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  1. Fizzlefuse

    BMW self balancing motorcycle

    That motorcycle (first video) is more stable then the Nox. but then again, everything is more stable then the Nox :D
  2. Fizzlefuse

    Alpha 3.2 is LIVE

    That's awesome. Now that quantum linking and better team mechanics are in place, I can see the next step of that being some kind of fleet management coming into the game. Especially when CIG will finally add Org controls and whatnot.
  3. Fizzlefuse

    Random SC Humor

  4. Fizzlefuse

    3.2 PTU released

    I would join you on PTU, but after getting a Vulture I'm still $6.50 away from Concierge I'll see you guys when this thing hits live
  5. Fizzlefuse

    ship Heavy Crusier

    That ship is something pieced together from kitbashed parts and some from-scratch modeling. The most obvious part is the cannon which is ripped out of a tank model kit;) Pretty cool stuff.
  6. Fizzlefuse

    Drake Vulture

    Man, it really does looks a lot like that EVE ship.
  7. Fizzlefuse

    Drake Vulture

    The Reclaimer can carry waaay more salvage and would be a beter use for large salvage jobs. Like they said on AtV, a Reclaimer crew would probably not bother with a Gladius wreck... and a Vulture wouldnt be very effective with a large wreck. You could potentially do it, but you'd need either a fleet of vultures or would take a very long time, presumably with cargo ships flying back and forth to pick up the small amount of scrap a Vulture produces. It's like saying "since a Polaris can shoot things in space, why would you want to have a Javelin?" Larger ships for larger targets. I will probably get one for my fleet;)
  8. Fizzlefuse

    Drake Vulture

    So... this ship is pretty much what i was thinking the cutter would be. so hey, why not cut the ship from the reclaimer package and sell it seperately? It's not like people already paid for it... right?... It looks pretty cool tho, I want one
  9. Fizzlefuse

    Blind Culling delayed - again

    I'm still fine with waiting, but hearing this was again delayed does frustrate me a little. it seems CIG does this every single time. At least they're consistent now with patching every quarter. Let's wait and see.
  10. My money is on the Drake Vulture as well.
  11. Purely from the looks, I'd go with the Eclipse. It just has a very nice stealth bomber look and feel. The idea of having a squad of those flying under the radar to surprise a target.. delicious;) I don't consider the Javelin a bomber per sé, it's listed as a Destroyer. If I'd have to pick something for group gameplay, I'd pick the Retaliator. All those turrets, the modularity.. yes please. I am aware the Tali needs some (re)work, but I have no doubt the Tali will be a amazing ship once fully functional.
  12. Fizzlefuse

    o/ Hi to all

  13. Fizzlefuse


    even if I had that much money as disposable income, i woudn't buy a Legatus pack. While I get it from a supporting development perspective, owning every ship would take a serious chunk out of the fun for me. For me, part of the fun will be saving up for that next ship. Starting with a Hull B, perhaps work my way up to a Hull C. Start exploring in my Freelancer DUR, perhaps one day get a Carrack. I get why CIG put up this 27000 package though. If there are people willing to put that much money down, why not let them?
  14. Fizzlefuse

    Aegis Dynamics - 362

    Customizing ships would be so much fun. Looking forward to that.. in about 3 to 4 years or so i reckon;)