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  1. First video game I ever played on computer. Still have this, tie fighter, and I thing a b-wing and y-wing expansion or something. I remember their anti fraud deal was to enter the code from the bottom right of the manual when booting up the game.
  2. Hmm...not sure who added that snippet into the rules. This is the off topic section, drop vid links all day long.
  3. Good cause, approved! This has been approved in accordance with SCB Rules. Rule 15
  4. Happy birthday Gallitin!

    1. Ryofar


      Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday G

  6. Thanks everyone! The surgeon took a look today and decided he wanted to give it another week and see how healing progresses before doing the skin graft. He said it's looking better than anticipated already so don't want to do the graft unless really needed.
  7. Just thought I'd post this out there for those of you that have little ones. Last weekend I was watching a football game in the garage while kids were playing. Figured I'd walk on the treadmill while watching to get a little exercise in, but wish I hadn't now. I had my eyes on my 1.5 year old making sure she stayed away and assumed my 4 year old was old enough to know not to touch. About 60 seconds into walking I hear a scream and turn around and he had tried to pickup a toy close to the back of the treadmill and touched the belt. It sucked his hand in and burnt it pretty badly. After 3 days in the hospital we made it home, but at the checkup Friday they decided he'll need a skin graft next week. Anyways, just a PSA that crazy unexpected things happen so quickly, watch out for the little ones This is a pic from right after, mostly blisters so doesn't look as bad as what it does now that the dead skin has been remove. Haven't had any photos since as he isn't in the greatest mood when changing dressings, but almost down to the bone in places.
  8. I'll report as a bug to the plugin author and see if he'll work out a fix.
  9. Heh, no not more powerful, but the downtime over the weekend was caused by an exploit from it not being updated. Update completed, TS is up and running.
  10. Over the next 60 minutes Teamspeak will be rebooted a few times while applying an update. Just a heads up.
  11. Level 56 Witch Going to sell off my Black Desert account as I've played the game non stop for quite a few months and moving on to other games now. I'm not sure on what the account is worth, I've attached what I've spent though either way. If I price against a playerauctions site it appears to be worth a few hundred, but again open to offers. Going to price at $400 for now. The account has 137 million credits on it and 6 artisan workers, 3 professional works between Calpheon, Tarif and Altinova. It also has a couple k pearls and 1k loyalty points on the account. I have a ton of pearl shop items as you can see in the screenshots. I have all possible alts that you can have unlocked. Main Gear Full Grunil armor all duo Liverto Staff duo Steel Dagger OH duo Muskan boots +10 Tunics +2 Fishing +2 Craftsman +2 Trainers +1 Cooking Horses Main horse is a tier 8 horse with pear shop outfit Beyond that I have a merchant cart and 17 other random tier 5 - tier 7 horses for leveling and breeding Cash Shop Outfits Fishing Outfit Gillie Suit Outfit Dreaming Stars Witch outfits complete set Trainers outfit Maid outfit Pets 2 Tier 4 birds 1 Tier 2 Hawk 2 Tier 1 Hawks 1 Tier 2 Fox 1 Tier 2 Cat 1 Penguin 1 Tier 2 Dog
  12. We just finished migrating the forums to the new amazon server. You may experience some site slowness while the DNS finishes propagating over the next few hours. Beyond that you shouldn't notice anything different other than increased speeds. We'll be monitoring it over the next few weeks and tweaking as needed. If you run into any other issues post them here.
  13. Yeah I liked them in there as well and was good for SEO purposes. @Core I see you blew away descriptions on these 8/12/2016.
  14. Units application all fixed up.