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  1. Depending on your game schedule, we can arrange a little game session if you want
  2. Yes this game is not really user friendly for the new commer... First of all forget of all the shortcuts you knew : the layout of the key mapping change every year ... So when you are in your ship in your hangar you will need to ask the permission to take off : 1) The shortcut to start the engine and the power is "r" 2) Go to the contact menu (F11) 3) Click on the first name in the list of contact, it should be hte control tower (for example at hurston it is called "Lorville Landing Services") 4) You should have a voice telling you a good day or something like
  3. Nowodays rappers are the lasts poets writing in rhyme : maybe you are already writing some hip-hop songs 😊
  4. Regarding the power generation I have no clue, but regarding the high power laser, did you take a look at the "laser megajoule" that addition multiple lasers to product a massive beam (it's probably not yet at the scale for your need, but it may be a first path).
  5. Welcome ! Do you have any privilegied gameplay (Combat, Trade, Exploration) ?
  6. Hello, is the promotional package the account created during the free flight week ?
  7. During the alpha, your components are not lost if your ship is lost, they respawn with it during the next reclaim.
  8. The reliant may be only available on special sales event ☺
  9. Yesterday the route was crawling with Caterpillar and Carrack ... had to do server hoping to get some stock to buy ...
  10. Even if you get a cheap ship with the starter pack, imperium folks will be able to lend you their ships to test ... and help you to buyships in game 😉
  11. Nice !!!! How did you manage to have the last sequence with a traveling without any HUD display ?
  12. Welcome, are you interested in a specific profession (trade, mining, combat, exploration ... ) ?
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