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  1. Valor Pack and Carrack claimed, thank you Chimaera ! Great trader !
  2. Hello Chimaera, I'm interested in 7,8 and 11. I sent you a message on Discord. Cheers ! edit : and 14 too !
  3. Hello @Dead-Cat-Dance Got a question about your LTI Reclaimer and Endeavour, are they warbond version? Wondering because of the price.
  4. Hello, I am in the market to buy 4 (four) P-52 Merlin/P-72 Archimedes , either LTI or standard insurance (preferably LTI). Those will be my Carrack's snub escort. You can reply here or pm me with offer. Thank you ! edit : I have been given advice elsewhere to buy them with ingame money. So i am cancelling this order, seems i cant delete the post myself?
  5. Welcome there, i'm new to the game also (was away for years). My name ingame is same as my nick here, i'm also slowly learning and like you my computer has trouble handling the game so i do simple things :) Maybe we can play someday together.
  6. A carebear !! Topic necromancer Salvager, trader, pve mission runner, explorer, land claimer. I'm not a fan of pvp but if i have to do some i will do bounty hunting. ,
  7. Bought it, thank you again Chimaera, it was great doing business with you !
  8. Bought them both, thank you again Chimaera, it was great doing business with you !
  9. Hello, I am interested, i am going to send you a question through MP, since i am also interested by your Hammerhead.
  10. Done Even if i'm MIA here i'm doing my duty once in a year until release hehe
  11. Hello, i found this nice project and i want to share it here Check out this promising space CRPG, The Mandate. The devs compare this to games like Fallout, Mount&Blade, and X-Com. Such ambition is enough to raise curiosity They have a kickstarter, almost a month more to go, aim of 500k$ and at the time i'm writing this almost halfway. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1964463742/the-mandate Trailer : Ship combat video : Ship designer walkthrough Character creation walkthrough For the last 2 videos, there is 2 little techs demos of the character and ship builder on th
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