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  1. I thank you very much @Ragnor ! We took time to set a contract, and Ragnor was very helpfull in the process ! He has another sale going on atm, you can buy from him with 100% confidence ! https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/topic/24362-wts-constellation-mk-3-model-for-500/
  2. That is the FPS your spec is supposed to have according to Telemetry https://robertsspaceindustries.com/telemetry Some similar spec are in the same range there for FPS. So nothing wrong here. The game is also not optimized yet at all. So expect better performance in the future. I have a 3070 OC, 64gb ram, 5600x ryzen5, and I get around 40-70 FPS with max settings (but playing in 2560*1440).
  3. I was a bit unfortunate here, communication mess, but Morgenroete turned to be a gentleman ! Thank you for the Mustang Omega bonus !
  4. As @Chimaera told you can not sell your 400i, unless you melt it, and buy it back with the buyer's money. But you'll end up with the equivalent of its store credit value in your hangar wallet. So you dont gain anything here. Also, do not expect to sell the 400i over its actual value, as it is straight to flyable, and people can buy it themselves cheaper (without your paypal/ebay tax). Upgrading the ship wont make it giftable, since it is already bound to your accout (gifted). So your plan above to sell on ebay cant work here. Only thing you can do is to inject some fresh real money in a ship token (thus giftable), melt the 400i, and buy some CCUs with the credits, then upgrade that token to something people usually buy. Since the ship was gifted, your friend can not ask for a refund anymore. Honestly, you wont get much money, no more than the melt value of the ship anyway, even if you make another ship with a token using CCUs. Most people selling CCU'ed ships, when they are not LTI and not below original price, simply end stuck with them Your best bet is probably to sell the store credit from melting the 400i (generally at 70% its value), since I doubt you can make any interesting CCU'ed ship and be competitive with the actual market. Why not just be thankfull to your friend and use the store credit to get new ships for yourself?
  5. Nice stuff indeed I would have bought the scythe if I was not already after something else :)
  6. Hey radoorid, I remember you from my very early years here ๐Ÿ˜› (you're one of my very very few followers^^), I've been much silence since, but I wish you the best I myself have moved away from the fleet last year, but Imp still has some special place in my heart, so still lurking here Fly safe ! vahadar
  7. Thank you @Chimaera I think we might be late After @Brosion removed his account sale I am really after another original account (for my little pirate^^ he will be able to play soon(tm) when the game is released^^) with the F7A upgrade haha.
  8. Hello @Ragnor I am in the market for a second original backer account, so if @bOcy is not taking your account, I am interested. I am also ready for a bidding war with him if needed, please see my private message Cheers
  9. This was a mistake from my part, corrected in the messages posted in May yesterday, as I have not updated them when I have updated my guide since. Unfortunately, if the Andromeda went above MSR (215 to 240, and since old Warbond CCU Andro (215) to MSR is 5$) it is now invalid, and will stay forever invalid. Since it was warbond, you can try and ask support to let you buy back them at the original price. My assumption with cash is a theory, as others (for my exemple with the Hull-E) explained to me that the price difference did not go from 150 to 50 when repurchased because the CCU is very old and the system was then different than today mechanism. This is anyway not related to your issue here.
  10. Actually this might turn to be a very profitable misfortune because : The Andromeda went from 215 to 240. Ok it screwed a few CCU and made others less interesting. But you still have the Vulcan which is not released, which is the cheapest ship between the Hurricane and the Andromeda. Considering the MSR price jump during production and release, I "bet" that the Vulcan will be released at 235$ maximum. This means, if the bet is correct that a Hurricane to Vulcan would be 5$ when stored in buyback for repurchase. Stock a few of those CCUs, wait for the Vulcan release, and then buy some Vulcan (235) to Andromeda (240) CCUs (5$ if the bet comes true). This means an Andromeda would cost 10$ from a Hurricane (so 205$). Like this you have saved even more than compared to when the Andromeda was at 215, because all the ships under the Andromeda that are actually not released ( Corsair, Ares, San'tok yai, Scorpuis Railen), exept Vulcan here with my bet, will most certainly jump over 240$ when released, so any CCU TO Andromeda from those ships will be invalid if stored in buyback. I took that bet here and already stocked a ton of CCUs Goal is Vulcan at 235$ ^^ If you have Taurus CCUs from before the price jump, this is even more interesting obviously As Taurus to Hurricane is 5$, and you save 40$ with any Taurus CCU you stocked before the price jump, so the Andromeda would cost only 165$. Cheaper if you have even more warbond CCU lower than Taurus, or betting on future release (G12, Hull-A/B... if you missed CCUs like Talon, Nomad and so on in 2020).
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