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  1. Collecting offers for a buyer, please send in your offers thank you.
  2. bOcy

    Complete [WTB] Banu Merchantman LTI

    For your budget, I suggest look for 60% discount credits and upgrade an lti token to the $350 bmm, please do proper research on store credits sellers
  3. I offer you usd87 including paypal fees, paypal invoice shall be issued Thank you Looks like theres a deal made just for you @Chimaera
  4. bOcy

    Complete WTB Vanguard Warden

    cool, please enjoy
  5. bOcy

    Complete WTB Vanguard Warden

    Usd275 PayPal thanks Original concept warden lti
  6. bOcy

    Want to Trade WTT for Pioneer

    Carrack, reclaimer, khartu-al original?
  7. I have a few x1 baseline lti, usd42.16 each
  8. It's still available , go grab it now https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Upgrades/Constellation-Aquila-To-Reclaimer-Upgrade
  9. bOcy

    Want to Sell Various LTI ships/packages for sale

    I think the normal payment first ship later method should suffice edit: have traded with @MaasterCard previously, thats why i dared to recommend
  10. bOcy

    Want to Sell Various LTI ships/packages for sale

    Hi @scheherazade, I refered @MaasterCard to to you about your rear admiral
  11. bOcy

    Want to Sell Various LTI ships/packages for sale

    Yes people with trade history welcomed too
  12. bOcy

    Destroyer, Javelin-class

    i'm back for the same assistance as last week year, please let me know edit: now extends to javelin warbond, idris p warbond and phoenix Edit 2: closing, no taker