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  1. Odd my gifv above works sometimes, and other times does not. If your wondering what its of, the idris interior was used in the lighting showcase in last weeks ATV.
  2. Seems they added a door to the bed. And upgraded the flight sticks to resemble the Mig 29
  3. I'm pretty sure this is the Idris
  4. Cutlass mentions from CIG CIG Matt Sherman@CIG_M_Sherman11:01 am • Eh, won't give a specific number for the cargo, but it's definitely a lot more than the old-model Cutlass had. • You'll actually have the space, and the ship-access-points, to realistically place a decent amount of cargo inside the ship. • Nah, side-doors are planned to work on all the models. • Q: I was just talking about a post you made saying current plans are to not have crew facilities (toilet, shower, kitchen) in the Cutlass Black or Blue. Is that still the plan? • A; Cutlass Black/Blue aren't being setup as long-term 'live-in' accomodation ships. • The Red would only have a Toilet/Sink setup because a medical-professional would have a more active gameplay need of sanitary practices, and that's in the rear-section of the ship, not in the cockpit, so no, you wouldn't be able to. • Modularity doesn't mean things are free-range lego-placement. • There will definitely be interchangable aspects between ships of the same type, but you won't be moving things around like you would in something like The Sims for granular placement. • Ya, potentially something on a more room-swap level between the entire rear-sections of each ship, though won't go into any actual specifics until we're actually into the build-out phases for the Red/Blue. • Lighting is definitely something that's come up plenty for all 3 versions of the Cutlass, so it won't go by the wayside. • At bare minimum, Freelancer will have live-in accomodations that the Cutlass would not and some extra safety measures, like the escape pods/ejection/etc. • Cutlass rework has its own perks though, remember, the full specs/details of the rework haven't been shown off yet. • Josh has done amazing work on the visuals for it, and starting to see it all properly lit now, it's great. • Not sure if you guys noticed the brief glimpses of it from AtV yesterday, during the LA Report section, then also for like 5sec during the Lighting segment. • Q: So, would a Dragonfly fit on those spots? • A: Ya, think of it like the bounding-boxes when you're coming into any other landing pad. • FWIW, the Greycat buggy would also take up 1 of those 2 bays since it'd be in the same sizing-class as a DF for the smallest of vehicles. • Nothing on the right-side wall in that hold because if you went through that wall, you'd be in the beds of the cockpit section. • Q: Hm, aren't the side doors pretty useless in the Red because they have neither an atmo-shield nor ramps? You'd have to get patients in through the back anyway, because you want atmo in your ambulance, right? • A: Getting someone into the ship, if you're loading them up in-vaccum, ya, but also consider unloading of patients, personel, dealing with people while in-atmo, dealing with things inside of a ship landing-area. Also, just because you don't use the doors that often doesn't mean they shouldn't be usable at all. • The mid-room floor space is more whats needed for getting enough space to help treat wounded. • Also, for the other glimpse of the hold, at the 18:50-mark of yesterdays AtV, which also has the Jumpseats in place. • In terms of the actual gameplay, while long-run, there will probably be some interactions/etc for a general notion of hygine or something, overall, think of those things definitely more as distractions/novelties. • Q: so gameplay wise what is the actual thought process of real ship functionality. Is there an actual gameplay aspect that offers proper benefit to the ships like a Freelancer than saying it has a shower? I like the MAX though I don't know what it offers since there are so many things that it lacks. like proper view, speed, the weapons reductions, and the maneuvering limitations. A shower IMO is not a proper substitute. You can just use a Cutlass and avoid the Lancer drawbacks. • A: Some of that is in-flux with other systems development, but to a certain extent, those things also are used in terms of supporting the number of other accomodations in a ship. So for a Lancer, it already has a lot more accomodations than a Cutlass, effectively matching the total number of seats the ship offers. 4 beds, 4 seats/stations, basic live-in accomodations. If everyone needed to logout from a Lancer, you could, if everyone needed to logout from a Cutlass, you'll more need to go back to a station/base/planet first to be a bit more secure, since only 2 people would be using the beds. • If you have a Cutlass loaded for a raiding action, you won't want to do a cold-logout in space. Pilot, CoPilot, Turret, 6 Jumpseats in the back. • When there are 9 people, and 2 possible beds, that 'reserve crew' is still the remaining 7 people, PC or NPC, having to fly back somewhere more secure before logging off. You wouldn't have 2 people log, wait, beds magically empty, have 2 more log. You'd have 2 logout, beds are filled, no one is using those beds until the people in them get out of them. • So 2 people logout, at some point later, log back in, start playing again, that would free up the beds for 2 different people to logout, sure. But if you're saying 2 people logout, then, while those 2 people are still logged out, 2 more people logout through te same occupied beds, don't plan on that. Even with NPC's, those crew aren't going to just linger around your ship in empty space and be cool about it, they're going to want to go someplace with a bed and goto sleep. • Q: will npc betray you kill u or steal your ship • A Depends on how much of a scenario you're creating to make the NPC want to betray you in the first place. • Well, for this example, the Cutlass rework, has seating for 9 people, 2 beds. But you're really just going to be loading up that full 9 when you're going to be deploying 6 of those people for either an assault, boarding action, what have you. • Freelancer, you have 4 potential seats, 4 beds, if you all want to logout at once, that ship accomodates that. Cutlass has 2 beds and 9 seats, so if you're fully loaded, so you could only ever log 2 people out at a time. • Q: That seems weird to me, to be honest. I mean, these space ships aren't exactly submarines. Space clearly isn't at a premium, so if a ship has three crew roles (pilot, copilot, gunner) it should have three beds. But of course, here I go trying to apply logic again... • A: Stig, that'd work if the ship was intended for longterm, live-in operations, like something like the Freelancer. • If nothing else, just comparing Hoplite to Cutlass, the Hoplite doesn't have side-doors that if shot-off will fully vent the rear compartment of the ship. • You won't be granular/piecemealing parts around from the interior rooms/etc. There's going to be some swappable kit for sure, but ships aren't legos, or The Sims, so you won't have free-range options everywhere.\ • Q: I don't really understand the benefit of the "Live In' thing opposed to the exploitation of a limited aspect on another ship. I just wanted to ask the Dev working that aspect about the approach they use in making it a viable thing. I think it is just an inconvenience to ave fewer beds but not a barment to the mechanics. What difference does it make how many beds you have. If you have the guns and the speed that is really all you need Or am I seeing that wrong? • A: Ya, overall, it would be more an inconvenience than some overt hard-barrier. It wouldn't be something that forces a decision one way or another, but should definitely help influence those decisions/choices made in the moment to moment "which ship/loadout/etc should I use for this specific situation" calls you'll be making in-game. Making it so overbearing/heavy-handed of a mechanic wouldn't make things better. Those kinds of activities, accomodations, etc, all can get much more milage and longevity by being aspects of Incentivization vs Imposition. • Q thats why I got the cutless...general all rounder • A: Never said it could 'do it all'. And it won't be doing things without its own risks/drawbacks. Lose both your mains, you are dead in the water, take enough damage to the side doors, your cargo section will be vented. Have a full crew-complement of 9 on board? You won't all be logging out while in-space then. • Q: Matt, what happens if you do run into a situation where all available bunks on a ship are filled, but you have to leave the game? • A: Most likely, you'll do so at your own peril. • Q: the freelancer can likley carry two dragon flies as well , along with cargo • A: Lancer hold isn't that long. A Drake ship built to carry Drake ships in a more optimal manner. Not that odd really. Dragonfly fitting inside a Lancer was also more something that happened circumstantially, and wasn't overtly a planned aspect of the DF. It working with other Drake ships, definitely, but that same consideration wasn't forced to other manufactures. • CIG Calix Reneau @CIGCalixReneau12:27 pm I don't think the freelancer has a vehicle area, which means a ship can't properly park and lock there • Matt: Stock, Lancer wouldn't have that vehicle-accomodating plate, but it should have the option of setting up that vehicle area, since it was already used for the planet-demo a ways back. • Q: so ships (e.g. DF) are not considered "cargo" in a general way? (i.e. they don't lock up with them cargo plates in the designated cargo area?) • Calix A: I don't remember such a thing. ships in containers are cargo, which is why you would pack them up for transport • Q: i noticed in the last ATV the pilot could exit the M50 without first opening the canopy, any plans on graying out options until certain actions are pulled off? • Calix A: no, that's called an interaction sequence. the interaction system tells you all the things you are capable of doing, and if it has pre-requisites, it performs them as part of the action. the 'flight ready' interaction is just the other 4 start up interactions in quick succession. the only time it would grey out is if you are in a weird state that prevents interaction, but interaction should be possible now. if the prerequisites are blocked, the final interaction would be blocked too • as far as I know, female character creation is planned, dunno if it's 3.0 tho
  5. There ya go, I keep forgetting the capital ships can have torpedoes.
  6. So now we have the short-range Gladiator fighter-bomber The heavily armored Vanguard Harbinger bomber The flying fortress Retaliator bomber Corvette-class capital ship Polaris And now the stealth bomber
  7. While it might be just a dev messing with an internal build. A couple eagle eyed citizens noticed the guns on the Gladius in this video look bigger than normal.
  8. I had assumed raw materials would have been drawn up inside the underside of the abdomen. I also am kinda surprised at the use of space. That room looks overly large IF those 4 ports on the ceiling are inputs. The shredder only needs to be as large as its input. Another thing I saw was the Gravity Generator was labeled G2. Is there redundancy here? I'm trying not to focus on the details because I did that with the Vanguard and was disappointed with the little things like loosing the tank treads. *Sigh* 4 more weeks until the next U.K. Ship team update.
  9. You get my vote here, it solves the grey market, but unfortunately does nothing for CIG's balancing argument. $5 CCU minimum, I can deal, I just add $10 more to my "ship CCU spreadsheet". No more Concept $0 CCU's, no effect on me. CCU's expiring, uh-oh. This means I need to be DAMN SURE my biggest ship is exactly what I want before it or its $0 alternatives are in game. The big question is when do my $0 CCU's expire? The CCU dance is just a meta-game to me. Gives me interesting ways to upgrade ships while waiting for the actual game to release. We all knew it would end, I just expected it to end closer to Beta. While it will be refreshing to finally apply my CCU's and sit back, I was hoping to do it slowly. Applying the a CCU and exploring the ship for a week then apply the next CCU and so on.
  10. https://twitter.com/SandiGardiner/status/859554410044641280/photo/1 Ursa rover scheduled for 3.0, which is scheduled for late June.
  11. This just in BMM is bumping up to $300! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/1/thread/spaceship-prices/101076 I'm back baby!
  12. This is the Cry Engine, and I remember in Crysis the alien race had no defined floors on their ships, all surfaces were floors (when they weren't flying at you). So it would be cake for them to implement gravity on all surfaces. Similar to a "wall of death" tube or even in spheres.
  13. Added Banu Defender in preparation for tomorrow. If the Conny or freelancer line changes in price it really screwed up my CCU plans. I was also hoping the BMM would come out well before the Reclaimer which also messes with my CCU plans.
  14. I did this over 10 years ago. Radeon boards were binned depending on their manufacturing flaws and sometimes to meet market demand for lower end boards. One of the RAM chips fail the memtest? Block it with firmware and sell it as a 2GB board rather than the 4GB board. Some of the shaders faulty? Underclock the GPU and close off the faulty shaders and sell it as the lower model. Ran out of lower model boards? Take a perfectly fine upper end board and flash it to run as a lower one. So we would buy these boards and flash different firmware to them and then test them to see if they failed, and flash them again to see what it really was capable of. My board in particular had memory that would fail when it overheated so I added extra cooling and it was generally acceptable. Every now and then an extended session of HL2 would turn into rainbows.
  15. No Gladius album? Literally un-listenable. My fav http://imgur.com/Q4zPliC From this album. http://imgur.com/a/TdM0s