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  1. Sale is open https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/15982-Terminal-Velocity And what exactly is TEXA RC? From the brochure
  2. 1. Melt my Aurora Legionnaire package that has been upgraded to an avenger titan. = Aurora melted 2. Purchase a LTI xian nox $35. =NOX Hangar, Aurora Melted 3. Use my buyback token to purchase the $45 legionnaire package with star citizen and sq42. =Aurora package and Nox in hangar 4. Use the remaining credit to upgrade the nox to an avenger titan and then use an old $0 ccu to get a reliant. Nox ($35) to Avenger Titan($50) = $15.00 CCU (Not yet available) (Issue) To stack a "Titan to Reliant" CCU on top of your "Nox to Titan CCU" you'd have to contact Support to see if they'd help you out, we can only add one CCU per ship but Customer support is extremely nice and I think they normally help out but safe to contact before hand. As well they will hold a NOX for you during your contact with them encase you don't get one during the sale IF you tell them in the first PM you're wanting to buy one but need X answered first. 5. Upgrade from there.
  3. I'm not one for alien brands but love this style so much more than the Dragonfly personally.


    1. Shootter


      Seriously hate this clearance level ultra crap, pointless.

    2. Donut


      lol @Shootter what advantage do you think you'll have over knowing what the ship is a couple days earlier than others? It's just something fun from CIG :P 

  4. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link//15980-CLEARANCE-LEVEL-ULTRA-REQUIRED
  5. lulul I bet, that's exactly what we've been wanting to tell all the AAA people.
  6. This is priceless material. Was it just done by a YoutTuber to make it look like it was done at E3? I feel they wouldn't of allowed that. XD
  7. Lol a tech-warhorse sounds awesome, I might take some time to check it out. Shroud was too different for me but very unique, if CIG thinks its a good game should be worth looking at.
  8. Really interested in this, I backed Shroud of the Avatar just for the cross bow and I remember KCD shared some tech with SC but I cant currently find anything on rewards, if anyone has any details please leave a reply. I neeeed it.
  9. -Moved to Hardware- Here's the important parts I think it looks good, the processor I don't know anything about but googling it, it seems to compare fine with others and I know a 1060 will do just fine. Lemme find this PC spreadsheet for StarCitizen and get back to you before considering anything I say. @rimmer59 also might know something. Update: With RSI changing to Spectrum they have removed the thread I was talking about but this one might give you something and there is this Hardware thread on Spectrum if you can't get your answer here, with SC being unoptimized at the moment I'm uncomfortable giving you an answer as the game can change day to day but I think that's an okay build but more opinions are always good.
  10. Hey Leonn, glad to see you're still around! Yeah, we don't require people to read the Q&A's to comment so it happens. I agree with "(Surveillance)" and yes, it's a military exploration ship but how well can it be used for "Exploration" however vague that may be or however you define Exploration, for example your QA - Helps describe what CIG has in mind for exploration and what that Terrapin can do, "Terrapin is more concerned with finding, cataloging, and reporting critical information and discovering points of interest than it is about taking home incidental salvage, trinkets, or loose resources." "It may not be able to bring back many souvenirs, but the real point behind the Terrapin is to locate valuable things for friends." If you want to scout or do surveillance it sounds good, which I will with this ship but depending on how you define exploration in Star Citizen, only you know if it's for you.
  11. Regarding the bed, it has one (Spoiler below) and aren't the engines extremely efficient and made for long range? Towards exploration, since we don't know what specifically is... better or necessary for exploration, example the Carrack has drones, something to help align with Jump points, etc. If all of that is "needed" often then maybe the Terrapin isn't the best choice but currently, it seems like a fun idea. With its giant radar sweep and yes it's slow but "Slow" in this game is still a good speed since you can jump and if you're sweeping for things, maybe slow is better to not miss things, possibly. So personally I'd say it's one of those "wait and see" situations with too many unknowns. And "Is there a more suitable ship?", Carrack is #1 Exploration ship personally due to how well prepared it is, but consider crew requirements, size, etc. you need to figure out how many people and/or the size of ship you want, then you can find the best exploration ship for you. 315p Freelancer DUR Constellation Aquila Carrack Carrack - Constellation - Freelancer - No 315 but you get the picture =]
  12. Hello @Deiobolick, You should have received a PM upon applying to Imperium, check your Inbox, and you should have a PM on what to do. If you need further assistance, feel free to PM myself or any Human Resource Member.
  13. "Greene is the creator of Arma 2 and 3's Battle Royale mod, and he later worked with Sony Online Entertainment (now Daybreak Games) to develop a battle royale mode for their zombie survival sandbox H1Z1, which became the standalone Early Access shooter King of the Kill. Now, Greene and Korean developer Bluehole are preparing their own entry in the battle royale arena with Battlegrounds, which is currently in closed beta after roughly a year in development." http://www.pcgamer.com/playerunknowns-battlegrounds-could-have-a-bright-future-in-the-battle-royale-genre-he-created/
  14. Welcome @VectorWhite!