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  1. Hah well I figured they'd continue on, didn't spend 4 bill on the franchise to end it right?
  2. Can't wait! Son is super excited as well. Saga comes to an end????
  3. Very cool! Wish it was a clearer image though.
  4. @CaptainSomar yes TS is still our primary for voice, I don't see that changing anytime soon.
  5. @Hunterdelta @REIGN-11-87 The Teamspeak server is back online.
  6. Welcome to the boards! I like that name, very cool
  7. Welcome to the boards!
  8. Yeah for work it would be awesome is what I was thinking how they stack, easy to code and compare designs etc...not sure on the light, guess that's a streamer thing for a better view of the streamer.
  9. Cool setup I saw on a Facebook ad, minus the light/mic.
  10. II'll leave that to others, but welcome to the boards!
  11. Welcome to the boards! Been waiting since 2012, but optimistic here
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