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  1. macgivre

    Star Trek Captain Picard Returns

    Guys seriously, in France Picard is a famous brand of frozen food, I'm sure they will use the hype for marketting purpose 😄
  2. macgivre

    300i rework

    I just hope the 350R won't get a fat ass... The ship have tendancies to get fatter and heavier at each rework... The 350R is supposed to be and stay the fastest ship in the galaxy !
  3. macgivre

    Hello ALL

    Hello, so what is your favorite ship at the moment ? 😊
  4. macgivre

    3.2 LIVE Pictures

    Usually thos kind of things are performed ar rhe end of a training 😊
  5. macgivre

    I watched The Expanse now I'm here downloading 3.2

    Welcome, so what profession are you into ? Trading, exploration, combat ? Both ?😊
  6. macgivre

    Game Day, July 28th

    +1 I would love to supply some escort if somebody wants to perform trade runs or vip missions 😊
  7. macgivre

    Looking for Gaming Rig

    +1, the graphic card seems a little bit short on the first conf Donut's conf can surely run smoothely the game I have almost the same conf ... but it had cost me 1200€ ... not dollars ... I don't know if the price include VAT but it seems to be a fair deal
  8. macgivre

    Battle Group Configiration

    Without going in the technical feasibility of the proposal, we may prefer to focus on the ratio player / efficiency. As an iteration I can propose this : Core assets : (16 crewman) 1 x Starfarer : to sustain the action (2 crewman) 1 x Polaris : as the Control & Command ship (6 crewman) 1 x Cutlass Red : as SAR ship (2 crewman) 2 x Vulcain : to maintain light ships during shorts break the long term (2 crewman) 1 x Endeavor as multipurpose ship to be adapted to the mission (field hospital for disaster relief, repair station, ammunition stock, barracks for troopers) (4 crewman) Sensors assets : (13 crewman) 2 x Carracks : as remote probe unit (8 crewman) 1 x Constellation Aquila : as the central radar unit (3 crewman) 2 x 350R : as scout, for visual inspection of unidentified contacts (2 crewman) Effector assets : (29 crewman + 32 troopers) 2 x Retaliator : for strike purpose against medium and heavy targets (6 crewman) 12 x Sabre : for strike against light targets (12 crewman) 2 x Avenger Warlock : to take down incoming swarm of light fighters (2 crewman) 2 x Avenger Titan to ferry small boarding party (2 crewman + 4 to 6 trooper per ship) 1 x A2 Hercule, the gunship for ground operations (3 crewman) 1 x M2 Hercule to ferry all you want to the ground (4 crewman + 20 troopers) The requirement for this battlegroup are the following : Low man power requirement Capability to refuel "en route" Capability to repair "en route" Fuel autonomy of at least 1 Hour for light ships Ability to propose escalation of power against unidentified contacts (rejoin, visualy inspect, boarding visit, electromagnetic neutralisation ...) Ability to conduct ground operation against 1 defended outpost Ability to monitor a large area Ability to deal with 1 capital ship and it's light escort The proposed configuration requires 58 players to face a good range of menace, and is quite lightweight while packing a lot of punch. At the moment the carrack is very crewman consuming ... but I don't see a smaller ship with such range and radar capability. This configuration is very focused toward space superiority for low intensity combat : if a vandull cap ship pop up you should better retreat and call for reinforcement. A typical mission should be 2 to 3 hours with 1 breack for refueling (and satisfy biological requirement for the players ^^) This fleet is quite autonomous and don't require a large logistical footprint. The main drawback is that it lacks a huge burst of firepower (with a pack of gladiator) ... but maybee the freelancer in its missile configuration could do the job.
  9. macgivre

    Best period to visit indonesia

    Hello Imperium, this post is totally unrelated to starcitizen, but I suspect that someone within Imperium have the answer : I have a pretty unique opportunity to go on a tourism trip to Indonesia and I am given the choice between multiple periods between may and october Do you have any advice on the best month to go there ?
  10. macgivre

    Hammerhead escorting role; Weapons loadout follow-up

    Very interesting figure of availability ratio, what was the average age in your guild ? Was it an international guild splitted over multiple time zone ? I had similar availability ratio in a guildwar guild, but it was quite a young public with an average age of 17 and only one nationality. I suspect older public to be a little less available than a younger one (for example in my squadron we have an average age of 30-33 with an availability around 25%) But we seem to converge toward a figure around 30-35% of availability
  11. macgivre

    Hammerhead escorting role; Weapons loadout follow-up

    13) On a more historical approach (that will please C. Roberts), here is the escort ratio for a famous 8th Air Force Raid on Berlin (6 March 1944, described in "le fana de l'aviation Hors Série n°20") Bombers to escort : 814 (only 702 on target) Fighter escort : 943 (only 832 available) divided in three groups (En route, On target, trip back) So Only 315 escort fighter planned for 814 bombers ... 30% of the total amount of plane ... now it terms of peoples : 10 guys per bomber and one per fighter : the human ressources for the escort represent only 4% of the peoples to escort The attrition for the escort was 12% The ennemy force was 1000 fighters and theire was 70 bombers destroyed ... 9% of the total amount ...
  12. macgivre

    Hammerhead escorting role; Weapons loadout follow-up

    50 cents to the discussion : If I sum up : you propose to gather on short notice a force of : 1 Polaris 7 hammerhead 2 retaliators 2 Terapin 4 Sabre 4 Super Hornet 4 Gladiators So a total of 24 ships and 110 players. Let's not forget the guys we are supposed to escort ^^ It's more a like a 8th Air Force Raid en route to Berlin than a merchant escort ^^ So without taking real life argument. 1) Your 8 light fighters will limit you to short range escort, so you will have to either drop them, either add a starfarer to refuel them 2) The ship size will limit you to medium and big jump point, we may require longer to rendez vous with the ships you are supposed to escort 3) You immobilize a formidable power for one single operation, this is the doctrine of static defense : you allocate ressources dedicated to one specific task, those ressources cannot be used elsewhere 4) The actual operation doctrine is rather to pool ressource and allocate them on request : I rejoin Amy Babe on this one, you should rather use a small screen of fighter and keep a good reserve ... just in case 5) Your formation does not take into account spares : from my little experience of officer in a virtual squadron we have around 25% to 30% of loss before the mission start, this is either due to computer crash, last minute unavailability, ship malfunction, mid air collision, ... So to gather in game all the requested ships you should count on 20 to 30 additionnal players 6) availability of all peoples all along the run, given all the time zone in Imperium, it is difficult to keep a lot of player over a long period of time : so your huge formation will certainly suffer attrition along the time, this will limit you to a quite short mission time, maybe 1H or 1H30, but certainly not a 3H run. 7) Mission preparation : from my little experience you will have to take the IRL C2 ressource, how many team speack channel do you think this operation will require ... I personnaly bet on someting like 14 channels ... for 110 people this is quite reasonable with an average of 8 to 9 people per channel... when you talk about allocating so much channels, prepare the binding/ whispers, you talk about a preparation time of something like 15 to 30mn (without taking into account the briefing time) 8) Ship preparation : you are assuming that you have 24 ships ready to go, with fuel, weapons, in neighbour systems ... I will rather count on a good hour of travel to get everybody at the same place ready to go 9) availability of people : okay let's assume that you just found 110 people at the same place, on the same time slot, ready to go ... how many officers do you thing you will need ... I will go with 14 officers ... so you need 14 well trained people, maybe with a minimal level of certification ... this will be your bottleneck in terms of human ressources here 11) I think you are a little bit overestimating Imperium power, I wouldn't quote Sun Tzu and his recommandation to known our own strenght and weakness before planing an operation, but I would recommend you to get a look at the Imperium year in review where we have a summary of our regular military forces ... https://www.imperium.sc/operations/ Please don't quote the exact figures as they are sensitives and that we are in a public place of the forum Moreover just get a look at the next game day to get an idea of the average amount of people avaible simultaneously Then take only a third of this figure to get an idea of how many people a single "standard" operation should require 12) If I were supposed to mount such an escort operation (and trust me this is a kind of speciality for me), I would rather go for long range robust fighters belonging to a single unit ... but I will certainly be forced to take what I have at the moment ... so everything able to reach the rally point and with sufficient range will do the job. Those fighters will not be sent at once, a first batch of 4 fighter for close escort will act as screen, And I will simply send a batch of 12 fighters in training nearby to be available for immediate reinforcement in case of ennemy contact... The goal will not be to destroy the ennemies, but simply to make contact with them and force them to engage with the escort fighters while the convoy head for the next waypoint.
  13. macgivre

    3.0 Cutlass's new role? Military or mercantile?

    Do you manage to use the manned turret ? I mean they are very difficult to use and this can waste a lot of the cutlass's firepower. +1 for the utility designation ☺
  14. Good trick, I didn't know where to put my skis for my holidays on Yela 😁