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  1. We have taken steps to verify that this person has access to the account and appears able to sell. As always we remind users that account sales are expressly against the EULA of CIG except in circumstances where the EULA is superseded by laws governing a country or territory.
  2. https://starcitizen-archive.fandom.com/wiki/Pledge https://starcitizen.tools/Titles
  3. Welcome Back, it was nice to meet you.
  4. Welcome to SCB and Imperium!
  5. http://wiki.starcitizenbase.com/doku.php?id=imperium:organization:join
  6. It's been a long time coming my friend. Welcome Aboard!!!
  7. Radoorid is in the officer meeting right now and said that he got the discord channels approved, but it may take time for them to be implemented.
  8. I have SWTOR, STO, and Secret World Legends accounts as well.
  9. Need to find games that use teamwork and are easy to get into. Most games today have some sort of learning curve and long grind to go with it. I currently play World of Warships and a little bit of Path of Exile, both of which have a steep learning curve and a long grind involved. I will look for more games for us to play, but everyone needs to put in the effort or it will never work. I am available 24/7 to play whatever as long as I have the funds.
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