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  1. Aegis Reclaimer

    I am also hoping that, if we do get the cutter, it will be a powerloader-esque machine. If that's the case it's likely it will be stored in the cargohold, taking some valuable cargo space. I was thinking of also getting a Tumbril Cyclone when it comes back on sale to be using alongside my reclaimer (that cyclone looks like it's a lot of fun to drive), I wonder how much space we'll still have available for cargo
  2. Aegis Reclaimer

    I was confused when they mentioned the drones come out of the top... as the drone rack in the drone room seems to be going down rather then up. Also it was now mentioned that the two rotating seats behind the cockpit are for operating the tractorbeams, which previously they said it would control the turrets on the side, which is more likely because they seem to be located on the opposite side of the hull. Looks like CIG has defined cargo and scrap to two seperate holds within the ship.. which makes sense. If the system automatically stores processed salvage and you're simultaneously placing cargo in the same hold it might cause some issues. I'm guessing initially processed salvage will just magically appear like cargo does right now in 3.0.
  3. Cyclone Rover by Tumbril

    Looking forward to picking one up if/when it comes back on sale... and I'm kind of kicking myself I didn't pick one up before. I'm thinking it will be a great little buggy to use as a exploration vehicle in combination with my Reclaimer (or whatever ship I can fit it in)
  4. Drone Racing League

    Drone racing is awesome. i mean look at that sh*t. Damn. Here's the 2016 championships in Dubai
  5. The fact he lived with ALS for so long, after the doctors gave him only 2 more years, was astonishing. I wonder what Professor Hawking's wishes were for his remains after he passed. It might sound morbid but as he was an atheist and a scientist, I wonder if he gave permission for study. (I would never inquire ofcourse, i have too much respect for the man and his work and his family). I just hope ALS will one day be a thing of the past, it's a horrible affliction.
  6. Aegis Reclaimer

    Honestly they might actually bleed into april a little before the patch hits live as, after evocati, it will hit PtU first. I wouldn't put it past CIG, given their record on release dates:p
  7. Aegis Reclaimer

    Ohh.. dat Reclaimer.. so good... I know I'm being nitpicky but AGAIn nothing about the "manned cutter". I don't know about you guys but I have the suspicion they either forgot about that bit in the original concept sale or canceled it altogether. I think if it were still in, they would have said something.. anything about where you store it or how it's docked. Unless it will be a very VERY small robotic suit thing like the powerloader from Aliens that you can store in your cargohold.
  8. Hello Citizens!

  9. I immediately felt really sad when I learned of his passing. He was an inspiration, one of the most brilliant minds in human history and a testament to the human spirit. All I know that now I’ll be re-reading one of his books I own. He will never be forgotten.
  10. Nothing but problems with the entire game

    Meh, it's not that bad, right now there's not much you can do with the aUEC anyway. What will really bite is when they'll add Vehicles and Ships that possibly get reset with every new patch 0_o.
  11. Nothing but problems with the entire game

    Yup. Like I said, no ingame purchase is final, unless of course CIG comes out and says otherwise. aUEC was introduced to test economy and purchasing mechanics, without influencing real UEC, and is still, like everything else, subject to change.
  12. Nothing but problems with the entire game

    Right now you can’t buy ships or vehicles for aUEC. You can buy things like shield generators and powerplants from Dumpers Depot though I’m not sure how effective those are right now. You can also buy firearms (for your character) and flightsuits/armor. If you’re looking for heavier character weaponry or outlaw armor, visit the shops on Grim Hex or at Levski (on Delamar). Please remember that this is all aUEC (alpha United Earth Credits) and any purchase along with your credit might/will probably get reset with the next patch. purchasing ships, vehicles and shipweapons is probably rolling out this year though I doubt those will be final. equipment and gear can be switched using your MobiGlas. Always make sure you’re wearing a spacesuit and helmet when stepping out an airlock 😉
  13. Nothing but problems with the entire game

    I don't know what the criteria are for the missions, maybe it depends on what kind of ship you have?
  14. Nothing but problems with the entire game

    The age of most Star Citizen backers tends to be higher then the average console gamer, high end PCs are expensive and older gamers tend to have more disposable income. It's all good, everyone's welcome here To make some aUEC you can do certain cargo runs, if you have a ship with cargo capacity. I sometimes do Laranite runs between Port Olisar and ArcCorp mining on Yela, buying on Yela and selling at Olisar. I do think prices fluxuate depending on supply and demand... so I dont know the exact prices.
  15. Elon Musk - Artificial Intelligence

    All hail God Emperor Musk! I for one welcome our new martian overlord;)