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  1. Gallitin

    Who runs the Imperium group on Steam?

    Sorry, that would be me, just accepted.
  2. Gallitin

    It’s SNOWING in SCB

    Back again...
  3. Hello Im the Lord_OF_Bones or Jason, i am making a cartoon series called the Adventures Of Maxine And Jake. I heard you made this website and was wondering if you can make ours for 150$

    1. Gallitin


      Heh, $150 wouldn't even cover the license send me a PM and I could give you some pointers.

  4. Gallitin

    application Hello Hey Hi

    Very cold....but worth it
  5. Gallitin

    application Hello Hey Hi

    Well right now of course Hope he'll be able to keep things rolling. If they go to Super Bowl by some crazy change I'll have to go, once in a lifetime deal so can't pass that up. But will be interesting to see if he has any nerve issues when it actually becomes a playoff game. Tomorrow's going to be a cold on here. When we start tailgating at 8:30am it'll be 30 degrees.
  6. Gallitin

    application Hello Hey Hi

    Doing well for sure, been to 3 home games so far and thinking about picking up a ticket for tomorrow
  7. Gallitin

    I'm still alive! Hey folks!

    Welcome back! I think a lot of us are here, but in stealth mode atm
  8. Gallitin

    Teamspeak Connection?

    There was a server reboot, should be all good now though, let me know if that's not the case.
  9. Happy Birthsday! - is the board correct ? :)

  10. Gallitin

    Ex Machina | Official Trailer HD | A24

    Only watched a couple episodes and haven't revisited, guess it's worth the watch as well?
  11. I understand you requirements.  Here is what im doing.   It is a funded giveaway program. 


  12. Haha was thinking the same, can't they release more at once vs limited stock?
  13. Not sure if it’s crazy or not. Weren’t the 1080ti’s the same at release? I purchased mine on the tail end of that craze only to see a couple weeks later they were half the price, so I’ll wait for these to come down this time around 😀
  14. Gallitin

    Tapatalk Discussion & Questions

    What about the mobile view? It's really come a long way and thought it looked pretty nice?
  15. Gallitin

    Tapatalk Discussion & Questions

    Thanks for responses, not against it completely, just wonder if anyone has the inside scoop on what's rumors and what's real.