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  1. I can't wait for the rework when it gets bigger.
  2. crazy qt times are a damned deal breaker, really...5 min should be the absolute max of the game unless they want a universe ruled by jobless neckbeards
  3. QF is no longer to be skimmed, unless I dreamt it.
  4. any updates on whether the Prospector can mine Quantum Fuel?
  5. buzby x


    might behoove CIG to keep the starf as originally intended to scoop QF, but make the mining method a way to get massive concentrated quantities of QF...or something
  6. buzby x

    RSI Orion

    SO...now we need this to mine quantum fuel and the starfarer scoops hydrogen...basically what everybody's ship does for free anyway...
  7. buzby x

    Drake Corsair

    yeah, I'm with ya bro.
  8. buzby x

    Drake Corsair

  9. maybe you just finished designing a flight model where you can't toggle decoupled mode and someone challenged you to make something equally stupid? 3:19 ...no...3:10...he starts in on decoupling...
  10. will it quantum, and jump with something in-tow?
  11. buzby x

    Origin 890 JUMP

    I can breathe just fine on all my ships that don't have vegetative decor.
  12. buzby x

    Origin 890 JUMP

    I've grown to hate plants on spaceships. that said, I hope part of the money-machine aspect of the 890j is the instant rewards you get from killing pirates who attack you...at least it'll make the voyages interesting
  13. that holo table looks like hours of fun
  14. Stevie Ray Vaughn...it's basically the Voodoo Chile of transport ships.
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