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  1. i expect the mining and the new fighter ship to put us to near 40mill this year
  2. I grabed 2 and upgraded the onboard snub/sm ship. since they are an independent scout depending the radar you have in it. and if its like this......... like the whiteboard and it has a motor cycle in that's assume.
  3. Remember when they hit their first 6 millions the first ,second year was like a freight train , then it way no stopping it.
  4. 7 more days and we can see if thay date of12,12 is a real indicator of release.
  5. hay rad 

    went and started  getting 200 patches/hook backing       getting made up .

    that will be a start. this off.


  6. Here is a site to just get  an idea  of  cost .

    plastic lapel pins  -i know plastic   but you can have more made then stamped metal,   even test uses both cost effective- like they had last year.



    this whole project  will wind up costing 3 -7K to get off ground  with the amount of things need . but we can do it were imperium.


  7. We will see in a few weeks. Eather it will have or it wont... refining, Evey new ship has posiblitys... what's in your wallet.......
  8. lol its a data miner lol,,,,, some things should be hush hush.
  9. ""Come one come all - 60% off sale at the VOL barzarr ,fron laser rifles to gimp mask we have what your looking fo""
  10. so the 1700.00 krakenP is still avaible warbond is that correct fozr any wanting one
  11. watch the last vid whitleys guide 890 shows off the pool wow
  12. the only time you can re spawn ships is at a main city planet side to fill up all deck pads w ships of choose. ounce out on the frontier all it can do is refuel and repair w the consumables that are on board, or market and extra hab space.
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