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  1. just swapped out my Redeemer for an Andromeda...the connie is just WAY more ship for the money any way you look at it.
  2. I just dumped my Vanguard for a Redeemer because GUNS. Dogfighting just isn't that fun in this game. -and if I'm having it escort my larger ships, it doesn't need to get lured off into a dogfight
  3. The only thing that could make the Hull E less profitable in hi-sec would be fuel costs, and if you have a Starfarer, hopefully you'll be able to fuel your own ships with it. with a smallish crew requirement, I can't imagine anything else that would really cut into your overhead.
  4. I had a Hull B at first, and eventually wound up with an E, because everyone is always talking about the E like it MUST be fully loaded every time you take it out. I'll put one box on the damned thing and just monster around with it. or one box and a ton of point defenses
  5. I care about the Connie, the Banu, the 890... but my biggest wonder is the ship with thrusters the size of entire ships: the Hull E yeah, they're nerfing it with this 'jerk' bullshit, but it still must be damned fast for its size
  6. HAH! I was wondering when one of the originals would smell that I was back! Hope all is well with you, man. My best to any of the old crew who are still around.
  7. aside from the Reliant being cooler, do we know anything about the comparisons of these ships?
  8. I've been waiting since the early days for this CCU... and do you know what rhymes with CCU? WOOOOOHOOOOOO
  9. just grabbed two for my defensive wingmen "bye bye!"
  11. don't sweat it, insurance won't be game-playing prohibitive. I only have LTI on one ship, and it probably won't be my primary.
  12. this is good news for you, my brother...and me too!
  13. it's a GREAT idea. so, bravo
  14. eh, not my biggest prob. but it is just one more god damned thing, you know?