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  1. I see a multitude of subject there : You can divide your possessions in two categories : 1) Artifacts, to show off, they can be located in a remote, sanctuarized, location (hangar flair, trophies, your favorite outfit, ...) 2) Your assets (Ships, armor, weapons, supplies, cargo ... ) I think that your starting location will be your sanctuary, where you retire to rest between 2 working shifts Regarding your assets I would break them down in 2 subcategories : 2a) Having your assets near you (Ammunitition, workhorse ship, ...) 2b)Prepositionning assets for specific activities (preparing spare retaliators at Microtech for Xenothreat, prospectors at CRU-L1 for mining ... ) To keep your assets near your main area of operation, I would suggest to get a big ship and use it as a mobile storage unit : you land your C2 Hercules loaded with a hundred of thousand of ammo clips, food, water ... maybee a spare ship ... So that would only left the home location as a prepositionning point for all your spare ships. As of now, I think that all landing zones have specialties (Crusader for mining, Hurston for Bounty Hunting, Micro tech for Touring, and Arcorp to melt your GPU). So under this light, for 3.15, I would rather choose Hurston as I am more focused on Bounty Hunting at the moment. But in the long term, If i was given the choice to choose a location to setup my hangar, I would choose an High Sec area with a nice vista (like Microtech, or Arccorp) knowing that I will be able to invest in other real estate (aka colonial outpost) in our main area of operation
  2. Along with Grizz entry (a super nice 3D printed Carrack), I just submitted a picture of a handcrafted board game : Each pawn is 3d printed while the pegs , counters and paint job are handcrafted. Please feel free to take a look at our respective submission on spectrum and maybee give us an upvote ^^ Grizz submission https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/ship-showdown/2245-Carrack-Ready-For-The-Inky-Blackness-High-Rez Mac Submission https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/ship-showdown/2312-Super-Hornet-Fighter-Wing-Board-Game-Pawn
  3. 60 FPS !!! I'm happy with my mere 28 ... What is your network configuration ? (the streaming of objects may become a bottleneck in some place)
  4. Hello and welcome, so you seems interested by combat gameplay. What is your time zone ?
  5. Hello, welcome on the forum ! Are you interested in a particular type of gameplay (Fighter, Trading, Mining, Exploration, ...) ?
  6. Hello welcome here, the Avenger Titan is a really good choice the flexibility of this ship will allow you to perform a lot of activities and participate to Imperium operations !
  7. Ah ah with the level of pledge we have over time the majority of us are admiral or higher 😁
  8. 100% Ion : this will be an unique ship able to act as a torpedo bomber with a lot more ammunitions (therefore being able to stay longer on target). On the other hand the reedeemer is supposed to be a combination of gunship and transport ... so exactly like the Mil-Mi 24 helicopter IRL. If you look closely at the concept of this ship it is a testimonial to operationnal inefficiency : you will have to get close to the target (remember that the lasers repeaters range is getting nerfed to bring shorter distance of engagement) thus endangering your load. Then, as you can't see below the horizon in the cockpit, you will need to have a second crewman as a gunner. You can have the same effect as a single pilot in your constellation (with probably a better shield, fuel , and cargo capacity).
  9. Simply hope those new players will not burn themselves by grinding too much this alpha (they never experienced the database reset, loss of Levsky ...)
  10. Railen seems to be very fat regarding its cargo capacity ... it may not be the most efficient cargo ship at release.
  11. Answer is yes, you can stack the same modules :
  12. Welcome ! So you have the perfect profile for bounty hunting and military ops, you should easily find a bunch of people happy to find some action
  13. Okay so it will be oneshotted by pretty much any size 5 weapons ... that's not the exact definition of "heavy" I had in mind 😁
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