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  1. Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    I think the C2 would be worth it over the Connie if I had to make that choice. What is the price difference? EDIT: Wow, the Taurus is *only* $150. That makes the C2 more than twice as much.
  2. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    I think turret improvements are coming with the Hurricane. We shall see.
  3. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    Sorry to hear about your past experiences interacting with people.
  4. Aegis Hammerhead weapons loadout

    This is an interesting topic. It is interesting to think about mixing weapons not on the same turret, but on different turrets, that way pips can be accurate. What I mean to say is that an individual turret will have four of the same weapons, but having a mix of weapons on the ship might be advantageous. Another thing to consider is that not all turrets will have equal usage. Say the dorsal turret will have energy weapons, that way the ship is covered in case ammo runs low. Plus the dorsal turret may be the workhorse, as it has the best fire angles. Also, if the Hammerhead is meant to be a point defense against torpedoes, it might be useful to have high fire-rate weapons like the Gatling on some side turrets or rear turret. Large caliber low fire-rate ballistics might be good at punching through the heavier armor and shields of larger ships, but be terrible at shooting incoming torpedoes or nimble targets. Basically it is going to come down to the particulars of the mission and careful consideration of the expected duration and targets. Mono-boating all one ballistic caliber may make ammo logistics easier, while all energy will increase the signature and share resources with the shields and power plant. I am leaning towards a mix, but it will take actual experience from actual PvP encounters to really know which may be best.
  5. Anvil - Hurricane

    I think this ship isn't going to replace bombers for attacking large ships, although it may certainly punch above its weight The Hurricane will likely not be able to "siege" a large ship with sustained energy weapon fire. The Hurricane only has 1 small power plant. It may struggle to keep those guns powered, as well as the shields in a long protracted battle. I think this ship will adopt a more "boom and zoom" strategy, using quick slashing attacks on larger ships and quickly retreating while the gunner fires aft. The Hurricane is actually pretty specialized for a fighter. It will likely excel at small-medium targets while not being the primary focus of the enemy. Pairing this ship with something like a Vanguard or Super Hornet may be potent. This ship is lightly armored and lacks redundancy in its components; it cannot take a hit. It is more of a fire-support fighter for group play. So far the most versatile fighter I have seen is probably the Sabre, but that is just my opinion. Every ship has trade-offs; every ship has weaknesses. This ship is going to struggle in attacking alone against armored targets with strong and capable turrets. A single Hammerhead turret may one-click instant kill this thing if it lines up a shot, so that is something to think about.
  6. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    I think the main idea is that NPC gunners will most likely be inferior and a liability compared to a human crew. Sure, they may be able to fill in gaps, but NPCs are really going to struggle when it comes to a few situations: Ceasing fire if a target moves out of "effective range" while technically still being in range to conserve power / ballistic ammo. Switching between say an incoming bomber (medium threat), a retreating fighter (low threat), or an incoming torpedo (immediate threat) on-the-fly when all three present themselves as viable targets. Exiting the turrets to help with damage control or boarding as needed. Calling out targets / incoming threats to the pilot, as well as keeping the other gunners informed. Ability to focus target specific sections of an enemy ship, for example an engine, enemy gun turret, or bridge / cockpit. The way I see it, a stock Hammerhead with a human crew will likely always drastically outperform even a top-kitted Hammerhead with the best (most expensive) AI crew available. While this might be fine for simple moderate-risk escort missions, I would not trust NPCs in a PvP setting.
  7. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    In case some people don't Reddit.
  8. Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    I think the Retaliator is going to get its own set of gravity bombs by the time these mechanics are in the game. Also, people seem to forget the the Tali can get the dropship module (that can apparently carry / charge Titan armor?) which will make it very versatile for planetary assaults. Like, if you want the A2 gameplay at a cheaper price point, a Tali with one dropship module and one bomb bay should provide something similar. I hope that 12 human infantry players (the capacity of the Tali) have the tools to be able to knock out tanks if they work together. I don't think there will be dedicated in-atmosphere fighters. They would be greatly outperformed by space ships. Just being able to fly into orbit to disengage would be too strong and difficult to balance. Fighters are going to be needed to win the air before a ground assault can even begin.
  9. Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    I think I have come to the conclusion that I am more excited for the gameplay the the Starlifter implies, rather than the prospect of owning and piloting one. This is one I will working towards in game or help crewing an org mate's. Like, if IMP ever was in a ground-war or something, I know I would rather be in one of the vehicles rather than just dropping them off and leaving. EDIT: I think the C2 might be the best choice though.
  10. Aegis Sabre

    I don't think it's going to replenish that quickly. I think the short-range fighters will still be able to do what they need to do for the immediate tactical advantage and dog-fighting, but then they will eventually have to disengage. Honestly, from a game-play perspective, I think it is good that single-seat fighters will have limited endurance. You will not be able to take sustained evasive maneuvers forever, either from dodging turrets on multi-crew ships or from fighting multiple battles one after another. A fighter will have to make a decision to keep attacking or break off. It means that even if you are a top pilot with energy weapons, you will eventually have to leave a battle, which isn't really a bad thing. It means that logistics and support game-play will matter rather than just getting your ship "in range" of a system. It is also a boon to ships like the vanguard, where endurance is one of its balancing strengths.
  11. Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    The more I think about it, the more I feel the need to hold on to my Vanguard Harbinger. Those mid-size torpedoes and the rocket pods will be perfect against a ship like the M2/A2.
  12. Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    @Reavern Woah, we basically were thinking the same thing about the Starlifter. I don't even see anything but the C2 being all that useful, as all of the variants will need some kind of escort. I mean an eclipse or two will be a serious problem, even for the A2 or M2. Their guns don't seem able to create an exclusion-zone like the Hammerhead's. If they are going to make a base-killing ship like the A2, there sure as hell is going to be a decent counter to knock them down, or else base building will get rather shitty from a game-balance perspective. Also, this is purely speculative, but I imagine is is better to try to take a base and its assets intact from the ground rather than blasting them with MOABs. If Planetside 2 has taught me anything about combined arms gameplay, its that getting nuked from orbit without having any agency in a fight feels like a shitty experience. I wonder how the M2 is compared to the Starfarer Gemini in terms of durability. I think the Star-G dies within 2-3 S9 torpedoes. The biggest thing that I think bothers people with this sale is not the actual price of the ship; we have seen expensive ships before. It is that fact that with the new Warbond system, our "old money" has depreciated in value relative to "new money". I understand CIG needs new money, but it is interesting to see the strategies they come up with in order to deal with over-saturation of their current backers. Like I know that I have backed as much as I am willing to, and just re-arrange my fleet as new ships become available without spending more money. It honestly makes me worried if they will be able to make enough money over the next 2-3 years to see this game though to beta.
  13. Hello from Black Widow Company!

    If I remember you guys from Planetside 2 correctly, you guys will be fun to play with if there are any tank battles with the Nova .
  14. Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    I was just thinking about the idea of VTOL's today and the difference between the Hammerhead and A2 Hercules, and I noticed some oddities. I imagine that CIG may make the A2 more of an "Assault" style of gunship, meant to do well in atmosphere and in-atmosphere hovering, whereas the Hammerhead is more of a space-oriented capital support gunship. Even so, they mentioned in the RtV that the A2 has inherent weaknesses with turret placement by design. I also don't see gravity-dropped "MOABs" being used much in space combat. This will make the A2 extremely vulnerable to attack in space, almost to a point of uselessness without extensive escort / support. If the A2 needs so much escort, why even have it over the M2? Just let smaller ships do the ground pounding. The A2 also continues to power-creep the hell out of the Retaliator, making the A2 all but replace it as a premier ground-attack bomber. On another note, I just find it odd that the Hammerhead has the better cockpit for ground attack over the A2 (facing the ground). In fact, by the concept art alone, the A2 might have some terrible visibility of the ground. That is just so odd for a ship that specializes in landing or ground attack. It just seems like a bad design choice that exists solely because they wanted the ship to "look cool" with a B2 inspired cockpit. . For me, the Hercules is in the same category as the Prowler. It is a niche, highly-specialized, overpriced landing craft, except this one specializes in vehicles rather than infantry. Also, the crew requirement for one of these things is rather large if you start to think about vehicle crews, or dropping loaded APCs with squads of infantry. This is definitely a ship meant to support large-scale organization operations. In that respect, it might not be a ship that is taken out very often, and even when it is, how likely will the need be to land ground vehicles under fire? I see the C2 being the most used, as I see tanks being moved from one planet to another when things are "quiet" and organizations are just moving assets around to fortify garrisons or supporting new homesteads / bases. I imagine before this game is released, we may see a half-dozen more specialized ground vehicles to support repair, refuel, or base building. Right now we only have the Cyclone, Ursa, and Nova (and Greycat lol...). If in the future we have far more ground vehicles, then the C2 might be worth having, but until then, this is a ship best earned in game by a group of players that are interested in this unique and specialized gameplay.
  15. Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    I feel like this guy sums up my feeling about this ship and sale best: