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  1. macgivre

    $200,000,000 reached, congrats CIG

    It's not an estimate : I know how much I get paid and I know how much money I consume at work (we have to declare how much hours we make on every projects, then those hours are converted in money to be founded by the project's budget) : the difference is the salary of the supprt guys, the rental of the building, the taxes and all the social advantages that the company pay for me... For my personnal salary, the difference is a factor 5 ... hoppefully some peoples gets paid a lot more than me to even the ratio 😁 That is also why they are so much various definition of a "cost" As I said in the end of the day, there are not much differences between USA and Europe but what is called salary in USA include some money that have to be allocated to social services (in the cost and in the final salary) while in Europe those social services are directly paid by the company (in the cost but does not appear in the salary) In example the company contribute to our retirement plan, medical care of our family, kinder garden, unemployment insurance, subvention for our kid's holidays, half of our noon food, half of our transportation fees .... So when you take out this value from the salary to put it only in the cost you start to have the ratio difference That's why american peoples get crazy when we talk about salary 😂 Then you have to find a way to pay your boss ... what does he sell ? Nothing ... so every employe has to declare a little bit more cost to finance the managers ... For example : if CIG have 400 developers they should have 20 to 40 peoples in support activities (assistant, janitor, secutity officer, IT guru ....)
  2. macgivre

    Free Weapons - Keep or melt for UEC

    You hardly get a ship fog this low amount of UEC ... better keep the guns ☺
  3. macgivre

    $200,000,000 reached, congrats CIG

    No, this is the cost of the man on the point of view of the company. This figure is an industry standard in Europe. 1/3 correspond to the salary, 1/3 to the various taxes and the last is the structure cost (and advantages like health care for employes) Plus this is an average for engineers so some people are paid less, and some paid more. This figure is used to calculate the cost of a random project by it's lenght and the number of people assigned to it. This figures is also quite usefull because it's engulf the advantages that may or may not be counted in the salaries : In Europe we have lower salaries than in USA, but our various advantages kinda balance it
  4. macgivre

    $200,000,000 reached, congrats CIG

    In industry it's between 150 and 200k $ per people per year and about half less for subcontractors So with 400 peoples in house it's 60 to 80M$ per year
  5. macgivre

    Hi I'm steeldelete

    Welcome 😀
  6. @VoA SC has and will have many advantages ... but not the ability to provide a massive fight of 400 ground troopers with tanks, gunships and norias of fighters unloading their rockets on the ennemy positions 😍 Planetside is ugly, the map is small, but the fights are so damn epic and dynamic .... With performance improvement on SC we may have greater player count per shard ... but at this is quite a simulation, the dynamic of the fight may not be the same 😊
  7. I don't know the difference between melting and CCU ... Thoses ships are not LTI The plan for me is to keep 2 ships (350R with LTI and my hornet from my original pledge) and try to exchange my gladiator that have become a shitty ship and my cutlass to get one bigger ship ☺
  8. Is there any tutorial about melting ships ? I would be interested to know what i could get by melting a gladiator and a cutlass red ☺
  9. macgivre


    Some random though : if SC continue to be delayed, the eve org may change 2 or 3 time her name 😂
  10. macgivre


    A good difference between SC and Eve id also that the average amount of money that has throw our members is quite high : you don't want to be a dick with an account worth hundred or thousands of dollars 😊
  11. macgivre

    I am interested to get in SC and I have some question

    Yes you can loose your ship with ramming The safe zone (armistice zone) are only for the big civilian stations ... you can't do a lot of businesss there The monitored zone is medium security area where you can found a lot of thing to do, including mining and trading To start you have the classic trading profession or some missions given to you by NPC Mining is also a possibility but today only dedicated ship can perform it If you are afraid to loose your ship you could also be a crewmember in a bigger ship ☺ SQ 42 will have some tutorial missions at begining so you could have a fresh start without preliminary training ☺ But SQ 42 may not be released before 6 to 12 months ...
  12. macgivre

    Mining / Scrapping

    1) dont know, but it will be nice 2) Yes there is the big ship for industrial operations and I heard that there wil be a starter ship for that... And with the component system you could retrieve avionic components by yourself sneacking within the wreckage ... as it was showcased during the demo of citizen con with the satelite's prototype board ☺
  13. Plus S42 may be a little bit too hardcore for the casual console players ☺ Not sure that a console version of Sq42 will be a popular success ....
  14. macgivre

    Drake Kraken

    The vulcan has the same length than the cutlass so it will have to stay on the deck ☺
  15. macgivre

    Battle Group Configiration

    The point is : there is a balance between bringing in new ideas and refining them to get usefull ressources. People should be encouraged to bring in continiously new idea. But people should not be afraid of contradiction. There is also a balance between contradiction and harsh critisism. But if an idea is bad, we should be able to point it and explain why The important thing in theorycrafting is to define the input hypothesis. If the hypothesis change, the result may change, but the reasoning may be still correct Explaining thoses hypothesis allows to identify the potential flaw in the reasoning, improve it, and bring added value to everybody 😀