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  1. @LowZone agree was a good year. Many of the bug that come with a larger than normal audience riding the servers but honestly only experienced a few issues where I had to restart on a new server which was a vast improvement from past IAEs. Overall I'd give it a B overall. Those speaking info stands were a nice addition with the voice overs. I may have spent most my time in a super hornet and 890 jump.....
  2. @LowZone - Great take - I have spent some time asking question on spectrum and watching the main "SC Influencers" hot takes and what I have come back with is: PROS Carrack: - Drones - TBD on how good this PRO is. - Cargo module changes - in the into the verse episode where Carrack was formally reviewed these were module not just for cargo - Cargo (current), Mining + laser (which would remove the odyssey advantage there), Science, Fuel (additional Fuel), Missile, Probe module, Scientific module, etc. - Armor and Sheilding: Carrack was a military vessel and as such would is currently (rightly or wrongly) being serves up as the "super hornet" of the exploration options, ship matrix aside. - Cartography room: has one and as such, better make good use of it. Plays into the.... - Jump Point Finding systems: Specifically called out on the Carracks material and not on Odyssey. Both will likely have the ability whenever that day comes but Carrack "Should" win out. - "No Capital Systems" - may seem strange to say but capital systems are not interchangable. You will be stuck with what you get, forever, at least based on current lore in the odyssey, while you can change out the L systems in the Carrack. Odyssey - Med Bay is two beds instead of 1. - Mining laser/tractor beam + refinery - this thing never "has" to refuel. This is a +++ if Carrack doesnt get modules that allow it to do this. If it does, that's a mess up curve ball given the material on the odyssey making it seem so unique... - Can fit "medium fighers" it is hanger (Carrack can only fit large snubs) - 3 X S5 on paper is better than Carracks 4 X S4, however firing coverage on Carrack is better so a toss up? - Component and ejection pods are in a much better location than carrack - Space Station and Ship to ship docking collars v carracks ship to ship only (expected to be an advantage, time will tell). - Capital size components: I know I used this as a pro for the Carrack but depending on where these land they could be a pro for Odyssey...
  3. What does everyone think of the MISC Odyssey. I have mixed feelings on it personally. They're selling the Med facility as "best you can find on an exploration vessel" and the mining and refinery on the same ship so you can "never run out" of qunatanium is really cool. BUT it seems clear that Carrack will have a superior sensor suites, superior storage, and military grade components stock. Similar snub storage size (although it looks like Odyssey fits a Sabre - haven't tried that in my carrack (may report back on that) yet. The Odyssey looks much more utilitarian which I think I like but also think it may end up being the master of none because of it which is a deterrent for me personally.
  4. The door panel update was a great update in 451. Hoping this is the final release candidate, seems the managed to correct the 30K issues that came back into play with the last PTU version.
  5. @Danakar Endeel - with you - two opportunities to improve based on your perspective. They could make a walking path to the X1 (or other vehicles) in the "suit locker" by the "gravity generator" and the one you called out by offering a medical station of some kind in the 4th escape pod.
  6. Next to the star runner - BMM has been my the ship I have been the most excited to see ever since this concept image!
  7. @basard Where did you find this!? if the 3700X is really this @ that price it will blow the 9900K out of the water... so long as you can effecftively OC at 5.0 Ghz. This could be the shift that AMD has been pushing for a few years now.
  8. Anyone go for the San'Tok Yai? Didnt bitE but considered getting a CCU to do it later...
  9. Star Lord

    Nox + Nox Kue

    I really hope we get some more concepts coming soon, buccaneer was great, but really interested what they are going to have offer for ground combat. With the death mechanics of the game, I wonder what would entice someone to focus on ground based combat, without seeing any ground concept concepts other than the rover and dragonfly, and if they are it I would stay off the ground, especially if orbital strikes are potentially coming into the game... I know its still a rumor, but itd be awesome..
  10. Geez sorry to hear. I wish you all and yours all the best in the recovery! Great news on the extra time! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Ok, so, I have done this but it's a mixture of location and timing. For example I don't do it in situations where there are typically friendlies, but I have done it at the security post where on occasions I have gotten lit up by a ship lifting off as I'm entering or leaving. Or GrimHex where the environment is the same. Pretty much Any situation where I am in low sec space and someone is non-responsive on chat in a way that draws concern justifies me minimizing the risk on my part by ensuring the ship cannot be utilized to take me out. Further I am no injuring the actual person so it's win win in my eyes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Like the idea but I think the element of making your own record would really be a lot better I understand the concern about trolling but that's just my position Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Hi all, Believe I had posted previously but can't seem to find it. I have been a member for a long time but an expansion in the family is seeing funds running low and I have to offload my current Start Citizen assets. Please PM me with any questions: Xi'an Khartu - LTI Upgrade - $145 or BRO Freelance DUR - LTI Upgrade - $125 or BRO AC Aurora Package - $45 or BRO Sabre LTI - $165 (Please PM for more Details) or BRO Attached are several pictures of gift ability.
  14. It is, are you still interested? Sent from my SHIELD Tablet using Tapatalk
  15. Hi there, I have recently had a child and have found there is no game time available anymore and with work it was already in short supply. I'm looking to offload the following, thet are all giftable right now. Freelancer DUR with LTI (P-72 CCU) -$150 Xian Scout with LTI (P-72 CCU)- $160 AC Aurora MR Starter Package -$30
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