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  1. Welcome to the Base!
  2. Excellent, thanks. I knew I read it somewhere but I couldn't remember where.
  3. You mean, there's different types of glass? errr.. yes I know. Glass is in liquid form? what the.. what does that mean? That was some random information... I just used quotes in my post for "glass" because, lore-wise, the star citizen ship manufacturers might be using some kind of future material that's not technically glass, yet because it's transparent they call it glass for convenience. It's expensive and has a weakness doesn't really hold up unless CIG says Star Citizen's "glass" is more expensive and has a weakness. Again we don't know what they're using. It could be magic space-glass for all we know. What does "there is zero bubbles in the reclaimer as it's not there design." even mean? I know I'm not a native english speaker but that sentance made no sense to me, whatsoever. Bubbles? you mean windows? I believe according to written lore (I might have to dig this up, I'm sure I read it somewhere") the UEE Millitairy allready uses Reclaimers to a degree. If that means they use the standard reclaimer or if there's a variant coming, we'll just have to see. There is a cabin mounted again? what do you mean again? Yes, there's a sort of cabin there. What's your point?
  4. Exactly what I was refering to. I read up on that earlier and it's pretty dang cool.
  5. I agree in terms of realism it wouldn't make any sense for any ship to have massive glass windows, thats a structural weakpoint (even though I read somewhere that the "glass" used in SC is stronger then some of the metals they use for hulls). Even an exploration ship would see more using sensors then the human eye. However, like you said, the fanbase wants windows. People just want to enjoy all these pretty graphics:D I think even the engineers amongst us who likely play mostly in the bowels of any ship, tweaking the engines and components and whatnot, will come up and enjoy the view now and then. It's a very human thing to want to see things for yourself, with your own eyes Just the thought of launching from a planet's surface, watching the world shrink and the atmosphere fall away as the darkness of space opens up in front of me, makes me giddy with excitement. To watch a massive space-battle, beautiful colorfull nebulea, pulsars, asteroid fields, planets in all their strange and wonderfull variety, alien lifeforms, wormholes, alien spaceships.. oh man...
  6. Right. But it eats Connies. so I'm content. Omnomnomnom.
  7. Howmuch reclaimer could a reclaimer reclaim if a reclaimer would reclaim reclaimers?
  8. like I said, they could have changed their minds. Maybe it is coming anyway. We don't know untill it gets here.
  9. Allright, well.. I don't know if Ben Lesnick actually talked about a smaller salvage ship but I'm absolutely sure they have many ideas for ships to release later.It could be coming soon, it could be coming a year from now.. or not at all. They might have changed their mind. We just don't know. I'm sure eventually we'll have a large amount of ships to choose from for any role so lets just sit back and wait it out.
  10. Im pretty sure cargohold comes first😜
  11. That's for sure. Balancing things will be a continueing effort, not just before the game launches but well after, as they keep adding more and more.
  12. it's still likely the weapons and armor the NPC navy uses will be of a higher quality then the equipment available to citizens. Lorewise, the equipment we buy might be "old gear". A bit of the same way how the Idris and the Javelin that are available for Citizens aren't as heavily armed and are missing some of the higher grade militairy components.
  13. Apart from the Cat, the others don't have room for a Xenomorph to hide. Dangit now I need a powerloader.
  14. I think it only makes sense to release a smaller, perhaps even a solo-salvage ship if salvage would involve some unique mechanic and/or component that no other ship has yet supported. With mining that's clearly a mining laser assembly. The Reclaimer does have its claw and likely cutting lasers but since this likely overlaps with the repair mechanic, which also uses lasers to clean-cut damaged parts, it could mean that those tools will be easily swappable on certain hardpoints. CIG has already said the Caterpillar is well suited for salvage as it does have hardpoints for things like tractorbeams and those brilliant side doors. Plus, it's incredibly modular so I wouldnt be surprised if at some point in time CIG even makes a salvage-processor module. I can also imagine a Cutlass being great as a salvage ship, especially with the current redesign. Side doors.. Drake LOVES sidedoors:D If CIG would just release a design doc that would be great It could also very well be that some parts of the salvage mechanic, other then just taking components off, are just a bit too complicated for a single person. Who knows? /shrug