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  1. Just dropped some cash into account. Banking was messed up a bit last month. Melted a reg 315 plus // 100$ for 2nd defender. lots of bannu pilots will want excorts. .ship rentals . Will unmelted the MM NEXT 2 weeks when I get back to states It's only money.......
  2. Find yer best morning photo.
  3. Went to buy a 2nd one ,but must wait 1230 am tomarrow for the gift card to go thru the 24th wait period.....
  4. Welcome Bars to the left down the line hallway....
  5. Circus skins
  6. Welcome all ....
  7. Why hello..... Welcome
  8. Lol ummmm ok There are some video out on youtube on the BMM and the defender even a one w the ships landing in a field birds cherping with bunch of ships at scale and of some going up ramp to the pilot then it takes off. Where the defender loading ramp drops down front center line and walk in.just like the Banu . YOUTUBE........ Inforrunners. Episode2 (3) Banu MM OP ...
  9. He lost me at (self made BMM)
  10. Sitting 3/4 mile from the docks,waiting on a space at dock for 3 days to get fuel and storm building in the 30 hrs,next sat eving.....doing nothing but waiting. med size operation.
  11. Lol The guns on the front left and right of the tip, they fold out then there are to top dorsal guns already all neatly packed and covered ... too look unassuming innocent. Innept. Safe..... It can do cargo. It has LARGE guns It's it own trade point It can land on planet side Abet LG lg land in zone. only thing to say is WOW .
  12. If ya win I'll get a hat made for ya.......good luck
  13. Very mouth watering. Yum Is that Budapest sweet paprika. ....yummy The Hungarian in me loves that stuff.
  14. does that mean that the Banu has in some way , to Refuel a defender in some way, or will the 2 med size tanks cover the whole trip or route.
  15. Well with its bigger size. I can now see those 2 front main guns being type 7 size......and the top gun type 4 maybe some missles As the Banu MM being a trade-ship///military/militia escorts ships. That's now a great bang for your buck if you have one. It's like a traveling mini base.!