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"Capital Ship Repair Specialist" with a focus in Combat Repair was my title in the UEE Navy.  Now in the private Imperium Fleet I retain the same career with the new title "Capital Ship Repair Technician" until I earn my Specialist Title again.

I joined the UEE Naval Engineers at an early age to speed up gaining citizenship, I never knew I'd stay for the thrill of the fight.  I paid my dues and cut my teeth maintaining small patrol fleets in now-dark outposts.  Working my way up the ranks I was enrolled in Capital Class Academy after my squad earned a Battle Effectiveness Award.  I found I had a knack for emergency combat repairs in the academy and was assigned to an Idris Frigate in the UEE.

Now after retirement from the UEE I have found my place in the Imperium Fleet as a Capital Ship Repair Tech where I can continue my studies.


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