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Found 351 results

  1. Hi, I am looking for the Nova Tank from the original concept sale that was purhased as a Warbond which contains the Badland skin. Thanks!
  2. Monkeytime

    Complete WTB Herald CCU

    Hello, all. I'm looking to buy an inexpensive upgrade/CCU to the Drake Herald (missed out on it this last anniversary sale). A couple other places have them here (325a to Herald) for around $20, but I haven't been able to get a reply back to my inquiries (maybe out for the holidays?). Anyway, if anyone has a CCU for the Herald that they'd be willing to let go for around $20, I sure would appreciate it. Thanks.
  3. Stonehenge

    Complete Mercury CCU

    Does anybody own a SanTokYai ---> Mercury CCU and want to sell????
  4. Hi All, as the title says I'm looking to acquire both volume 1 and 2 of the hard copy version of jump points. Please Pm me with your price. cheers Aj
  5. Hi all, I saw this site while browsing for info on Star Citizen. I just joined up to try to trade and am hoping to buy a Drake Dragonfly "Ride Together" 2-Pack with LTI (it contains a yellow and black version of the Dragonfly both with LTI). I am offering $78 USD inc PayPal fees. I am verified on PayPal but a new member here. I would prefer to buy from someone with a trade history here and since I don't have a history am willing to speak on Discord or something to verify myself. I am an original Kickstarter Backer and looking to kit out a Cutlass Black for the PU. Please PM me whatever details I need from you and what you need from me if you have a pack you'll sell for the above price. Many thanks.
  6. Hi Im looking for a Freelancer to Constellation Taurus upgrade as im not able to upgrade it atm with the event going on.
  7. Looking to buy CCU from MM to Endaever
  8. Interested in any of them, I'm one of those that came in late to the game so have to go through the market. Please help me out pm me with offers
  9. Ironman993

    Complete Colonel Package Physical

    As the title states, looking to grab a colonel package physical with life time insurance. Send me a reasonable price and I will buy. Must have reputation/ebay feedback/rep. Scammers need not apply!
  10. Collecting offers for a buyer, please send in your offers thank you.
  11. Will pay $165 for a Digital Pirate LTI Game Package. Dm Edit: bought for $120.
  12. 130$ paypal write me your discord name here, or pm me
  13. Kyla

    Complete Polaris

    Hello All, I want to buy one Polaris LTI, please send me offer. Ccu’d or OC is not important, only the price. Thanks.
  14. Kyla

    Complete WTB Hammerhead

    Hello, WTB Hammerhead LTI, please send offer Thanks.

    Complete Sabre Raven

    I want to buy a code. I'd pay 60$ or best offer. Reputable & trusted seller required. PayPal verified. My nick is the same here, in Reddit, and also in SC. Serious seller + serious buyer = always great & safe deals.
  16. drizzt1977

    Complete F7A Upgrade Kit

    USD 120 or 106 Euro If you have one, hit me with a PM
  17. [WTB] F7A Military Hornet Upgrade  120$ PayPal Only
  18. I was hoping to find a Super Hornet that I could add to my hangar.
  19. [WTB] Saber Raven 40$ PayPal only !!!The last chance to SELL your Raven!!!
  20. [≡☠≡] フの乇 ムノレレノム刀

    Want to Buy GLAIVE OC LTI

    I'm looking for a Glaive OC LTI with a normal price... Thks
  21. Greetings, wanting to purchase a 600i explorer to hull E upgrade about $80. please let me know if you have one! thx Best regards :)
  22. Kryzenshteiner

    Want to Buy WTB Pioneer LTI

    WTB Original Pioneer LTI
  23. [WTB] F7A Military Hornet Upgrade Send Offers Paypal Verified Only