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  1. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/18365-Q-A-Anvil-Liberator
  2. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/18365-Q-A-Anvil-Liberator Weak.
  3. The best parts were the cloud tech improvements, that sexy sunset, the liberator, and BMM updates. I had higher expectations for a lot of things than what was delivered but overall walked away with a positive experience.
  4. @VoA , when you get a moment can you remove the text formatting from the above post? That post is impossible to read =-] As a repair fan, I really look forward to the FAQ to answer how much you can repair and will it step on the toes of the Crucible. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/anvil-liberator-q-amp-a
  5. Link to drinking game post: Link to official CitCon website that displays the event in your local time: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/citizencon#block-about I'll be there for the entire event!
  6. My go-to is anytime someone says "Bespoke", I'll likely take a sip.
  7. Some Ares cockpit animations and an inside sneak peek.
  8. When: August 14th, 2021 @ 6PM UTC, 2PM EST, 11AM PDT. Where: We will meet in the SCB Discord VoIP Events Channel. What: Try your hand at 1v1 tank battle. Competitors will begin separated by an obstacle. When the start whistle is blown the will advance to eliminate the opponent. Prize: If the insurance claim gods favor us there will be a single elimination bracket with a Tumbril Nova prize (in the form of 525,000 aUEC).
  9. GRIZZ

    Aegis Redeemer

    I can almost taste it.
  10. 'Tali Rework is coming along. Here's the sneek peek of the new location for the mid airlocks.
  11. GRIZZ

    Constellation - Variants

    Taurus is featured in this weeks sneak peek.
  12. Happy Birthday @radoorid!

    1. radoorid


      Thanks I'm happy to be 47!! 

  13. STARJUMP is doing great fanservice by updating the models for his cinematics. A good YouTube channel to follow.
  14. If you don't care for solo games than by all means you can skip it. Not getting it will save you $20 and you can change your mind and add it on at a later date (but the price may go up). If so, then the https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Packages/Avenger-Titan-Starter-Pack would be a great starter package to get if you don't want Squadron42.
  15. Welcome Crucnix. 1. There's no published sale coming soon that we know of. If you want to get into the alpha now you should use someone's referral code to secure your handle and purchase a starter package that includes Star Citizen and Squadron 42. 2. The package I listed above is $65US for the game and a Mustang Alpha ship, from there you can upgrade the ship by purchasing a CCU if you choose, or you can run missions and earn ships in-game. If you end up enjoying Star Citizen a nice upgrade might be to spend $25 and upgrade your starter ship to an Avenger Titian. Once your in the game you should join the Star Citizen Base Discord channel. There's frequently people online who are willing to show you the ropes and answer any question. You can feel free to PM me directly here or in discord as well. GRIZZ#5218
  16. This may help Nomad owners till the desync issues are resolved.
  17. It looks like winning the contest is based on whos image can generate the most views. If that's the case then I'm probably out of the running. My screenshots are nice, but I don't have the kind of following to win contests.
  18. I'm in. I have one screenshot I love and this might be its time to shine.
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