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  1. Welcome to Imperium @masamunexv!
  2. The Ship loaner matrix summed up: What ship will CIG loan you until your ship is complete or hangar/flight ready. Source: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/1/thread/the-ship-loaner-matrix Ship Loaner spreadsheet
  3. Since the title is "The best gaming monitor?" I assume its open to any opinion. I recently purchased a ASUS ROG PG278Q and it being my first monitor above 1080p, it's nice but honestly, I feel like going wide screen might of been a more "unique" or bigger change that I would feel it was worth it. Though more towards the subject Personal choice for this would be, ASUS PG27UQ 4k / 1ms / 144hz Though for gaming specifically I would say, ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q & BenQ ZOWIE XL2540 1080p / 1ms / 240Hz Are the best for "Gaming" since it has the highest specs, etc. not considering resolution just Esports.
  4. One thing confirmed is, we cannot deface or destroy planets, so I'm really thinking a no on orbital strikes. A reason I myself am interested in ground based combat and these types of vehicles is, Ground combat is just entertaining, especially including dropships. Include these ground vehicles, rather you use them as speeders to arrive at your location, pursue a target or patrol an area, there's tons of interesting possibilities that open up with these vehicles. I do wonder how ships will play along with ground vehicles though, can they hover in atmosphere? Weapons affected in atmosphere? etc. Honestly, I trust CIG to balance everything at the end, so I'm just going to enjoy these little open cockpit vehicles to their fullest, most likely racing on planets.
  5. This is actually BMW's "concept" "hover bike" but there were lots of old concepts that would lean more towards cleaner styles. 1. Vault 1 1. Vault 2
  6. Hope you'll find SCB accommodating, we're all of different opinions but without so many people supporting this project or being simply fans, SCB wouldn't exist. Since we're limited on Game developers in the community we try to understand things are more difficult than what we believe them to be and no matter what, one day, we'll have a damn amazing game to play. Glad you've decided to join SCB and hope the good things will turn out to be true, enjoy your stay and don't stop... believing!
  7. Welcome to SCB @RogueRaptor be sure to poke a HR member if you ever have any questions, enjoy your stay!
  8. Welcome to SCB @Porcupine!
  9. Glad you decided to join the community @FelixVale. Welcome to Imperium!
  10. Quite understandable, the majority of us miss those forums as well but welcome to SCB @JRCrichton hope you'll enjoy it!
  11. Ah I hope so, been waiting for more open canopy racers like the dragonfly. Love the idea but not a Drake fan, Xi'an would for sure closer to a style I'd like.
  12. Welcome to SCB @Victor Vector! Hope you enjoy your stay with us.
  13. Welcome to SCB @Vaperlock!
  14. Welcome to the base @Mazive!
  15. Welcome to SCB @Barabit!