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  1. Complete

    I sent pm (edit: trade complete)
  2. Transfer weapon and equipment from idris m/p to javelin 😁
  3. I know it's account sale, but did you see if the package is giftable?
  4. Need more turrets..
  5. The package is in the buy back, do you have credits ready to buy back or ... ?
  6. Oh, please let me know if you are willing to trade or sell
  7. Thanks for sharing your beautiful ship, I was talking about the omega package (with sc+sq42) it will never have LTI And if you have extra, or you know anyone who has extra upgrade, please send me an offer
  8. There is no LTI omega amd pack, never, ever, only 2 month insurance
  9. Want to Buy

    Hello, I can supply at 90%, needs 24 hour cool down before melting though
  10. Hello, As per titile, wish to buy or trade, please make offers, thanks. Vanguard Battlefield Upgrade Kits with LTI F7A skin Phoenix upgrade Glaive LTI Retaliator Modules with LTI Envdeavour Modules with LTI I can pay with paypal, credits, original ships. I can consider buying accounts as well.
  11. Complete

    Hello H Rex, would you pm me screenshot of your web hangar? Bocy
  12. gift to bocy