that one for prosperity.
  10. Ungineer reskinned the ship nicely, one of the color themes matched Imperium's.
  11. Origin X1 concept *not finished* (shown at DragonCon17)