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  1. Buckaroo

    Origin 890 JUMP

    Huge amount of inside shots of the 890 Jump in today's "Inside Star Citizen" video. I don't own one of these ships, but it's really starting to look awesome! I may need to pick one of these ships up someday...
  2. Can't wait to get my Hercules C2 to carry around some of these vehicles...
  3. I currently hold a CCU from my Aquila to a Hercules C2--holding off applying it till I learn more about the Hercules C2 when it becomes live in the persistence universe. The primary reason I picked the Hercules C2 up was to transport large amounts of cargo over long distances (yes, I could have bought the Hull series, but the Hercules looked better in my mind!). Secondary to that was to use the C2 to transport fleet vehicles around from planet to planet as needed. With the primary role, I hope not to need a lot of escorts, but will hire if needed. With the secondary role, I would assume the fleet can provide escorts as I'd be transporting fleet-owned vehicles/equipment.
  4. I don't blame you, Voa... The Ballista is a pretty cool concept vehicle with a lot of possible uses in the Verse. For me, I'm not really interested in ground vehicles in general--except perhaps picking up a ranger or hover bike in the PU to scoot around planets
  5. Yeah, I'm selfishly hoping with the Ballista release maybe they'll push the Hercules C2/M2/A2 up earlier on the release schedule, but I doubt it. It's only rush was likely because CIG needed something like this vehicle for the main game, Squadron 42.
  6. Looks like we have an incoming new land vehicle set for Alpha 3.6, the Anvil Ballista with what looks like two variants. Source: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/new-vehicle-anvil-ballista-german-article Translated from the German Site: Official announcement to come sometime in the future... EDIT: Officially announced now: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/17153-Anvil-Ballista
  7. Always half tempted to pick up the Cutlass Blue or Mercury... but I can't spend anymore on this game right now
  8. Yep! Currently with the Origin Celebration going on, you should have access to most if not all currently released Origin ships (300 series, 600 series, 85x, etc). I've already taken a 600i out, flew it around before trying to squeeze between to buildings on ArcCorp planet and crashing....
  9. I know it doesn't help our want for self-gratification right now, but the option to buy this loadout will be available in game (heck, it's available now as I described in an earlier post). AND as a note, what we have now in game is NOT final, which means this "Heartseaker" loadout may not be optimal in the future.
  10. So, thought I'd try out the configuration of the Heartseeker on my current F7C-M.. I'll admit it took a bit of flying other jobs to get enough money to buy 3 M5's (pulled an M6 off my Connie and I still have a Flash mount in my hangar). That in itself is almost worth the variant so I don't have to gather the credits to buy the guns. However, I put it altogether, went and ran some bounty hunter jobs--find and destroy. The weapon combo of 3x M5's and 1x M6 does great, kills fast, and a lot of damage, but holy smokes does it fire SLOW!!! In the end, I still think I'm going to stay to my stock F7C-M. The stock configuration comes with not only the ball turret but the canard turret too all loaded with faster firing weapons. I'd lose those if I applied a Heartseeker variant CCU. I also really liked the faster-firing weapons for my preferred play-style. If I ever want the 4 slow firing lasers loadout again, I can always acquire them in-game.
  11. Other than the weapon loadout and skin, the only other difference on the SuperHornets I see is the power plant: Regulas (S) on the standard F7C-M and Sunflare (S) on the Heartseeker F7C-M. I wonder what this difference really means--and in the long run probably not much when they can be interchanged. The Heartseaker F7C-M just seems like a gimmick to sell the SuperHornet at a higher price for not a very big variation.
  12. These new shots kinda make me want to get a Carrack! It looks awesome.
  13. I'd buy an Argo "Steve Ray Vaughn", so long as it never stops playing that music.
  14. Been waiting to purchase a 34 or 35 widescreen monitor that supported G-Sync... This will hopefully make the list of available monitors bigger to choose from!
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