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  1. Looks like Salvage has been pushed back... again. It's now listed for Q2 2020. So... June next year. That makes.. 5 times now? I lost count on how many times they pushed salvage back. At least now they actually talked about it and how other systems need to be in place.. which does make sense.. Lets hope the wait will be worth it.
  2. It was great to see how you can put stuff in your storage into a box
  3. I posted a thread on Spectrum to discuss if the Reclaimer's crew size might be too small: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/65292/thread/is-the-reclaimer-s-crew-too-small
  4. Jeez.. I'll be honest; that already looks better then The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi combined.
  5. This is all really cool but to be honest I'm personally getting a little tired of seeing CIG come up with new mechanics while we're still lacking a sh*t tonne of already announced mechanics. This new mine layer mechanic is sure to become another headache for CIG to balance because everyone knows this will be exploited to hell and back, with trolls putting their mines where they're not supposed to go just to be a d*ck. I can see how laying mines could be a good way to protect certain assets but come on, you know some people will mine the most basic of areas just to piss people off and be a ass. I'm not going to get one as I've stopped spending after I hit concierge, I feel I need to see more mechanics and development. Also, tbh I'm not interrested in owning a minelayer. I do think it looks cool tho. I do wonder why newer AEGIS ships like the Hammerhead and now the Nautilus have a crew of 8 (Edit: whoops, looks like the Hammerhead has a crew of 9) while the Reclaimer has a crew of only 5. Ive always thought the Reclaimer's crew size is too small, as it has multiple stations that can't all be manned at the same time with 5 people, it seems CIG seems to share the idea that a crew of 8 might be more versatile. Also, as a side note... while I love CIG for having cool events for their community and their engagement with us is commendable... do we need more layers of exclusive early access? I know it's only a day and I'm not especially interrested in this ship or whatever but first there's subscribers, then there's congierge level and now there's special congierge level events. What's next, special congierge level events VIP afterparties? A secret password? Chris Roberts' secret handshake? Did you wear the correct colored shirt for a special early early early early access? I might come across as a bit of a negative nancy here but I feel they're milking us more and more because it's getting harder and harder to find new backers and investors. Outside of our community bubble, I think the project's reputation isn't the best because of missed deadlines and still no release date after 7 or 8 years.
  6. That first video is pretty nicely done. Very artistic for sure. That sketchbook looks neat. Tokyo is pretty cool, I've been there myself last year for a couple of weeks. I'd love to go back there some time. I was with friends during the winter and never made time to do some sketching, which in hindsight I'm kind of regretting. Maybe something to do if i ever go back there.
  7. Great video! I have to say that while it makes things easier, I'm not a fan of each elevator going anywhere, it makes it feel like a magic Willy Wonka elevator that somehow takes you to the opposite side of the station. It's kind of jarring. I also noticed the tram system at ArcCorp now only has a single line going from Riker Memorial Spaceport to area 18, the other tram pad at area 18 has been closed off. I hope this will at some point reopen and connect us to another district or area. Agreed. I also found that landing at levski is difficult right now, as VTOL mode only kicks in when you're a few meters off the hangar's pad. Trying to lift off certain ships in hangars, especially bigger ones, makes them freak out, suddenly shooting sideways or flipping over while the only button I pushed was straight up. Hover mode definitely needs work.
  8. Yeah, it's the same for me. The mercury looks pretty good but I'd also like to see more gameplay mechanics
  9. The new spacestations look amazing! right now, on the inside they're still small and the same as they were before. This is going to change in 3.7, so I hope we actually get to go into the rings or that the stations are at least a lot bigger on the inside:D
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