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Rear Admiral Net Rear Admiral Net 07/09/2018 again a very fast/easy trade... thanks again :) suppe86 suppe86
suppe86 suppe86 07/09/2018 Another fast and smooth transaction. Thank you. Rear Admiral Net Rear Admiral Net
mr52jen mr52jen 07/04/2018 Sold entire account. User was very knowledgeable, quick to respond, and paid instantly. Very enjoyable experience. AdmiralBoom AdmiralBoom
AdmiralBoom AdmiralBoom 07/04/2018 Purchased sellers account - Many thanks for the fast and easy transaction - highly recommend this trader mr52jen mr52jen
GodZe GodZe 07/01/2018 Terrific experience..... great deal, quick interaction, thank you GodZe!!!!! JediKel JediKel
JediKel JediKel 07/01/2018 Very good buyer, fast communication and trade. Highly recommended GodZe GodZe
Darek Darek 07/01/2018 Great transaction. Excellent service. Vaderhexagon Vaderhexagon
GodZe GodZe 07/01/2018 Nice ship with great price.good work softpoint softpoint
softpoint softpoint 06/30/2018 Very good buyer, fast trade, highly recomended GodZe GodZe
AstroJak AstroJak 06/29/2018 Bought LTI tokens, great trade! SirDoAlot SirDoAlot
Darek Darek 06/28/2018 Gotta be the best darn trader around, will never buy from anyone else! Straight forward and to the point, nothing but piece of mind through out the whole transaction... Helius-Centuri Helius-Centuri
SofiyaPavlovena SofiyaPavlovena 06/26/2018 A+++ fast and easy, thank you StarStuff StarStuff
StarStuff StarStuff 06/26/2018 Well.. he gave me the money and quick so. Thats nice. SofiyaPavlovena SofiyaPavlovena
Ornaldo Ornaldo 06/26/2018 Great buyer! Smooth transaction and fast payment. No issue at all :) Eric1084 Eric1084
Eric1084 Eric1084 06/26/2018 I payed, I got the spaceship :) Ornaldo Ornaldo
Rear Admiral Net Rear Admiral Net 06/20/2018 Smooth transaction and great communication. Thank you! Unit7644 Unit7644
Viking Viking 06/19/2018 It is nice to deal again - Hope you enjoy your ships! :D CheeseNorris CheeseNorris
CheeseNorris CheeseNorris 06/19/2018 Alway reliable and nice seller! Viking Viking
rastafury rastafury 06/17/2018 Good buyer, would trade again. Rear Admiral Net Rear Admiral Net
warlord5366 warlord5366 06/16/2018 Great Seller, all fine! drizzt1977 drizzt1977
Rear Admiral Net Rear Admiral Net 06/15/2018 again a good/easy trade suppe86 suppe86
suppe86 suppe86 06/15/2018 Another smooth transaction. Rear Admiral Net Rear Admiral Net
Unit7644 Unit7644 06/15/2018 Fast and smooth sale of Scythe. Trustworthy buyer. Rear Admiral Net Rear Admiral Net
drizzt1977 drizzt1977 06/09/2018 Quick and flawless transaction, great communication, will be happy to trade again. Rear Admiral Net Rear Admiral Net
silrerbay silrerbay 05/28/2018 Very good contact. No problems whatsoever with the transaction. Great seller TastySalad TastySalad