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  1. I was able to get into the site and into the game, then I was kicked out, and I can no longer log into either the game client or website. Anyone else having this issue currently? EDIT: Just got back in successfully, website and game client now
  2. Buckaroo

    RSI Mantis

    Yeah, the price isn't bad for a specialized small ship. Looking at Ship Upgrades, you cannot upgrade to this ship except from an Aurora (buying one of the specialized upgrade options).
  3. Buckaroo

    RSI Mantis

    RSI Mantis, now for sale (and 3.7 has moved to Alpha Live) https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/17273-The-RSI-Mantis
  4. Buckaroo

    RSI Mantis

    I could see the Cutlass BLUE as a great example of a ship getting this QT disruptor too as it's a Police/Bounty Hunter ship.
  5. Buckaroo

    RSI Mantis

    I personally was hoping for a cutlass/freelancer competitor, but as everyone has pointed out that's now not likely with the latest images. We're looking at either some interdiction or stealth type ship--likely the former. And being way overpriced. Edit: Nice looking ship (although with those nacelles on the back, looks like something out of Star Trek), but I won't be buying as currently I have no need for one.
  6. @Typicalmale I have the Thrustmaster T16000M (HOTAS), then bought a second stick for a HOSAS setup. I really enjoy this setup in the current flight model. That said, it is weird the way the throttle is initially bound to go backwards. Luckily, THERE IS a toggle that can be mapped to a button on your HOTAS/HOSAS or a key on your keyboard to flip the throttle input. I don't recall which setting it is--I'll have to look next time I start up Star CItizen, but even with the button mapped you'll need to click it everytime you get into the cockpit of a newly recalled ship.
  7. Buckaroo

    Origin 890 JUMP

    Cool staged screenshot of the 890J going through a destroyed Caterpillar shown in the "This Week in Star Citizen..." post on RSI's site:
  8. Agreed, I would love to see a "carrier" type ship that could transport multiple smaller ships or release a 600i sized or similar to the Crucible that's a personal carrier for your 1-2 man fighter (with limitations, of course). Kind of like a traveling home base. Personally, I think the QT travel times as they stand today are too long for in-system travel when Star Citizen actually goes live (meaning all mechanics in play and multiple systems built out). I'm not saying the travel times should be instantaneous, but I do think they could be a bit faster. I say this only because I imagine we'll be doing a lot of travel in system for simple tasks (bounty hunting, simple courier missions, etc) and having to sit in your 1-seater ship will be very boring and a waste of time for some of us casual players just to get from point A to point B in the same system. With faster travel times within the same system, I'd make travel times from system to system be slower. Again, I imagine in-system cargo runs wouldn't net a very large profit, but traveling from system to system--meaning longer travel times--would result in higher profits for going farther. Also, "blind QT" jumps--jumps without something on the other end acting like a beacon--would be slower as the QT system wouldn't have anything to lock onto. This could make exploring still meaningful and worth charting courses while doing so in the system. (edit) Speaking of beacons, fleets could setup "fleet beacons" only accessible by fleet members (say at like fleet bases) and could be QT'ed to quickly by those members, but anyone else the travel time would be slow as they don't have a beacon to guide them. Just my own two cents...
  9. I'm not yet sold on the current personal inventory look yet. Don't get me wrong, It'll be great to have a personal inventory and the fps mining mechanic, but how they showed that the personal inventory would work in game seemed to me like they were trying to re-invent the wheel. DON'T make it complicated, like they did hover mode. Don't over-think the problem. It is the first look, so I'll try not to fully critique it till it's released... I would assume those icons are just defaults or what they had currently. But I agree, really hoping that wasn't close to the final iteration of the personal inventory system.
  10. On a completely different topic, this topic has risen several tempers and tantrums on the RSI forums. I thought about commenting, but--holy smokes! Some of those people are so insistent that only they know better and how "landing" should be challenging, otherwise the rest of the game is a waste... 😕 I just wanted to land my ship so I can sell my cargo, not do barrel rolls or be bouncing off of the walls without touching any controls or having to use an excess of controls to control the ship. Was that too much to ask?
  11. YES!! It sounds like they will be removing Hover mode as we know it today in the next release. It's now called "Proximity Assist". It looks and sounds more promising. More on it on today's Inside Star Citizen starting at 4:54...
  12. This. I agree with you, it's possible, but only if you use a whole handful combination of keys that you just shouldn't need to use to get in and out of a hangar, or simply touch-down on the ground. I do use a HOSAS setup (I find it more immersive and fun), and any little twerk of the joystick can send a ship sprawling all over the place while in hover mode. It's just not a fun system to me. One thought was maybe they need to extend the auto-land function to farther away from the landing pad. I think I read on the upcoming roadmap they were going to be implementing a way to see things around your ship so we don't have to go into 3rd person view--which would be awesome, but that won't fix a broken system.
  13. Agreed, probably easier to focus on missions and mechanics using the current system than to expand to more systems right now. That, and we're getting more and more land vehicles with no way to transport them.
  14. STAR CITIZEN ROADMAP UPDATE!!! AUG 30, 2019 The Crusader Industries Hercules Starlifter is on the Roadmap, set to release currently in Q2 2020 in Alpha 4.0
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