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  1. Ha! That does sound like fun.. though I doubt a Reclaimer can wield a orion as a Lightsaber, they're about the same size. Now, a prospector on the other hand... 😈🤣
  2. Welcome to the fleet!
  3. As far as landing at stations for repair/refueling.. I think CIG will add larger landingpads since the Reclaimer can land after all. As much as I am a Star Trek fan, I don't think teleporters would be a good fit for the SC universe, at least not for the UEE. shuttles are already a thing, the Argo for example.. but since the really large carriers have still to roll out, there's no use for them yet. The Reclaimer comes with a 'manned cutter' but we have no information on it yet. Perhaps it could be used as a shuttle but who knows really.
  4. What I meant was that currently, CIG isn't doing much on hangars as far as I am aware and for us to be able to spawn more then 2 ships in a hangar and eventually vehicles as well, CIG will need to do some more work on them. Currently CIG is focusing on 3.0, 3.1 etc... it's unclear when more work will be done on the hangars. We can now change loadouts inside the PU so there is no real reason to spawn into the hangar anymore, other than just for eye candy... so it's likely not a priority atm. If they have any intention to allow the Reclaimer to fit inside a hangar, even more work is needed because she has a fat ass;)
  5. Welcome to Imperium!
  6. I agree that 3.0 shouldn't be overhyped but I think it's kind of too late at this point... We're going to see a lot of people come back to the game with this patch and I hope CIG is ready for them. They've been keeping the hype fires stoked over the last few months on social media and whatnot. Lately ive bee seeing a lot of tweets by CIG asking people what their favorite thing is in 3.0 or what they will be doing first or which moon is their favourite... I think it's just stupid to ask people what their favourite thing is in a game they can't play yet, clearly they're just keeping the hype alive while they delay the patch to finetune things. I hope it won't dissapoint a lot of people.
  7. I think we still have to wait a while untill CIG shifts their focus back to hangars. We know CIG has said before the multi-room hangars will return so we can show off all our ships at once;) I kinda miss showing off ships in my hangar, it looked great to have multiple ships in one massive room.
  8. Eeeeee! yeah, no. Please no psychos or space zombies.😜 Sesame Street? Nope. I'd quit the game if we run into muppet-infested derelicts;)
  9. true, the best monster movies work so well because you hardly ever see the creature. However, in Star Citizen's case, CIG needs to actually put it in the game. It would be great if/when they add it, they don't tell anyone... only for that stuff to go viral through the community;) now THAT would be scary.
  10. One of the names Im sitting on is Stormcrow... a word I always liked since Grima Wormtongue called Gandalf stormcrow;) it was going to be the name of my Sabre but I have since bought a Sabre to Reclaimer CCU so.. perhaps one day I'll buy a new fighter ingame:D That or I'll use it on another ship:p
  11. I think I've before expressed my desire, for having immersive, detailed and potentially scary and dangerous scenarios play out on derelicts while my crew and I try to salvage what's left. The Alien movies really set a certain look and feel that's captivating and terrifying... you sort of want to experience it but also you really really dont;) For me, space is about isolation. You're essentially floating in a void and I hope it will feel as if you're cut off from the rest of the 'verse. Only you, your crew, your ship... and whatever it is that's hiding in the dark. Then there's the explorer in me who wants to see the fantastic. Really alien worlds, unlike anything we have on earth. Amazing flora and fauna. I want to explore strange structures and space ships and alien civilizations and learn more about them. I want to see strange space anomalies and threats. Nebulea, black holes, wormholes... just strange shit, y'know? I want to go out there, and then come home and tell stories around the fireplace (or more likely just in some dive bar at a spaceport while drinking some odd glowing space-beer;). I want interresting gameplay that allows for unique experiences for everyone, that your story is different then anyone else's. That it's not all cookie cutter "kill 20 space-boars" but missions and excursions that are more meaningfull... trips you have to plan and prepare for. Do I have enough fuel? Ammo? Food and water potentially? What's the best route.. Do I take route A that's safer or route B that's faster? Do I need to refuel along the way? How about support? do I need an escort? Is there an Imperium base or outpost along the way where I can resupply, or do they need anything I can deliver? I want to see Imperium fleet(s) come together and combine their efforts to do amazing things like securing a system or potentially maybe find, restore and man a big capital ship? I want to see epic space battles, being chased by pirates only to be saved in the nick of time by a squadron of imperium fighters. Id even want to crash on a planet and survive untill someone picks up the distress call and comes save my sorry ass:) I want to see a universe unfold before me with a story that's driven partially by a community that I love. hey... I can dream, can't I? I pledged because star citizen has the potential to at least make some of these things come true. I backed because there has never been anything quite like it and I feel if anyone can do it, it's these guys.
  12. yeah, it's more likely to be in 3.1 I guess... If they'd include it in 3.0 there would be one more thing to bug fix and I think they'll have their hands full with everything else they stuffed into 3.0
  13. Oh come on now, calm the f down. We were discussing reasons if the reclaimer would be in 3.0 or maybe shortly after and then you mention the hangar. hence, why I thought you were implying that, before the reclaimer can be released, they need to make a hangar for it... which they don't need to do. A hangar has nothing to do with the ship being released, yet you mentioned it. No need for passive agressive posts in bold or italics. I know the difference, you're just using semantics.
  14. Yes. Yes, you did. I agree that expectig the Reclaimer in 3.0 might be wishfull thinking but meh, it's fun to speculate. Id be happy with 3.0 even if it doesnt have the Reclaimer, which is likely. Im not sure where you heard that the inital salvage mechanics wont have salvage in space, but I guess that would make sense. We're talking more about scavenging though, picking up components from derelicts
  15. The "hangar ready" status isnt a thing anymore, really, as we can now spawn ships on landingpads in the PU or in Arena Commander and change the loadouts without loading the ship into a hangar.. so waiting for a bigger hangar isn't an issue that would hold back the Reclaimer's release (that said, I would like a bigger hangar, a Reclaimer inside a hangar would be sweet). I do think the features for 3.0 have been locked down right now and they won't be changed around anymore.. but I still think the Reclaimer is going to either be released with 3.0 or just featured in whatever they're going to show at Gamescom. They've been teasing the Reclaimer a LOT over the last few months, using it in various promos, so it would be strange if they didn't do anything with it untill 3.2. anyway, theories and speculation are just that, we will need to see what CIG will actually do.