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  1. Happy Birthday, boss!

  2. No I've tried twice and had to rollback in my dev area, IP.Board has open tickets with me so will try again when they resolve my issue.
  3. There is a large IP.Board update I've been waiting to deploy until it had been out for a couple of weeks. Well it's been a couple weeks now so going to upgrade SCB tonight. Because it's a big update you may see some downtime and themes will be acting up. Once the update has finished I'll install the updated themes and style them as we currently have. Thanks
  4. Welcome, and thanks for the donation!
  5. Curious if anyone know's what this lithograph is worth or anywhere I could post to figure out? Picked it up last night at a charity auction for $150. Haven't been able to find much about it online. The only information I have about it was the auction description: 16x22 Signed and numbered lithograph of Star Wars by Dave Dorman. This lithograph was originally purchased in 1999 by a Microsoft employee who was part of the MSN marketing team promoting the Star Wars movie the Phantom Menace. The MSN marketing team had priority access to purchase some of Dave Dorman's prints.
  6. Sounds sketchy and if they figure out I'd bet it would be a ban. I wouldn't risk it.
  7. Great job, looks slick!
  8. Anthem looks amazing, can't wait to try it. Sucks Fall of 2018...
  9. Done.
  10. @Rellim You are correct, just fixed it all up.
  11. It's back.
  12. Huh?