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  1. "Game Changer" ship Theory Crafting

    Orbital strike ship
  2. Cyclone Rover by Tumbril

    For 40$ I would rather buy an Aurora, it's faster and can carry more payload.... what is a point to sell a land vehicule at this price ? Are they in a bad financial situation ?
  3. Castlevania 2017

    First episode ... and it's a bloodbath so far ... curious to see where it goes ... it's seems to be only 4 episode ...
  4. You may have missed it, but it's quite an important news for the verse : I would love that the base radio try to make an interview of a "security officer" to get some news on that ^^ https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/spectrum-dispatch/15941-Empire-Report-HuXa-Protests BECK: I’m sorry, Emily. I have to stop you right there for this breaking news. The Empire Report has just received word from Earth that there has been an attempt on Imperator Costigan’s life. Facts are still coming in as comm-drones arrive, but early reports say that the assassin was not successful and that Imperator Costigan has been taken to an undisclosed secure location until the threat is fully neutralized. The Imperator was scheduled to speak at the Banking Federation Summit going on in New York City this week, when the assailant opened fire at the stage. At least two members of the 1st Marine Combat Battalion were injured in the initial attack as well as — VICTORIA: We have a quick update, there’s been confirmation that one of the Marines guarding the Imperator has died from their injuries sustained in the line of duty. The other Marine is in critical condition, along with several civilians who were attending the summit and got caught in the crossfire. BECK: New York City has been placed on complete lock-down with all incoming and outgoing traffic stopped. It is not clear yet what motivated the attack or who was behind it, but a joint effort by local authorities, the Advocacy, and the 1st Combat Battalion is being made to apprehend those — Wait … I am being told that at least one of the assailants has been shot dead near the scene of the attack after a confrontation with Marines. No word yet on their identity. VICTORIA: To re-highlight what we know so far, a failed assassination attempt was made on Imperator Costigan at the Banking Federation Summit in Sol. One believed assailant has been killed on site. We still do not know if they were working alone or what their motivations were. Our thoughts are with the victims and their friends and family during this tragic time. BECK: Advocacy Director Thomas Carmody is scheduled to give an official statement in the next few minutes, and we will have further updates once that comm-drone arrives. Until then, we need to take a quick break, but please stay tuned as we bring you more details on this shocking turn of events.
  5. Aegis Eclispe

    It's quite strange because the eclipse weight 10 tons less than the gladiator ... So maybe the eclipse's armor is lighter but it's almost a 100% difference... So I'm rather curious about the eclipse's bomb bay capacity and the torpedo "real" size... Because I d'ont explain why a lighter, smaller ship could embark almost the same amount of wayyyyy more heavier torpedos ... Maybe we should wait a little bit to have the final stats ... maybe the gladiator will receive some buff ? ^^ On an other note, did you see the combat record of the eclipse, from the brochure ? It looks like there is a list of some place to find some good friend to play with ^^ VS-1 and VS-2 systems sound to be promising systems Plus, to keep in the Eclipse subject, the location of the fight should give some insight on how deep this ship can go in Vanduul territory, and what is the autonomy of UEE ships (how many systems can they cross without beeing refueled)
  6. Aegis Eclispe

    +1, this ship is smaller than the gladiator The gladiator can embark in it's bomb bay 4 Size 5 torpedos The Eclipse should be in the same area of capacity
  7. Embrace the Metal

    You should love this one ^^
  8. Net Neutrality again...

    Net neutrality may not be the good name for this fight : What you are refering to is simply the fair concurrency : when 2 companies compete for the same supplier, the supplier shall be fair and provide them with equal services ... This is a basic of capitalism (anti-trust law, fair competition, ...). A company that did not respect this simple rule should fall under the anti-trust law (unless they have good enough "lobbyist") Please note that a first problem is the assesment of this neutrality / fair concurency But this debate forget 2 majors points : First : what hapen if the supplier have not enough ressources to supply every customer ? How shall the split be performed ? A big company with 1 Million customer should have the same bandwitdh quota as a local TV network with 1 thousand customer ? So if you have two ways to solve this shortage problematic : create an arbitration rule to deal with the shortage ... or invest massively to avoid this shortage (personnaly I would choose this solution ) Secondly : there should be some priority, even if there are enought bandwidth for everybody, I would like to be sure that some applications / services have absolute priority compare to others : I will not be very happy if a surgeon using remote surgery tools hapen to get a porno from youjizz displaying on its monitor (ohhh yeeees give it to me baby !)... So you should end with a set of priority rules for vital and public services applications ... But this last point get in total contradiction with the neutrality idea ... you should just watch what hapen in dorm rooms with fucking asshole siphoning all the bandwith with their HD-TV streaming and the poor guy trying to play arena commander ending up with a 500ms ping ... Imagine now that you want to pass an online exam' and that your connection did not allow you to submit the results ... or that the remote control of a water treatment plant is not accessible because wikipedia is performing its overnight data save ... Internet Neutrality is a false good idea : in my opinion a good solution to preserve the internet should be a simple set of fair rules ... and most important powerfull tools and means to assess that those rules are respected (actually this is not the case ^^) Note that this notion of assesment is not really present in the request of net neutrality supporters
  9. I'm in love with the basketball court : in space true luxury is space ^^
  10. Boarding Ops

    2 cents : - Boarding implies FPS side of the game wich is heavily dependant on lag / latency : I don't know for you but at the moment, the thing is too laggy to be playable, you get shot by a guy and see it 2 to 3 seconds laters ... You may not have problem but what about the others members of your boarding team ? - Boarding implies a lot of peoples in the same space ... what about the player cap limit (At the moment if I remember well it's about 50 players per instance ...) So you may not rely on the "american style" with dozen of peoples swarming a ship ^^ Moreover, you can see it during game day, gathering a consistent team of 20+ people with the same latency, on the same server, ... is quite hard. - Actually all actions in this game a much more guerilla style than big open battles ... even the first Sq42 (wich rely on NPC) chapter does not plan too many big epic fight ^^ - Movement : if you want to board a ship, you should first try to immobilize it : even aboard a friendly ship, we get spaced quite often stayiing in the middle of nowehere while the ship is getting away ... - So in my mind, boarding could be made in some specific scenarios : -- custom / police patrol : for inspection purpose -- infiltration -- final assault on an immobilized / damaged cap ship -- exploration of a derelict ship - The boarding party could be made of only a small core team of "professional" with heavy armor (maybe 3-4 people), hleped by some crewman that will be available at the end of the battle, those crewman will act as the "mop up team" as Zarian said. You can add a medic and an engineer to proceed to the requested repairs / healing to secure the ship before being hauled in a safe harbour - Regarding the base assault you can add 2 very important phase : -- Reconnaissance / surveillance that will give you the edge on ennemies by allowing a deep preparation of the assault -- Insertion that will allow you to stay low until the last moment (if you want to run like a cowboy in the middle of defended base, you may take some casuality) - Lastly, a mobile spawn point should be in the vicinity to allow you to sustain the assault for a while if you face some resistance. It will also allow you to limit the casualities and even secure some prisoners.
  11. The question is do we really need to naviguate in 3 dimension ? Right now the galaxies seems to be distributed in a plan, every planet, station are on the same horizontal plane ... so we can apply a classic 2 dimensions navigation. But even with this simplification, we have the problem of the point(s) of reference(s) If you find a way to have a standard point of reference that could be applicable to every systems / galaxies, it will be sweet Then you will only have to define 1, 2 or 3 points of reference to build your 2d or 3d navigation system We can use planets, moons, and jump point as basic navigation point...
  12. Ghost In The Shell (2017) - Movie

    Can't wait, the anime was so epic, the characters are so powerfull ... they just can't mess it up, even if the producer is a disabled, the result should be amazing : they re-use 2-3 epic scenes from the anime (the geishas taking hostage is the opening sequence of the 1st anime season, and the fight in the channel with the major cloacked is also from the anime) The whole plot (quest for identity) is very similar to the plot of the second season of the anime At least it will have enough fan service sequences to get happy ^^
  13. Do you have a server name / Ip address to share ? I would be glad to join you

    It's all about STYLE, they had an M50 but they think it wasn't badass enough, so they bring it to West Coast Custom and pimped it ^^

    Now we have to see the balance between thrust and manoevrability The racer lineup seems to have now a few contenders (350R, M50, Mustang Gamma, P52, 85x and now the Razor) this will surely add diversity and allow us to choose the ship that best fit our "drive style"