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    'The power to build and the power to wield Empire must be unlocked in every person who calls this Fleet home. On that Great Day... when this game finally starts...ending the period that I call The Long Wait, those who are endowed by this great ethic will be Masters of the Fleet. Those masters who endure the coming trails and shifts that will surely come... If they stick to the values forged... If they end their day with the fire unquenched...if they don't betry those few who are close to them. If they vanquished their enemies that will surely rise dark and forbodding with there honour and values intact, they will...at the end the day will simply be called.... People with Honour. Their well earned glory-- will shine forth lighting up Imperium like the brighest star in the firmament!'
    ~Radoorid Foxvain~

    In this statment is the crux of how I will approach and how I will interact with the Fleet and with anyone in the Star Citizen universe online and in person. Some may say this is highly unrealistic and unfeasible. I care little what they may think because at the end of the day it is I, Radoorid who looks in the mirror and sees no distinction between my gaming life and real life and with that non-distinction it is me who have to live with those consequences...for good and for ill.

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  1. radoorid

    Battle Group Configiration

    @Zarian keep theory crafting! Its great fun and it helps me think @Amy Babe as a T&I officer if your interested in logistics and such (stuff that the T&I officers are supposed to be doing and cordantioning) I would be interested to have a convo with you!
  2. radoorid

    Game Day, February 24th

    I will be afk from my computer for another event.
  3. radoorid

    Game Day, October 28th

    I have to work that day.
  4. happy Birthday!! ..where ever you are. 

  5. Trade Council will soon be back to work! 

    1. Juntau


      Are you excited?

  6. radoorid

    Game Day June 24th

    Sorry I have to work.
  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy birthday Rad!

  9. Good news to hear, we need to put that bit of info in our back pocket for sure.
  10. radoorid

    Production Schedule Report

    Thanks for posting this...I overlooked this.
  11. radoorid

    Cheaters face permaban

    its best to nip this in the bud, before its gets out of hand.
  12. radoorid

    Warning to Imperium from XPLOR

    that was a fun read!
  13. It was great hanging with you at Citcon!