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  1. Switch

    Account locked because of suspicious gifting?

    I actually received this about two months ago, I sent in a concierge ticket asking what I can do to assist them and didn't get a reply, as well my account was never actually locked. Pretty sure its scam. Can always send in a ticket to CIG to be safe.
  2. add7568974ea742cc4bd525072a5863f.jpg

  3. happy birthday!

  4. Switch

    |9th| |9th|Security Industries

    Hey Raven! 0/ Tell apoc hi for me.
  5. Hello! I'm getting rid of some old ships I've been saving at the following prices listed below. If you have any questions please PM me. I pay fees Verified Paypal transactions only You can request Middleman if you pay for it Thank you! 890Jump - $1000 https://i.imgur.com/pONIPqm.png UEE Land Claim License ESTATE PARCEL (4 available - Can request more) - $220 https://i.imgur.com/BFWrAum.png RSI Polaris Warbond - $800 https://i.imgur.com/lywY6BC.png Esperia Vanduul Blade - $270 https://i.imgur.com/Kr5yvgc.png Esperia Vanduul Glaive - $580 https://i.imgur.com/y0TlptG.png Endeavor + Modules ALL LTI Endeavor - $450 Medical - $170 Service - $80 Supercollider - $170 Hanger - $120 https://i.imgur.com/MTItWAh.png https://i.imgur.com/8rThJSD.png https://i.imgur.com/RKcrfxN.png
  6. Happy birthday!

  7. Switch

    Elders Scrolls Online anyone?

  8. Hello! Sorry but they've been sold.
  9. Hello! Getting rid of my old Endeavor set. If interested please PM or feel free to contact me through Discord so I may respond faster: SwitchOnTwitch#4447 Bio dome - $150 Endeavor - 450 Fuel pod - $68 General Science - $68 Medical - $170 Service - $80 Supercollider - $170 Price Reference https://i.imgur.com/MTItWAh.png https://i.imgur.com/8rThJSD.png https://i.imgur.com/RKcrfxN.png
  10. The perfect Transport package :)


  11. Switch

    Complete WTS Eclipse $300 Serial: A01094EC

    Transaction completed, thank you!
  12. Switch

    Complete WTS Eclipse $300 Serial: A01094EC

    No worries and sounds good.
  13. WTS Eclipse for $300, please PM and/or comment below if interested. Serial: A01094EC Thank you!