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  1. I've invested to much in Epic Seven, to switch to a different turn based rpg, weeb as i am prefers e7 & arknights xD
  2. For those who want to official imaged Shirts, this has been updated about a year ago so it's fairly up to current logo standards https://www.imperium.sc/shop/#!/
  3. yes that's true, but there was enough variety in when events happened to keep it fresh, but we will see i'm sure it will be worth playing just hoping it will surpass the L4D and not just come as a nock off clone
  4. watching the alpha was cool, we will see how much replayability they can build in to it before launch
  5. so whats the special thing other then the name xD
  6. they fly a bit smoother but it's a personnel feel to them, so the Gladius feels the lightest and you'll feel it while flying then the saber is next followed by the SH so think speed boats but add weight as you switch between the three that's kinda the feeling you'll get if you get my comparison. best thing to do is ether rent one in game or get someone that has it to load it up for your to take a spin in,
  7. only if you are standing next to them and use your inner thought (hold F) and in space if you use scan mode instead which is tab to load it up then left click.
  8. I personally picked the saber, it flys smoother, just have to rekit it right now with proper components as it comes with stealth style by default
  9. the heck is with that sway as it enters atmo xD
  10. Once we start keeping the stuff we earn and don't have to risk everything if you want to do a cargo run and then the game crashes and you lose everything, that will be the day 85% of the dread of playing this game will disappear, after that sure keybindings and more missions but meh lol just let me keep my UEC and ship i buy xD If the new game mode makes it so you can jump in for under an hour before work or bed then yeah i can see a larger group of people start playing again for that reason also, which in turn will hopefully make CIG balance thing out some more
  11. I suppose we don't have a option for mixer currently only twitch, we will have to look if it's feesable to add other options for listing your streaming information .
  12. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Yaaloblc1Y7KQYB4AGGszCrYU6V_rM7q84Qo5SjyBho/edit?usp=sharing
  13. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Yaaloblc1Y7KQYB4AGGszCrYU6V_rM7q84Qo5SjyBho/edit?usp=sharing share it around for people who find out as they are going and want to state they are
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