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  1. Dang, that's one sexy ship. Im sure she'll will be fun to fly.. but im not spending any more money CIG. dangit! XD
  2. Not gonna pick one up for two reasons. One, I'm financially not really in a good position right now to justify it and 2.. unless it comes with the mechanic it's designed for, I don't see any reason to get one. I'm getting tired of them selling ships and then even when it's finally flyable.. we're waiting year after year for it's intended mechanic.
  3. Happy New Year, people!

  4. From the roadmap update today I don't even know what to say anymore. I hope it pops back up on the roadmap again for next year but I don't think it's anything but a delay... again. That's what, 6 times they delayed it now? 7? I've lost count. Meanwhile Mining keeps getting updates tho... asteroids, FPS mining, Mole, mining laser-heads... I have a loaner Prospector, but mining can only hold my interest for so long. meanwhile the Reclaimer is a useless brick, not even viable as a cargo hauler. back when they finally started to develop the reclaimer i thought things were looking up... but no, CIG apparently only built the ship so they could cram it into the SQ42 vertical slice to get everyone's hype up. Even the Vulture is a distant dream now. I can't even get excited for seeing salvage on the roadmap because they've pushed it back so many times I don't believe it anymore. /sigh I'm so dissapointed. again.
  5. Ive played quite a few hours on the PTU now and I must say MicroTech is amazing. The weather effects are so immersive, it's great. a couple of times I ended up flying directly into a heavy snowstorm at night and i could'nt see anything. I did some fps mining (there's a lot of it down there btw) and could hardly make out the mining display through my snow covered helmet. If there were space-yeti in the game i would definitely not have left my ship. I do have to point out that only a few ships actually have the condensation/snow effects on the cockpit window, which include the Ares and the Gladius.. none of which I own. I'm sure they'll add the effect to other ships relatively soon in the coming year. I'm still exploring a bunch, I have yet to come across the more temperate areas with the flowers and stuff.. for a proper sound of music experience;) This patch is looking to be a great one
  6. I chuckled when the guy said there are rumours that some backers spent thousands. heh.. "rumours" In any case, this report wasn't trying to reach a conclusion at the end, to the project either being a gif from god or a terrible scam from hell. It's just reporting on what it is and lets viewers come to their own conclusion... which is more then we can say from some articles we've seen on the web lately.
  7. This gun looks pretty nice.. and it has a ship attached to it too! I wont be getting one though. Right now I can't really afford it, and even if.. I'm getting tired of combat ships.
  8. Gostbusters: Afterlife trailer! WHOO This looks like a proper sequel that respects the source material. Too early to say if it's good, but I'm hopefull!
  9. o7 hey AJ, good to know you're still around. Hopefully with the coming year we'll see a lot more activity.. the game is getting very interesting in 2020.
  10. Maybe a good idea to put all of these in the same topic?
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