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  1. i visited the citizen profile before it was removed, the afiliated org is a different one than imperium Anyway, you may consider to sell the account bound stuff by melting them into credits and upgrade them onto a giftable aurora es: 1) your 600i ex should melt to 435 credits, p72 - 30 credits, total 465 credits 2) buy 2 aurora es with cash, upgrade 1 to aquila (with 255 credits) uprade the other one to andromeda (with 205 credits) 3) sell them as discounted credits 70%-80% of full value the arbiter lti with merchantman maybe ask for $250-280, and the holiday warbond pack maybe $30-35 You may get back near $500-550 without selling off your account this way
  2. edit the top post and change the prefix from wtt to complete, congrats on your success trade
  3. Yes I do, I ask for USD 22
  4. You may consider a m50 - hornet ghost or freelancer dur upgrade (melt $25) and then ghost/dur - prospector upgrade (melt $15)
  5. USD37 for baseline USD111 for the 3 pack limited time only
  6. When you receive a gift, it becomes account bound to your account (not giftable), you can however exchange it into credits, go to your buy back list, buy it back with fully cash, it will become giftable again
  7. taurus to andromeda https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Upgrades/Constellation-Taurus-To-Constellation-Andromeda-Upgrade andromeda to redeemer (not available at the store) redeemer to bomber (not available at the store
  8. Complete

    I sent pm (edit: trade complete)
  9. Transfer weapon and equipment from idris m/p to javelin 😁
  10. I know it's account sale, but did you see if the package is giftable?
  11. Need more turrets..