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  1. Regarding the power generation I have no clue, but regarding the high power laser, did you take a look at the "laser megajoule" that addition multiple lasers to product a massive beam (it's probably not yet at the scale for your need, but it may be a first path).
  2. Welcome ! Do you have any privilegied gameplay (Combat, Trade, Exploration) ?
  3. Hello, is the promotional package the account created during the free flight week ?
  4. During the alpha, your components are not lost if your ship is lost, they respawn with it during the next reclaim.
  5. The reliant may be only available on special sales event ☺
  6. Yesterday the route was crawling with Caterpillar and Carrack ... had to do server hoping to get some stock to buy ...
  7. Even if you get a cheap ship with the starter pack, imperium folks will be able to lend you their ships to test ... and help you to buyships in game 😉
  8. Nice !!!! How did you manage to have the last sequence with a traveling without any HUD display ?
  9. Welcome, are you interested in a specific profession (trade, mining, combat, exploration ... ) ?
  10. macgivre

    Hi all

    Bonjour et bienvenue. Alors tu es plutôt intéressé par quelle profession ? (Commerce, Combat, Exploration .... un peu de tout ça réuni ?) N'hésites pas si tu veux un coup de main en jeu il y a moyen de se faire des petites sessions de groupe 😊
  11. Hello, so what activity are you interested in ? (Trade, combat, exploration, both ?) What is your time zone ?
  12. Woh never get this bug yet ... I can't imagine the time you gave to get to 800K aUEC With your freelancer, you may try the "remove the claim jumper" mission : you get 10K aUEC for each mission, it take 10 to 15mn to complete and you can stack 3 or 4 of them (you always get 2 in the same location). This is a combat mission, but the freelancer get very good weapons and it can do the job You can also try the "personal" delivery mission for illicit stuf ... a guy showed in a video that they were 15K aUEC worth at port Olissar : take 2 of them going to the same destination and you will grind a little bit more efficiently ... in addition, even if you get caught by police, the fine is around 10K aUEC ... so you would be able to refund your fine with only 1 box A little trick I used when performing trade run is to disconnect every hour : and to disconnect only near the outpost where I will buy stuff next time : so when I log in, I check on the chat if the server is alive and then I need only 10mn to buy the stuff and get to nearest spaceport : the probability to get a 30k error in only 10mn is quite low
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