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  1. Thanks for hosting the race event. I took part in 1 official race (Rocs) and 1 unofficial race (Noxes), and really enjoyed the ground trips around Loreville!
  2. It's ongoing ... each patch they are converting old assets to the new system. Here's a video on it from the recent citizencon event:
  3. Awesome setup Cynthedic! Another thing to note about Star Citizen ... refresh rates in the game have historically been bottle necked because a single thread was dedicated to rendering. The game is currently being converted to "Gen12 renderer and Vulkan." I'm not sure about the specifics, but these upgrades should mean large performance increases as various assets are converted. Eventually the old rendering system will be completely replaced by this newer tech.
  4. The new inventory system has a few quirks, but it's definitely heading in the right direction, I really enjoyed the outpost play throughs... it and the surrounding area look incredible. Wish there was a bit more server meshing progress to show. I'm really looking forward to the day when SC actually feels like an MMO, and when I can quit/crash out and come back to the same spot.
  5. Hey ATRavenousStorm, sorry to hear that you're having trouble launching the game. I haven't had any issues with SC recently, but I did have a similar issue with software I use for work. I ended up having to do a Windows 10 factory reset for that PC. It did solve the issue, but was an annoying way to have to deal with it. I hope you don't have to go to those lengths, but it's always an option. Good luck with the move and see ya around when you're situated again!
  6. I think a dual stick setup is going to be better than stick & throttle for Star Citizen. I've never tried dual sticks, but the game is definitely being optimized for it and most reviewers like the setup after a bit of practice. One of these days I'm going to mimic this Morphologis setup:
  7. We have taken steps to verify that this person has access to the account and appears able to sell. As always we remind users that account sales are expressly against the EULA of CIG except in circumstances where the EULA is superseded by laws governing a country or territory.
  8. Hey Hexley94, welcome back to Star Citizen and Imperium.
  9. Hey ATRavenousStorm, welcome to SCB and Imperium! Looking forward to flying with you.
  10. It's not in your person inventory, but should be available in your vehicle loadout manger. Hit F1 and click "vehicle loadout manager".
  11. I agree that your GPU is the likely culprit. I have 3 computers that can run SC, all have good CPUs, solid state drives, and 16gb to 32gb in ram. My geforce 1060 is choppy, 1070 is quite a bit better, and 2080ti runs like butter.
  12. If you can't reclaim your ship, either try from a different console within the PTU, or reset your PTU account at https://robertsspaceindustries.com/account/reset Items that you've purchase and AUEC should persist through character resets. We don't have any dedicated FPS events right now. REIGN-11-87 is a new T&I Specialist and has been hosting some mining events lately. I believe we will see additional events like this as time goes on for other aspects of the game, including FPS/space combat. I'm definitely looking forward to some flying practice, and seeing how small fleets will face off.
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