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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
AstroJak AstroJak 09/19/2018 Quick transaction, buyer answered my questions and even did a little searching and got back to me, will definitely buy again! LoveZombie LoveZombie
GDurbin GDurbin 09/18/2018 Great seller,quick trade Sck1229 Sck1229
LoveZombie LoveZombie 09/18/2018 Great buyer, easy to deal with... no hassles. AstroJak AstroJak
Codryn Codryn 09/14/2018 thanks for the good trade suppe86 suppe86
suppe86 suppe86 09/14/2018 Transaction went smooth, thank you for your trust. Codryn Codryn
UriahGNU UriahGNU 08/27/2018 Thank you for the purchase of the Nova Tank with Badlands skin. Buyer was friendly, communicates extremely well to messages and quick payment was essential. Thanks! Epicsuccess Epicsuccess
Epicsuccess Epicsuccess 08/27/2018 Thank you very much @Epicsuccess for helping me to find this! UriahGNU UriahGNU
Eugeene Eugeene 08/20/2018 Bought Aegis Gladius Valiant , got it within a minute, thank you sir! Lucasiro Lucasiro
GodZe GodZe 08/19/2018 Awesome and fast, would buy from again Hayzer Hayzer
Hayzer Hayzer 08/19/2018 Good communication and fast payment GodZe GodZe
Epicsuccess Epicsuccess 08/17/2018 good trade Furystorm Furystorm
Speenker Speenker 08/15/2018 Great seller, quick delivery Pang818 Pang818
silrerbay silrerbay 08/12/2018 Great Seller for a second time and threw in a submachinegun, definitely a trusted seller. CloudyDaze CloudyDaze
CloudyDaze CloudyDaze 08/12/2018 Great buyer! Quick payment and feedback. Highest recommendations! silrerbay silrerbay
Darek Darek 08/12/2018 Thanks! UriahGNU UriahGNU
silrerbay silrerbay 08/11/2018 Great seller CloudyDaze CloudyDaze
CloudyDaze CloudyDaze 08/11/2018 Great buyer! A+++ Have a nice game! silrerbay silrerbay
suppe86 suppe86 08/05/2018 Another smooth and fast transaction, good communication, thank you. Rear Admiral Net Rear Admiral Net
AstroJak AstroJak 08/02/2018 An honest dude, Knows what he is doing, and pretty helpful. PWS-Silver PWS-Silver
AstroJak AstroJak 08/02/2018 An honest dude, Knows what he is doing, and pretty helpful. PWS-Silver PWS-Silver
LostCauses LostCauses 08/01/2018 AAA buyer, good communication and fast payment GodZe GodZe
GodZe GodZe 08/01/2018 Good trade LostCauses LostCauses
WeylandCorpPilot WeylandCorpPilot 07/29/2018 Quick and hassle free sale of a Cat and Dragon combo package plus SH upgrade...hope to see him again! AstroJak AstroJak
AstroJak AstroJak 07/27/2018 very fast/easy trade... thank you very much :) suppe86 suppe86
suppe86 suppe86 07/27/2018 Very quick and easy sale of a high priced package. I would add Suppe86 to my list of trusted purchasers. AstroJak AstroJak