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  1. Can i ask some of you guys go and contribute to this issue council report if it isnt too much trouble. Thanks https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/issue-council/star-citizen-alpha/SC-36777-CTD_when_you_die_whilst_looking_behind_in_AC_
  2. FYI I changed my name, I watched Soylent green again last night and forgot how much I love that film, and it still has Green in it!!!



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    2. Ostia
    3. BryGen


      yeah watched that movie years ago, been meaning to watch it again, it was very good IMO.

    4. CyberianK
  3. I miss you man. No homo. See you lurking around the forums every so often, hopefully we can catch up sometime! Been afk, too so lol Maybe after the holidays eh?

    1. Doopsums


      Thats what I'm sayin. Get your british ass back on here.

  4. Nothing official but I think people are saying start to mid September
  5. Maybe we should get a few together to practice in the off season ready for placement matches?
  6. I joined Imperium to annoy @Twerk17
  7. I apologize for not being around as much, been super busy with work and the usual excuses If anyone needs anything then shoot me a PM. Also I am playing Overwatch at the moment in the little time I have to myself, please add #jaxsonwest1756 if you are playing and if im online i will play with anyone, except @Doopsums because he is a bellend.
  8. Greenavenger108 if anyone wants to add.
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