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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I recently purchased new Virpil WarBRD joysticks and was hoping to sell my used Thrustmaster TWCS throttle and T16000M (FCS HOTAS Set), CH Pro Pedals, and my VKB Gladiator Mk. II Joystick. They all worked great, I was just hoping to upgrade / change my setup. They are still like new in the boxes. The T16000M has both left and right grip adapters. CH Pro Pedals - $80 FCS HOTAS - $90 VKB Gladiator Mk. II - $80 SOLD Thank you!
  2. Hey all, I've recently had a CH Flight Pedal given to me by a friend. I'm looking to use them with an X-55 HOTAS and would love to hear how others use their pedals. Do you use them for roll and drift or is that on your stick? Anyone use them for something else? I figure whatever I try will feel weird at first. Maybe once I get used to them I'll even upgrade.... CH Flight Pedals
  3. I have found using the keyboard for EVAing a bit difficult because it is hard to strafe in a lot of directions. I want to eva strafe like I dogfighting in fighter. With https://www.reddit.com/user/DJChosen help from reddit, I was able to get my pedals to control two eva strafe axis. You can't directly keybind a joystick to EVA movement even using xml files. How to do this: You go to http://www.x360ce.com/ and download it for 64-bit games. http://www.x360ce.com/Files/x360ce_x64.zip. Extract the file, It will go through and create a controller for each joystick (windows game controller). New Device Detected should pop up and just hit next. I have mfg crosswinds that come up as Controller 1. I have bound strafe up/down and left/right to the left thumb stick see image. I have strafe left/right bound to twist on my pedals/ My toe breaks are one axis using MFG's software. My right toe brake strafes up, and my left toe brake strafes down. Next, you go to the 2nd row/ advanced button, device section, and device sub type. Set Device to Gamepad. Next go to game settings in the 1st row. Make sure you have 64-bit v 9.1 and 64-bit v 1.3 as XInput Files and the details of the image are the same. Then copy the .dll files to the right game directory. C:\Program Files\Cloud Imperium Games\StarCitizen\Public\Bin64 You will then need to use an xml keybind. This makes the gamepad left thumb stick the right strafe axis and clears out some of the commands that are normally bound to the left thumb stick. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/59132661/SC/EVA Pedals/EVA_Pedal_Rebind_2.5.xml Image below is most of the xml commands Put the xml file in this directory C:\Program Files\Cloud Imperium Games\StarCitizen\Public\USER\Controls\Mappings In Star Citizen open the console (~) and type pp_rebindkeys eva_pedal_rebind_2.5.xml Negatives: In the end, you can't use a gamepad with this setup. I am sure there is a way to do it and be able to use your gamepad probably. I you find out how to do that then put it below. heads up to FPS guys @Sir_Belial, @Core Military and dogfighters (have pedals) @Nazerath, @Doopsums, @XLB, @Space-Moose, @Hlao, @Vaderhexagon Content Creators @TheNOOBIFIER1337
  4. Hey there This might be a long shot but here goes. I just purchased CH Pro Pedals and I'm now currently in a need for some help. Is there anyone with experience on this matter that could help me over teamspeak how best is to do this? Right now my plan is to have it binded as roll and then the toebrakes as spacebrake. What I've read so far is that I have to put deadzone on it and I've installed the CH Control manager but would feel better if there was someone helping me with this just so I wouldn't be making any obvious failures.
  5. I don't have foot pedals for directional control or throttle. Not sure I'm going to get any for that purpose. I am, however interested in foot pedals for purposes other than flight in SQ42 and SC. Communications is the thing for which I see foot pedals being useful. To that end, I've just ordered a set of USB Infinity transcription foot pedals that has three modes to keybind - ffwd, rewind, and play. $50 with minimum shipping of $13. For a commander, this might just come in handy during operations. Each of the three states can be mapped to a different comms channel. So, one for ship comms, one for flight comms (a flight of 4-12 ships) and one for Fleet comms. That, if you are using Voice attack, you can mute your voice command if you have it on "open mic" all the time. The center is the play button, and the two outer bits (raised) are the other command bits.
  6. Bought these pedals in March 2015. Just upgraded to Crosswinds and am looking to sell these cheap. $60 + whatever it costs to ship. That's 50% off what they'll cost you new and these are in perfect shape. Contact me via PM and we can work out details. .: Menace .:
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