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  1. Super-hornet price has increased to $180.00 usd. I've noticed that my buy back ccu taurus to SH has gone up to $30 which falls in line with the new price increase but my tracker - SH remained at $25, so i bought most of them back. This might be an oversight by CIG but nevertheless it now gives me a nice little jump from the $140 price to $180 fopr only $25...sweet. AJ
  2. Exactly... if a player has several alt accounts there is no reasonable way CIG would be able to tell who really owns what. So for instance you could load your hauler up with goods, insure it and send it off on its way. then log onto your other acct and rob yourself. collect the insurance and then sell the goods on the black market. Do it too often and your likely to get nabbed or find no one will insure you but totally do-able. AJ
  3. U wont be able to hotswop characters but will have to log out and back in. As Chris mentioned once its like u can play Jim Kirk one day and Spoke the next. Keep in mind that if u have a characters with high skills u dont want to take them over because u as a player wont get the benefits of those skill levels. AstroJak
  4. I would say it will cost $1milion....and your first born!!! Cig has bills to pay and also need some free labor. AstroJak
  5. @reavern good description and bang on... Also include that if u choose to log out u can then log back in and take over "agent smith" one of your other character slots and play that character as your primary. The only thing i dont think u can do is log into your acct on multiple PCs and play multiple character slots from the same account. You can however play multiple accts on multiple PCs at the same time...if u r so inclined AstroJak
  6. Hi there bud, would you happen to have a spare gladiator sitting around somewhere?  I've got someone very interested in looking for one.

  7. Does anyone know when the newly refactored cutlass will be released? 2.6.1??? AstroJak
  8. Hey @AdmiralBoom your good, sorry i see someone writing things that really aren't true or at least not primarily true enough to stand the test of truth, i feel compelled to say something... 1st amendment thing and all!!! This thread wasn't about socialism but rather about getting Fired up!!! (and for those who like clocks, here is the US debt clock http://www.usdebtclock.org/ ) I'll leave you with this about socialism; (the first one is lengthy, the second vid is more to the point)
  9. @Gremlich you made this statement which isn't true... "On paper, socialism looks good, but without Capitalism fueling the fire, it runs out of money." you must have socialism and communism mixed up... if edited your statement would ring true of communism but really isn't valid with regards to socialist countries such as the following; Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, New Zealand, Belgium, and yes your friends to the north Canada!!! we like to think of ourselves as semi-socialist but at our roots we are socialist as well. AJ
  10. Very cool to have another chef on board! Now both you and Radaroid can cater our imperium events!!! Welcome to the Imperium AstroJak
  11. I'm also expecting a slight bump in cost on the freelancer line as well as the cutlass line of ships. I'm expecting an increase of $10-15 depending on the rarity of the ship in question so hopefully y'all picked up some $0 CCU's to take advantage of that equity. Here's a question; will the conni Taurus increase in cost? right now its one of the best cost to capacity ships available, with the BMM taking overall first place. AJ
  12. Pls note; idris-p is now $1500 and the jav is $3000. AstroJak