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  1. 2 great reservoir of ship name : Star citizen lore (to be trully immersive) Homeworld ship names, and especially Homeworld Cataclysm which provide a lot of ship names https://homeworld.fandom.com/wiki/Kushan https://homeworld.fandom.com/wiki/Homeworld:_Cataclysm
  2. Hello and welcomeWhat is your time zone ?
  3. So you may want to add some minerals to refine, and transport them when the total will be worth it Another alternative is to join one of our mining ops to make a lot of money, gets a few tips, and get all you need to mine efficiently ... and all of that in a friendly atmosphere
  4. With upgrading out of the scope, I can only think of lowering the graphical settings and ensure that the game is installed on the SSD ...
  5. You can rent a cargo ship ( cutlass / freelancer ) in any cargo deck https://scfocus.org/ship-sale-rental-locations-history/#rent-location
  6. Be carefull about building mechanics : in Star Citizen you would not be allowed to build aircraft industry, just like aircraft factory right now : you may be able to build the hangar, the machinery but you still will not have access to patent and design of the Anvil aircraft, there will be an exclusivity for the production of the ships, they will be produced in limited number of places On the other hand, with the colonization mechanic, we may be able to build a tons of differents extraction and industrial facilities
  7. Preparing the torpedoes for a warm welcome of the Xenothreat. 

  8. Hey welcome ! Hope to see you soon kicking some xeno's ass !
  9. Free fly event announced from February 15 to February 25 https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/17988-February-Frenzy?fbclid=IwAR3vuFwq3XqbvmTQdFnirZCNRSVfWrr5p2GGHsekAAzNOC93xBV8PR5atxw
  10. Hello and welcome, so you may probably interested by the OPS tonight it will be a good occasion to meet and enjoy some nice teamplay !
  11. There is actually a sale active but dedicated to combat ship, here is the link : https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/17930-Gear-Up#skus Regarding diversity, the number of archetype is around 10 to 12. Box deliverey mission : the most simple kind of mission, it takes around 8 mn to complete Missing client : find a people traped in cave, so it is an exploration mission that take around 40mn to complete. Missing crew : retrieve the body of the crew of a ship lost in space, or on ground : this take around 12 mn to complete Remove sentry : detect and
  12. Hello, welcome to this forum, it seems that you came at right place in the right time : The actual flight mechanics while they are not totally mature have a great depth that hide below the surface gameplay. It seems that in the release of the PU we will have at least 3 endless goals : For Exploration players, find new jump point and cartography the fringe of space and help find new traderoute between star systems. For combat player repeal the Vanduul and retake the sectors lost by humanity in the last centuries (you can find theorycrafting about this goal under the code
  13. You can see the goal / aim of this as the fame or the legacy to the future generations (as for arts, sports ...). But it has also some practical benefits such as improving the sensors, solar panel, battery, mechanical materials, ceramics, medical sensors, communication, meteorological forecast ... All of those fields would have improved on their own, but space exploration is a catalysor to drive faster some needed innovations. An underated aspect of the space exploration it the management tools it has brought in the world of industry : the Technological Readiness Level once deve
  14. macgivre

    Aegis Redeemer

    Not a huge fan of this ship, such mass and volume to carry only 4 peoples and 2 downward facing turrets ... it seat between the tevarin drop ship and the Valkyrie ... but in both case, with a fewer tropp capacity ... As a gunship for ground support, I wonder what would be the range of the gun : 4 km ?
  15. Will be there Either Friday or Saturday ... hopefully both We also have to see the starting hour of the combat event proposed by @ATRavenousStorm
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