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  1. Oh hey, that ship I bought! Hope Star Citizen is shaping up well, haven't checked in for ages. 👋
  2. Ha, was just catching up on everything Star Citizen and I get a notification that VoA has updated the thread with my one and only ship. #Destiny.
  3. Nice work everyone! I'm really liking the new theme. Seems cleaner and more professional. Applause all around!
  4. I was thinking of EW today and thought that even the simple idea of viewing security cameras within an enemy capital ship would be amazing. Imagine a ship with high EW capabilities relaying information to a boarding marine unit, or the drop ship, telling it where the best location to board currently is. It would also allow the fleet to understand what they're working against within an enemy ship.
  5. Some of those newer images are getting me excited to see how the new iteration of the Cutlass fairs. I'm not looking for anything insane, but a praticle, and functional ship please. Currently it's just...lost
  6. Hm, that's interesting for sure. But yeah the way I see it is someone has a gimbled weapon stuck at an angle and essentially useless. Then you have 4 forward guns that you can ALWAYS rely to shoot forward. Again I agree it's not best suited for fighting off dedicated dogfighting craft, but I also don't see it as such. If need be you have a gimbled weapon and the turret as you stated @Reavern, otherwise I see myself in such a ship bearing down on medium-large craft poking holes in engines and canopies.
  7. Plus (and let me know if it's been said, I haven't kept up) but my theory on the forward fixed guns are that if your targeting systems go down, and the Vanguard is supposed be the ship that remains in the fight all the way, you have the reliability of shooting straight. What happens if you can't control gimbled weapons? At the very least you have 4 guns that will always shoot straight ahead of you.
  8. I have a name, but I'm waiting on the right ship. When she comes around, she'll be named "The Mourning Maiden" To me it feels sinister, and that dual meaning hits me in the right spots haha. "Taking all your husbands away."
  9. Don't mean to sway the thread, but what exactly are the "Hulls" A-D? Cargo ships with varying size? Or are there greater differences?
  10. Ah, beat me to it as always @VoA Now let me enjoy the ship.
  11. Hahaha HA! The end of that game was absolutely ludicrous. At least he shook Brady's hand after this game instead of taunting him. He's having a kid soon too, so he'll have his hands full...just not with a Lombardi trophy ;]
  12. :0 I need to change my pants now.
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