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  1. AstroJak

    Origin 890 JUMP

    Honestly I'm so tired of hearing about this freaken ship already....
  2. AstroJak

    Want to Buy Looking for a F7C-M Super Hornet

    @Trophiascan you help here?
  3. @pubicbeard did you get your upgrade? Can we close this thread?
  4. AstroJak

    Want to Buy Looking for a F7C-M Super Hornet

    @VinegarPancake should this thread still be open?
  5. AstroJak

    Want to Sell 7xSaber Raven Codes for sale

    @DenysAleksandrov is this thread still active? Pls advise Aj
  6. AstroJak

    Want to Buy WTB 600i explorer to Hull E

    Really that's cool, I'm also a member of the 890jump club are you? They have a really active discord, that's where I've been hanging out lately. Aj
  7. AstroJak

    Want to Buy WTB 600i explorer to Hull E

    @Amy Babedid you get your upgrade yet? Aj
  8. AstroJak

    Complete WTB Hammerhead

    Did you get what you wanted? Is this thread closed? Aj
  9. AstroJak

    intro New Guy

    welcome to SCB , let use know if you have any questions. cheers
  10. AstroJak

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    Anyways, i see there are a few people, not pleased and I'd only agree that posting a sale where all the credit skus read zero from the very start is bad business!!! Having said that, i think offering the idris K kit is a good way to soften up the community for the inevitable "INGAME" exclusive of an idris M kit. Sure they will sell Jav kits now and other idris kits and maybe upgrade kraken kits so it doesnt fall apart when it fires its big weapons.... but if your shocked but all this; i dont think you've been keeping up with development or the company that is making this game. that's just my 22 cents.... Aj
  11. AstroJak

    RSI website down (23 November)?

    pledge store is all broken... can't get any upgrades... another wonderful job by our montreal brothers!
  12. AstroJak


    Bump - November Sale is around the corner. Pick up an LTI Token!!!
  13. AstroJak

    Want to Sell 7xSaber Raven Codes for sale

    are these still available?
  14. Hi VOA, agreed... CR did say that OCS/bind culling client-side were the only thing outstanding as far as technical hurtles for SQ42. Past that its just content and these people know how to push content at this point. As for Bind Culling server side and server meshing, these are both major elements for SC and each is on par with OCS as far as technical difficulty goes. Anyways, i can wait for E3 2019 announcement by CIG for the release of SQ42 in December.... ok that's all assumption but i'd love to see DS stupid face when the info drops!!!