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  1. So.. Stan Lee passed away. I am sad.
    Rest in Peace, you magnificent legend. Excelsior!

  2. Fizzlefuse

    What would you do?

    Depending if I'm in my Reclaimer or my Freelancer DUR. Firstly I would immediately contact imperium fleet for backup. The site needs to be secured, with plenty of manpower to deter any would be pirates or scavengers. Second, if I'm in my Reclaimer, send out one or two drones to look around first, determine the structural integrity and locate any entry points into the vessel. I'd probably set up a away team to go in after initial scans. If I'm in my Freelancer, alone or with just one or two other people, I might wait untill a more substantial amount of Imperium members show up before boarding.. which would depend if there's a potential of dangers on board the derelict (pirate/alien/creature A.I.). I'd make sure to keep contact with the imperium recovery team. If the Bengal's doors are open or it's broken apart, a Freelancer might just be able to fly into the superstructure, which is just.. so.. fucking.. cool. Depending on the state of the derelict we might start salvaging or repairing it with the rest of the imperium response team. A bengal would take a large amount of salvagers/repair ships and would be a org-wide effort so things would have to be coordinated after it's been discovered.
  3. Fizzlefuse

    Trying to start again...

    Heya, Right now the PU, Persistent Universe, is where the action is at. That is what Space ports: Crusader is, click that. With the new patch this should say Stanton System though, Crusader is a gasgiant, right now this location refers to the playable area around Crusader/Delamar. The moons of Yela, Cellin and Daymar are fuly explorable, as is the planetoid Delamar (this is where Levski is located). The hangar is where you can spawn some of your ships but there's not much going on with that at the moment. With the patch that is out right now (3.3) you're able to spawn ships at Port Olisar, Levski or grim hex. Theres also a new space station to visit and OCS has been added. The next patch, 3.3.5, which is coming relatively soon, will add a new planet, Hurston and it's 4 moons.. among other things. All of these will be fully explorable and what weve seen so far looks absolutely amazing.
  4. Fizzlefuse

    Be Patient - Female Avatars Coming Soon

    We live in the era where everyone is offended by everything and anything. I probably did a whole number of things today that someone, somewhere would find offensive. Complaints will come regardless of what CIG does unfortunately.
  5. Fizzlefuse

    Hi I'm Apollo!

  6. Fizzlefuse

    Hi I'm steeldelete

    Welcome to the fleet!
  7. Fizzlefuse

    2018 Anniversary and Holiday Livestreams

    I could be wrong but I don't think the details have been announced yet. I'm sure they'll be mentioned in a upcoming ATV ahead of time.
  8. Fizzlefuse

    New experienced player

  9. Fizzlefuse

    Hi I'm a Newcommer

  10. Fizzlefuse

    FOIP Tribute to David Bowie (Space Oddity)

    That was really nice.. and really really creepy.
  11. I feel CIG has muddled the meaning of the word "release" for years now. Everytime release dates were asked for they treated it like it's some taboo, how we shouldn't ask "when questions", to the point where it became a joke they made on their youtube videos. People saying things like "well, what does "release" mean anyway?" and then going into how everyone has a different idea on what release really means.. and how they will always work on the game and it will never be "done" and how they won;t have a traditional release.. yadda yadda yadda. They know what we mean when we say release, we all want a game that runs stable and has enough content on it's own to just play it... but for a long time they have been dancing around it. Even now, they still seem to do so everytime they are asked when this game will be out. I understand why they did this, the best response is "when it's done" but to be fair, to anyone not following the project closely as we hardcore fans are, that's not much of an answer. At least now we have a roadmap for SC so that's something, but that thing changes every few months. The Road to Release panel was cringey to me as well, and for a moment did seem like it was again going to be a "what does "release"mean, really?" talk but it was good to hear OCS was one of the last technical hurdles they had to overcome and now it's a question of polish... though how long that polish will take is anyone's guess. We still didnt get a roadmap for SQ42 and that irked me though. I'm not going to make any predictions on when we'll get our hands on SQ42 because at this point I've given up trying to 😛 I enjoyed watching the crafting space panel, that looked really good (I can't wait trying to find salvage in the Coil)
  12. Fizzlefuse


    The sh*ttery that happens in eve makes me worried about Star Citizen sometimes but it's a wholly different game. For one, I doubt we'll be able to fight thousands vs thousands anytime in the forseeable future. Second is that CIG wants the game to have more NPCs then players and not have a completely player-run economy. I think things won't be as bad. Will there be drama? Sure, it's a online game.. any online game has drama in some form. I'm sure we'll see some massive orgs implode (I just really hope it will never be imperium). Stealing and keeping stolen ships has me concerned, and comments by developers saying that people in carriers will likely never cross paths with people in starter ships is incredibly naive. We all know how gamers can be and to what lengths some people will go to be asshats. Since a org system isn't in the game yet, we don't have any idea about how org funds and ships would be managed and secured and if that would leave things open to theft. It's still a "wait and see" game. When i joined I had never heard of the EVE Imperium but when i found out, it had me concerned that people might get the wrong idea about this org. I definitely think people will try to do things that make EVE so toxic.. and it's up to the majority of honest players to squash that sh*t together with CIG.
  13. Ah, see, that clears things up a bit. Yeah, some people take it way too far. Back in the 80's there was the "satanic panic" and people associated D&D with worshipping the devil and the accult. People doing strange things in steam tunnels didn't help 🤣 Oh I fully agree with you there. I'd rather have some people with real world experience in charge then a bunch of over-privileged twats that only got there thanks to mom and dad. Some life experience goes a long way.
  14. We went a bit off the rails there, i admit. But yeah.. that trailer was amazing. I don't know what it is but something annoys me about that Cal Mason character (The second pilot after we see Henry Cavil). I dunno what, we only see him for a short moment. I hope he's not like how he was portrayed in Cassandra's Tears, where he's some sort of crazy, hot shot, loose cannon that breaks all the rules but never gets court marshalled just because he's "the best". I'm really curious about this game and I. Can't. Waiiiiit.