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  1. This is huge, its brilliant. They finally figured out a way to get players like me who keep their ships as a series of broken up CCU's to finally commit and apply the CCU's without having to expire them and upset a lot of idle supporters..
  2. FYI, you can set the header image on your profile to an animated gif for a while now. https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/profile/9378-grizz/
  3. GRIZZ

    Argo SRV

    https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/16971-The-ARGO-SRV @Weehamster made an album https://imgur.com/a/l1o8rMO Focus: Tugship Designed as a dedicated tugship, the SRV features a custom MaxTraction tractor plate and integrated ArmAssist system. This innovative configuration, coupled with the rugged reliability of Argo engineering, makes the SRV one of the most effective traction vehicles available on the civilian market. Length: 00.0m | Width: 00.0m | Height: 0.0m | Mass: 00,000kg | Min/Max Crew: 1/1 I wonder what this means for the planned Crucible Tug. On one hand its feasible, but the other hand its less needed unless you want to tug something big...
  4. Today I used an hour of paid leave to go do a little  in-game event on a work day.  I hope someday Star Citizen has in-game events that draw me in as well.

  5. Just in case your wondering how you were shipjacked when idle and locked.
  6. And they said the 600i was gonna be a party boat, look at the railing around the landing pad, this ship is so much more baller even without the hot tub.
  7. GRIZZ

    Aegis Reclaimer

    Reclaimer fans might appreciate this blog post about concepting the Promethius, which is one of the inspirations for the Reclaimers unique design. http://steveburg.blogspot.com/2012/06/prometheus-concept-art-ii.html
  8. GRIZZ

    Origin 890 JUMP

    I love that triangle window, very classy.
  9. What trick do you use to keep from getting kicked for inactivity?
  10. I too felt female characters were not a high priority for the roadmap, and @VoA has consistently disagreed with me. @Twerk17 has a weekly show called "Answer the Call" which shouldn't be missed because every show has an excellent mix of guests. A point hit in this show is one I did not consider, maybe guys are part of the reason we have fewer girl gamers because when girls play they get treated differently than everyone else, they get put on a pedestal or they get harassed and both actions prevent the girl from enjoying the game the way its meant to be played.
  11. GRIZZ

    Anvil Hawk

  12. GRIZZ

    Titan Suit

    With the Titan Suit arriving on the roadmap (Q4 2019) I wanted to collect everything we know to date on it. Not much is known other than they had to go back and redesign the Idris hallways to allow a Titian Suit to walk its corridors.
  13. GRIZZ

    Anvil Hawk

    Weapon Rack Album: https://imgur.com/a/QGGjUFk
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