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  1. Plus, there are (supposedly) additional thrusters in the wings and the turrets retract a bit into the ship hull when not in use. Can't say I was completely happy to see the Mercury get a bit big, but it's still awesome and I can't wait to apply my Mercury CCU to fly it...
  2. Good quick overview of the Cutlass Blue. I have one in my buy-backs, but not sure yet if I want it or not...
  3. Possible, would love to see if they are! That said, the image is just an old concept image for the 890J... so who knows?
  4. If I read everywhere correctly, currently the Anvil Carrack has a total of 456 units of cargo space and only the three cargo pods are used for cargo. Has it ever been asked or answered why the rover bay is also not used for cargo space? (think the Valkyrie the cry to use vehicle space for cargo)
  5. Another big bump in price... Carrack is "flyable" https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/17495-Anvil-Carrack-Flyable-Now
  6. I uploaded these on Spectrum, but thought I'd share here too. I took the new concept interiors for the Hercules and overlaid them on the Hercules holo-viewer...
  7. Maybe they saw my post on the forums about just making the thrusters bigger
  8. Patch 3.8.2 has hit the PTU... No mention of the Carrack though, but the Devs seem to really like introducing new ships in the PU recently by flying them up to unsuspecting players and hovering around teasing them (like they did with the Mantis and Argo Mole). Can't wait to see more!
  9. That would be pretty awesome! Unfortunately, I never picked up the $0 CCU's from Vanguard--Merchantman (even though I did at one point have a Vanguard). The Merchantman never really interested me. So in order to get to that level I'd need to pledge quite a bit more--which I don't think I'm in a position to do--to be able to use your $10 CCU. But, that is VERY generous of you to offer, and I appreciate it greatly!
  10. I thought about reaching out to support and getting access to those packs, but before doing so I've been weighing whether I would actually buy the explorer pack or not. If I melted everything I have and with a little bit more pledge I could get the $695 pack, but doing so means I'd lose my Hercules C2 CCU. The C2 is one of the ships I most interested in trying before I make the jump to the Carrack. So although it's an amazing deal, I think I'm going to pass.
  11. The Ares is definitely a cool ship! However, it is not small and is considered a heavy fighter. It would definitely not fit inside the Starlifter, and as far as we know CIG has not yet produced an actual Crusader Industries capital ship (although there have been mentions of one in lore, I believe). Currently the only ships that you can pledge for that could hold an Ares is the Drake Kraken and possibly Aegis Javelin. Per CIG, it won't fit inside either of the Idris or Polaris More info on the Q&A: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/17414-Q-A-CRUSADER-ARES
  12. Looked at the numbers and I'm no where near getting to concierge level making the Explorer pack out of reach. So I went ahead and created a CCU from the C2 to the Carrack. I'm still not yet sure which one I want to fly, so now I have the choice (so long as I don't apply the Carrack CCU till I get to fly the C2). I actually haven't even applied my Aquila-to-C2 CCU yet either. Never been a fan of the MISC Starfarer, and the Aquila has been so much easier to operate in the last several Alpha versions.
  13. I'm not at concierge level (that's if spent $1,000+, right?) otherwise I'd probably look at getting it.
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