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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
UnityBeing UnityBeing 04/11/2024 Fast, polite, and trustworthy. Excellent experience. Benadiction Benadiction
GodZe GodZe 11/15/2023 Great seller, thanks Chimaera Chimaera
Chimaera Chimaera 10/31/2023 Sent. Received. Happy with the transaction and he explained the process well. WhaleBait WhaleBait
WhaleBait WhaleBait 10/31/2023 Great buyer! Enjoy! Chimaera Chimaera
VKGT VKGT 10/30/2023 Great buyer Chimaera Chimaera
Theotoko Theotoko 10/12/2023 Super quick. Super easy. Best sale ever. c4artist c4artist
c4artist c4artist 10/12/2023 Great communication, stellar seller! Thanks again Theotoko Theotoko
Zroll Zroll 09/02/2023 Great return buyer. Thanks! Chimaera Chimaera
Runaljod Runaljod 06/28/2023 Great seller, great communication, would buy from again! Theotoko Theotoko
Theotoko Theotoko 06/26/2023 Great communication, easy transaction! Runaljod Runaljod
TheExchange TheExchange 06/02/2023 Great buyer, enjoy being a landlord! Chimaera Chimaera
Wyatt_64 Wyatt_64 05/13/2023 Great buyer Chimaera Chimaera
Lythical Lythical 05/13/2023 Great buyer! Enjoy! Chimaera Chimaera
ZeusBlazer ZeusBlazer 04/06/2023 Great buyer, enjoy the Heartseeker! Chimaera Chimaera
Drocer Drocer 04/06/2023 Great buyer and friend. Enjoy! Chimaera Chimaera
StratoCrewzr StratoCrewzr 03/29/2023 Sen the seller a message about wanting to buy a ship, not a cheap one either, the 890 jump. Within 24 hours payment was complete and the ship was in my hangar. Great response in PM and seller have a great way of communicating and making the buyer feel safe. Now my go to seller if I ever need anything again. Zoner1981 Zoner1981
Zoner1981 Zoner1981 03/29/2023 Buyer purchased an Origin 890 Jump from me. Super fast payment and effortless transaction. Great Buyer! Would def do another deal with again. Thank you! StratoCrewzr StratoCrewzr
WhaleBait WhaleBait 03/21/2023 Great friend and buyer. Enjoy the ship! Chimaera Chimaera
ZeusBlazer ZeusBlazer 03/17/2023 Great and quick sell. Thanks and enjoy the ship! Chimaera Chimaera
Drocer Drocer 02/24/2023 Great buyer, thanks a ton! Chimaera Chimaera
Fayt Kenbu Fayt Kenbu 02/24/2023 Great buyer and we got a good deal done Chimaera Chimaera
VKGT VKGT 12/27/2022 Great buyer, finally got this all worked out, thanks! Chimaera Chimaera
pyro nl pyro nl 11/30/2022 Quick communication and payment! Quantum Quantum
Quantum Quantum 11/30/2022 very fast sale pyro nl pyro nl
ChiefWarrant ChiefWarrant 09/29/2022 Awesome seller, A+! Theotoko Theotoko
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