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  1. As i get better at making videos im doing more ship overviews. They are designed to bee quick, easy, and for those who may be new to the game. So here is my second video on the Drake Cutlass Black.
  2. Hello nerds. I’m starting streaming on YouTube and attempting to put out more content there. I would appreciate if you can come check out what I have created so far and if you like it hit that sub button. Get the time hit the bell and you can come check out the stream. Much appreciated. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZazVZaqf62UJc37G7dgZew
  3. I believe two people would be preferred as the scanner works as a directional turret. You have the pilot moving the ship while a buddy scans. If you were alone you may have to stop or if you find something in space quickly get out of the scanner seat and run back to the pilot seat. The terrapin now does not have the greatest weapons and it’s very slow moving. The shields have a lot of hit points but very slow to recharge. It does not maneuver well. So with all that I do not believe it will be a tactical scanner. I can’t really answer the third question cause I don’t know much about the other two ships. I don’t know what the multirole will be unless they add maybe a repair option in space since it’s tough it can take hits, repair a ship and get out.
  4. I have not made a Youtube video in awhile and i want to do more, so being the Terrapin is the Subscriber ship of the month i made one. Tell me what you think.
  5. How do you get linked to this though i'm a Mixer streamer and want to start streaming this game more.
  6. Thank you! Was a fun night.
  7. Anyone here live stream Star Citizen?
  8. Chivashon


    I just got the Gladius Variant and i'm loving it right now. My primary bounty hunting solo ship.
  9. Chivashon

    RSI Mantis

    We should be seeing these more often after 3.7.1. I believe they are testing interdiction now from what i understood on the patch notes. Does this mean more piracy in the Persistent universe soon?
  10. Thank you very much! Glad to be here. This game will be awesome and will hurt my credit card for years to come.
  11. Chivashon

    Banu Defender

    This ship is a beast. The accuracy of its lasers are amazing. TOO amazing honestly. No PIP needed.
  12. Oh it was fun even if it took hours to get our criminal statuses revoked and i had no guns.
  13. Hello! I submitted a new application to join. Referred by PowerwagenKevin and VoA
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