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  1. Hello, welcome ! What is your time zone ?
  2. Is the freelancer the ship given by CIG to everybody ? The problem may come from this specific ship
  3. Oki, and when the terminal indicate that the ship spawned, does it show the ship on your HUD (a little blue icon showing a direction and a distance ) ? I recommand you to try to base yourself at Levsky, on Delamar : this is a less crowded place with less bugs. From therre you can perform drug transport mission (mission -> personnal) : at the beginning it is one of the most efficient and less risky way to make money. The bonus is that you don't need initial money to perform thoses mission, so if you crash you don't loose anything. If you need a taxi to go there I will be happy to give you a ride. What is your time zone ?
  4. It's a little bug : just exit to the menu and log in again (you will join another server) ☺
  5. Torpedo bomber or pilot of whateever ship is able to shake a vanduul capital ship .... and merchant to pay for the torpedos 😁
  6. Hello What is your time zone ? We may hang up together sometime 😊
  7. Thank you for your kind reply. My budget would be 50€ (including VAT and delivery)(this represent a 30% markup compare to similar die cast + 1 or 2 hours to paint the model with a small additionnal budget for paint, brush ...) ... so I will follow closely your smaller scale models. A solution to limit your risk when developing a new model would be to take pre-order and launch the design when a target number is reached (like a quick starter but without the fees).
  8. +1 At this stage I think (tbc) that you can navigate to someone on the planet with the friend system The system seems to be quite accurate You can use flashlight purple stick to point a specific direction But there is clearly a lack of navigation and pointer tools ... You have also the problematic of the weapon range : you have no weapon that allow for engagement at high altitude (limitation to 2 to 3 km for size 2 weapons) This limitation may be discarded with higher weapon size though
  9. You can see a demo of the battlefield mode (theatre of war) that feature a CAS sequence So yes it is implemented 😊 You basically take any ship and fire like a dumbass at anything on the ground 😈
  10. Awesome and sublim, I was waiting for this product since day one, but definitively 110£ for a model not assembled nor painted is prohibitive (and we have to add VAT and transport fees so it more around 150€). This is the market price for premium die cast models. And you can find comparable plastic painted die cast for 30£ on other franchises... The magnet and swapable weapons are very clever and engaging, but you may be able provide more attractive price with simpler starting models (a simple gladius with no moving parts for example?). I would rather be very interested by your smaller (1/600 ?) version of the super hornet (I would be glad to provide a rule for a strategic boad game using those models ... the problem would be to supply 30 to 50 of those models for less than a thousand euros 😅).
  11. Hello, I would like to know if you found points of interest in Loreville : Eventualy I'm looking for ... alternative opportunities for exotic comodities supplier ... a "no questions ask" terminal for example 😁 As an example I found a township at perimeter gate 4
  12. Yes that's why i proposed both ww2 and modern era figures 😀 Any way, the poing is : don't expect thousand of ships per fleet : when you look at the SQ42 trailer the Idriss is navigating solo, without cover of smaller ship Future will tell us for sure 😊 My humble bet is on a multitude of small tasks forces of a maximum of 10 ships around a single Bengal... it's only a bet and shall not be took as an affirmation
  13. The number shouldn't be so high : CIG is mimicking the united state army both modern and WW2 era Modern era is 12 carrier + 300 various ships WW2 era (1944) is 28 carrier, 70 escort carrier, 23 battleships + 1200 various ships My guess would be between those 2 figures with less battleships and more escort carrier ... maybe 12 bengals, 1 or 2 retribution, 50 pegasus and 200 Idriss For the carrier born squadrons we may have the figures somewhere in the lore but the retaliators may take a lot of room compare to hornet squadrons
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