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  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking to sell a few Store credits at 81% of value or $251.10 plus paypal fees. Credits will be transferred via gifted "Aquila" once funds have been received. cheers Please read the Terms & Conditions of Service: Transactions through PayPal (Verified PayPal only). All prices are in USD plus paypal fees of 4.6% (Excluding PayPal fees). All sales are conducted via Paypal invoices. Item will be delivered to buyer's PayPal email address after payment has cleared. No returns or refund as the gifting system only allows a 1 time gifting and it will be account bound to the buyer's account. If you are unsure about the item or have any questions, feel free to ask. You must own a copy of Star Citizen, and are required to have an account in order to accept item (ship/upgrade). Item will be delivered to the buyer's PayPal email address. You can claim the item by clicking on the link provided in the email about "gift" and sign in your RSI account. Be careful to be logged into the correct RSI account when you redeem your email about "gift" containing the transmitted ship/upgrade. Tracking is provided by "Hangar Log" on RSI website and will be used as a proof of delivery. Prices are not negotiable.
  2. @Dragon-Knight they will have another wave coming out soon. the last wave had tickets hang around for some time, so i suspect all those keen on going have their tickets already and no further F5 battles are necessary. AJ @CC-Corp can you also link the google doc, showing whos going already, here as well? thx
  3. that was an interesting video... i'm most interested in the secret letter that was discovered. curious however, if they want to build support why are most retailers showing sold out on the physical version on day 2 and why is there no NA PC collectors edition as of June 12, 2019?
  4. Hello All, I regret to inform you that our dear friend, known here as Trak, passed away last Saturday morning April 6th. His sudden and unexplained death has come as a shock to all who knew him, as a healthy and vibrant individual. He dedicated his life to civil service having just retired from the Orange Country Fire and Rescue after 25+ yrs. and moving to Texas with his wife to start a new life. It would be an understatement to say; he was one of the nicest guys I've ever had the pleasure to met and count myself blessed to say he was my friend. picture - left to right Dion - Mark - Steve (Trak)
  5. yes, apparently we do. there are like 6 imperiums listed i believe we are the one with the eagle symbol. if this isn't true can someone update this information accordingly. cheers Aj
  6. Anyways, i don't really care about epic hate but i do like the new division 2 and been playing it for an hour or 2. only at level 3 but hoping the wife will go to bed early so i can get a few more levels in. Aj
  7. @Chimaera pls close this thread, the ship has been sold.
  8. @Chimaera @Trophias i'm pretty sure this post is dead and should be closed.
  9. sure thing - go to your OP and edit - where you put "want to sell" change that to "completed". let me know if you need any more help. thanks
  10. @Chimaera @Trophias pls close
  11. Im a real fan of this ship. As Reaven knows i've been waiting for a tug concept for years now. The only question is how many should i get... I need 1 to work with my Orion to move rocks, 1 to help position ships for my Reclaimer, 1 to help my Hull D with storage containers, 1 to help with my kraken... man i should get the 4 pack!!! 😁 Aj Also can we pick up massive boulders, in atmo and drop them on enemies habs/out posts? just a thought...
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