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  1. Looking to buy sabre raven, will buy multiple if pice is right. If it is an active account must have minimum of 2 ships on account.
  2. K.S

    Want to Buy Sabre Raven Code

    Want to buy an official Sabre Raven SSD-Octane Code. I buy it for the price of an actual Intel® Optane™ SSD 900P : 400$ (negociation is possible)
  3. Looking to spend around 200 for the digital colonel, 300 for the super hornet version, around 250 for the digital pirate, 170 for the specter package or 320 for the AMD package. paypal invoice only. Looking for LTI on the specter and digital colonel. Thanks
  4. I am looking to see if any SCB member has a Star Citizen - Add Ons- Ground Vehicle Pack LTI VIP for sale or in their buyback? If you do, please let me know what price that you are looking to get for this pack. I am willing to pay above melt value, but I am not going to pay Ebay prices. Thank you for your time. MB
  5. Selling my Mustang Omega package + account. Asking $150. Fairly rare ship, it was given out several years ago with new AMD cards and they haven't given them out since.
  6. Hey there folks. I know I’m really late to the game but I’m trying to find either an Intel Optane 900p with the Raven code or just the Raven code for sale somewhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. wii

    Want to Buy want to buy an 2012 account

    hey guys! is there anyone who has a 2012 account and would like to sell it? thanks in advance, cheers wii
  8. alraeesi

    Want to Buy Valkyrie Liberator LTI

    Hi Looking for Valkyrie Liberator LTI. please send me your offers Thanks
  9. I would like to purchase an account that has a Golden Ticket and CitizenCon 2017 ATTENDEE Pack. Or, If you have an account with web or in-game participation event rewards like recent Luminalia, Xenothreat, Halloween events, and early backers rewards (like a Free Hanger Fees, 2012 Original and Veteran backers Reward package) I would like to trade with a good offer. Please PM me anytime
  10. Emavatar

    Want to Buy [WTB] Sabre Raven

    Im looking for Sabre Raven send private message or reply here thanks.
  11. Looking to buy AMD Never Settle unused package code. Please send a message with your best offer. I have verified trade history on SCTrades Reddit under the same name as on here and verified PayPal. I would really only feel comfortable purchasing from someone who has some trading history on here and/or SCtrades on Reddit.
  12. Leviathan

    Want to Buy WTB Aegis Saber

    Looking to buy an Aegis saber. PM me if interested.
  13. I'm looking to buy this item. Now there is this issue where the "cot" is apparently not giftable through normal means as you had to buy it through a roundabout way in the old Voyager Direct store. Back then you had to convert your money to UEC first and then you could buy items with that UEC in the Voyager Direct store. Back then this "cot" could be bought for 2000UEC ($2). So I'm not sure if this would work but if Customer Support would be willing to transfer your "cot" from your account to my account I'd be more than happy to send you something in return like a skin or a weapon or something that you could then use or melt for Store Credit. Ofcourse that's if Customer Support is willing to assist in such a manner. So if you have a "cot" in your account that you'd like to sell please let me know so we could see if Customer Support would be willing to help in transferring it from your account to mine.
  14. Hello, I would like to get my hands on one F7A Military Hornet Upgrade (kit). They were sold for 20$ in 2013 and are now insanely high priced. I am looking to buy it at a "decent" price if you sell one. Name your price and I will let you know if it is "decent enough" for me I do not like to fuel price gouging resellers of the likes of StarHangar or Reddit... Cheers ! PS : if you are a fresh seller without any feedback from sale in Imperium (like too many sellers here), I will not buy from you.
  15. Lathas

    Want to Buy Large Claim

    I am looking forward to buy a large land claim using cryptocurrencies (Ethereum preferred). If you are a known member of the imperium I would pay everything upfront, If not, we would use a middleman service.
  16. UnholySeoul

    Want to Buy [WTB] Land Claims

    I'm looking to purchase land claims, if you have any and would like to sell them to me or have any questions, please PM me. I pay fees Verified Paypal transactions only If you can't reach me on here, I'm usually on Discord: UnholySeoul#6802 Thank you!
  17. Does any of your colleagues have CITIZENCON DIGITAL GOODIES PACK 2948 at a reasonable price? Thank you for your message
  18. I want to buy the Crusader Mercury Star Runner "Nightrunner Skin"
  19. Hey guys, i looking for some (cuu'ed) ships: - Greycat ROC - Tumbril Cyclone RC - Tumbril Ranger RC
  20. Hi folks! I would like to buy a "Read Admiral Package". So one of the earlier "phyisical game packages". An account purchase is out of the question for me, because I want to have this package in my account. I would be very happy if someone who owns such a package and can give it as a rsi-gift could contact me via PN. Payment can be made by PayPal. Please name the price in the PN as well. Thank you and many greetings! An example picture of what this package looks like is attached below.
  21. I've seen these things go from 85(Random spots) up to 400Bucks (On Star Hangar). Far as the ship goes. The person I'm wanting to get a code for knows it's not a meta ship, or preem ship but they still want one, so. Starting range i'd like to pay is 160USD. Though this is negotable... PM me if interested with best offer. Stupulation: Code needs to be unused and verified as such if that's possible.
  22. Hi all ! Looking to buy the F7A military upgrade (for my Super Hornet !). PM me if you have one your looking to sell ( at a reasonable price). Thank you for taking a look. Thib.
  23. Hello, I'm interested in Jump Point Vol 1 & 2 hardcover preferably not open but will look at anything. As for rare skins I'm interested in AMD Omega or anything else that may be brought up.
  24. Looking to buy the Anvil Arrow LTI Game Package if anyone is sitting on it, PM me your fair price.
  25. WTB> Digital Pirate LTI Game Package SQ42 (13 items) Ship: CUTLASS BLACK ALSO CONTAINS -Tractor Beam -Docking Collar* -Skull and Crossbones Skin -Legacy Alpha -Lifetime Insurance -Starting Money: 2,000 UEC -Digital Game Soundtrack -Digital Star Map -Squadron 42 Digital Download -Star Citizen Digital Download -Digital Star Citizen Manual -VFG Industrial Hangar Pm me with price you want. Thanks. P.S. I am also considering buying without a game package.
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