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  1. Javelin is 3x the size of the reclaimer (given that the finished reclaimer size is unknown). And the reclaimer was pretty visible speck in the zoomout video. So my question is if this mystery object on a moon or a planet? Because the moon's re a bit smaller. If you focus on a crater that's 3x the size of the reclaimer during the zoomout it's visible from space.
  2. I need to figure out how i did it.
  3. Why not host your sig on this site for this site?
  4. 3D printing my Gladius with a .4mm nozzle on my friends printer that costs more than a Javelin. The supports are printed with a water soluble material. Damn. This took 20 hours to print at this resolution.
  5. Hurricane sneak peek at 00:38 likely an HD version of the same clip in today's Around The Verse. https://streamable.com/ouj8a
  6. Yeah, releasing the Reclaimer instead of fast tracking a single seater salvage ship really kills my theory their gonna make a small dedicated salvage ship. Maybe the scrapping of ships back into raw materials requires a grinder and all the other ships capable of salvage (aka equipped with tractor beams) are just taking components and leaving the hulls behind. It has been 430 days since the last mention of working on the Salvage Design Doc. What are they waiting for?
  7. Hangar is a nice place to enjoy and admire your ship in a well lit area without fear of people messing with it. I prefer to explore the starfarer this way. I too hope for a private instance for the reclaimer. I also hope they throw us a bone and drop a wrecked reclaimer in 3.0 to tide us over.
  8. The interier seats look damn good. I'm worried we will never see a $0 BMM to Recamier CCU. I got all my CCU's in order, but if they let that one fly I'd save even more money (for other ships). Edit: Why do you think the side seats are labeled B02 and B03?
  9. i added 4  shinny new ships - nox   when they went up


    1. GRIZZ


      I'm half wondering if I should make a buy post on the forums, but I can just buy a Nox when the game releases with a little work.

  10. Damn, i missed the warbond sale for the NOX.

  11. Good news, congratulations!
  12. Just a reminder I am not gone.  Been hitting the gym after work, spending more time with my wife in the evenings, repairing the never ending car problems, and busier at work.  All combined I have not had time to even watch the last 3 ATV's (@voa would be ashamed).  I have no idea whats been announced in the last 3 weeks other than a space bike, I'm assuming 3.0 was pushed back.  Maybe with luck I can enjoy some birthday burbon and get caught up on ATV's tonight.

    1. Devil Khan

      Devil Khan

      You're having an affair oooohhhh

    2. GRIZZ


      If by affair you mean playing Overwatch and not logging into SC, then yeah.

  13. Odd my gifv above works sometimes, and other times does not. If your wondering what its of, the idris interior was used in the lighting showcase in last weeks ATV.
  14. Seems they added a door to the bed. And upgraded the flight sticks to resemble the Mig 29