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Found 3 results

  1. Updated title, no longer a SNUB, it's a FULL (small) explorer ship! Our first look of the Anvil Pisces ship has been revealed!
  2. Selling the pledge! not the account! I am need of a little money and I could just sell this package. Will do anything to verify that I am a legit seller! Middleman, discord, skype, ect.! Accepting USD via Paypal! Started out as Mustang>Titan>Cutlass black>Retaliator>Vanguard harbinger>Eclipse>Carrack!
  3. Pisces - Concept Sale Price - [POLL] <<-- See Sister thread on RSI Forums as well for additional sampling (and Vote there as well) Pisces is the small exploration Snub Craft that comes with the Anvil CarrackIn the last Bensday with Batgirl ep 53 (above) - @11:00m Ben is asked a question on who would have the naming rights to the new system if a Pilot of the Pisces gets through a Jump Point first before the Mother ship - the Carrack. Ben explains (and we know) that the Pisces is a Snub Craft and wouldn't have a Jump Engine to go through the Jump Point (it will only be good at finding them - not navigating them) (you need other small exploration craft like the 315p or Freelancer DUR to navigate / map small jump points). What is revealing about the answer though is that CIG just had a meeting to go over the Pisces specifically.It is likely the Pisces will get pushed ahead of the other Snub Craft that may see concept Sales -->>> see list of other possible concept sales --->> WAVE 5 - Confirmed Concept Ships (new from BEN) + New Ideas + Idea Ship List [POLL] [1,311+VOTES]We know that Snubs have had their own Concept Sales - like the P52 Merlin and P72 Archimedes and we will also soon see the Drake Dragonfly (also a Snub Craft)...... but it is more likely than not that we will see the Pisces before the 85x, Argo, etc.... because CIG is focusing work on the Carrack now (so they'll need the Pisces to go along with it).-----------Please Vote in the Poll (again these are just for fun and to give CIG an idea of what player expect) for what you think the price should be for the Pisces (and we don't have a lot to go on for this one like we do for the 85x, Argo, etc...). We do know it is a small exploration ship and Ben talks about exploration scanners in the video above @22:10m into the video. Keep in mind that the Carrack is a Planetary Exploration Ship in addition to being a Jump Point explorer so the Pisces could have a role not only in finding Jump Points but it may help the Ursa Rover with Planetary Exploration and therefor could come with an Atmospheric Drive instead of a Quantum Drive (also comes stock with the Carrack) + see --->> Ursa + Lynx Rover - Concept Sale Price - [POLL] [421+ VOTES]==========In addition to Voting please post your ideas on what you think the capabilities of the Pisces could be for Exploration (remember it doesn't have a Jump Engine). It is not guaranteed that CIG will see these ideas but we do know that CIG does follow the forums and have comment specifically about the RSI - Polaris - Corvette - Concept Sale Price [POLL] [2,081+Votes] thread Who knows.... maybe some of your ideas may make it into the ship... and CIG does appreciate player suggestions with the development of the game
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