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  1. Complete WTB Vanguard Warden

    cool, please enjoy
  2. Complete WTB Vanguard Warden

    Usd275 PayPal thanks Original concept warden lti
  3. Want to Trade WTT for Pioneer

    Carrack, reclaimer, khartu-al original?
  4. I have a few x1 baseline lti, usd42.16 each
  5. It's still available , go grab it now https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Upgrades/Constellation-Aquila-To-Reclaimer-Upgrade
  6. Want to Sell Various LTI ships/packages for sale

    I think the normal payment first ship later method should suffice edit: have traded with @MaasterCard previously, thats why i dared to recommend
  7. Want to Sell Various LTI ships/packages for sale

    Hi @scheherazade, I refered @MaasterCard to to you about your rear admiral
  8. Want to Sell Various LTI ships/packages for sale

    Yes people with trade history welcomed too
  9. Destroyer, Javelin-class

    i'm back for the same assistance as last week year, please let me know edit: now extends to javelin warbond, idris p warbond and phoenix Edit 2: closing, no taker
  10. Destroyer, Javelin-class

    Do consider hoplite's listed beam of 26.50m is likely with extended wings i'll guess anything with beam of less than 18 15.4m will fit length: 38m beam: 18m 15.4m height: 9.5m
  11. Destroyer, Javelin-class

    2016 javelin prices were USD2700 warbond and USD3000 cash+credits
  12. do try to use the coupon code NEWBEGINNINGS when you checkout buying the aurorar MR package, $5 off other than that I am selling aurora ln pack SC+SQ42 USD50 Aurora mr starter pack SC only USD30
  13. Best regards to you and people at ADI
  14. [WTB] Merlin LTI

    All andromeda lti includes Merlin snub ship (lti) I hope I am right