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  1. welcome!
  2. No.. I want my 3 meters of ship back! RAAAGE! Is it just me or does a crew of 5 still seem kind of.. small? I mean say you find your derelict. You'd probably send a team to EVA over, explore the derelict and scavenge whatever they can find before you start the scrapping process. Depending on the size of the derelict you would probably still want to send a minimum of 2 people, if it's a large ship I'd send 3.. meaning there's only two or three left on board the Reclaimer to run operations.. manage systems, operate the claw, keep an eye on the scanning data and the drones.. and defend the ship if pirates show up. Is that enough? Or do we want to carry 2 or more extra crew members? I reckon they wouldn't just sit around all the time, on a ship this massive there's surely stuff to do inbetween salvage ops. We still haven't seen a design doc on salvage so it's all speculation but I am extremely curious to see how a typical salvage operation pans out.
  3. Welcome to the base and the fleet!
  4. Thinking the same thing. It would make sense. Either it builds a base.. or.. it becomes one? Like a transformer? OOoohh... Phf, i dunno, we'll see at citizencon;)
  5. That looks great @GRIZZ! I'd love to get one as well!
  6. cool stuff.. I'm really curious now. Looks like CIG has fallen in love with swiveling engines (and to be fair, they're awesome) as the silhouette looks like it has quite a few.
  7. Welcome to the base!
  8. Welcome!
  9. Wow. Im sure noone saw this coming... ¬_¬
  10. Right. That's what im saying as well. We're still looking at work in progress so we'll just have to wait untill it's released to us.
  11. new pics often get the discussion going again. It's not going to be a shut case even if they were released right now:p Gah, that sneak peak has got me hyped again. I can't wait till she's flyable. @GRIZZ You were right in pointing out the extended elevator/ladder, i noticed that as well. I guess still some work is left to be done.. gotta stay patient (damnit) Also.. no sneakpeak on the cutter yet. At first I thought that the cutter was in the pic, just below the derelict, to the left.. but it seems upon closer inspection to be another drone. Edit: it seems this reclaimer is missing some guns and/or equipment. compared to earlier concept work. And what is that hole for, directly under the nose? The ones on the side seem to be where gun/equipment mounts could be placed. The cockpit has been widened to fit two people (and probably to give us a glorious view) and it seems the tractorbeams(?) were added under the nose. Edit 2: looks like the "holes" on the side are indeed mounting points for weapons or perhaps other types of equipment, as seen in the earlier shared image of the reclaimer landing on a planet (see last image below). Most notably on the sneak peek image is the absence of the turret on top. I keep falling in love with this ship the more they reveal:D /sigh
  12. yeah that drone seemed the obvious salvage drone to me as well. The Coil was already high on my list of places to go salvage. Nice to see the reclaimer is featured in SQ42
  13. Welcome to the fleet!
  14. Welcome Jonesy!
  15. Welcome fellow dutchy!