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  1. buzby x

    RSI - Andromeda (Constellation)

    just swapped out my Redeemer for an Andromeda...the connie is just WAY more ship for the money any way you look at it.
  2. buzby x

    Redeemer Owners?

    I just dumped my Vanguard for a Redeemer because GUNS. Dogfighting just isn't that fun in this game. -and if I'm having it escort my larger ships, it doesn't need to get lured off into a dogfight
  3. The only thing that could make the Hull E less profitable in hi-sec would be fuel costs, and if you have a Starfarer, hopefully you'll be able to fuel your own ships with it. with a smallish crew requirement, I can't imagine anything else that would really cut into your overhead.
  4. I had a Hull B at first, and eventually wound up with an E, because everyone is always talking about the E like it MUST be fully loaded every time you take it out. I'll put one box on the damned thing and just monster around with it. or one box and a ton of point defenses
  5. I care about the Connie, the Banu, the 890... but my biggest wonder is the ship with thrusters the size of entire ships: the Hull E yeah, they're nerfing it with this 'jerk' bullshit, but it still must be damned fast for its size
  6. buzby x

    Reliant...just cc'd a Titan for one

    HAH! I was wondering when one of the originals would smell that I was back! Hope all is well with you, man. My best to any of the old crew who are still around.
  7. buzby x

    Reliant...just cc'd a Titan for one

    aside from the Reliant being cooler, do we know anything about the comparisons of these ships?
  8. buzby x

    Banu Merchantman

    I've been waiting since the early days for this CCU... and do you know what rhymes with CCU? WOOOOOHOOOOOO
  9. buzby x

    Aegis Avenger Warlock

    just grabbed two for my defensive wingmen "bye bye!"
  10. buzby x


  11. buzby x


    don't sweat it, insurance won't be game-playing prohibitive. I only have LTI on one ship, and it probably won't be my primary.
  12. buzby x


    this is good news for you, my brother...and me too!
  13. buzby x

    Cathcart System

    it's a GREAT idea. so, bravo
  14. buzby x

    organized crime

    eh, not my biggest prob. but it is just one more god damned thing, you know?