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  1. The website I was refering to is the official star citizen website at robertsspaceindustries.com. Every ship page has a technical overview and a variants matrix, but there's no real way to directly compare different ships from different ingame manufacturers really. It all comes down to what you prefer. To be fair, I agree with @Buckaroo, the Origin 325A is a fine ship. Now we have ship rentals in the game, I really do suggest you just try out some ships before you commit. mechanics for clans (in star citizen they're called Organisations) are currently not in the game. CIG is working on the much needed mechanics that will allow more players per server. Once that goes up to a more significant number (i believe the current limit is 60 people), I believe we'll see proper org support come into the game. That said, you can connect with friends and organisation members via your friends list in the game. In the last major patch we got mission sharing, though I haven't tried it myself so I can't comment on how that functions.
  2. First of all, you might want to follow CIG's Getting Started videos. I don't know how much these have been updated to the latest patches, but they give you a pretty good idea of how things work so you can take off and fly around without worries. Second, don't worry about losing your ship... because you wont. If your ship gets destroyed you can just respawn it in the game via the console. Again, you will NOT lose the ships you paid real money for, don't be afraid. Third; right now the game has a (limited) amount of ships you can rent or purchase for ingame alpha currency, which you can earn doing missions. You can find a ship rental service console at Teasa Spaceport in Lorville, on the planet Hurston, and ship purchasing kiosks at Lorville and ArcCorp. I strongly suggest you just poke around in the game a bit, do some missions and don't be afraid of goofing off. Also, feel free to ask people if you can try out flying another ship. You'll find most people are happy to show off their ships:D This way you can get a bit more comfortable and also figure out what you want out of a ship. The RSI website does have all the ships in their store where you can see the stats, but comparing them is a bit tricky, especially since not all the ships are available for purchase. I'm not aware of any 3rd party site where this is easier, but I'm sure there's one out there. One last thing, if I were you I'd wait with getting any new ships untill CitizenCon on the 23rd of November. The event will likely have some ships on sale, perhaps some discounts.. with some new ships to boot. What they're doing exactly is still a mystery but we'll see relatively soon.
  3. I'm still not hyped. Optimistic? a little. again... I'll believe it when I see it.
  4. Welcome to the base and the fleet!
  5. What a surprise. It's not like Chris Roberts told us at citizencon 2018... 😉
  6. That would be amazing. Everytime I log into discord/teamspeak it's empty. I usually just log in to the PU and try to find someone to play with. It doesn't help that the servers still are rather limited as well. If more people would come back, that'd be grreeaaat. Also, hopefully next year we'll see some form of org support if the servers expand to hold more people.
  7. This is a early version of mining and definitely needs some more work. For starters, they will implement a filter on the prospector that separates the ore from waste debris that you can presumably then throw out. Also the sidebags will be removable in the future. At least that's still the plan as far as I am aware off. In terms of earnings it really depends on what you are mining and where you're selling it but it's indeed not the best option right now (though I found selling titanium at Levski is decent). That will likely get a update as well. We just got on-foot mining in the 3.7 patch, which is very interesting (dont get lost underground tho), and we'll get large scale asteroid mining in the future, hopefully with the release of the Orion.
  8. Fizzlefuse

    RSI Mantis

    It's a trend to go straight to flyable these days.. (especially for smaller ships) which to be fair seems better then waiting ages for your prefered ship/mechanic to finally get developed, but I have no doubt this ship will also be overpriced to hell and back.
  9. Fizzlefuse

    RSI Mantis

    I was hoping that this system would have been just a module you could install as well, but CIG as usual takes every new mechanic as an opportunity to create a new ship around it, to feed the machine. Gotta catch em all, keep milking the whales. Perhaps we will still see a more universal system later on though, as this is just the first few steps they're taking. All I know is I'm personally done spending money on the project... at least for now.
  10. Looks like Salvage has been pushed back... again. It's now listed for Q2 2020. So... June next year. That makes.. 5 times now? I lost count on how many times they pushed salvage back. At least now they actually talked about it and how other systems need to be in place.. which does make sense.. Lets hope the wait will be worth it.
  11. It was great to see how you can put stuff in your storage into a box
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