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  1. Great bit in Inside Star Citizen on a early engineering prototype..
  2. /sigh *opens wallet* How much, Chris? Goddangit, how much?
  3. That would actually be a paint job I'd get behind... it's better then that weird "Best in Show" skin.
  4. I hope a Reclaimer can also salvage the fuel or things like coolant or gasses. She doesn't have extra tanks as far as I know. space archaeology would be really cool. I hope they combine it with things such as the actually developed languages for Banu and Xi'an, so people who learned to read them can get more out of finding ancient relics or ruins. Exploration, like salvage, is one of the many mechanics we still desperately need but I don't see coming online less then a year from now.
  5. It's 2020 and we still don't have salvage. Oh but hey, there's a video now on how cool salvage will be once it's here! ...and what kind of systems will need to be in place.. which is something.. ...I guess. The ideas are cool though. Looking forward to the possibilites of the whole piping system. The idea of siphoning stuff off a derelict or recovering computer data is really cool. I do wonder how much of this the Reclaimer will be able to do, since it is the "end game" salvager. Also, after the Vulture, it's likely we'll see a multi crew salvager thats somewhere i
  6. The MAX looks great. Can't wait till you have the DUR available XD
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