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  1. I'm just saying last game day I had a higher score than @Core in our matches, that's what really matters in life.
  2. Happy Birthday!!!

    1. GeraldEvans


      Yeah!  Happy birthday media maker extraordinaire!

  3. Welcome to Imperium @theMonta! We can always use more T&I members If you're looking for someone to help you improve your flight skills, Imperium has a few Flight Instructors at the moment @GreenAvenger @Xeen & @Cincinnatus that are all very helpful and specialized in teaching people how to fly. That doesn't mean you can't ask random people on TeamSpeak though, they may be able to point you towards someone online that can help that's just not a Flight Instructor. If you need anything don't hesitate to PM or poke a Human Resource member, enjoy your stay!
  4. Glad to see more Imperium members creating content lately, nice work @Mapleguy hope to see more from you! + This is awesome, didn't even know you could do that.
  5. Ongoing Discussion

    Awesome PC Naz! Looks great and has great components!
  6. Welcome to Imperium @RNG0D! BF3 was a good game, I'm not a fan of BF1 just because I like modern/future technology but I think we've all been through the Runescape phase lol. If ya need anything make sure to poke an HR member on SCB or TeamSpeak.
  7. Theme song

  8. Happy birthday Deon! Even though you hide your birthday.

    1. Trophias
    2. Shootter


      I was disappointed when they said you cant crash an Idris into the main planet hub :o

    3. Trophias



  9. Happy birthday Shane!

    1. Nevermore


      indeed happy Birthday mate !

  10. CIG is currently investigating the issues with Echo 11, the StarMarine map with the terrible lag, for anyone that has played this map and willing to fill out the survey it would greatly be appreciated to hopefully find the issue relating to all of the problems if not narrow it down. Survey - https://goo.gl/forms/xnZ3z2ultq2Z3QBH2 Official Statement
  11. This is a personal opinion, I think CIG will always make the correct choice seeing how they know everything going on and we will only see part of it, this is with respect towards them, just confusion. I'm a little confused, if i'm understanding this right, why they're straight banning people for testing a game in alpha, my personal understanding of a alpha is you're supposed to use it for testing and breaking to fix what is exploited. So if people are being banned for testing, then we'll only run into these issues down the road or within the smaller test groups of CIG and evocodi. If leaderboards would have been postponed I feel alpha could have been treated like alpha and used for testing rather people upset about how laggy the servers are and if people are exploiting at the moment, since boundaries need to be pushed now every patch and update rather than later.
  12. Hey @BigBennysTV! Welcome to Imperium.
  13. Welcome to Imperium @Ghost5talker! Glad to see you're already getting to play with some members.
  14. -Moved to Off Topic-