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  1. See, i had to read it again but apparently its not white but brushed metal. I reckon that will look amazing.
  2. Well, I've always been that guy who actually plays with the toy rather than to keep it in it's box... so I'm good. 😎 While I'm sure it's an investment and some people did all sorts of calculations and speculation, I got a Nox primarily because I just want a vehicle to zip around with on planets and moons. Bring on 3.0, my body is ready!
  3. Bought a Nox Kue. Now I'm ready for planetary gameplay ˆ_ˆ
  4. That IS a litte strange but it's the pre-sale, so it will be on the front page later today when the sale launches. from the page: "Whether you’re planning on skimming the surface of Daymar or exploring the majesty of space, the Nox will take you there." so.. yes it works in space. Good
  5. Haha. So a group of Noxen is a herd? Pulling a Hull would be cool actually, I offer my Hull B as a test:D For Science!
  6. Right, that's what i was curious about as well. I had assumed it also works in space but I haven't heard or read anything about it. We'll get the Q and A in a few days so, I guess sit tight?
  7. Truth be told I wasn't planning on pledging for any more ships since I got my Reclaimer CCU. The only thing I'm missing is a vehicle and something like the Nox, especially at it's pricepoint, is what can get me to just spend that little bit more;) I don't see myself buying multiple Noxes (Noxi?).
  8. Hehe, yeah the Dragonfly does look like a lawnmower now you mention it. Tbh i wouldnt mind a lawnmower if it looked like the dragonfly. Of course then I'd also need a lawn..
  9. Hm. The sale isn't up yet (for us plebians, I'm not a subscriber) so I'll have to take a good look when it's up. Might buy just a Nox. What's really selling me (besides the obvious sexiness) is that it's more compact then a Dragonfly.
  10. True, but I don't think I can resist the Nox's sexiness. It's so shiny and cool. Bah, and the Steam Summers Sale has started as well... /sigh
  11. truthfully I think the Dragonfly is better as a planetary explorer.. BUT, since I dont have a Dragonfly.. im gonna buy a Nox anyway;)
  12. I said YET, which means up to this point. And I meant it every single time:D I need all of it! I NEED IT!
  13. This is, by far, the sexiest thing to come out of star citizen yet. I want the vehicle in the game and I want a model of it on my desk... and it needs to float, like one of those fancy magnetic floating displays. Someone make it happen:D
  14. goddamn thats sexy. I want one!
  15. very carefully;) No idea, really. Maybe it transforms? Looking forward to learning more tomorrow.