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  1. FYI I changed my name, I watched Soylent green again last night and forgot how much I love that film, and it still has Green in it!!!



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    2. Ostia
    3. BryGen


      yeah watched that movie years ago, been meaning to watch it again, it was very good IMO.

    4. CyberianK


      Imperium is peoples


  2. I miss you man. No homo. See you lurking around the forums every so often, hopefully we can catch up sometime! Been afk, too so lol Maybe after the holidays eh?

    1. Doopsums


      Thats what I'm sayin. Get your british ass back on here.

  3. I joined Imperium to annoy @Twerk17
  4. Welcome to the first two videos in a (hopefully) extensive series of instructional videos from the one and only @Trophias Here you will gaze at his 'leet skills' as he performs near impossible maneuvers. Watch and learn my friends, watch and learn.....
  5. Nice work mate!!! Looking good there, I need to get flying again soon....we need to wreck face!
  6. Happy B-Day!

  7. Happy Birthday Green!!


  8. And again, true or not is not the point. I don't really care if anyone likes him or not. or thinks he may of hacked or not, its a good video showing off SC that will be seen by decent amount of people.
  9. I would very much doubt 'all of Frankie's content is fake'. That SC video didnt look fake, it looked like an actual video of someone actually playing 2.0 to me. Hacker or not (not seen anything to suggest this myself) isn't really the point here. Its a good video of someone playing 2.0 and has a lot of views. That's kind of it, no bullshit drama about DS, funding, or if the game can be made or not, just a good video showing off how fun this game can and will be.
  10. If you dont know already know Frankie, he is a pretty big youtuber for PC games and has a lot of really good video series for games such as DayZ, ARK, Rust, Battlefield, etc, etc. I was really pleased to see him post this up yesterday (already close to 400k views) with some 2.0 action...watch it right to the end, its worth it lol.
  11. I was thinking that, but seen as these are not patch notes and more of an update of what they are doing right now and where they want to be before pushing to live, I figured it warranted a fresh post so people who are not too interested in patch notes (like maybe people not in the PTU yet) are kept well informed
  12. Update for everyone posted in discord a few moments ago. Thought we’d give a little update on our progress with 2.0 on PTU. We’re focusing on two major issues that we want to resolve before we release the next PTU build: • Poor client-side FPS. • Game servers bottlenecking when too many ships spawn at comms arrays. We've got a build right now that will go into testing, and we'll know from QA's internal testing whether or not it's good to go to PTU late in the day USA time. To be ready to publish 2.0 to Live, we want to nail down all of the below (please note this is a partial list of what we’ll fix): • The previously mentioned framerate and game server bottleneck issues. • Multiple GIM disconnects plus assorted dedicated game server and client crashes. • Party system improvements. • Error message overlay does not go away. • Client flickering when SLI is enabled. • Chat UI is too small. • Destroying small ships with a physics grid will sometimes get the character stuck in an unplayable state on respawning. • Damage states in multiplayer games are not consistently working. • Players in the seat or turret of a multicrew ship when it is destroyed can get stuck in their bedrooms on respawning. • Various fixes for spawn points, including wrong locations and being stuck after dying in multicrew turret. • Implementing EMP distortion damage (currently has no discernable effect). • When transitioning from zero g to gravity zones from above, the player character will fall – sometimes taking damage, or suffering lost functionality. • Players can’t use automated landing in Andromeda. • Main thrusters missing on 350R. • Main menu fixes, particularly infinite load screen for Arena Commander. • Top speeds fluctuating in IFCS/SCM modes. • Repairing ships do not reset the ship’s mass. This 2.0 PTU test has been an absolute success because of your involvement and assistance in finding these issues. I’ll shamelessly “borrow” Producer Jason Hutchins’ words and offer a reminder that our PTU tests are for finding all of the blocking issues before it goes Live for everyone else. Each build brings us closer to a full 2.0 release, and that just would not be possible without you. Thanks everyone and have a great day! Will(edited)
  13. From a couple of hours ago... Zyloh-CIGToday at 4:12 PM We're testing 2.0.0d internally. We want to get it out asap. I'll keep you all in the loop. Zyloh-CIGToday at 4:14 PM More crash fixes. The build is pretty much packaged and ready to go at this point. QA is going to hit on it with hammers for a bit to make sure it's solid. Additionally, we are looking into a solution that will prevent players with old builds(they did not patch) from connecting to the new build. Because when they do that, they effectively BRING old crashes with them to the new build. So working on that.
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