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  1. Yeah, honestly I was never quite fond of the Redeemer's nutcracker engines. They look cool but they seemed too out of place and alien, especially compared with any other AEGIS ship. The leading edges on the wings is definitely something that was just chosen because it looks cool. That said, there's alot of "magic space tech" that doesn't really borrow from anything in real life. I mean, if we had anti-grav tech, any brick could fly, right? I definitely agree with you on the cockpits not being needed but hey, if you make a pretty space game you want people to be able to see it. The cockpits should be practical though, and this is why I don't like the connie's cockpit. I love the look of the connie (or any SC ship for that matter) but that cockpit frustrates me. If its not bad enough there's too much HUD stuff going on, they decided to give you a lot of dead angles by adding struts. ugh.
  2. Seeing as the most recent changes to the flight model makes dogfighting way more close combat, I think you'll see plenty of any ship before you blow it up;) Chris Roberts is a big fan of WWII style dogfighting so we're good in that department:p
  3. Welcome to the Base!
  4. Concept sales are always a gamble. As with many ships it's likely it will come out overpowered, nerfed, then underpowered, tweaked again and again untill it hits the sweetspot where CIG wants it to be. It being overpriced.. well you dont HAVE to buy it. I can't blame CIG for selling another alien ship, they found people really get a nerdboner for alien space ships. As far as it being undergunned... maybe? we don't even know anything about those Banu tachyon weapons. The Banu care much more about the look and feel of their ships as explained in AtV. It's a representation on who they are and what their status is. I really am in love with the banu artstyle, especially with the defender. It looks almost crab-like. Because the UEE has its own equivalents, alien ships are more collectors items then anything else. It's like buying that exotic foreign car just to show off. Im definitely going for some Banu ships once we'll be able to purchase ships in-game. Absolutely barbaric, good sir! Barbaric, I say! I think you are missing his point. He is not saying it looks like a Xi'an ship, he's saying it seems like the same situation as with the Karthu al, where the ship is more of a piece of art and not very effective but sold at a higher price just because it's an alien ship.
  5. Man, what a beautiful ship. Again CIG blows me away. Very tempted (once again) to get a new ship.. might just wait untill it's ingame tho. on a side note, if CIG ever releases a coffee-table artbook with all their ship art/concept art, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Heck, they could release multiple volumes of artbooks and I'd buy each and every one of them. The artwork is absolutely stunning.
  6. First of all, I'm not easy to please, I just look at these ships within context of the universe. From a visual design standpoint the ships look realistic, that doesn't mean they ARE. In that regard, CIG's designers haven't let me down. The ships look the part. It's a GAME. Sure, call it a spacesim all you want, it's still a computergame. It's not based on reality, it just approaches some aspects realisticly to immerse you into the world. Where it needs to, gameplay and the "cool factor" take precedence over what is realistic. I know "WWII planes in space" isn't realistic, but it's what Chris Roberts wants it to be and this is his baby. His magnum opus. His crown achievement. Do you also complain about Star Wars not being realistic? That the Millenium Falcon doesn't make sense, design wise? Even if you do, does that ruin Star wars for you? My point is, to me it's not an issue if the ships, from a pure realistic viewpoint, don't make sense. There are some points where any designer (which I am, professionally) would logically say "That would never work" or "no designer in their right mind would make something so impractical" but I'm looking past that because of the context that it's in. It's a fantasy universe where people have spaceships sitting in the driveway in the same way we have cars today. A universe where you can fly to another solarsystem to get some icecream and mercilessly blast some pirate scum along the way. A universe we share with turtle people and bird people. And it that universe, the ships make sense and they look phenomenal.
  7. Honestly CIG hasn't let me down yet with any design... so I'll just let them surprise me with the Nox. I agree that a vertical design wouldn't really work for a vehicle.
  8. H'uh.. I was wondering why I had access to a Hornet. Looks like, if I apply the CCU to my Saber, I'd get a Starfarer to mess around with as I wait for my Reclaimer to roll off AEGIS' assembly line. But then, I wouldn't have a saber. which is still pretty nice.
  9. Great video! well spoken and, like @Black-Dahlia, I also like videos that don't have music blaring.
  10. OOh, that would be cool. I was thinking it would be cool to have a species that evolved on a water world and thus are aquatic. Their ships would be filled with liquid in stead of gas. I still like the idea of this. It would be really convenient if your buddy is multiple starsystems away from you and reaching him/her would seriously cut into your playtime. As for me, I wouldn't mind waiting a little for my friends at a starport untill they arrive, just to see their ship land or a shuttle coming up to take me up to their capital ship ;D
  11. Fully agree with you. I hope the game systematically makes things challenging in other ways then just spawning more pirates or aliens as you go further into deep space. I've played a few games that forced people into certain gameplay, for instance, forced PvE players into PvP and vice versa, or stealthgames that suddenly force you to beat up people face to face and it never quite works for me. People have their own likes and dislikes, and if you screw with that it rubs people the wrong way.
  12. I hope the Kr'thak are not a humanoid race. Every single alien race in Star Citizen so far has two arms, two legs and a head. In fact, the Tevarin are pretty much 'bird people' and the Xi'an are 'turtle people'. I'm hoping for something really alien. Give me something with tentacles. something that walks on multiple legs or floats or crawls or... whatever. As far as the weapons go, gravity weaponry would be awesome. UEE tech already shows gravity (gravitons) can be manipulated, which is how they prettymuch developed artifical gravity and anti-gravity. Another potential indea of tech the Kr'thak might have is Tachyon weapons. The Banu use tachyons but according to UEE historians it might be assimilated from some other culture.
  13. welcome!
  14. I think the possibility of there being something on board a derelict ship is more appealing to me than there actually being something on board. The fact that some people just shoot you when you're exploring Covalex does bother me. Often enough I didn't even had enough time to type "don't shoot" before getting blown away. currently there's just not enough room for peaceful exploration to coexist next to the pirates and gankers who just want to blow shit up. Hopefully 3.0 will change it for the better.
  15. Welcome to the fleet!