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    'The power to build and the power to wield Empire must be unlocked in every person who calls this Fleet home. On that Great Day... when this game finally starts...ending the period that I call The Long Wait, those who are endowed by this great ethic will be Masters of the Fleet. Those masters who endure the coming trails and shifts that will surely come... If they stick to the values forged... If they end their day with the fire unquenched...if they don't betry those few who are close to them. If they vanquished their enemies that will surely rise dark and forbodding with there honour and values intact, they will...at the end the day will simply be called.... People with Honour. Their well earned glory-- will shine forth lighting up Imperium like the brighest star in the firmament!'
    ~Radoorid Foxvain~

    In this statment is the crux of how I will approach and how I will interact with the Fleet and with anyone in the Star Citizen universe online and in person. Some may say this is highly unrealistic and unfeasible. I care little what they may think because at the end of the day it is I, Radoorid who looks in the mirror and sees no distinction between my gaming life and real life and with that non-distinction it is me who have to live with those consequences...for good and for ill.

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  1. hay rad 

    went and started  getting 200 patches/hook backing       getting made up .

    that will be a start. this off.


  2. soft enamal metal pins link.



    1. Marynka
    2. radoorid


      I'm liking that. I think we should go with that. 

  3. Here is a site to just get  an idea  of  cost .

    plastic lapel pins  -i know plastic   but you can have more made then stamped metal,   even test uses both cost effective- like they had last year.



    this whole project  will wind up costing 3 -7K to get off ground  with the amount of things need . but we can do it were imperium.


  4. I can't wait for them to provide kits to the 890!
  5. It would be nice if we can have that as a real badge.
  6. and now there watch has ended.
  7. Interesting quote. I really want to know more!
  8. I hope to someday have one of these...yes I know I can't get it now...but I'm hoping SOMEDAY!!!
  9. Hello guys, Some of us have been talking on TS...and Discord about a possible meetup in the mid-west Some of the cities that we were talking to possibly hold this in is St Lious, Chicago, Indy, Detriot or Nashville. Barring the issue of choosing a city, Please make a post on whatever you are interested in helping organize or attend a mid-west fleet meetup sometime in 2019.
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