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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Vampier Vampier 02/24/2017 Fast & friendly. Will be recommending as a seller. rimmer59 rimmer59
Vaderhexagon Vaderhexagon 02/21/2017 great sale, very easy and happy to sell to Vader again in the future. AstroJak AstroJak
jefrie jefrie 02/19/2017 good trader! Furystorm Furystorm
AstroJak AstroJak 02/19/2017 Good deal! The buyer's PayPal is verified. Everything is safe and clear. Excellent Invoice! Vaderhexagon Vaderhexagon
mohel mohel 02/18/2017 Good deal! The buyer's PayPal is verified. Everything is safe and clear. Shubaduba Shubaduba
Shubaduba Shubaduba 02/18/2017 Shubaduba is top notch. Fast and easy transaction! https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/index.php?app=feedback&module=feedback&controller=form&receiver=13948 mohel mohel
silrerbay silrerbay 02/17/2017 Very quick and easy transaction, helpful and concise! crigby46 crigby46
crigby46 crigby46 02/17/2017 Sold F7C-R Hornet Tracker to Retaliator Base Upgrade. Smooth transaction. Good customer! silrerbay silrerbay
pehe pehe 02/17/2017 Very nice and assertive buyer. Quick and hassle free transaction. makute makute
Blaubaer Blaubaer 02/15/2017 Quick and smooth transaction. Good buyer. Jon1812 Jon1812
StarC_Newbie StarC_Newbie 02/15/2017 Bought a Prospector Original Concept package. Excellent selection of ships, very fast and easy transaction. Moofasaa Moofasaa
StarC_Newbie StarC_Newbie 02/10/2017 Fast and Legit, thanks a ton. Hershon Rex Hershon Rex
Fatalist242 Fatalist242 02/09/2017 super trader! Furystorm Furystorm
Furystorm Furystorm 02/09/2017 perfect trade as always. thanks a lot. Fatalist242 Fatalist242
WD-SlyFox WD-SlyFox 02/06/2017 Very nice and assertive buyer. 100% recomended. makute makute
makute makute 02/06/2017 Smooth transaction and quick delivery. Very easy to deal with seller. WD-SlyFox WD-SlyFox
Fatalist242 Fatalist242 02/04/2017 awesome trader! Furystorm Furystorm
Nocmad Nocmad 02/03/2017 Great buyer, fantastic communication. Sold him a Sabre and a Super Hornet. Highly recommended. DrunkenTeddy DrunkenTeddy
DrunkenTeddy DrunkenTeddy 02/03/2017 Fast and easy sale. Price was killer, thanks Teddy (Got 2 ships from him *thumbs up*) Nocmad Nocmad
CheeseNorris CheeseNorris 02/03/2017 Nice Contact and very legit Seller. Thaks alot. See you in the Verse KonEllin KonEllin
StarC_Newbie StarC_Newbie 02/02/2017 great seller, fast communication. Transaction took only a few minutes. Thanks Tsarbomba Tsarbomba
Monoace Monoace 02/02/2017 Quick, smooth transaction. Great buyer. Jon1812 Jon1812
Jon1812 Jon1812 02/02/2017 Great Seller to deal with. Clean, Efficient and Trusted Would come to this Seller first if i need anything. Monoace Monoace
REIGN REIGN 02/02/2017 another repeat customer... quick and easy sale... would sell to Reign again!! AstroJak AstroJak
Hoplite73 Hoplite73 02/02/2017 Great buyer, gracious upon some delays in the sale. Jon1812 Jon1812