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  1. Welcome to the fleet, fellow Freelancer captain!
  2. Welcome!
  3. Welcome!
  4. Welcome to the Base!
  5. As a explorer and deep-space salvaging captain I think it would be very valuable to have a xenolinguistic specialist on board and I'd LOVE to learn some alien languages myself.
  6. This looks very interresting. Im gonna keep my eye on thisone
  7. Welcome the base!
  8. True. If, with your achievements in SQ42, you gain favor with the UEE, which could mean things like discounts or access to exclusive UEE items in the PU, not to mention the fact that without finishing sq42 you might not have earned your citizenship.. I say many people will try to cheat in SQ42 and CIG can't let that fly:p
  9. I think there was mention of throwing griefers on a different server but I'm not 100% sure it was official or just someone asking. The problem with automatic mechanics such as the advocacy is that sometimes the line between pirate and griefer is as thin as a Planck-length (If you're not a nerd, look it up). It's intention most of the case. Will the game require a pirate to at least pick up one crate of cargo so it considers them not a griefer? What if his cargo hold is full? Is that one player just flying around or actively blocking someone else's ship from going anywhere because he thinks its fun to mess with someone? If the griefed player then opens fire on the troll, the system would flag the wrong person. I even have a colleague who openly admits he used to corpsecamp low level players in wow and how fun that was and how they couldn't do anything back and how he loved it when they finally logged off out of pure frustration. He really writes it off as "It's just a game so it's perfectly fine to do these things". I have had some terrible experiences with trolls and griefers and these people deserve no symphaty. They're bullies and CIG should either throw them on their own "hell" server where they can troll eachother FOREVER... or ban their asses altogether.
  10. Welcome to Imperium!
  11. nice. very artsy. I see the photoshop smudge tool got lots of use ;D
  12. Kicking the cheaters? I have no problems with that whatsoever. I know it's still early but CIG needs to make it's stance on cheating absolutely clear from the start. By the time the full PU rolls around people should have a pretty clear picture of what happens when you get caught cheating.
  13. I think this is awesome. I really hope we'll have hidden gems like this in Star Citizen as well. It's good to see Elite Dangerous' exploration actually go somewhere creative and exciting... something different then just people finding random ruins on rocky, uninspired worlds.
  14. The game will speak for itself once it's out. Haters are just going to hate.
  15. Not quite quantum linking I'm guessing, but close enough. That was pretty ffing cool.