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  1. They got the idea from Mass Effect
  2. Ok... this is what they gave us to see (and touch):
  3. No It's from a Forensics class, when the police came to show us some guns...
  4. I had some photos about a class I took last semester, but I don't know if I can show them...
  5. I know @Drum , but I that was a theory class and even if it was a practical one it wouldn't be a probelm, that lab does not handdle dangerous material, for that we have other labs. But thanks for the concern!
  6. Where I have classes
  7. I did read that... they also say that the humans "should be way smaller", that's why I said that they were right, giving the size of the people and comparing them to the ship, that image, as it stands now, is closer to the Hull D than the E.
  8. they are right... that image would more likely be the D than the E.
  9. Welcome Director! May the relations between our organizations be fruitful!
  10. Welcome to SCB and Imperium!! You should also come to our TS, we have some interesting conversations there XD
  11. The C, has explained by them, will have a crawling space on the "tube" while both the D and the E will have a corridor where you can walk.
  12. The Hull series doesn't come with hangar, what is a shame
  13. You also have to remember that the bigger the Hull the more ships it will have to protect it, so scanning cargo with a cheaper ship without the others to protect it (what would be a normal attack, since they would destroy the escorts) will be almost impossible, unless the scout can take out the protectors. This means that even if the cargo isn't that valuable they will attack full on without even knowing what is inside, especially because if they can take the Hull they will be able to transport all the cargo, and large quantities of worthless things will be worth a lot. That might be a use for the Hull E, being payed by a company to transport ships from the factory to the dealer...