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  1. Have fun! @CC-Corp your link is giving me 404.
  2. I enjoy the game. No negatives that the devs aren't already working on for me.
  3. Happy birthday!

  4. Happy birthday!

  5. Happy day of birth!

  6. Wish you guys would spam my email with this stuff, I never see it anymore being casual.
  7. Sorry I forgot to close this post, it has been sold. Apologies!
  8. I don't have Original concept but If you're interested I have, 1. LTI Banu Defender & Merchantman Combo pack. Original price $515 - Asking $530 https://imgur.com/a/nAp58Iu 2. 85X to Merchantman Upgrade Original price $300 - Asking $315 I have a LTI 85X for original price $50 if bought with the merchant upgrade. https://imgur.com/a/UDWzHRv https://imgur.com/a/JAOzQWY Just poke me if you are, otherwise Good luck on your purchase!
  9. After Oct 20th I will be raising the price up to $930. Any questions please feel free to PM here or Discord - SwitchUnboxes#4447 If you'd like middleman you cover their fee I pay PP fees ------------------------ 890Jump - $890 https://i.imgur.com/pONIPqm.png
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