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  1. Happy new year

    To everyone around the verse.

    And around the world..

  2. Acck I thought they released it early... Not. Sigh must wait........
  3. The watch caps and socks put it over lol. Has any one updated the yearly graph to include christmass sales. What's the yearly 45mil
  4. well its done its job it has teased ya into starting theory crafting for 2+ weeks till they get back from their Christmas break....... its getting closer. pirates don't always get the new ships usually, pieces and parts hobnobbed together. could be survivors using salvaged equipment to survive or scavengers. the red lights make it a brighter target.
  5. Does it come with a optional roof bezel ring mount .system....above the rear seats.
  6. Painmiester

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    The hammerhead feels like it better suited for planetary orbital assault. cause in a static formation its coverage arcs are lacking. Polaris might be better. depends on what you want to do-comes down to personal choose's.
  7. its like a virus your evil......... christmass spam its every where
  8. Nice soon my sweety,,, and yer little dag too......


  10. Like the A10 the ares main weapon is part of the ship.and locked in. The inferno has a bit more armor - 2-3 time the normal ammo capacity of its size. 1 med power plant, 2 med cooler, 2 med shield. The ION has lesser armor to adjust for the laser and 2 med power plants. 3 cooler, 3 med shield to keep the mass equal. for flight characteristics.will be equal to a freelancer. Add in the afford mentioned batteries- for core power shut down for stealth -and add in the missile allotment. Just the single pilot seat. and suit for amenities. Only the javelin hanger or the larger hanger deck on the kraken can these land on or land base . logistics will be vital -to service these heavy fighter- the big question is will they (med) fit in the repair hanger of the kraken That was why i got 2 duel pks best of both.. will need to test the stealth capability to see how close they can get before being spotted. on main power and batteries/stealth tactics will be critical on how you place your picket line -for early detection/ and avoidance. in conjunction w a harbinger, eclipse.
  11. golf clap while playing - ode to joy sigh
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