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  1. The 100 series ships are now on the PTU and looking really sexy. Buttons and switches that visibly change when switched, working component compartment doors, passageway into the 2SCU cargo room, walk in ramp instead of entering via ladder, front stabilizers that look like they might become movable flaps in the future.
  2. GRIZZ is my SC road dog!! 

  3. Vault Gallery - Mercury Star Runner WIP https://imgur.com/a/QuNYnrz
  4. Today's Sneak Peek
  5. GRIZZ

    Esperia Talon

    Here is the text from the concierge newsletter. August 12th, 2020 Esteemed Chairman's Club Member, Recently, Esperia has been wowing aerospace enthusiasts with stunning recreations of historic alien spacecraft. Thanks to meticulous research and unprecedented access to original materials, Esperia's latest line is resurrecting classic Tevarin warships to the delight of c
  6. It is unknown if this will remain merely a prop, or if it will become a player operated tool but the 3.10 update brings new tech to the Star Citizen universe. GW-9 Diagnostic Cart With more powerful simulation capabilities, the GW-9 can identify problems faster than ever before while locating potential issue with an improved margin of error, doing more than save time on costly repairs, it can save lives. In the year 2020 Diagnostic carts are computers on rolling carts for portable computing with a big screen, minimal setup, and standing operation. It could be for anything from
  7. GRIZZ

    Esperia Talon

    I never know how soon is too soon to make thease posts, but thats fine, I'll update the first post with the official announcement page when it goes live, and remove the below content that was a false lead. 2019/11/23 - CitizenCon 2949 - A Tevarin Light Fighter concept is briefly discussed. 2020/01/28 - A short story about a Tevarin scout ship referred to as the "Jackal" is mentioned in SC lore. (Thanks @Weehamster) https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/serialized-fiction/17440-Instrument-Of-Surrender-Part-One https://robertsspaceindustries.com/
  8. Hey guys, as some of you know I took over moderating the weekly meeting since VoA went on vacation. Unfortunately I have done a poor job advertising so I took the next step and posted it in the general Imperium forums. (Link above) The meeting has always been open invite and having it advertised more publicly will help the dialog flow and also help with our low numbers the last few weeks. Hope to see you there.
  9. I hope scrapping gets this variety of game-play and accompanying vehicles.
  10. I re watched the Citizencon panel where this was discussed and thought up a great use for the wheeled miner. Large caves. If the cave is large enough for a vehicle, then you will need this. Walking into caves is already a risk with limited suit power and air, having a vehicle (for where ships can't fit) to replenish and empty your pockets would be really helpful.
  11. Moons would need to have locations that buy resources and ground vehicles need mapping to return to them. Until then I find it hard to see how there is any way this truck is preferred over a prospector. The fact that you enter it like a skid-steer excites me a little. I just logged over 30 hours in Astroneer this month and little buggies are growing on me so long as they get cargo trailers.
  12. I was right, the videos were taken down, it was released too early. https://streamable.com/cul7ox
  13. GRIZZ


    Gladius was mentioned in 3 different times this week. Looks like its getting the first treatment in 2 new features, probably due to its large role in SQ42. The flight model was detailed with improvements again The whole article is really cool and worth reading if you sat out the 3.x patches because you didn't like the flight model changes. Weapon Racks are being added. The cockpit is updated with a dash makeover with working toggles and lights.
  14. This is fantastic, great videos showing all over the ship in detail. In case the artist removes them, someone should backup the videos for refrence. Here is a Reddit post in case the above link goes dead.
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