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  1. Worlds 1st Rollable TV screen

    No pricing yet, but damn this is cool!
  2. Build help New Build Advice

    Yeah I'm in the M.2_1 slot. I don't have anything in the SATA_1 Port.
  3. Build help New Build Advice

    Yes tried all of these. Yes installed all of the drivers. Yes disabled all of these. No temperature issues, and tried all kinds of configs, even returned to stock with no change in drive performance. Nope just one, and it's in the #1 slot that doesn't share bandwidth anything else. Maybe I'll just have to RMA at this point I guess.
  4. Build help New Build Advice

    Checked the bios and drivers are installed. According to their software I'm right on the mark, but when doing normal day to day things it crawls compared to my normal SSD, so strange.
  5. Ex Machina | Official Trailer HD | A24

    Just saw on Saturday Night Live that the makers of this movie are involved in this new upcoming movie.
  6. Build help New Build Advice

    Something is still not right with my m2 drive though. I just unzipped a 50mb file and it was processing at less than 1mb per second. My old normal SSD was way faster at processing this. Guessing it's a setting but not finding much Googling yet.
  7. Build help New Build Advice

    Ah I meant the CPU, haven't done anything with the video card as of yet. It sits at about 50 on the temp and fans don't turn on much unless I open up a game.
  8. Build help New Build Advice

    Hah yeah, ended up getting a regular 1080 today at Micro Center, the MSI Gaming X. Just got the computer booted up, guess it's doing alright selected the extreme overclock setting and says it's at 5ghz. Not sure on temps or anything outside of the bios, still installing a bunch of stuff.
  9. Build help New Build Advice

    Just finished getting it all built. Turned off old computer to rob the 970TI, haven't ever cracked the case. The thing is so dirty I just can't put it in the new one Going to hit all the local places tomorrow to see if I can find anything. Worst case they do have a normal 8gig 1080 in stock I assume will do the job for now until the TI stock catches up.
  10. Build help New Build Advice

    Everything else just arrived.
  11. Build help New Build Advice

    First part arrived last night. Rest are scheduled to arrive today. I've been to Micro Center 3 times in the past week, they're still sold out Looks like I'll be building my computer tonight and slotting it with my existing GTX 980 TI for now.
  12. REAL Steak Fries

    Haha I'm with @Gremlich on this one. While I would try them and they might be amazing, the look of them kinda grosses me out
  13. Feedback Wanted Fly in SC with our mouse

    Ah first I've heard of this, but very cool. Congrats on reaching and surpassing your Kickstarter goal @Eleidess!
  14. Hi Hi!

    Welcome to the boards! Like @Gremlich mentioned, no that is not us