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  1. Awesome and sublim, I was waiting for this product since day one, but definitively 1A0£ for a model not assembled nor painted is prohibitive (and we have to add VAT and transport fees so it more around 150€). This is the market price for premium die cast models. And you can find comparable plastic painted die cast for 30£ on other franchises... The magnet and swapable weapons are very clever and engaging, but you may be able provide more attractive price with simpler starting models (a simple gladius with no moving parts for example?). I would rather be very interested by your smaller (1/600 ?) version of the super hornet (I would be glad to provide a rule for a strategic boad game using those models ... the problem would be to supply 30 to 50 of those models for less than a thousand euros 😅).
  2. Hello, I would like to know if you found points of interest in Loreville : Eventualy I'm looking for ... alternative opportunities for exotic comodities supplier ... a "no questions ask" terminal for example 😁 As an example I found a township at perimeter gate 4
  3. Yes that's why i proposed both ww2 and modern era figures 😀 Any way, the poing is : don't expect thousand of ships per fleet : when you look at the SQ42 trailer the Idriss is navigating solo, without cover of smaller ship Future will tell us for sure 😊 My humble bet is on a multitude of small tasks forces of a maximum of 10 ships around a single Bengal... it's only a bet and shall not be took as an affirmation
  4. The number shouldn't be so high : CIG is mimicking the united state army both modern and WW2 era Modern era is 12 carrier + 300 various ships WW2 era (1944) is 28 carrier, 70 escort carrier, 23 battleships + 1200 various ships My guess would be between those 2 figures with less battleships and more escort carrier ... maybe 12 bengals, 1 or 2 retribution, 50 pegasus and 200 Idriss For the carrier born squadrons we may have the figures somewhere in the lore but the retaliators may take a lot of room compare to hornet squadrons
  5. Sound like a good "first contact" 😁 Welcome
  6. Hello, with the new patch the Cutlass Red has been introduced. There are claim of the introduction of "medical gameplay" But in the same time the healing of NPC has been postponned to a future patch Do you know what is the actual "medical gameplay" Is it just the respawn mechanic and healing bed ? Or are there any SAR mission implemented ?
  7. Is the ban effective on your secondary account ? You may keep track of your refund and present it to CIG to prove your good faith
  8. If the problem persist you may create a ticket in the issue council : https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/issue-council/star-citizen-alpha-3/create You can use the title [missing "stanton system" button]
  9. Do you have access to the free flight mode ? If so you can try a workaround for another bug (it may contribute to help ...) load Multiplayer Free Flight mode in Arena Commander with the freelancer Lie in bed in the Freelancer Select "Power Off" from the bed Select "Log Out" from the bed Exit AC and return to main menu Try the PU again
  10. Do you have created your character ? (I do not see a logical link but who knows ? ....)
  11. You did not have the "stanton system" button ? What do you have in your "my hangar" section of your account on the RSI website ?
  12. I'm not a specialist, but there might be the & and $ caracters that could cause problems.
  13. Do you have specific caracters in your password ? If there is an authentication problem already on the website, the problem might come from the password itself. Do you had a validation of your computer (you receive an authentication code on your webmail to "activate" your computer) ?
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