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  1. I can't wait, it's been a long time since we saw Shubin. It's a location in SQ42, where John Rhys Davies' character Graves works, so we'll see it as soon as SQ42 is released.
  2. fair enough
  3. posted the same screenshots earlier, if you scroll up a bit:p I'm really liking the design and might actually try and get one at one point in the game.
  4. That's cool... or warm and comfy, depending how you look at it.
  5. Every MISC ship needs that blanket. Heck, they need to sell that blenket from the store. I'd buy it. I'm right there with you, man. I love the large open canopy, will allow for a spectacular view of space... which has me really questioning why the freelancer's windows ares so small... we need a better view of space!:p
  6. cool. Looking foward to see how Spectrum evolves. Right now it's pretty much a forum/chat room
  7. Pictures from AtV 16th feb 2017:
  8. Thats a pretty good map and helps a lot if you want to explore the Yela belt. Obviously this map will have to change when CIG starts throwing in more stuff or change things around. I imagine we'll also be able to land on Yela in 3.0 so there'll be even more information.
  9. from the January 2017 Monthly Studio Report: "In other ship news, the Reclaimer is already deep into production with dedicated teams focusing on the exterior and interior. On the outside, the exterior mesh has gone through a cleanup pass and work has started on shaders. External parts such as thrusters are also close to complete. On the interior, a modular kit has been assembled for the habitation areas and the first room is nearing completion. " This got me excited. Hopefully we'll get some sneak peeks soon
  10. Still here, still lurking the forums... still waiting for that next hit.. I mean patch of star citizen.
  11. I know, man. The hype is real! GRAAAH!
  12. ooh! Not quite the 3.0 patch yet but this stuff needs to be done.
  13. Can't agree more. Some ships might be more modular then others but in the end you wont be able to use one ship to fit all your needs. It irks me that some people want to make a pocket carrier or gunboat out of every ship CIG puts out. They expect to surprise pirates with their out of the box thinking or figure out some ingenous way to bend the rules, and sure there is a grey area to toy around in, but in the end I believe you'll be limiting the potential of the ship and it would be better to go for a ship that's designed for the role you need it for. I'll be using my Freelanceer DUR for exploration and small cargo runs but there's no way I'd take it into a massive fleet battle. My HULL B can hold a lot of cargo but it's likely not good as a exploration ship. My Reclaimer might have a big cargohold for scrap but I don't expect to use it as a dedicated hauler or even a repair station, even though some repair functionality might be there.