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  1. macgivre

    Mining / Scrapping

    1) dont know, but it will be nice 2) Yes there is the big ship for industrial operations and I heard that there wil be a starter ship for that... And with the component system you could retrieve avionic components by yourself sneacking within the wreckage ... as it was showcased during the demo of citizen con with the satelite's prototype board ☺
  2. Plus S42 may be a little bit too hardcore for the casual console players ☺ Not sure that a console version of Sq42 will be a popular success ....
  3. macgivre

    Drake Kraken

    The vulcan has the same length than the cutlass so it will have to stay on the deck ☺
  4. macgivre

    Battle Group Configiration

    The point is : there is a balance between bringing in new ideas and refining them to get usefull ressources. People should be encouraged to bring in continiously new idea. But people should not be afraid of contradiction. There is also a balance between contradiction and harsh critisism. But if an idea is bad, we should be able to point it and explain why The important thing in theorycrafting is to define the input hypothesis. If the hypothesis change, the result may change, but the reasoning may be still correct Explaining thoses hypothesis allows to identify the potential flaw in the reasoning, improve it, and bring added value to everybody 😀
  5. macgivre

    Drake Kraken

    A carrier is not supposed to go on the frontline, ... yet it bring in fighting range a little flotilla of fighters and bomber, to ensure the control of a large area
  6. macgivre

    Hello I'm Wizold! :)

    Hello, and welcome
  7. macgivre

    Drake Kraken

    How much is an Idriss ? Because this little boy is taller ^^
  8. It remind me of the level grinding on some RPG : when you take D&D for example, it takes you a vast amount of time to level up ... someday a roleplayer told me that the goal for him was not to reach the endgame but rather to enjoy the actual adventure itself ... Given the vast amount of missions, I think that the gameplay with a small ship will be as enjoyable as the gameplay of a kraken ... not the same though but also enjoyable in others aspects
  9. macgivre

    Drake Kraken

    So 6 landing pads and 2 hangar bays ? Seems quite good for an escort carrier 😍 Plus : only 10 crewmembers ... far more reasonable than the 37 of an Idris ^^
  10. macgivre

    Netflix' Ciri will be cast by an ethnic minority

    What is coming up of all your messages is that hollywood is color/gender washing the same old stories again and again ... In the end the root cause seems that they are simply unable to write new original stories themselve ....
  11. macgivre

    Drake Kraken

    The problem with CIG is that they need a 242m long ship to host 2x 20m long fighters 😁 So I don't even imagine the length they will need to host a dozen fighters 😂
  12. macgivre

    Drake Kraken

    Building the space station would be awesome... and game changing ... and adressing the truck stop function ! Where is the signup sheet !😍
  13. macgivre

    Drake Kraken

    So we agree on the fact that the basic function of ressuply already exist (wich doesn't mean that their will not be another ship on this category). So the added value of this ship would be to act as a mobile shop ... but it's a kind of passive function : you wait for your customer. I'm rather curious, to see this kind of mechanic translated in gameplay element
  14. macgivre

    Drake Kraken

    What would be the added value of a mobile truck stock compare to the starfarer or the vulcan ? Autonomy ? To hold height time the fuel cap of a starfarer it should be a fucking monster And regarding the fuel cap of military ship like the Idriss, I don't see an Idriss making a stop 8 time to move to a vendul system .... For me the biggest ships with the higher fuel capacity should be able to move to the neighbour system/planet on their own... unless the gameplay become a little bit boring... So the mobile truck stop should not be usefull for larger ships ... which means in turns that larger ships may already fulfill this ressuply function ... Plus what would be the fun factor for a player to stay static in the middle of nowhere waiting for a ship to pass ... ?
  15. macgivre

    Drake Kraken

    During an ATV or Revers the verse, a developer said that it will take 8 - 12 refueling stops to go to Hurston. The game changer may just be a ship with enough fuel capacity to perform this trip in 1 or 2 refuelling stops ... But it will be nice that they put in line a true escort carrier : the actuel designs waste a vaste amount of room : the Idris and Javelin are not very efficient to host an air wing ... A more "room efficient" ship is certainly feasible... On the other side, if it said that Drake will make something a little bit different from their pirate / utilitary ships ... it may not be a combat ship ... They already have cargo, data runing, interdiction and multi mission ships ... what is missing in the line up ? VIP ship ? ... not realy the style of the company Recon / racing ship Mining / Repair / Scavenger ship Science vessel Colonial ship ... I will put my bet on a small outpost building ship ... to setup drug labs in remote location ^^