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  1. CIG Being Sued by Crytek

    This sounds to me like a desperate move by Crytek... although I don't know anything about all this legal stuiff so I'm not going to even try and wrap my head around all of this. I do worry about this generating bad publicity that CIG doesnt need... with "you know who" and his bag o' cronies and certain websites are going to latch on to... possibly something Crytek is actually counting on so CIG will try to make this go away by settling. Sigh.
  2. Explosive Waltz

    That was fun to watch. Good job, sir!
  3. Citizens: Best Star Citizen cinematic I've seen.

    While really nicely edited, and the game is absolutely gorgeous... it's pretty much this, but with SC footage
  4. Alita battle angel

    This surprised me. I remember watching the Battle Angel Alita anime movie like.. what.. 20 years ago? Ths does look really cool even if the giant anime eyes are a bit disturbing... it's the uncanny valley effect.
  5. Weekly Sneak peak & Subscribers

    Agreed. It's about time we got more information.
  6. Death Stranding

    This.. erm.. game looks very.. trippy. Unsure if these are an indication of the graphical quality but I got to say the trailers look good. However, I'm afraid these bizarre trippy trailers will hype the game too much that it could potentially just hurt the actual game, whenever it is released.
  7. It’s SNOWING in SCB

    AHWMAHGAWD its a christmas miracle.
  8. Hello from new member (applying)

    Welcome Corwan!
  9. skyrim Skyrim Reboot

    I recently started playing Skyrim again. I think in overall ive put more then 600 hours into this dang game:p
  10. New Citizen

    Welcome to the Base!
  11. Weekly Sneak peak & Subscribers

    Yeah, timing is everything;)
  12. Happy Hour - Drake Vulture, Drake Corsair, Drake Kraken

    Personally I like the idea of a small/medium salvage ship (and Vulture just sounds really cool). I don't think we need any more exploration ships to be introduced for a while, we have quite a few already with Freelancer DUR, Origin 315, Origin 600i, Anvil Terapin and Anvil Carrack. Sure, they're made for different aspects of exploration, but still... As far as a carrier goes, personally I'm not that interrested.. though I can see how people can be.
  13. Weekly Sneak peak & Subscribers

    What this means at the least we'll be able to drop signal flares. I reckon those will be handy for planetary rescue/ extraction.. for when you know the general area and don't want to potentially send out a signal with a beacon.
  14. Name that ship!

    I think that’s pretty funny without being too odd. 🤣🤣