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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Dead-Cat-Dance Dead-Cat-Dance 06/04/2019 Great seller, the transaction was fast and easy! concrete333 concrete333
Leonn Leonn 06/04/2019 Bought a Polaris. Excellent communication and the reason I’m here now. Fast delivery. Que Que
Que Que 06/04/2019 Qué bought a Polaris from me. Nice easy sale, good Comms 👍 Leonn Leonn
Stryk3r18 Stryk3r18 05/20/2019 Quick payment. Pleasant communication. Great buyer! silrerbay silrerbay
Dead-Cat-Dance Dead-Cat-Dance 05/18/2019 payed for Constellation Aquila to Vanguard Harbinger Upgrade fast getting back to me nice guy will always buy from him A+ meny thanks :D AinzOoalGown AinzOoalGown
spq87 spq87 04/28/2019 Wonderful Buyer! Super fast payment. Purchased my 890 Jump and made it a great experience. Would absolutely recommend! StratoCrewzr StratoCrewzr
StratoCrewzr StratoCrewzr 04/28/2019 Great seller. Bought an Origin 890 Jump LTI. spq87 spq87
GodZe GodZe 04/24/2019 Very reasonably priced for a rare package. Great dealing with you. Chimaera Chimaera
Chimaera Chimaera 04/23/2019 Excellent AAA buyer, fast trade and payment. GodZe GodZe
silrerbay silrerbay 04/14/2019 Great Seller, fast and prompt delivery, Reccomended pufek pufek
pufek pufek 04/14/2019 Quick payment. Pleasant communication. Great buyer! silrerbay silrerbay
Eamonbro665 Eamonbro665 04/14/2019 Take the account , blacklist me , change password / Email didn't send money Windam Windam
GodZe GodZe 04/10/2019 Great seller, reliable and trustworthy, he offers really good prices and guides you through the whole process, would definitely recommend! Yesus Yesus
Yesus Yesus 04/10/2019 AAA buyers, fast trade, highly recommend GodZe GodZe
Vaderhexagon Vaderhexagon 03/25/2019 Great buyer! Thank you Again!!! Darek Darek
Darek Darek 03/25/2019 Excellent sale. Very quick! Vaderhexagon Vaderhexagon
Sypheria255 Sypheria255 03/23/2019 Good and fast trade, highly recommend this buyer GodZe GodZe
GodZe GodZe 03/23/2019 Transaction went very smoothly for the hammerhead, would definately recommend buying from him again. Sypheria255 Sypheria255
AstroJak AstroJak 03/19/2019 Another one! (P-52 48M) Such fast turn around and more than fair deal. Thanks again dude! UriahGNU UriahGNU
AstroJak AstroJak 03/19/2019 Another one! Such fast turn around and more than fair deal. Thanks again dude! UriahGNU UriahGNU
UriahGNU UriahGNU 03/19/2019 I would and have sold to this buyer on several occasions. cheers AstroJak AstroJak
Dead-Cat-Dance Dead-Cat-Dance 03/19/2019 Placed the order and received my pirate caterpillar within an hour off payment. I would definitely recommend buying from this guy. Sypheria255 Sypheria255
Darek Darek 03/18/2019 Very fast delivery, everything ok ! Viltry Viltry
Dead-Cat-Dance Dead-Cat-Dance 03/16/2019 Perfect seller, I will buy other ships soon to him. lunadea irae alinume lunadea irae alinume
Dead-Cat-Dance Dead-Cat-Dance 03/11/2019 Good seller. Fast and accurate. Will buy again. Sloppyseconds Sloppyseconds
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