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  1. Thanks! =]
  2. Happy Bday!

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  4. Happy birthday!

  5. Welcome to imperium buddy! =]
  6. Another imgur link from reddit from GameStar with 4k pictures and brief descriptions translated. http://imgur.com/a/qiSk4
  7. Please remember Forum Rule 2. and enjoy your conversation!
  8. Personal Opinion What it's not: Anything Javelin sized or below. Reason: Last year-ish they showed the crashed Javelin, they also showed another crashed javelin on ATV so that's already 2 on the ground. Second, for them to make a deal about it, I personally feel it must be something bigger than something we've seen already. What It could be: Something from SQ42. Reason: As Trophias posted, since they have already shown the Driller has a derelict phase to it, it wouldn't be hard to imagine that being the ship but opens the question, how many Vanduul or other alien ships are that far along for SQ42 that we just aren't aware of yet? So I'm leaning towards alien ship from SQ42 or possibly a Bangel.
  9. Was searching around VR things and the OMNI creator was talking about before Rifts release the creator contacted OMNI about checking out his product with a few other game developers (Chris Roberts), just shows him for a few seconds in the room but thought it was cool.
  10. Customization, rather it a ship or person, is EXTREMELY important in MMO's. People should be able to create something unique in a world with millions of players. Rust for example made it random on what gender and appearance you have and I think it was an atrocity. Why would anyone want to put any time into a character that isn't theirs, especially with SC.
  11. I feel it's something that's already under control and not "anything".
  12. He casually says tanks, I can understand them making track vehicles but tanks? That'll be interesting.