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  1. AstroJak

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    I like that spirit, count me in... now we need to figure out who to unleash that pain upon!
  2. AstroJak

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    I think i'm going to ccu my harbinger to this ship. I cant wait for those epic ground invasions with a few Valkyrie accompanying an A2 or M2... what movie moments are made of... Aj
  3. Hi All, as the title says I'm looking to acquire both volume 1 and 2 of the hard copy version of jump points. Please Pm me with your price. cheers Aj
  4. AstroJak

    Want to Buy Drake Dragonfly Ride Together 2-Pack LTI

    I have many, many OC LTI yellowjackets available for $35 + 4.5% pp fee available but all 2- to rides are long gone. Pm if interested AJ
  5. AstroJak

    Drake Kraken

    I'm curious if this kraken has a medical bay and if so how big?
  6. AstroJak

    citizencon austin

    count me in as well... i might have Trak and Piece along with me but cant say what they want to do. My flight is at 12 noon thursday so it will be a good time to eat and then head to airport right after. AJ
  7. AstroJak

    Imperium Pin Project.

    Am I too late to get one?
  8. AstroJak

    Citizencon 2018

    Hi Shtefs, Sorry to hear that. All i can suggest is you issue a customer service ticket and hope some has dropped out making their ticket available. good luck
  9. AstroJak

    citizencon austin

    @radooridI think you need to take this on!!!
  10. AstroJak


    Hi @Boildown yes all prices are USD unless otherwise mentioned. OP updated
  11. AstroJak

    Drake Kraken

    To my knowledge here is the ships with no CCU available; javalin - limited idris M - limited idris P - limited pioneer - not limited 890 Jump - limited phoenix - limited (+special limited upgrade, no other ccus) let me know if i missed any