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  1. Hello, I'm not familiar with the golden ticket, but we could point you toward the market price of the ships you have on this account
  2. Availability of members depends greatly on time zone : the most active people are playing on EST time zone
  3. Hello, you may have better luck on the star citizen forum https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/50177?label=2081&page=1&sort=hot
  4. +1 with already said : SSD changed my life on SC : from 15mn loading screen to 2mn without any glitching due to environment loading
  5. Hello and welcome, so what is your favorite type of gameplay (exploration, trading, mining, combat ...) ?
  6. It would be supercool, it can be seen as war trophy, training material, or simply archeological material ^^ Plus the display already exist in every shop, so it may be a pretty good idea of suggestion for the dev team 😋
  7. Hello / Bonsoir Welcome back ! So, as an archeologist, do you collect the Vandull Helmet like Obelix ? 😄
  8. Long time ago I pledged for the Gladiator that was supposed to be a good bomber ... then I melted it as it was a shame The Ares seems promising, but I feel like it will be a bomber aimed at punching heavily medium to capital ships. So if you want a fighter it might not be the best ship to hunt down pirates or vanduuls in light fighters
  9. Aegis Vanguard Warden : it is a flying rock that can mount big guns with a decent range : basically a flying bunker😄 Not the most agile but its firepower is worth it !
  10. Welcome ! When you mention about mil-sim do you refers to ground based operation, air combat or others type of warfare ? Regarding the dual stick, as Star citizen is perfectly playable with a simple mouse + keyboard setup, I would recommend to get a star citizen pledge just right after the computer and before the joystick setup
  11. Hello someone had the same bug with another package : It seems the solution was : 1) Verify files with the launcher 2) Delete the "user" folder (inside star citizen files) 3) Try again
  12. Somewhat weird to patent something that is already in use in some games (If I remember well Valorant has this type of concept).
  13. both gladius, and F7c will be perfect for some combat gameplay. And by the end of the session you will enought money to rent the prospector to test it ^^
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