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  1. Unpinned this post from SCB Marketplace due to antiquated/bad links, thanks for the heads up @lordlobster
  2. Welcome to Imperium hellrazer7295 & Dr1fter!
  3. Hey Isana, I'm glad you're considering Star Citizen to scratch your space pilot itch! It's defenitely still under development, but very playable in the current state and gets better every patch. Can I use a flight stick (HOTAS) or controller? Yes you can use HOTAS, many pilots prefer a dual stick setup in this game. But, it's also very flyable with your keyboard and mouse. From my experience, the best pilots definitely use a HOTAS setup. Can I, if I so choose, load into a solo game session, or is it always open? The only offline modes that are currently available are in Arena Commander, where you can fly against AI vanduul or pirates; or fly around race tracks. The primary game currently only caters to online play, but eventually there will be single player campaigns that will be available for offline play. Will I have to renew the insurance or will I, as the website says, always have a basic insurance “for testing purposes”? Does basic mean I can upgrade insurance and should I? In the current test universe, all owned ships can be reclaimed if lost. Some newly available ships come with "lifetime insurance"; or you can upgrade a low cost ship that has lifetime insurance to a more expensive ship and retain the lifetime insurance. As I understand it, when the game is finished with alpha testing, if you purchased a ship with some # of months of insurance, you will eventually have to pay in-game credits to keep your insurance package active. But, they've also said that any ship purchased with real money will never be completely lost, we just don't know what system they have in mind at this point. (Maybe you'll have a longer/harder time recovering it if you let your insurance lapse) What exactly are pledges, and what are the benefits? Pledges are any purchase of the game, ships, or in game items with real money. They go towards funding the project, and you get to use the purchased ships/items in game. What’s the deal with the wipes? Since the game is in alpha testing, they very rarely wipe the server to reset all ships/items back to the original state. This is usually when major exploits have put too much money in the system, or there's some large change in the database structure handling ship/item ownership. This is very rare, and wipes won't happen after the game leave alpha testing. What are some good groups to join for casual play and learning the ropes? Join the SCB/Imperium discord, there's usually someone playing and members are always willing to help new players get oriented. https://discord.gg/My6TsPP Anything else I should know? Don't be too concerned about graphical performance right now. The game is gorgeous, but currently limited by CPU performance. Since the game is in alpha, they are currently upgrading to new systems, and the game seems to be increasing in performance with every patch. The cities have the lowest performance, but some people are getting 200+ fps in space at this point. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  4. Welcome to Imperium Axitrex! I'm also just about to return to college to further my engineering education. Let me know if you have any questions during the recruit process, see ya on Discord!
  5. Thanks for hosting the race event. I took part in 1 official race (Rocs) and 1 unofficial race (Noxes), and really enjoyed the ground trips around Loreville!
  6. It's ongoing ... each patch they are converting old assets to the new system. Here's a video on it from the recent citizencon event:
  7. Awesome setup Cynthedic! Another thing to note about Star Citizen ... refresh rates in the game have historically been bottle necked because a single thread was dedicated to rendering. The game is currently being converted to "Gen12 renderer and Vulkan." I'm not sure about the specifics, but these upgrades should mean large performance increases as various assets are converted. Eventually the old rendering system will be completely replaced by this newer tech.
  8. The new inventory system has a few quirks, but it's definitely heading in the right direction, I really enjoyed the outpost play throughs... it and the surrounding area look incredible. Wish there was a bit more server meshing progress to show. I'm really looking forward to the day when SC actually feels like an MMO, and when I can quit/crash out and come back to the same spot.
  9. Hey ATRavenousStorm, sorry to hear that you're having trouble launching the game. I haven't had any issues with SC recently, but I did have a similar issue with software I use for work. I ended up having to do a Windows 10 factory reset for that PC. It did solve the issue, but was an annoying way to have to deal with it. I hope you don't have to go to those lengths, but it's always an option. Good luck with the move and see ya around when you're situated again!
  10. I think a dual stick setup is going to be better than stick & throttle for Star Citizen. I've never tried dual sticks, but the game is definitely being optimized for it and most reviewers like the setup after a bit of practice. One of these days I'm going to mimic this Morphologis setup:
  11. We have taken steps to verify that this person has access to the account and appears able to sell. As always we remind users that account sales are expressly against the EULA of CIG except in circumstances where the EULA is superseded by laws governing a country or territory.
  12. Hey Hexley94, welcome back to Star Citizen and Imperium.
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