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  1. For prosperity, here is an album of 2.6.2 Test Center Buccaneer in case they change it in 3 years and we want to remember what it looked like. http://imgur.com/a/HAfth I hope down the road the struts are a symbol of physical strength and that would mean that cockpit canopy can absorb more damage before breaking unlike cleaner canopy's like the Racers and Mustangs.
  2. Bump for Taurus fans. http://imgur.com/st6521V
  3. You may have crossed those fingers too hard. 2.6.2 spoilers below
  4. Crucible WIP details in Jump Point 37 http://www.sc-convoy.com/hosting/Jump Point/JP37.pdf From the doc: Variants • Repair Ship (base) • Refit and Resupply Ship • Tug Boat
  5. Microsoft did this to themselves. But I do fear the future for multi-gpu support without DX12.
  6. 5:48 cig_sherman: Ya, Cutlass rework has 2 smaller Tractor Beams on the front to stablize a wreck, and 1 more at the back-ramp to pull things into the ship. 5:49 cig_sherman: And if your target has any self-propulsion available, expect them to break out of the hold. From Grittspitters Twitch today. 5:48 Starkbrand: you can use the one on the back for towing things as well cant you 5:49 cig_sherman: Not implicitly, no. It's not a magic-tug-beam.
  7. Wow! Everything from 27:08 until the Reclaimer should be all Javelin. There are some Idris placeholder art on the computer monitors that are confusing people but I think its very safe to say its all Jav-hotness. It will be my pleasure serving you on your beautiful ships.
  8. Hull C internals and animationas underway! https://gfycat.com/FeistyGreenBighornsheep
  9. I hope someday one of you fine gents will let me take your Razor for a lap or two. Cockpit entrance animations https://gfycat.com/BlackDampGartersnake
  10. My theory is still that its been done since last summer and their sitting on it and will release it alongside a Prospector sized salvage concept ship sale.
  11. If you did not pay attention to last weeks 10FTC you might want to re-read the transcript. With no design doc out yet (Why?!?!) it gives us some more insight into the profession, as well as some clues that the Reclaimer melts raw materials rather than stores it as shreddings.
  12. At PAX East Bar Bar Citizen I spoke to Disco Lando about my excitement for repair after he asked to take a photo of my repair bear shirt. Disco told me that my skills in being an expert in replacing damaged sub-components will also make me (and you) a valuable resource on boarding parties. This line stuck in my head and I wish I could have recorded it, he said the "big ships wont be taken down by missiles but from the inside." Further blurring the lines of whether internal repair is a Military job or T&I. Because this information is not from a Chairman or Lead source it will not be added to the first post per my rules of keeping it strictly to those official sources. But it lines up perfectly to the salvage statement that someone who knows where the good stuff is in a ship will be faster to salvage it.
  13. Well well well, I can humbly admit I was wrong when I said they probably will remove the main thrustors pistons to save polygons. (like in the vanguard) I am very happy to see them retained. Stills: http://imgur.com/a/ChAu0 Gifs: http://i.imgur.com/KCws7jS.gifv http://i.imgur.com/Hj4NT38.gifv More high quality animations: