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  1. Welcome to the Fleet Stromglade, Glad to hear you're interested about the exploration side of things, the best way to express your interest especially towards one division or another would be to make sure you fill out your portal Profile's Divisional interest https://portal.starcitizenbase.com/user/view/4115 take mine for example at 90% exploration. Following that if you join in on discord & teamspeak to start up exploration discussions with other members so we all get to know who you are and what you want to do in a more specialized way. After that is all said and done after 3 months you can do the following, depending on what kinda of dedication you want to put forward. Ether get your signature done up so it's Exploration theme'd which anyone can do or apply to become an exploration specialist which will require you to go above and beyond a fleet members commitments. In the end what every you desire will not limit your participation in anything one division is doing as all fleet members can be equally involved in all divisions.
  2. I've run SC on three screens sometimes, just need to make use your video card is top tier to make it a smooth.
  3. CC-Corp

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    Let’s get to what we all want to see, someone post the pictures of the ship in game yet!!! 3 floors this ship manufacturer is massive lol
  4. CC-Corp


    Didn't someone shoot your leg xD
  5. CC-Corp


    Looks like a good change from the short match style games that have been popular recently like PUGB and Fortnight, H1Z1 and DayZ tryed to get this right and well DayZ got close but then bugs and hacked just killed the game for most of us xD, but lets hope @Lakota is up for a nice long walk thought the forest with us again
  6. It's is you can tell from the pirate paint job if you look at the end of the video you can see it when it spins around in the light after crashing it's the orange NPC pirate.
  7. But i like lighting the hype train on fire, i looks like it goes faster
  8. Sadly it looks to be a PS4 exclusive, RIP Death Stranding
  9. that makes it even more tempting, i'll join the facebook group and go from there
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