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  1. AstroJak

    Complete WTB Herald CCU

    sure thing - go to your OP and edit - where you put "want to sell" change that to "completed". let me know if you need any more help. thanks
  2. AstroJak

    Complete WTB Herald CCU

    @Chimaera @Trophias pls close
  3. AstroJak

    Want to Buy Mercury CCU

    @Chimaera @Trophias pls close thx
  4. AstroJak

    Argo SRV

    Im a real fan of this ship. As Reaven knows i've been waiting for a tug concept for years now. The only question is how many should i get... I need 1 to work with my Orion to move rocks, 1 to help position ships for my Reclaimer, 1 to help my Hull D with storage containers, 1 to help with my kraken... man i should get the 4 pack!!! 😁 Aj Also can we pick up massive boulders, in atmo and drop them on enemies habs/out posts? just a thought...
  5. AstroJak

    Complete Drake Dragonfly Ride Together 2-Pack LTI

    @Chimaera @Trophias pls close thx
  6. AstroJak

    Want to Buy Nova Tank LTI OC Warbond

    @UriahGNU is this post still active? thx
  7. AstroJak

    Complete Anvil Valkyrie Liberator Wabond LTI

    @Epicsuccess can you show this post as completed? thx Aj
  8. @Epicsuccess can you pls show this post as completed? thx Aj
  9. AstroJak

    Want to Buy WTB Vanguard BUK LTI

    @MasterBaiter is this still an active post?
  10. AstroJak

    Want to Sell Rear Admiral - LTI

    @Chimaera @Trophias item sold pls show complete.
  11. AstroJak

    Want to Buy [WTB] Sabre Raven Code

    @Chimaera @Trophias raven codes have expired - impossible transaction
  12. AstroJak

    Complete WTB Herald CCU

    @Monkeytime have you completed your transaction? pls advise thx
  13. AstroJak

    Complete 7xSaber Raven Codes for sale

    @Chimaera @Trophias raven codes have expired - impossible trade