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    Hanger list......

    yellow dragonfly , black dragonfly , 2x Nox silver, 2 x Nox black ,,,,,,,off road pack.
    and Nova ToNK......


    P-72 , x85 ,Mustang(beta), Saber , Gladiator


    ,Banu Defender , Aegis ECLIPSE





    ENDEAVOR (,2x crew pod ,2x telescope array , 2 x fuel pods ,2x Hanger ,2x GENERAL SCIENCE , 2x general research pod),

    600I explorer,

    Capital combat ships......

    1ea IDRIS - P


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  1. Painmiester

    Drake Kraken

    October 19, 2018 Congratulations. You have been selected and badged for Wave2 of our exclusive Kraken premier event. Due to an overwhelming number of applicants, an extremely limited hull supply, and the importance of game balance in the universe, this decision did not come easily. Ready yourself. Your wave begins Saturday, October 20th 03:00 UTC. It continues through October 31st at 06:59am UTC. Pledging options are first-come-first-serve, so if you want to captain the helm of a bold and hopeful future, get in now. this is what they posted ...
  2. Painmiester

    Drake Kraken

    the wallet monster struck again and you were sleeping . at the time lol
  3. Painmiester


    HELL NO ! THIS IS NOTHING LIKE EVE This imperium is no way connected or affiliated with that group form eve online or the the fu&* ing goons period. sry used french.
  4. Painmiester

    Updated Ship Size Comparison Chart

    where is the idris not the hoped up joy wagon...
  5. Painmiester

    Drake Kraken

    Update cracked in is here lol.
  6. Painmiester

    Pictures from your daily life.

    when gaming and real life meet.........also whisky.
  7. Painmiester

    citizencon austin

    leaving from houston ,monday mid morning leaving friday late afternoon after tour. yup thursday is good -for a recovery brunch, wensday morn wont start till 10ish
  8. Painmiester

    Pictures from your daily life.

    some fire training yesterday 4 hrs in a bunker suit
  9. Painmiester

    Imperium Pin Project.

    I'll trade ya a imperium hat.
  10. Painmiester

    citizencon austin

    Couldn't find it... sry.
  11. Painmiester

    Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    Maybe they deploy in a wedge /knife edged if the hydraulics allow for it. the words run um thru comes thru mind or burn thru them. did you try Gatling guns
  12. Painmiester

    Mining Guide?

    remember its a crap shoot. alpha testing just go wit DE flow cause something will change again
  13. Painmiester

    citizencon austin

    on Tuesday night oct-9-2018 tickest are free FREE FREE https://www.eventbrite.com/e/overflowafterparty-bar-citizen-tickets-50314668528 Vulcan Gas company-Bar if we want a table for our org, https://discord.gg/JUn8qpb If you got tickets to upper deck Magies enjoy - if not Vulcan is the alternative Scrapped#6428 @here update on the Overflow bar-citizen / Drake manufacturing party. The Event Hall will be exclusively ours. We will have space for organization tables at no charge! If your org would like to set up a table correction.......... The tables for the orgs are for the purpose of promotion of the org (displaying org recruiting propaganda, merchandise, etc). please have them email me at Austinbarcitizens@gmail.com Not sure on exactly how many tables we will have space for - but, if we get enough interest we could have two org/table. since no one can come to a consistences. - some one else did the legwork if we want to use it -
  14. Painmiester

    citizencon austin

    When we all get the logistics wrapped up.will will have to meet the day before.for lunch or dinner.and a few drinks if you partake. Tuesday. There is or was a party at magies. That sold out. Over flow party at the Vulcan gas company tickets on everbrite https://www.eventbrite.com/e/overflowafterparty-bar-citizen-tickets-50314668528.