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  1. Lt. Dan and I went out on the town and found an antenna and he wanted to show off his elite piloting skills. I was very impressed he managed this with only the 3rd person camera and no guidance from me.
  2. It's a work in progress, but I wanted to share the progress. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3501285
  3. Hello and welcome! Enjoy your stay.
  4. https://www.reddit.com/user/YT-0/submitted/
  5. Awesome video, I even gave your channel a new follow so I wont miss future updates.
  6. "People are just ballistics made of meat."-GeraldEvans

  7. GRIZZ

    Esperia Prowler

    Prowler cockpit is or was in whitebox.
  8. navigate to the %appdata% folder and delete the RSI Launcher folder. Forces the launcher to re-validate version

  9. 3.5.0 is live and this bug affects all reliant's. 'Delivery boxes can fall through the flooring of some ships' A redditor stated the boxs sometimes fall through immediately, and sometimes when you switch to flight mode. Another stated placing the box on your bed seems to be a good workaround, so its worth trying.
  10. The promise of SC is my dream MMO, but the reality can become something entirely different. There will always be other great games that come out, but I don't have room for more than one MMO at a time.
  11. Apparently the camera is working on the Mako.
  12. I skinned the Merc' with a Millennium Falcon skin, not bad.... https://starship42.com/paintmymercury/
  13. OK, I have been away so I missed updating the list in a timely manner. Price Increases last friday: Thanks @Weehamster Kore remained the same price. This little bump helps me because my spreadsheet uses Reliants in a couple locations, one last price boost before the $0 CCU's go poof!
  14. The SQ42 Newsletter mentioned the Jav
  15. I feel like the Oil guy from Waterworld. It was fun metagame, but I'm glad its over so I can relax and enjoy my big boys.
  16. I have to blur mine because I keep personal notes and UID numbers in it, but heres the top quarter. 342 Rows in this page. Multiple Pages because every time I rearranged my CCU's for better savings I'll save it in case i need to go back. Red is "Delete for store credit" Magenta are the $0 CCU's used in ship building, so all my ships are affected. I could apply up to the $0 CCU's but I'm tired of not flying my Reclaimer despite "owning" one. So out of the 209 $0 CCU's, I am only using 5.
  17. Oh boy, here we go! Time to commit all my CCU's, no more delay, this is it.
  18. So it is, guess I need to go back to flight school. ;-]
  19. That looks like a Sabre sized fighter, and I really like its lines, but it can't be a sabre sized fighter because we already have the sabre.
  20. This is huge, its brilliant. They finally figured out a way to get players like me who keep their ships as a series of broken up CCU's to finally commit and apply the CCU's without having to expire them and upset a lot of idle supporters..
  21. FYI, you can set the header image on your profile to an animated gif for a while now. https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/profile/9378-grizz/
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