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MadWolfie MadWolfie 03/09/2018 Quick delivery and good service! [BWC] Garro [BWC] Garro
Vampier Vampier 02/24/2018 Fast and friendly, recommended! Booster Terrik Booster Terrik
sirtusk sirtusk 02/17/2018 Sold Freelanser LTI. Quick and easy. Excellent buyer A+++ silrerbay silrerbay
silrerbay silrerbay 02/17/2018 Perfect deal, no problems, Faster than light, reply all my questions preiously and have nice attention with costumer. Realy good trade and nice seller. sirtusk sirtusk
DemonAzrael DemonAzrael 02/16/2018 Great buyer! Clear arrangements. Quick payment. A+++ silrerbay silrerbay
silrerbay silrerbay 02/15/2018 Fast and easy, my recommendations. Willing to work with you and patient, great quality seller. DemonAzrael DemonAzrael
Zeabz Zeabz 02/14/2018 Easy peasy, rapid response, quick delivery Ishimura Ishimura
Ishimura Ishimura 02/14/2018 Quick transaction and great communication. Smooth Transaction Zeabz Zeabz
Furystorm Furystorm 02/13/2018 thank you for your offer ! fast and pro, top ! el3ctrik el3ctrik
el3ctrik el3ctrik 02/13/2018 sold pack, good trader! Furystorm Furystorm
Dead-Cat-Dance Dead-Cat-Dance 02/03/2018 Excellent seller - will do business again. Many thanks mark1963 mark1963
Donut Donut 01/19/2018 Great buyer. Paid fees and conducted transaction quickly and smoothly. Jon1812 Jon1812
Jon1812 Jon1812 01/19/2018 It was easy Donut Donut
StarC_Newbie StarC_Newbie 01/17/2018 Fast and easy purchases, lot of information/support if it's your first buy. i recommended this man Mindra Mindra
Darek Darek 01/10/2018 Super fast trader max three hours and even answers at 3 o´clock in the night. Bought two times and will do again. Naomitor Naomitor
drizzt1977 drizzt1977 01/05/2018 Bought 2 more items. Quick Transaction. Zeabz Zeabz
StarC_Newbie StarC_Newbie 01/05/2018 Very smooth and easy. Great communication. Highly recommended. Legatus Legatus
Legatus Legatus 01/05/2018 smooth and easy trade it was a pleasure StarC_Newbie StarC_Newbie
Darek Darek 01/04/2018 Best friggin Trader in the Verse ! Sassman Sassman
Legatus Legatus 01/04/2018 Very pleasant and fast transaction! Have fun with the ship and thank you very much! :) Draegar Draegar
Draegar Draegar 01/04/2018 Quick and very easy transaction. Great seller. Thanks so much and "See you in the 'Verse" Legatus Legatus
Basheron Basheron 01/04/2018 good trader Furystorm Furystorm
Furystorm Furystorm 01/04/2018 MISC Reliant Kore received, thank you! Basheron Basheron
SnowStorm SnowStorm 01/04/2018 smooth transaction StarC_Newbie StarC_Newbie
AstroJak AstroJak 01/04/2018 Easy to deal with, fast transaction except for my email problem at the time. SnowStorm SnowStorm