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  1. Happy Birthsday! - is the board correct ? :)

  2. Gallitin

    Ex Machina | Official Trailer HD | A24

    Only watched a couple episodes and haven't revisited, guess it's worth the watch as well?
  3. I understand you requirements.  Here is what im doing.   It is a funded giveaway program. 


  4. Haha was thinking the same, can't they release more at once vs limited stock?
  5. Not sure if it’s crazy or not. Weren’t the 1080ti’s the same at release? I purchased mine on the tail end of that craze only to see a couple weeks later they were half the price, so I’ll wait for these to come down this time around 😀
  6. Gallitin

    Tapatalk Discussion & Questions

    What about the mobile view? It's really come a long way and thought it looked pretty nice?
  7. Gallitin

    Tapatalk Discussion & Questions

    Thanks for responses, not against it completely, just wonder if anyone has the inside scoop on what's rumors and what's real.
  8. Gallitin

    Tapatalk Discussion & Questions

    Last week I updated the boards to IP.Board 4.3.x just like any other update. It was one of their larger updates that required theme and plugin updates as well. I didn't check Tapatalk as it normally just seems to work and I don't use the app. Then this morning I see that Tapatalk has some issues so I Google "Tapatalk" to go grab the new version. This is were it gets interesting... Googling "Tapatalk" doesn't return their website?? It shows some ads, Wiki, their Facebook and social, then some stories. Nothing really negative on the first page that I see, but why wouldn't their site show up? Then at the bottom I see the notification about the DMCA takedown notice. I'm guessing that has to do with this... So I click the link to view the complaint here: https://www.lumendatabase.org/notices/17036863. I'm thinking it's a single complaint, then as the page loads and my scrollbar loads I notice this is huge...scroll....scroll.....scroll....383 copyright claims appearing to be forums from what little I can tell. So makes me think why are so many communities filling complaints against Tapatalk? On to page 2 of Google Search results and then I start to find some dirt. IP.Board Forums - People having issues since 4.3 updgrade due to new API from IP.Board - some people showing unsatisfied for many reasons. Tapatalk Wiki - What happened here everything is gone? Facebook & Twitter - Both cleaned off and none or almost no activity? Online petition about privacy and database - dunno if legit or just internet crying. Old post but even early on identifies issues and claims to income Tapatalk earns which I'll prove below. I stopped there, but appears there is a lot to read on the topic and most seems negative in general. Now I never login to the Tapatalk website unless to download a software update. But at this point I clicked around my entire account. Ah I found a spot where they pay you based on earning from ads they server within Tapatalk. I knew they did this, but never saw anything from it really so didn't pay any attention. So looking at the numbers here....wow they pay .13 cents for their ads have 900k impressions for July alone through SCB Tapatalk??? I don't expect anything and why I keep it ad free, but no control over this in Tapatalk. So what did they earn on the 900k? I bet a ton more than .13, should we be supporting this? In addition to all of this some say they scrape the data, steal the data, index and show as their own data etc....I'm not sure what's true or false so that's the whole point of getting this discussion going to see if others know more. Keep in mind I've only spent maybe 45 minutes on all of this so if any of you have more insight please let me know or set me straight 😋. The discussion is open to decide if we'll keep or trash Tapatalk on the SCB boards. Thanks all!
  9. Gallitin

    Greetings Brothers and Sisters of the Imperium!

    Welcome to the boards!
  10. Gallitin

    Worlds 1st Rollable TV screen

    No pricing yet, but damn this is cool!
  11. Gallitin

    Build help New Build Advice

    Yeah I'm in the M.2_1 slot. I don't have anything in the SATA_1 Port.
  12. Gallitin

    Build help New Build Advice

    Yes tried all of these. Yes installed all of the drivers. Yes disabled all of these. No temperature issues, and tried all kinds of configs, even returned to stock with no change in drive performance. Nope just one, and it's in the #1 slot that doesn't share bandwidth anything else. Maybe I'll just have to RMA at this point I guess.
  13. Gallitin

    Build help New Build Advice

    Checked the bios and drivers are installed. According to their software I'm right on the mark, but when doing normal day to day things it crawls compared to my normal SSD, so strange.
  14. Gallitin

    Ex Machina | Official Trailer HD | A24

    Just saw on Saturday Night Live that the makers of this movie are involved in this new upcoming movie.
  15. Gallitin

    Build help New Build Advice

    Something is still not right with my m2 drive though. I just unzipped a 50mb file and it was processing at less than 1mb per second. My old normal SSD was way faster at processing this. Guessing it's a setting but not finding much Googling yet.