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  1. Cant wait to fly my bucc in 2.6.2. Look out you dirty pirates!!!! AstroJak
  2. I guess i'm basing that on the andromeda, which has been priced at 225 since forever and what they stripped out of it to make the base Taurus. The conclusion is, the Taurus has a lot going for it, for not a lot of money. As for cig and pricing, thats a conversation which has a slippery slop so ill stay clear of that but i am thinking 195 would fall more in line. At least with the base retaliator you can justify the price reduction from the hvy bomber version when u look at the cost of the mods removed. AstroJak
  3. Im wondering where the sensor drones will be housed and how many the reclaimer can hold? Can we buy backups? Can we fix when while still out in the verse? Can we upgrade them with better sensors or even grabby hands to collect nearby debris? Will the be fully automated or will/can we take one over and control it? AstroJak
  4. So do you think the Taurus will receive a price increase come 2.6 2 or 3.0? Im thinking this ship should be price closer to 195...what r your thoughts? AstroJak
  5. Hey welcome to the base!!! By the way is that name French? [emoji6] AstroJak
  6. Interesting...who else mentioned a "prospector-esk" small salvage ship? Let me think!!! No wait it will come to me... Anyways keep an open mind and i agree we will know when we know... AstroJak
  7. Grizz thats pretty cool, i didnt realise they 're going to make three variants of this ship! Not sure which one would be best? Thinking either the base repair ship or refitter...the tub seams to specialized but would work best in direct conjunction with a reclaimer, in so far as you could group a bunch of wrecks in a spread out field into one smaller area, for security purposes. Im sure the base can also refit and resupply but more as an overall element and therefor to a lesser degree? Id like go for the base variant, afterall thats why i have one! AstroJak
  8. Typically once cig allows us to see something new, they are several steps ahead of that reveal. so id expect to see the hull c by july. Just my prediction...time will tell. AstroJak
  9. @devilkhan im not following your logic! If your saying a reclaimer is a good salvage ship because of its reinforced hull but a prospector sized or argo type cannot because they lack it... Well thats foolish. Its like saying a prospector isnt a good mining ship because it can't split an astroid like an Orion! Simply put each size ship has its own capacity for a given task. The reclaimer, strips down large vessels in greater chunks, refines those materials and or stores them in some form. Where as a prospector sized salvager ship would cut off smaller pieces of a ship for transport to a reclaimer for refining or storage of component found. Additionally with regard to an argo sized salvage, you shouldnt be too suprised when the manned cutter, which accompanies the reclaimer, resemble an Argo. Maybe keep a more open mind for other members ideas and comments, you are far from the resident expert on all things SC. AstroJak
  10. I had an early morning day dream of a reclaimer clamped down on a large ship while a team of drones where scanning the ship for goodies to be harvested. I really hope they convert the argo and or prospector into scavager ships to work in conjuction with a reclaimer. If they do you could make short work of even a large ship. On a side note; in real life when a salvage crew finds a prize they have something called salvage rights which is international law and gives the crew ownership over that item. Do you think SC will have something like this? Disclaimer- im not a lawyer so take my commnets about salavge right with a grain of salt!! But i will look it up and update this post later. AstroJak
  11. Ive always loved this ship...now i love it more!!! AstroJak
  12. Hi Voa, can u also add boredgamer's vid on the same subject to the OP. P.s. good to see u posting some threads again! Cheers AstroJak So ships being reworked are the cutlass blk in final stages and aurora starting. With carrack and BBM hanger ready later this year? Did i get that right? Oh and the turdpin...sorry terrapin flight ready by years end. I guess we should also include the prospector and reclaimer which we already know will be released as well. A good year for ships! AstroJak
  13. Well im not going to jump in on this theorycrafting wet blank party but i will say Noobifier as well as most of the other content providers are more than receptive to fan comments. If u feel you have a valid point i'd suggests posting it on his channel. AstroJak
  14. Build help

    Hi Gremlich, can u provide any insight regarding optane ssd technology? And if this is something we should be holding out for? Also can you advise on the optimal cpu ghz vs ram ghz? My understanding is that the higher your cpu speed affects the max effective speed of your memory. Is this true or did i misunderstand? Thx AstroJak