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  1. WinterDragon

    1.3 Going Live

    And you get drivers without license running over/killing over and over again when you are trying to explore! LOLOL! Damn annoying I must say.
  2. WinterDragon

    Imperium ship in SC "confirmed"...

    And now its has been speculated to be the image of the new Carrack.... kekeke I had to "clarify" it, getting some "advertisement mileage" for Imperium there. https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/197073/commlink-schedule-week-of-november-3rd/p6 Go chime in there =) WinterDragon
  3. WinterDragon

    Imperium ship in SC "confirmed"...

    and its the pic splashed across the top of the $60mil Letter from the Chairman... =) Great way to acknowledge Imperium even though I am sure that was not the intention. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/14283-Letter-From-The-Chairman
  4. Happened to see this pic on the net... clicking on it and expanding it.... I saw Imperium's gift to CIG.... https://robertsspaceindustries.com/media/9rvh28d7cj9dbr/source/Imcoming.jpg
  5. WinterDragon

    MISC Endeavor

    @Morgenroete Befits your status bro.
  6. WinterDragon

    Additional Dogtags Available

    Managed to snag one. Same problem with the stuck on "processing". Eventually paid for one and released the other back to let others have a chance at it. First Fleet! Woot!
  7. WinterDragon

    A real ninja - Kacy Catanzaro

    Wow! Hot Chick to boot! =)
  8. WinterDragon

    Rumor about AC release this Wednesday (fake)

    I can't. I think its being overwhelmed as we speak.
  9. WinterDragon

    Rumor about AC release this Wednesday (fake)

    I am guessing they need to compile everything and releasing it as a patch. That takes time.
  10. WinterDragon

    The Next Great Starship Episode 1.15

    I think CR summed it up pretty nicely. The perfect combination would be the Boomslang exterior paired with the Redeemer interior. Best of both world!
  11. WinterDragon

    The Imperium Story V2

    1st up, AWESOME effort! I am amazed at the talent, especially that VOICE! Hahahaha When is this going onto the RSI Organisation thread as part of our recruitment effort? Came across this post on the RSI forums, is this post referring to same person? @TheWolf https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/comment/1944688/#Comment_1944688 If not, I think we should send in the clip to Martin Galway and have his audit for a voiceover role!
  12. WinterDragon

    Banu Merchantman

    I think the scale looks out of proportion to the stats. It looks way larger in this concept picture using the human figure at the ladder as a guide compared to the stats. Looking forward to more details.
  13. WinterDragon

    Aegis Avenger - Small Update from devs

    Hi All, An update from the devs possible affecting the Avenger.. Kestral | Kestral said: I have a question that has been bothering me for some time now. The Avenger has a T5 thruster that (as best I can tell from the artwork) is about 1/10 (or smaller) the size of the T4 thrusters on the 300 series. If this is fantastic new technology (on an obsolete fighter) one would thing the other manufacturers would have duplicated it by now... What gives? It isn't exactly clear at this moment as to why the Avenger ended up with a T5. We are going to reevaluate this and possibly bump it down. Here is the permalink for it.
  14. WinterDragon

    What Ships Will You Be Flying in the Dogfighter

    From what I understand, if none of your pledged ships are ready when DFM comes out, CIG will "loan" you a hornet so that you can play/fly in the DFM. As soon as one of your ships gets released, that "loaned" hornet will be taken back cos you have your own ship to fly. Make sense?