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  1. When I see things for SQ42: Reclaimer GiF's:
  2. Happy birthday Juntau!!! 

  3. Does this sound right? "Pledging more than $10,000 will net you access to Star Citizen's exclusive Million Mile High Club" , I thought you had to buy the package while they were available? No matter what the infographic looks great and love that Red Bull is covering StarCitizen, just really curious about MMHC.
  4. The long awaited return of the "10 for the Chairmen" series is over with a new format and guest Tony Zurovec!


  6. Would you still say it's up in the air on what you're considering to produce? "Plants/Animals/Overclocking/research" My concern is Plants, you have to get a specific radiation so traveling to a location, some not being safe and I assume there's the same "Risk Reward" for other modules. If there's something I can sit in safe space and mass produce multiple products at once while profiting, I'm interested. I assume Overclocking we would have to interact with since SC wants some things like Repair to be skill based, just theory though. Animals and farms I feel could be periodical harvesting but would be low return in safe space.
  7. Pretty sure he said this. And if you could just make the times a doodle poll link, that'd be great. =] Signed up though!
  8. Nope this is the same patch updates from before, cat is already out. Just my favorite part of it that we're looking forward to.
  9. Some bug fixes and patch updates in the new production schedule. - https://robertsspaceindustries.com/schedule-report 2.6.2 Overview 3.0 The Stanton System
  10. Welcome @HanHolo.
  11. Not much of anything, but I liked to see there was at least something made for it. =]
  12. Happy Birthday Fintz!

  13. Welcome @Drake Ambrose! Star Citizen is for sure the game you're looking for! I'm happy you're interested in Imperiums infrastructure, it's one of the best I've seen providing great structure for us over the years, about my favorite part of Imperium is how organized it is. A lot of us are new to this Space-Sim MMO FPS shooter/RPG/everything game but its such a broad genre it gathers a variety of interesting people here so dont worry about being new to it. If you need any help finding a way to contribute or just in general, dont hesitate to message one of the Human Resource members for help! See you around!