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    Hanger list......

    yellow dragonfly , black dragonfly , 2x Nox silver, 2 x Nox black ,,,,,,,off road pack.
    and Nova ToNK......


    P-72 , x85 ,Mustang(beta), Saber , Gladiator


    ,Banu Defender , Aegis ECLIPSE





    ENDEAVOR (,2x crew pod ,2x telescope array , 2 x fuel pods ,2x Hanger ,2x GENERAL SCIENCE , 2x general research pod),

    600I explorer,

    Capital combat ships......

    1ea IDRIS - P


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  1. yum new argo to the list.

  2. Painmiester

    Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    Sigh......please wait tI'll the finished pruduct is rdy before trashing.it.. God forbid and if the turret is missing so what.. It's a exploration ship... not a ship of the line...
  3. Painmiester

    3 screen setup

    You should be used too stretch marks around the edges ..your getting old.
  4. Painmiester

    Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    I snell libral.. undertones
  5. Painmiester

    MISC Frelancer MIS

    Yup the miss miss with its milspec. Upgrade. 28 ea grade 3 missiles It will be a sought after ship when game day comes around.
  6. Painmiester

    Dune 2019 (movie)

    Would like to see the first book about the atrieds. And the titans that took over the earth. Become a movie....
  7. Painmiester

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    My only issue is that it looks like it's only 72months insurance. And not LTI.... Now will this be permanentl upgrade. And those capital guns not lti... Haven't bought one yet..
  8. Painmiester

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    BUT it might be only till opening day Now the k version adds a capital beam cannon,repeater. Prolly, less range then the rail gun varient. and 2 missile pods shipboard ship capital class missile 4 point defence weapons wich replace the side medium Remote cannon Still leaves 2 manned turret. The k might be more useful poping the sub caps .on the initial assult.
  9. Same here fizzle, we knew this stuff before. That the cost will be 10x or higher for LG, and cap ships. And having a few ships large, cap early now. Will reduce the grind. And allow for higher dinamatic play. Add in npc crew. Too helpoffset the maning requirements.
  10. Painmiester

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    Don't tell some one to melt...the m. version rail does more damage to caps then the beam. The beam most likely has less range. Then the rail gun it is ment to get closer.
  11. Well like anything if they can hold this margin and bench mark. They might get it. Maybe...
  12. All I can say was this year's earlyer sales . Allowed me to melt a assorted amount of redundant ships for the kraken. On the cheep... And still stay on mission. Still on the fence with K model. ...
  13. Painmiester

    Idris is in R&Y hangar for PTU 3.3.5

    Sweet if I could only lodlg in to walk it.... Soon my sweetie. And you little dog to.....muhaha
  14. Painmiester

    MISC - Prospector (Mining Ship)

    Points up *the big big astroid belt neer yela,
  15. Painmiester

    Drake Kraken

    October 19, 2018 Congratulations. You have been selected and badged for Wave2 of our exclusive Kraken premier event. Due to an overwhelming number of applicants, an extremely limited hull supply, and the importance of game balance in the universe, this decision did not come easily. Ready yourself. Your wave begins Saturday, October 20th 03:00 UTC. It continues through October 31st at 06:59am UTC. Pledging options are first-come-first-serve, so if you want to captain the helm of a bold and hopeful future, get in now. this is what they posted ...