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Found 86 results

  1. Apparently it seems that Crytek wants a piece of the cake after the success CIG brought with using the founding elements of CryEngine. They now are suing for copyright infringement. I feel like this is a last dick move to try and save themselves before they finally go under. https://www.scribd.com/document/367101474/Crytek-v-CIG
  2. Want to Buy WTB RSI at 70%

    Looking to buy up to $2,070 of RSI credit at 70% of the original price. If you're interested please PM me. Thank you!
  3. Game Day, November 25th

    Hello @Imperium Members! I would like to make an announcement regarding the next Imperium Game Day’s activities! As you may know already Patch 3.0 is (not so rapidly) approaching and it’s within the realm of possibility that the next scheduled Game Day may fall on a date where PTU is out of Evocati and semi-public. It’s reasonable to expect some sort of layered release as usual and not everyone will have access at the same time. With that said here are the contingencies for the next Game Day. Game Day for November will take place on the 25th. If 3.0 is not in a semi-public PTU or still with Evocati we will treat this month’s Game Day as a last attempt to get some practice in on our EVA, FPS, and Flight skills before 3.0. You can expect the usual, Star Marine, Flight Training, Game modes like, Zombie mode, Drunken Citizen, etc.. If 3.0 is in semi-public PTU we will be indulging the patience of those who have been foaming at the mouth for months and will prioritize playing 3.0 and streaming it for those who might not yet have access. If in some unholy change of events Chris holds an impromptu naked drunken late night stream and releases 3.0 public, we will be holding an Official 3.0 Imperium Game Day Event with lots of giveaways / Prizes. I would expect this not to happen before next month, though I will elaborate on the 3.0 Public Release Event further down. Of course, things get delayed and that is why we have plans for each option. We will learn more this coming Friday with the weekly 3.0 update and have an even better idea after the Anniversary presentation on the 24th. Previous Game Day: Would like to thank everyone who attended last Game Day! We had lots of fun! Special thanks goes out to @XLB and @Space-Moose who make a special effort to be present and provide flight training for anyone who wants to practice. It’s not everyday you get to train with the best! For those of you who don’t know these pilots are already offering something similar outside of Game Day as well, so if you can’t make it for the one on Game Day, or just want to train a little more please check out this link where you can get more information regarding flight training: Also, congratulations go out to @McKaby, @Endamaren, @TheOnly, and @rimmer59 who won gift cards for their participation in the 4 different game-day events. Winner's have until the next scheduled Game Day to accept their gift card otherwise we may send them to future winners. As mentioned in the contingency for this upcoming GameDay, we have special plans for the Public release of patch 3.0 Regardless of the date of the previous or future GameDay’s we are going to hold a special event to celebrate this long awaited patch the weekend of it’s release. Please understand that we may not be able to give much notice ahead of time but if you keep up with the CIG’s weekly updates you should have a good idea when to expect it. Of course, when we have a firm date we will post a much more flashy announcement and ping everyone via Forum/E-mail. Please keep this special event in mind and join us the weekend of the public 3.0 launch. We promise you will not be disappointed. Some of you may even leave with a new ship in your hangar! Details will be posted upon date confirmation from CIG. Standard Game Day Details Joining Game Day For those of you that want to make a return visit, or show up for the first time, you only need to enter the Landing Channel on TeamSpeak (ts.starcitizenbase.com), and one of our Hosts will direct you to the action! If you decide to take part in on the fun, please consider recording any events you take part in. We like to turn collected footage into fun promotional videos for our website or YouTube channel! Raffles and Prizes As every other Game Day, we’ll be offering raffle prizes based on individual participation levels! Raffles will be based on individual activities during Game Day, so here is the list of raffles you can enter: Participation Raffle - by checking in with a host in the Landing Channel, you can be entered Arena Commander Raffle - by attempting any mode within Arena Commander, completing it, and providing a screenshot, you will be entered Host Created event Raffle - by taking part in a Host Created event, completing it, and providing a screenshot, you will be entered Custom Events Raffle - by taking part in an official Custom Event run, you will be entered into this final raffle All the raffle prizes will be $10 RSI gift cards (Additional prizes may be provided, and will be announced at the start of Game Day) Newbie Info If you’re brand new to Star Citizen, we recommend getting in touch with us on Teamspeak or, checking this link out:
  4. RSI Lynx - Rover

    The Lynx Rover we know is an Ursa Rover variant (according to what Ben mentioned on a Batgirl episode).... though there is still a possibility that it could be a stand-alone rover. Until this week the Lynx is only available to those that purchase the Phoenix..... but now there is a Mega Combo pack now on sale (and sense many of us are "collectors" of spaceships and rovers - I thought it was worth a mention now even though the Lynx concept sale is probably a little ways off = but could be at Gamescom) PSA: Lynx rover being sold for the first time in cyclone sale I'll add more and edit the OP when the stand-alone concept sale roles out.
  5. Hi guys, would like to buy some RSI store credits at discounted price. PM with offer, thinking atm about smth close to few aquillas.
  6. Want to Buy Buying RSI Credits

    Hi there. I'm interested in buying RSI store credits preferably a 100 UEC chit or 100-120 worth of credits in ships in any form. Willing to pay 80-90% with PP fees included. Only buying from a reputable seller or else I'm just going to Kane_reddit but thought I'd start here at the base first Thanks in advance.
  7. LAST EDIT: 22/Jan/2018 Hi everyone / I mainly have ships/vehicles that are either from lore, concept, development or being re-worked, and I constantly add more to the albums. NOTE: I've started to keep/restore the albums for ships that are now flyable as I've had a few requests for them. Aopoa (Xi'An) | "Capital" | Khartu-Al | Nox: Nox - (Skins) | "Oracle" | "Transport" | Volper | Aegis | Avenger (Re-work): Renegade - Stalker - Titan - Warlock | Eclipse | Gladius: Gladius - 'Valiant' | Hammerhead | Idris | Javelin | Reclaimer | Redeemer | Retaliator: Retaliator - (Modules) | Sabre: 'Comet' - Raven - Sabre | Vanguard (Variants): Harbinger - HopLite - Sentinel - Warden | Anvil | A4A 'Hurricane' | Carrack | Crucible | F7: F7A 'Hornet' Mk II - F7C 'Hornet' - F7C 'Wildfire' - F7C-M 'Super Hornet' - F7C-R 'Tracker' - F7C-S 'Ghost' | | F8 'Lightning' | Pisces | T8 'Gladiator' | U4A-3 'Terrapin' | U9A-1 'Hawk' | Argo Astronautics | MPUV-1C | MPUV-1P | BIRC (Banu) | Defender | Merchantman | Consolidated Outland | Mustang (Re-Work) | Pioneer | Crusader | Genesis: Starliner | Drake | Buccaneer | Caterpillar: Caterpillar - (Skins) | Cutlass: Black - Blue - Red | Dragonfly: Dragonfly - (Skins) | Herald | Esperia | "Blade" | "Glave" | "Prowler" | Kruger | P-52 Merlin | P-72 Archimedes | MISC | Endeavor | Freelancer (Variants): DUR - Freelancer - MAX - MIS | Hull: A - B - C - D - E | Prospector | | Razor | Reliant (Variants): Kore - Mako - Sen - Tana | Starfarer: Gemini - Starfarer | Origin | 300: 300i - 315p - 325a - 350r | 600i: Explorer - Touring | 85x | 890 Jump | M50 | X1 (Variants): Force - Velocity - X1 | RSI | Aurora (Variants): CL - ES - LN - LX - MR - (Skins) | Bengal | Constellation: Andromeda - Aquila - Phoenix - Taurus | | Lynx | Orion | Pegasus | Polaris | Ursa | Zeus | RSI/Aegis | Retribution | Tumbril | Cyclone | Nova | Vanduul | "Cleaver" | "Driller" | "Harvester" | "Hunter" | "Kingship" | "Mauler" | "Scythe" | "Stinger" | "Void" | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ship Components | Coolers | Fuel Tanks & Intakes | Gun's | Missiles / Torpedoes | | Power-Plants | Quantum & Jump Drives | Radars | Shield Generators | -------------------------------------------- BONUS -------------------------------------------- Characters | Banu | Human | Tevarin | Vanduul | Xi'An | Wildlife | First Person Components | Armor, Uniforms & Clothing | mobiGlas | Tools / Equipment | Weapons | Places | Environments | Shubin | Star Systems Concepts | Terra | Truck-stop / Space Stations | Stanton | 1 (Hurston) | 1a (Ariel) | 1b (Aberdeen) | 1c (Magoa) | 1d (Ita) | | 2 (Crusader) | 2a (Celin) | 2b (Daymar) | 2c (Yela) | | AB (Arron Halo) | * (Delamar) | | 3 (ArcCorp) | 3a (Lyria) | 3b (Wala) | | 4 (Microtech) | 4a (Calliope) | 4b (Clio) | 4c (Euterpe) | Other | Drones / Probes | Land Claiming | Logos | Posters/Ads | Racing | Sataball | Other Vanduul Art | UI |
  8. My group has reorganized our fleet again since the Anniversary Sale and we have left over credits available. - RSI Orion Mining Platform with 6 months insurance, $325 melt value for $275 (I cover PayPal fees). - RSI Constellation Aquila with 6 months insurance, $275 melt value for $250 (I cover PayPal fees). I am PayPal verified for 15+ years, with multiple trades on SCB, and over 700 positive feedback on eBay. Price is non-negotiable and no trades are accepted. You must be PayPal verified and post a PM notice here prior to messaging me for a purchase. All trades will be conducted via PayPal invoice for everyone's safety and security. I am not offering any other ships/amounts at this time. Please note: - RSI/CIG only allow gifting/transferring of up to $1000 every 24 hours and this is first come/first serve, so delays are possible, but I will let you know right away if this is the case. - I don't purchase the necessary giftable ship until your order comes through and there is a 24 hour cool down before you can melt it, but this time ticks off simultaneously, so you won't have to wait twice. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
  9. Hi, I want to buy 950$ rsi credits at ~75% or less (including fees). edit: No longer current, can be deleted.
  10. I want to sell a RSI Polaris Corvette with LTI edit: not longer available
  11. We have a totally new paradigm where CIG is selling capital ships like never before. At the Anniversary sale 2016 an unprecedented amount of Idris was offered: 5 batches of 200 ships in each batch for a total of 1000 Capital ships in a single sale. The effect was grave, CIG killed off the demand for this previously rare ship and more than half of the ships remained unsold at the 26th of November -a week after the start of the sale. CIG now decided it was a bad idea to officially state how much they inflate the numbers of capital ships because that killed off the demand. The solution they came up with was to sell 100 Javelins in a stealth batch at the announcement of the final Grand Finale on the 26th November at 1PM PST, this was followed by yet another stealth Javelin batch of 100, none of which is officially mentioned in clear numbers as to not kill off the demand by the enormous volume dilution that these sales represent. It is also interesting to note that of the 450 Javelins that was sold in one week 300 were offered for Cash Only, so this is a clear cash-grab move. This represents a new paradigm in that CIG no longer cares about capital ship rarity, they care only about deceiving backers by not officially stating they they sell 100's and hundreds more ships than the sale description states as to not kill the demand and make the maximum amount on new fresh cash. The Idris and Javelin are no longer rare and powerful capital ships that needs to be kept at a low number. The only rarity concern CIG has is to keep demand high to maximize cash revenue, thus they have started selling capital ships in Stealth Batches that are totally unannounced and for Cash Only. The overselling of capital ships had grave implications. Not only do we now have over twice as many Javelins as before but these ships were available for hours and hours without selling out, a sign that the demand is sated and probably would they have sold out faster CIG would have offered more, as many as the market can bare for mazimum amount of New Cash. I can't imagine the completionist 17500$ Backer that probably justified his pledge level by getting a Javelin that previously was a ship only available in 1-10 sec sales out of a year being happy about that instead of paying 17500 USD before, you could have just taken your time and comfortably within a total of over 24 HRS of javelin availability spent 2700$ for the same ship. What we can abstract from CIG's new marketing tactics is: CIG is not anymore concerned with limiting capital ships for game balance reasons, they are only concerned in keeping demand high. CIG knows rarity is a driving factor for capital ship demand CIG wants to keep the true javelin numbers a secret/the official numbers low to not lower demand CIG peculiarly enough decided to go through with the unanounced 100 Cash Only javelin batch on 1PM PST 26th november at a time where only 50% of Idris had sold out, almost to the dollar making up for the projected loss of profit from the Cash Only Idrises. Using this wonderful forum as a platform I'm going to go on record and make a prediction about where CIG marketing is heading with their capital ship sales going forward. Based on CIG's clear will to sell javelins for cash only in unannounced not officially acknowleadged large volume batches I predict the following: A Holiday Livestream 2016 sale of unannounced Cash only javelins of up to three batches of 100 each adjusted after demand with a possible addition of 50 javelins Store Credit allowed to not upset previous backers too much. The secret sale would be launched at the commensation of the Holiday Livestream at a time with maximum site traffic for maximu sale speed/sales oppurtinity. The sales will not be officially acknowleadged and no numbers of batches of numbers of ships in each batch will be mentioned to keep the image of javelin being a rare ship alive. The goal is to sell as many javelins for cash only as the market can bare. So the prediction is we will se another 350 Javelins sold for a total of 700 javelins sold in 2016. What does this new marketing tactic mean for Capital Ship numbers on launch of the PU? 2012 100 Idris-M sold 2013 150 Idris-P sold 2014 200 Idris-P sold in 4 batches of 50 2015 Introduction of the 2500$ Idris-P containing Armada pack (unknown amount sold commonly predicted thousands) and 100 Idris-P sold 2016 1000 Idris-P sold in 5 batches of 200 So almost a Tenfold increase of the amount sold in previous years in 2016. Extrapolating the new annual sales volumes and using the Roadmap laid out by CR (which is aleady heavily delayed) we are looking at a 2020 PU release at the earliest which gives us 1000 more Idris in 2017, 1000 more Idris in 2018, 1000 more Idris in 2019, and a possible 1000 more Idris in 2020. Total number of Idris at PU release with current sales volumes= 4550 to 5550 plus an unknown amount of Armada packages for a total of a conservative 6000+ estimate. These are not numbers that support a 1250$ price, these ships wil e so common that everyone will aim for one and thus the acquisition time will have to be lowered accordingly and thus the USD convert price from CIG's own UEC ingame store will be much lower than the 1250$ we paid. 2014 200 Javelin sold in 4 batches of 50 2015 200 Javelin sold in 4 batches of 50 (officially excused by a growing number of accounts allowing more to be sold though Turbulent has claimed the real backer numbers when we had 1,5 million accounts was 500 000 persons with 3 accounts each) 2016 250 Javelins sold officially 100 javelins sold off the record, And a prediction of 350 more sold in the anniversary sale Thus in 2020 at PU launch (according to the roadmap laid out in citizencon 2016 this will be the earliest launch date) and taking the new yearly sales volumes into account we will have 400 + 350 + 350 2017 + 350 2018 + 350 2019 = 1550 at the lowest plus the additional completionist owners and my prediciton: 400 + 700 + 700 2017 + 700 2018 + 700 2019 + 700 2020 = 3900 Javelins at PU launch.
  12. Price increases coming?

    The trend set from the latest CIG concept sales have been increased prices. We have had the Dragonfly for 35$ which is actually 10$ more than a capable Aurora MR. Then we had the Prospector for 140$ followed by Terrapin for 195$ (which I hope was priced low since I want it to be overpowered and have the longest range of all ships in the game) though it was still pricey for a 19,5m long ship intended for a solo pilot. After that we got the big hugely anticipated Polaris for 750 (not counting the 625$ pre-sale discount). The terrapin, prospector and dragonfly indicate that the smaller ships might be getting a price increase in coming sales for example the Cutlass might increase to 125$ after its rework and the 300i series might increase 25$ above their base-prices after the 300-series rework. We have already seen the m50 and 350r increase 20 and 25$ respectively from 80 and 100 original price so this is nothing new. Also the 750 Polaris brakes the trend of the next tier of capital ship being 200% the price of the tier below it that the Idris and Javelin has as a price relation. This might mean Idris is now intended to be 1500$ and Javelin intended to be 3000$, would make sense. So what do you think? Will we see an across the board price increase where Idris will be 1500$ at the next sale (probably in a big value-pack but valued at 1500$)?
  13. Would like to trade your 890J for my Polaris :-)
  14. Complete Phoenix LTI

    *****Got what i needed, topic can be closed****
  15. RSI Ursa Rover

    The Ursa (Latin for Bear) was originally included with the Constellation Aquila, then when sold individually for $50 after the GamesCom 3.0 demo we got a lot more info about the ground vehicle. Two seats in the front, and up to 4 in the back with a couple weapon racks, it can cruse around difficult terrain. Similar to the Argo, the Ursa has a wide loading ramp, and a narrow side entry for personnel.
  16. RSI Polaris Video

    Ive made my first video and will be continuing to do them, im posting it here for feedback, Im already getting a new mic so that would be an issue. Please give me any feedback this is not my first video but basically still is in a way so anything will be greatly appreciated.
  17. Hi, I am selling my account, just have no interest in playing Star Citizen anymore. Melt value: $55.00 Upgrade Applied: Aurora MR => Avenger Titan => Reliant Kore Feel free to PM me or add me on Skype for more info. My Skype Username is xmaisonn1x .
  18. Prices are non-negotiable (except for a bulk purchase, see below). I'm not in a hurry, I just have more than I can use. Verified Paypal only; you will receive an invoice to your PayPal email address, minimum purchase is $250 RSI for $210, I will cover the fees on these transactions (that can mean another 3-4% savings for you). Due to the 24 hour gifting limit daily sales/purchases in excess of $1000 will incur a delay. I will inform you before you pay if this happens. For references I also 526 positive feedback on eBay, 20-something trades on Reddit, and I am PayPal verified for 15+ years. You can trade with me with confidence. SPECIAL: $340 USD Starfarer Gemini for $270! (approx: 79%) three sold/two left My usual rates for other amounts are below: 250 RSI for $210 (84%) 500 RSI for $410 (82%) 750 RSI for $600 (80%) 1000 RSI for $780 (78%) I have a limited number Starfarer Gemini's, so the SPECIAL is first come, first serve. I have plenty of RSI otherwise; if you're looking to get an Armada or other big purchase at a good discount, I can probably set you up a nice bulk deal. Remember that the Polaris Corvette should be right behind the Dragonfly next week! Thanks! All gone for now - Thanks!
  19. Complete Big RSI Credit Sale

    You must post a PM notice here prior to messaging me for a purchase. Prices are non-negotiable (except for a bulk purchase, see below). I'm not in a hurry, I just have more than I can use, and need to do some rig upgrades. Verified Paypal only; you will receive an invoice to your PayPal email address, minimum purchase is $250 RSI for $210 including fees. That's right, no surprises here, I will cover the fees on these transactions (that can mean another 3-4% savings for you). Due to the 24 hour gifting limit daily sales/purchases in excess of $1000 will incur a delay. I will inform you before you pay if this happens. For references I also 519 positive feedback on eBay, and I am PayPal verified for 15+ years. You can trade with me with confidence. 250 RSI for $210 (84%) 500 RSI for $410 (82%) 750 RSI for $600 (80%) 1000 RSI for $780 (78%) I have plenty; if you're looking to get an Armada or other big purchase at a good discount, I can probably set you up a nice deal. [Closed to start new thread]
  20. Verified Paypal only; you will receive an invoice for a Aegis Redeemer for a total of $215 USD including fees. I will prepare and send your purchase to your PayPal email address within hours of your payment, but I am only going to set these up as people buy them so you may have to wait several hours before you can actually melt them. If you want more than one just remember that there is a gifting limit of $1000 every 24 hours. If it matters I was saving up for an Armada pack when they go on sale again, but now I need some serious replacement parts for my rig, and I have to recover some SC funds. For references I have 17 verified trades on Reddit, 517 positive feedback on eBay, and I am PayPal verified for 15+ years. You can trade with me with confidence.
  21. I want to sell an Endeavor Pods (Medical, Landing, General Research) Prices are including paypalfee. Medical Bay 3year 75€/ 85$ Landing Bay 3year 75€/ 85$ General Research 3year 50€/ 55$ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sabre LTI (Original Concept Sale) -> SOLD
  22. Hi, buying non-LTI ships and game packages below melt depending on volume. Paying via Paypal.
  23. RSI web page broken?

    Saw this when i pulled it up. Did a good refresh and cleared my cache to no help.
  24. RSI - Polaris - Corvette

    RSI Polaris About the Polaris The Polaris is a nimble corvette-class capital ship that packs a powerful punch with a full armament of turrets and torpedoes. Intended for use as both a naval patrol ship and to serve as the flagship of militia operations, Polaris has the capacity to perform search and rescue operations, light strike missions and general security patrols. The Polaris includes the facilities to repair, rearm and refuel a single fighter, light bomber or support ship. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/promotions/rsi-polaris-presale
  25. https://www.reddit.com/r/Starcitizen_trades/comments/41fdcj/wtsmisc_endeavor_lti_cost_350/ WTS MISC Endeavor LTI @Cost $350 - Buyer pays fee's Upgraded from Sabre LTI MISC Endeavor Ship LTI Lifetime Insurance VFG Industrial Hangar Aegis Sabre Poster Takuetsu Aegis Sabre Model, decoration for hangar $350 - Buyer pays fee's PP Verified only Paypal email must match RSI account email Previous trade history / reputation gives priority All trades are 100% safe as I have dealt with hundreds of trades and sales as well as my free LTI service back in 2013 and onwards. Trusted with proof of dealing with thousands of dollars worth of ships in the past! STAR-ZJHZ-HB2Y feel free to use my recruitment code