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  1. Buckaroo

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    $330 Warbond $375 Standalone (Credit) Link to Sale Page I want to know what the cargo capacity would be without the land vehicle. Use this to transport people AND stuff!
  2. Buckaroo

    Aegis Reclaimer

    So need this kind of layout made for every ship that requires a higher crew count, especially the Starfarer. Great share!
  3. Buckaroo

    CitizenCon Streaming

    Good move on CIG to remove the pay-wall for watching the primary events, I'll give them that. Also, I think we need to split out Squadron 42 and the Persistent Universe as two very separate games: Squadron 42 (S42) is a single player space flight simulator with a specific story arc. The Persistent Universe (PU) is a multiplayer space immersive universe. There's a lot of tech that the Persistent Universe is going to need that will likely have little to no impact on Squadron 42. Think we'll need to mine, haul cargo, or various other jobs that CIG is planning for the PU in S42? I don't. There's a lot of that tech that they want to build, but doesn't need to be built out yet or in place for S42. With that in mind, I think we could be looking at a release of S42 by the end of 2019--if they can get through their current hurdles. Actually... play on the games' name, Squadron 42: they know the answer to their hurdles, but do they really understand the question(s)? Maybe they should build a supercomputer named Deep Thought...
  4. Buckaroo

    RSI - Phoenix (Constellation)

    Have you seen the movie Passenger? There's a scene in the bar on this spaceship where it looks like the bottles magnetically slide back into place securely. Same tech?
  5. Buckaroo

    Netflix' Ciri will be cast by an ethnic minority

    Agreed to all the thoughts on hollywood recasting roles to please certain minorities for "just because" reasons. I'm more interested in whether the actor or actress is a good FIT to do the acting position and could care less of their race, gender, or sexual preference. I'm of the believe one should be hired base on their ability to act and portray the character as they should, not on the color of their skin (this really could be applied to any job, no matter what kind of job). There are a few exceptions, obviously. Some roles require a guy or a gal to do it justice. Wonderwoman should be played by a woman. James Bond should be played by a man. Doctor Who should be a man--just kidding (I think it's interesting that the Doctor is becoming a woman and genuinely wonder where they'll take that in the next season). All that said, I have yet to see a great, beloved game with an awesome storyline made into an equally great movie/TV series. I always hope, but it usually doesn't end well.
  6. Buckaroo

    Crusader Mercury Starrunner

    Looks good! The Constellation's cargo area holds 4 high, 4 wide, and 6 long of cargo (if I remember correctly from my Aquila cargo runs) to make its 96 SCU. If that's accurate that would make the Mercury's cargo room just as long as the Constellation's, but not as high.
  7. Buckaroo

    Crusader Mercury Starrunner

    I think the Cutlass looks a little small in that comparison, per what shows in this thread and post as the current Cutlass size (which could still change). However, even if you do scale up the Cutlass a bit more along with the SCU size I agree with you and their assessment that 96 SCU should still fit in the Mercury. It's the rest of the interior I wonder about that could cause the Mercury to grow just a little...
  8. Buckaroo

    CitizenCon Streaming

    I'll admit, when I saw that I couldn't watch initially live without forking over $20, I was a bit peeved. But in all honesty, this is all happening (mostly) while I'm working my day job and couldn't watch anyways, so in the end I'd be likely watching after the event. As Chris mentioned in his letter, there was a lot of backlash because of the decision, even if it was a good choice to cover the camera crews. My thought? Get the game out, then charge for the livestream
  9. Buckaroo

    Crusader Mercury Starrunner

    That black skin is damn sexy! I really want it more now... But it's either that (plus other ships) or my Hercules C2. I wonder if the other skin was going to be the white skin shown in some of the concept pictures, and depending on what it was if they are planning on selling it as an extra...
  10. Buckaroo

    Crusader Mercury Starrunner

    The above size comparison doesn't look quite right. The Cutlass front cockpit holds a single person between the struts (with space to walk on either side) The Constellation front cockpit holds three seats with space to walk around(ish) The FreeLancer has two seats in the cockpit And the Mercury also has two seats in the cockpit--but the comparison above looks like only a single person would fit. I don't think the Mercury looks quite correct or shows it's correct size in this picture. That said, it is only the initial model too and it could be wrong (very likely!).
  11. Wonder what the F7A Hornet Upgrade is going on the market these days...

    1. Chimaera


      Just doing some checking, between 110 and 150 USD. Last completed sales were over a year ago on most platforms, though, and went for the lower-end of the spectrum.

  12. Buckaroo

    Crusader Mercury Starrunner

    I hear you... After already CCU'ing my Constellation Aquila to the Hercules, I'm debating whether I should upgrade my one other ship--a Super Hornet--to the Mercury or kill my Hercules altogether and get this ship plus whatever $100 in credit would get me. Decisions, decisions...
  13. Buckaroo

    Crusader Mercury Starrunner

    Thanks. I thought I was doing something wrong, had seen Cano was the "system", but when I went to look nothing showed up. Re-opened my browser, starmap and now the Duck is showing. Must have been that refresh, I guess....
  14. Buckaroo

    Crusader Mercury Starrunner

    Any tips to doing the mini game?
  15. Buckaroo

    Crusader Mercury Starrunner

    Beautiful looking ship. I'm not usually into asymmetrical ships, but damn! Unfortunately, no money for me to invest in one right now. I didn't see anything on specs for the cargo capacity, or am I blind? (edit: I'm not a concierge member, so just going off what I see here)