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  1. Fizzlefuse

    Aegis Reclaimer

    Repair and salvage are pretty much two sides of the same coin, or at least they share a lot of different mechanics with laser cutting, attaching or detatching components and tractorbeams and such. I think when salvage finally does get implemented, repair will be not far off, or vice versa. It's anyone's guess right now when the mechanics will come into the game as they didn't put it in the planning for 3.6... but I hope we'll see it this year at least.
  2. Fizzlefuse

    Aegis Reclaimer

    Ah sh*t, they delayed salvage AGAIN? F*CK! 😡 We've seen them move salvage about 4 times now and I was really looking forward to finally salvage in the next patch. This really bums me out. I wonder what the problems are with salvage, I'm afraid CIG/CR got too excited and announced features without having any idea on how that would actually work or if it's even possible.. all for the sake of selling more spaceships to feed their machine. Things like salvage, repair, docking and the "voltron" mechanic (parasite ships docking), to name but a few. I'm sure they will figure it out eventually but to see it planned for a patch and then moved.. and then moved again.. and again.. and again is really frustrating. The only ships I can actually use for it's intended purpose ingame right now are the Prospector and the Hornet, both of which are bloody loaners. With cargo mechanics being in the game I was hoping to see the Hull series, which they started on but then those completely dropped off the radar. With the release of multiple exploration ships like the DUR, Aquila and 600i I was hoping for some kind of exploration but that's for somewhere around 2020. Now again the delay of salvage makes my Reclaimer a useless brick and my Vulture a vague dream. I'm a patient man and it's not that Star Citizen hasn't made huge steps in the last few years, but stuff like this is slowly wearing me down.
  3. Fizzlefuse

    vanduuls The Vanduuls, Killa Beez!

    I agree with your opinion that the Vanduul probably have no interest in humans, their indiscriminate attacks show as much. It's strage they don't take anything of value but they do take small, seemingly insignificant items. Trophies perhaps? I don't subscribe to the idea that they are fleeing from some other larger threat, I just wanted to put some of the different ideas floating about in the community in my comment. The UEE would probably know something is up because Banu sometimes trade with vanduul and the banu and humans have a treaty. Banu space likely spreads farther out beyond the current known starmap so you'd think there would be some news. The Vanduul are pretty much a allegory of the Vandals, which were east germanic tribes, as the UEE is a allegory of the Roman empire. I did read that they operate in seperate clans, as did the Vandals which are their inspiration, which is only more terrifying. If smaller clans can do this much damage to the UEE on their own, imagine what could happen if any Vanduul leader managed to unite the clans. It would be devastating. I know Admiral Bishop keeps telling us we will win because we have to, but what if the success of the UEE offensive is so great (especially with the new dreadnought flagship) that the Vanduul have no choice but to unite? I hope CIG adds a lot of hidden lore for us to find and explore in the PU.
  4. Fizzlefuse

    vanduuls The Vanduuls, Killa Beez!

    A few things. First of all, your music is WAY too loud and you have a soft speaking voice. I could hardly make out what you were saying. I had to rewind a couple of times to listen to parts again and still I couldn't make out a lot. You might want to take this in mind for future videos. Second, the plural of Vanduul is just "Vanduul". Listen to Admiral Bishop, he never says "Vanduuls". I know, I'm nitpicky, sorry:p Third... We don't know exactly how the Vanduul family structure works. From the capured derelict Kingship UEE scientist determined that all occupants on board where male, but the genetic diversity shows that females probably exist.. somewhere. We also know that knives and knife symbolism are important to them for some reason. We know they work in seperate clans.. but that's pretty much it all we know. So your idea that Vanduul parents make the knife for their offspring and it's it's only posession untill adulthood, and is cut off from any help by it's family... is pure speculation. If you have a source for this, I'd love to read it. CIG deliberately keeps the Vanduul a mystery, we're likely to learn more during the SQ42 trilogy. Also, they want complete distruction of the humans? This is another assumption. I guess it's easy to assume such because of their horrendous attacks but we have no idea about what actually motivates the Vanduul. They just attacked for no apparent reason without warning and left. They seem to not be interrested in communication or diplomacy so.. I guess they want us all dead? No idea. There are a couple of theories floating around, like they could be very territorial and consider most of "our" systems theirs. Perhaps its a predatory dominance thing. Others have opted the idea that the Vanduul might be coming into our neck of the woods because of a bigger threat that we don't know about. It could be resources I guess.. Heck, it could be some kind of religious reason, we just don't know. This is all speculation but interresting nonetheless. I'm looking forward to learning more in SQ42
  5. Fizzlefuse

    Ghost Busters 3 "teaser"

    Very interresting. I hope it will be able to wash away a bit of that awefull taste of the 2016 remake. Just thinking about that movie made me vomit a bit. eugh.
  6. Fizzlefuse


    Hello and welcome!
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  8. Fizzlefuse

    introduction Monkey, reporting for duty!

    Welcome! As a salvage captain, feel free to join my crew at any time 😛
  9. Fizzlefuse

    I want to present you ...

  10. Fizzlefuse

    Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    DS is a complete nutjob who desperately seeks attention because his own games fail miserably. Chris Roberts could at this point literally save a litter of kittens from a burning house and DS would rant how that somehow means the end of Star Citizen: How dare Chris Roberts spend backer money on kittens!? Those kittens are probably in on the whole deal... or in fact, there ARE no kittens and it's just kitten-jpegs!! My inside sources confirm the kittens are actually shadowy investors! The fire was a distraction so we wouldn't see the sinking ship! Release your finances on kitten-saving, CIG! GRAAAAAAH! In any case, I think @Drum hit the nail on the head there. CryTek wants to be a part of these developments and to get their hands on all the sweet new tech.
  11. Fizzlefuse

    Aegis Reclaimer

    Whoohoo! good to know. Now the question is: where does it dock/store?
  12. Fizzlefuse

    New recruit!

  13. Fizzlefuse

    Well met, boys.

  14. Fizzlefuse

    Helllppppp lol

    Welcome! I think we're all desperately waiting for proper org support in the game at this point.. but as @Nevermore said, we have Imperium game days organized. It's a good way to connect with other members.
  15. Fizzlefuse

    introduction Greetings