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  1. Sadly you're not a CIG Dev as many of us agree with this statement. Everyone is free to have an opinion but I think their approach is the better choice, rather than failing. Having a "Clear vision" on how gameplay should be or what mechanics should be put in is difficult with StarCitizen being in Alpha and growing with new technology CIG is developing for us, so I can understand the wait for not wanting to spend countless hours and backers money on "balancing" right now in alpha just for it to change in the future. It's not a negative thing for Star Citizen not to be set in stone during Alpha, just for any other game, it needs to be able to fluctuate, it needs room to adapt to updates and technology and thankfully CIG is looking forward enough to see that not giving us something and calling it a day. We will have balance when it means something, understanding you among many other pilots like to compete against each other, it's playable and fun for the average player which for now, is their goal.
  2. I was for the $5 thing as you could melt it getting all your $5's back and just buy one ship or one CCU at the end, now I need to make sure I don't have any $0 CCU's I'm trying to hold onto that I actually want. I didn't realize it was an abuse of the system to stock these though which is why they realized they made a mistake and trying to fix it, so I support them on trying to fix it since they didn't intend for us to use these as we are, better now than later.
  3. Updated video on updated CCU change.
  4. Reminder to consider SCB forum rules while discussing topics in a civil manner. Please continue and enjoy your conversation.
  5. TEXAS! It's been awhile since we've had another Texas brethren, glad to have you. Welcome to SCB and hopefully Imperium!
  6. Fine, I didn't want to fill it out anyways! Also, -Moving to Off Topic-
  7. Happy birthday Arengorn!!

    1. Nevermore


      Happy Birthday mate !!!

    2. Donut


      Happy Birthday!

  8. Welcome to Imperium @Nemo, I've been trying to get some of my friends to play on free weekends for that same reason but never works out, glad you ended up joining us!
  9. Q&A https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/15871-Q-A-Banu-Defender
  10. Ah I saw the tweet with Imperiums name in it and was going to ask around who it was, thanks for the info! Good luck!
  11. Merging with primary thread
  12. Yeah, it was clickbait... This elevator shows the progression of New York as you go up from the 1500's to the completion of the new "1 World Trade Center" in 2015. Damn fascinating to see!