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  1. Hello, FNG here!

    Welcome Jax! Great name
  2. It’s SNOWING in SCB

    Two kids and seen this probably 200+ times now. Unfortunately I can sing every word memory and probably do the dance choreography too....
  3. It’s SNOWING in SCB

    Yeah I was looking for something like that online, but didn't find anything that I liked that much yet. This one is built into the the theme code, but could swap out if something like what you mentioned was found.
  4. It’s SNOWING in SCB

    Background image credit goes to @Core though, he found it.
  5. It’s SNOWING in SCB

    Haha, never a wasted thread and you're welcome! I had done it years back and since the code was removed from the theme, or so I thought. No longer a setting, but still left in the code, just had to manually bring it back. I always liked it anyways, will leave it up until the new year.
  6. Princess Leia as Boushh Lithograph

    Thanks. Ended up keeping for my office.
  7. IP.Board Software Update to 4.2x

    Ok issue finally resolved with Tapatalk.
  8. IP.Board Software Update to 4.2x

    They just replied with this:
  9. IP.Board Software Update to 4.2x

    I'll look and see if there is a setting for this.
  10. IP.Board Software Update to 4.2x

    I have a ticket open with Tapatalk to fix this. Will post back when it's all set. They all get marked as read just by opening the dropdown for sure? Ah, let me look into that real quick. I get that, but link me to where you're seeing the issue please
  11. IP.Board Software Update to 4.2x

    Not sure I follow what you're saying here? I'll look for an upgrade on it, most likely the issue.
  12. IP.Board Software Update to 4.2x

    Should be all set now, take a look.
  13. IP.Board Software Update to 4.2x

    Yeah, installing the new skins so the old ones have CSS off, but new are converted for the software update, should be fixed soon. Will reply back here once good to look at again.
  14. Just finished the IP.Board software update, working on skins now and you may see some inconsistencies. Post here if you find any issues.