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  1. First go to Calliope, the moon of Crusader in Stanton System. Then jump to OM-2 (South Pole) From there, aim toward heading 16° with an inclination of 28° The exact location of the site is not easily find with visual clue. Go directly up to the ground and use the coordinates for final directions. The coordinates are the following : OM-1 : 575.7 km OM-2 : 178.9 km OM-4 : 326.7 km OM-5 : 397.3 km The site is close to a small hill on its East. BACK TO INDEX
  2. +1, I mothballed mine and now enjoy others light fighters<hile waiting for better days ^^
  3. Hey, welcome back !!! Get ready for the next weekend event, it should perfectly fit your tastes ^^
  4. Nice, thanks for the info ! With what ship did you observed this functionnality ?
  5. A few thing there : It's probably a bug : the most closest behaviour are AI turrets firing at an abandonned ship to "clear" the vicinity And AI turrets firing at you if you ram a player within the armistice zone. But as the game is pretty buggy at the moment it may be a third option not intended by the devs. Regarding your lost stuff, they are supposed to be transfered to a crate coming out from the rubble of your ship. Such process is used to generate crates that are then used as additionnal storage inside a ship. Did you lost irreplaceble stuff ?
  6. This vista can be found on Daymar at Arc Corp mining Area 141. It can spawn rovers for you to go on exploration. As Daymar is a sand planet, this place with mountain and snow is very unique.
  7. Please find hereunder 3 hidden spots of Grim Hex that can be worth showcasing to a new citizen : Pad 03 hidden Hab : An Habitation module is hidden under Pad 03 : Secondary Entrance : This entrance leads you to a coursive behind the bar Habitation quarter A : It has been quite a mess there, but, if you go on level 2 you will find what was probably the housing of the insane guy behind Benny's henge BACK TO INDEX
  8. Racetrack 4 : Krude Ore Heading : 365° Distance : 24.3 km From the location the coordinates toward Krude ore are the following : This track seems ideal for ground vehicules :
  9. Racetrack 3 : Wolf Point Aid Shelter Heading : 40° Distance : 10.1 km From the location the coordinates toward Wolf Point are the following : A video of what it could looks like :
  10. Racetrack 2 : Wolf Point Aid Shelter Heading : 143° Distance : 21.0 km From the location the coordinates toward Wolf Point are the following :
  11. Please find hereunder a list of propositions of racetrack on Daymar's canyons. They are sorted following their nearest outpost. Dunlow Ridge Shelter : Racetrack 1 : From Dunlow Ridge Shelter : Heading : 225 Distance : 21.2 km From this point the coordinates toward Dunlow ridge shelter are the following A closer look if you see other circuit opportunities BACK TO INDEX
  12. To find this Wreck site, you need to go on Daymar, moon of Crusader in Stanton System. First jump to OM-3 Then head toward the planet in heading toward North East (45°) Your are looking for this spot on the brighter yellow part between 3 hills : Please find Hereunder Farrister's location spotlight on the area : BACK TO INDEX
  13. This wreck site can be found on Wala, moon of Arccorp, in Stanton system. Go to Arcorp mining area 45 Head toward 175° for 33 km Beyond this mountain range, we will see a vast plain, and a small hill The wreck is nested in a small valley of this hill From there the direction to Arcorp mining Area 45 are : Heading 355 Distance 33,4 km BACK TO INDEX
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