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  1. Its that time again!  pm me asap buddy!

  2. Looking again, as per the title. Want to buy a gladiator or gladiator upgrade. Please PM if you have one available, thank you!
  3. Hi there bud, would you happen to have a spare gladiator sitting around somewhere?  I've got someone very interested in looking for one.

  4. Nocmad

    Ongoing Discussion Post Your Rig!

    About to start my new build, rest of the parts should get here tomorrow
  5. Hi fellow traders, as per the title is anyone selling an LTI sabre or sabre upgrade? Very interested, thanks!
  6. Nocmad

    Complete Reliant - Kore

    Setting this thread to completed. Thank you to everyone who replied
  7. Nocmad

    Complete Reliant - Kore

    Hi, looking for a Reliant Kore. Very interested, please PM if you're looking to sell!! Thanks!
  8. Thank you flamadin!! Good doing business with you
  9. As per the title. Looking for a Polaris to buy, if anyone has one they're still trying to sell please pm. Very interested, thanks!
  10. Nocmad


    Welcome Onyxlarue. Congratulations on the Aquila! I hope to see you in the verse/ts
  11. Hello and welcome Satanforce666. If you're ever looking for people to hop into the persistent universe with hop on TeamSpeak; its a great way to meet ppl. Hope to see you in the verse!
  12. Hi BigBennysTV; welcome to the group! That's awesome that you're a chef, I cant wait to get some recipes from ya. Hope to see you in the verse!
  13. Exactly, the ship has so many uses it'd be a crime to just use it for piracy Seriously though, the redesign should be amazing. The drake ships are so versatile that they're hard to pass up buying...
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