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  1. Buckaroo

    Tapatalk Discussion & Questions

    I use Tapatalk fairly often to read several different forums on my phone--way easier to read then going to the website, especially when some don't offer any kind of mobile view. However, I know nothing of the rumors or info provided. First I've heard of it.
  2. Buckaroo

    Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    I know, I know, we're a LONG WAYS off from ever seeing the Hercules in the PU, but I've been looking over the HOLO viewer, looking at pictures and trying to determine what that top level above the cargo area would be good use for on the C2 and M2. So far as I can tell, only the A2 has any use for that area with seats in that section for the remote turrets. Even then, it still seems like there's a lot of open space up there. Both the C2 and M2 have the controls for their remote turrets in the cockpit area (supposedly) which currently shows 3 seats in the cockpit alone. I think it looks like they could actually fit 4 seats up there if CIG wanted to (and hope they do for accessing other ship functions). Getting back to that top section, it's void of anything in it. It's wasted space, especially with that big "hump" running down the middle. The C2 promo shots show the roof of the cargo area there too, which begs the question of what they'd actually put up there. It's not like this is a luxury ship, so there's no cabins/seats to add (although that would be kinda cool!). Flatten the hump creates a huge area to do some possibly cool things, but doesn't really fit the description of the ship which is to be a cargo hauler. The other option is to open the area up. Getting rid of just the hump doesn't add a ton of extra space to the Cargo Deck while leaving the "catwalks" around it. Removing the walking surfaces around the hump removes the second deck altogether and would free up a lot of space for cargo. CIG would have to leave a bit of a walking space between the elevator to the neck to be able to access the cockpit, though--kind of like a loft area overseeing the cargo below. Check out these screenshots I took showing the Top Deck with a cut-out also showing the Cargo Deck below and then another from the Cargo Deck looking up: I'm really excited to see what they do with this ship when it gets to white-box phase, which will likely be a long ways off. Till then I'll be dreaming! Here's a few more shots I took while playing around in the HOLO viewer:
  3. Buckaroo

    300i rework

    Saw a comment in Spectrum that I had to agree with for the 300i rework: I hope they put a (simple) door inbetween the cockpit area and bed area.
  4. Buckaroo

    Game Day, July 28th

    Yay, a day I'm actually around and may be able to attend! I don't own/play any of those games, except for Star Citizen... Be fun to watch, though!
  5. Buckaroo

    RSI Apollo = Triage + Medivac (variant)

    Sure it's bigger, but bigger is not always better. I want a smaller cargo ship that is faster and more nimble for possible smuggling jobs, or just need to get away from pirates faster. I also like the look of the Apollo, and looks are big to me. I don't want the Drake Cutlass.
  6. Buckaroo

    RSI Apollo = Triage + Medivac (variant)

    I already have a Constellation--although I have a CCU from the Aquila to the Hercules currently just to have a large cargo ship. I also have the Super Hornet, so I don't need a dogfighter. I wanted a mid-size ship like the Drake Cutlass--but not the cutlass (was never a huge fan of it). The Apollo though--WOW! What an awesome looking ship! But, it's a pure medical ship which is a role I don't care to play. Instead, I'd rather gut it and either leave it for cargo space or other options. I did some photoshopping and created a couple other variants that I think wouldn't take much to move to (which I also posted on that Spectrum post you linked, thanks!) Cargo Variant: Remove the interior, add a cargo area with lift (like the Constelations) Police/Bounty Variant: Add some more weapons and a couple seats for remote turret operators. Max crew goes up to 4
  7. Buckaroo

    RSI Apollo = Triage + Medivac (variant)

    [Wishing thinking...] I absolutely love the look of this ship, but don't have a need for a medical ship. I wonder if this ship will become modular in the future, let you remove the beds/interior for say a smaller cargo area with a lift like the Constellations have. It could be comparable to the Drake Cutlass. RSI doesn't have a cargo ship in that class size yet. I'd buy that in a heartbeat! Or perhaps instead of a medical bay, give it a few more turrets/guns and slap "Police" on the side...
  8. Buckaroo

    RSI Apollo = Triage + Medivac (variant)

    The mini game unlocks the special white/gold variant for purchase ($25.00 more) that has better armor and missiles
  9. Buckaroo

    RSI Apollo = Triage + Medivac (variant)

    I really like the look of this ship. If they made a variant that had the connie's two turrets or was a cargo ship, I'd probably buy it.
  10. Buckaroo

    RSI Apollo = Triage + Medivac (variant)

    Link to Spectrum post: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/new-medic-ship-rsi-apollo
  11. Buckaroo

    RSI - Andromeda (Constellation)

    I'm going to state the obvious that this is a game still in its alpha stages and several changes are yet to be implemented. With that bullsh!t answer out of the way and as an owner of the Aquila I think the Constellation ships are still great ships! They're very a jack of all trades, if equipped and manned correctly. There's a lot of negativity on turrets on most ships these days, and to some extent they are right, but I think turrets are going to be a great addition on any ship that's roughly the size of the Constellation and bigger. Here are some Pros to the Connie: It's a great starter freighter ship It can carry an Usra Rover or other smaller vehicles It may not be able to outrun a fighter, but it's not slow either With both turrets manned and a decent pilot it can easily defend itself or go on the offensive Hard to list a ton of cons with the game in such flux right now. You should see some of the negativity about the current state of the Super Hornet and its inability to constantly fire the default loadout it comes with, much less survive sometimes in a dogfight. All these things are bound to change eventually.
  12. Buckaroo

    Alpha 3.2 is LIVE

    Based on this info, I went ahead and exchanged all my weapons I had previously bought in the VDS, all except the Hornet Flashfire mount. I read through the article posted by CIG and what they don't say is if you have any items still in your possession from the VDS, will these items show up in our inventory at all once Beta or the game launches? Should I be melting my flashfire mount...
  13. Buckaroo

    Alpha 3.2 is LIVE

    Thanks for contacting Concierge and letting me know what they say! As a clarification, I normally start with only 5,000 credits. After 3.2 dropped, I now have 10,000 starting credits, so I assumed CIG gave me 5,000 for the VDS purchases.
  14. Buckaroo

    Alpha 3.2 is LIVE

    Downloaded the patch, logged in. Found my Hornet Flashfire mount and weapons I've bought in the Voyager Direct store are no longer available to me. The Flashfire mount is 6,500 credits in their new weapon store, and weapons themselves range from 4,000-13,000 credits. Each. Guess how much CIG decided to "award" me for these previous Voyager Direct purchases (with cash, I might add)... ...5,000 credits. Not even enough to buy the flashfire mount back, much less just ONE of the weapons I've previously purchased! Way to screw me from being able to use any weapon loadout I was able to use right out of the gate beforehand. Not much has pissed me off so far in this alpha and the changes CIG has made, but taking away items I've purchases and given me no way of re-purchasing them in-game right away is a load of horse crap.