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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Jon1812 Jon1812 01/12/2017 Greats seller. Transaction was smooth and there were no issues. very quick and easy. Zeabz Zeabz
Zeabz Zeabz 01/12/2017 Straightforward sale. Quick and easy. Great buyer! Jon1812 Jon1812
Darek Darek 01/08/2017 Great seller!. Very communicative. I will repeat for sure! Alanegra Alanegra
GodZe GodZe 01/06/2017 completed trade. Kenich Kenich
Kenich Kenich 01/06/2017 Good trader+++ GodZe GodZe
Dingo1359 Dingo1359 01/05/2017 Perfect transaction. It is sad that such an honourable pilot leave the aliance so early caused for burocratical issues!. Strenght and Honour!. Alanegra Alanegra
Darek Darek 01/04/2017 Absolutely perfect trading experience, was super quick to respond to my messages and delivered instantly and all for a good price. very very satisfied. Tory Deninard Tory Deninard
Furystorm Furystorm 01/02/2017 fast and perfect as always, thanks a lot. Fatalist242 Fatalist242
Darek Darek 01/01/2017 Thanks for trading @Darek. Fast and very friendly? Im happy with that. Cu again for next ships. Hellhammer82 Hellhammer82
Darek Darek 12/31/2016 Very Nice and Super Blazing Fast Resnpond , Got my ship within minutes with pretty good price ! 10/10 would buy again. TheDavyJones TheDavyJones
Darkonus Darkonus 12/31/2016 Everything is fine. Thank you for patience! Shubaduba Shubaduba
Shubaduba Shubaduba 12/31/2016 Glaive Received, thank you. Darkonus Darkonus
Maverick2912 Maverick2912 12/30/2016 Thanks for your switch payment for your purchase Dingo1359 Dingo1359
Darkonus Darkonus 12/29/2016 Good buyer. no problems. zeus_anoxia zeus_anoxia
Shubaduba Shubaduba 12/29/2016 Good person to deal with GodZe GodZe
GodZe GodZe 12/29/2016 RSI Polaris Warbond LTI bought. Fast and easy. Thank you for great patience as it's my first deal here! Good luck! Shubaduba Shubaduba
zeus_anoxia zeus_anoxia 12/29/2016 Thank you Zeus, Ship received and as promised. Darkonus Darkonus
Furystorm Furystorm 12/28/2016 Fast easy trade, Thank you :) Fleashine Fleashine
Fleashine Fleashine 12/28/2016 nice trader :) Furystorm Furystorm
Viking Viking 12/28/2016 Awesome Trader! Never had an issue, will always be my go to! INER71A INER71A
INER71A INER71A 12/28/2016 Smooth and nice transaction. Recommended. +++ Viking Viking
gangsterdave gangsterdave 12/25/2016 Completed a sale of an Orion to gangsterdave. All went smoothly. I recommend him. Obernot Obernot
Dingo1359 Dingo1359 12/21/2016 Good seller, quick and easy transaction Maverick2912 Maverick2912
SlickReed SlickReed 12/19/2016 Always nice to see return customers. SlickReed is hasel free and quick to pay... cheers AstroJak AstroJak
StarC_Newbie StarC_Newbie 12/16/2016 Great Seller proposing great prices; provides a fast and customer oriented support; I definitely recommend him Thanks again. Aegid Aegid Aegid