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  1. @Donut "Last Legs" I've seen nothing to indicate that they aren't going to release as expected. Do we have an actual release date like 2019? This all sounds quite grim.
  2. Hello folks, I've been away from Star Citizen and the community for a while. It helps with the wait. The last time I was around they were just preparing to release Star Marine. What the hell has happened since then? There's so much news, but I don't see all that much in terms of progress. Care to enlighten me? How are we looking for that 2018 timeline they talked about before?
  3. The truly impressive part is that CIG will not only have to design literally hundreds of consoles since there are quite a few ships and multiple consoles per ship. They've signed up to make that in addition to having to design those systems to be fun. When playing on a cap ship manning that station is all you do. It better be a fun experience and not Microsoft Excel Space Edition. That's not even to mention balancing them so that things like the electronic combat suite isn't op. It seems like even more challenge in an already ambitious game. It's a big task.
  4. I'm sure he will, Chris tends to the fans quite a lot during his conferences.
  5. 1 year from now I plan to be floating on my space yacht sipping on space bourbon. I'll count on seeing you there.
  6. I wouldn't worry overmuch about how good you are with Arena Commander as it stands now. RSI has been mostly focused on getting the game out to appease the tremendous pressure of fans. The game itself has many, many revamps and changes to make the game not only more fun and accessible, but also more balanced. Certainly this is true for other high skill curve games as well. League of Legends has seen so many game altering changes over the years it hardly looks like the same thing. Once the game's been largely finished (most of the models have been completed, the physics have been shorn up and the bugs are gone) we can start to see the shape of how the game will play out. It seems hard to make judgments now.
  7. I'm amped for that cutlass. We can start seeing some variation of the top ships in Arena Commander.
  8. Lets meet up on teamspeak @Albuss its been too long.
  9. A friend of mine who has a chronic fear of space games showed me this today. Apparently when dedicated game developers get free roam to design their own game using Kickstarter and Cryengine it turns out pretty well. Enjoy Star Citizen, Medieval edition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MefZfhxgpZE&feature=player_detailpage You can also find the Kickstarter link here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1294225970/kingdom-come-deliverance I love supporting these games. Demonstrating a 'game dev first, publisher second' style of making games through projects like this gives me the warm and fuzzies. In 2 years when all these games are out plus the myriad of great space games in the works right now I don't know how I'll ever get things done in RL.
  10. Well if you are inside a ship creating sound (A.K.A. firing laser, using an engine) you have both air and metal for the sound to travel through, so for you it makes no difference you're in space.
  11. A heartfelt speech. That's a beautiful narrative. Certainly we can bet that the kind of vision and passion exerted in the creation of Star Citizen will create a fantastic game, not matter what expectation you, me, or anyone might have for what it will look and feel like.
  12. This is great stuff. Excellent work. We need more of this to open up the multitude of possibilities hidden in the DFM's undersigned UI.
  13. Many people do go to sites like RPS to learn about what to get excited about and where gaming is going. Many that don't have the time use tools with a reputation like metascore to decide what game they'll be invested in. Star Citizen has almost no media footprint. we see things that they put out for fans all the time, but most of the video game audience that don't hear about it from they're friends likely just have never heard of Chris Roberts or Star Citizen. Likely we'll see a change in that when the DFM is a working product and the hype train gets rolling but since the initial unveil and rivalry with EA and the like, Star Citizen has remained extremely low on the public radar when compared to similar AAA releases. That's the way they want it though. Star Citizen already has more than enough money to fun it's dev team. Until there's a working, impressive product and not just words painting a pretty picture it is not in their interests to advertise what many skeptics believe to be a product made of hot air. I wouldn't put much stock in Star Citizen's minimal media footprint. When Star Citizen has a marketable product, there will be marketing. There's no need to stir the hornet's nest online until CIG has something to back their claims up with, much like in the initial release when they offered the hangar module as proof of concept. I know we've heard this before, but it's a waiting game until the DFM is largely finished. After all, everyone knows: haters gonna hate.
  14. Here's hoping man but I wont be in the pub XD I'll be pew pewing sectors away.
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