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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
ChiefWarrant ChiefWarrant 09/16/2021 Great seller, thanks man! Chimaera Chimaera
Darek Darek 08/30/2021 Great guy, top communication, fast delivery, excellent transaction Scat_happens Scat_happens
GodZe GodZe 08/27/2021 Great seller, thanks! Chimaera Chimaera
Chimaera Chimaera 08/27/2021 Fast payment, thanks for this trade. AAA+ GodZe GodZe
Chimaera Chimaera 07/20/2021 +verify, Thank you for doing business with me. GamesKingdom GamesKingdom
GamesKingdom GamesKingdom 07/20/2021 Good buyer and quick replies once we could connect Chimaera Chimaera
GodZe GodZe 03/07/2021 Fast, reliable and available. Awesome doing business once more. Chronothief Chronothief
Chronothief Chronothief 02/27/2021 AAA buyer, good luck with your new ship) GodZe GodZe
blaulicht blaulicht 02/09/2021 Thank you so much for this trade! As always glad to offer you my services & hope to do it again soon! :) Stay Healthy & have a Great Day! Darek Darek
Darek Darek 02/08/2021 fast delivery blaulicht blaulicht
Stionel Stionel 02/08/2021 +trade Relevant Thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/Starcitizen_trades/comments/lezkih/wts_gift_120_mustang_omega_amd_2mi_sq42_1k_uec/ Sold example $120 MUSTANG OMEGA to https://www.reddit.com/user/watchproctor . Transaction went well. sinDIE sinDIE
sinDIE sinDIE 02/08/2021 BOUGHT +verify bought this from sinDIE. thanks for selling, been wanting to pick up one of these meme racers. Stionel Stionel
Danakar Endeel Danakar Endeel 02/06/2021 Fast and reliable. danredda danredda
danredda danredda 02/05/2021 Fast and easy. Thanks a lot! :D Danakar Endeel Danakar Endeel
Chronothief Chronothief 01/21/2021 Another great trade with Chronothief. Good luck with your Reclaimer) GodZe GodZe
GodZe GodZe 01/19/2021 Very effecient seller, answers quickly and is friendly. highly recommended Chronothief Chronothief
Chronothief Chronothief 01/19/2021 AAA buyer, highly recommend to all. GodZe GodZe
Art1s Art1s 01/10/2021 Thanks for the fast payment and wonderful transaction! Enjoy and see you in the verse. StratoCrewzr StratoCrewzr
RighteousNuts RighteousNuts 12/28/2020 Thank you for purchase, as always is a pleasure work with you. Darek Darek
ChiefWarrant ChiefWarrant 12/27/2020 Fantastic seller, easy to deal with and quick response! RighteousNuts RighteousNuts
GodZe GodZe 12/27/2020 Excellent seller as always! Quick and responsive! RighteousNuts RighteousNuts
Darek Darek 12/27/2020 fantastic seller, quick response, excellent service! RighteousNuts RighteousNuts
vahadar vahadar 12/17/2020 Great buyer! Chimaera Chimaera
Chimaera Chimaera 12/16/2020 Another great trade with Chimaera ! Eclipse and San'Tok'Yai claimed ! This is my 3rd time buying from him, and i recommend him without any hesitation ! vahadar vahadar
DrachViograh DrachViograh 12/09/2020 Following up from a previous transaction I reported as positive, like the other reviewer, my RSI account was subsequently locked and the gifts removed because DrachVigorah was selling stolen items Dialcaliper Dialcaliper
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