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  1. You had me a mine layer.. It's the very pinical to any strategy of deterrence . Or to set up choke points.ahhh i can in vision it as I speak....
  2. But I thought that the type 1 weapons won't hurt a caps shield, it will take some med to lg.ships to make a dent... now if no shields on and afk well that would be a diff story.
  3. At least the retro active LTI will come in handy.. Bought a $90pk to add another rover for the carrik..
  4. I tink there will be many bunny hopping face blasting peeps in sc42
  5. I would go with 1 stelth bomber...for forward eyes., , ,to pump holes in to lg ships they should be enough to vent a ship,,,maybe to kill crew that Arnot in there vac suits. There should be fighters with the jav anyway....
  6. Yeehaaa..10 day on a rig no coms,no phone no comp no news...info black out,,,,,,, but  in ciudad  del carmon and de t kill ya is good....and flowing ...

  7. I could see holding a station a year or more after launch...once the game is understood completely. .but. if a planet or system was wanted .it would take 100% effort of all...to a fault....not just a few for all.. and it may not be worth the effert just like the bangal. Hunt will be a sink hole, money pit of epic proportions.
  8. Then the next week I'll get de bird po and reply to car and cycle starts again. Let's get this starter ship train running.
  9. i added 4  shinny new ships - nox   when they went up


    1. GRIZZ


      I'm half wondering if I should make a buy post on the forums, but I can just buy a Nox when the game releases with a little work.

  10. where else will i get to be a spethel i think they will allow for a lot of creativity in the face area thats the only part you will see.
  11. Just let them developed the process.the structure and the content , and wait and see what happens. I for one travel and am away from the gaming compurer 15-60 days at a time.and there for the grind would become another job. I don't mind digging in but to play catch up is not fun and we all been there at one time or another and yer friends move on if your slow. So and if your gone.away how do you use the daily limit...you cant... Where will you have the cash,UEE to pay for the fighter cover if salvaging or mining.or how will that group pay you to fly cover. T h e money trail could be delayed a few hrs,/days ..and at this point its Avance crafting is moot. But it keeps us active.
  12. Yea it's amazing Choo Choo train has passed the station . Just wonder if I should invest in next... . .
  13. OK it's done,,,, boom finished $50 ,need a singalong when he comes back. Everything is assume when your part of a team.......
  14. A gravity weapon in the old sense as dropping a roid. on a settlement or in the sense it disrupts the gravity to disable an area.
  15. Wow good thing I didn't get one lol. SAY .LA VIE........