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  1. Do you have the game on an SSD or a classical hard drive ?
  2. Hi again, squadron are now called clubs
  3. Don't forget that you will be able to obtain thoses ships in game, so you don't need to throw all your money. On top of that, most of the ships evolve heavily year after years so what your put your money into may not be what you wanted at the end of the road To give you an example I initially pledge for a super hornet that was supposed to be the king of the fighters ... and is now just a sitting duck. I then heard that cargo hauling was very profitable, bought with real money a Cutlass and grinded ... a month to afford a Catterpillar with in game money. And by that time you coul
  4. Hello and welcome, what is your time zone ?
  5. Regarding the other chapters, initially SQ 42 was supposed to be released in 3 chapters, but initial backers were supposed to get those 3 chapters (or at least a free second chapter) ... so it was more a question of release in 3 differents steps ... Now we didn't get news on the release since 3 or 4 years.... so things may have evolved ... but regarding the evolution of pricing, it is fair to assume that new players will have to pay for each chapter separately. And what is called a chapter may be a little bit reducting : the actual first chapter is something like 28 missions ... so
  6. No subscription planned But some other chapter of the solo SQ 42 At worst they will be selling skins : take a look at the business model of Team Fortress 2 : https://www.ign.com/articles/2012/03/08/how-and-why-team-fortress-2-made-valve-super-rich
  7. Heavily depending on mission and the server load : Eckhart group bounty mission can respawn instantaneously Group bounty mission respawn 5 mn after completion Idriss Mission can respawn after 1H30
  8. 2 great reservoir of ship name : Star citizen lore (to be trully immersive) Homeworld ship names, and especially Homeworld Cataclysm which provide a lot of ship names https://homeworld.fandom.com/wiki/Kushan https://homeworld.fandom.com/wiki/Homeworld:_Cataclysm
  9. Hello and welcomeWhat is your time zone ?
  10. So you may want to add some minerals to refine, and transport them when the total will be worth it Another alternative is to join one of our mining ops to make a lot of money, gets a few tips, and get all you need to mine efficiently ... and all of that in a friendly atmosphere
  11. With upgrading out of the scope, I can only think of lowering the graphical settings and ensure that the game is installed on the SSD ...
  12. You can rent a cargo ship ( cutlass / freelancer ) in any cargo deck https://scfocus.org/ship-sale-rental-locations-history/#rent-location
  13. Be carefull about building mechanics : in Star Citizen you would not be allowed to build aircraft industry, just like aircraft factory right now : you may be able to build the hangar, the machinery but you still will not have access to patent and design of the Anvil aircraft, there will be an exclusivity for the production of the ships, they will be produced in limited number of places On the other hand, with the colonization mechanic, we may be able to build a tons of differents extraction and industrial facilities
  14. Preparing the torpedoes for a warm welcome of the Xenothreat. 

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