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  1. Banu Defender

    Leaked image likely extracted from test center builds.
  2. I have a theory they specifically wanted to make it higher than the Cat. I had two CCU chains that specifically needed to go to the Cat to bridge into the $350 tier ships using the Cat's price bump. This negated all savings from my Cat CCU's. This price increase did negate a bunch of my savings in other ccu chain areas but it does not feel purposeful.
  3. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link//16470-Newly-Flyable-Ships-Ready-For-Takeoff Terrapin went up +$25 from $195 to $220 Tumbril Cyclone went up +$5 from $50 to $55 Misc Razor went up +$10 from $135 to $145 Aegis Reclaimer stayed at $400... Xi'an Nox Kue went up +$5 from $40 to $45 Constellation Aquila went up +$35 from $275 to $310, a surprise to say the least. Misc Prospector went up +$15 from $140 to $155 Drake Dragonfly went up +5 from $35 to $40 Check your CCU's, there's a bit of a shuffle going on!
  4. Imperium Pin Project.

    the 2nd one is cooler, but at the size my sample came out as it might be tough to get that detail on the outside edge. I could see the wheat coming out nicer on the second one though.
  5. Aegis Reclaimer

    Album (71 images) https://imgur.com/a/fzt83 Reclaimer Explosion 1 Hour video walkthrough
  6. Aegis Reclaimer

    Star Citizen Alpha 3.1.0h PTU.734796 Reclaimer is now in for testing!!! Video walkthrough (facebook.com) https://www.facebook.com/norgeek/videos/10160264911895094/ Video - quicklook " Everyone should go check it out in Free Flight where they have unlimited time. Everything is well laid out and makes functional sense once you learn where it all is. The layout is not hard to remember once you've got it down, and the component access locations also make sense. Then, once you've explored the interior thoroughly, you can EVA around the outside and see where all the hatches and panels are, including the drone hatch, cargo hatch at the far rear that opens into the salvage processing room, the cargo lift with all it's different access levels, etc. It's really cool. I won't be lost in the Reclaimer again and I really look forward to spending a lot of time in it. Oh, and the bridge is highly defensible against boarding. " - Dracolique Front Elevator Another Video Walkthrough

    Misc Razor is in 3.1 and players are already enjoying it on the PTU.
  8. Aegis Reclaimer

  9. Aegis Reclaimer

    Reports are coming in that the Reclaimer is in 3.1 on the test servers, just not spawnable by players. A streamer saw one on a pad, I'm looking for the VOD now. Dev spawned for testing.
  10. Aegis Reclaimer

    I think PTU will be a thing, I think you mean "Open PTU" Leaked PTU patch notes still not mentioning Reclaimer, at least not in 3.1c. The lack of mentions of the manned cutter leads me to believe they will further the Aliens vibe and give us a Titian Armor with salvage hands on it. The downside is if it enters and exits through the cargo hold and not a dedicated port, it could leave us vulnerable to intrusion.
  11. I'm still surprised the Cutlass rework did not gain it a price bump in the slightest. Added a couple ships since my last update. People are talking about what they think the flight ready Reclaimer will go up to.
  12. Aegis Reclaimer

    A fan made short video (with sound). I'm pretty close to finally applying my Reclaimer CCU's. Unfortunately the removal of purchasing $0 CCU's make it difficult to use my Redeemer-BMM CCU's effectively, I have no doubt this was intended. So I save less money, but the Reclaimer is my #1 ship goal, so all my other ship goals get whats left.
  13. Aegis Reclaimer

    Habitation Deck: Kitchen & Messhall, Crew quarters, Captains Quarters (office & toilet) Salvage Processing: grinder "processing room". Engineering Deck: Engine Room, "whole host of components", engineering consoles. Salvage Hold: Salvage room (reclaimed salvage) Tech Deck: Drone Bay (4 drones, 2 drone pilot seats, top center of ship), Gravity Generator. This is the order described and likely listed bottom to top since they said Tech deck is the top. List of floors seen on elevator options: Salvage Balcony Habitation Deck Salvage Processing Salvage Hold Cargo Hold Exit to Surface Cockpit Crew stations: Pilot (front left), claw operator (front right), Tractor Beam Operators (next row back behind pilot and claw operator)
  14. Aegis Reclaimer

    It was very pleasing to see and hear new info on the Reclaimer. Now we know the drone room is up top, the reclaimed scrap is going into the cargo hold we have seen and not some invisible container elsewhere. Now I'm wondering how scrap moves into the cargo hold...