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  1. Hello All, I regret to inform you that our dear friend, known here as Trak, passed away last Saturday morning April 6th. His sudden and unexplained death has come as a shock to all who knew him, as a healthy and vibrant individual. He dedicated his life to civil service having just retired from the Orange Country Fire and Rescue after 25+ yrs. and moving to Texas with his wife to start a new life. It would be an understatement to say; he was one of the nicest guys I've ever had the pleasure to met and count myself blessed to say he was my friend. picture - left to right Dion - Mark - Steve (Trak)
  2. yes, apparently we do. there are like 6 imperiums listed i believe we are the one with the eagle symbol. if this isn't true can someone update this information accordingly. cheers Aj
  3. Anyways, i don't really care about epic hate but i do like the new division 2 and been playing it for an hour or 2. only at level 3 but hoping the wife will go to bed early so i can get a few more levels in. Aj
  4. @Chimaera pls close this thread, the ship has been sold.
  5. @Chimaera @Trophias i'm pretty sure this post is dead and should be closed.
  6. sure thing - go to your OP and edit - where you put "want to sell" change that to "completed". let me know if you need any more help. thanks
  7. @Chimaera @Trophias pls close
  8. Im a real fan of this ship. As Reaven knows i've been waiting for a tug concept for years now. The only question is how many should i get... I need 1 to work with my Orion to move rocks, 1 to help position ships for my Reclaimer, 1 to help my Hull D with storage containers, 1 to help with my kraken... man i should get the 4 pack!!! 😁 Aj Also can we pick up massive boulders, in atmo and drop them on enemies habs/out posts? just a thought...
  9. @UriahGNU is this post still active? thx
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