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  1. That would be AMAZING.
  2. Welcome!
  3. Hello and welcome!
  4. MERCHANDISNG! Just replace Spaceballs with Star Citizen. I imagine the doll at the end would be Chris Roberts that says "fidelity!" when you pull the string.
  5. I agree with Matt Sherman, it doesn't make any sense to try to balance a game that's not feature complete since many coming features could turn everything upside down again.. nor does it make any sense to expect it to be balanced. Sit tight and carry on. We should see some serious work on balancing from CIG once we hit Beta, right now I'd rather just see the features trickle in.
  6. It has to be, it just perfectly captures that atmosphere. I hope the actual Reclaimer will have vents like that when its done and they didn't just add that to show off their smoke and lighting effects. wha?
  7. OH MY SWEET GOD. they captured EXACTLY what i want from this game in that little Reclaimer part... the lighting, the duststorm, the alien derelict.. it's.. PERFECT! I can't find the right words to describe how perfect that little scene was! It looks like it's ripped straight out of Alien. I'm expecting Xenomorphs to pop up and eat those guys. Holy shit I'm so excited. edit: Looks like the Claw can fold up more to the front of the ship to allow for more room undeneath for landing. That's very interresting.
  8. With the recently shown render-to-texture capabilities I'm sure we'll see some very creative uses in journalism, espionage and whatever else people can come up with. I'm looking forward to seeing where the tech leads and I hope CIG will actually put some covert stuff in the game for players to.. erm... "cover"
  9. Well... Maybe. Im sure they would benefit from people testing the ship as soon as possible
  10. That sounds logical but so far CIG hasn't held back ships because it's role wasn't fleshed out yet. The Starfarer is flyable yet the fuel mechanics for the ship aren't in yet. The freelancer is technically a cargoship but we dont have any cargo yet.. etc. CIG has just pushed ships out as soon as they get them done.
  11. I have to say that I do somewhat agree with @Juntau and think people confuse buying and donating. You gave money freely and CIG gives you a ship in return to give you a bit of a boost in the game. Technically we're not entitled to anything as we didn't BUY, we DONATED. Honestly we don't own the spaceships. CIG does. We pledged and CIG allows us to use these things in the game. Everything they make for this game is their property. It's the same as WoW characters which, even though you spend money on the monthly fee to play, level boosts, pets, mounts and realm transfers and whatnot, Blizzard still owns the character and can just delete it if they see fit. If CIG decides to change "your" ship or CCU item or whatever in any way, they're fully in their right. They could even take all your ships from you. It would be VERY bad for the project and their reputation but they could. Technically. They decided to make a system so that, if a ship comes on sale that you'd rather have then the one you already pledged for, you could switch without losing other items associated with the initial pledge. Now, I do think they either were stupidly blind to miss how people would abuse the system or just made a really bad choice in turning a blind eye to the abuse for so long. In CIG's eyes this thing turned into a clusterf*ck and they're trying to fix it. This is possibly also because, and this is pure speculation, the tech to buy spaceships in the game is being worked on and with that the CCU system becomes a even bigger pain in the ass. I'm sure we won't see the ingame buying of ships at least untill beta if not the full release, but still I think they see it coming and they must prepare. But that's just a theory.
  12. lol
  13. Saber or Freelancer. or, if by some miracle the Reclaimer is available, that. But that's unlikely
  14. Well, to be fair, red mist would be easier to clean. I noticed that too, the removal from 3.2. I wonder what that means... Somewhere inbetween 3.0 and 3.1? after 3.2? I'd think sooner rather then later, as from what we've heard the ship is almost done.
  15. Welcome!