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  1. I had to replace some computer components over most of December and couldn't use computer on-line but I am back up and running finally and hope everyone had a great Merry Christmas and a Happy Newt (Salamander) Year!
  2. Is it okay to use YouTube Videos to learn to use PTU better? I have been watching STLYoungblood's Videos and they helped me get around a major problem I ran into concerning the use of the Inner Thought System. If I run into a bug I can't get by do I send a report to Roberts Space Industries and explain what happened or wait for their Development Team to respond?

    1. Chimaera


      Send the report to the bug people :)

    2. NunyaBusiness3750


      LOL I will go look for it on the Launcher or Webpage. I should have Book Marked it. :P

    3. Chimaera


      Be sure to use the PM function. :)

  3. I have over a dozen .50 cal. ammo boxes that would be cool to convert into a computer case with a lot of modification, but would look cool. I like your box better than my ammo boxes because it is already vented and not needing to be drilled out or the side cutout with a mesh screen attached.
  4. I restarted the Game several times and it sent me right back to that Room It must like me huh? Do I have to take the Bait or can I still continue eating my Doritos?
  5. LOL I was stuck in a PTU bedroom for 7 hours and tried everything under the sun to get out and the lag was bad, and my figure was almost out of control for doing anything. I will try again later. I need a break.
  6. Your Avatar looks hungry, Este! Is it okay if i feed it a can of Spam? :spam:

  7. I rented a AEGIS VANGUARD WARDEN because it reminded me of my AEGIS SABRE COMET STEALTH FIGHTER. It is much bigger, better armor, better weaponry, and what surprised me is its agility for its size with the Comet and well worth the expenditure as a future purchase.
  8. This is how I fight when my Space Ship runs out of ammo. https://media.giphy.com/media/Ov5NiLVXT8JEc/giphy.gif
  9. Good Motning! I am a new member and was wondering if I could have voice activated for in-game communications. I have read the Rules & Regulations.
  10. Hi, Dragon-Knight! Good Morning! How do I activate voice for in game Communications? I have already read the Regulations and ready a new game with my Comet. :)

    1. Zepheris


      Hi Nunya,


      I'm not sure, I usually only use Teamspeak for comms.




  11. My expectations were more than met and I understood from day one the game is Alpha and will be a long term project like other games I have played over 10 years in their development. Thank you for the Greeting, Juntau!
  12. It was another awesome night of entertainment, laughs, and learning more about the SC Game. I have only been a Member for barely 24 hours, but being a long time Gamer it is like being a sailor with strong sea legs and all natural to get absorbed in the game quite easily.
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